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Top 10 Best wedge for chipping in 2022

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Chipping plays a very significant role in the game of golf. It helps you get back to the game in case if you miss the green a bit. Give a great chip, and you can go back in the play. In this regard, wedges help the player get the fine chipping, saving them in the golf game. 

So if you search for the best wedge for chipping around the green, there will undoubtedly be some reasons behind it. You might know the importance of chipping shots in golf, as the best wedge in the bag will increase your scoreboard. 

The next reason might be your present wedges come to retirement age, and you want new amazing and shiny packed wedges. The new set of wedges will help you as a player in the game for sure. Or it might be your chipping game is not according to your score.

For all these reasons, the only solution the golf doctors prescribed. Bring the new set of wedges and get into the golf game. Fortunately, your search for the best wedges comes to an end as you go through this article. 

We have shortlisted the top 10 best wedges for chipping, which will help you get the right one. Let’s get into the article without wasting much time so you can quickly go to the market and buy the one you want after reading this.

best wedge for chipping

Top 10 best wedges for chipping:

1- Autopilot square strike wedge – Best Wedge For Chipping Around The Green

This wedge is very close to the already present clubs for chipping that you might have seen for years. But the square strike wedge is made with the latest technology of steroids. It is created to function like a putter due to the heavy head and lie angle upright, similar to a pitching wedge. 

This wedge’s loft is 45 degrees that the players mostly use for chipping shots in the golf game. The company developed this wedge, especially for the players who get overly handsy with their golf wedges. These wedges provide more motion, which proves to be easy to reproduce for golfers. 

This wedge provides relief to the players who struggle with shots of chipping or pitching around the green in the golf course. The one drawback of this wedge is that it is not very versatile to the club, but if you want a wedge only for shorter shots, it is undoubtedly useful. 

Quick features:

  • Easy swing motion: The putter-like lie angle of this wedge is 68 degrees. And additionally, the weight with anti-rotational enables you to control the shots, which gives players ease.
  • It is nearly impossible to hit fat: This wedge has an extra-wide sole and leading edge that secures the shots from digging. The stable & heavy feel gives the players more confidence while playing.
  • More effective chipping than 7-iron: The shorter height of this wedge is suitable for both men & women as it provides easy control and no fear of gripping down with smooth operation. This is the reason why it is called best wedges for women.
  • Choice of color & hand: You can customize your wedge according to your preference. You can select the color and hand that pairs up with your existing irons in the golf bag. 
  • Unique design
  • Low COG
  • Ideal short shots
  • Anti-chunk sole
  • Easy to use
  • A bit heavy

Final words:

The square strike wedge proves to be right for you if you want to play only short shots with this wedge. It is useful for both men and women golf players. It functions more like a putter, so for the versatility, it not sounds perfect.

2- Autopilot xE1 sand wedge – 60 Degree Wedge

This product proves to be the best sand wedges for high handicappers because of its forgiveness and technology, and unique design. This wedge falls in the sand wedge category, which is mostly recommended for shorter shots like chips or pitches in golf by professional golfers.

On the whole, Autopilot Company’s wedges are specially designed to provide its players the forgiveness, which beginners mostly need. During the design of xE1 wedges, the main focus was put on tough lies and escaping bunkers over the green. It also gives a straightforward trajectory and speed.

These wedges are very easy to use, but still, you need to do some practice to get used to them before proper playing. It causes because of a bit heavy head as compared to other wedges in the market of golf. You will love to buy this wedge for sure after reading the article with unique features and performance.

Quick features:

  • Eliminate fat shots: Using these wedges, you can say goodbye to chunked pitch and chip shots with confidence, as they will help you escape fat shots practically in the game.
  • Out-in-one sand wedge: With this wedge, you can automatically get away bunkers in one. The wedges have a unique sole and high degree loft, which makes the hitting very easy & perfect.
  • Flop shots made easy: The xE1 wedges will enable you to hit high & impressive flop shots just like you are a pro player. With this, you can hit rising flop shots with ease and comfort.
  • Save strokes instantly: The unique design of the xE1 wedge makes you hit perfect chip shots without opening clubface or stance. All you need is to set up square and swing easily; no troubles.
  • High loft angle
  • Unique design
  • Good bounce
  • More forgiveness
  • Affordable price
  • Fine looks
  • Lack of feel

Final words:

These xE1 wedges prove to be the most forgiving wedges for beginners. The overall performance and looks of this wedge are exceptional. This wedge has all the things you want for the chipping shots in the game of golf. 

3- TaylorMade golf Bigfoot wedge – Best Golf Wedges Ever

As a player, if you search for new wedges, you might observe that full grooved and big heads are continuously being popular in the golf markets. The same case is with these Bigfoot golf wedges by TaylorMade Company. In the 2nd generation, they named these wedges as Hi-Toe models in golf.

The Bigfoot wedge has a super new broad sole with a bounce of 15 degrees and might be thankful to the makers once you play with these wedges. The new design of wedges has many advantages over the traditional design golf wedges in the past you come across after playing with them.

The rusty finish of this wedge looks excellent, but it begins to look old very early. But some golfers like the rusty finish, so it depends upon your choice preference. Despite looks, the wedges prove to be fantastic for bunkers. If you are a struggling player with a sand wedge, you must give it a try. 

Quick features:

  • Bigfoot wide sole: The wide sole of this wedge is specially made during manufacturing to give a more lie angle with smooth flight in the golf course during playing.
  • Hi-Toe design technology: The latest Hi-toe technology in the wedges provides its users real feelings and confidence while hitting the shots up in the sky over the green.
  • Deep CG pockets: The large center of gravity pockets on the Bigfoot wedges is one of the most striking features. It gives extra weight to the toe, which in return provides balance head weight. 
  • Versatility wedge: This wedge is a versatile wedge that can also make up with other clubs in your golf bag. They provide you the playability and improve your game of golf. 
  • Forgiving shots
  • Wide sole
  • Confident game
  • Good in thick rough
  • Versatile design
  • A bit tricky ball flight adjustment

Final words:

This wedge proves to be best for the green-side bunker shots. This wedge’s fully grooved face is more forgiving, which provides you the consistency and good looks. It gives higher flight to your ball and never disappoints you in the play.

4- Mazel regular golf wedge – Best Wedges For Women

The Mazel wedge is regarded as pitching and chipping wedges commonly. This wedge seems to be similar to square strike wedges as both of them function as putters mostly. Mazel’s wedges come up in various degree lofts, but the most famous among them is 45 degrees in the game liked by golfers. 

The grip of Mazel wedges is the thing most liked by the players. The grip is produced in a very substantial size compared to other wedges, especially square strike ones. The high lofted Mazel’s wedges can be used for heavy rough & tough from sand; if you don’t like shallow chippers in-game.

The fantastic features and performance made this wedge the premium option for the golf game’s high handicappers. The hybrid model of golf wedges in the market now by providing its users a heavy head and low center of gravity in the golf course. 

Quick features:

  • High-quality grip: The rubber grip provides high performance as it is a handful to use. Moreover, it removes the unwanted vibrations, which develop a consistent and stable feel.
  • Chip ball quickly: By using this wedge, you can easily improve your chipping shots. The low COG with a heavy head lessens the friction through the sand or turf during golf.
  • No-digging wide sole: This feature secures the game from digging by having a wide sole. The flimsy grooves of the sole wedge aids in reducing the effect of friction for giving accuracy to the player.
  • Different Loft options: The Mazel company gives its users four different loft degree options, including 35, 45, 55, and 60 suitable for left or right-handed players. Choose the one according to your choice.
  • Perfect grip
  • Various colors
  • Loft degree options
  • Hybrid model
  • Reasonable price
  • Premium quality
  • It needs a bit of practice.

Final words:

These Mazel wedges prove to be the best golf wedges for beginners in the game of golf. The fantastic hybrid model and key features make it famous among beginners for chipping shots. Once you buy them, your struggle with shots will go away.

5- Callaway 2019 PM grind wedge – Best Golf Wedges

If you are a golf player and searching for more versatility over the green, then the 2019 PM grind golf wedge is the exact thing you want for the golf game. The Callaway Company focused on making the shorter shots easier for every golfer by providing these newly designed golf wedges in the market.

The offset groove-in-groove technology in the 2019 Grind wedges increases the spin, mostly in the golf game’s lob shots. The higher toe provides more face hitting area in the club-head of wedges. These wedges are specially designed for three shots, including knockdown, plop and hit & check.

This wedge is considered a truly super fantastic achievement in the wedge design of the golf game. Having this wedge in your golf bag will surely help you match other clubs due to its versatility and excellent performance. The latest technology used in this wedge will make a good game for chipping shots.

Quick features:

  • C-grind sole: The latest grind sole provides relief to its players. It connects various green-side lies by giving immense ease at heel and toe assists crisp in golf.
  • Offset groove-in-groove tech: This latest technology is made up for giving the players the high spin shots of lob & pitch. The micro-groove on a 20-degree angle provides added spin on chip shots.
  • Increased offset: Due to increased offset, the high center of gravity aids the golfer to control the ball’s trajectory on full and half shots of the game. It connects with the higher toe and works together.
  • Premium components: The fantastic collaboration of famous golfer and company comes out with a premium quality wedge with high-quality parts such as steel wedge shaft or tour grey finish. 
  • Awesome wedges
  • Easy to hit
  • Best for short game
  • Latest technology
  • Top reviewed
  • A lot of backspin

Final words:

These wedges develop all the features and qualities a player wants to have for shorter golf game shots. The fantastic team combo made a unique design wedge that gives you a good feel and confidence. It is the highly recommended wedge ever. 

6- Wosofe golf sand wedge – Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

This golf wedge falls out in the category of sand wedges. If you want to secure your ball from tricky pits over the green, then these wedges prove to be unique for you. This wedge can develop many playing types such as pin, shovel, dig, long grass, and fairway under every condition.

These wedges have, beyond belief, unique grooves. The developers of these wedges made the surface of the wedge with the technology of CNC machines. These wedges have multi-directional grooves. Whenever you connect with the ball, the wedge will make spinning stronger and accurate than before in the game.

These wedges’ colorful looks make them very attractive, and players find out them pretty when lying in the golf bag. Some drawbacks are also that it is made from carbon steel, so it is not very durable as other wedges in the game of golf. As a whole, it is perfect, and the looks are very eye-catching.

Quick features:

  • Unique design: it has an enhanced, streamlined design that lessens resistance providing a large hitting area for the golf ball. High précised grooves perform very well in every weather condition.
  • Multi-directional grooves: this feature helps you in getting the required spin of the golf ball. It also provides accuracy and control over the ball to its players in the golf course.
  • Super reverse rotation: the wedge face with this feature enables its players to give stable performance in the course. CNC control design gives précised control and super backspin.
  • Great appearance: This wedge’s look is very bright and colorful, which gives the most classy and fashionable appearance in the golf bag or during playing. The Chameleon color shafts are beautiful.
  • CNC impact surface
  • Big sweet zone
  • Streamline design
  • Weather-resistant grooves
  • Colorful appearance
  • Quick wearing finish

Final words:

On sunny days, this wedge will shine like a diamond, and weather-resistant grooves help you to play in any condition. They look delightful, and the feel of the game is also very surprisingly good. If you want a colorful wedge, then it is a good option.

7- HX-9 golf wedge – Best Sand Wedges For High Handicappers

Precisegolfco has been one of the best candidates for selling fantastic wedges in the golf market. They paired up with chipping wedges from the hybrid golf club to provide maximum golf hits in the golf course around the green. You can trust this golf Company without any doubt.

These wedges are the best option for the players who come across problems or struggles with shanks. These wedges are specially made for chipping and are regarded as shaft-proof wedges. The company combines the latest technologies and innovations for providing high results for golfers.

This wedge is considered as the inherent symbol of top and high hits or shots for chipping. The forward face technology in the wedge enables the golfer never to miss any hit of the golf ball in the golf course. This wedge is the answer to every trouble you may have in pitching, lob, or sand wedges. 

Quick features:

  • Face forward technology: The face forward technology in this wedge gives its users the super unique hits from E to Z up in the sky with a smooth landing over the green in the course.
  • Upright lie angle: The club has an upright lie angle, which able you to swing your ball in the air just like a putter. It also helps you in shorter shots very well, like chipping and pitching.
  • Low-face profile: The wedge with a low-face profile makes your short game very easy. This feature enables you to get the ball high in the sky with great ease and comfort in the game of golf.
  • No shanks: This wedge has a heavy head with a low center of gravity, which proves to be a perfect combo in full and partial golf shots. You can do chipping without any shanks in the game. 
  • Excellent shots
  • Reliable shots
  • Easy to control
  • Fast flying hits
  • Effective performance
  • A bit grip issues

Final words:

You can say goodbye to the wasted shots in golf with a wedge, mostly with other wedges. For its chipping purposes, the professionals say it is the best golf wedges ever. So buy this wedge and start doing perfect chipping shots.

8- Wosofe sand golf wedge – Most Forgiving Wedges

This wedge is also another product from the Wosofe Company and falls in a sand wedge category. These wedges can be used in the long grass and sandpit area of the golf course. For chip shots, this wedge makes it easier for the golfers and gives a lot of backspin in golf over the green.

The company also gives different degree loft options through which you can choose according to your preference. They have a range from 50 to 60-degree loft of wedges. The fantastic design and patterns on the hitting face make this wedge more fantastic in golf’s game performance.

They provide three weights in the base, which as a consequence, provide a low center of gravity. The heavy head with a low center of gravity gives stability over golf balls’ swings during the play. Every quality that a golfer wants for a chipping shot is available in Wosofe Company’s model with excellent performance.

Quick features:

  • Multiple usages: This is a sand wedge that is capable of producing different revolutions. It can quickly solve the difficulty you may face in a pit ball near the hole over the green in the course.
  • Great design: The rod head’s streamlined design featured the wedge to reduce the friction, which causes trouble while hitting the ball. It also increases the effect of bouncing in the game.
  • 2D swing balance: The low center of gravity gives it’s player more control over the golf ball. It also provides the swing balance, which enhances the accuracy and stability of the golf game. 
  • CNC made: The wedge’s impact surface is craved with CNC machines during the manufacturing of sand wedges. Its optimized structure increases the spin path of the golf ball in the course. 
  • Effective working
  • Affordable price
  • Latest innovations
  • Nice quality
  • Great looks
  • A little bit tricky for beginners

Final words:

This wedge is proving to be memorable for the golfers who want to do multiple games on the golf club. The great looks and performance make it popular among players all over the world. You will not regret choosing this wedge for sure. 

9- Autopilot C3i premium wedge – Best Sand Wedge

It is one of the most famous sand wedges for chipping purposes in golf. The heavy loft of 65 degrees allows the player to play the shots even from the driving range. If you want to play a chipping shot with this wedge, it will surely take your golf ball from the sand bunker. 

The C3i wedge proves to be the perfect one for the short-range and long shots of the golf game. This wedge has an extra-broad design as you don’t require digging sand for hitting a golf shot. The high lofted wedges easily make your ball stop on the green hole very rapidly. You must try them out for once.

This wedge has leading edges with an extra curve, which enables its players to play a perfect shot with a smooth landing in the course. It is a high-quality model of Autopilot Company. It gives its customers a one-year warranty in the case of any defect, which proves to be very helpful for the new buyers. 

Quick features:

  • Easily escape bunkers: The lob wedge of this model is vast, and its auto-glide sole cuts out the sand without digging and skipping, which efficiently stops the ball on the green of the golf course.
  • Choice of hand: This wedge gives you the opportunity of selecting the hand of your own choice. Select the hand that pairs up with your present clubs in the golf set, such as right-handed, etc.
  • No friction glide: The wedge has extra curves and edges that lessen the interaction with the ground for giving clean contact—heel-shaped wedge getaway the catching in rough.
  • Less complicated swing: These wedges are specially designed with the facts that able you to remain on your target easily without any trouble in the game.
  • Auto-glide sole
  • Easy sand cutting
  • Ideal for tough lies
  • Extra-broad design
  • Perfect shaped heel
  • A bit lack of feel

Final words:

This wedge is famous among other golfers because of its excellent performance and features. This wedge’s appearance and looks are very appealing as it is a combo of red and black. Try it once, and then you will love it.

10- Cleveland smart sole wedgebest wedge for chipping

This wedge is one of the leading wedges for chipping in the market now a day. They are very famous among golf players whether they are newcomers or professionals. The best thing about this wedge is that they are accessible for both right and left-hand golf players.

There are some reasons for their popularity in the market. These wedges are helpful for the high handicappers in the golf game. The stable features with outstanding performance make it the leading one. The 42-degree loft promotes a more lie angle, which enhances the contact with a golf ball. 

The wedge has a shorter shaft for chipping shots. It helps the players enhance their setup position and make fine contact whenever they want to hit the golf ball. It is regarded as a significant game-changer in the short shots of the golf game. But they are a bit expensive than other wedges. 

Quick features:

  • Three-tiered sole: The delicate design of the sole provides the efficient interaction of turf. As a result, it gives its players the ball’s clean and crisp contact with the ground around the green in golf.
  • Smart sole wedge: You can easily simplify your shorter shots by having sole comprehensive technology in the wedges. By this, you can make an increase in your scoreboard also.
  • Feel balancing technology: By moving the center of gravity closer to the middle of the clubface, improves the feel and gives tight shots so you can make your ball be in the hole of green.
  • Optimized loft & lie: With this feature, you can make the ideal setup for chipping shots. The short club length and more lie angle offer proper mechanics of chipping in the golf game. 
  • Impressive feel balance
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Better contact
  • Consistent shots
  • Good setup position
  • Not effective for pros

Final words:

It is the best wedge for beginners and high handicappers. It provides you the best game for shorter shots like chipping. It is one of the highly recommended wedges, especially for the chipping mechanics. A bit expensive wedge, but it is worth buying. 

Best Wedges For Chipping – Buying guide

As a golf player, you always imagine becoming a perfect golf player as you keep practicing. For getting perfection in the game of golf, the best set of wedges will help you a lot. These will improve your hitting, chipping, and pitching instantly on the course of golf. 

We have made this buying guide with great effort to highlight the various components of wedges to you. So you can easily understand the facts that you just need to keep in mind before shopping. It will provide you a better understanding of the building & making of the wedge when you buy. 

This buying guide will also enable you to go through different golf wedges from which you have to choose the right one. You will also learn about the other everyday things you will encounter while buying a new wedge set.

Let’s get started!

Components of wedges:

There are various parts of the golf wedges that you need to know. These components play a vital role in the making of the wedge. All you have to do is know about them, as it will help you get the right match for you and your game. 

  • Bounce: It is the section of the wedge on the club-head that makes a junction with the ground. It helps the wedge remain bound to the ground in hitting pitches and chips. Before selecting, you need to know about your swing tendency in-game, whether you want a digger or sweeper.
  • Loft: It is the main section of the golf wedge. It is merely an angle of the wedge face and measured in degrees. Mostly, golfers have multiple wedges with various lofts in their bags to cover different game shots. Moreover, you can get a customized wedge with lofts that perfectly match your style of game.
  • Sole & sole grind: Basically, the sole is the wedge base, which connects with the ground when the golf wedge is sitting at the mark. Usually, the sole is an inch or two-inch wide, and it is ground with machines to develop different shapes. When you go shopping for the wedge, the sole is identified using various letters such as ‘S’ or ‘C.’ 
  • Shaft: The shafts of wedges are made with different materials. Mostly, it is made up of steel, but sometimes it is made with graphite too. The shaft lengths are shorter in the bag, yet they provide a lot of backspin and create higher shots. 

Types of wedges:

  • Gap wedges: Like the name tells about the working of this wedge. It fills the “gap” that mostly golfers face in the middle of the full swing. Now it’s up to your game style that you choose this type or not for the game of golf.
  • Pitching wedges: It is one of the most used wedges as it comes with an iron set. This wedge is developed with a 44 to 48-degree loft. It is used as multiple golf clubs, which are mostly used for getting full swings. 
  • Lob wedges: Its working is the same as the name suggests. It is used for the higher trajectory shots, which means you will lob the ball upper in the air. You can use lob wedge for the chip, flop, and bunker shots where high spin is needed.
  • Sand wedges: The wedges with the alphabet “S” were common in the older day written on the club-head’s end. The loft range of sand wedges is 54 to 58 degrees. These wedges are used to get away sand bunkers commonly.
best wedge for chipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which degree of the loft should I choose for my wedge?

It depends upon your style of chipping. If you are a player whose style is run & bump, then the number 9 irons or pitching wedge will help you get low chip shots with more roll. On the other hand, if your chipping style is to fly higher and farther, 56 to 58-degree loft of the wedge is suitable. 

But all of the above, it is recommended to carry various wedges with different lofts so that you can increase your ability to get off various shots. Different degree lofts in the bag are suitable as you will face different golf course scenarios. 

Q. Which type of bounce should I select for my golf wedge?

It also depends upon your gaming style of golf. If you take slight divots or you have tough & firm ground for bouncing, then low bounce wedges are perfect for you. The players who take deep divots or have soft course conditions and then high bounce wedges are made for you.

For versatility, the medium bounce wedges are perfect. The golfers who play various golf courses and want a club that fits different golf courses; suit them. For better performance, you can buy two wedges, a higher & lower one. 

Q. How can I select the best sand wedge for the game of golf?

You need to know some things from the beginning whenever you buy a new set of wedges. People usually think that selecting the sand wedge is difficult, but it is only critical to do. Firstly, consider the wedge’s bounce club-head because it has a rate from 0 to 10 degrees.

Also, look out for the sand wedge’s loft and sole because it should match your whole set of golf; if you buy the one separately. The sand wedges are made to provide you the bunker as well as chipping shots. So ensure of every critical aspect before going to buy. 

Q. What is the most significant wedge setup in my bag of golf?

In the course, most golf players make the perfect wedge set up by having the 52, 56 & 60-degree wedge. You can use the 60-degree wedge for upper lofted shots. On the other hand, a 52-degree wedge provides you a lot of distance if you give a full-length swing. 

The 56-degree wedge comes up in the between as it can provide you a mixture of two things. One is spin, and the other is distance. We have told you about what most golfers suggest according to their gaming experience in the golf game.

Q. Why is confidence essential in chipping a game of golf?

The essential thing is that if you do not learn how to chip correctly, it will affect your game. About the chipping game of golf, most players don’t understand the above thing. The chipping shots are struggling ones in the game.

For better chipping, the sand wedges of 56-degree loft prove to be best, especially for beginners. If you have complete access to lob or gap wedge for chipping shots, it is acceptable. Always play with confidence and feel as it plays a vital role in golf. 

Q. What are some tips to become better at chipping shots in a golf game?

For becoming the best chipper, you have to keep some things in mind during playing. First of all, stand with your feet closer as it will help you control your chipping shots. Secondly, plan the chip shots before hitting them in the mind as it would help you.

Most importantly, practice the shots on different targets and aims. Also, try to hit different kinds of shots because it will help you very well on the golf course. The tempo is also an essential thing in short games. Consider practicing with a metronome. 

Q. Do you there is a need to match my wedges with my irons set?

Fortunately, this is not true, but some golfers think this way that their wedges must match their irons. The main point is that your wedges should make you and your game feel useful rather than matching the irons’ brands. Sometimes, the other wedge than a brand provides you a better game.

Always buy wisely and select the wedge with different features, including spin, versatile sole, and massive weight in the club-head. The versatile sole will help you adjust with varying golf course conditions; if you play various courses.

Q. Should a 60-degree wedge make up with a high handicap player?

The best wedge for beginner and high handicap golf players is sand wedges. If you talk in degrees, then 60 degrees to 64 degrees of the loft of lob wedge will be perfect as it proves to be best for hitting over bunkers. Around the green, with 60 degrees, you can hit a short bunker with a range of 80 to 90 yards.

If you are an average golfer, the lob wedge with a loft of a degree over 60 is not practical for them. Chipping is considered a short game on the golf course. So as a beginner, the 60-degree wedge will be unique for your shots. 

Q. How often should I change my sand wedge of golf?

There are many factors in this regard about the game of golf. If you want to conserve the game’s peak performance or are serious about your golf equipment, then change the wedges every 12 to 36 months. Replacing wedges for a good game is very important.

It lies upon your practice or how much you play on the golf course. If you are a daily player, then you must need to change the wedges at a given time. But if you are a weekly or monthly player, then you can easily continue with your present wedges for years surely. 

Q. Where should the ball land during the chipping game of golf?

As a player, when you do a chipping shot or any other shot, the primary thing you do is fly the golf ball to reach the nearest point of green. After that, it rolls to the hole from that point. This is the secured strategy in the golf game.

Especially for the chipping shots, the golf ball’s landing point must be in the middle of 3 to 6 feet on the green, of course. It should happen regardless of the distance from the hole or the green. For any shots, some techniques are the same in the game of golf.


We have made this article great to provide you with an honest review and knowledge of the best golf wedges for chipping purposes. All the products we mentioned above are of the best quality and reviewed honestly, but if we conclude the best one, then Callaway PM 2019 grind is the best perfect one. 

This golf wedge is top reviewed by the customers and professionals of the golf game. This wedge has all the latest technologies in their manufacturing, including offset groove in the groove and increased offset and C-grind sole. This wedge has one of the premium quality components in its manufacture. 

It comes up in two colors and different degree lofts. The impressive appearance and looks of this wedge will make you fall for them. Once you try this wedge for short games, we are sure you will rush to buy them in the market. Lastly, whatever wedge you choose, it will not regret you in any way for sure.  


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