Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200 in 2022

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Golf has been changed a lot in the last two decades. Many devices are available in the market, such as a rangefinder used to improve players’ games. 

When it comes to golf practice, golf is one of the most challenging sports. The most serious difficulty is to assume the distance between teeing ground and the landmark. Buying a golf rangefinder will be a great idea here.

Golf rangefinders are the best option for beginner golfers, as they will help them improve their game. However, the golf rangefinders are not legal during the tournament to competitions but can be used for practicing. Many professionals use the rangefinder for practicing as it enhances the determining distance. 

Today’s market is flooded with too many brands that can easily confuse anyone to make a choice. One must have proper knowledge of the product before buying. These products are shortlisted aft4er along with research.  

Many things have to be seen in rangefinders, such as range, accuracy, quality, etc. Rangefinders are a one-time investment; therefore, one must choose it keenly.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200

We have reviewed the ten best golf rangefinders under 200 to help you choose the best. All the reviewed products are of great quality and lie under the $ 200 price tag. You must have a look if you need a rangefinder and want to improve your game. The products are discussed briefly with their features and cons.

Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder under 200

1- Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope

Looking for some handy golf rangefinder, you are on the right product. Callaway 30 0Pro is a compact-sized rangefinder with a range of 1000 yards.

There cannot be any other better choice for those who prefer to use a rangefinder with one hand.

It has all the features that you can expect from a rangefinder, such as a slope function and high magnification.

When we have a look at the accuracy of this rangefinder, it is exact in measurements. This can also lock the target within up to 300 yards, which is enough for the average shot distance. Many other terrific features make it better than other rangefinders.

Unlike most rangefinders, this generates a small vibration whenever you lock the target to make sure you locked right.

A golfer can also measure the distance to different points simultaneously, making it even better. Some of its features are discussed below that you should see.

Quick Features:

  • Range: The maximum range of Callaway slope is up to 1000 yards which is pretty impressive at 200. Its range is enough for any professional player to measure distances. There may be a difference of a yard in measurements but not more than it.
  • Pin Lock Technology: Unlike traditional golf rangefinders, Callaway 300 pro comes with Pin Acquisition technology that locks the target into 300 yards. This feature is handy and gives precise distance measurements.
  • Easy to Use: The Callaway Pro 300 is straightforward to use with a simple interface. Any beginner can use it efficiently without so much knowledge. It comes with a small guide that can be understood easily. It has two buttons how difficult it can be to use.
  • Industrial-grade: If we talk about its quality, it is very durable and will last for years. All the material castoff for its manufacturing is industrial grade. It gives a strong feeling when you hold it. There is no need to be worried about its quality with its clear optics.
  • +/-1 yard accuracy
  • Slope Function
  • Multiple targets at once
  • Vibration on locking
  • Enhanced Scan
  • 6x magnification
  • Picks Flag Slowly

Final Words:

In short, Callaway Pro 300 is a great product under its price tag. It also has all the features that are required for the course. If you prefer to use a rangefinder with two hands, you should see other picks on the list. For its quality and price, it is a good rangefinder.

2- TecTecTec VPRO 500 rangefinder Tectectec Vpro500 Golf Rangefinder

Many beginner golfers want to improve their game but can’t do so due to a lack of proper practice equipment.

 TecTecTec Vpro500 golf rangefinder is referred to as one of the best golf rangefinders with its high accuracy and great features. It is a one-hand operation rangefinder that many golf players highly like.

Its high-quality optics give a clear image that makes it easy to lock on the target. With its pin sensor Technology, this rangefinder can accurately measure distance with overlapping subjects in the way.

Its 6x magnification makes it even easier to lock targets. This rangefinder features a Pro Scan mode that continuously measures the distance just by passing on the object.

It is great for professional use with its ho-end features and quality. It comes with a 2-year warranty that is great for a product under $ 200. Many other features keep in top picks; some of its key features are below.

Quick Features:

  • Pin Sensor Technology: The pin sensor technology only comes to win high rangefinders. With this technology, a player can measure the distance accurately even with overlapping subjects such as woods or signboards. The rainwater also does not disturb the measurement accuracy.
  • Compact: It is a very compact, handy design that golfers highly like. Most golfers prefer using rangefinders with one hand. The rigid rubber grip prevents the rangefinder from falling from the hand. It is also light in weight if you walk on the course.
  • ProScan: The TecTecTec VPRO500 features Pro scan technology that continuously measures the distance when you pass over any object. This feature is very time-saving on the course; it is not only but also very accurate.
  • Water Resistant: A rangefinder must be durable enough to tolerate harsh conditions. The TecTecTec VPRO 500 is water-resistant and delivers accurate measurements even in the rain. Unquestionably, this is one of the best features of this rangefinder.
  • Light Weight
  • High Quality
  • Pin Sensor Technology
  • Strong Grip
  • ProScan
  • Only 450yards range

Final Words:

The golfer who walks on the golf course needs a compact and lightweight rangefinder exactly like TecTecTec VPRO500. It is great in quality, accuracy, and design; this will not be a wrong choice.

3- Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Golf Rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Uk

When we talk about picking one of the best golf rangefinders under 200, you will see many products.

But if you are a beginner and need a golf rangefinder, you should look at Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder.

It is a compact size rangefinder with a lot of packed features. When compared to its price, this will be a great buy.

This Precision Pro Golf rangefinder has a range of up to 400 yards which is not so impressive. It also does not have a slope function which can be highly useful.

However, it features some additional functions such as Target Acquisition Technology, Pin seeker technology, pulse vibration, etc.

The hardest patis of keeping hand steady while focusing, this rangefinder measure accurate even with shaky hands.

This product from the Precision Pro company comes with a two-year warranty, which is enough for a product under its price tag. You should see its features to know whether this will be good for you or not.

Quick Features:

  • Target Acquisition: Target Acquisition is a technology used for improved accuracy. It scans the view of the field for any overlapping objects other than the flag. This is a handy feature and the best feature of this golf rangefinder.
  • Warranty: When it comes to products under the 100 or 200 price tag, the warranty is not more than a year or six months. The company also offers free lifetime battery replacement that means you don’t’ have to worry about battery replacement.
  • Pulse Vibration technology: Whenever you lock the target, a pulse vibration is generated, which lets you know the target is locked. It is a great feature as it quickly vibrates to know that you have locked the target. This feature is only found in expensive rangefinders.
  • Design: When it comes to the design of a rangefinder, it must look good on the hands. The Precision pro golf comes in a neon green color that can be seen from a distance. It has a great design and ergonomic grip, making it even better.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Two years Warranty
  • Pinseeker Technology
  • TAG Technology
  • No slope Function

Final Words:

When we compared the price of products to its features, this rangefinder is worth its value, but it does not have a slope function that is important for accurate measurements in different situations. If you are low on budget, you should get this.

4- Bozily Golf Rangefinder – Best golf Rangefinder

If you are low on budget but need a rangefinder, you must look at Bozily Rangefinder. It is one o the best value rangefinder you can buy.

It is not a high-end product but is great for beginners. It has a distance measuring range up to 1000 yards which are quite great. Its low price does not mean that it is not a quality product.

However, its price is low; the Bozily Rangefinder features some great functions that are only found in high-end rangefinders, such as two scan modes. It comes with the slope function that helps in measuring with even more accuracy.

The design is very compact and will e good for the walkers who do not want to add up extra weight.

It comes with the accuracy of -/+1, which is great for golf. It also has PAT technology for locking only flags in the view. It quickly measures and displays the distance, finding distance a quick task. Following are some key features of the Bozily Golf Rangefinder.

Quick Features:

  • Two years warranty: Many users do not expect a 2years warranty from a cheap product like Boz Rangefinder. But it comes with two years warranty which is quite enough for a 150-dollar product, which makes it the best golf rangefinder under $150.
  • Slope Function: Like any professional rangefinder, this rangefinder comes with slope technology to measure distance accurately. You can manually turn on/off the slope function. Just press a button ad you are in slop/non-slope scan mode.
  • Magnifications: The Bozily range finder can zoom up to 6 times which is great for locking targets and viewing the flag from afar. You can see the flag 400 yard away from you clearly through the rangefinder.
  • Affordable: When it comes to this rangefinder’s affordability, you cannot get a better rangefinder inn its price. Calling it one of the cheapest rangefinders available in the market will not be wrong. No doubt, it is lower in price but has reasonable quality.
  • Double Scan Modes
  • PAT Technology
  • Very Affordable
  • Tournament Legal
  • Fast measuring
  • Weak Battery

Final Words:

If you are a professional and got a budget, you should see other products of the articles. Undoubtedly, you will not get a rangefinder like the Bozily rangefinder under its price range. Overall the product is great and durable and will last for years.

5- Nutech Pro golf Range Finder – Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200

Low on budget but need a rangefinder? You should have a look at the Nutech Pro rangefinder. It can measure distance up to 650 yards which is pretty impressive for its price.

The best add-on in this rangefinder is that the disposable batteries are replaced with rechargeable ones. There are not so many great rangefinders under its price tag.

Even at its affordable price, it comes with a slope function that is highly usable on the course. It has all the features like any expensive golf rangefinder that makes it part of the top picks.

It can measure precise distance not only to the flags but to any object or landmark. You can manually turn or off the slope function.

The readings are not only accurate but quick as well. It displays the accurate distance in less than a second, which is very impressive.

It also features Pinseeker technology that helps in locking the target perfectly. We have discussed some of the astonishing features of the Nutech Pro golf Rangefinder.

Quick Features:

  • Rechargeable: The unique feature of the Nutech pro rangefinder is its rechargeable batteries. Commonly, the rangefinders use one-use batteries that cost more. The golf rangefinder comes with a USB charging port that allows charging using any supported adapter.
  • Rubber Grip: The whole body o the Nutech Pro rangefinder is rubbered, giving it a better grip. Dropping rangefinder from hands is very common but can damage the optics and other functions of the rangefinder.
  • Accuracy: If we come to talk about the accuracy of the Nutech rangefinder, it has an accuracy of -/=0.3 yds up to 200 yards which is quite impressive. The maximum error that you can expect is no more than a yard up to its maximum range.
  • Water Resistant: When it comes to using rangefinders in the rain, a water-resistant rangefinder should be chosen. The Nutech rangefinder is water-resistant, and the accuracy of the measurements is not disturbed with drops of water on optic lenses.
  • Locking Vibration: When you lock a target through the rangefinder, it gives a small vibration burst. Experts highly like these features as they let you know that the target is locked. These features are also found in only expensive rangefinders.
  • Pulse vibration
  • JOLT Technology
  • Flag Lock function
  • 6X magnification
  • High Accuracy
  • It takes time to measure in Slope Mode.

Final Words:

If you want a featureful but affordable golf rangefinder, there cannot be any other better choice than this. It has features like any high-end golf rangefinders. For its accuracy, it is far better than most rangefinders available in the market.

6- PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder – Best Rangefinder for golf

PEAK PULSE 6 pro golf rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders of this article. The price is very affordable when compared to its features, and this product is worth its value.

It has many additional features that keep in the top products list. If you need a golf range finder, then this rangefinder deserves a chance.

It is a very featureful golf rangefinder in a compact size. It can measure the distance from teeing ground to 400 yards with the -/+ 1-yard accuracy.

It also features pin seeker technology that is highly useful in locking targets. You can easily store it in your carry bag or hand with the cart.

The black and white color combination is beautiful and is highly like by golfers around the world. It is effortless to operate, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

It does not have a Slope function but is acceptable under its price range. Some of its features are written below that you must go through.

Quick Features:

  • Simple Design: The design of Peakpulse 6 pro is straightforward and straight but is highly attractive. The black and white color prevents you from leaving it behind on the course or anywhere. It is also very easy to use; any beginner can use it efficiently after a couple of uses.
  • Fast Focus: Unlike a typical rangefinder, it focuses on the target much quicker than you expect. Getting quality features at an affordable price. This rangefinder’s processing speed is very fast, making it a great choice for beginners and professionals.
  • Pin Seeker Technology: The Peakpulse 6 PRO features Pin Seeker technology to locate the target flag. It surpasses other objects and only locks the flag. These features highly useful sometimes during practice.
  • Vibration: The rangefinder generates a small vibration whenever you lock on the target. This feature lets the golfer know whether the correct object is locked or not. Small features like this maintain their position in the best rangefinders.
  • Affordable
  • Pin seeker Technology
  • 6x Zoom
  • Fast Focus System
  • Auto Shutdown
  • No Slope Function

Final Words:

The PeakPulse is a great pick for beginner golfers who do not need slope function. For its price, it is one o the best rangefinders. It does not have the scanning feature; what can we expect under its price tag.

7- Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam_202208

Are you looking for a versatile rangefinder? You have hit the right product. Bushnell Bone collector rangefinder is the best golf rangefinder with a slope that can also hunt.

It is a very basic and straightforward rangefinder but is remarkable in terms of quality. It is a one-button operation making it great for seniors and beginners.

It has a maximum range of up to 600 yards which is nice for its price. Unlike traditional rangefinders, this rangefinder has an in-view display that you don’t have to lock then see the results.

When it comes to this rangefinder’s accuracy, it has the accuracy of -/+ 1 yard up to its maximum measuring range.

If you are a professional and need some high-end rangefinders, there are many other market options. If you are just a beginner, then this will not be the wrong choice. Following are some features of the Bushnell Rangefinder are as follows.

Quick Features:

  • Quality: When it comes to the highest quality rangefinders, Bushnell Bone Collector is one of them. However, it does not have golf-friendly features but has excellent quality. This rangefinder is very durable and will last for years.
  • In-View display: The Bushnell Bone Collector comes with an in-view display. A golfer can see the measure without taking it out of the eye—the in-view display distance in yards and battery life. The battery life indicator is great for those who are outdoor enthusiastic.
  • Camouflage body: As it is a hunting rangefinder, therefore it comes with a rough design. It is essential never to get spotted when hunting. It will be the best rangefinder for golfers as well as hunters.
  • Clarity: All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality, same with the optic lenses. With its 4x zoom, one can see distant objects clearly with a high-quality display. It is a significant factor to consider when buying a rangefinder.
  • Accuracy: The Bushnell Bone Collector has an accuracy of +/- 1-yard accuracy, which is quite impressive. Its range and accuracy can assume the quality of any rangefinder. If you are conscious about the distance accuracy, you must give this a try.
  • High quality
  • Rigid Body
  • One Button operation
  • Light Weight
  • Clear Optics
  • No slope Function

Final Words:

This product is an excellent pick for a beginner golfer who doesn’t even guess the landmarks’ average distance. If you are a pro golfer, you must see some other product on the list. It is great for primary use but is not so featureful.

8- Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Under $150

When new talk about optics and lenses, Nikon is the very first name that comes to mind. Nikon is a camera manufacturing company and also manufactures other optical products such as a rangefinder.

Nikon Coolshot 20 is considered one of the best golf rangefinders and has all the features that you will need on the course.

Nikon cool shot 20 rangefinder has a maximum measuring range of 800 yards. An 800 range rangefinder is enough for beginners as well as professional golfers.

It comes in a very compact design and has very lightweight making it great for walkers. A golfer can choose from a single or continuous measurement mode; in this, the golfer does not have to wait when measuring the second target.

For its optics quality, there is no need to worry as these are manufactured by Nikon. The rangefinder unit is made of high-quality material and is very durable.

If used appropriately, it can last for years without any problem. You should see the features that are discussed below.

Quick Features:

  • Quality: Nikon is a reputable multinational company and always manufactures high-quality products. The Nikon Coolshot 20 GII is a high-quality rangefinder. All material used for its manufacturing is of industrial grade.
  • Size: This rangefinder’s size is very compact and light in weight, making it great for walkers who do not want to carry more weight on the course. It is a one-hand operation rangefinder and can fit in any tight pocket of the golf bag.
  • Multi-target Mapping: Unlike traditional golf rangefinders, you can measure the distance to multiple targets at once. It allows measuring distance from multiple points without even waiting for any pulse or vibration of the first reading.
  • Battery Life: With a new battery, the Nikon golf rangefinder can measure up to 20000 measurements. This means a single li-ion battery is enough to be used in a whole season. Long battery life is great as you don’t have to worry about replacing or charging batteries.
  • First Target Priority
  • Compact design
  • Multi-Target Mapping
  • 6x magnification
  • First Target Priority
  • It’s tiny

Final Words:

No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, the Nikon Coolshot 20 GII will be a great choice. This rangefinder is worth its value with high-end features and functionalities. This product will last for years without any issue; it also has a 5-year warranty.

9- Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder Golf Digest

If you need some high-quality golf rangefinders, have a look at Nikon 8397 golf rangefinder. It is a compact and lightweight unit that is made to take away it anywhere.

This is one of the compact designed rangefinders you will find in the market. Do not get fooled by its small size; it is a compact but featureful rangefinder.

Calling it h highest quality product of the whole review article will not be wrong as it has to features. It is highly liked by thousands of golf players around the globe for its usability and functionality.

The price is also very affordable, making it even better for people with a low budget. It also has been part of the best golf rangefinder golf digest with great quality.

If we talk about this rangefinder’s optics, you can get the highest quality optic lenses. A multilayer-coated optic that transmits only required brightness makes it an excellent choice for people with weak eyesight. You should have an in-depth look at its features that are discussed below.

Quick Features:

  • Compact: Calling Nikon 8397 golf rangefinder is one of the most compact-sized rangefinders you can find on the market. The size of this rangefinder is barely a few centimeters. This product is so easy to fit in a pocket or tight corner of the bag.
  • Quality: Nikon is a well-reputed company and does not compromise on the quality of products. Same with its golf rangefinders, these are high in quality and functionality. It can last for years if used appropriately.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is a crucial point to be considered when buying golf rangefinders. The accuracy of Nikon 8397 is very high. The error will not be more than +/- 1 yard, which is very impressive. The difference of one yard is nothing when measuring 100 yards distance.
  • Price: When we have a look at the price of Nikon 8397, it is very affordable. This unit worth its value with its high-end features and functionalities. Buying this rangefinder will be the best idea if you need a quality product under 200.
  • Compact Design
  • Clear Visibility
  • Multilayered optics
  • Quick Processing
  • Accurate
  • It is hard to keep it steady.

Final Words:

There cannot be any other better choice for the golfer who prefers walking on the course than Nikon 8397. It is a very compact unit and has all the features that you can expect from a rangefinder.

10- Wosport Laser Golf Rangefinder – Best laser golf range finder

If you have had a golf rangefinder before, you may have noticed that the cheap rangefinders also offer great precision when you can get the same features at a lower price, then why spend money on an expensive one.

The Westport laser rangefinder is one o the best value rangefinder you will find on the market.

It has a maximum measuring range of up to 650 yards; it is enough for most golf players. The design is highly liked by golfers as the battery cover is inseparable.

Players who have used rangefinder in the past will know how the cover can get lost.

No doubt that it is not a high-end rangefinder but has all the features that are only found in expensive units, such as flag pole locking.

Many such features make this low-priced product a great pick. You must see its features if you are going to buy this.

Quick Features:

  • Compact Design: When it comes to its design, it is very compact in size and light in weight, making it highly portable. It can easily fit in any pocket. It comes with an inseparable battery cover, so you don’t lose the cover accidentally.
  • Affordable: This rangefinder is the best golf rangefinder under $ 100 which is very affordable. You will never find a good rangefinder below this price. It is one of the cheapest products of all reviewed golf rangefinders and a choice for people with a low budget.
  • Flagpole Lock: Locking the right target is very hard when you don’t have a unique Flagpole lock technology feature. It automatically locks on the flag by overlapping other objects. It can be beneficial on the ground.
  • Versatility: This golf rangefinder can also be used for hunting with its versatile features such as fog and speed modes. If you also do the hunting, then this product deserves a chance. It is oy only liked by golfer but also by hunters.
  • Very Affordable
  • Compact Size
  • Inseparable Battery Cover
  • High Accuracy
  • Fog and Speed Modes
  • Optics are not so clear.

Final Words:

However, it does not have any high-end features but is still great for use on the ground. If you have weak eyesight, there are many other products because the optics are not so clear that they should be.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200
best golf rangefinder under 100

Buying Guide for the best golf rangefinder under 200

Golf is one of the most challenging sports to play due to many reasons. It can take years-long practice to become a good golf player. There are plenty of things to be kept in mind to play accurate shots, such as distance from tee to hole, shot strength and angle, etc.

The distance between hole and tee is the first thing that a player must know to exert the required force.

As it can take years of experience to assess the course’s distance, golf rangefinders are the best solution. No doubt that golf rangefinders are legal during tournaments and competitions but are great for practicing.

Many golf experts recommend using rangefinders to improve their shot decisions. If you are a learner and a newbie in this game, you must get a rangefinder to improve your game.

When it comes to buying any product, it can be hard to choose the best without proper knowledge. In today’s market, it is even hard to choose from numerous choices.

The market is flooded with several brands that can easily confuse anyone to make a choice. This buying guide is designed in a way to help you choose the best golf rangefinder UK.

A few mins reading can help you choose the best product according to your needs. There are many points that one must consider when buying a golf rangefinder. We have discussed all the foremost things you should see in a golf range finder. You must have a quick look at the following points.


The accuracy of any golf rangefinder is the very first thing you should see in rangefinder. If you are buying from a store, you much check in a few feet range. The quality of any rangefinder depends on the distance accuracy. No matter how good quality a rangefinder is, unless it is not accurate.

Slope Function:

There are various types of rangefinders, such as industrial, hunting, and Army rangefinders, etc. The golf rangefinders must have a slope function; it helps measure the distance with slopes on the course for even better accuracy.

Experienced players will know how much use the slope function can be. Most golf rangefinder comes with slope functions for the last few years due to their demand by use.


The average maximum range of rangefinder ranges from yards to 1200 yards. A 1000-yard rangefinder will be enough for golf practice. The prices of rangefinders vary due to the maximum range of rangefinders. Higher range devices are more expensive as they need high-end optics.


Golf rangefinders come in different sizes for different types of people. Some golfers like to have a compact, while others like to use it with two hands. Bigger rangefinders are highly liked as it is easier to keep rangefinders steady with two hands. A compact size rangefinder will be better for people who walk on the course instead of carts or golf cars.


When it comes to the scanning speed of a rangefinder, it depends on the processing speed. Good quality rangefinders have a very fast scanning speed due to increased processing speed. It can be very frustrating on the course to wait for scan results. If a rangefinder takes more than 1 or 2 seconds, that must be an older model.

Features and quality:

When buying a rangefinder, additional features are also essential to consider. The extra features can enhance the usability of the rangefinder on the course. Also, make sure the rangefinder you are having is good, as the rangefinder is used in rough situations. Never compromise on the quality of rangefinders because a golfer will use them to improve their game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are golf rangefinders used?

The golf rangefinder is measuring the distance from its point to some other point. Many beginners cannot assume the distance between tee ground and holes; a golf rangefinder is highly useful during practice. Golf range finders are considered one of the best devices for beginners. There are many features in a rangefinder, such as a slope function and target lock.

Those who want to gain experience on the course must get a rangefinder. The price of rangefinders is also not too high, and rangefinders are worth their value.

Q. Are golf rangefinders legal?

Rangefinders are illegal on the Golf Association course; golfers can use them in any tournament or competition. Golf Rangefinders are designed for fresh golfers who don’t have much experience on the course. Yardage is crucial to know before playing a shot; therefore, golf range finds are great for practicing.

Using a rangefinder is not considered cheating but is not allowed to use in matches because a player has to play shot even if he or she knows the distance to the hole.

Q. How does a golf rangefinder measure the distance?

The rangefinder uses a combination of optics and laser technology to measure the distance to some other point. It is like a pair of binoculars that help focus the target, and the laser determines the distance. A golfer can get an accurate reading by locking while keeping the device steady. Some rangefinders are also can measure the distance from elevation or slope, making them even better.

The average range of golf rangefinder can be up to 1500 yards. Other laser rangefinders can measure distance up to 25 to 30 Km distance which is quite impressive.

Q. Are rangefinder expensive?

It depends on the rangefinder you are buying. On average, golf range finders can be bought for under $ 100 to $ 350. A rangefinder’s cost depends on its quality, optics, range, and extra features. You may see cheap products, but they are just formality on the name rangefinder. A golfer must get a good rangefinder as it will improve the game of the player.

Never choose the cheapest golf rangefinders; it may be a low-quality product. Many sellers try to attract customers by offering too low prices.

Q. Do professionals use rangefinders?

Yes, the professionals also use rangefinders but only during the practice games. However, experienced players can assume the distance just by having a look, but that can take a year’s experience. There is nothing in using rangefinders; rangefinders can improve the game of the player. After knowing the yardage, a player gets to know how much force to put in a shot.

Q. How to choose the best golf rangefinder?

There is no doubt that without proper, we cannot buy the best product. The budget of a golfer is the first thing one must decide; the cheapest rangefinders cost a minimum of $ 100. A golfer must consider the range, quality, magnification, build quality, and optics to choose the best one. Reading a buying guide will be a good idea here.

Do proper research before buying a golf rangefinder. Compare the features and functions of different rangefinders to choose the best one. Read reviews and ratings of different products to make a choice.

Q. What should be the magnification of a rangefinder?

Higher the magnification of a rangefinder, it will be of superb quality. The magnification range of golf range finders ranges from 4x zoom to up to 10x zoom. Magnifying makes it easier to lock targets far away from the teeing ground. Buy a rangefinder with higher magnification; it will result in highly useful.

The average magnification for rangefinders is six times zoom, which is enough to use on course. It is an excellent feature as it makes it handy to lock targets and landmarks from a distance.

Q. What is the battery life of a rangefinder?

The battery life of rangefinders is not measured in hours but actuation. An average rangefinder can last up to 2000 to 2500 actuation, which is enough for a season play. Rangefinders with good batteries can even last up to 3500 uses.

Some rangefinder is also rechargeable, that means you can use a rangefinder for years without replacing gits batteries.

Q. Why are rangefinders very expensive?

The process of any product depends on its market value; such well-known brands cost more. Same with the rangefinders, the rangefinder from big brands are expensive. And there is no doubt that golf is an expensive sport, and all its supplies are sold expensively. Some companies offer lower prices for rangefinders.

There are also some budget rangefinders are available that are high in quality but lower in price. When you are shelling out money, you must get durable equipment to improve your golf game.

Q. Are Golf rangefinders accurate?

The accuracy of a golf rangefinder depends on the quality of the product. Most golf rangefinders are accurate up to 400 or 500 yards. It does not mean that upper measurements are not accurate, but there will be the error of half or a meter, accuracy up to 400 yards is enough for a golf player. The average long hit played by golfers is 350 yards which are quite along with the distance.

If the rangefinder does not have a slope function, then the accuracy of the rangefinder may vary. Rangefinders with the Slope function are more accurate than rangefinders without it.


All the products as mentioned earlier are made up of excellent quality and features. There will be no issue if you will buy any one of them because these products are shortlisted after keen research to help you make the decision. 

More the choices are more it is difficult to choose a product. You are also allowed to research on your own to choose the best one according to your needs.

If you do not want to read each product’s review, we recommend you to buy Nikon 8397 rangefinder with its high-end features and functionalities.

It will last for years and will not be heed to carry on the course. It is so much easy to fit in a pocket or a tight bag pocket. We hope this article will help you making choices and saving extra bucks at the same time.

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