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10 Best Fairway Woods in 2023

best fairway woods ever

If you’re a golfer, you know that fairway woods are some of the most important clubs in your bag. They provide distance and accuracy to help get around tight doglegs.

But what’s the best fairway wood for you? We have done our research and compiled a list of ten great options for any golfer looking to improve their game.

We have added the best fairway woods for beginners in this article. While choosing the fairway woods, we have made sure that we take into account every golfer’s needs.

In addition, we have covered the fairway woods buying guide through which people will be able to make the right choice while buying the best fairway wood for high handicappers. So, have a look!

best fairway woods ever
Best Fairway Woods Ever

1. TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood – Best fairway woods all time

The TaylorMade M4 fairway woods are the newest addition to the stellar line of golf clubs. They are made with patented technology and designed for the golfer who wants extreme distance from an easy-to-swing model.

You cannot go wrong when choosing a club from this masterpiece duo. Enjoy unprecedented precision with industry-leading MOI and perimeter weight distribution that will give you the power to hit balls wherever you want them. There’s no excuse not to be in contention because these clubs come ready for anything!

The M4 fairway wood is built with Geocoustic Technology, which makes it 50% louder, tackier, and more effective on hard surfaces than competitor’s products. This technology also prevents unrelenting delays up to 2 milliseconds!

when previously faced by a traditional driver at the impact on green grass. Stop wasting time waiting for your ball to come down when you give yourself the edge that TaylorMade M2 has given Tiger Woods! Go ahead- who needs failure? Not this golfer!


  • The fairway wood has been designed with left-handed and right-handed players in mind
  • The wood is integrated with a speed pocket which is responsible for adding up to the speed of the ball
  • The speed of the ball is enhanced around the clubface, promising optimal forgiveness level and higher distance coverage
  • The clubface has split-weight mass pads that are promised to improve the MOI and also, the perimeter weight is optimized
  • The face is constructed with ultra-strong ni-co 300 steel face insert which will promise optimal ball speed
  • The wood is designed with a five-layer carbon crown which ensures a lower center of gravity level
  • The low center of gravity promises a reduction in the spin and higher launch of the shots
  • The hostel has a fluted design that not only improves the feel of the wood but also works on the sound
  • There are zero compromises on the centralization or location or center of gravity
  • The fairway wood has geocoustic technology, topped with low profile shape and a huge footprint that makes the fairway wood easy to play and launch
  • The playability will enhance with this fairway wood

Final Words

There are always some people who need stiff woods with reduced flexibility because it offers them higher control over the shots. So, if you are one such golfer, this TaylorMade fairway wood will make an apt option for you.

2. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Fairway, Black – Best fairway woods ever

This Taylor Made golf club is not easy to find, but it is worth the search. The shaft is made of Rocket Fuel material for increased playability on every shot, can be swung more forcefully than conventional materials.

It’s lightweight enough to maintain flexibility when you’re climbing hills and getting ready for a downhill run toward the green in regulation. Feed your ambition with this Taylor Made Fairway. Expect increased speed and distance on all shots, thanks to the double-cut technology.

They’re made to obliterate obstacles, so nothing is standing between you and your goal of becoming a pro golfer. Whip the next best shot into shape with the Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway, Black.

The lightweight design and advanced technology stimulate your swagger while improving alignment to make you a better ball striker. Sporting style is as important as performance, so rock this sleek black beauty in true trad style or get creative with new looks that will be sure to turn heads on the course from holes 7-18 with RBZ fairway woods.


  • The fairway wood has right-hand and left-hand alignment
  • The fairway wood has been constructed with RocketFuel 65-graphite which shouts about the durability and performance
  • There are three flexes available; regular, stiff, and senior to meet diverse golfer’s needs
  • There is a legendary speed pocket in the fairway wood that not only promises higher distance coverage but it also poses a positive impact on high launch
  • The mass pads are strategically positioned that lead to top-notch launch, feel, and sound of the shots
  • The profile lowers pretty shallowly which speaks goof about the lower center of gravity levels
  • The lower center of gravity positively impacts the playability
  • The graphite construction is pretty lightweight, and also, it leads to increased speed
  • The fairway woods have a black satin finish which helps improve alignment while looking good

Final Words

The best thing about this fairway wood is that it has managed to capture the hearts of every high handicapper. The pro players have managed to work their way around the short shafts, and other than that, there are no apparent issues there!

3. TaylorMade M2 Men’s Fairway Wood – Best fairway woods

This TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Fairway Wood has an amazing 460cc head and 6-layer carbon crown, the club can help absorb any ground, It contains 450 stainless steel body material that makes it durable for long-term use. Geocoustic technology makes this golf club sound good to all who listen.

The TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Fairway Wood is a low-face fairway wood with outstanding sound and feel. It reduces backspin for increased distance, so you can hit it high or low for maximum versatility.

M2 fairway woods have been designed for players to find the perfect trajectory that suits their game. Golfers that are looking for a low, penetrating ball flight will find it with an extra-deep face, while those who prefer to fly the ball high can take advantage of the shallow structure.


  • The fairway wood is constructed with right and left-hand alignment in mind
  • The graphite material has been used in the construction
  • Multiple flex options have been added to the fairway woods, catering to diverse needs of the golfers and their skills
  • The fairway wood has three wood configurations such as 3-wood, 5-wood, and 3-wood HL
  • The fairway woods have 450 stainless steel body and a six-layer carbon crown
  • The face is constructed of stainless steel as well
  • This fairway wood is designed with multiple materials, but the center of gravity has been kept low
  • The fairway wood has an inverted cone technology which saves the ball speed
  • The sweet spot is pretty huge, and also, the forgiveness levels are pretty high
  • There is geocoustic technology in the clubs which enhance the playability and optimizes the sound and feel
  • The two-tiered sole design is constructed into this fairway wood puts a positive change on the playability
  • The speed pockets have flexible and long designs which enhances the ball speed and helps in covering a higher distance
  • The low-face shots are possible, and the backspins are reduced
  • There is a fluted hostel in the fairway wood which optimizes the optimal feel and sound of the shots without compromising on the distance coverage

Final Words

If you have an extra headcover lying around that could fit this fairway wood’s clubhead, there are no apparent cons that you need to be worrying about. Be it the distance coverage or reduction in backspins, and everything has been taken care of!

4. Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood – Best fairway woods for high handicappers

Callaway is back for another round with the latest and greatest in fairway woods. It contains Steelhead next-generation face cup technology that changes the accuracy levels of your game up to 10 yards.

J-36 carbon crown and shorter hosel let you hit off any pin from anywhere on the course and nothing gets you going quite like having fast head speed. The Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood is just the thing for long hitters looking to get further on both off the turf and from the tee.

The Steelhead XR fairway wood features patented technologies that produce more power and more accurate shots. You’ll be very pleased with the sound quality when you purchase this club, as it can make your game feel even smoother. This is a great buy if you want to improve your top-end game!


  • There are left and right-hand orientations available in the fairway wood
  • The shaft has been constructed with graphite
  • The flex is regular and senior to make sure there is something for every golfer out there. But on top of that, stiff and extra stiff flex is available as well
  • The fairway wood has been designed with six configurations such as 3-2ood, 5-wood, 7-wood, heaven wood, 3+ wood, and a 4+ wood
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a modern Hawkeye sole which improves the playability
  • The classic steelhead shape promises the easier launch
  • There is a fastball speed because Callaway has added the next-generation face cup technology
  • The fairway woods have a short hostel and a J-36 carbon crown which leads to higher forgiveness level
  • The speed step technology improvises the head speed, making it fast
  • The shaft has a premium stock design which not only offers control but power as well

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for the fairway woods that not only helps you make long shots but optimizes the straight shots as well, this Callaway fairway wood is an amazing option out there. However, if you intend to take the grooves, that might not be possible with this!

5. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Fairway Wood – Best fairway woods for beginners

Callaway Golf Epic Flash Fairway Wood contains SuperFast Face Technology that provides a better feel and forgiveness from tee to green while cutting down on speed loss at impact when off-center.

This fairway wood contains 455 Carpenter Steel Speed Pocket Hazards and a slimmer head profile, that is built for increased control in any conditions by reducing unwanted spins and hits that may happen with other woods.

Its small footprint can fit just around the corner of your next putt to give you an advantage over your opponent and its Rolling Cooler design gives you a quick refresh on your game between holes!

The Callaway 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood is designed to give you an edge with its long carry and a hotter, truer ball flight. The Jailbreak Technology will help keep your swing free from lateral resistance for long swings in the fairway.

New OptiFit hosel means these clubs are perfect even if your hands are opposite-handed to usual! Pick up this hot club today and hit two balls better than ever before.


  • Be it the right-hand orientation of left; this fairway wood has it all
  • The shaft of this Callaway epic flash fairway wood has been constructed with graphite
  • The fairway wood has been designed for men, but they have added the ladies flex to it which makes them suitable for female golfers
  • There are eight different configurations in the fairway wood to cater to different needs of the players
  • The prime aim of this fairway wood has been designed to offer increased ball speed, and also, the distance covered is top-notch
  • The fairway wood has a flash face which ensures that higher distance coverage is granted to your shots
  • The ball speed will be enhanced with the integration of flash face technology
  • The fairway wood has a forged 455 carpenter steel construction which not only helps increase the ball speed but also helps in making off-center and on-center shots
  • There is a jailbreak technology in the fairway wood which has two internal bars as well, which promises impacted load on the clubface
  • There is an OptiFit Hostel which optimizes the location of the center of gravity
  • The relocation of the center of gravity which helps in making long and high shots

Final Words

This Callaway fairway wood is an amazing option for everyone who is trying to ensure the relocation of the center of gravity without compromising on the distance covered. The best part of this fairway wood is that there are no apparent cons in it that could saturate the second thoughts!

6. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Fairway Woods – Best 3 wood for high handicapper

The Pinemeadow Fairway Woods is the perfect choice for those that have always wanted to move from hitting a driver but had trouble with its high launch and low accuracy. The offset design reduces the amount of sidespin you put on the ball and lowers your shot height reducing the risk of slicing or hooking.

Offset fairways help to make sure that it doesn’t interrupt the standard flight of your shots. The Pinemeadow PGX Fairway Woods are like tall, upstanding glasses but they’re for golf clubs! Unlike regular woods, which curve inward at the top of their shafts, offset fairways set back about an inch or two with an extended and slightly flatter loft.

The innovative titanium construction feels as light as a feather in your hands and strikes a fat sound for distance on center hits when you hit just right!. The Pinemeadow PGX Offset Fairway Woods is not your average golf club.

The four-piece construction is both light and strong, ensuring that you’ll be able to handle whatever the course throws at you. There’s no need to spend hours picking out a driver or investing in those expensive irons; these high-performance fairways woods have everything you need right inside this club set!


  • The fairway wood has been designed with right-hand and left-hand orientation
  • The fairway wood has an anti-slice technology which has managed to ensure recreational shots for pro golfers
  • The fairway wood has been designed to ensure an offset in the clubface
  • The leading edge of the clubface is offset which makes it easy to hit the long and straight shots
  • The woods have been designed with graphite shafts
  • The graphite shafts have been integrated with the stainless steel clubhead
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a headcover
  • The headcover has been designed to ensure your fairway wood’s clubhead is safe from the damages

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for the fairway wood that ensures the highest standards of performance and quality, this Pinemeadow fairway wood is one of the most suitable options out there. However, you might need to be careful with the shots because the color starts fading off!

7. TaylorMade Golf M6 Rocket Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway Wood contains advanced technology that brings the game to a new level of forgiveness. The steel driver has a 20% more forgiving face design for optimal center ball contact, and the grip allows you to hit all 250 yards with full clubhead speed!

The Fujikura Atmo is one of our favorite features of this club. It is not only an exceptional shaft by Fujikura but if you’re left-handed like me, get ready to smile too because they made sure we had a great stock!

The TPU insert combined with Twist Face technology provides an even more resilient golf club that doesn’t break from circular blows. If this isn’t enough for the crafty devils out there to send them running away in handcuffs, then we don’t know what will be.

These fairway woods give high caliber accuracy and power encoded into every flight of our swing, these clubs might give us some edge up against those obnoxious 16 handicappers walking around; let’s enjoy all the benefits of high-quality play at an affordable price with TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway.


  • This fairway wood is no different when it comes down to the hand orientation; this wood has right-hand and left-hand orientation
  • Thee are regular, stiff, extra stiff, and senior flex in the fairway wood
  • There are four configurations available for this fairway wood
  • The fairway wood has a twist face curvature which helps optimize the off-center hits
  • The shots are straight, and the sidespin will be reduced
  • The fairway wood has a new head design which not only has a deep face but has a large carbon crown as well
  • These integrations will optimize the enhanced playability, and optimal distance coverage distance will be promised
  • There is an advanced speed pocket design that enhances the slot flexibility given the huge COR area
  • The TPU slot insert has been added to the fairway wood which enhances the turf interaction and higher flush levels

Final Words

Whenever you are thinking about investing in a fairway wood, you need to understand that golf is an expensive sport. That’s because one fairway wood is going to cost you hundreds of dollars, and this one is no different. As far as the performance is concerned, there are no apparent issues lying around!

8. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood (Certified Refurbished)

When you’re standing on a fairway just 150 yards from the green, avoiding bunkers, and waiting for a perfect lie to set up your next shot, your best choice should be the longest and fastest M6 MAVERIK Fairway Wood.

It contains Flash Face technology that lets golfers find height off of any lie to hit shots when they need them most, as confirmed by our internal tests at Valspar that showed it gave players an average increase of 50 yards more distance than other leading fairways on contact.

This is a top-of-the-line fairway wood that is made to give you all the power and performance you need out on the course. This club will drastically improve your game and promises that with a high-quality shaft and reinforced head, your ball flying off in pursuit for some extreme distances. and guaranteed every shot is accurate.

Whether or not you make contact directly on the center of the target, don’t worry; even an errant hit has been engineered so that it flies straight rather than veering wildly to one side or going left or right as if by magic–or at least physics conclusively defied! So what are you waiting for? Pick up one of these drivers.


  • This fairway wood is only available for the right-handed golfers
  • The fairway wood has been designed with the senior flex which clearly depicts that it an apt choice for pro players
  • The fairway wood has been designed with heavenwood configuration with a 20.5-degree
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a classic steelhead shape which leads to a higher yet easy launch
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a modern Hawkeye sole
  • The next-generation face-up technology has been implemented in the fairway wood which offers higher speed of the ball
  • The fairway wood has a shorter hostel and a J-36 carbon crown which offers the highest standards of forgiveness
  • The speed step technology has been added that promises faster head speed

Final Words

For everyone who has been looking for a reputable and branded company to represent your fairway wood, this Callaway fairway wood has become the perfect option out there. However, you can use this fairway wood only if you are a right-handed golfer.

9. Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood – Best 3 wood for a high handicapper

The Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood is a revolutionary new design of fairway clubs. It contains various advanced features like low center gravity and shallow face height that provide an unmatched level of forgiveness for players who have begun to see the greens from above!

This amazing new golf club will make it easier to keep your shots on the fairway. This club is perfect for beginners up to pro-level players, who can’t seem to nail those straight shots every time. The innovative design and lightweight materials allow you to hit straighter than ever before!

The Orlimar Fairway Wood features a large and shallow face height for forgiveness and control and its shot dispersion is kept low by its wide blade depth.

The important features of this club set to include its wide range of lofts that range from 13° to 19° , which help with those blind shots off in a corner or low center-of-gravity to eliminate centrifugal hooks and other twisting-out problems.

All in all, it’s a great addition to ensure you’re playing up your strengths wherever you may be.
It is best for those Golfers who want an easy answer when their shot is too far from the green


  • This fairway wood has a right-hand orientation
  • When it comes down to the flex, there are multiple options such as ladies, regular, and senior
  • There are seven configurations available in this fairway wood
  • The shaft has been designed with graphite material which offers a long life of the club
  • The clubs have a low center of gravity which helps control the shots and also, adds accuracy to the shots
  • There is shallow face height in the woods
  • The shaft has been constructed with Superlite 60-graphite
  • There is a custom velvet in the grip which makes it very comfortable to use

Final Words

There are always two types of people; right-handed and left-handed people. So, if you are the right-handed golfer who isn’t afraid to try new brands and fairway woods, this will become the ultimate option. The brand name might be new in the market, but we assure you that there are no compromises on the performance and quality.

10. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Fairway Wood (Renewed)

Epic Flash Star Fairway Woods by Callaway has the potential to give you a sense of omniscience when standing on the tee. Its true temper design optimizes weight distribution and maximizes energy transfer at impact with its deep-hitting 455 Carpenter Steel Face Technology. Along with all these optics.

This fairway beauty features an ImproGravity hosel design that amplifies kick spin up to 22 percent more than the industry average without compromising turf interaction or consistency from each strike including those missed too far right. Buckle up!

The Callaway Epic Flash Star Fairway Wood has all the features your game needs to go from good to great. Its Jailbreak Technology provides a stable and forgiving surface that boosts fast ball speeds for more distance with each shot.

The Face Cup helps golfers hit accurate shots every time because it cuts through the wind with minimal drag while increasing your precision up to 20%. You’ll be able to reach greens in two hits easily with its powerful Flash Face Technology that virtually eliminates deflection on off-center strikes. Don’t wait any longer; get yours today!


  • This fairway wood is available in a right-hand and left-hand orientation that caters to everyone’s needs
  • The shaft has been constructed with project x even flow green, 60-graphite
  • There are multiple flex options available, such as regular, ladies, and light which make it perfect for beginners as well
  • The fairway wood has been designed with six configurations that help all types of players ace the shots
  • With this fairway wood, the golfers will be able to enhance the distance and increase the ball speed because there is flash face technology
  • The flash face technology has a fairway wood face design which improves the ball speed
  • The fairway wood has a forged 455 carpenter steel construction which helps integrate the technologies to ensure faster ball speed
  • The players will be able to make off-center and on-center hits with this fairway wood
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a jailbreak technology because there are two internal bars that will enhance the ball speed while stiffening up the body
  • There is an OptiFit hosel in the club with light and short construction, promising to reposition the center of gravity
  • The center of gravity will help make long, high, and carrying flights

Final Words

Choosing the right brand is essential when you are looking for golf clubs. You might opt for the cheap club, but it will deeply impact the game. With this notion, it’s needless to say that this Callaway fairway wood will make a good choice, and you will see noticeable changes in the game performance.

Best fairway woods everBuying Guide

The pro golfers are always looking for the perfect fairway woods that help them ace the long and straight shots. But over time, the beginners have understood the importance as well because they will be able to learn the pro techniques and ramp up their skill level. But these skills can be attained only if you are using the right equipment.

So, when we were looking for the best fairway wood for you, it was so obvious that they were designed recently, but over the years, there have been multiple improvements in the overall design. So, while you are out buying the perfect fairway wood that helps you make the top-notch shots, you might need to consider some essential points.

With this buying guide, we are sharing some key factors that one needs to consider while buying the fairway wood. This is because these factors will determine the performance of the golfers. So, let’s have a look!


Many beginners aren’t aware of the technicalities, but the loft is the angle at which people direct the golf ball from the ground. The fairway woods are designed and numbered in ascending order. The first one is the driver, moving on to the 1-wood. The driver or 1-wood has the lowest loft angle, and moving on; the lofts are available numbered from 9 to 13.

However, the majority of people are using fairway wood three and five, which also depicts the loft angle and degree. The fairway wood-3 usually has a loft angle ranging from 13-degrees to 16-degrees, and if you look at the fairway wood-5, it has a loft angle of 18-degrees to 20-degrees. For everyone who wants to make long-distance shots, you need to use the low loft angle.

This distance coverage is better because the swing will have a higher power in the shot. This will make sure that the ball is pushing away (forward) instead of upwards. If you are making the shot with a low loft angle, the ball speed will be enhanced, but the carry level will be minimal. In simpler words, the ball will start acing the ground before time.

The fairway wood-5 is usually designed to be easy to hit the shots because it has been designed with a higher loft angle. In contrast, the fairway wood-3 will help increase the loft angle. In other words, the golfers will be able to increase the distance coverage and height with fairway wood-5. So, if you think that there can be one final choice, you need to understand that everything works with a balance.

If you need to work your way around higher distance coverage and power in the fairway wood, you need to use the high-angle loft angle. But again, not everyone uses a similar swing, which makes it different for every golfer regarding the fairway wood. You might witness some errors at the start, but with time, you will learn with continuous practicing.

Shaft Length

This shaft length will again demand to create the balance because there are no rights and wrongs in shaft length. If you opt for the lightweight and short shaft, it provides higher power and swing speed. It will also increase the movement of the ball speed. In contrast, if you need to bend out the shots, you can use the natural positions because they are helpful in gaining control of the shots.

Also, if you opt for the long shafts, they will be heavyweight, but they will negatively impact the swing speed. If you aren’t using the right length of the shaft, you will be put into a very awkward situation in the golf court. So, choose your skills demand!

Coefficient Of Restitution

This is usually named COR, which determines the energy transfer when two objects come in contact with each other. If the coefficient of restitution is high, it shows that energy is shared and transferred from the object.

This will increase the swing speed, and in addition, it will enhance the distance coverage. If you are playing a golf tournament, you don’t need to go above the 0.83 COR level. But again, if you are playing the practice or fun sessions, you can go over and beyond 0.83 COR.

Face Angle

This is another angle that needs to be addressed when playing golf. So, the face angle is the angle of the face at the address. There are different face angles available to cater to diverse golfer’s needs. The first one is a square face angle as it’s designed with a perpendicular design to the target and also has an open clubface.

The open clubface reduces the loft angle, but if you opt for the closed clubface, the loft angle will be enhanced. This face angle cannot be determined for you because it is more of a personal choice as you need to be cautious about the ball flight.

If you’ve been struggling with slicing, the closed clubface is an amazing option. In contrast, the open clubface will help optimize the ball hooking strategies that can impact the position.

Moveable Weights

This might not be the most prevalent thing out there, but there are some manufacturers that are offering the moveable weights and weight screws in the fairway wood. These woods will help golfers to manipulate the weight and clubhead location. In other words, it will impact the ball’s trajectory and flight. If you increase the weights, you will have a customized experience, but one needs to ensure the availability of fine-tuning.


While choosing the fairway wood, you need to be considerate about the materials because they help promise durability and overall experience. There are multiple materials that are commonly used for the fairway wood construction, and we have added them in the section below;


The majority of the fairway woods in the market are designed with a steel clubhead because they are pretty small as compared to the clubhead of the driver. The steel construction depicts strength and longevity. Also, the steel construction will be forgiving. Also, steel clubheads are pretty economical.


You might not believe this, but titanium is an active material for fairway wood construction because they are usually beneficial and have a lightweight factor. The fairway woods that have titanium construction tend to have a big club head. Titanium tends to be lightweight, which makes sure that manufacturers can create a thin face.

The thin clubface promises that the center of gravity will be lowered, and the weight distribution will be optimized. The best thing about this material is that clubhead can be made wide as well poses positive impacts on the forgiveness level. But if it’s providing all these benefits, the price factor can increase to a considerable rate!


Composite means that there are integration and mixing of the material, and there is a huge range of fairway woods that’s been coming into the market. For instance, some golf manufacturers are using carbon on the crown, the clubhead’s rear side. With this integration, the perimeter weighting will be optimal, and the weight of the head will be reduced.

These designs and materials make clubheads highly forgiving, and the best thing is that it is not heavy on the pocket. In contrast, some manufacturers are using the tungsten material that optimizes the weight position, which leads to optimal forgiveness levels.

Distance Coverage

It does not matter how forgiving a fairway wood is; it is not useful if it does not cover a long distance. Golf courses are getting lengthier and lengthier with each passing day, so you should not utilize the clubs that cannot help you keep up with the up-to-the-minute game requirements. You should buy a wood that flaunts a thin and dynamic face that lifts off it as far as possible down the fairway. Nowadays, distance has become more important in golf than ever.


If a fairway wood is enormously costly, then it should launch the ball higher and straighter. You would hope so, but unfortunately, this is not the case. If wood can cover a few more yards, but its cost is extraordinarily high, it is not worth spending extra money on it.


The prices of golf clubs are rising higher and higher every year. Innovative technologies and superior quality materials are being used for manufacturing the clubs. The brands include both the manufacturing and marketing costs in the retail price of the clubs. So, when you are spending a hefty amount on a fairway wood, you want it to last for the long term. Wood must be well-built to last for at least 6 to 7 years, if not decades.

best fairway woods ever

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What Should I Consider While Buying A Fairway Wood?

There are various options obtainable in the market, but we would recommend getting a versatile 3-wood. It should perform competently from the tee and off the fairway. Additionally, it should not disappoint you when the grass is thin. Forgiveness is essential for all levels of golfers. It should be able to hit the ball higher and cover more distance.

2.     Who Manufacturers The Best Fairway Woods Ever?

Many golf fairway woods brands are operating in the industry. Among them, some of the companies are the best creators. These brands have gained recognition because of their stellar quality and high-performance woods. These are the famous manufacturers who produce the best fairway woods:

  • Callaway
  • TaylorMade
  • Ping
  • PXG
  • Cleveland
  • Pinemeadow

3.     Why Do I Need A Fairway Wood?

A lot of importance is given to the driver because everyone wants to strike longer and straighter shots. But nobody talks about the fairway woods. If you are a beginner golfer, then you can rely on 3-wood because it is an excellent alternative to a driver.

If you find it problematic to hit the driver straight or get the ball higher in the air with the driver, use a 3-wood to tee off. When you begin striking hybrid unfailingly off the fairway, add 5 or 7 wood to your golf bag.

4.     Why Is Low “CG” Mandatory For The Best Fairway Woods Ever?

A lower “CG” is essential because it boosts the initial launch with minimal spin. To attain a lower “CG,” creators should move the weight as much as possible from the top and clubface to the sole’s back portion. As a golfer, if it is challenging for you to hit the ball higher, then get a fairway wood with a lower CG. It will improve your performance immensely.

5.     What Should Be The Length Of A Fairway Wood?

While buying a fairway wood, pay special attention to its length because it will help you generate an accurate balance of distance, feel, and route. The longer wood shafts will throw off the swing weight and make them feel tremendously light.

A shorter wood shaft won’t generate adequate speed to cover maximum distance. In general, the 3-wood shaft’s length is 43 inches. But, it must not be shorter than 42 inches. The size of 5 and 7 woods should be 41 and 40 inches, respectively.

6.     Why Golfers Prefer Using Hybrids Than Fairway Woods?

They are easier to hit and are more forgiving, thanks to their excellent construction characteristics. They feature a thick clubhead, and CG is also positioned lower and deeper. Golfers prefer using hybrids to fairway woods because they are skilled at providing mis-hits and getting the ball higher in the air. 

7.     A Hybrid Or Fairway Wood: What Should I Purchase?

The choice is reliant on the purposes. A golfer can play from the fairway or off the tee with a wood. The wood has the highest loft angle than other clubs present in your bag. When you play against the air, using a fairway wood is a fantastic option. Besides, hybrids are an ideal option for shorter holes and shots because they have a longer carry.

8.     How Many Best Fairway Woods Ever Should I Carry In My Golf Bag?

You have to carry a driver and a wood with 13 to 16 loft degrees. You can choose between a hybrid or fairway wood. Whatever you choose, its loft degree should be between 19 to 21. For instance, if you need a long iron, getting a hybrid would be a better idea.

9.     Three Wood And Three Hybrid: What Is The Difference?

A three wood is equal to one iron. It is difficult for 99% of golfers to handle one iron; therefore, they should use three wood because it is easier to hit. On the other hand, you can replace a 3-iron with a 3-hybrid. Golfers don’t use 3-irons because they are difficult to hit. The majority of golf iron sets start at 5-iron, so you will have to individually purchase the 3 and 4 hybrids. It is guaranteed that after using the hybrid, you won’t miss using the irons.

10.  Should Beginner Golfers Use Fairway Woods?

Yes, they should use the woods because they are one of the most comfortable clubs to utilize. They are lightweight so that they can produce good clubhead speed. The wood’s size makes it more forgiving than a long iron. The lower “CG” helps the novices in getting the ball higher in the air. They are a valuable tool for all golfers.

The Bottom Line

It is needless to say that people are always trying to get their hands on the perfect fairway wood because they don’t want to lose the scores and witness some embarrassment with the shots. But the majority of people aren’t able to make the right choice because they are either starting out as beginners or they don’t have enough information.

For all those people, choosing fairway wood can be pretty hard. With this article, we have tried to offer the best fairway woods in the market that not only have a reputable brand name but also have zero compromises on performance, durability, gameplay, and quality. So, just keep your options flexible, and you will be able to make the right choice.


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