Best Fairway Wood Shafts

Top 5 Best Fairway Wood Shafts in 2022

Golf is one of the classical sports out there, and fairway woods have become an integral part of the golfer’s golf bags.

However, these fairway woods have an integral component, named a shaft, which helps make optimal shots without compromising on the distance coverage and length of the shots.

The topping point is that wood shafts help in controlling the shots.

For instance, the players can make fast swing speed and ramp up the short game. These fairway wood shafts are used for generating the higher club head speed simply because they are designed that way.

The best thing about these shafts is that they cannot be too flexible because otherwise, they will spray up the ball, and there will be zero control.

According to the United States Golf Teachers Federation, the players who have fast swings and short backswings, they can improve their performance with wood shafts.

These fairway wood shafts have been designed to offer higher control over the shots because, mind us, gaining control over the shots is more important than covering the distance.

So, if you want to attain all these benefits, we have added a wide range of the best fairway wood shafts in this article.

These shafts are designed to help fairway wood golfers top up the game, and they will make sure that you are able to reduce negative impacts and enhance the clubhead speed.

In addition, we have added the buying guide that helps golfers choose the right fairway wood shaft. So, have a look!

best fairway wood shafts
Best Fairway Wood Shafts

List of Best Fairway Wood Shafts

1. Project X New HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 63g Driver

Choosing the right shaft holds more importance as compared to choosing the right fairway wood. Every6 golfer understands the importance of choosing the right club and iron because they make the game what it is.

However, the majority of people don’t understand that the right shaft plays an integral role in optimizing performance.

So, if you already have the fairway wood but are looking for the shafts, you will find plenty of options in the market.

There are different material constructions for shafts, but in some cases, the materials aren’t effective enough to pose positive changes in the game.

If you’ve been looking for the shafts, this Project X New HZRDUS fairway shaft is an amazing option.


  • The shaft has been designed to reduce the spinning speed
  • The shaft has a back-weighted integration which makes a suitable choice for the smooth players who don’t get intense on the golf court
  • This shaft is an amazing option if golfers are trying to ensure the lower launch
  • The shaft has a broad brush that makes it pretty optimal for hitting the right shots
  • Back-weighted integration
  • Lower launch rate
  • Reduced spinning speed
  • Broad brush
  • Multiple outliers
  • The lineup isn’t effective

Final Words

If you’ve been trying to optimize the shots and align them in the right direction, this shaft will be a suitable option for every fairway wood user. The low launch rate promises that players can make the shots on the ground and reduce the chances of off-hits. All in all, it is the perfect choice for the smooth players who don’t like to go overboard with the strength and power of the shots!

2. Project X New HZRDUS Black 6.5 75g Driver

Ever since golf has been introduced, it has become the top choice among elite people because, well, the game is classic for sure. However, another reason is that golf equipment is pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford them. On top of that, the golf club memberships are a good dent on the bank account as well.

So, it’s needless to say golf is surely an expensive sport and once you’ve made up your mind, you need to opt for the right equipment because, well, it costs pretty much.

So, if you are used to playing with the fairway wood, you’d understand that choosing the right club is essential. But what most people don’t understand is choosing the right shaft is equally essential.

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect fairway wood shaft, this is one of the most amazing options out there. In the section below, we are sharing some top-notch features which have been integrated into this shaft!


  • This shaft is designed with black color which makes it look pretty sophisticated
  • The shaft has a low spinning which makes it suitable for the smooth player
  • There are low launching features in the shaft
  • The shaft can be integrated with hybrids and shafts
  • The shaft has been designed with the tweaks in the design
  • There are material replacements in the shaft which ensures consistent performance
  • The shaft has a hazmat placard which portrays the flex, torque, weight, and spins in just right ways
  • The shaft has a relatively higher torque value, promising smooth feel
  • The golfers can make solid and aggressive shots with this shaft
  • The golfers will be able to play and launch the high windows with this shaft
  • The shaft promises consistent and higher distance coverage
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Solid shots are possible
  • Material replacement
  • Higher torque value
  • Consistent shots
  • Low launch
  • The color fades off

Final Words

If you’ve been in the search for a shaft that not only promises consistency in the shots but offers lower launch values as well, this shaft is your way to go. Be it the materials or performance, and everything has gotten an overhaul in a positive manner.

3. Aldila New NV 65 R/S/X Flex Shaft, Tip Size .335″, Uncut 46″

Imagine yourself sitting in the exam hall, you know everything that has been asked in the exam, but your pen isn’t working, so you cannot write anything.

This clearly shows that you were using the wrong gear and didn’t make an apt choice. Similarly, if you are in the golf court and have every possible knowledge to ace a certain, but if the club isn’t right, you will lose.

So, this clearly depicts the importance of choosing the right clubs and irons. However, most people don’t understand this, but in the majority of cases, there are no apparent issues in the club, but there are faults in the shaft.

This means that you might be on the lookout for a suitable shaft that enhances your game while you are out playing golf.

With this Aldila flex shaft, all your golfing problems will be taken care of. These things will be managed and maintained because the manufacturers have added the following features in the shaft;


  • The shaft has been designed with the regular flex, making it suitable for beginners and intermediate golfers
  • The tip size is 0.335” that clearly shows that it’s perfect for honing the shots and touch the ball
  • The shaft has a torque angle of 3.5-degrees which has positive impacts on the consistency of the shots
  • As far as the launch angle is concerned, it’s low-mid
  • It has a lime color outlook which looks pretty fresh for the sunny golf court
  • The shaft is promised to provide the uniform feel
  • The shaft has been constructed with a constant taper wall thickness design that promises consistency in the performance
  • The constant taper design will help eliminate the inconsistent flex zones and dead spots from the shot
  • The NV Line promises zero compromises on the consistency
  • There are four different series available
  • There is micro laminate technology that not only leads to optimal flex and power is enhanced as well
  • The shaft has a very slim design which optimizes the stable profile
  • Consistent flex
  • Perfect feel
  • Micro laminate technology
  • Higher power integration
  • Dead spots are eliminated
  • Four series are available
  • Stable profile
  • Suitable for the strong player
  • Slow swing speed
  • Heavyweight

Final Words

Well, there are some downsides in everything, but one must focus on the positive sides if one intends on gaining the right performance scales. With this shaft, you will be able to make shots that play off the tee, and also, there are zero compromises on the power and flex. All in all, this shaft really ramps up the confidence.

4. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 60g Driver

You might not be in favor of this, but investing the right efforts and zero concentration blind spots are essential if you intend to make it big in the golf court.

This is simply because people are always trying to ramp up their game, and that notion has saturated the golf court. In other words, competition is rising than ever before.

The main thing that helps golfers ace the shot is the right equipment, which is the prime reason that they are always investing in the most expensive and high-performance clubs.

But the majority of them don’t understand that they need to be considerate about the shaft because that’s mainly the powerhouse of the golf club.

There are multiple brands offering the shafts, but Project X has saturated the shaft market. However, one cannot complain because they have everything that a golfer needs to ramp up the game.

This is why we have added this shaft because it’s one of the best. So, have a look at the features!


  • This shaft truly feels like the next generation of HZRDUS and people have been praising the features already
  • The golfers will be able to make accurate shots with it
  • There are low-spin features that empower the players to optimize the consistent shots
  • The shaft has strong stability in the shots
  • There is a laser-like low launch feature in the shaft that helps golfers make smooth shots
  • The shaft has a very sleek yet highly modest outlook
  • The flex profile of this shaft is extremely smooth
  • The load and release factor are pretty significant
  • The players will be able to make consistent and smooth shots
  • This shaft is more user-friendly
  • The shaft has been designed with the easier launch in the air
  • There are easy to control factors in the shaft
  • The golfers can easily attain the spin under 2k with this shaft
  • Easier play in the air
  • Low launch
  • Easy to control
  • Smooth play
  • Load and release factors are significant
  • User-friendly
  • Accurate shots
  • Low-spin
  • Stable shots
  • Feel is off
  • Boardy outlook

Final Words

Project X has really managed to ramp up the game with this shaft, and to be honest. Every smooth player is in love with this shaft. If you are the player who wants to add some action to their swing game and ramp the launch scale, this shaft is the way to go. All in all, you will be able to make professional shots with this shaft!

5. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60g Driver Shaft Stiff Flex w

Having the best golf club in the world might not help you if the shaft isn’t right and doesn’t have the features that are required to improve your game.

Many people don’t understand the importance until they are asked to change the shafts, and when they do, they regret that they didn’t change the shafts before.

This is purely the importance of shafts and how it improves performance.

So, this surely determines how important using the shaft is, and that’s the prime reason that people are constantly on the bandwagon of improving the game.

This is why Project X has been working on a wide range of options that meet everyone’s demands. So, with this new HZRDUS Smoke 6.0, they have literally cranked up the notch with the following features!


  • The shaft has an uncut length of 46” which makes it suitable for the average-height person
  • The adapter has been installed to the shaft’s tip which makes the shot easier to hit
  • The shaft has been integrated with the shaft (TaylorMade grip) which makes it easier for the golfers to gain a better grip on the shafts
  • The shaft promises higher playability because it has been designed with the material replacement
  • The shaft has low launch features that make it suitable for the players who don’t want to go overboard with the launching
  • There are low-spinning designs which makes sure that golfers have higher control over the shots
  • The shaft is suitable for the aggressive golfers as well
  • Easy to hit with
  • TaylorMade grip
  • Low launch features
  • Low spinning design
  • Control over the shots
  • Suitable for aggressive golfers
  • Expensive

Final Words

As far as the performance and quality are concerned, there are no compromises on that with this shaft. The shaft has a good brand name, which is basically all you need for assurance and promising outcomes. However, you might need to go a bit overboard with the money because this shaft might cost more than the regular shafts, well who can complain when the performance is top-notch, right?

Best Fairway Wood ShaftBuying Guide

For everyone out there, choosing the best fairway wood shaft is essential, but to be honest, finding the best shaft for the golfers is pretty difficult when it comes down to the fitting.

There are multiple aspects that need to be considered. Some players and fitters literally use common sense or sixth sense to opt for the shat that turns out to be a disaster.

In the modern world, which has been impregnated by technology, the golfers can access the programs which help the golfers to access the right shaft once you provide information about your skill level and the goals that you intend on achieving.

But these programs are not usually accurate because golfers aren’t usually able to talk to the helpers.

Even more, there are no facilities available for feedback regarding different shafts and clubs, which makes it even hard to optimize the game and overall choice.

There are some club fitters that can be implied as they can help analyze the data. This data will eventually help in optimizing your launch and monitor the performance.

The collective data can be used to outline the final options. The best thing about this tactic is that it will be zero guesswork, and the players will eventually be able to make the right decision.

Once the players are able to make the right decision, the performance will ramp up. But again, there are some things that cannot be calculated by the club fitters, such as they feel.

However, consumers have become pretty aware and knowledgeable, which empowers them to add the input data and launch the data for lining out the possible choices. I

n other words, the consumers are highly aware of multiple aspects, which enables them to make an informed decision without jeopardizing the performance scale.

All in all, it is pretty difficult to make the final and informed decision. But the process will become even more difficult if you aren’t using the right information or if you are misled.

This is the prime reason that we have added this buying guide that helps people understand the factors that need to be considered once they are buying the shafts for their fairway wood. So, have a look!

Shaft Selection Primer

As a golfer, you must understand that you need to look for the strength in the shots (controlled too!), but that can be determined by the shaft flex. While choosing the shaft flex, the golfers need to optimize the swing speed, ball speed ranges, and the shaft flex swing speed that is usually implied in the correspondence.

Swing Tempo

The swing tempo is usually implied by the pace or speed of the swing. Obviously, there are slow, medium, and fast swing speeds. According to the stats (and physics, of course!), the higher tempo demands stiff shaft flex. In contrast, if the tempo is slow, the required flex will be soft.


The release of the swings and shots can be early, mid, and late. For instance, if the early release is being used, the shots are highly likely to go higher but will be weak as well. In addition, the swing speed will be lower. Even more, the late release will lead to better and higher swing speed and optimal gameplay.


The trajectory is known to be the height of the ball flight. There are three different types of ball flight, such as low, mid, and high. The ball flight will be higher once the players use flexible shafts. However, the ball flight will be higher as well once the bend point is low. In contrast, the ball flight will be lower if the shaft will be stiff. So, if the bend point is high, the ball flight will be lower as well.

Flight Direction Tendency

If the shafts aren’t properly fitting, the flight direction will be inconsistent because the flex characteristics are mismatched. Even more, the compensation and perception of the players can be determined with the mismatched flex. For instance, if the shaft is too flexible, the ball flight direction will be inconsistent everywhere.

In contrast, if the shaft is too stiff, the shots can be missed off the target, and the missed shots will even increase in frequency. However, this configuration is imposed on right-handed players. There are multiple flight direction tendencies, such as hook, slice, draw, fade, and straight.

Distance Control

Whenever we are talking about the golfers, they are either looking for distance control, distance, and control. When it comes down to the shaft, the light shaft, and is long, the game will be flexible, and the distance coverage chances will be higher. On the other hand, if the shaft is heavy, the length of the club is short, and the gameplay will be stiff. However, with this configuration, the tight shot dispersion will be great. The prime reason for thinking about this aspect is that shaft fitting will directly impact the control and distance.

Types of Golf Shafts

best fairway wood shaft

When it comes down to the golf shafts, there are different types of shafts available for the golfers. The types of the shafts respective of the material, such as;

Steel Shafts

These shafts are highly durable and strong; however, the steel shafts tend to be cheap as compared to the graphite shafts. When it comes down to the steel shafts, some are constructed with stainless steel, but the majority of them are designed with carbon steel. These steel shafts don’t have lateral twisting, and the torque will be removed.

The steel shafts are usually designed with higher control over the shots, and also, the accuracy in the shots will be improved. In addition, the distance coverage will be higher. However, these shafts will need higher swing speeds, which makes them optimal to create distance coverage similar to the graphite shafts. The steel shafts are perfect for everyone who is looking for extra control over the shots and normal swing speed.

  • Stepped Steel Shafts – These shafts are designed with the reduction in the shaft’s diameter, and the tip is narrow as well
  • Rifle Steel Shafts – There are no steps in this steel shaft which makes sure that the shaft is smooth from top to bottom

Graphite Shafts

These shafts are usually more expensive as compared to other shafts, but to be honest, they are relatively lower on the durability side. The shafts tend to be lightweight, which leads to higher swing speed, and the shots will be more powerful. However, some golfers might compromise on the control of the shots, and the flex will be generated.

Multi-Material Shafts

This is more of an advanced option out there because it has been used in drivers and irons. These shafts are designed with graphite and steel combinations. In the majority of cases, the steel shaft will be designed with a graphite tip that helps gain ball flight. The graphite tip will add distance coverage and adds a whip to the ball. On top of everything, the graphite tip will eliminate the vibrations because shots will be optimized.

Titanium Shafts

This is another new material used in the shaft construction. The titanium shafts will be lightweight, and also, the vibrations will be reduced and offer a very stiff feel!

Shaft Flex

This factor will clearly determine the distance and direction of the shaft performance. This is the prime reason that correct flex will be optimal for your gameplay improvement. Even if you’ve chosen the stiffest shaft out there, the flex will be produced at some level that can impact the golf swing. So, if you are a golfer who wants a fast swing, the low flex shaft is essential.

In contrast, the great flex shaft will optimize the slower swing speed. There are different flexes, such as extra stiff, stiff, firm, regular, amateur, senior, and ladies. In addition, if the shaft has a lower bend level, the swing and control of the shots will be top-notch. Also, beginners tend to have weak swings, and that’s where great flexibility is essential.


The weight of the shaft is determined by the actual weight of the raw. Also, it is determined by the uncut shaft when there is no installation yet. The weight of the shaft will be measured in grams. If the shaft is lightweight, the shaft will be lower in grams. With this configuration, the club head speed will be enhanced, and the distance covered will be top-notch as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Look For In A Fairway Wood If I Want To Replace It With The Driver?

If you are an apprentice golfer, you can purchase wood with fifteen or eighteen degrees loft. It means you can get a standard 3 or 4 fairway wood if it has an adjustable hosel. The three wood must be forgiving and provide you towering launch and low spin. This duo will assist you in acquiring more distance and precision. Ultimately, it is better to get a driver-like fairway wood with a higher head, rounder outline, and deeper face.

2. If I Have Hybrids, Should I Get Woods?

The majority of golfers feel more comfortable playing with a hybrid than a wood. The hybrid features a smaller shaft, so it is easier to hit. It has a thicker head and lower “CG,” making it more forgiving on mishits. Also, it helps the golfer strike the ball higher in the air.

On the other hand, woods have lengthier and wider soles and need cleaner interaction. Besides, they have a more shallow methodology than hybrids, but they should not scare you off carrying wood. The wood’s longer shaft and larger head offer it a substantial superiority in the distance over the same numbered hybrid.

3. What Should I Look For In Wood If I Want To Utilize It Off The Fairway?

You should find wood with a thinner face and lower “CG” because it will launch the ball higher with more spin. We don’t recommend getting wood with a deeper face because it won’t throw the ball higher. A lengthier heel-to-toe silhouette gives you confidence and is an excellent option for new golfers.

4. Can I Only Use Hybrids?

They are an outstanding option for beginners, and you must carry at least one hybrid in your bag. They make it easier for you to swing. Many high-handicappers use them confidently than drivers and woods. The reason is, they feature smaller shafts and are a bit more forgiving because of lower “CG.” On the other hand, fairway woods are furnished with longer shafts and bigger clubheads, covering more distance.

5. Should I Use Driver Or Wood To Hit The Ball Off The Tee?

Wood would be a better option for many golfers to hit the ball off the tee instead of a driver. Wood bends the ball less, so you will obtain an opportunity to hit more fairways. You can rely on 5-wood or 7-wood to hit the ball off the tee. Once you are consistent with the wood, you can switch to the driver to include some yards.

6.  3 Hybrid Or 5 Wood: What Should I Carry?

We would advise you to carry 5 wood in your bag initially instead of a hybrid. 5 wood is one of the most reliable clubs. This tool will reduce scores. The longest club a golfer should carry is the wood. You only need five clubs to play golf: sand wedge, putter, 175+ yard club, 100- yard club, and 150- yard club. Just rely on these clubs to play golf in a better way.

7. How Long Will The Driver Shaft Last?

If you play golf occasionally, then it should last for a longer duration. However, if you play frequently or are a professional golfer, it will wear out quicker. 

8. Are There Any Specific Rules About Driver Shafts That I Have To Keep In Mind?

Yes, bear in mind that driver shafts must not surpass 48 inches in length. Many brands sell shafts premeasured, so you can buy them without overthinking. The driver shafts will be compatible with pretty much all drivers.

9. How To Choose A Fairway Wood?

There are various aspects that you have to consider while buying a fairway wood. Many folks check how it feels in hands and how much distance it covers. Yes, these factors are essential, and they will help you level up your game. At each level of golf, you will need different characteristics in a wood.

High-handicappers will need forgiveness and distance, and low-handicappers will look for flexibility and correct striking height. Mid-handicappers look for a combination of both. These are some significant things that you must consider while getting a new wood: forgiveness, versatility, adjustability, distance, and launch height.

10. What Should Be The Weight Of The Shaft?

If you have a slow swing speed, you should opt for a lightweight shaft. However, if your swing speed is faster, buy a heavier shaft. The driver shaft weight is 55 to 60g for males and 45 to 50g for females. Irons shaft weighs 55g in graphite, and steel shafts weigh 130g.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing the right shaft is important to enhance the overall gameplay, and once you are playing with the fairway wood, the importance tops up even more. With this article, we have added the best fairway wood shafts, which will help increase the performance and quality.

In addition, we have shared the buying guide as well, through which people will be able to interpret the right aspects for buying the shaft. So, loosen up the pocket and have the best experience out there!


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