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Top 10 Best 60 Degree Wedges in 2022

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If we go back in history or some years ago, the golf players thought that carrying a wedge of 56 degrees was enough in their golf bag. But after some time, the manufacturers started focusing on creating high lofted wedges, so the golfers also started to pay attention to that wedge.

On the whole, if we talk about the 60-degree wedge, then it is right to say that these wedges are like high spinning wedges with great performance. These wedges perform incredibly for rough and out of the bunker as well. They are also proving to be best for golf’s short games, such as chipping & pitching, etc.

The high lofted wedges commonly fall in the category of lob wedges. These wedges play a role in the game as a huge confidence booster to hit a shot around the greens. The addition of a 60-degree wedge in your bag will make a massive difference in your shorter games of golf over the course.

You can say that the 60-degree wedge might be your enemy or great friend as it depends upon various factors such as bounce, grind, practice, and, importantly, your playing style. The above statement is said because these wedges save many tournaments but ruined some matches too in the game.  

Selecting the right and best 60-degree wedge for the golf bag can be a big & difficult decision as a player. This is because the golf markets are loaded with a lot of companies and brands. This article lists our best and top 60 degree wedges from the market, which will help you get the right one.

Best 60 Degree Wedges
Best 60 Degree Wedges

Top 10 Best 60 degree wedges

1- Cleveland Golf RTX-zip core wedge – Best Golf Wedges For Mid-handicappers

The Cleveland Company’s RTX-zip core model is specially designed for the lower handicappers in the golf game, making it the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers . This model has a muscle back design, which is offering the softest feel to golfers. The center of gravity’s repositioning ensures this wedge’s stability and stable feel in the golf course. 

The manufacturers provide extra two grooves on the wedge’s face, and this thing improves the golfer’s alignment and confidence. The shape of this wedge is like traditional wedges, as golfers mostly like this shape. The tour satin finishing makes the wedge more appealing and classy with rounded high lofts. 

It displays a thin topline as the wedge’s raised part is hidden so that players will enjoy the game better with this wedge. Using this wedge, the main thing you get is a high spin no matter which shot you select to play during the game. The RTX-zip core is full in-game and also worth buying wedge all around. 

Quick features:

  • Zip-core: This feature shifts the center of gravity by raising MOI, which adds spin and improves control over the club. It also boosts up the player’s consistency over every type of shot game.
  • Heat treatment: The addition of heat blast increases the durability of the wedge. This means that you will adore your wedge more after using it round after round on the golf course.
  • Ulti-zip grooves: These latest grooves are more profound, sharper, and narrower than others. They increase the groove contact with a single shot because they are built closer to each other.
  • Sole grinds: The wedge has three versatile sole grinds, which provide the fine and clear performance that a player needs in the green to win every tournament of the golf game.
  • High spin
  • Worth buying
  • Soft feel wedge
  • Forgiving wedge
  • Many loft options
  • No straight leading edge

Final words:

This wedge is an unbelievably user-friendly wedge with a muscle back design. The versatile sole grinds enable the golfers to play every shot with more confidence and feel around the greens. This wedge will make you comfortable during playing.  

2- Wilson harmonized golf wedge – Best Wedges For High Handicappers

This wedge is of high quality, with no exception at all. This wedge falls in the category of budgeted golf wedges because it values money much. Even if you are a beginner or professional, this wedge will suit you, your game, and your pocket too. Due to being less expensive, I don’t think that it is cheap.

These wedges prove to be the best wedges for the average golfer because of their size. The fantastic thing about this wedge is that you can make choices about the hand orientation and loft degrees. The buildup of aggressive grooves and their strategic use is one of the perfect things about this wedge. 

If you often play golf or you are a regular golf player, you will surely notice a difference in your game after using this wedge on the course. These wedges provide you the maximum spin and increase your confidence during the play. It is a super versatile wedge, and you feel it once you give it a try on the golf course.

Quick features:

  • True Temper steel irons: This feature made its players capable of performing very well in golf. It also gives reliability and high performance of shots during the play around greens.
  • Blade shape: This feature comes up with modified bouncing angles, which provide sky-high spin and versatility for different kinds of games like rough, sand, or fairway.
  • Sole grinds: The sole grinds permit the golfers to open the club’s face far away to hit higher shots. It also gives accuracy, which in return enhances the performance of the player.
  • Harmonized grip: The grip of this club is very comfortable and useful when you play. The rubber grip provides the player’s safety to their hands without the fear of any injury in the game.
  • Great accuracy
  • Long-lasting wedge
  • Sleek looks
  • Very forgiving
  • Reasonable price
  • Grip is small

Final words:

This wedge is specially designed to give its users high performance with easy and comfortable Golf playing. The wedge with traditional style offers you excellent service no matter you are a pro or beginner. 

3- Taylor Made Golf MG2 Wedge – Best Wedges For Average Golfer

From Golf wedges’ creation in 1979, Taylor Made Golf wedges are among the best available in the market. Taylor Made wedges have established their reputation and name in the market, breaking all the old traditions. They create their threshold performance. 

In the golf-made wedges, there have been many improvements made in the past few times, including new frontiers. They had also improved their manufacturing, and they are also always. Pursuing their quality Of wedges and they keep replacing it with the best ones. 

Taylor Made golf wedges are easy to handle for anyone. This provides more precision because they’re sharper and deeper, and due to their sharper radius, they provide more spin to the ball. The new laser technology introduced in it provides more spin to the balls around the Greens.

Quick features: 

  • Raw face technology: A new technology name, raw face technology, is now introduced in the MG2. This helps to improve the spin of the ball. It is sharper, narrower, and more profound.
  • Milled grind sole: Milled ground sole Introduce in these wages help to maximize the consistency of the ball, and it also helps in maintaining the tolerance level, which is difficult to achieve by humans.  
  • Sleek design: The Tin head designed helps to maximize the grip so that you can achieve a specific flight, and it also enhanced the feel that makes it easy for the golfers to handle it in a better way. 
  • TPU:  Taylor Made golf wedges Tzu is inserted. It helps to enhance the black cavity of the wedges. It is designed to provide damping in the vibrations, and it provides a festive feel. 
  • Laser-etched
  • Highly precise.
  • Sleek design.
  • Raw face technology.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Little heavy

Final words:

If you search for the latest Golf wedges’ latest design, telling MG2 golf edges is perfect for you because they provide an excellent position for the professionals and the beginners. These are easily affordable and provide high precision.

4- Cleveland Golf CBX wedges – Best Wedge For Chipping

The Cleveland cob full-face Golf wedges are one of the highly versatile golf wedges available in the market. Due to their high precision and their design that is specifically designed for perfect hits around the Greens. The wide soul is so perfect and is designed for avid golfers.

These Cleveland CBX wedges are perfect for the impressive feels for the golfers in the green sides. It provides the perfect flight to the ball and also reduces any sort of damping. Versatility is because of its lower C shaped, which helps to maximize the spin of the ball. It has a half cavity design. 

It has graphite Coating on it that helps to save it from any rusting. It has an exact design that helps the golfers carry it easily and take their targeted shots without discomfort. These full-face wedges are perfect for golfers who are practicing daily and also for professionals.

Quick features:

  • C shaped:  The basic purpose of this technology is to relieve the heel and toe. It also reduces any face manipulations and provides the best flight to the Bolt with a higher spin. 
  • Half cavity: It also has a half cavity designed in the heel and a solid muscle back on the toe. The purpose of this half cavity design is to provide a sweat-proof shot and also enhance forgiveness level. 
  • Full face: These wedges are very famous due to their higher versatility. The Cleveland wedges have a Rote full face to maximize this pin of the ball. It has a rote milling technology in it. 
  • High profile: For the open face shorts it has a high Toe profile in them. It helps for the perfect sliding to the ball on the toe without any hindrance. It provides high precision in the ball flight.
  • Better performance
  • High reliability
  • Full face technology
  • C shaped
  • Easy to carry
  • Less effective than 60-degree lob

Final words:

These Cleveland wedges are perfect for golfers due to their versatility; they are perfect for people looking for a complete set with all the latest technology in it. You can observe the high precision with these Cleveland full-face golf wedges.

5- Callaway Golf Mack women’s wedge – Best Sand Wedge For Beginners

These Callaway wedges are the best wedges for women; that’s why these provide a higher precision with their great feel and beautiful look. The carbon steel coating on these wedges provides a sleek look and keeps these wedges safe from rusting and increasing reliability.

For a wider variety of green shoots, the c shape is perfect; if you want to enhance your forgiveness, then these are perfect for you. There are entirely new improvements in the shape than the old traditional ones; it has a seamless transition into a new compact design for the players.

It provides the maximum grip with its steal technology. It provides the perfect flight for your ball without any hindrance and reduces the process of damping. It provides a smooth trajectory to the balls for the golfers. In MD5, there is also groove-in groove technology.

Quick features:

  • Micro ridges: There are three micro ridges introduces in each groove that, as a result, help to increase the spin of the ball and enhance its spins, and provides more contacts to improve spin.
  • High consistency:  There is a higher level of consistency in the wedges so that you can control the behavior of your ball. It enhances the confidence of the golfers with a higher tolerance.
  • Groove Technology: It has a groove in groove technology in it. The wedges’ jaws provide more spin and higher consistency, and more grip to the ball, Due to the grooves induced in them. 
  • Excellent Design: These provide you a very soft and satisfying feel that will not observe in any other wedge in the market due to its mild carbon steel induced in it. 
  • Reliable.
  • Precise shape.
  • C grinds.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Reduce Damping.
  • Weight is a minor issue.

Final words:

If you search for high-quality, beautiful design and versatile wedges, these are perfect for you. It has a C grind shape and low-bounds technology in it. Its sleek and comfortable design is best for women and one of the best golf wedges for beginners. 

6- Cleveland Golf Men’s wedge – Best Golf Wedges Ever

Due to their lightweight, the Cleveland CBX wedges are among the most versatile available in the market due to their high forgiveness. They’re straightforward to handle for anyone and are also the best wedges for the women out there. Due to the high forgiveness, it is perfect for the targeted shots. 

These wedges are designed for those people who are looking for cavity back irons so that they are allowed to hit the ball closer to the hole and will never miss their target. It provides you high precision. Due to its usefulness, it can be used for different types of shots by professionals and beginners. 

These golf wedges are very easy to handle can be operated without any hindrance. Due to this, you will observe the perfect feel, and you will never miss your target. It also improves your ball’s distance control, and it provides you the maximum spin due to its high consistency. 

Quick features:

  • Lightweight: Due to its lightweight, it is extremely easy to control for anyone. Its sleek design provides you more grip so that you can handle it easily. Due to high precision, your ball will observe the maximum spin. 
  • Balancing technology: It has a feel balancing technology in it that is designed to remove more weight from the hose; it allows the center of gravity to shift more towards the center of the Face Club. 
  • Rote face technology: Rote face technology has grooves in technology that provide more grip to the ball. Enhanced the spin of the ball on every shot you play and will observe a better experience. 
  • Dual V sole: A new feature introduced in the Cleveland CBX But this is that they have dual v shape Soule that allowed enhancing the forgiveness also enhance its versatility, By giving it a maximum spin. 
  • Cavity black design.
  • Dual V Sole
  • Stock grip
  • Stock shaft.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Slight shaft issue.

Final words:

If you search for a highly reliable, they provide you high spin, and as a result, it provides confidence to the golfers. Then this wedge is for you. It is one of the most forgiving wedges available in the market. It provides you the ability so that you can hit a perfect strike without missing your target.

7- Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge – Best Wedges For Women

These golf wedges provide you the best spin to look for your game’s best experience due to its Groove in Groove technology. It has four grind souls in it that are best for the Different angles during the game. It provides more accuracy to the ball trajectory; you will never miss your angle.

The best wedge for chipping that provides various attack angles during your game enhances your game’s quality and precision by its 60-degree technology. It provides you a different range of lots and bounces combinations that are very helpful for accuracy and precision.

These Callaway CBX wedges provide you a very soft and cheerful feeling that you will not feel any discomfort while playing golfs due to their soft carbon steel. It provides a very satisfying feel. Due to its high center of gravity procedure, you will observe the ball’s exact interaction with the wedge.

Quick features:

  • Platinum coating: The design Look Of these wedges is very sleek. It provides a beautiful matte black finish with a platinum coating that provides beauty and protects it from rusting. 
  • Black cavity: Due to its deep black cavity in it, you will observe are higher precision, and you can experience better control. This not only provides you a better game but also gives you confidence.
  • Jaw groove: The Jaws groove technology in it provides a lot of shortness. And more precision to every hit due to which you will observe a maximum grip on your wedge, and it provides you Maximum spin.
  • Two grind soles: The two sole grinds provide better consistency and improve the game’s quality due to their high forgiveness. It enhanced the bounce of the ball and dampened the vibrations.
  • Beautiful matte black finish.
  • Highly reliable.
  • provide more spin
  • Range of lofts.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Not well suited for face manipulation.

Final words:

If you are bigger and looking for really high-quality golf wedges, this is a perfect option for you because it provides high consistency and precision. It has a lot of Lofts in it, and grooving rote technology is perfect for beginners.

8- MG1 Taylor Made chrome wedge – Best Golf Wedges

The MG1 Chrome tailor-made wedges are perfect for the Handy Cappers. So if you are looking for a perfect high handicapper wedge, this is one of the best wedges for high handicappers. That is, it provides you to promote consistency due to its advanced design. These are some of the best golf wedges ever in forgiveness. 

The groove in groove technology provides a sharper edge radius that helps maximize this pain of the ball and increases the ball’s flight, and reduces any hindrance so you will not observe any inconvenience in your flight. These are some of the best wedges that provide higher forgiveness.  

These wedges’ design and outlook are very sleek and very thin, so it is comfortable for women and men to handle it properly. These sleek designs enhance the veg’s beauty and provide more grip to the players to play with more precision. 

Quick features:

  • 60-degree wedge:  These are one of the best 60-degree wedge available in the market made by Taylor. It provides you more precision in your game, and you can hit the ball at different angles. 
  • Groove technology: The grooving technology utilized in the Taylor Made bridges helps increase the edge’s sharpness, reduces the Hindrance, and maximizes the ball’s spin. 
  • Outlook: The best material utilized in it is the carbon that provides a beautiful finish to it and provides a very sore feel not to observe any discomfort in your Taylor-made wedges.
  • CNC mechanics: In the grind CNC mechanism introduced provides an exact flight to the ball. It is designed to promote the game’s preciseness and improve its consistency, making it the best golf wedges.
  • Advanced technology
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Highly reliable
  • Affordable.
  • Little weight issue

Final words:

If you look for the best technology wedges, this is a perfect option for you, and this will never disappoint you due to its high reliability. These are not very pricey at all and are perfect for beginners, and the groove in technology utilized in it helps to enhance the quality.

9- Pinemeadow wedge – Best Golf Wedges For Beginners

A high standard and better quality provide by the Pinemeadow. The Pinemeadow golf provides you the perfect spin for the beginners and the average golfers who just started to learn golf and for the professional due to its high precision and accuracy. It enhances your ability level.

It is one of the perfect 68-degree wedges available in the market. It provides 52, 56, 60, and 64-degree angles. If you look for a wedge that provides you better precision in your game and you will observe your ball’s perfect trajectory. It has a classic look and better performance, make it reliable. 

Its full-face robe technology provides you a large face area. It is so that you will never miss your target. Its high precision made it more reliable and accurate for professionals. It also provides you a sweat Spots that make it easier for you to use them. It enhances the quality of your game.

Quick Features:

  • Outlook: The beautiful matte black finish makes it more beautiful, and their sleek design makes it easy for the golfers to handle it, And it provides more accuracy and precision in your game. 
  • High-performance: It is perfect for High Handicap players due to its high performance, and the groove in it is one of the best sand wedges for high handicapper players. It is perfect for professionals.
  • 125-gram shafts: The shafts on this wedge are about 125 grams, and it is made of steel, so it makes it easy for beginners to use it because It is not heavy at all everyone can handle it easily. 
  • Latest technology: They provide you higher performance. You will not observe any sort of sound. The optimized speed technology in it provides you to achieve high distance and has great spin.
  • No sound distortion.
  • Sleek look.
  • High forgiveness.
  • Best for high Handicap players
  • Easily affordable.
  • Provide not very high performance.

Final words:

If you are a professional and you’re looking for the best quality wedge. This is perfect for you because it is not pricey, and it provides all the very high-end features. It comes at an affordable price rate so that everyone can have it. It provides the best consistency with perfect accuracy. 

10- Cleveland Golf degree wedge – Best 60 Degree Wedge

The Cleveland Golf wedges provide you a hollow cavity design that is perfect for the game’s higher forgiveness impact. It also enhanced the precision and accuracy of the ball so that you would never hit your target. It is one of the best sand wedges available in the market nowadays By Cleveland, and it is also known as the best sand wedge for beginners.

It has three different sole grinds that provide you versatility. It has a dynamic soul responsible for the ball’s higher trajectory and accuracy in the game without any hindrance. If you are a professional and looking for a Multitasking wedge, this is a perfect option for you. 

Along with the accuracy and precision, the feeling which it provides is unmatchable; its sleek and perfect design is perfect for everyone to handle it. The TPU insert in it reduced the Vibrations in it and hence provided no sound. It has a groove-in groove technology in it. 

Quick features:

  • Full face: It has a full face wedge Technology in the Cleveland CBX. Provide you a larger area for the Toe portion to hit the long-distance and not miss any shots due to any Issue in your wedge.
  • Four-sole: It has four soles in it. These smart wedges are very helpful for everyday players and also for professionals. This feature does not only enhances the quality of the game but also improves the precision.
  • Zipcode: You can quickly grab your balls without any swings. It has a zip code technology in it, so that it has a ZIP code technology in it. It enhanced the consistency. Improve the spin of the ball. 
  • Forgiveness: The Cleveland Golf Irons provides you higher forgiveness so that everyone can handle it easily. It reduces the center of gravity so that you can easily handle your ball without any issue.
  • Zipcode technology
  • Higher consistency
  • Easy to carry
  • Highly reliable
  • Affordable
  • Some stability issue

Final words:

If you are looking for a perfect sand wedge, then this is a perfect option for you. It is highly affordable for anyone. Its higher spin provides you a better quality so that you will never miss your angles. Its zip code technology makes it very unique.

Best 60 Degree Wedges – Buying guide

Wedges play a significant role in golf as about a quarter of shots are played well because of them. The wedges can develop birdies or rescue pars, but they can also cause trouble for the players who don’t choose the right wedge for the game. It can make you more struggling around the greens. 

So it is essential to buy the best wedge for your golf game. Whether you are a novice, newbie, or expert, some things you should keep in mind before buying any type of wedge from the market. Always research the types and specifications and buy the one that matches your needs and swing. 

So we have provided you a guide about the things you need to know before buying, so let’s get into it.

Wedges types:

Wedges are categorized into four main types, which are given below:

  1. Gap wedges:

This wedge’s name suggests that these are made to fill the gap between sand and pitching wedge. They are also referred to as utility or attacking wedges occasionally. Gap wedges have a loft degree range of around 50 to 53 degrees. They are more suitable for large & full shots. 

  1. Pitching wedges:

The commonly used wedge is the pitching wedge. Typically, these wedges are useful in full shots and some long shots of chipping into the green. They carry the loft degree of about 44 to 48 degrees. The latest pitching wedge sets have a low loft, which provides the long-hitting in golf.

  1. Sand wedges:

These wedges usually lie in the range of 54 to 58 degrees loft. The sand wedges are specially designed to secure from side bunkers. It happens because of the vast and heavy design of its sole. Before creating lob wedges, they were considered the highest lofted wedge in the bag of golfers. 

  1. Lob wedges:

They are the latest creation of wedge designs in the golf market. They carry a high loft of 60 to 64 degrees. This wedge allows the players to develop high spin and height with the shots around the green in-game. It is mostly used to play flop, chip, and bunker shots than full shots. If you want a 60-degree wedge, then this type suits you.

Wedges parts:

  1. Bounce:

The purpose of bounce in the wedge is to describe how fast and how much the wedge repels the surface of playing when it contacts it. Before buying, you need to have the wedges with different bounces too. The 60-degree wedge should have a less and narrower bounce, so you must consider it.

  1. Loft:

This is the most crucial factor to keep in mind before buying any wedge. Loft degrees provide you the spin and height in your golf shots. You have to consider some things before buying, such as check your wedges at the store before buying and do not purchase the wedge only based on the loft. 

  1. Grind:

It describes the depth of bounce. The creators of wedges bring creativity in this part, so before buying, you must check which will work for you. There are different capabilities of grinds in the proper working of the wedge during the game. 

  1. Shafts:

The shafts play a role in the wedge performance. So there are some things you need to know before buying. Firstly, there is no need to match the wedge shaft with your irons. They come up mostly in steel material, which provides the maximum accuracy and feel in golf shots.

  1. Finishes:

After making a wedge, the finishing look is given to it to appeal to the golfers. Now a day, you can customize your wedges according to your choice. The main thing that has to be considered is keeping the knowhow of wearing some finish over time.

Best 60 Degree Wedges

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do professionals use the 60-degree golf wedges in the course?

When it comes to having golf wedges in the golf bag of professionals, we have come to know that the pro golfers mostly play with four wedges than three. The research has shown that standard wedge setups include four wedges of different degree combinations in pros’ bags.

Commonly, they have the pitching wedges of 50 to 52 and 56 to 60-degree combinations of the loft. It is a sample that provides you the idea of what degree wedge setup the professionals carry on a week-to-week basis. 

Q. Which degree should I get 60 or 58 degrees in the golf game?

Both 60 and 58-degree wedges are interchangeable. If you are an average golf player, you might notice that 58 and 60-degree wedges have no significant difference. When you hit a shot either with 60 or 58, both play the same role in the golf game.

The primary difference comes from the bounce of a single wedge. The bouncing number from 6 to 12 relates with 58 and 60-degree wedges mostly. So the high and low bounce difference will make you make the right decision about which wedge you should choose. 

Q. Which time is best to utilize the 60-degree wedge on the course of golf?

Simply, the 60-degree wedge can prove beneficial for you in many conditions on the golf course. The best time playing with 60 degrees wedge is when you want your golf ball to land softly with a minor rollout. It allows your ball to attain more height in the air during the game of golf.

Secondly, I want to suggest the players about 60 degrees wedge. Practice three kinds of shots with this wedge, including chip shots, sand shots, and shots over risks. This is because the 60-degree wedges perform significantly in the shorter shots games like chipping and pitching. 

Q. How distant should you strike your 60-degree wedge?

It depends upon the player’s performance and style of playing golf. The professionals can make shots with full swings by using this wedge. If you are a beginner, then hitting with full swing may cause your game risks as it is a perilous shot. 

It would help if you kept the focus on in-touch situations and around the greens with 60-degree wedges. If you play shot with a full swing, it goes away about 90 to 100 yards. With other degree wedges like 56 degrees, subtract the 10 to 15 yards to get an idea for other wedges. 

Q. What bounce should my lob golf wedge have in the game of golf?

First of all, you should be familiar with what bounce is and how it affects your wedge performance. It is an angle in the middle of the leading edge of the blade & trailing edge that appears near the sole. Generally, the bounce is created to help you by the addition of forgiveness to the wedge shots.

The precise answer to this question cannot be found because every golfer’s swing style is different. If you are looking out for a flexible lob wedge, its bounce should fall between 7 and 10 degrees. This bounce range will help you get through the sand or turf without any risk of hitting. 

Q. How many golf wedges do I require in my golf bag for the game?

The carrying of about three to four wedges is enough in the golf bag. He/she has the sand, pitching, and gap wedge in the bag for the golf player. These 60 degrees or lob wedges are optional for the short game of golf. The more wedges in the bag provide the player’s versatility in the game.

The players mostly take a 60-degree wedge in the bag over five irons, which provides additional rescue in golf. The carrying of two wedges is enough if you are a high handicapper. The golfers mostly recommend carrying three wedges minimum in the bag for the game.

Q. What is the best degree of the wedge for the type of sand wedge in golf?

The sand wedge has a degree of ranges from 54 to 56 degrees. The research shows that the sand wedges have two degrees of the loft, 56 and 58 degrees. Whatever you choose, it depends upon other various factors that may help you in golf.

Firstly, your skill level in the game. Your skills and abilities in the game choose the best degree for you. And secondly, your preference about how you set up your bag with wedges. The most preferred wedge is the 56-degree loft of the type of sand wedge.

Q. Which should I select, low bounce or high bounce wedge?

Both of these wedges have different abilities and advantages in the game of golf. The higher the bounce wedge, the higher the leading edge off the surface. Generally, the bounce is used to provide the player’s forgiveness on all wedge shots in the game. So you can say that it is your friend in the game.

The low bounce wedges are created for the excellent ball contact, which gives the player precision in golf’s short game. On the other hand, high bounce wedges are perfect in preventing the leading edge from dragging. The high bounce provides you more control over the short games of golf. 

Q. What is the difference between the middle of lob and gap wedge?

The gap wedges fill the vacuum between the sand and pitching wedges. They have loft ranges of 44 to 50 degrees. The players do hitting with this wedge about the distance of 90 to 110 yards. The flight of the ball is higher in the air with gap wedges. 

The golfers know that lob wedges are 60-degree wedges in the game of golf. They provide easy rising and hitting of the ball in the air and prove useful in some situations. They give high trajectory and soft landing, which is very useful for the players.

Q. What are the types of bounce wedges mostly used in golf?

The usage of a wedge with the right combination of loft and bounce gives a huge difference in the game once you play. The first one is low bounce wedges, which are less than 8 degrees. They are ideal for the shots played from tighter lies and turf conditions. 

The second one is mid bounce, which has an angle that ranges from 10 to 14 degrees. They are all-rounder wedges for playability in all the situations of the golf game. The third one is high bounce wedges, which have an angle higher than 14 degrees. They are mainly created for soft-ground situations. 


The 60-degree wedges can be a complete weapon in your golf bag. These wedges can make the players very creative and professional. The manufacture shots are not possible from low-degree wedges like 50 to 56-degree range, but with a 60-degree wedge, it is possible.

We have prepared this article with much effort and collected the top wedges from all around. These wedges are best with performance and features, but the top reviewed and the best among them is the TaylorMade MG1 chrome wedge. 

This wedge is all about the perfection of golf play. The latest technologies and unique features make this wedge the top reviewed all over the world. This wedge is our number one pick for the great addition of a 60-degree wedge in your golf bag. 

Our primary concern is to suggest to you the best ones from the market and the right knowledge about wedges. Whatever you select, we are sure it will not disappoint you in any way. So don’t worry and go shopping. 

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