How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners

How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners [Buying Guide]

With increased hecticness in the routines, people are trying to find new activities. People can start learning the game whenever they want. Some people lure towards golf because they are retired, and all the neighbors participate in the games, and some people indulge in this sport because their workplace holds monthly golfing sessions.

But no matter what age you start at, you will always be considered the beginner, right? For every beginner, it is essential to have the right gear and equipment to accompany you in the court. Well, nobody said that playing golf would be easy. Some people simply give up on the game because they don’t want to invest in golf clubs and other equipment.

This is because golf clubs can be expensive to buy (some will even cost hundreds and thousands of dollars for one club!) This is about the single club and to be honest, one needs to have tees, towel, headcovers, golf balls, and additional golf clubs as well. It’s needless to say that price plays an essential role in making the final call.

Some people often buy the used golf clubs, and if you want to go down the same road, you need to consider that golf club or equipment isn’t worn-out. So, if you are a beginner and just starting out in the field of a golf club, this article will provide a buying guide for the beginners. The article covers everything you need to know for purchasing the first golf club or equipment. So, let’s have a look!

The Essential Golf Clubs

As far as the rules are concerned, the golfer is allowed to carry 14 golf clubs in the golf bag. But to be honest, the beginners don’t need to work on full bags and everything from the start. If you are a beginner, it is better to have your golf bag filled with the following things, such as;

  • Driver
  • Putter
  • Sand wedge
  • Pitching wedge
  • 6-iron
  • 8-iron
  • Hybrid club
  • Fairway wood

However, if you don’t know about these pieces of equipment, we will help you understand them all. In the section below, we have added information about every possible golf club gear!


How To Buy Golf Clubs For Beginners

So, we have already mentioned that driver is essential to be added in the golf bag, and when you are buying the driver, you need to consider multiple factors. First of all, you need to consider the material (it can range from composites to titanium. Also, you need to consider the head size as well. But on top of everything, one needs to consider the moment of inertia (MOI) as it directly impacts the game.

MOI determines the stability of the golf club, and also, it will show much resistance the club shows if the club is twisted. When it comes down to the beginner golfers, MOI determines how much the club can twist when it swings, and also, it determines the impact when the ball is contacted with the golf club. If you need to make straight shots, using the golf clubs with higher MOI value is better.

This is because higher MOI value will determine lesser twisting. All in all, it is better to use the golf clubs with higher MOI for the beginners as they need to harness straight shots. Some golf clubs are integrated with moveable weights through which beginners an alter and personalize the center of gravity. These weights are moved around to alter the center of gravity.

Once you are done with the MOI, you need to work upon the shaft flex. The flexes are available in multiple shapes, such as extra stiff, regular, and much more. In addition, the coefficient of restitution is to be considered, which is commonly known as the COR of the golf club. The COR determines the energy transferred from the club’s head to the golf ball.

While you are measuring the COR, you need to opt for a higher COR value through which lesser energy is lost when the club gets in contact with the golf ball. In addition, if the coefficient of restitution is higher, shots can endure higher distance values.


How To Buy Golf Clubs For Beginners

Putters have been categorized into two types, the first one is face balanced putter, and the second one is toe balanced putter. In this section, we will be discussing both types of putters. So, the face balanced putters will face upwards when you are balancing the shaft on the finger. This configuration will move the center of gravity lies below the shaft’s axis.

The face-balanced putters are designed to have reach to the backswing (but lesser value!), and also, the follow-through values will go down. These configurations are serviced to offer higher chances of straight putting strokes. In contrast, the toe balanced putters have their face pointing towards the ground if you are balancing the shaft on the finger. So, if you are the beginner who wants to inculcate some arc to the putting stroke, the toe balanced putters will be apt for you.


How To Buy Golf Clubs For Beginners

When we are talking about the wedges, they are designed with four types of lofts. However, the pitching wedges and sand wedges are the common types of wedges and are essential for the beginners as well. The pitching wedge is usually designed with the loft angle ranging from 44-degrees to 48-degrees. These lofts are optimal for the short and medium-range shots on the green.

In addition, the sand wedges are designed with higher loft angles ranging from 54-degrees to 58-degrees. These wedges are designed to help golfers get out of the bunkers and sand traps in no time. However, there is a combination or we may say middle road to these wedges, which is known as the gap wedge.

The gap wedge is also known as utility wedge, but in some cases, they are called the lob wedges as well. Whatever these mid-way wedges are called, the loft angle ranges from 60-degrees to 64-degrees. These wedges are designed for players to hit the higher chips, unlike any other wedge.


How To Buy Golf Clubs For Beginners

So, you might not know this but there are two types of irons available in the market. The first one is known as forged irons which are designed with a smaller sweet spot and also, they are designed for the advanced players. In contrast, the second type is known as cast irons which have been designed to be cheaper.

In addition, there are blade irons that have a small hitting area, accrediting to the thin faces. There is cavity back irons, and they are designed with large clubhead, but the clubface is pretty thin. If you go out in the market, the golf irons are sold in the sets of nine, but the numbers can vary with the changing loft clubs. Also, it is essential to note that irons with lower numbers can help attain higher distance value.

Fairway Woods

How To Buy Golf Clubs For Beginners

These woods can be used from the rough and from the tee. However, fairway woods can be used in the rough on an occasional basis. The modern fairway woods are usually designed with composite material, titanium, and steel. However, there are some woods as well, which are designed with bigger head sizes, and also, there are longer shafts as compared to other clubs.

The woods are usually numbered based on the loft. For instance, if the loft is lower, the number of fairway wood will be smaller as well. The lower numbers are helpful in increasing the potential striking distance.


How To Buy Golf Clubs For Beginners

In the past few years and ever since these hybrids have been launched, they are the most commonly used gear. These are also known as rescue and utility clubs but all in all, they have a wood-style. These clubs are designed to offer higher control over the shots in case of complicated lies. This is because the spin is imparted to be lower.

In contrast to what beginner golfers might think, the hybrids tend to have a similar loft value as that of the equivalent irons. These irons are usually designed with a loft angle ranging from 18-degrees to 27-degrees. But as compared to the fairway woods, the hybrid shafts tend to be two to three inches lowers. The hybrids are designed to offer higher control over the game.

In addition, there are driving irons as well. These irons have a configuration that offers a lower trajectory. The low trajectory shots can be made off the tee.

Additional Things To Keep In Ming

We understand that we have added everything that one needs to know about the golf equipment and the basic gear. However, there are some additional things that need to be considered if you are a beginner and are just starting out with the golfing game. So, let’s have a look!

  • While you are out to buy your first golf club or other equipment, it is better to buy from the golf specialist. Mind it that you don’t need to invest in the most expensive club out there if you are a beginner. So, always go to the professional and specialist golf club shop because they help in accessing the right equipment according to the skillset and level
  • The shop owners are highly likely to offer a range of different golf clubs based on the skillset, level, and budget. However, you need to make the final call yourself by taking some swings and see if it suits you
  • It is advised to use a smaller set of clubs for the beginners because, in the initial sessions, they need to get on the groove for learning the swings

The Bottom Line

It’s doubtless to say that golf is an exciting game, and it has managed to capture the attention of the elites. With each passing day, someone new is getting back to the court as a beginner, with an aim to make it big with their skills. But for that quest, choosing the right equipment is essential. So, with this article, you will be able to gain information about beginner clubs and other golfing equipment. So, just choose wisely and we wish you the best of luck for the court game!

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