how big is a golf ball

How Big Is A Golf Ball? Ultimate Information

Golf balls do not come in different sizes or shapes. The balls are always round and compressed.

Well, the golf ball’s size is regulated just according to the USGA and R & A since 1990. All the golf balls are available with a diameter of 168 inches used for all the competitions and tournaments. Furthermore, the golf ball should weigh more than 1.62 ounces.

Are All Golf Balls The Same Size?

Well, it is not possible to say whether all the golfers use balls of the same size. The players have shown an agreement over the fixed-sized of the ball.

The golf balls are available in different sizes, which you can choose for casual games. But for the professional competitions, you will have to play with a ball of fixed length.

Therefore, the players are not allowed to play using a ball size small than 1.68 inches. The larger golf balls are very common in the past. But now, the manufacturers are stuck to the average size, i.e., 1.68 inches.

Rules For The Golf Ball Size

In 1990 R & A and USGA agreed on a set of rules for the golf ball size. After that still oy, no changes are made in these rules and regulations. That’s why each player chooses or plays with a ball of the same size at the present day.

Before this agreement, the R & A has a golf ball of 1.62 inches. At the same time, USGA had a golf ball of 1.68 inches. It is a matter of the fact that a ball with a small size can easily fit in the whole.’

At the present day, each player use:

  1. A golf ball with a diameter less than the 1.68 inches
  2. The golf ball mass should not be more than
  3. You will not get any specific rules for all the

Size Of The Golf Ball Dimple

Well, there is no specif rules or regulation to determine the size of the golf ball. But remember that the ball should not be less than 1.68 inches for every international tournament.

In the 1980s, the size of the golf was about 1.62 inches. The balls with different sizes perform differently. But you can never predict which ball would perform better by just holding the ball in your hand.

It might be surprising for you that the sale of a ball with a size of less than 1.68 is not legal.

When Did The Official Golf Size Change

In the past, the balls of two different sizes were in use. One of them was known as the British ball, while the other is well-known as the American ball. The British ball is also known as the European golf ball.

Both Americans and British debated a lot over the golf ball size. As a result, back in 1990, both parties agreed on the golf ball’s fixed size. Still, now the size of the golf ball has not been changed.

Most of the companies are trying to change the size of the golf ball. But there is a restriction that may not let the companies change the size of the ball. For instance, international tournaments cannot use a ball that weighs more than 1.62 oz or 45.93 grams.

Golf Ball Circumference

Well, the average golf ball circumference is about 5.277 inches or 13.405 cm or 134.058 mm.

Volume Of A Golf Ball

If you want to get the volume of a golf ball, take the ball’s radius, which is 0.83 inches. Using this value, you can calculate the golf ball’s importance, which is estimated to be 40.677 cm3.

How Big Is A Golf Ball

Difference Between Two Piece, Three Piece, And Multi-Layer Golf Ball

In the market, you can get a golf ball with different number layers; a brief detail of them is provided over here:

  • Two-Piece Golf Ball

The two-piece golf ball is made from a small core surrounded by the shell; two pieces exactly like it says. The two-piece golf balls are very sturdy, spinless, and fly straighter.

The two-piece ball is quite suitable for the disabled or even for the beginners. The ball is ideal for the golfers who are looking for the distance in opposite to the feeling.

Remember, the two-piece ball is not suitable for the greens. Therefore, most of the players left the balls on the shelf while playing over the greens. Above all, it is the cheapest ball available for all golfers.

  • Three-Piece Golf Ball

The third-piece ball is one of the best options for you. It is relatively better for your game as compared to the three-piece golf ball. These balls can spin a little bit more as compared to the two-layered ball. But this ball is not a better option for you as compared to the multi-layer ball.

The three-layer ball is the best choice for you if you are a mid handicap player. The three-layer ball is not hard, so it will not feel like a rock over the greens. But the ball is a little bit more expensive as compared to the two-layer ball. But the three-layer ball is a worth considering option.


  • Multi-Layer Golf Ball

The multi-layer balls are a little bit expensive option. Therefore, most people o not use this ball. The multi-layer ball left the people over their stomach’s arm.

What Is The Size Of The Golf Dimples?

The dimples which are present at the surface of the golf balls have a very specif purpose. The dimples are considered an essential part of golf balls, which can affect the ball’s performance.

For instance, the dimples can determine the lifetime of these balls. Furthermore, the dimples also let you know the drag which a ball can face when it goes to the air. 

The manufacturers can change the dimples without any restrictions because there are no specific rules or limitations for changing the dimple sizes. Therefore, you will have noticed that the size and the number of dimples vary from one manufacturer to another.

Generally, most manufacturers prepare the golf balls with a dimple size of about 0.01 inches, which is considered the average standard depth of dimples.

Weight Of The Golf Ball

Like the size of the golf ball, the golf ball’s weight is measured according to a set of rules.

For instance, in competitions and tournaments, the golf ball’s weight must be 46 grams with a size of 1.68 inches. But for the casual games, you can use a golf ball of 46 grams with a size larger than the 1.68.

If you ask about the golf ball’s ideal weight, it is precisely 45.93 grams or 1.62 ounces. 

Well, just like other factors, the weight of the golf ball is equally important. As the weight of the golf ball changes, the efficiency of the ball also changes accordingly. A lightweight ball is acceptable if the ball’s weight exceeds the maximum set value; it would be just useless for you.

Selection Of The Best Golf Ball Size – How Big Is A Golf Ball

The golf balls are available in different sizes, and therefore the selection of the best golf ball can be a difficult task for the beginner. Due to the availability of countless options in the market, selecting the right-sized ball could be a problem for you.

The ball used for the tournaments could be ideal, weighing about 45.93 and is more significant than 1.68 in size.

Well, you do not need to play with the tournament ball. It would be best if you got a ball according to your needs and requirements. Furthermore, you can select the ball according to your experience level.

If you are just a beginner, you can select a straightforward ball to play with. You can find countless balls in the market which are specially designed for beginners. Just go and get that one.

These balls are not challenging to play and do not travel a long distance as other balls do. The lower compression of the balls let the players get a perfect shot. Furthermore, these balls also allow the players to get a great swing speed almost equal to 85 mph.

Besides it, the smaller balls in size than the regular balls are an excellent choice for female individuals. So get a ball that is 1.58 inches or less in length.

Well, for the senior players, a golf ball with 1.64 inches to 1.68 inches in size would be the best option for you. But choose the best golfball with medium to high compression.


The size of the golf ball was under debate for a very long time. Therefore, in 1990 USGA and R & A introduced a set of rules to regulate the golf ball’s size. Therefore, now everyone can use the same sized golf balls.

The golf ball’s size is 1.68 inches (diameter), and the weight of the ball is 1.62 ounces or higher.

Besides the golf ball’s size, the golf ball’s circumference and volume are also monitored and regulated correctly. Therefore, you can get the same sized golf ball all over the world.

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