Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 in 2022

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Whenever a golfer is out for a golf round, he may think about what tools to take in the game. If you bought your clubs, tees, and balls already, you might be thinking that I am ready to go and play the game. Wait, you are missing one thing which can help you in becoming the best golfer. 

The rangefinder is what you should take with you for the game of golf; else, you may end up losing your shots. Not every player of golf needs the rangefinder. You should have one if you want to fix your handicap, especially for the lower of handicap. 

These are great equipment in the golf bag and help you dial your distances for every type of your club. Rangefinders aid the golfers in nailing any shot, whether you are a beginner or a professional player. When you get used to playing with these rangefinders, they will enhance your game remarkably.

You have spent so much money already on the clubs and other golf tools, don’t worry, rangefinders don’t take too much. The noticeable thing about them is that you can buy the best golf rangefinder for under $100 very easily. You will get a perfect rangefinder without making any holes in your wallet.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100
best golf rangefinder under 100

If you are a golf player and want to buy the best and cheap golf rangefinder, then this is the place where you have to come in. We have shortlisted one of the best rangefinders under 100 dollars in this article. We hope you will get your perfect rangefinder from there, so don’t rush and read the complete article. 

Let’s get into it!

Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

1- Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24 PRO rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope

The laser rangefinder of this company is a perfect choice for measuring distances in golf. This is a highly innovative technology device that can quickly and precisely measure the range of your target. For the golfers, who require a speedily precise distance, this rangefinder has 0.5 to 1 second computing time.

The six x magnification quality of this rangefinder provides a highly accurate calculation. The design of this rangefinder is also very comfy because it gives its users a soft rubberized feel. The rangefinder has an adjuster between the meter and yards setting, which you can adjust according to your preference.

It is convenient to use, and some quality features make it more useful for golfers. It has control buttons, which help you in setting the angle quickly and holding of device. GS24 PRO has a low battery indicator also which tells you about the changing of battery. It is good value for money in less than $100.

Quick features:

  • Multi-coated optics: It has wide coated optic lenses, which can lessen the reflected light very effectively. It increases the light transmission by giving you a clear & bright image or view.
  • High-precision measurement: This rangefinder gives its users highly accurate calculations about the distance of their target. Also, it has the latest features which give précised measurements for sure.
  • Measuring range: It has an effective range from 5 to 650 yards with 6x magnification and high accuracy. It meets the player’s needs in the game in a very well manner.
  • Cost-effective: This rangefinder gives you everything you require for golfing, hunting, or other applications. The slope function makes it more useful and effective among others in the market.
  • Price point
  • Slope feature
  • Usability
  • Accurate measurements
  • Great features
  • Handy to use
  • Good performance
  • Batteries change often

Final words:

This rangefinder is one of the best golf rangefinders in the market with such a less price. And this product values for money by giving its customers the latest and useful features. You can use this rangefinder for other purposes too. So, it is an excellent choice to buy for sure.

2- MiLESEEY professional laser golf rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Golf Digest

This product’s color seems funny as a rangefinder, but it does many things more than its looks. The high range of 656 yards makes it good enough for you as a golf player, but wait, it has some key features. Those features make it more handy in terms of golf rangefinder. 

It has authentic accuracy with a yard measurement of about +0.5, which works very fast and quickly in calculating the target’s distance. It works very well with hazards, flags, and even wooded areas. These areas are tricky even when if you are using an expensive golf rangefinder, but this can do it also.

Sometimes, you have glasses in your way of playing; it becomes tricky to use a rangefinder at that point. This product solves this problem also by providing you with an adjustable eye-piece. With this tool, no matter you are near or far, you can do it. It provides you with portable lenses, which are very helpful.

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Quick features:

  • Reliable accuracy: It offers an accuracy of about +0.5M with high magnification and 5D adjustment. The multi-coated lenses provide you a clear and brighter view than other products.
  • Fast target lock tech: This rangefinder can speedily scan your target and then lock the nearest range accuracy with the scan of the flagpole. It locks up to 200 yards of the flagpole mode in the game.
  • Excellent design: This rangefinder’s design is wrapped up with environmentally friendly material, which gives its users a soft feel and comfort. Easy to carry because of low weight.
  • Premium laser rangefinder: It is developed with flight technology, and the angle slope compensation gives you the précised distance for every type of shot you hit during the game. 
  • Easy to carry
  • Premium quality
  • Worth-buying
  • Very lightweight
  • Very low price
  • Top features
  • Portable lens
  • Small eye-piece

Final words:

It is one of the fantastic golf rangefinders in the market with an overall good performance by having some top features. If you want to buy it for yourself, it’s a good choice. But if you want to gift something to your golf lover player, this is an excellent pick-up for you.

3- BOBLOV LF600G golf rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Uk

This rangefinder is a multi-functional rangefinder that you can use for different purposes like golf, hunting, fishing, or other outdoor activities. This rangefinder is the perfect choice for you if you love being outdoors or you love playing golf very much. This is the most cost-effective golf rangefinder in the market.

It provides you an excellent accuracy of about +/- 1 yard, measuring the distance up to 600 yards. With great accuracy, you can use it over the greens and in other outside activities. Once you use this rangefinder, you will know that your golf shot needs to go over the greens. 

This rangefinder is portable as it is straightforward to carry due to its light weightage. It has many other options, such as using a one-hand operation, and durable during handle dropping. The rangefinder’s unique feature is two measurement units from where you can switch b/w meters & yards.

Quick features:

  • Vibration function: this feature indicates the users by vibrating whenever the flag distance is locked. If you don’t like the vibration function, you can make it on or off it according to your choice.
  • Speed mode: this rangefinder provides you speed mode to short press the power button after moving the target object. After that, the speed data will be shown on the screen.
  • Battery USB charging: as other rangefinders have removable external batteries, this has a built-in rechargeable battery. It frees you from the worry of changing the battery after some time.
  • Adequate clarity: this rangefinder provides you enough clarity of the target’s images as this is the vital thing that a rangefinder should have. It is 99% works appropriately for the range of this product.
  • Fast and accurate
  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • High quality
  • Pin-lock feature
  • Long-life battery
  • Durable one
  • Tricky to use in tough conditions

Final words:

This rangefinder has an incredible value for money by providing the best features. It has some additional features, such as giving a solid case for putting on a rangefinder. Plus, it provides you a high-quality product at a very less price. 

4- Gogogo sport Vpro GS03 rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Under $100

This rangefinder is one of the most cost-effective golf rangefinders in the market arguably. It works well for your outdoor activities besides your golf game.

It is a laser-based golf rangefinder that works out very effectively around the greens in the course. Its durable body makes it very easy to use, even for children.

Whether a beginner or professional, every type of golfer likes this rangefinder’s working as this rangefinder comes up with an exciting range and accuracy.

It has some exciting features that make it a handy and helpful device with multiple purposes. If you choose this product, you will do a great job.

This device proves to be the best one to calculate the yardage from a beginner golf player’s point of view. It may be less useful for professional golfers than newbies, but this rangefinder fills up the space of a laser rangefinder in your bag of golf with such a low price of $100. 

Quick features:

  • Excellent golf mode: This rangefinder is furnished with the latest golf rangefinder technologies. It has the innovative tech of flag lock, and pin-seeking enables you about the exact distance to swing.
  • Great value: This company provides you the best quality products at reasonable prices, which values the money. With a rangefinder, you pay less and get more with exciting features and the best performance.
  • Best rangefinder ever: It perfectly suits your game of golf, especially for beginners. It provides you the slope data and précised distance, which enhances your gaming skills.
  • Easy to use: With one-yard accuracy, it gives you fast and precise calculations. It is very stress-free to use and comes up with a waterproof pouch, convenient for the customers or players. 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Scan function
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Highly-precise
  • Durable body
  • Great performance
  • Some timing issues

Final words:

If you are a new player of golf, this rangefinder will help you find more distances. This rangefinder is an excellent option for beginners as it has some exceptional features which provide their users more accuracy and precision. 

5- Bozily VPRO-X1 golf rangefinder – Best Rangefinder

This golf rangefinder falls in the best golf rangefinder category under $150 by providing its customers the best quality rangefinder in the market. This Bozily Company device is equipped with impressive features and provides accuracy up to 1000 yards with 6x magnification and slope functionality. 

The rangefinder helps the golfers in training their mathematical approach in the game of golf. This rangefinder has several competitions in the market, but it made its unique place. The increased and précised distance measurement make this rangefinder’s reviews best and positive from the golfers and others.

It has about four modes of scanning the target, which help the players to determine the course ahead. The simple mode able you to work with different distances and angles. The other modes permit you to work with speeds, slopes, and vertical measurements. It works great in all modes without causing any trouble.

Quick features:

  • Two scan modes: The two scan modes help out the players in multiple things such as in adjusting the distance b/w flag & golfer or providing fast speed and accurate distance too.
  • Great accuracy: This rangefinder provides digitally improved accuracy. Along the 1000 yards, it displays the data on the LCD screen and shows the clear and bright images with quick function.
  • Compact design: The civilized design of this rangefinder proves to be very useful and easy to carry. It is water resistive device that you can use in any weather without the fear of harsh conditions.
  • LCD: The LCD screen display helps you get the data on a clear and big screen without any difficulty of a small eye-piece. The screen shows you the data on the LCD very quickly.
  • Affordable price
  • Competitive device
  • Very portable
  • Specific scan modes
  • Clear display
  • Highly quick
  • Flag lock option
  • Need steady hands to operate

Final words:

Overall, this rangefinder is good support for any golf course as it helps the golfers a lot in finding the shots you have been trying for a long time. Give this rangefinder a try, and it will prove to be the best for you surely; once you get used to it. 

6- TACKLIFE MLR01 golf rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Under $150

The correct rangefinder affects your golf game in a very effective way. This product provides you the surety that you never have to worry about the distances by using this rangefinder. It gives you the distance measurement of up to 900 yards with high accuracy and precision by 7x magnification.

It provides you the great accuracy. The company guarantees you the great accuracy that it is high. It displays the data very fast and quickly compared to the other rangefinders that fall in this category. It also benefits the golfers by giving them the switching between yards and meters according to the choice.

This rangefinder is very versatile and has a compact design. As a golf player, you mostly need a rangefinder, which should be lightweight and gives no hand fatigue. So the design of this rangefinder is thin and compact. Using this rangefinder will not cause any type of fatigue as it is very easy to carry. 

Quick features:

  • Long-life battery: It has a 750mah battery made up of lithium, rechargeable with a USB cable. It provides the golfer a long-life battery experience without any trouble of changing the battery.
  • 7x magnification: The high magnification with a multi-coated optics lens provides the players bright and clear pictures of the target. You can be confident about hitting the target with high magnification.
  • Mounting thread: This rangefinder can be used on a tripod for providing the user’s convenience and stability. It will be beneficial in measuring the long-distance shots in the game.
  • High range: This rangefinder allows its users the measurement up to 900 yards with great accuracy. It also permits you to adjust the system according to your preference, whether meter or yards.
  • Highly precise
  • Very portable
  • Auto power-off
  • Durable pouch
  • Highest magnification
  • Weather-resistant
  • Tripod mounting
  • Less useful in flagsticks

Final words:

If you want a rangefinder with high magnification, this product is made for you and your game. The mounting tripod will help you get the longer hits of the golf game on the course. It is a good rangefinder; you should give it a try.

7- AOFAR GX-2S golf rangefinder (upgraded version)

This golf rangefinder helps you spot the range and then allows you to decide about the power you require to hit the course’s shot.

Professional golfers are using this rangefinder nowadays due to its high quality and best performance even though it offers a low price to the customers.

The GX-2S is built up with high-quality materials, and it is a weather-resistant rangefinder, which permits you to hit the shots even in tough weather conditions.

It has many additional features that make it unique among other rangefinders in the market. It helps you in making the right and accurate golf shots.

The design of this rangefinder makes it rough and tough by having an anti-skid rubber coating. The pattern with starry paint makes this tool resistive to harsh elements of the environment like dust etc.

The noticeable thing about this rangefinder is that it comes up with a free battery when you buy this product. 

Quick features:

  • Long battery life: the battery life of this rangefinder speaks about its long-lasting technology. If you fully charged the device once, it remains about 6 to 7 hours long enough for the game.
  • Weatherproof: it has the feature of waterproofing. This rangefinder is also resistant to dust. Although it is waterproof, sometimes it does not work well in extreme conditions.
  • Lightweight: it weighs only 180 grams, which makes this rangefinder very handful to use. You can take it everywhere you want without any trouble carrying bulky devices or hand fatigue.
  • Portability properties: this device has other things that make it easier to carry anywhere. It has a wristband, carrying pouch, and carabineer, so you can take it comfortably.
  • Easy to use
  • 6x magnification
  • Convenient usage
  • Dust-resistance
  • Fast mode of scanning
  • Two years warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Little less accuracy in rain

Final words:

This rangefinder provides you the chance to improve your golf game and your handicap too. The user-friendly design and long battery life make it impressive among other rangefinders. The comfortable usage of this rangefinder makes you buy it.

8- SereneLife GRF20SL golf rangefinder

Several rangefinders are available in the market, but this product ensures the important three aspects for an ideal distance computing tool. These aspects contain the performance, quality, and price. This rangefinder will provide you the best experience of hitting the correct golf shots on the course.

It has some high-quality features which you might look for in the cheap rangefinders. This product is extremely accurate, although it is inexpensive. The portable rangefinder makes you comfortable as it allows you to carry it anywhere you want. It has a focus lens with 6x magnification, which gives clear images.

There are two main modes available in this rangefinder from which golfers can choose; when you operate the device. This rangefinder has a smart digital display, which helps you read the readings in a better way. This provides you every feature that big brands give with a much dollar price in the market.

Quick features:

  • Pin-seeker mode: This feature makes the rangefinder a more standard measuring device. This mode helps separate the flag from different objects and then locks the target.
  • Easy to use: This rangefinder is very easy to operate and handle. It accompanies only one button operation function. To measure the distance, only press a button, and it shows the yards.
  • Lightweight: The durable body design and dust resistance feature make it very portable and easy to carry anywhere you want. You can measure your target without any extra bulk in the bag.
  • Slope technology: It has slope adjustment technology, which some rangefinders don’t have. It clears all the doubts about the rangefinders that whether they take an exact measurement or not etc. 
  • Appealing design
  • Pin seeker mode
  • Slope adjustment
  • Travel case
  • No hidden charges
  • Accurate computation
  • Positive reviews
  • A bit less clarity lens

Final words:

This rangefinder is the best golf rangefinder with slope technology in the market at a much lower price. It provides the best and most accurate measurement of distance, and two modes make it easier to use in the golf course.

9- TACKLIFE MLR04 golf rangefinder

This TACKLIFE Company product comprises the latest technologies to provide the customers the most accurate and precise distance measurement rangefinder.

You are allowed to use it for multiple purposes, such as mountain camping, exploration, and construction despite golf games over greens.

This rangefinder is specially designed to meet the needs of golfers in the course. It works like a professional telescope that matches your game of golf in a very effective way.

This product’s compact design makes you comfortable and gives you ease while carrying this rangefinder outdoor with you.

This rangefinder provides you the golf slope mode, enabling you to select a point on the slope. This mode is very effective as it automatically computes the slope’s respective angle, distance, and slope height. So, this rangefinder helps you improve the game, especially the beginners much needed this.

Quick features:

  • Eye-piece adjustment options: it has the outer eye-piece, which can rotate to set the diopter to the range of + & – 5. You can get a clear image even without glasses by giving naked eye observation.
  • Multiple modes: this rangefinder has many modes, including height measuring, flag pole lock, continuous measuring, measuring of angle, and distance measurement to give accuracy to users.
  • Compact & portable: it weighs only 185 grams, which you can hold with only one hand. It prevents you from any type of hand fatigue, and a compact design guarantees high measurements.
  • Additional things: when you buy this rangefinder, you get a lot of things in the package. It contains a carrying bag, battery, wrist strap, wiping cloth, and power output, which is good enough.
  • Best slope mode
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable eye-piece
  • High magnification
  • Naked eye observation
  • Worth buying
  • Small screen display

Final words:

This is one of the best golf rangefinders UK in the market with such a low price. The slope mode of this product helps out beginners in lowering their handicaps on the golf course. If you are a newbie and trying hard to improve, get this one.

10- AOFAR GX-2S golf rangefinder (normal version)

The company produced the GX-2S rangefinders with high-class production quality and technology as they have R&D experts.

In this article, we have already talked about the upgraded model of this rangefinder. This rangefinder provides you a rich experience of the game of golf over the greens due to expertise.

The most important thing required in the rangefinders is accuracy. This rangefinder has outstanding accuracy up to 600 yards with exciting features. This rangefinder’s looks and design are very appealing as it comes up with water and dust resistivity and other environmental hazards.  

The amazing modes of this rangefinder prove to be the best for beginner players of golf. It includes the slope mode, pin-seeking mode, range mode, and scan mode, etc. The manual inside the package tells about all the processes that how you can change the different modes or other operations in the rangefinder.

Quick features:

  • Locking mode: This mode helps you a lot in hitting the right shot in the golf course, all you have to do is press the power button, and then it will show you the scan sign on the right corner of the upper side.
  • Slope switch function: It gives you the help so that you can gain a more accurate distance. You can turn on or off your target’s slope according to your preference over the greens in golf.
  • Unique design: The non-slip body made with rubber makes it easy to use and carry. The additional advantage is that you can do your game even in harsh weather conditions with a waterproof design.
  • Package properties: This rangefinder comes up with a package full of useful things that you need to carry during the journey. It contains a carrying bag, lanyard, cleaning cloth, carbineer, and battery.
  • Appealing design
  • Easy to operate
  • Values for money
  • Good accuracy
  • Easy to carry
  • Scanning mode
  • Good performance
  • A few issues in flag-lock technology

Final words:

This rangefinder is called the best rangefinder in a very few dollars by providing you overall good performance. It also gives a two-year warranty, which is pretty helpful for buyers, especially beginners who don’t have much experience in the game.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 – Buying guide

The correct measurement of the distance of the target plays a massive role in the course of golf. This makes a huge difference in winning and losing, especially when you are playing in a competition. It also helps a lot in some decision-making like selecting the clubs. That’s why the know-how of distances is essential in the game of golf. 

There is plenty of rangefinder options available in the market with different price ranges. The price of any product depends upon its performance, quality, and features. No matter that you have a budget for buying a rangefinder because even in the $100 range, you can get many good ones for sure. 

Before buying, you should keep some things in mind to help you get the right one for your game. This guide will show some essential aspects which you must see before buying any rangefinder from the market. Some critical factors of them are described given below with details:


The range is one of the most significant factors of the rangefinder. It determines the distance, which you can measure by using a rangefinder. 

Mostly, the golfers fall in the of range 400 to 1000 yards. For the buying of the proper rangefinder, you should check out the courses that you often play. However, the long-range rangefinder helps you in getting the right hitting of shots.


Besides range, accuracy also plays a vital role in the rangefinders. The accuracy varies between different models and brands, but you should buy the one that suits you the most. If you buy a long-range rangefinder, its accuracy should be précised. 

The golf players often buy a rangefinder with a minimum accuracy of about +/-1 yard. The range and accuracy go along hand in hand to buy a new rangefinder.

Slope adjustment:

The rangefinder with this feature is a wonderful choice to buy. The adjustment slope helps you when you are in the course and want to hit a shot as it enables you to plan your shot accordingly. 

It calculates your position and then your readings automatically. It does not come in every model, but if you choose, then check this feature before buying.


The eye-relief has an important role in the rangefinders, and it varies in various models. If you use glasses or lenses, then the rangefinder’s eye-relief may work differently for you than naked-eye observation. 

Before buying a product, you should check out and then see whether it provides comfort to your eye or not. It also becomes important when you go back & forth or lining up your coming shot.

Battery life:

These golf rangefinders are portable devices specially designed to provide the user’s comfort in carrying them. The rangefinders use chargeable lithium batteries. 

Despite checking the battery quality only, you also make sure about the battery’s life; that how long the battery can survive. The battery’s good life survives up to many hours and does not take a long time to charge fully. So, choose wisely.


No matter that you are buying a cheap rangefinder, it should value money in any way. The single way to determine whether your product is worth buying or not; you should test its durability. 

It depends upon different aspects such as the material selection or parts quality and whole rangefinder construction. You should buy a rangefinder that has rugged plastic mounting with water and shock resistivity. 

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use my hunting rangefinder for the game of golf?

You can use your hunting rangefinder for golf if it has the right features and abilities, which are the need for golf rangefinders. The rangefinder’s menu option can enable you to use it, whether as a golf rangefinder or the hunting one. 

Every model and brand has different types of rangefinders. Some products come up with the versatility of being used for multiple purposes. Rangefinders are designed for outdoor activities so that you can use them for any activity or game.

Q. Is there any major difference between golf and hunting rangefinders?

The answer to this question depends upon the situations and conditions. The rangefinders made for golf have the nearest target’s priority, which is a flag in most cases. They ignore every other thing far from the target and focus on the target only.

On the other hand, the hunting rangefinders are furnished with far-off targets. They ignore the closet targets and keep their focus on the distant objects. The near and far target focus is the significant difference between both types of rangefinders.

Q. Can I use my laser-based golf rangefinder in the tournament of golf?

Yes, laser-based golf rangefinders are allowed to use in golf tournaments. Some professional players use rangefinders in golf games. These are made you lower your handicap, which troubles mostly beginner golf players.

It is prohibited to use the slope adjustment mode in some tournaments because it will help you get the correct hit without using your competition skills. So if you turn that mode off, it is entirely legal to use rangefinders.  

Q. Is it true that cheap golf rangefinders perform pretty well in the game?

The high prices don’t make the products popular among the people. The actual thing is quality and performance. If you buy a cheap golf rangefinder, you think that whether it works well or not. Don’t worry about it; cheap ones also perform well.

The latest golf rangefinders are designed with innovations and modern technologies that work well enough. The rangefinder just helps you hit the proper shot, but it all depends on your game skills.

Q. Are cheap golf rangefinders values the money as compared to high prices?

If you are the one who has a budget to buy a rangefinder, then don’t overthink that whether less-priced rangefinders perform well or not. The cheap ones are also built up with the latest technologies and advanced features. 

They will give you a rapid response with highly précised measurements in the game of golf. High-priced rangefinders are indeed perfect in their way, but the cheap ones are not less in anything. The rangefinders will give the best experience of the game.

Q. Why are some golf rangefinders much expensive than other ones in the market?

You are not the only one paying for the rangefinder to buy a new one for your game. Many factors and things are involved in this price, such as construction, design, transportation, R&Ds, etc. The more prominent brands are costing high just because they are famous.

The lower brands are costing low prices, but it does not mean that their quality is less. It means that they set their prices low in terms of being competitive in the market. So before buying any rangefinder, you should read the reviews. 

Q. Should I have to buy a golf rangefinder for the improvement of my game?

The buying of a rangefinder is not a must thing to buy in the golf game. It depends upon some types of factors or players of golf. If you are a player who is practicing and playing golf regularly, then rangefinder will help you a lot.

They are designed to permit the player to measure the distance to the lay-up positions, greens, and hazards. They help you in getting the right hit to the target. It benefits you in many ways although it is a personal preference to buy one or not.

Q. How can I select the best golf rangefinder for my golf game?

There are many factors involved in the buying of the perfect golf rangefinder in the market. The first thing to do is to read the reviews about different products and research them before rushing to market. A lot of buying guides are available on the internet which guide you.

The golf rangefinders’ key aspects include durability, range, accuracy, battery life, and other exciting features. You should see the specifications and features of a product you choose before buying and reading the customer reviews.  

Q. Are golf rangefinders a hindrance or benefit to the game of golf?

Whether laser or GPS, the rangefinders are changing the player’s way of interaction with their environment. They help the golfers enhance their golf game while leisurely or professionally over the greens, of course.  

The answer to this question is wholly based on your personal preference. It is tough to say no to the handy device, which helps you get the needed distance with a speedy function. So it’s up to you. 

Q. Which type of rangefinder is best for golf games; laser or GPS?

The GPS devices for the game of golf have become an old thing now a day. The thing that makes GPS appealing to golfers is that it takes a broad range of forms. They provide the yardages, and or you can watch the hat clips.

On the other hand, the laser rangefinders provide accuracy over everything, which is the most needed thing in the game. The other advantage is that you can take them everywhere you want. They are great on the ranges also.   


We put our great effort into this article to provide you the best information and guide about the best golf rangefinders under $100 available in the market. All the rangefinders we have viewed in this article are of top quality and gives the best performance in their way at such a low price. 

In a golf game, you are, as a player, already giving a lot of money to buy the game’s major equipment. So we provided the cheap rangefinders with pretty well performance. In our recommendation, the TACKLIFE MLR01 rangefinder is the best golf rangefinder golf digest among the other rangefinders on the list.

This rangefinder provides you the best and accurate distance measurement up to 900 yards by having the highest magnification power. This rangefinder comes up with some exciting additional features which make it unique and appealing to the players. You should buy this one because of getting more in less price.

Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck!

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