10 Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed

10 Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed in 2022

In the realm of golf, your swing speed is one of the most influential variables in the sport. It permits you to reach your full potential, and when you adapt your gear for your swing speed, your consistency improves.

Whether you are a novice, average, or senior golfer, you need the best golf balls for the distance that reimburse for the slowest speed.

Having a slow swing speed harms your self-confidence. Many people play golf to relax and lead a healthy life. Nevertheless, if you want to become a tour-level golfer and strive to improve your game, you need the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed. 

One of the biggest blunders newbies and average golfers make is not building their equipment around their swing speed. Even though nowadays, swing speed is a hot topic, many players still don’t know their swing speed.

So, when are you considered a slow swinger? How far you strike the ball off the tee with your clubs, especially the driver, is a significant hint.

According to Trackman Golf, the average male golfer’s average swing speed is 93.4 miles per hour with a driver, and he strikes it 214 yards. If your ball does not travel that much distance, your swing speed would be considered slower.

10 Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed

Many golfers opt for premium best golf balls for high handicappers; their slow swing speed won’t help them generate maximum distance with those models. Their outstanding short game performance can make them a practical choice for some, but getting increased distance with their slow swings will be a more pressing priority for others.

Fortunately, almost all brands manufacture the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed. If you are a slow swinger, whether that’s down to technique, injury, or growing age, there is a wide range of balls in the market that will help you cover those extra yards.

After the deep research and testing and intervening with the top golf players, we come up with this article that will walk you through some of the most vital considerations when buying a ball and then guide you about some of the best golf balls for 70 mph swing speed.

10 Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed

1- Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls 

Bridgestone is a big name in the golf market, and they have done approximately 300,000 launch monitor fittings and almost 2,000,000 individual swing measurements, this is the reason we place this golf in our top-of-the-list

product. Their balls are famous for being tremendously soft yet longer in the distance. These particular balls are high-quality because of the number of outstanding reviews and feedback online. 

They are anticipated for those who want a very softball but don’t want to pay a hefty amount. Bridgestone claims that this ball is guaranteed to go at least 9 yards farther and 31% straighter than other balls available out there. To be honest, it is competing with the sovereign of golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1.

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  • If you are on the outlook for affordable best golf balls for high handicappers, you must add E6 into your considerations.
  • It conveys a decent performance off the tee, a soft feel for the short game, and a very budget-friendly price tag.
  • They feature a delta dimple pattern that resists the air, and pop-ups during flight make the ball fly straighter and boosts distance and correctness.
  • Moreover, it produces the lowest spin to cover more distance. Its smoother sensation and straighter shots allow it to stand out from the best golf balls for distance and make it comparable to top-notch balls such as Pro V1.
  • Its creation’s primary purpose is to deliver straighter distance, and it achieves this goal by considerably decreasing the gyration.
  • The Bridgestone E6’s mantle counteracts the rotation for iron and driver shots, generating straighter ball flight.
  • When you execute approach shots, it provides you a lot of control greenside due to the lowest spin and higher flight.
  • This newest 2-construction best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed comes with a low compression core that is accountable for increasing ball speed and maintaining a soft feel.
  • The gradational compression core makes it a softer ball that offers a longer distance.
  • 2-layer construction
  • Made for consistency
  • Improved aerodynamics for extra distance coverage
  • Softball for longer distance
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for fast swingers

Final Words:

These best lady’s golf balls are a perfect choice for novices, mid handicappers, and golfers with a swing speed below 70 miles per hour. You will acquire outstanding performance off the tee with this 2-piece and low compression ball. It gives more grasp around the green but does not provide high spin and control.

2- ONCORE GOLF Avant 55

We place ONCORE golf balls in the second position in our list of best golf balls because of their low compersion. OnCore Golf Company released the new and advanced AVANT golf ball in 2019. They gave them the name of AVANT 55 value golf balls. It is 10 points lower in compression than the previous AVANT ball.

The lowest compression means it has the softest sensation and delivers enhanced distance off the tee. Besides offering you an incredible blend of control, spin, feel, and distance, this best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed is cost-effective and priced less than $20 a dozen. 

Best of all, it has accomplished silver in the golf digest 2019 hotlist awards. It is designed for slow swingers, but it is beneficial for all types of golfers.

The 2-layer ball boasts a sizeable internal core, perimeter-weighting for control and precision, and a super-resilient surlyn cover. Currently, it is obtainable in high-visibility white, green, and yellow colors.

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  • This durable golf ball delivers superb performance at a very reasonable price tag.
  • Its well-balanced performance and admirably softer feel make it different from other affordable balls.
  • It flaunts a 2-piece construction with a more significant internal core and durable surlyn cover.
  • The AVANT golf ball’s large core produces additional perimeter weighting in the ball to stabilize its flight and aid golfers in striking long, straight shots on the ground.
  • On the other hand, as it has a low compression core, it helps golfers with the slowest and medium swing speeds to obtain more distance.
  • We loved these best golf balls for seniors because of their ability to provide a slightly diverse gyration profile at such as pocket-friendly price.
  • It outshines in terms of feels for golfers who are on the lookup for a softball.
  • Using it, you will get a fantastic combination of short game control and distance both from the fairways and off the tee.
  • Low price
  • Delivers distance and control
  • Highly suitable for slow and medium swingers
  • Available in three colors
  • 2-piece construction
  • Award-winning high-performance ball
  • It does not give as much distance as premium balls.

Final Words:

These best golf balls for the average golfer are impressive in both performance and cost. It is a well-made, 2-layer ball that can offer requisite control, spin, distance, and all other things that you want. It is ideal for slow swingers, but all golfers can take advantage of it.  

3- Trust Bison Soft, Urethane Covered

The golf balls with urethane covers perform much better when used for playing around the green and short game. Generally speaking, the urethane-covered balls are pretty expensive, but this particular model comes at a very budget-friendly price tag. Trust Golf Balls is a renowned brand that has been manufacturing ball cover technologies for several years. 

In 2016, they decided to distribute their balls directly to their users at a meager price than other leading companies. The Trust bison soft urethane-covered golf ball is constructed in Taiwan, China, and is seamlessly suitable for golfers with a swing speed of 70 to 95 miles per hour.

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  • Trust Golf Balls have made urethane-covered, soft-feeling, sturdy, and long-distance golf balls with a high spin rating.
  • These reasonably priced best golf balls for distance rival the best in the golf world.
  • It is available in four different models: Bison Soft, Bison V, Bison X, and Bison XL, each designed for your swing speed.
  • The Bison Soft and Bison V are ideal for slow swingers, but Bison X and Bison XL are best for high swingers.
  • All models are offered in white and yellow colors. The makers also offer a personalization option if you want to add a logo. 
  • This 3-piece ball features a twin-thin, soft urethane cover that satisfies the USGA and R&A regulations.
  • You can rely on it to get increased distance, control around the green, and pro trajectory. 
  • If you don’t want to invest many dollars in a premium ball, we recommend you give it a try as it performs flawlessly.  
  • Best golf balls for seniors
  • Very responsive on the greens
  • Piercing ball flight
  • Softer feel
  • Excellent spin around the green
  • Prone to scuff if they hit the trees or cart path

Final Words:

Trust Bison Soft, urethane-covered golf balls are a lot of fun to play with. Don’t worry though, they are legal, and you can use them in tournaments. This ball is remarkable for players searching for the best soft golf ball with low compression, faster ball speed, longer distance, and enhanced precision. 

4- Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RXS Golf Balls

Bridgestone has officially beaten the competition against it, and now, they are a top contestant in the tour-level golf ball world. The new tour b golf balls are presented in four different models: X, XS, RX, and RXS. Each model is designed to convey something different to a specific type of golfer.

However, all the models feature 3-piece construction and durable urethane covers. If you are a mid-handicapper or senior with a swing speed of 105 mph, you should opt for the Tour B RXS as it boosts swing speed and offers enhanced distance. 

This ball is on the pricier side, but you can rest assured that it will deliver the highest performance levels. Besides, you can use it to get both distance and control.

To make it, the brand utilizes a gradational core that helps include the speed at interaction but also decreases gyration. As an outcome, you obtain extra distance and a straight ball flight.

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  • The Bridgestone Tour B RXS is exclusively designed for low and mid handicappers who want to add extra yards but don’t want to compromise the soft feel.
  • It comes with the lowest compression and will allow you to cover more distance without feeling stiff and clicky.
  • The creators have integrated a REACTIV urethane cover that boosts distance and higher ball speed with all the clubs present in your bag and adds higher rotation when you play with your wedges.
  • The uniqueness of the cover is that it responds differently depending on the impact’s force.
  • In addition to that, its gradational compression core is liable for delivering distance and forgiveness. You will also obtain higher preliminary ball speed and minimal side spin from the core.
  • The dual dimple technology of these best golf balls for beginners offers you extra distance and superb aerodynamics.
  • REACTIV cover improves performance
  • Enhanced distance off the tee
  • Better spin and control greenside
  • Efficient trajectory
  • Expensive

Final Words:

The RXS model is anticipated for golfers with a swing speed of 105 mph. It is not helpful for short hitters and also has a high price point. Featuring the REACTIV cover, it might not travel a long distance but provides the required control for the short game.

5- Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Since its launch, vice pro plus the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed has created tons of buzz in the ball market. Vice Golf is famous globally for supplying tour-quality balls at very reasonable prices.

This ball promises to take your performance to the highest levels possible. It is optimal for golfers who have played for a while and generate a driver clubhead speed of 1110 miles per hour. 

If you are motivated to improve your performance, then we recommend you must opt for it. Moreover, this 4-piece ball has a urethane cover that helps it to stand out from its predecessor in terms of speed. It spun amazingly with the wedges and mid-irons.

The up-to-the-minute and larger high-energy speedcore features a high compression rating supremely beneficial for fast swingers with more incredible ball speed. On the other hand, the hottest, highly versatile ionomer compound delivers higher carry distance, speed, and softer sensation.

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  • These best lady’s golf balls are designed for fast swingers.
  • They perform proficiently well and are somewhat identical to the Titleist Pro V1. You will get a longer distance, just like other tour-level balls. 
  • If your swing speed is average, the Vice pro plus golf balls will create a penetrating flight that works perfectly in the air.
  • We would not recommend slow and moderate swingers to buy it as they will face difficulties in generating the ball speed and rotation needed to keep it in the air for an extended distance.
  • Their dimples are optimized to lower drag and offer a steady flight trajectory. It helps keep the ball straighter and accelerates ball control off the clubface.  
  • The urethane cover’s micromolecular structure is tremendously soft and durable. Its thin covering and exceptional adhesion will provide you splendidly soft and on-demand feel as well as a higher amount of backspin, thanks to the S2TG technology.
  • These best golf balls for high handicappers come in three colors: lime, white, and red.
  • Relatively cheaper than other high-end balls
  • Greater distance
  • Amazingly soft and on-demand feel
  • It comes in three noticeable colors
  • A decent amount of spin and control
  • Affordable only if you buy them in bulk
  • Not too robust

Final Words:

In recent years, Vice Golf has established itself among the more prevalent golf ball companies with its unique methodology, competitive price points, and premium quality balls. Its clever construction won’t make you feel like you are compromising feel, spin, distance, control, and consistency on the turf.

6- Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 Golf Balls

Do you want to add increased distance off the tee and tons of gyration from a three-layer tour-level best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed at a very affordable price? Look no further because the Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 golf balls are here to cater to your needs. It is available in white and yellow colors and is designed to increase the swing speed of slow swingers.

We are drawn to its alignment stamping and straight line, especially while putting because it locks you into the putt. This powerful ball provides exceptional control around the green.

The brand has incorporated the revolutionary fast layer core that delivers incredible distance and a softer feel. Furthermore, it features a newer urethane cover with flexible molecular bonds that dig deeper into the wedge and iron grooves for enhanced friction and higher rotation.

These 72 compression golf balls arm the 338-speed dimple structure that offers penetrating ball flight in any condition. The simple design is also responsible for elevating lift and lowering drag to increase distance.

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  • The latest Srixon Q-Star tour 3 golf balls intend to bring you tour-level performance with a softer sensation, superior distance, and more gyration greenside. 
  • As it is equipped with the modern fast layer core, therefore, it feels soft and somewhat solid at impact.
  • With its gradual transition from the internal core to a more complex external cover, this fast layer acts as a core with thousands of layers, providing increased distance and a smoother feel.
  • Besides, to elevate the distance, it also features a 338-speed dimple pattern that offers a penetrating ball flight in all circumstances.
  • A good thing about it is that its SeRM urethane cover produces higher spin and stopping power with short irons around the grass. 
  • The cover digs deeper into the grooves of iron and wedge, significantly enhancing friction at impact. 
  • Very soft feel
  • Great distance
  • Gives solid control
  • Lower price
  • None

Final Words:

If you have a mid to low handicap and are hunting for the best golf balls for distance with a soft feel and a lot of gyration, then you should consider Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 golf balls. It creates solid rotation and distance, feels remarkable off of the driver and iron, and won’t break your bank.

7- TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

The Taylormade distance plus ball is envisioned for players looking for extra distance. It delivers the speed you require for shot-saving distance and a softer feel and decisive feedback you want.

The average golfer’s best golf balls rely on the newest and fastest TEACT core that stores and discharges energy with significant proficiency to increase speed and distance. Moreover, the softer feel comes from the IOTHANE cover. It also offers you enhanced control when you play around the greens. 

It comes with 60 compressions and a 342 dimple pattern coupled with 2-layer construction. It is meant for high handicappers, beginners, and golfers with the slowest swing speeds.

After taking these quintessential distance balls for a gyration on the ground, you will witness that they offer long distances off the tee and fly straighter. Its only downside is that it lacks gyration and feeling required for control on and around the green.

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  • These best lady’s golf balls are presented by Taylormade, which has been a prominent brand in the golf industry for more than 30 years.
  • These well-built balls are furnished with innovative technologies.
  • The proprietary IOTHANE cover is extraordinarily sturdy and blended with a 342 dimple pattern, so it does an outstanding job of increasing your shot’s precision. Furthermore, it works in your favor on and around the turf.
  • On the other hand, it features 2-piece construction and conveys a little spin that is liable for improving correctness.
  • As it flaunts 60 compression core, so it can be a great partner for you as you try to perfect your swing.
  • The dimple design resists the air, which contributes to its high-velocity performance to offer you boosted distance.
  • If we talk about their price, these are some of the most affordable balls in the market. For less than $13, you get 12 superior-quality balls.
  • Low price without compromising quality
  • Generates excellent distance
  • Suitable for high handicappers
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lack of spin and feel for control
  • Firm feel

Final Words:

Are you looking for distance-improving golf balls? If so, then TaylorMade Distance Plus is worth considering. It stands out from the crowd and gives you that helping hand. Even with the slowest swing speed, it still produces higher speed and straight shots. 

8- TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

The Taylormade Noodle Long and Softballs are the traditional balls manufactured for golfers with a swing speed of 80 to 90 miles per hour.

This best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed has a sufficient number of dimples that decrease the drag and convey extra distance. Many seniors switch down to it because of their increased handicap and ball’s smoother feel. 

Besides, its top-notch performance and attitude have won the hearts of golfers. It is advertised as having substantial rotation and a soft feel with more resilience and distance.

This ball features 2-layer construction, surlyn cover, and a low compression core. All of these characteristics are ideal for slow swingers. It does not matter your swing speed; this all-around performer can cater to your needs flawlessly.

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  • These best golf balls for high handicappers are built and designed to be long and soft so that you will acquire longer distances and a magnificent feel.
  • These babies boast a 342 aerodynamic dimple structure that helps them move swiftly through the wind and offer minimal friction to transit against the air direction.
  • The powerful external core and dimple pattern is responsible for giving it a softer feel and making it high-smart.
  • Moreover, their ultra-soft 34 compression core helps them cover a greater distance and feel better. It gives a push to the ball, increases swing force, and ultimately achieves heightened distance.
  • The buttery feel generates honest feedback for you. Even after playing multiple rounds with it, you will feel like you are playing with it for the first time.
  • The cherry on top, the Noodle Long best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed are dirt cheap. In one pack, you get 15 durable balls.
  • Supremely soft 34 compression core
  • Excellent look and buttery feel
  • Dimple pattern for straight flight
  • Affordable price
  • Not suitable for fast swingers
  • Difficult to control

Final Words:

Overall, these best golf balls for seniors are a gift for golfers with slow swing speeds. It is the best ball in enhanced distance, straighter shots, longer carry, terrific performance, and playability at such a low price point. Best of all, they comply with the USGA regulations.

9- Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

The Wilson staff duo best golf balls for average golfer were released a few years ago with the double purpose of offering players a ball that would feel smoother and retains increased distances.

In the previous version, the urethane cover did not provide enough spin and control around the green. Therefore, in this iteration, they have integrated ionomer cover that can produce high-lift traits off the tee and long approaches from the fairway. 

It comes with 2-layer construction to provide a low gyration when you hit it with the driver’s face, and it also helps in precision on tee shots. To generate consistent ball flight, it flaunts a splendid 302 dimple pattern.

The DUO is obtainable in bright yellow and optic orange at a very pocket-friendly price tag. If we talk about its feel, this softer ball features 29 compressions.

Hence, it feels like a marshmallow on the clubface. When you strike it with the driver, it feels smoother and quiet. However, with the putter, it generates a hardly noticeable “thud.”

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  • These trend-setting balls are made by the “Wilson” and are an excellent choice for recreational players, high handicappers, and newbies.
  • They have set the trend by producing a ball that feels unbelievably soft but performs well in all game stages.
  • With this ball, you can rest assured of acquiring a better feel and professional performance.
  • Its more significant rubber-rich core conveys an incredible feel on and around the grass. Along with that, it creates excellent distance and minimal spin off the tee, thanks to its 2-layer construction.
  • The low spin provides less sidespin, which means you will get more fairway hits.  
  • On the other hand, the high COR of this best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed boosts velocity and distance off the tee with long irons.
  • A softball with minimal compression
  • Powerful performance
  • 2-piece construction
  • High-visibility colors
  • It rolls nicely on the turf
  • Does not feel responsive

Final Words:

Considering all features, this golf ball is an excellent option for slow swingers. If you are looking for a softer ball, you can give it a try as it vaunts a 29 compression rating. It does not provide enough rotation green side, but overall, it provides you increased distance, high performance, and straighter flight at a low price.

10- Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls 

The Vice Pro Soft is one of the best golf balls for beginners seeking longer distances. It comes with 3-piece construction, cast urethane cover, and lowest compression, all anticipated for providing a superb feel, incredible feedback, and great reaction at impact.

It is also worth mentioning that it boasts matte coating and a super-sturdy 336 dimple pattern. The matte effect is caused by the tiny particles of silicate implanted in the ball’s transparent lacquer cover. 

Its production’s purpose is only one: enhanced distance off the tee, matchless feel, and outstanding feedback. Besides, with this baby, you will get a higher twist and vital control greenside.

This best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed is well-suited for low to moderate swingers looking for that forgiving and responsive feel. One of the most extraordinary features of Vice Pro Soft is its matte finish, which is used for the first time on a urethane-covered ball.

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  • These golf balls are furnished with the latest technologies and are available at a very reasonable price.
  • It is a 3-layer ball that is armed with a durable cast urethane cover and 336 dimple structure.
  • Its matte finish features anti-glare technology to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and delivers improved visibility in the air and on the course.
  • The perfect duo of urethane cover and lowest compression creates an incredibly soft feel greenside. Also, it feels exceptional when you hit it with the putter.
  • Best of all, it has an extra-long and obvious KIL putt line that enables you to point it towards the hole.
  • The most significant advantage of this low compression best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed is that you can compress it more consistently.
  • Furthermore, this high-energy ball arrives in white, lime, and red colors.
  • Sold at an excellent price
  • Softcover and low compression feels fabulous off the driver or iron
  • First urethane-covered golf ball with a matte finish
  • Three color options
  • Too soft

Final Words:

If you are willing to add some spice to your game, we recommend you to buy Vice Pro Soft golf balls because these premium quality balls offer a superbly smooth and on-demand feel. Their unique coating helps you trace the ball in the air and on the grass. Besides, you will obtain great backspin and control, thanks to its S2TG technology.

Essential Factors to Consider While Buying The Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed

While shopping for the best golf balls for the average golfer, there are specific traits we sum up for you that you need to look for. They will surely help you decide what sort of ball is appropriate for your playing style and swing speed. You will be able to make a much more knowledgeable verdict about where to invest your hard-earned dollars.

The Ball’s Construction

The ball’s construction is reliant on its design intricacy and using purpose. A premium tour-level ball will flaunt more complex characteristics than the one constructed for beginners. Typically, a high-quality ball has multiple layers. Many tour-level balls have four to five pieces. However, golf balls for 70 miles per hour swing speed are intended for beginners and high handicappers, so they have two to three layers. 

The best ladies golf balls with two to three pieces lack modern technology present in four to five pieces balls. However, it does not mean they are incompetent because they are made explicitly for newbies in mind. If your swing speed is 70 mph, a two or three-layer ball would be an optimal option for you. Premium balls boast a high compression design, so they are well-suited for low handicappers and expert golfers.


Slow swingers want to enhance their distance. Bear in mind that distance is one of the most vital aspects of your round. Using the best golf balls for distance, you might have to sacrifice other areas, particularly control around the green. We would suggest you obtain a durable ball that enables you to cover more distance with a slow swing speed without compromising control and spin.

Spin And Control

Both spin and control are essential for your game. You need gyration, but excessive rotation will decrease the distance, and you will have to deal with slices and mishits. With a bit of spin, you will obtain minimal control on your short game, and launching the ball will become hard. Therefore, the solution is to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and look for the best golf ball for a 100 mph swing speed that will work in your favor. You need to strike a balance between your ball choice and swing speed.


Another vital aspect you need to determine while looking for the perfect golf ball is its simple structure. Each ball has a different construction type and unique physical properties; thus, its dimple pattern is designed exclusively. The ball’s dimples allow it to fly higher and give it optimized distance performance. The balls without dimples can cover a distance of 80 yards only. On the other hand, balls with dimples allow you to generate as much distance as you can. The idyllic number of dimples on a ball ranges from 300 to 400. To prevent distance reduction, make sure your ball has enough numbers of dimples.

The Cover Materials

The cover is the external layer of the ball. A wide variety of covers are available for golf balls. Nonetheless, the most superior quality balls feature urethane covers. This robust material optimizes the ball’s strength and sturdiness. The best golf balls for the average golfer with a premium cover can enormously boost their feel on the grass.

Furthermore, the cover’s quality also has a huge impact on the aerodynamic traits. That’s why; the substances of the cover must be stellar quality and resilient. Urethane is the number one option for golf ball cover. However, surlyn, balata, and ionomer covers are also very prevalent.

The Core

The ball’s core drives the ball’s overall density or compression. If you are a professional golfer with the fastest swing speed, the best golf balls for seniors with high compression will work better for you. A thought-provoking fact about the balls is that they change their shape upon impact. This alteration is for the short-term, but the core should be powerful enough to support that kind of force transmission. Slow swingers should opt for the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed with low compression and an increased spring-like effect.

The Feel On The Course

The feel is often ignored, but it is essential for all types of golfers. Two and three-layer balls are envisioned for the slowest swingers, so they have harsher textures. Hence, you should pay special attention to the ball’s cover. A softer cover will feel better on the turf.

Your Handicap

By calculating your handicap, you will get an idea of your current skill level. A high handicapper can’t shape the shots and pitch perfectly. So, they would need a ball that provides both distance and control.


No doubt, golf is an affluent sport that demands you to prioritize and set your budget. Otherwise, you can spend too much if you don’t keep track. Keep in mind that a ball can influence your performance by a large margin. That’s why; you should search for high-quality balls that are not overhyped and overpriced. It does not mean that you should buy the lowest quality balls at a very cheap rate. That will only make you unhappy. Instead, purchase the best golf balls for beginners that fit your gaming style, requirements and also provide the best value for your money.  

10 Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Use 2-Layer Balls For Increasing My Swing Speed?

If you are a slow swinger, you can choose a 2-piece ball without hesitation as it has a low compression rating. If you want to generate extra distance, they can help you immensely. However, they don’t execute well greenside. If you are a low handicapper, opt for a 3 or 4-layer ball. The extra layers will help the ball perform more efficiently.

Q. What Is Considered An Average Swing Speed?

Golfers talk about their swing speed, but they don’t know if they are slow or fast swingers. The average swing speed of a golfer is 90 miles per hour. Swing speed is measured and calculated with the driver. When you get fitted, they provide you a swing speed number for your irons, but it won’t be used when determining which ball is ideal for you.

Q. What Is Compression Rate Perfect For Golfers With Slow Swing Speed?

The best golf balls for beginners have 60-compression or less. Fast swingers utilize balls with a compression rate of 90 or above. As a slow swinger, never opt for high-compression balls because they can make you lose distance. While purchasing a ball, check the numbers of layers and the compression rate to make sure you invest money in a ball that meets your needs.  

Q. Who Has Slow Swing Speed?

Seniors, beginners, ladies, and high handicappers have slow swing speed compared to other golf players. This can be due to various reasons, but mainly, it will be caused by the body build and expertise.

Q. Do The Best Golf Balls For Seniors With Low Spin Go Straighter?

Yes, the golf balls with low gyration fly straighter because they can reduce your shots’ sidespin.

Q. How Can I Increase My Swing Speed?

You can improve it by following these tips:

  • Focus on the sweet spot
  • Work to expand the posture you currently have
  • Regularly practice your swing
  • Buy the right clubs

Q. I Am A Slow Swinger; which Ball Is Suitable For Me?

Novices, seniors, females, and high handicappers tend to have slower swing speeds. Thus, they should give a shot to the best lady’s golf balls with low compression. If your swing speed is between 85 and 95 mph, you can buy medium compression balls. To tailor the model to fit your preferences, you can find recommendations by considering your swing speed.

Q. Do Softballs Cover More Distance?

The more compression a ball has, the faster its speed will be. That’s why; low compression balls are perfect for beginners. They can help you boost speed and perform better. These balls are also softer than mid and high-compression balls. So, it is safe to say that they produce more distance.

Q. Which Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed Won’t Get Scuffed?

The balls with urethane covers are less sturdy and easily get scratched from hard club shots, striking trees, paths, and concrete. On the other hand, surlyn covers are robust and don’t get scuffed as much as urethane.

Q. What Is The Easiest Golf Ball Color To Trace On The Course?

Green, yellow, and pink balls are the easiest to trace on the green. You should not use the orange-colored ball in the fall and autumn months. Blue best golf balls for high handicappers get lost in the sky and are hard to locate on the grass as well. 


No matter how pricier your ball is, it won’t help you improve your game if it does not match your swing speed. If you send them to the pond or are out of your range, you will lose all your credibility. Good balls are significant for your game. Therefore, you should spend money on something durable and long-lasting. After reading our post, we are optimistic that you now have a better understanding of how balls work, what you need to consider while buying them, and your swing speed. 

Enhancing and improving your swing speed will take some time and practice. However, by getting the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed, you can elevate your game in the shortest span. As a slow swinger, you need a ball with a soft feel, low compression, optimized spin, forgiveness, and accuracy. Besides, it should help you increase distance and hit consistent shots.  


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