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Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Beginners and intermediate

Overall these years, women have been highly underestimated, and in the majority of sports, women weren’t even allowed to play their part. However, times have changed because women are taking part in every stream of life. Be it the sports or careers; women are acing it all. When it comes down to sports, women have their official teams on a national and domestic level.

So, golf is an amazing sport that has become the top preference of women who want to indulge in sports. This is because it’s a pretty graceful and sophisticated game. With this increasing trend, women’s golf clubs are high in demand because women have started their career with beginner level. In this article, we have added a range of best golf club sets for beginner ladies.

But before we start with the products, let’s talk a little about the benefits of golf clubs for women. Playing golf helps in improving the career because this game is all about socializing and networking through which players can bond with different people. Well, who knows that you might be playing with potential clients?

So, playing with the clients will pose significant improvements in your career, and if we look at the stats, 80% of the golf players have been using their golfing tournaments as the business development tools. In addition, one game of golf will provide you a fresh breath of air. All week, we tend to work tirelessly, and, on the weekend, a game of golf will help you gain some fresh air and ray of sunshine.

In contrast, it’s needless to say that women are huge fans of dancing, and oftentimes, spin dance classes are the optimal choices. But if you didn’t find time to attend the spin dance lesson, if you play 18 holes of golf at one time, you will be able to burn approximately 1,500 calories, which is a great way of shedding those extra pounds.

best women golf clubs

The best thing about golf is that no matter where you travel and where your job posts you, golf is played in every corner of the world. So, there will be no gap in your practice sessions, and even if you are on a leisure trip, golf will serve the purpose of spending quality time with family. On top of everything, women will be able to reduce the stress and anxiety levels because golf is played in the natural environment.

The topping point of golf is that it requires concentration and implementation of skills; this requires the utilization of the brain. These mind activities will help stimulate blood circulation, leading to improvement in cell connections. These brain connections pose a positive impact in reducing the chances of dementia (the risk of dementia is higher in women!)

So, if you are a woman and are intimidated by all these benefits, you need to start the golfing career right away. But before you hit the golf court, you will need to use the right golf club as it helps in ramping up the performance. In this article, we have added the best golf club set for women, along with a buying guide that helps to make the right choice. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set – best ladies golf clubs for beginners

Golf might be the most graceful sport out there, but to be honest, the game is pretty strict. The game is all fun, but the players need to comply with the rules that have been set by the authorities. The golf games have some standards rules, which are to be implemented whenever and wherever you are hitting the shots.

According to USGA, the players can only carry 14 pieces in the golf bag, and if they go overboard, the players are penalized. So, it’s needless to say that one needs to comply with this rule, and if you are looking for a golf club set that serves the purpose of beginner, Callaway has come up with this best women’s golf club set. The quality is never compromised by this company, so let’s see the features!


  • This is the women’s package set which has everything a beginner woman golfer can ever look for
  • The golf clubs of this package are designed to offer higher forgiveness and distance coverage
  • The advanced technologies of this golf club set help in making accurate yet long shots
  • The set has been designed with a driver, 5-hybrid, 5-wood, 6-iron, 9-iron, putter, PW, and SW
  • The package has been designed with three headcovers to ensure your head clubs are safe from damage (always put on the headcovers before putting the clubs back in the bag!)
  • The wood driver has a 460cc clubhead, which has been constructed with a large sweet spot. The large sweet spot will help in attaining higher forgiveness levels
  • The driver has a graphite shaft which offers higher distance coverage off the tee
  • The fairway woods are promised to help in increasing the swinging speeds, and also, the shots will be longer
  • The irons have been integrated with perimeter weighting, leading to accurate shots
  • The golf clubs have progressive sole width technology that provides higher control
  • The putter has a mullet construction with alignment features (the alignment features help in attaining accuracy in the shots!)
  • Higher distance control and coverage
  • Perimeter weighting
  • High alignment for accurate shots
  • The large sweet spot for higher forgiveness
  • Long and accurate shots
  • Headcovers for saving the clubs from damage
  • The graphite shaft can make the driver heavy

Final Words

Callaway has become the ultimate choice for everyone who is setting foot for the first time in the golf sport. So, if you are the beginner woman who wants to play golf, this golf club set is an appropriate option with advanced yet easy-to-use features.

2. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Whenever you go into the golf court, you will see that there are different people there who are always ready to hit those holes. But the topping point that one must consider is that every player is different, their gameplay is different because of variation in the skills. This is why there is not one standard golf club set for anyone.

So, if you are the beginner woman and are looking for the best golf clubs for beginners, Callaway has come up with a wide range of options. One such series is Strata, which has multiple options to meet the needs and skill set of every player. But if you need a beginner golf club set, this is one of the completest set out there, which is suitable for tournaments and practice, all the same!


  • This golf club set has been designed with the thought of providing the ultimate level of performance for the players
  • The golf clubs will help ensure ultimate distance coverage
  • There are advanced modernized technologies integrated into the golf club set that poses a positive impact on the game
  • The set has been designed with 3-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, 6-iron, 9-iron, driver, sand wedge, pitching wedge, and a putter
  • There are four headcovers in the golf bag which will help keep the clubheads safe from damage and also, always keep the headcovers on if you aren’t playing
  • The wood is designed into a titanium driver that has been designed with a huge sweet spot
  • The huge sweet pot is directly proportional to a higher forgiveness level (even if you are playing off the tee!)
  • The 5-wood is designed to make high and long shots because there is an aerodynamic head shape
  • The irons have been constructed with a high flight technology, promised to offer control and distance
  • The irons are constructed with stainless steel
  • The putter has precise face milling that will offer optimal distance control and accurate shots (these features will help in sinking up the putts!)
  • Higher performance scale
  • Optima distance coverage
  • Four headcovers
  • The huge sweet spot, promising higher forgiveness level
  • Long and high shots are possible
  • Stainless steel construction for irons
  • Shots will be accurate
  • The face milling isn’t durable

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for something that provides the highest standards of performance without compromising on the quality, this golf club set will become the optimal choice. However, you might need to invest in a separate putter because the set’s putter doesn’t have the precise face milling.

3. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set (11-Piece)

Ever since this sport has been designed, which is probably multiple centuries, it has become the go-to hobby and sport for the elite people. With this notion, it has become the most sophisticated game out there. Every day, thousands of people are joining the golf simply because they are in love with the aesthetics of the game.

But it doesn’t matter if you are serious or not because you will need to train yourself for the game because it is essential even if you want access to the court. But for the training and practice, you don’t need to invest in the 14-piece set. For everyone who needs only the basic golf clubs, Callaway has come up with this best golf club sets for beginners who want to practice and learn!


  • This basic women’s golf club set has been designed with a prerequisite to offer higher performance rate
  • There are eleven pieces in this golf club set
  • This golf club set has been included with a driver, 5-hybrid, 5-wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, putter, and an SW
  • The golf club set comes with three headcovers through which players will be able to keep the golf club’s head safe from damage
  • There is a stand bag in the set which is designed with lightweight and durable features
  • The stand bag has five pockets, in addition to the cooler packet, which will keep the beverages and water cool. On top of everything, the stand bag has a rain hood that will keep the bag safe from rainwater. Also, there is a backpack strap system, so players can wear the bag around the shoulders
  • All the golf clubs have been designed to offer an intermix of higher forgiveness level and higher distance coverage
  • The golf clubs help control the distance which makes the shot hitting easy
  • The sand wedge and irons are constructed from stainless steel through which players will be able to make forgiving and controlled shots
  • The putter has mallet construction with alignment technology. This alignment will help in promising accurate and long shots
  • Headcovers are available
  • Lightweight, functional, and durable stand bag
  • The stand bag has a back-strap system with rain hood
  • Alignment technology will offer accurate shots
  • High distance control and coverage
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Stainless steel construction
  • The back-strap system isn’t sturdy enough

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a golf club set which offers perfect companionship in the training sessions, this Callaway set will serve the purpose just right. However, you will need to be careful about the back-strap system as it tends to tear out with heavier weight. But there are no faults or cons in the golf clubs.

4. Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Right-Handed

There was a time when the only hobbies people had were hunting down the animals, and if someone was sophisticated, they would just read books while snuggling on the couch. However, now the trends have changed because people have become aware of the health standards and benefits associated with sports.

This is why more and more people are signaling towards different spots, and golf is one great option. But again, the demand has increased, and new brands are trying to capture this huge market as well. This is why Aspire has jumped into the field with this women golf club set. The golf club set has been designed with beginners and intermediate golf players in mind!


  • The golf club set has been designed and included with a putter, titanium driver, hybrid, fairway wood, 6-iron, and three H/Cs are there as well
  • The golf club set has been designed with a stand bag which has been designed to offer effective and efficient storage of golf clubs and other golf equipment
  • The titanium driver has a 460cc clubhead which will help gain control over the shots
  • The woods and irons are designed with stainless construction, promising ultimate level of durability
  • The woods have been designed with 100% graphite shafts, designed with ultra-light and high-modulus features
  • The golf bag has a dual-strap design in matching configuration (it allows the players to wear the bag like a backpack
  • There are headcovers for the irons and clubs to keep the clubheads safe from damage
  • The women who are playing with the right hand can easily use this golf club set to ensure the higher outcomes in tournament and practice sessions
  • H/Cs are available in the set
  • The club has a stand bag
  • There is a golf bag which has been designed with a dual-strap system
  • Stainless steel construction of woods and irons
  • 100% graphite shafts in woods
  • Headcovers for clubs
  • Right-handed design
  • 460cc clubhead for higher control
  • The set isn’t suitable for left-handed players
  • The forgiveness level is limited

Final Words

If you are the beginner woman who likes to play with her right hand, this Aspire golf club set will become the ultimate choice. The club set has everything that a player can demand their practice and tournament sessions. All in all, there are no such issues in the golf club set as long as you are the right-handed golfer.

5. Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set

With each passing day, people are becoming more and more aware of their health. This is the prime reason that people have started indulging in me-time activities. Some people like to jog around the park, while some people like to swim their way in the swimming pool. But in all this crowd, there are always some people who want elite games, so they opt for golf.

So, if you want to enjoy golf, you need to choose the right golf clubs and golf club sets. That’s because this set will offer a higher performance level, and you need the right equipment to ace the golf court. The Golf Girl is an amazing band out there that has a positive reputation out there eve,n with a new brand name. So, if you have been looking for the best women’s golf clubs, this is the right way to go!


  • This golf club set has been designed with eleven pieces which are perfect for the beginner level players
  • The golf club set is inclusive of a driver, two hybrids, wood, seven irons, and a putter
  • The golf club set has been designed with a cart bag through which players will be able to store their clubs and other equipment (also, the cart bag will be easy to move around!)
  • The driver has been designed with an oversized 460cc clubhead
  • The titanium driver has a huge sweet spot, leading to higher forgiveness level
  • The driver comes with graphite shafts which offer accuracy and precision in the shots
  • The headcovers are added to the club set which makes it easy to keep the clubhead safe from damages
  • The 3-hybrid, 4-hybrids, and 3-wood have been designed with graphite shafts as well, leading to higher durability
  • The PW has been constructed with cavity back irons to ensure precision in the shots
  • The irons ranging from number five to nine are equipped with graphite shafts, promising higher distance coverage and control
  • The cart bag is the deluxe quality which has been constructed with multiple pockets
  • The cart bag’s pockets have a full-length clothing pocket to help keep the clubs separated
  • Cart bag with deluxe quality and multiple pockets
  • Graphite shaft
  • Durable
  • Higher distance control and coverage
  • The large sweet spot will offer higher forgiveness level
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Expensive

Final Words

If you have been looking for something that provides value for money, this golf club set will become the epitome of performance and quality. The golf club set will provide worth of each penny that you spend. Be it the durability or distance coverage, this golf club set will become the right choice.

6. Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag

Long gone the times when women were confined to four walls of the homes because women are indulging in every possible stream of this stream. Be it sports, recreational activities, or careers, women are acing everything. There are multiple startups worth billions that have been designed and directed by women, which clearly shows that women have confidence in their skills.

So, if you are the woman who wants to play golf as the source of recreation and hobby, they need to trust their confidence as well. However, they need the right golf equipment and clubs if they want to ensure high-performance gameplay. For all such women who want to ace golfing, Confidence Lady Power is the reputable brand that speaks to the women with their top-notch golf clubs and other equipment.


  • This golf club set is an amazing choice for beginner women who want to kick-start their golfing experience with the right set of golf clubs
  • The golf club set includes the oversized metal wood which is designed with easy to hit features
  • There are 24-degree hybrids in the set which will help you make the right shots
  • The golf club set has been designed with irons ranging from number six to nine
  • All the irons have cavity-back features to ensure there is consistency in the shots
  • The pitching wedge will help play in the greens without any damage
  • There is a 33-inches blade putter in the set
  • Also, the golf club set has been designed with lady-flex steel shafts wrapped up all the golf clubs for higher durability
  • The golf club set includes the stand bag which has enough capacity to hold everything in place
  • The stand bag has been designed with auto-pop legs and weather-resistant grips to keep the clubs and bag safe from rain and dust
  • The driver has been designed with a huge sweet spot, promising higher forgiveness rate
  • Players can play in the greens
  • Lady-flex steel shafts for higher durability
  • Stand bag has enough capacity, auto-pop legs, and weather-resistant grips
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Higher distance control
  • The clubs are designed only for the right-handed players

Final Words

For every woman who is just starting her golfing career, they need to choose the right golf club set. This golf club set is a pretty well-integrated and fully-equipped option that has everything a golfer can ever need. But also, keep in mind that this golf club set will be beneficial for you only if you are the right-handed player.

7. Callaway Women’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set (16 Piece Set)

If you have been planning to ace the golf, you must be researching all about it. So, if you have been researching the game, you would know that the USGA only allows you to keep 14 pieces in the golf bag, and after that, there will be penalties. But this limitation is for the tournament only or if you are playing the official game (the penalty of two holes!)

But when you are opting for practice sessions, the golfers are allowed to carry more than 14 golf clubs and pieces in the golf bag. So, if you are looking for the perfect option, this is the right option. This golf club set has been designed with Callaway ladies’ golf clubs. If you are known to this field, you would know that Callaway is one of the reputable choices out there with high-quality features. Have a look!


  • This strata tour complete golf club set has been designed to improve the performance standards for beginner women who need to ensure the right playing experience
  • The golf club set will help women hit the right shots, irrespective if you are playing in the tee or the green
  • This complete golf set includes the 3-wood, 6-iron, 9-iron, 5-hybrid, 6-hybrid, driver, sand wedge, and pitching wedge
  • The sand wedge will help golfers play in the tee and help get out of the sand trap
  • There are four headcovers in the golf set which has been designed to keep the clubheads safe from the damage
  • The driver is considered in the wood family which has been integrated with a forged 460cc clubhead
  • The driver has been designed with a huge sweet spot which has been designed for promising higher forgiveness level
  • The driver has been designed with a titanium head, leading to higher forgiveness level and optimal distance control and coverage
  • The fairway woods have promised forgiving features with the aerodynamic head shape
  • The aerodynamic head shape will help make long, high, and flying shots
  • The irons and wedges have been designed with stainless steel material to ensure the high-performance scales while combining control and forgiveness at one place
  • The putter is integrated with mallet features, topped with visual alignment aid
  • The visual alignment aid will help in increasing accuracy and precision in the shots
  • The huge sweet spot for higher forgiveness
  • Control over distance and distance coverage
  • Visual alignment aid for higher accuracy in the shots
  • Long and high-flying shots are possible
  • Lightweight and forged 460cc titanium clubhead
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Expensive

Final Words

In the filed of golfing, Callaway has managed to coin its name in terms of higher performance and quality standards. There are no apparent issues in the durability, but yes, you might need to invest more money. But at the end of the day, your money will be worth it, and you will be able to see that in your shots.

8. Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

If you’ve been wanting to play golf but don’t have prior experience in the field, one needs to use the right golf club sets. However, there are some tall women who are more heightened as compared to other women, which makes it harder for them to find the perfect golf club and other golfing equipment. This can cause a bunger on their golfing experience and performance.

For all such tall women, different brands are offering their options, but none of them promise the higher standards of performance as they should. So, if you are tired of investing in wrong clubs and equipment, this brand offers the best golf clubs for tall ladies. In the section below, we have added a wide range of features that have been integrated into this golf club set. So, have a look before you invest in it!


  • The golf club set has been designed with a 460cc driver who has a big face to ensure a higher sweet spot area
  • This higher sweet spot area will help in increasing the forgiveness level and also, the distance coverage will be improved at a great scale
  • The 3-wood has been designed with a low-profile feature which makes it easy to hit the shots
  • The players will be able to play easy shots off the tee
  • The fairway wood has been added to the golf club set
  • There are two hybrid irons in the golf club set which have successfully replaced the long irons
  • There are six stainless steel irons in the set which have been integrated with wide soles
  • The wide soles will help in the easy launch of the ball (even if you are playing on the rough area!)
  • The clubs have been designed with flex graphite shafts
  • There is a matching mallet-style putter in the set which promises precision and accuracy in the shots
  • There are four headcovers in the set which are designed to secure the golf clubs from damage
  • There is a designer cart bag in the golf club set
  • Higher forgiveness level due to a big sweet spot
  • Graphite shafts in all clubs
  • Matching mallet-style pullet
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Four headcovers
  • Irons have wide soles
  • Designer cart bag
  • None that we could find

Final Words

Over the years, the number of people indulging in golf has increased, and with this notion, the demand for golf club sets and other golfing equipment has enhanced as well. So, if you are the taller woman who wants the clubs that meet her needs, this golf club set is the ultimate option with no apparent downsides!

9. Cobra Golf Women’s 2019 F-Max Super

According to the golfing rules, golfers can only have 14 clubs in their bags, and extra equipment calls for penalties. The penalty for an extra club in the golf bag will be two strokes on a per hole basis, which a golfer cannot possibly ignore. This is why you need to be considerate about the right clubs in the golf club because you don’t want any hindrance in the shots and golfing performance.

So, this is why people have been looking for the top-notch options that offer completion in the shots. To meet the diverse player needs, Cobra has come up with its range of golf club sets. So, as the name of the product suggests, this set is the complete option. The quality and performance of this golf club set know zero compromises. The additional features of the set have been discussed below!


  • The golf club set has been designed with an offset driver who has been equipped with an e9 face
  • The face will ensure higher forgiveness rate
  • There is back and heel weighting in the golf clubs that will provide higher standards of distance coverage and speed
  • The woods and irons have been integrated with fast-forged face insert for consistent shots
  • The back and heel weighting will lead to higher and flying shots
  • The hybrids have face insert that will help people play into the greens
  • The irons have a low-profile configuration
  • The irons have a deep undercut cavity which has been designed to offer accurate shots’
  • The golf clubs will offer a very customized feeling in the shots
  • There are no compromises on the launch and distance
  • The golf club set has been designed with a premium cart bag
  • The cart bag has multiple compartments and zips to offer higher storage
  • There is a beverage holder in the cart bag with which players can keep their water bottle or cold drink
  • Higher forgiveness rate
  • Consistency in the shots
  • Low-profile design
  • Deep undercut cavity
  • Optimal launch and distance
  • Premium cart bag with multiple pockets and a beverage holder
  • Face insert design in all clubs
  • The undercut design isn’t handleable for the beginners

Final Words

The golfers are always looking for the golf club sets and equipment that help enhance the performance and gameplay. So, if you have been looking for the golf club set, which optimizes the control and consistency in the shots, this will become the optimal option out there.

10. Cobra Golf 2019 Women’s Club Set

The Cobra Women’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set is only a couple of years old, but it should not be the reason to disregard it. The organization has evolved into manufacturing a lightweight driver and magnanimous irons. They produce everything you need for lessons or performing on the actual golf course. The Cobra XL Speed is a fantastic starter set for those who have just started playing golf. It is also an excellent option for high-handicap golfers. 

It is topped off with a premium golf (cart) bag, which means you can take advantage of it on a motorized cart or pushcart. This starter set arrives with a 12.5-degree titanium driver that boasts an oversized clubhead shape. Its low back/heel weighting offers the seamless combo of forgiveness and distance for longer and straighter drives. Additionally, the set features fairways, hybrid, irons, and mallet putter that empower you to concentrate on having a fantastic time on the course. At the same time, they help you grow your passion for the game. 


  • It integrates innovative technologies that benefit you in hitting longer and straighter shots.  
  • The lightweight clubs enable you to have an incredible time on the course and develop your skills.  
  • This package has a driver, sand wedge, 6/9 irons, pitching wedge, mallet putter, 5 hybrid, 3/5/7 wood, and a golf bag.
  • A superior-quality cart bag can be utilized on a motorized cart or pushcart. You will get a 14-way top and 1 velour-lined valuables pocket with the cart bag. 
  • Besides, the bag includes 7 zippered compartments and a large insulated beverage cooler packet that can hold up to fourteen 12 oz cans. 
  • The lightweight, 12.5 degrees titanium driver, has an oversized clubhead shape and heel-biased weighting that makes striking off the tee much easier.
  • A 3/5/7 wood complements the driver with a thin outline and low back/heel weighting for higher shots from all fairways.
  • The Cobra XL provides you a 5-hybrid that is terrifically easier to hit than outdated long irons. 
  • The 5-hybrid is liable for generating seamless gapping between the fairway woods and irons that flaunt heel-biased weighting for towering launch and elevated halting power into greens.  
  • The perimeter weighting and a deep undercut iron design escalates launch and improves steadiness on miss-hits. 
  • Good beginner set that will last longer
  • All irons exhibit a traditional cavity back design
  • Excellent distance and accuracy
  • Well worth the price
  • Very lightweight
  • The bag has a rain cover
  • The headcovers are unattractive
  • The fairways have a degree of loft instead of a number on them

Final Words

If you are looking for a premium quality golf set at a cost-effective price, Cobra Women’s XL Speed is an ideal option. It is a fantastic starter set that includes everything you need as an apprentice golfer. The lighter and easy-to-hit clubs are deliberated to deliver an impeccable combination of distance and forgiveness.

11.     Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women’s Golf Clubs Set

The Aspire PRO-X Ladies Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set offers the novice golfers and mid handicappers a valuable collection that features stealer quality woods, irons, a lightweight golf bag, and much more. This particular set starts with three fairways wood and 4/5 hybrids. For intermediate and advanced players, Precise golf has integrated the most groundbreaking golf technology in this set.

It is packed with aerodynamic wood designs, and tour pride multi-material proprietary grips intended to give you an elevated feel. In short, it is by far the most “well worth for the price” set currently obtainable on the market. The Aspire PRO-X is designed to provide you control, distance, and a great feel. Its robust driver has a rounded, taller, and thinner face. At 12 degrees of loft, the driver delivers high MOI and pure contact on all shots. 


  • This set is designed with beginner, intermediate, and advanced golfers in mind.
  • The brand has integrated up-to-the-minute technology to help the players take their performance to the next level.
  • Aspire PRO-X Ladies is armed with industry-leading aerodynamics wood designs and tour pride grips with a boosted feel. 
  • It is packed with high-quality V6 ladies flex graphite shafts that make it a valuable option for beginners. 
  • Its cart bag features various deep pockets that can be used for storage purposes. It has a broad foundation, which means it sit stable in the cart.
  • On the side, you will witness large and wide pockets that allow you to store rain gear and jackets conveniently. 
  • It is a fantastic set for skilled and expert golfers who want to lower their handicaps. 
  • With this set, you will acquire exceptional control, correctness, and distance coverage.
  • The 3-wood flaunts a thin silhouette that gets beneath the golf ball for a great launch. It functions efficiently well from the fairway and tee box. 
  • 4/5 hybrids are also present in this set that empower you to replace a 4-iron and 5-iron. They will provide you remarkable lift off the ground with long carry. 
  • The five irons feature a cavity-backed design and are exclusively deliberated for improving your game. All of them provide dynamic grass contact with the wide sole. 
  • Additionally, they have deeper CG for superior launch with an amazingly supportive feel and increased sound at impact. 
  • An excellent option for beginners, intermediates, and experienced players
  • Hybrids will offer you a remarkable lift off the turf with a longer carry
  • The set’s quality is outstanding
  • Irons have deeper CG for superior launch
  • Designed to improve your performance
  • The putter is not that good in the club set

Final Words

If you are on the lookup for something that is bursting with innovative technology and can enhance your performance, then Aspire PRO-X is an optimal choice. However, users are quite unhappy with the putter, so you may have to purchase it separately. 

12.     Cobra Golf 2020 Women’s Airspeed Complete Set

Cobra is a prevalent company that has been operating in the golf industry for several years. They manufacture and design golf clubs for beginners who have just jumped into the game and expert players who have been playing for many years. Cobra Golf Women’s Airspeed Complete Set comes with a durable collection of clubs including woods, hybrid, irons, driver, and much more. 

The golf clubs are designed to provide you more distance coverage and forgiveness with lighter graphite flex shafts. The golf bag is well-made and robust, and the design is also excellent. Furthermore, it has a lot of storage options. The set includes an offset driver, 3/5/7 wood, 5 hybrid, 6/7/8/9 irons, P/S wedge, putter, and 5 headcovers.


  • The driver features an upgraded carbon crown that delivers enhanced speed and forgiveness.
  • The driver’s lightweight design makes it tremendously light, manageable, and long. On the other hand, it boasts a 15° loft and an offset head composition for more precision.
  • Cobra Airspeed Complete Set arrives with 3, 5, and 7 woods. They are set to 19°, 23°, and 27° lofts, respectively. They also vaunt the carbon crown design for covering more distance and decreased weight. 
  • The offset head design of the woods makes it easier to square the ball. Moreover, the back weighting allows them to cover more distance and loft. 
  • The manufacturer has set 5 hybrid to 26°so that it strikes an impeccable balance between irons and fairway woods. Its offset head and back weighting make it an incredible option for new golfers.  
  • The high-quality irons with perimeter weighting and superior lofts are intended for higher and straighter launch for more GIR’s and birdie opportunities.
  • The 6, 7, 8, 9 low-profile irons are set to 28, 31.5, 35.5, and 40 degrees, respectively. The P and S wedges are set to 45 and 55 degrees, respectively.
  • Additionally, it is equipped with a mallet putter with a machined face, so it feels incredible off the ball.
  • Graphite is utilized for making the club shafts, so you can rest assured that they are very lightweight. The driver and woods’ carbon crown is also responsible for lowering the overall weight and boosting the speed.
  • Its spacious golf (cart) bag does not have a stand, but the exciting news is that you can utilize it on a pushcart or motorized cart.
  • Remarkable driver and wood design
  • Spacious cart bag
  • Stellar quality hybrid
  • Comprehensive set for beginners
  • Upgraded head design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Extremely expensive
  • Not too durable
  • A little bit longer

Final Words

The Cobra Airspeed Complete Set is packed with cutting-edge technologies. It is a better buy for folks who have just started playing golf. It is costly, but you will acquire several latest and greatest features like offset heads and carbon crowning. 

13.     Ram Golf Accubar Ladies Right Hand Golf Clubs Set 

Are you a fanatical golf player but don’t want to spend too much on golf clubs set? Then, give a try to Ram Accubar Right Hand Golf Clubs Set. We are 100% sure that it will offer you some monetary relief. This cost-effective 12-piece set features premium quality clubs and a sumptuous matching stand bag. Furthermore, it includes driver, woods, irons, hybrid, putter, and shorter shafts.

The right-handed best ladies golf clubs for beginners can benefit you to play to your strengths. It is a comprehensive set that comes with headcovers. They safeguard the clubs and also make them look sophisticated. Many individuals think that a ladies’ golf set is only manufactured for small and diminutive females. However, this is not the case. If you are a larger or taller lady, you can also rely on the Ram Accubar Right Hand Golf Clubs Set. This incredible set will inspire you to play the game you are passionate about. 


  • This 12 piece golf set is intended to help you take your game to the heights you have always dreamt of.
  • It is equipped with excellent quality graphite shafts. Graphite is used to make the shafts lightweight, resilient, and improve on the flex. The lighter shafts swung quicker, boosting club speed.
  • It is a perfect option for beginner golfers who want to improve their performance.
  • This starter set arrives with a deluxe stand bag that immaculately fits all the clubs. You will feel gratified while carrying the clubs from one corner to another corner in the ground.
  • The bag has multiple storage pockets with auto pop-out legs. Additionally, it features double shoulder straps that make it a dependable choice. 
  • Best of all, the clubs come with headcovers for the driver, hybrid, and woods. The primary purpose of providing matching covers is to shield the clubs from damages and keep them in exceptional condition for a long time. 
  • On the other hand, the manufacturer has fitted Ram’s grips on the clubs’ handles to provide you comfort while playing.
  • Additionally, you will find a hybrid that is set to 24 degrees. The versatile hybrid encourages you to replace long irons.
  • The hybrid is anticipated to improve striking the ball over long distances that are generally difficult even for expert golfers.  
  • You will receive a driver with a 12-degree loft and oversize head. The putter has a mallet construction that improves alignment and stability. 
  • Relatively cost-effective compared to other golf sets
  • The lightweight clubs make carrying and striking easier
  • Headcovers are included
  • Deluxe stand bag with storage pockets
  • Higher forgiveness and distance coverage
  • Stainless steel irons have a cavity-backed design
  • The driver sucks

Final Words

It is one of the most lightweight, cost-effective, and sturdy golf club sets that you will find in the market. Featuring 5 irons that are made of stainless steel materials and have a cavity back design, this set will serve you for a prolonged duration. It is highly suitable for short and petite women.

14.     Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Golf Clubs Set

Over the years, golf has become very popular among women. If you are also willing to play this sport and looking to acquire your perfect club set as a novice or intermediate player, the Aspire XD1 complete club set has covered you. Learners require all the help they can get off the tee. That’s why; this high-quality set comes with a 460cc titanium driver, stand bag, 3 H/C’s, 6-PW irons, putter, fairway wood, and hybrid.

The driver is responsible for giving a brilliant punch off the tee and putting out an affirming and good sound. Females love it because of its eye-catching style. It is an optimal option for athletes who are looking for style and remarkable performance. From the driver to the irons all the way through the hybrid, each club is anticipated to fit together and deliver maximum forgiveness, flair, and confidence. Everything of your need is included in this set, so there is no need to buy something separately.  


  • Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Clubs Set is specifically designed for right-handed players. 
  • It is equipped with groundbreaking features and outstanding design with a comfortable size.  
  • You will get a 460cc titanium driver that makes punching off the tee much easier.
  • The driver’s loft degree is 12, and the fairway wood’s loft degree is 15.
  • The lightweight wood flaunts a generous face that is perfect for fairway shots. The hosel has an ideal size that provides just the right amount of feedback.    
  • On the other hand, the hybrid boasts a loft degree of 21. Its head is large and amusing without being bottom heavy.
  • The shaft balances out the hybrid’s weight, so it is easily manageable and offers you a broad, angled face.
  • 6-PW stainless steel irons are fantastic for chipping because they make it uncomplicated for you to understand and handle greenside roll. 
  • This set’s irons are a superb option for beginners or folks who don’t have a swift swing speed. 
  • The pitching wedge is designed for straighter shots and greater launch.
  • The putter of this cost-effective clubs set vaunts alignment notches that will support apprentices learn to set up their shots on the turf.
  • The clubs are well-suited for ladies who are 5’7 to 6 feet tall.
  • Moreover, you will get headcovers and a deluxe golf bag with double shoulder straps.
  • The lightweight set is more comfortable to carry
  • The bag is made of good quality materials
  • You can carry the bag like a backpack
  • 460cc titanium driver for additional distance coverage
  • Graphite shafts make the clubs lighter
  • Weak driver hosel
  • Not a good option for intermediate and expert golfers

Final Words

The best thing about this set is that it has excellent quality and lightweight graphite shafts. Besides, it has woods, irons, a driver, and a hybrid. It has everything you will need as a golf learner and will help you improve your swing speed. If you are 5’4, then the clubs will be longer for you. Therefore you should purchase a petite set.

15.     Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite -1″

Are you a beginner player or a female on the outlook for a comprehensive golf clubs set? Then, you should consider buying the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Club Set. We are well-aware that high-quality complete golf clubs are extraordinarily costly, and when you buy each club separately, the costs can become unaffordable. This particular set is created using premium quality materials exclusively with females in the head.

It includes eleven golf clubs, a sturdy bag, and stylish headcovers. It is obtainable at a very reasonable rate so that it can become your next set of golf clubs. The wood and driver flaunt larger sweet spots that offer you more forgiveness. All of the clubs, excluding the putter, are packed with a graphite shaft impeccable for a player’s swing speed and strength.


  • This cost-effective set arrives with eleven golf clubs, a stand bag, and headcovers.
  • All of the clubs, excluding the putter, have a graphite shaft. The shaft is an ideal option for players who are interested in improving their power and swing speed.
  • The huge 460cc driver has an enlarged sweet spot, which means you will obtain lengthier and straighter shots and more forgiveness. 
  • The 3 wood features 15 degrees loft and has a huge sweet spot for heightened forgiveness. 
  • The sweet spot of wood is smaller than the driver. The low-profile sole makes it an incredible choice for striking off the green without a tee. 
  • You will get 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid with 18 degrees and 21 degrees loft, respectively. The clubs encourage you to get rid of the irons in your bag because they are harder to strike. 
  • These clubs will help you handle a tricky situation in the rough. 
  • The 5/6/7/8/9-PW irons are equipped with a cavity-backed design. The irons will offer a greater MOI and lower center of gravity. 
  • Another good thing about Palm Springs Complete Set is that the clubs are more forgiving and consistent, precisely what you need as a newbie who wants to develop their swing speed. 
  • Best of all, it is available in petite length, so it is a terrific option for 5’6 or less women. 
  • Graphite shafts
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Lightweight set
  • 11-piece club set with a driver and irons
  • Very affordable price
  • Golf bag and headcovers
  • Not suitable for ladies with a faster swing speed
  • The golf bag has minimal pockets

Final Words

When buying the best ladies golf clubs for beginners in the local or online market, you would be stupid not to acquire something forgiving, durable, and lightweight. The Palm Springs set features eleven clubs, including hybrids, irons, and a driver. If you are a female golfer who needs help learn all ranges of the sport, this set is a must-have.

best golf irons for women

Best Ladies Golf Clubs For Beginners – Buying Guide

While we are the subject, it is essential to note that golf can be pretty expensive because all the golf clubs and other equipment can be hard to afford. This is because each golf club will cost more than hundreds of dollars. Also, choosing the right golf club and golf club sets for women will be hard, and it becomes the most daunting task out there.

The most significant point is that a very limited number of manufacturers and golf equipment manufacturers are designing the women golf club sets. So, this clearly shows that options are limited. Also, the golf clubs and other equipment have multiple differences when it comes down to choosing the golf equipment for men and women.

Choosing the golf club for women is different because there is height, strength, and build differences as compared to men. Similarly, the golf clubs for women are usually lightweight and shorter as compared to other standard clubs and equipment. On top of everything, the women golf clubs usually have a higher clubhead that promises the optimal launch of shots, while keeping the forgiveness level high.

All in all, there are multiple things and factors to consider while you are choosing golf clubs. In this section, we have added everything that you need to consider while choosing the golf club for women. So, let’s have a look!

Skill Level

While you are choosing the golf clubs or golf club sets for women, you need to consider the skill level because it helps in aligning the performance scale. The majority of the golf club sets are designed for beginner women who need to train themselves and practice to become the best. This means that golf club sets of this article aren’t suitable for professionals.

While choosing the golf club set, you need to assess your skill level as it will help in determining the right golf club set. So, if you are a beginner woman, you will need to choose the clubs that offer a higher forgiveness level. In addition, the golf clubs need to provide a higher level of playability and control on the shots.


When you are finding the golf clubs for women, you need to consider that women tend to have a slow swing speed. This is why it is better to choose the shafts which have been designed with a higher flex rate. This flex will help maintain distance coverage. However, if you have a fast swing speed, you can opt for the stiff shaft.

In addition, you need to consider the weight and length of the shaft because it needs to align with the strength and height of the player. If you opt for a lightweight shaft, it helps in increasing the swing speed and also, the distance coverage will be top-notch. Also, choose the right length that matches your height because it helps in providing optimal control over the shots.


Choosing the golf club might be your biggest priority right now, and while you are at it, it is better to consider the grip because that’s where the golfer will handle the golf club. As a woman, you can opt for a golf club that has been designed with a small diameter of the grip. It is suitable to use the comfortable yet firm grip, as it helps in optimizing the shots and offering higher control. Also, there are multiple color and texture options in the grips, so choose accordingly!

Club Mix

Every person in this world is different, and it can be seen with their skin color, height, and weight. So, while you are choosing the golf club for yourself, you need to consider the fact that not one size can fit everyone. One needs to consider the specialized and custom needs of the players while keeping in mind the budget as well.

For instance, if you already have a putter, driver, and a bag, you might need to opt for the irons of hybrids. The hybrids are designed to replace the long irons. Over the period, these hybrids have become pretty popular as they have a low loft angle, and also, the numbers will be on the low side as well. This will be absolute best for beginners, irrespective of the gender.

It’s needless to say that hybrids have higher forgiveness levels, which lead to optimal hitting the shots, and also, the shots will be easy to launch. While you are choosing the golf club set, you need to look for the set that has a couple of hybrids in it. Also, you need to check what the golf club set doesn’t have. This is because the majority of these sets don’t have the sand wedges.

Choosing to add the sand wedge in your golf club kit is important because it helps in attaining the short chips around the tee. Overall, these wedges will help in getting rid of the sand traps. The sand wedges are pretty easy to attain simply because they are pretty economical.

The drivers should be lightweight, and also, they need to have optimal forgiveness levels because it helps players attain the perfect tee shots. The golf clubs with a higher loft angle will help in optimizing the easy launch (it is best for the women because they tend to have slower swing speeds!). In addition, if you need to ace the longer holes, fairway woods will be the perfect addition.

On top of everything, you can look for the cavity-back irons as they offer forging, which leads to optimal playability, and also, the control over the shots will be optimal. However, these irons will be difficult to play with because they are challenging to hit the shots with. You must never forget about the putter and wedges because they impact the gaming experience. Last but not least, you need to work on the bag as well as it should be lightweight and durable, and also, the bag should provide sufficient storage.


We have always said that golf is an expensive sport because golf clubs will cost hundreds and thousands of bucks. On top of the clubs, the golf club sets will cost even more. The whole idea of buying the golf club set for women is designed to ensure that women are able to ace the game without compromising on the performance and quality of the game.

Over the top of everything, you need to consider that golf cubs will cost more. For instance, you will need to invest in the advanced option and might cost higher if you intend to play golf permanently. But again, if you are just doing it for fun and are going to give up on golf after a few months, it will be better to look for budget-friendly options. Also, you should look for beginner golf club sets while buying golf clubs for women as they are more economical.


It’s needless to say that women are very conscious about how they look and if they are presentable. So, when you are buying and looking for the golf club set for women, you need to consider the golf club set’s outlook. Always choose the golf club set, which matches your sense of style and overall taste and preference (you might not know the importance right now, but it will matter!)

Proper Fit

The club’s length must be suitable based on your height. Clubs that are lengthier will make it challenging for you to perform correctly. If you are a shorter woman, pick standard-sized clubs or petite ones.

However, if you are taller, then you can easily find “tall” versions in the market. Height groupings differ from brand to brand, so don’t forget to examine the documentation before buying a set.

Buy Hybrid Clubs To Replace Irons

It is difficult to use long irons; therefore, you should purchase hybrids because they make it easier to strike the ball, especially for novices. They are designed to strike a balance between iron and wood.

They are equipped with a shorter shaft than irons, which means they are easier to control, swing, and lightweight. Furthermore, their higher loft makes it effortless to launch the ball into the air.

Opt For Clubs With Higher Lofts And Flat Soles

As a beginner, you might be reflecting on what loft is? It is the club face’s angle that decides how high the ball will go into the air and how much distance it will cover. On the clubs, numbers are mentioned that refers to the loft. A higher number means a higher loft.

On the other hand, the club’s sole sits on the ground when you are ready to hit the shot. The sole should be flatter and broader because it will help the club slide through the turf instead of digging in it. It will be easier to manage and more forgiving for new players.

Assess Your Goals

Before buying the best ladies golf clubs for beginners, you should determine your goals. We recommend you to stay realistic so that you can make the right choice. If you play occasionally, you must not pick a perfect club set. However, if you play golf regularly or weekly, you should be cautious in your quest for the right set.   


Intermediate and advanced players prefer buying comprehensive club sets as they provide an excellent way to hit the ground without having to buy or hunt for additional products. If you want to get a complete set, make sure the bag and other amenities are also included.

An essential accessory in the club set is a golf bag. There are two kinds of bags: cart and stand bags. You can use the cart bags with a golf cart. They are not armed with a stand, but they offer more space for balls and other things you want to carry to the course. Besides, a stand bag has two pop-out legs, so you can keep the bag off of the turf while walking the course.

Ladies VS Men’s Golf Clubs: What Is The Primary Difference?

Both clubs are designed and manufactured differently. Different technologies are used for their construction. 


Females’ shafts are made of graphite, but men’s’ shafts are created of both steel and graphite. The purpose of using only graphite in ladies’ shafts is to decrease the club’s overall weight. The lightweight clubs will profit the ladies increase their swing speed and distance coverage at the same time. If a man swings with a lot of swiftness, he will require a hardened rod to resist bending.

On the other hand, a female relies on timing and rhythm rather than power, so she will need a shaft that flexes more to produce energy. Women with faster speed can give a try to steel men’s clubs. If you are buying men’s clubs, then the steel shaft should be lightweight with a lower launch; otherwise, it will hurt your game.  


Women’s hands are small compared to the men’s hands. Therefore, manufacturers make women’s golf grips accordingly. The majority of male golfers use a standard to medium-sized grip on their clubs. The grip’s size must be accurate because it will permit your hands to be in the right position and promote hooking the ball.

Women’s golf grips are slender. If you are a female with small hands, then playing with a men’s golf grip would be difficult. It will be problematic for you to sustain unswerving grip pressure and discharge the club at impact.

Club Length

Females’ clubs are typically 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than men’s clubs. A standard club is designed for a male player who is five feet nine inches tall. However, a women’s club is deliberated for a lady who is five feet seven inches tall.

If you are smaller than 5’7, then you can purchase a standard length club. If you are shorter than 5’3, then a petite club would be an ideal option. Taller ladies can play with men’s standard length clubs, and they won’t face any issues.


The loft on the club helps throw the ball into the air. Men’s clubs feature less loft compared to females’ clubs. A men’s standard driver is set between 9 to 10.5 degrees loft. Besides, it is hard to find a women’s driver below 12 degrees.

Men’s 7-iron has a loft degree of 28.5, but a female’s 7-iron is set to 32.5 degrees because they have lower clubhead speed. It is challenging for them to have sufficient force to launch the ball properly. The additional loft helps them throw the ball higher in the air. Also, it lets the ball stay in the air for some time. If you have lots of club speed, then you can buy men’s clubhead.


The women’s clubs are lighter compared to men’s clubs. Lightweight shaft, lightweight grip, and lightweight clubhead all add up to reduce the overall clubs’ weight.

Best Ladies Golf Clubs For Beginners

frequently asked questions

1.     Will I Acquire Headcovers With The Golf Club Set?

Almost all club sets come with headcovers, but it is possible that the brand you have selected may not provide them. The golf sets we have reviewed in this article are all equipped with headcovers.

2.     Do I Get All Clubs With The Starter Golf Set?

No, many sets are designed for beginners, and they arrive with seven clubs only. The new golfers have a limited budget. That’s why; manufacturers do not include everything in a set. But, the clubs you will acquire with the beginner set will be adequate for you. If you want to develop your skills, you can buy clubs separately.

3.     What Is The Best Brand For Women’s Golf Clubs For Novices?

Many great companies are operating in the industry for ladies’ golf clubs. However, not all brands offer comprehensive golf sets. Some of them sell drivers, irons, hybrids, and woods separately. We have mentioned one of the best options for beginners in our guide so that you can pick any one of them without any hesitation.   

4.     When Should I Change My Golf Club Set?

Even if you buy a good quality set, you cannot expect to use it for 10 to 15 years. You should replace your older set with a new one equipped with the latest and advanced technology. Modern technology makes the clubs more forgiving.

On the other hand, when you become a mid-handicap golfer, you need different clubs, so buying a new set will become compulsory. You can take advantage of the starter set until you progress to a 20 to 24 handicap. 

5.     Complete Starter Set Or Separate Clubs: Which Option Is Better?

You can obtain putters, woods, and hybrids, all from different brands, but we would recommend getting a comprehensive beginner set because it will include everything you need to get started. Moreover, the irons must belong to the same set because if you buy them separately, they will have different built, swing weights, and lofts. It is better to purchase a complete collection and then add a putter or hybrid after some time.

6.     Should I Invest In An Expensive Golf Set As A Beginner?

Many new golfers think that expensive club sets are better than affordable ones. However, this is not reality. The cost-effective golf sets are crafted explicitly for learners with cavity-backed design and large clubheads. They are designed to offer more forgiveness, whereas the costly sets don’t provide much forgiveness.

7.     What Should Be Included In My Golf Set?

Apprentices can bring 14 clubs in a round of golf, but you won’t require that many clubs. You should purchase an oversized titanium driver with graphite or steel shaft, 3/4/5 hybrid clubs, and a mallet putter. Furthermore, you will require 3/5 fairway woods with high loft and flat soles along with 6/7/8/9 irons, pitching wedge, and sand wedge.

8.     Is It A Wise Idea To Purchase Custom Fit Best Ladies Golf Clubs For Beginners?

Standard clubs function efficiently for the majority of women players. However, if your height is more than 5 feet eleven inches or shorter than 5 feet three inches, then you should opt for custom fit clubs. Before buying a golf set, it is better to determine the wrist distance to the ground. This metric will help you get the perfect club length.    

9.     Is It Essential To Get Fitted Before Purchasing A New Club Set For Beginners?

If your height is between five feet two inches and six-feet, buying the standard clubs would be better for you. However, if your height is less or more than the mentioned number, you can get customized clubs.

If you are six feet taller, “beginner senior” clubs will be well suited for you. Senior clubs and men’s clubs come with the same length, but the only difference is that they have lightweight graphite shafts. Lighter shafts enable you to produce more speed and retain control.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the golf club set is an amazing and exciting experience to start with. For every woman, golf holds extreme importance because it helps them kick-start their journey with sports. So, if you want to play golf, this article will help you choose the right golf club set. Besides, by going through the buying guide, you will be able to line out your needs and wants. So, best of luck for your time in the golf court!


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