best fairway woods for seniors

10 Best Fairway Woods for Seniors in 2022

A fairway wood is a golf club used to hit the ball from the fairway of the course onto the green. Fairway woods are usually relatively easy to use and an excellent choice for beginners or senior golfers.

Choosing the best fairway wood for seniors is not an easy task. There are so many options, and each person has a different opinion on what makes up the perfect club. Keep in mind that senior golfers have slower swing speeds than younger golfers.

That’s why it’s important to find clubs with lower centers of gravity and more forgiving shafts. So they should consider using a fairway wood instead. We have found a list of our favorite models to help you find one that suits your needs.

If you are a senior golfer and are ready to hit the golf club, this article is a perfect place for you!

best fairway woods for seniors
Best Fairway Woods for Seniors

1. Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway, Black – Best 3 wood for seniors

The Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway is an easy-to-hit and easy-to-carry fairway driver. With a lightweight 55 RocketFuel shaft and new satin black finish options, this club has what it takes to give you the perfect match with any course condition or length.

The Legendary speed pocket ensures that each shot will release quickly for effortless control. The Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway provides the golfer with an elegant club to lower their center of gravity for better shots during long gameplay.

This black metal and graphite shaft are paired with a low-profile head for greater accuracy on every swing, ensuring your next hole-in-one never slips away again! Make sure to get yours today before we sell out!


  • The fairway wood has a black outlook that looks pretty sophisticated
  • The fairway wood is available in left-hand and right-hand orientation all the same
  • The fairway wood and the shaft has been constructed with RocketFuel 65 graphite that’s an epitome of durability
  • There are multiple shafts flexes available, such as senior, regular, and stiff to meet the diverse golfer’s needs
  • The fairway wood has three wood configurations available, such as 3-wood, 5-wood, and 3-wood HL
  • The fairway wood has been designed with the legendary speed pocket that provides an optimal launch angle
  • The wood is designed for promising higher distance coverage
  • The mass pad of this fairway wood is placed strategically that optimizes the feel, sound, and launch of the shots
  • The center of gravity has been lowered, crediting to the shallow profile
  • The low center of gravity promises increased playability
  • The material of the fairway wood promises higher distance coverage and increased speed
  • The finish has been made black, but also, there are details that are critically designed to improve alignment
  • Multiple wood configuration
  • Black satin finish
  • Optimal launch angle
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Increased playability
  • Increased speed of the shots
  • Improved alignment
  • RocketFuel 65-graphite shaft
  • The black color tends to fall off

Final Words

Branded products are usually chosen to ensure the higher durability and positive image that they have. So, if you’ve chosen TaylorMade fairway wood, we promise you that there will be no bad impact on the performance and shots. However, the color might fall off, so consider that before investing in this fairway wood!

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway – Best woods for senior golfers

This fairway wood is engineered for the one looking to get the ball up in the air. Its plastic cover with tough spings and stability groove provides more control and a comfortable feel, while its tunable weighting system helps you find your launch point to achieve maximum loft.

Its low-compression dispersion technology will be sure to bring out your game to the next level.
The RBZ Fairway features two different materials that are forged titanium carbon composite and tungsten/titanium steel. The polymer material has an exceptionally soft compression which gives it a nice responsive feel.

These Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway has a smooth design and is made with a TPU insert combined with steel. They also have a steel twist that is sure to make your game better by taking the sting out of mishits when you’re hammered on the 13th hole at your favorite golf course with an unbeatable price!


  • The fairway wood has been designed to ensure the higher performance scale and quality
  • The fairway wood has a twisted face which is another name for the revolutionary face curvature
  • The face curvature also has a corrective face angle
  • The face configuration is perfect for ensuring the off-center hits
  • The golfers will be able to make straight shots with this fairway wood because that’s all this fairway wood is about
  • The golfers can reduce the sidespin as it’s essential for ensuring the right shots with zero drench on shot’s quality
  • The fairway wood has been constructed from different materials to ensure the performance and durability
  • The head design has been improvised with a deep face
  • There is a large carbon crown that optimizes the playability and distance coverage
  • The fairway wood has an advanced speed pocket design that enhances the flexibility of the shots
  • The COR area is pretty huge that empowers the players to make better off-center hits
  • The low-face strikes are easily attainable with this fairway wood
  • The fairway wood has a new TPU slot insert which enhances the turf interaction given the higher flush levels
  • Corrective face angle
  • Reduction in side spin
  • Zero impact on shot’s quality
  • Deep face design
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Improved playability
  • Turf interaction is improved
  • Higher flush levels
  • Better off-center hits
  • Expensive

Final Words

Well, as far as the golf clubs are concerned, people cannot make high games in this field if they aren’t using the right woods and clubs. So, this TaylorMade fairway wood will be an amazing option because it has everything one can need for optimizing the shots and attaining better performance in the court. But you might need to go overboard with the money. However, it will be worth it!

3. Cobra Men’s F-Max Fairway Wood – Fairway woods for seniors

The Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood is the perfect fairway wood for golfers who are looking powerful club that can provide distance and accuracy. The contains lighter shafts, which allow for an easier swing that helps to make this golf club ideal for slower swing speeds.

If you’re looking for something that can give you more finesse and control over your shots, the Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood is for you. It has a great balance of forgiveness and power rivaled by few other fairways on the market.

It only weighs 283 grams which are lower than most competitors allowing you to swing longer with less fatigue and will give you a head start towards eighteen holes in no time at all!


  • The fairway wood is available in the right-hand and left-hand configuration
  • This wood has two flex opportunities; regular, stiff, and senior. The regular flex makes it the best fairway wood for beginners
  • The fairway wood has been designed with the graphite shaft which speaks volumes about the performance and durability
  • There are three different loft angles available to meet the different needs of the golfers. The loft angles are 16-degrees, 20-degrees, and 23-degrees
  • The fairway wood has an off-set design and a similar hosel that optimizes the high launch angles
  • The high launch angle leads to accurate and straight shots
  • The fairway wood has an ultralight configuration and lighter shafts which maximizes the clubhead speed
  • The swing weights are optimal enough to provide slower swing speed, and the distance coverage will be higher
  • The center of gravity has a weight-fixed design which makes the wood more forgiving and also leading to straight drive
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a crown alignment
  • The shots are aligned to the clubhead, and the golfers will be able to play straight shots off the tee
  • The fairway wood has a forged 455-stainless steel face insert that improves distance coverage for off-center hits
  • The fairway wood is designed to offer higher speed in the shots
  • Multiple loft angles
  • Multiple flex options
  • Off-set design
  • Maximation of clubhead speed
  • More forgiving woods
  • Straight drive
  • Straight shots off the tee
  • Crown alignment
  • The forged 455-stainless steel face insert
  • The higher speed of the shots
  • None that we could find

Final Words

If you have been looking for a fairway wood that helps you ace your time in the golf club and helps you make new friends, this Cobra fairway wood is an amazing option. This brand is famous in the golf market for all the right reasons, and once you invest in it, we are sure that you wouldn’t find anything wrong with it (just like we didn’t!).

4. Callaway Men’s XR Fairway Wood – Man fairway wooden golf club

Callaway men’s XR Fairway Wood is designed to keep senior golfers’ necessities in mind. It contains features of the extremely close face and low CG that gives your ball more pop and is significantly easier on the joints than other woods out there.

It is 20% effortless to swing with 36% reduced backspin for improved contact accuracy and 200 rpm faster than competitors who are still spinning their way around 18 holes.

The Callaway Men’s XR Fairway Wood is 16% larger than a standard fairway wood, and you get more distance from it with every swing. The head shape has been completely redesigned for better performance when on the course or in the backyard.

This new XR Fairway Wood from Callaway offers players more versatility on shots without sacrificing much accuracy. It contains an all-new offset hosel design, which creates full muscle release at impact for added control while also increasing face flex when needed. So, this Fairway Wood could be just what you’re looking for.


  • The fairway wood has a left-hand and right-hand orientation to cater to different users
  • The fairway wood has been integrated with the graphite shaft
  • There are two flex methods; stiff and regular, to meet the needs of different golfers
  • There are two golf configurations available; 3W and 5W with 15-degrees and 19-degrees angle
  • The fairway wood has a thin and light next-generation forged hyper speed face cup, promising higher forgiveness level and higher ball speed
  • The face is 36% thinner as compared to other fairway wood faces which are the reason behind enhanced ball speed
  • The golfers will be able to attain higher distance and impregnate versatility in the shots
  • There is a low center of gravity and lesser spin speed
  • The internal standing wave has been reengineered
  • The weight of the fairway wood is low
  • The head shape of this fairway wood has been completely redesigned which not only enhances the outlook, but it has a higher toe as well
  • Also, there are leading edges in this fairway wood
  • The height of the face is shallow which makes it an apt choice for aggressive players
  • The sweet spot is 16% larger than any other fairway wood out there which makes it highly forgiving
  • The fairway wood is designed with a maximum shaft load which helps transfer maximum energy from the wood to the ball
  • High energy transfer
  • Higher tow
  • Suitable for aggressive players
  • Highly forgiving
  • Two configurations and flex types
  • Lightweight
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Lower spin speed
  • Thin clubface
  • The beginners cannot use this fairway wood

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a fairway wood that is one of the best fairway woods of all time, you need to go this way because we are sure that it will never disappoint you. Be it the higher forgiveness or higher distance coverage, and this fairway wood will help you fill all the voids!

5. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Fairway Woods

Big Bertha isn’t just a name. It’s the sound of striking the perfect balance between speed and forgiveness. Callaway’s most forgiving fairway wood has three key features that deliver the perfect miss to par equation:

Its Speed Face Cup deflects slower shots with less spin, and the Modern Warbird soleplate offers a high launch for increased ball flight. The special Heavenwood option is engineered from all-new persimmon wood fibers.

So don’t be afraid to swing hard when your next drive matters. This product is great for seniors that are looking for faster swing speed to professionals who want maximum distance in their shots.

This product guarantees higher levels of accuracy at longer distances than ever before seen on this course and a great level of satisfaction every time you pick it up!


  • This might be the most obvious thing out there, but it has right-hand and left-hand orientation available for people with different playing settings
  • As for the flex, there are stiff and regular settings available for the players with different playing needs
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a graphite shaft which is a symbolism of durability and quality
  • There are three configurations available for the players based on loft angles; 3W with 15-degrees, 5W with 18-degrees, and 7W with 21-degrees
  • When we think about the face, it has utilized the hyper-speed face cup which not only looks thin but is lightweight as well
  • There is robust 455-carpenter steel face cup design for consistency in the shots
  • This face cup design is possible for higher distance coverage and enhanced playability
  • The fairway wood has been designed with an advanced adjustable hosel
  • The fairway wood has been integrated with an improved internal standing wave that helps optimize the center of gravity, promising distance coverage across the face, consistency in the launch, and better spin rate
  • The shaft is the mastermind of Mitsubishi that helps in optimizing energy transfer, leading to higher ball speed and also, it provides a smooth and consistent feel
  • The fairway wood is the place for offering control over the trajectory, and also, it is helpful in shaping up the shots, promising accurate and long shots
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Lightweight
  • Thing steel cup design
  • Advanced adjustable hosel
  • Improved internal standing wave
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Consistent shots
  • Better spin rate
  • Optimal energy transfer
  • Higher ball speed
  • Control over the shots
  • Accurate and long shots
  • Shaft construction is new in the market

Final Words

Over the years, there have been multiple brands in the market, offering a wide range of golf clubs and woods. However, if you’ve been looking for a reputable brand name, Callaway is one of the top choices because they are the name of high-quality shots and durable design.

6. Bullet Golf 444 Fairway Wood – Best fairway woods for seniors

If your golf game is stuck in the water hazard, you might need to take a closer look at your gear. Just like humans, clubs get worn out too. If yours has been gnarled up by time and use, or it just feels much rougher than usual, now’s the perfect time for an upgrade!

Meet Bullet Golf .444#9 Wood Utility Club, made with an innovative adjustability system that lets you customize it so that it’s always perfectly weighted according to your specs. Bullet golf will provide you with a more energetic playing experience and is the perfect utility club for any golfer.

The stainless steel woods are thinner than your standard wood, ensuring you get a shot that stays relatively low to the ground while still providing some power behind it. With an uniflex graphite shaft, your shots always fly perfectly straight down the fairway with no sidespin.

This design is ideal for smaller women. So, if you’re starting on your journey from caddy to a golfer and want some top-of-the-line gear to get started, get over here quick!


  • This fairway wood has been designed with right-hand orientation for the players who like hitting the shots with their right hand
  • As for the shaft, it has been constructed with graphite which is another name for durability and high performance
  • The fairway wood has a unique design, leading to higher flexibility in the shots and for the players
  • The fairway wood has different loft angles available, for catering to different golfer’s needs, such as 16-degrees, 19-degrees, 23-degrees, 34-degrees, and 37-degrees
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a premium headcover that will help keep the clubhead safe from damage
  • There is soft rubber pro-line grip that helps in improving the grip over the shots
  • This fairway wood is an amazing option for the players who need consistency in the shots
  • The woods are designed to help enhance the game
  • The outlook of the fairway wood is pretty appealing, and you are sure to receive some compliments when in the court
  • The crown of this fairway wood is pretty thin which reduces the weight
  • The golfers will be able to put up the ball off the ground easily, and the overall ball flight will improve
  • With this fairway wood, you will be able to hit the greens
  • Enhanced game
  • Appealing outlook
  • Thin crown, leafing to lightweight design
  • Improved ball flight
  • Hitting the greens is possible
  • Premium headcover
  • Consistent shots
  • Soft rubber pro-line grip for better grip of the wood
  • New brand in the market

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for the fairway wood that is the epitome of high-performance and consistent shots, this fairway wood is an amazing choice. However, this golf manufacturing brand is new in the market, so you might need to make some background checks regarding the reviews and features, and on top of everything, look out for the quality and durability.

7. Senior Men’s iDrive Red Square Anti-Slice Draw Fairway

A man’s golf club is designed to fit the needs of someone who has been playing for a long time. The Senior Men’s iDrive Red Square Anti-Slice Draw Fairway 3 5 7 Wood Set Golf Clubs are made with hardened steel shafts and premium arthritic grips, ensuring flexibility and strength in gameplay.

If you’re a senior who loves the game of golf but get frustrated with trendy clubs that don’t seem to slice through hard shots or straighten up at impact, take this opportunity and make the smarter choice.

The Senior Men’s iDrive Anti-Slice Draw Fairway Wood Set Golf Clubs are designed specifically for our aging population and their unique play style.

These state-of-the-art clubs will provide you more power than ever before with unprecedented stability on off-center shots and square-shaped heads with precise weight and re-positioning.


  • This fairway wood is available in a right-hand orientation that makes it suitable for players who like to hit the shots with a right hand
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a premium arthritic golf grip that helps them hold the fairway wood and not lose control over the wood
  • The fairway wood provides better control over the shots
  • The fairway wood has been designed with senior flex velocity graphite shaft that is an epitome of high-quality performance
  • There are three wood configurations available in this fairway wood, such as 3-wood, 7-wood, and 5-wood
  • The loft angles of the fairway wood are designed to meet diverse player’s needs
  • The 3-wood has 15-degree loft, 5-wood has 19-degree loft, and 7-wood has 21-degrees
  • Premium arthritic golf grip
  • Provides higher control over the fairway wood
  • Higher control over the shots
  • Senior flex velocity graphite shaft
  • Different loft angles
  • Three wood configurations
  • Only available for right-handed players

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a senior fairway wood, this one is literally the benchmark for controlled shots. Also, it provides better control over the shots, and the grip of the golf club is unmatched. All in all, we are really in love with the multiple wood configurations and loft angles. However, all these benefits are only available for right-handed players because that’s the hand orientation available.

8. Senior Men’s Majek K-Series Fairway Wood

The Senior Men’s Majek K-Series High Launch 460cc 10.5° Driver and 3 5 Fairway Wood is the perfect combination of lightweight and premium graphite shafts with a remarkable trampoline effect.

This is an easy upgrade and creates a lower CG, and ensures your game moves from playing in the sand traps! It has excellent forgiveness because it combines attributes of both fairway wood and long drives.

If you are a senior golfer looking for something modern with cutting-edge tech, then check out these new drivers you won’t regret upgrading!

Enjoy high launch angles, more accurate shots, and extended drives down the fairway green teeing off from 10-12 yards back on each par 5 hole! With these premium graphite shafts and stylish designs, be ready for a sport that always gives great rewards!


  • This fairway wood is a perfect opportunity for a right-handed golfer because it has been designed with right-hand orientation
  • The fairway wood has been designed with senior size black pro velvet grip which not only looks good but has a higher grip for the woods
  • The fairway wood has been constructed with flex velocity graphite shaft because it helps in adding life to the shots
  • The fairway wood has been designed with two wood configurations, such as 3-wood and 5-200d
  • The loft angle of the fairway wood is pretty diverse
  • The 3-wood has 15-degree loft angle while the 5-wood has 18-degree loft angle
  • Senior size black pro velvet grip
  • Higher control over the wood
  • Controlled shots
  • Flex velocity graphite shaft
  • Two wood configurations
  • Multiple loft angles
  • Only available for right-handed golfers

Final Words

While you are on the subject of playing golf, you need to ensure that you are choosing the right fairway wood that falls in alignment with the player’s needs. This senior fairway wood is perfect for everyone who wants to make controlled shots and wants to add life to the shots. But you need to consider the fact that this fairway wood is available for right-handed players only!

9. Senior Men’s SV3 Yellow Square Fairway Wood

To all those most giving golfers, use this Senior Men’s SV3 Square Fairway 3 5 7 9 Wood Set Golf Clubs with specific measurements for right-handed hitting like you have never seen before!

The right hand is dominant in this set as it was designed specifically to give power to a weak left side. Whether it’s the innovative square-shaped head or the senior flex velocity graphite shafts, everything about these clubs will help your gameplay out just fine!

This club features an updated head shape which allows more perimeter weighting and proven technologies that make it easier to hit and get depth on shots which have been one of our customer’s favorite things. When you are ready for a great deal, then click ‘buy now!’


  • The fairway wood has been designed with the thought of helping the right-handed players because it has right-hand orientation
  • The fairway wood is an optimal choice for everyone who needs higher grip over the fairway wood because it has designed with the pro velvet grip
  • The fairway wood has been integrated with senior flex velocity graphite shaft which is perfect for durability and high-performance
  • This fairway wood has been designed with four wood configurations to meet the diverse needs of the users
  • The configurations of fairway wood are 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood, and 9-wood
  • The loft angles are different with different wood configurations
  • The 3-wood has 15-degree loft angle, 5-wood has 19-degree loft angle, 7-wood has 21-degree loft angle, and 9-wood has 27-degree loft angle
  • Higher grip
  • Graphite shaft for high-performance and durability
  • Multiple configurations
  • Diverse loft angles
  • Optimal distance coverage
  • Only available for right-handed players
  • Forgiveness isn’t too much

Final Words

You might not believe this, but seniors tend to have better performance in golf because they have more experience in the field. This is why these fairway woods are optimal for seniors because the forgiveness levels are lower. All in all, this fairway wood is an apt choice for right-handed golfers!

10. Vixa V12 Fairway Wood – Best fairway woods for seniors

The Vixa Fairway Wood Golf Club for Men and Women is versatile, dependable golf gear. Designed with amateur-friendly specs and a low-profile design. This club will help you hit long-distance shots that easily get high into the air and carry over distances.

These specifications have been recognized by seasoned amateurs who enjoy using these clubs in friendly rounds of golf on the weekends.

The Vixa V12 fairway wood comes equipped with a Dynamic loft pick that changes readily as your swing speed increases, so it’s never too hard or too soft when swinging away; that means more head-to-ball contact when you need it most!

The club provides players with versatility in both loft settings and distances thanks to its smooth power slot design (enabling dynamic loft adjustments) balanced out by proprietary Stainless Steel Power Rods that reduce unwanted vibration.

The distances of 260-300 yards are attainable from this fairway wood at lower levels of swinging speed, so don’t let your handicap keep you from playing your best game!.


  • The fairway wood has a low-profile fairway metal which helps the golfers play off the turf
  • The golfers will be able to play the ball off the ground into the air which makes it apt for the beginners
  • The fairway wood has been designed to help mid and high-handicappers
  • The fairway wood has a monster par 4s which helps the golfers make long layups
  • The golfers will be able to play off the tee because of the low-profile design
  • The fairway wood has been designed to offer control over the shots while adding to the accuracy in the shots
  • The golfers will be able to make confident shots, accrediting to the ultra-tight design
  • The fairway wood has been designed with a smooth-gliding sole which helps in picking up the ball in the right direction
  • The fairway wood has a heat-treated INOX steel face that promise high-launch shots without compromising on the length of the shots
  • The golfers will be able to hit more greens with this fairway wood because of regulated design
  • The fairway wood has been designed with every golfing regulation in mind
  • The fairway wood has been integrated with top-notch quality, and also, there is a warranty available
  • Playing off the turf and green is possible
  • Suitable for mid and high-handicappers
  • Low-profile design
  • Confident shots with ultra-tight design
  • Smooth-gliding sole
  • High and long shots are possible
  • Warranty is available
  • High-quality
  • None that we could find

Final Words

Playing golf can be difficult at the start, but once you know how to play the angles, turf, and green, you will be good to go. The best thing about this fairway wood is that it has everything a mid and high-handicapper needs to optimize the high and long shots. To be honest, this fairway wood has no apparent cons, and we love this about the fairway wood!

Buying GuideBest fairway woods for seniors

best fairway woods for seniors

When you first make the choice of hitting the golf court, you need to be looking for the right fairway wood. The fairway woods are usually difficult to handle when it comes to beginners, but for the senior golfer like you, it has to be an integral part of the golf bag because that’s how you make long and high-flying shots. Right?

But to harness all these benefits, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right fairway wood because it is all about choosing quality over quantity and performance. So, if you’ve been looking for the features that are essential for choosing the fairway wood, we have outlined them all in the section below.

This buying guide has been designed with intricacy to ensure everything is essential has been added. With this buying guide, you will be able to approach the fairway wood that helps in dialing up the performance and distance. So, just have a look at the buying guide that has all the important factors that one has to consider!


You might need to be aware of this already, but golf is an expensive sport, and if you want to opt for the fairway wood, you might need to be considerate about the high price factor. This is because the fairway woods can cost more than hundreds of dollars.

This is because the fairway woods are designed to help bridge the gaps in the shots. It doesn’t matter if you are using the modern fairway wood or the old-generation one, fairway wood will cost more, and you will need to pay for it if you don’t want any compromise on the performance.

The Advanced Features

The fairway woods are designed to offers higher material performance and enhance the performance off the turf and on the green, just as the drivers do. For instance, the fairway woods with a curved sole that adds to the versatility of the shots. This way, you will be able to play rough and off the tee. So, there are multiple advanced features in a fairway wood to be considered.


While you are choosing the fairway wood, you need to ensure that the shaft is properly fitted as that directly impacts the performance. So, it is essential to consider that most of the players are choosing the fairway wood shafts that weight is ranging from ten to twenty grams because it’s usually heavy in weight as compared to the drive shafts.

The shaft flex is usually similar to that of the driver’s shafts. When we are talking about the fairway wood, the shafts have an active tip that is better as they are meant to promise higher spin rates and high launch in the shots. This way, you will be able to hit the lies. However, we have only added these things as recommendations. At the end of the day, it is all about choosing the right mix of shafts that help you optimize the shots.

Head Shape

While you are trying to buy a fairway wood, you need to understand that size and shape of the clubhead differ significantly, and so does their impact. These differences will greatly impact the performance as we look into the configuration. For instance, if you opt for the fairway woods with a small clubhead, they will have a deep face, and the shots will have a higher launch while keeping the spin in check.

In contrast, if you opt for the fairway woods with a huge clubhead, the players will be able to make the high-launch shots and more forgiveness in the shots. While we compare all this, it’s essential to note that small clubheads are suitable for the players who need to play off the tee. However, if you are someone who likes to play off the ground, large clubheads are more suitable.


If you are looking for the fairway wood, you need to look for the right loft angle because it will determine how much the ball can cover once you hit it off with the clubhead. If the loft value is too low, you might feel difficulty in launching the ball into the air, and also, it will impose impacts on the techniques and swing speed.

In contrast, the fairway wood with a higher loft angle is an apt choice if you are looking to make far-off and straight shots. The usual loft angles range from 13-degrees to 19-degrees, and it also depends on the wood configuration. Multiple fairway woods have multiple wood configurations and loft angles, so you have the choice to make according to your skillset!


If you are a beginner (irrespective of age!), you need to ensure that you are looking for some forgiveness in the shots because it is essential for beginners as they tend to make mistakes. So, while you are looking for the fairway wood, you need to ensure that you are choosing the one with a low center of gravity and also in the back of the head.

These things will help in optimizing the launch of the shots and also adds to the forgiveness. If you are looking for higher forgiveness, you might even want to get started with choosing the fairway wood that has a huge sweet spot. You might think that the clubhead is too big, but by the end, you will be able to ensure the highly forgiven shots.


When it comes down to the fairway woods, you need to jump into the distance race bandwagon, but to be honest, and there are multiple options to be looking for. For instance, you need to look for the fairway woods that have hot clubface because it helps in posing the aerodynamic shape. Also, these club faces tend to be lightweight, and also, the shafts are light in weight.

As you move into the senior section, you will be able to see that the distance coverage has gone shorter, and you will fail at hitting the far shots. So, if you choose the fairway wood with a lightweight shaft, it might help you out in covering more distance. As for the shaft, the lightweight shaft made with graphite will be able to help you out!


There is no one thing that you need to consider while thinking about the fairway wood. So, you need to consider multiple factors when it comes to adjustability, and these things will directly impact the game. For instance, if you are a beginner, you might need to opt for the closed clubface because it helps in hitting the squares.

Also, you might need to go for the high loft because the low loft angle tends to be difficult to play with. In addition, you might need to check for adjustability with age. This is because your game changes as you grow up. So, while you are hitting high with age, you might need to change the settings of the fairway wood before changing up the entire club from scratch.

Be Attentive To Clubs

The fairway woods are designed with wood (obviously!), and they are made off the fairway wood with a persimmon tree. However, the modern fairway woods are being added with different materials because obviously, people are looking for higher accuracy in the shots, and they want to increase the distance coverage.

However, whenever you are looking for the fairway wood, you need to understand these fairway woods are different from other clubs, given the long shaft. These shafts will pose higher power in the swing. In contrast, if you are choosing the small head, you will be able to make the shots off the ground. Whenever you are talking about the standard settings, the senior golfers tend to have two fairway woods and a driver.

The usual fairway woods are down with 3-wood and 5-wood, and if you don’t know, you need to know that these numbers put a variation in the loft angle. However, if you opt for the 2-wood and 4-wood, you will be able to make solid contacts in the game easily. The 2-wood and 4-wood have similar loft angles.

On the other hand, the 5-wood is designed to replace the 3-wood, and in addition, the 4-wood can be replaced with the 7-wood. On top of everything, if you are struggling with slow swing speed, 11-wood is an amazing option out there.

Club Construction

While you are choosing the fairway wood, you need to be considerate about the shaft, and usually, people are choosing the graphite shafts. The graphite shafts tend to be light in weight and more flexible as well. This comparison is made against the steel. The graphite shafts are designed to offer the just-right loft angles that beginner, and intermediate golfers need.

However, if you are experienced, you might be looking for steel shafts because they ensure distance coverage off the swing. In addition, they tend to have low-profile flights. Also, the steel shafts help in hitting the consistent shots without compromising on the rough grounds. Once you have made sure of the shaft construction, you might need to look forward at the head of the shaft.

There is a wide range of selections when it concerns the head. The majority of the heads are designed with steel because they tend to be small in size, and also, they are cheaper in price when you compare it with the driver. In addition, you can opt for titanium as well, but it tends to be expensive and not optimal for beginners.

But the titanium club head tends to have a relatively huge sweet spot because it helps the golfers make forgiving shots and swings. In addition, there are composite materials being used in the heads as well that include the integration of tungsten and carbon fiber. However, not everyone is tying up with this material because it hasn’t managed to get the right marketing.

Lightweight and Bendable

With growing age, our swing speed slows down, so the clubs’ weight becomes more significant. We need to choose well-built clubs that are made of lightweight materials. If you utilize a stiffer shaft, you will begin to slice the ball and add shots to your round. You can rely on the senior flex to take your swing speed between 70 to 90mph. Folks who don’t know about their swing speed can divide their driving distance by 2.3. For instance, if you drive 230 yards, your swing speed will be 100mph.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Why Do I Need Modern Fairway Woods For Seniors?

Many senior citizens like to play golf because it does not involve shuddering physical effort. Also, it does not put immense stress on your joints like other games. However, it demands a lot of effort. It is challenging to strike the ball over a hundred yards down a fairway. This sport needs stronger muscles and swift responses. It is a fact that our swing speed slows down with growing age.

The age of one-fifth of golfers in the USA is 70 years old. You will also see eighty and ninety years old individuals playing golf on the course. Tools and rules have upgraded dramatically to accommodate these alterations.

These days, golf carts are available that make the long walks around the course more comfortable. Senior golfers won’t have to carry heavy golf club bags on their shoulders. Also, manufacturers have made significant transformations in the clubs. Modern clubs can help you cover more distance and improve your swing speed.

2.     What Are The Fairway Woods?

Fairway woods are golf clubs that are commonly used to cover more distance. Steel or titanium material is used for manufacturing them, and they have long shafts. Many golfers look for lightweight clubs that are easier to handle.

The clubhead should be larger so that you can continue to strike the ball on the sweet spot. These days, you will observe grooves on the clubheads integrated to improve the ball’s performance further.

3.     How Much Amount Should I Invest In A Fairway Wood?

Even if you can afford to spend a hefty amount on the clubs, we recommended you set a budget for yourself so that you can stick to it. In general, expensive clubs are made of stellar quality materials and are packed with advanced technologies and features that will elevate your game. However, it does not mean that you can’t find high-quality clubs at affordable rates. We have tried to mention clubs of different price ranges in our guide, so you can pick anyone you like.

4.     What Is The Difference Between Fairway Woods And Drivers?

They both are the same, and sometimes, they have the same loft as well. However, they have different designs, so they are placed in two different categories. Drivers have larger clubheads, and they are used to strike the ball from a tee.

On the other hand, fairway woods have curved soles and are anticipated to be used when hitting the ball from a short tee and diverse course conditions. While purchasing a club, you must keep these differences in mind.  

5.     Is There Any Difference Between A Hybrid And A Fairway Wood?

Hybrids are created to replace long and hard-to-hit irons. Both hybrids and fairway woods have identical lofts but, they can produce different flights depending on your swing speed. Hybrids flaunt a smaller clubhead and generate a lower ball flight with less gyration at the same loft.

6.     What Is The Correct Way To Strike A Fairway Wood?

They are difficult to strike. Many golfers hit the ball off the tee or from the green. However, if you have a slower swing speed, you should buy a fairway wood with more loft. The higher lofted clubs cover more distance because of enhanced spin and carry.

7.     What Are The Advantages Of Fairway Woods For High-Handicappers?

Golf clubs for high-handicappers are manufactured with two factors in mind: increased forgiveness and distance coverage on off-center hits. High-handicappers’ fairway woods are tremendously forgiving.

To make the clubs more forgiving, weight is moved to the perimeter, and the clubhead is made bigger, providing you with a larger sweet spot to strike the ball. The brands also use other design approaches to make the clubs as forgiving as possible. For example, they manipulate the “CG” location.

8.     Can I Use Fairway Woods As A Beginner Golfer?

Yes, beginners can use them because they are lightweight, so it will be easier for them to utilize them. It generates more speed, and the club’s size makes it more forgiving. Their low “CG” will help you launch the ball higher into the air.

9.     Which Brand Manufacturers The Best Fairway Woods For Seniors?

Many companies are creating superior-quality clubs for novices and seniors. You should purchase a club that feels the best and increases confidence. These are the leading brands that we recommend:

  • Cobra
  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway

10.  What Fairway Wood Should I Use If I Have Slower Swing Speed?

They have longer shafts than other clubs. Initially, they were made from the persimmon tree, but nowadays, steel and titanium materials are used for making them. If you have a slower swing speed, you can take advantage of fairway woods.

The Bottom Line

The fairway woods are amazing to ensure high forgiving shots without compromising on the performance. This is pretty easy to understand, given the point that fairway woods have become the go-to option for the senior players. The best thing about fairway woods is that golfers are able to make extra distance coverage.

However, the loft is essential to be considered, and fairway woods will be an apt choice if you are struggling with a slower swing speed. This article has covered a wide range of fairway woods, which are specially designed for seniors. This is because seniors need to be considerate about multiple factors because, with age, people tend to lose the distance.

Also, we have covered up the buying guide through which you will be able to access what different factors need to be considered while buying the fairway wood. So, just go, pull out some money, and you will be able to find the perfect fairway wood that matches your skills and goals.

We are sure that you will be able to hit the right spots with a wide range of fairway woods that have been added to this article. All in all, best of luck with your next time at the golf court!


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