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Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers in 2022

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Are you on the lookup for some more pond food? We mean the BEST GOLF BALLS FOR HIGH HANDICAPPERS. Well, you have landed on the right webpage. 

All golfers know the significance of having the correct golf gear, regardless of their handicap. Choosing the right type of the best golf balls for seniors is essential for having the right sticks. 

Regrettably, many golfers with a high handicap are forced to play with used or practice balls. Some of them get balls from their golfer friends without determining what characteristics will help them elevate their performance. 

If your goal is to bring down your handicap, it is critical to use superior quality balls to reduce your handicap and perfect your game. Gone are the times when inexpensive balls felt like rocks and looked ugly. 

Today, you can acquire some affordable balls with a smoother feeling and attention-grabbing design. There is a sheer number of golf balls available in the market; all are specifically designed for different sorts of golfers according to their experience and skills. 

If you are unsure which ball can help you drop your handicap and what you should look for while buying a ball, then read on. 

best golf balls for high handicappers

In this guide, we will share a list of the top-rated best golf balls for high handicappers that will help you hit longer, straighter shots and get your game down to the tee. 

Moreover, we have also included a handy buying guide and FAQ section so that you can easily choose your perfect ball. 

10 Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

1- Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls – Best Golf Balls For Seniors

The Titleist TruFeel golf balls are our number one choice for excellent control around the green, thanks to its Truflex cover that provides more gyration and ultra-low TruTouch compression core. It is composed of an aerodynamic cover, so it enhances distance.

Best of all, you won’t have to compromise an ounce of reaction or feel while playing with these best golf balls for seniors. The biggest reason for its popularity is its outstanding control around the green. Besides, it offers a fantastic sensation with a clever touch on chips and pitch shots. 

The more significant rotation can help you settle mishits and tricky shots from sand and rough. TruFeel is an ideal option for folks who want to play golf just for fun. On the other hand, high handicappers can also rely on it because it can decrease their handicap and presents excellent value with its reasonable price tag. These high-quality balls arrive in various colors, including yellow, white, and red.


  • The latest TruFeel golf balls are explicitly designed for high handicappers and moderate swingers looking for premium quality gear.
  • This 2-piece ball with the lowest compression is available in several colors such as white, yellow, and red.
  • It delivers a softer feel and elevated distance, so it is safe to say that it is a “game improvement” ball.
  • These balls flaunt a modern TruTouch core that is fastest, low gyration, and low compression core. It is intended to help golfers cover more distance and higher carry through the wind on longer shots with irons or fairway woods.
  • If you prioritize a softer feel and still want boosted distance and control in the short game, this affordable option can cater to your needs.
  • Moreover, it is furnished with an asymmetrically optimized TruFit aerodynamics dimple design that provides players with a more extended flight and increases long game distance.
  • Its TruFlex cover is responsible for providing requisite control for the short game, especially greenside. It means you can acquire maximum spin around the green whenever you want it the most.
  • Softest feel
  • Higher quality
  • Reliable brand
  • Incredible greenside control
  • Maximum spin and distance
  • Launches tremendously high off the tee
  • Designed to cut down spin, which is not good greenside

Final Words:

TrueFeel is establishing its name in the market as a “game improvement” golf ball. It is deliberated to be longer and smoother, and its 2-layer construction is perfect for moderate swingers. It is cost-effective enough for the high handicappers, so you won’t have to cry over losing the balls.

2- Callaway 2019 Supersoft Golf Balls – Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Are you a beginner who is searching for a soft, long ball with ultra-low spin? Then Supersoft golf balls by Callaway may be the ideal fit. This ball is manufactured by keeping high handicappers, seniors, and newbies in mind.

You can take advantage of it to improve rotation and control around the green. These best golf balls for distance equip a patented HEX aerodynamics dimple pattern to lower drag for straight ball flight with increased precision. It can resist the air from the tee box. 

Another worth considering feature of this great ball is its low compression core that enhances the ball speed and provides forgiveness at a similar time. Its softest external layer is remarkable for those who want additional stopping power greenside.

While putting, it stands out at keeping lag putts nearer to the cup. The best thing about it is that it comes at a very affordable price tag, so there is no need to put a burden on your pocket to have fun on the golf course. It has six colors, including red, green, white, pink, etc.


  • It has a 38 compression, so striking it will be effortless.
  • It feels mushy for fast swingers, but it feels incredible for slow swingers.
  • Furthermore, these golf balls for the average golfer come with an incredibly soft cover that delivers ultimate softness while striking them.
  • Luckily, it does not have a small spin rating; therefore, it provides longer and straighter ball flight. Ultra-low compression is liable for controlling the spin rate.
  • The patented HEX aerodynamics dimple pattern lowers drag for straight ball flight with enhanced correctness.
  • They have a conspicuous design, so you won’t be able to stop yourself from paying attention to them.
  • Performs well
  • The best option for beginners who want forgiveness and distance
  • Low spin rate keeps the ball straight
  • Alignment characteristics can aid in the setup
  • Exceptional design
  • Falls short on the course

Final Words:

This 2-layer best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed boasts a low compression core, making it feel softer while hitting it with irons or woods. As a novice or high handicapper, if you need a high launching ball that can help you gain extra distance, you must give it a shot.  

3- Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Prior Generation – Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

Callaway is a trustworthy golf ball manufacturer that has constructed a wide variety of stellar quality golf balls. One of their mid-range balls that offer excellent quality and great value is Superhot balls.

These top-rated balls have earned countless compliments and a lot of positive reviews from consumers. It is a 3-piece ball with a sturdy surlyn cover and medium compression core that is somewhat firmer than a urethane cover. 

As the name refers, it is designed to be scorching off the clubface and extended no matter which club you are playing with. It features an aerodynamic pattern for low drag and a powerful ball flight that stays in the wind for a long time.

The most significant advantage of 3-piece construction is that it gives the ball flexibility to create an excellent spin greenside. Additionally, the softer cover includes some sensation from everywhere on the ground.


  • Superhot is available at the price of a 2-layer ball and delivers a great feel and softness greenside.
  • What makes it different from 3-piece balls is its high-energy and larger core.
  • If your swing speed is 80 to 85 miles per hour, it will react positively when you hit it with your driver.
  • Another praiseworthy feature of this best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed is its hexagonal dimple structure that sits over the softcover.
  • The cover’s unique design decreases the drag as the ball flies through the wind. Lower drag means a little side spin and greater ball flight.
  • Golfers love it because of its consistency, thanks to the groundbreaking technology that Callaway has integrated into it.
  • Undoubtedly, long and straight flights shine among the characteristics of these best golf balls for high handicappers; however, they perform efficiently from the fairways.
  • Longest balls
  • Technological advancements allow it to be softer and longer
  • A decent spin rate
  • Permit you to cover additional distance
  • Color invisibility
  • Unstable for small distance swings

Final Words:

The Superhot is not as premium as the top-notch multi-layer balls, but it delivers an excellent experience from tee to green. The brand has combined ultra-low compression with a hexagonal dimple cover to elevate beginners’ distance and high handicappers. If you want to improve your game with minimal effort, this is your ball. 

4- Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Prior Generation – Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Callaway is the 2nd largest golf ball creator and distributor in America. From their top-performance Chrome softballs to their affordable Warbird balls, they manufacture elite-tier golf balls.

Callaway Superhot belongs to their medium-range best golf balls for seniors. Many players love it because of its heart-touching matte finish. 

As a high handicapper, if you plan to purchase a new set of balls, you should try these. They are envisioned to increase distance with their terrific dimple pattern. In addition to that, you will handle the ball with full control and a reasonable spin rate.

You can utilize it on par 4 and par 5 holes to travel the maximum distance. Besides, its dimple design and roundness around the dimples lower drag for a straight ball flight. 


  • The aerodynamic design features a lot of depressions and 332 dimples. It improves flight drag and optimizes lift.
  • These superior quality balls can stay in the air for an extended duration with a stable flight.
  • Another significant feature is its polybutadiene core that provides ultra-low compression, so you can conveniently compress it while playing with irons to attain long and straight flight.
  • It does a splendid job in boosting the short game control and spin.
  • It spins quickly with your putter due to its supremely softcover and softer feel. Additionally, you obtain exceptional control greenside.
  • On the other hand, this 3-piece ball feels softer on touch.  
  • They come in different colors with a matte finish, which is not glossy. The finish’s stickiness helps it to resist fading.
  • Indeed, Superhot is an exceptional long-distance ball. You can add it to your ball collection without overthinking.
  • Increased spin and control greenside
  • Softer texture
  • Presents great economic value
  • Bright colors
  • Expensive
  • Feel is not premium

Final Words:

Overall, these balls work excellently around the green and feel remarkably smooth with higher spin and control. You can rest assured that they will make your golfing experience even more enjoyable, and you won’t lose a lot of balls while playing greenside anymore.

5- Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls – Best Ladies Golf Balls

Are you looking for a robust and reliable 2-piece golf ball that comes at a low price? Then, Titleist DT TruSoft is perfect for you. It comes with trivial technological advancements that make it a top-performance ball.

As it is a 2-layer ball, it means it only has one core and one cover. The TruTouch core has low compression, so it is suitable for slow swingers who want to increase their distance. 

Beginners and high handicappers can use these best lady’s golf balls. The ball’s smoothness compresses against the clubface and then discharges to send the ball onward.

On the other hand, its TrueCover is made using proprietary materials, so it enables the ball to stick to the grass from the fairway.

Greenside, this ball finds it challenging to stop like a multi-layer ball, but it lands softer than other 2-layer balls available out there.  


  • It is the softest and longest ball in the Titleist’s ball collection. This model has a low compression TruTouch core that is liable for lowering the gyration on long shots.
  • They have upgraded the cover with the latest TruFlex iteration that provides a softer sensation.
  • These best golf balls for high handicappers offer a seamless combination of spin, speed, softness, and long-distance.
  • On the other hand, its aerodynamic dimple design has also been transformed to provide a better flight. 
  • The 2-piece ball is an excellent choice for newbies and high handicappers with the slowest swing speed.
  • Besides, proprietary materials are utilized to create the TruCover that helps it stick to the turf from the fairway.
  • Deliver longer distance
  • Soft and flexible feel
  • Outstanding performance greenside
  • Reasonable price
  • Lack of spin

Final Words:

If you like a flexible, soft feel and have enough power to handle low spin around the green, then Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls are the right fit for you. It is designed to be a budget-friendly and competitive ball that offers shot flexibility, durability, and consistency.  

6- Titleist AVX Golf Balls – Best Golf Balls For Distance

The Titleist AVX is a top-notch alternative ball to Pro V1 and Pro V1X. Our choice is for the best golf balls for high handicappers and beginners due to its reduction of gyration from tee to the fairway.

Mid handicappers can also use it because it has a moderate shot height and a little spin. Both of these traits can help you increase distance and lower the hooks and slices that occur consistently. It gives you more control over your game. 

First of all, if we talk about its core, it uses cutting-edge, high speed, and ultra-low compression core technology. The core works as a powerful engine to travel enhanced distances with an amazingly soft feel.

Besides, they feature a proprietary GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover that is accountable for delivering scoring control with the softest feel and long-lasting sturdiness. A high flex casing layer is also present to help you generate additional distance.


  • This 3-piece best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed and durable urethane cover provides maximum control with a nominal spin rate every time you strike the ball.
  • Its distinct spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral catenary aerodynamic design is shallow and delivers outstanding and consistent ball flight on every single shot, even in punitive weather.
  • Titleist has integrated the newest technology in this model, so it flies significantly longer with irons.
  • With this ball, you can be sure of getting a low trajectory shot and a low spin from the tee to the fairway. It will make mid handicapper’s game more consistent.  
  • No matter whether you are using a hybrid, wood, or driver, it will offer you a dependable distance and an unswerving shot height so that you can decrease your scores easily.
  • The Titleist AVX is softer than Pro V1 models and provides long yardage at the same time. 
  • The smooth sensation comes in handy greenside as average golfers need help stopping shots nearer the pin to reduce their scores.
  • Soft feel
  • Longer distance
  • Durable materials
  • The high flex casing layer
  • Steady flight even in unforgiving weather
  • Very expensive
  • Does not spin greenside

Final Words:

The softest sensation, low spin, and consistent ball flight make it highly suitable for high handicappers, seniors, and beginners. However, all types of golfers can take advantage of it to level up their performance and game.

7- Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Best Golf Ball For 100 Mph Swing Speed

The Pro V1 is unquestionably one of the best golf balls for an average golfer. Many famous tour players utilize it, including Jordan Speith, Justin Thomas, and many others. The 2019 version of these world-class balls is focused on maximizing long-game performance.

However, the good thing is that it does not mess with the feel and short game shots. It comes with a revolutionary core with more speed and a little spin, but it does not compromise the compression and softer feel. 

The speed boosting and spin optimizing casing layer helps these best lady’s golf balls to travel more distance in the long game. The Pro V1’s casing layer is 14 percent thicker, and Pro V1X’s casing layer is 11 percent thicker.

Additionally, its proprietary cast thermoset urethane elastomer cover is 17 percent thinner and provides the optimal scoring control. It is superb for creating high gyration on approach and short game shots. By decreasing the cover’s thickness, they have high speed and retained control and spin.


  • If you are a high handicapper looking to reduce your handicap and scores with less effort, buying the Pro V1 would be the best decision of your life.  
  • Its stellar quality construction can help you improve your performance in all aspects of the game.
  • With Pro V1, you can acquire the most from your ball drives with more forgiveness. It decreases the side rotation and keeps the ball on the target.
  • The up-to-date core improves the drag and ball flight. Besides, it aids lower the damage that you make with the slowest swing speed.
  • The combination of core and softcover delivers a consistent ball flight with matchless control around the green.
  • The biggest reason for its popularity is that it produces excellent spin.
  • In addition to that, the unique 352-dimple pattern of these best golf balls for beginners allows it to battle the impact that the wind has on it as it flies from the fairway to the grass.
  • Extraordinary distance
  • Steady ball flight
  • Increased short game control
  • Less spin for the long game
  • High price

Final Words:

If your handicap is high and swing speed is slow, deciding to play with Pro V1 can help you gain impressive distance and stable ball flight. Less spin, more control, and a softer feel are the notable features of this product.

8- Volvik Golf Vivid Balls – Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed

These best golf balls for seniors live to their name, as they arrive in vibrant tonal hues and a unique matte finish, which gives them an eye-catching appearance. Volvik is a relatively new player in the golf industry, but it gives its competitors a tough time by offering excellent quality golf balls to its consumers.

This specific ball is available in 14 different colors and features 3-layer construction. It is explicitly intended for players with the slowest swing speed. 

Besides, it has a 75 compression, and due to its vivid colors, it is easier to spot on the green. Volvik Golf Vivid Balls allow you to perform impressively on the course. It stays in the air for a long time compared to other products on the market.

When it comes to the softer feel, it is not as smooth as other premium balls. This cost-effective ball can present excellent value for money, so slow swingers can buy it without overthinking.  


  • These affordable golf balls are an optimal choice for slow swingers.
  • It plays on the softer side to obtain higher ball speeds and longer carry with moderate spin.
  • Their unique matte finish and energetic colors give them the appearance of a ball sans dimples. However, when you hold it in hand, you will feel that dimples are there.
  • When you hit it with your putter, it delivers a soft sound and feel but adds it with a degree of hardness that gives improved feedback than other tour-level balls.
  • You will undoubtedly be happy with its explosive distance.  
  • It is a mid to high spinning ball that is by far the more comfortable to spot on the ground and in the air.
  • If you chip a lot, you can take advantage of Volvik Golf Vivid because it performs consistently. 
  • Its matte finish grasps the green better than other golf balls with surlyn cover. 
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • 322 dimple design for steady ball flight
  • Three-layer construction
  • Maximizes distance for slow swingers
  • Not as soft as other premium balls
  • Scuffs easily

Final Words:

All in all, this ball can make the golf match more enjoyable for you. You will love its matte finish and vibrant colors with a 322 dimple pattern and 75 compression rating. For a mid-range ball, it offers incredible value for players with a slow swing speed. 

9- Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RXS Golf Balls 

Bridgestone Golf launched Tour B RXS balls in 2020, and they are creating a ton of buzz in the market. The manufacturer’s major claim is that they have recreated the tour ball.

It is specifically made for golfers with swing speeds below 105 miles per hour, hunting for a smoother sensation and elevated spin greenside. Its newest REACTIV cover can help you cover more distance and generate higher ball speed with your driver. 

However, when you strike it with your wedges, it will add additional spin. But, how do these best golf balls for high handicappers accomplish this feat? The cover sticks to the clubface for a long duration.

When you hit it with long clubs, it feels firmer, but it feels softer when you strike it with short clubs. It does not deliver that marshmallow feels that many low compression and more gyration golf balls have.


  • These best golf balls for distance are reinvented with modern technologies. If your swing speed is below 105 miles per hour, it is an excellent option for you.
  • The company has launched a range of balls with similar names such as Tour B X, Tour B XS, Tour B RX, and Tour B RXS.
  • It is armed with the latest REACTIV cover that responds based on the power of the impact. It is responsible for helping golfers travel more distance off the tee. Also, it gives higher rotation, increased ball speed, and control greenside.
  • Furthermore, its gradational core technology provides extra distance and forgiveness. It creates more initial ball speed and a little side twist. It means you will acquire more power and control on the course.  
  • The dual dimple pattern offers extraordinary trajectory and lower drag through heightened aerodynamics.
  • Softer feel
  • Maximum spin
  • Greater distance
  • Improve performance of every shot
  • Price is higher than competitors.

Final Words:

These balls are a perfect fit for folks with swing speeds less than 105 miles per hour. It has a softer sensation and high spin around the green, enabling you to instantly stop pitch and approach shots. Their only downside is their higher price.

10- Volvik Crystal Golf Balls – best ladies golf balls

Volvik Crystal vivid-colored best golf balls for beginners are always great to have on the course because you can effortlessly locate them on the lush greens. But other than fourteen vivacious colorways, they also have a 3-piece construction that increases ball speed and distance.

They come with a dual-core design that feels nice on impact and offers an incredible ball flight. 

Don’t think that this beauty is without a brain because it is made of high-quality materials and equipped with the latest technology. In one pack, you get 12 balls that boost short game control with a smoother sensation and low compression core.

To produce the cover, the company utilizes a resilient and softer Surlyn Crystalline that delivers optimal spin and an improved feel. Their price is very reasonable, so you will not only acquire good quality but will save money at the same time.


  • Just like other 3-layer balls, it also guarantees that you forever obtain faster speeds and longer ball flights for an extraordinary performance.
  • It boasts a power core that provides correctness and explosive distance.
  • The additional two layers are the bismuth control layer and zirconium z-i outer cover.
  • They are designed for players with slower swing speeds from 60 to 95 mph. 
  • With its 322 octahedron dimple pattern, it increases ball flight duration and stability.
  • On the other hand, it has a fair value of COR, so that the energy loss will be minimal during the clubhead’s impact. As a consequence, the ball speed will be increased to strike the targeted location.
  • It grips the ground flawlessly and allows you to cover at least 15 holes from a single ball before replacing it with a new one.
  • Besides, significant-quality substances are used for their construction; therefore, these durable balls resist scratches, cuts, or blemishes.
  • Suitable for slow and moderate swingers
  • Great value for 12 premium quality balls
  • Soft and sturdy cover
  • 14 brighter colors
  • Long ball flight and distance
  • Prone to wear and tear
  • Blue balls are hard to trace

Final Words:

Volvik is a fresher and lesser-known brand, but they manufacture some of the best golf balls for high handicappers, and the quality of Crystal balls is proof of this. This 3-layer ball offers incredible ball speed, distance, and it is incredibly soft, so you will enjoy hitting it on the course. They work efficiently for all types of golfers, and with vibrant tonal hues, you can easily locate them greenside.  

What Are The Different Types Of Golfers?

All golfers have different swing speeds, and no single ball could equally cater to everyone’s needs. Most balls are designed to aid players in one or two areas only. Therefore, having an understanding of your skills and flaws will help you become a proficient golfer. There are different types of golfers that are as follows:

Low Handicappers

They have a single-digit handicap and utilize tour-level balls. They invest in expensive balls because they don’t lose as many balls as beginners or high handicappers do. The tour balls don’t travel extra distance and don’t have a softer feel as well.

However, they deliver the fastest clubhead speed in the game and have the highest spin rate, making them splendid around the green. Less-skilled golfers can’t handle the highest spin rates efficiently.  

Mid Handicappers

Beginners and high handicappers get to that skill level because they know which balls and clubs work for their game. They have spent countless hours experimenting and studying the different aspects of golf. However, they can’t become low handicappers because they have many of the same swing inaccuracies that high handicappers have. They simply utilize golf gear that makes their mishits less awful.

High Handicappers

Golfers with a handicap above 20 are considered high handicappers. Many of them are either new to the sport or simply don’t practice enough to improve their performance. It does not matter what the causes are for your struggles; there is a ball that can help you lower your handicap. The biggest problem of many novices is that they don’t understand the importance of a great ball. 

Some think that a ball does not matter at all or some think only an expensive ball can elevate their game. Of course, this is not always the case. If you need the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed that can help you score 90 consistently, you need to identify which area you need the most help. And then, look for a ball that addresses that problem.

Essential Features To Consider While Buying The Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers (Buying Guide)

If you have a high handicap, you need to purchase a golf ball to boost your skills and confidence. If you don’t understand how to find the right balls for your needs and what features you need to be mindful of while shopping for balls, then this section will clear all your confusion. Below, we have listed all the essential factors that will play an influential role in your buying decision. Here they are:


Budget is the most critical factor that you need to figure out before going into the market for purchasing golf balls. Finalizing the budget will help you break down your options and save you from wasting time on balls that are out of your range. If you are a die-hard golf fan and want to become a professional golfer, then you can invest a few extra dollars to get the best balls.

The Core

It is the internal part of the best golf balls for seniors, and it is essential. Dimples offer you consistent ball trajectory, but it is the core where all the action occurs. Brands invest numerous hours in designing the ball’s core. It is liable for only one thing: power. They are deliberated for enhanced energy transmission from the clubface to the ball. A high-quality core will take power from your swing and utilize it to transfer the whole ball traveling through the wind.


The best golf balls for distance can offer great distance to a high handicapper. A sturdy 2-layer ball can cover additional distance compared to softballs that are focused on spin and control.  


As a high handicapper, the type of cover you need relies on what sort of shots you want to execute. It regulates the ball’s rotation and flight. If you want straight and long-distance swings, you should go for surlyn cover balls because they offer a low spin. However, if you want extra backspin, we recommend you give a try to urethane covers because they are somewhat difficult to control. It would help if you played with different cover materials to determine what is favorable for your game. 


Always purchase the best lady’s golf balls that are sturdy and can stand the test of time. 2-piece balls feature a denser layer so that they last for a long time. Just because the balls are expensive, so keeping them in good condition is crucial.

Spin Rate

The additional gyration aids you get the ball higher into the air. But is it a good thing for newbies and high handicappers? NO, because only expert players can control higher spin to make the balls go higher and create more distance. High handicappers, on the other hand, should use low-spin balls to travel more distance.


Many 2-piece balls come with an internal core and external layer. Their construction is straightforward but extremely vital to inclusive creation. A 4 or 5-piece ball delivers added gyration, incredible control, but its higher price may keep it out of the reach of beginners and high handicappers.  

best golf balls for high handicappers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Use Illegal Golf Balls?

If you want to become a professional golfer, you should not use illegal balls. However, if you want to play just for fun, there is nothing wrong with using illegal balls. Undoubtedly, they help you cover more distance and produce straight shots.

Q. I Am A High Handicapper; Can I Use The Best Golf Balls For Beginners?

If you have a slow swing speed, you should stick to just one ball that you are sure works in your favor. Many golfers with below-average golfing skills use different types of balls. It is not the right approach. Every ball has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Some generate more distance, some offer more control, some feel softer, and some rotate more. If you keep changing your ball, you won’t be able to hit consistent shots. Consistency is an essential factor that high handicappers need the most. So if you are playing with a ball that helps you reduce your handicap, stick to it.  

Q. Are Golf Balls For Beginners Different From Regular Ones?

High handicappers are novices struggling to generate more distance and gyration. The balls for beginners feature low compression for extra distance and lower spin. They require minimal power and intensity from slow swingers to accomplish the desired distance. Regular ones deliver more excellent spin, but you will have to compromise on control.

Q. Can Ball Cover Help Me Elevate My Performance?

Urethane covers are an outstanding option for high handicappers because they create a higher spin rate on the wedge and iron shots. On the other hand, the surlyn cover generates consistent shots, but it has a firmer feel.

Q. Should High Handicappers Utilize Smooth Or Firmer Balls?

High handicappers should use low compression balls because they are softer and can help you add extra distance. So if you can create sufficient swing speed to compress the ball, then use low compression balls.  

Q. What Color Is Suitable For Me?

When it comes to colors, white is most popularly used globally. However, as a high handicapper, you lack proper gaming skills, so you should get a bright-colored ball. The golf balls are available in pink, green, orange, yellow, blue, and many other colors. Yellow and orange will be easier to trace on the course.  

Q. What Is The Best Golf Ball For High Handicappers?

The answer to this query depends on the player’s personal needs and preferences. The majority of high handicappers experience problems with control and swing speed, so you can acquire a ball that will provide you a low spin rate, travel more distance, and offer forgiveness.

Q. Can I Purchase Lake Balls?

Many folks want to buy these balls because they are super-affordable. However, if you want to save money, you will have to sacrifice distance. You can use these if you are playing in your backyard and for practice purposes only.  

Q. My Swing Speed Is 85 Mph; which Balls Should I Use?

If your swing speed is 85 miles per hour, you can opt for seniors’ best golf balls with low compression. They have a compression rate of 80 or below. If your swing speed is between 85 to 104 miles per hour, a ball with moderate compression will be perfect. 

They have a compression rate of 80 to 90. However, if your swing speed is more than 105 mph, you can purchase high compression balls with a compression rating of 90 or more.

Q. Should I Use Second-Hand Or New Balls?

If you are a beginner and want to become a professional golfer, you should buy new balls. Second-hand balls are chemically challenged. They might be discolored, scuffed, or have cuts in the cover. Wear and can cause them to fly absurdly. So, do yourself a favor and get new balls to improve your game.


There are numerous manufacturers of the best golf balls for high handicappers in the market, offering units with super impressive features and technologies. The selection scope is so vast that it becomes complicated for a potential golfer to stick to just one type in the starting. 

Yes, choosing the right ball to reduce high handicap is a complex task— that’s why we provided you a list of the finest balls and imperative factors you must consider before buying the perfect one according to your individual needs.

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