How Wide Is A Golf Cart

How Wide Is a Golf Cart?

If your golfing interests are rising and as the first step of dedication, you want to purchase a golf cart.

But wait a minute, are you sure it’ll fit in your garage?           

When browsing the market for a golf cart, one of the foremost factors you need to know is the vehicle’s width. After all, what’s the use of buying a massive golf cart only to find out it doesn’t fit in your home.

Golf carts have slim fronts, and the front wheels have a 33.5-inch difference between them. In comparison, the difference between the back wheels is 38-inches. As of this, seat spacing has around 48-inches of distance, which can easily accommodate two people.

However, bear in mind that this is the standard golf cart size. Other manufacturers, designs, and brands have added dimensions to their products.

So, let’s dive into the golf cart measurements.

Dimensions Of A Golf Cart

The standard industry-size golf cart is approximately 4-feet wide, 8-feet long, and 7-feet high. These dimensions are ideal for both the rear and front seats that fold down to be used on a golf course. Plus, the average weight of a golf cart is between 900 to 1000 pounds.

Currently, golf cart manufacturers are designing cars with unique formats and sizes. So the impulse of buying a golf cart is going to be tricky because you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

But, the primary concept remains unchanged – to transport two people at a speed of 24 km/h.

Not only do these golf carts accommodate a minimum number of two people, and these are the standard versions, and their dimensions are also the same, despite the brand.

In terms of expansion, the width of these standard carts is 4-feet, the length is 8-feet, and the height is 6-feet. The metric measures are 1.2m x 2.4m x 1.8m.

So that was the answer to the most asked question: how wide is a golf cart?

How Long Is A Golf Cart?

The standard length of a golf cart is 96-inches, 8-feet. It is a two-seater golf cart. As golf carts are made in larger sizes, they also differ in length.

Large or four-seaters have a greater extent than 8-feet. The length from the rear wheel to the front wheel of a two-seater cart is 65.5-inches. But the distance from the back seat to the front wheel is around 92.5-inches, on an average note.

Once again, each of these measurements follows a different pattern. Their dimensions are based on their makes and models.

how old do you have to be to drive a golf cart

Examples Of Some High-end Golf Carts

The best of the best: Yamaha

Yamaha UMAX Two119-inch49-inch72-inch
Yamaha UMax One111-inch49-inch72-inch
Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 109-inch51-inch50-inch
Yamaha Drive 2 94-inch47-inch71-inch
Yamaha Concierge 4128-inch47-inch48-inch
Yamaha UMax Rally122-inch53-inch51-inch

Characteristics of a Standard Golf Cart

A golf cart’s weight from any average model ranges between 410-to450 kg or 800-1000 lbs. Their dimensions also differ because they contain four-stroke engines under the hood.

As a professional golfer, you must know that cars do more than just transport two people, from one end to another. They are great for storage purposes too. Besides that, most of them are customized to satisfy the needs of special golf courses.

These are built with additional features, such as windshields, ball cleaners, speed controllers, forklifts, and cooling trays.

Now that you are aware of how wide a golf cart is, this information will help you purchase the most reliable golf cart ever. And if not, it’s nice to know a little more about your favorite activity, isn’t’ it?      

Golf Cart Ground Authorization

There is a specific dimension to golf carts, and these are not titled as average measurements. This one is for ground clearance. It is the distance between the cart floorboards and the ground.

Most golf carts offer a ground clearance of almost 4.5-inches. This can go higher than 5-inches as well, depending on the model. Other than that, you must also know that golf cart owners have proper access to their carts, and they can even lift them to improve ground clearance.

This lift can be executed when drivers wish to move on rough terrains or when the driver wants to improve the cart’s stability. In such scenarios, drivers have the option to lift their cart from 3-6 inches from the ground.

What Are The Dimensions of the Shortest Golf Cart?

You already know the standard size; why not give the shortest golf cart a go?

The shortest golf cart is the one with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 364cm
  • Width: 123cm
  • Height: 136cm

What Are The Dimensions of a Six-Seater Golf Cart?

The dimensions of a six-seater are 146-inch in length, 47.2-inches in height, and 70-inches in width. However, the brand new versions of these carts are powered by advanced motors, and many buyers prefer electric carts over others.

Your cart can be driven smoothly around the course, and when you are done with today’s round, it can comfortably be put on charge in the parking station. As a result, you won’t have to stress buying gasoline or towing the cart out of the course.

Electric Vs. Gas Golf Cart 

Gas golf carts use very tiny gasoline engines. These vehicles must be powerful enough to carry the weight of at least eight people across the golf course without malfunctioning.

However, things start to go downfall once you reach uncharted areas.

On the other hand, electric carts use direct current motors and operate on electricity. In addition to this, their batteries require charging regularly.

When purchasing a new cart, it is vital to know the pros and cons of these models. The information below will give a clear-cut idea of which type of golf cart you should go for in the future:

Gas Cart: Pros and Cons


  • Gas golf carts are ideal for long drives because once the fuel tank is full, it can run up to 200 miles.
  • It requires little maintenance, and there are no battery-related expenses involved. On top of that, you save plenty of time because your only job is to purchase gasoline and keep the cart running.
  • There are no yearly maintenances involved, and the value for the cash you get for your investment is much higher.
  • Gas golf carts are lighter than electric ones.


  • Gasoline carts are expensive
  • They deliver so-so performance. Driving a gas-powered golf cart in rough terrains can be a huge mistake. However, brand new gas models are fixing this.
  • Gas carts break down in cold climates.

Electric Cart: Pros & Cons


  • Golf courses that are located in distant locations require electric carts.
  • Electric carts are easy to get the hang of, plus they are silent operators and do not break down in climate changes.
  • They are affordable.
  • Electric golf carts work exceptionally well, even in cold weather.


  • After being used for more extended periods, an electric cart’s battery will begin to die.
  • The battery size is smaller, and it is difficult to take the cart to the charging station with a battery that’s on the verge of collapsing.
  • Electric carts have limited horsepower generation, making them not ideal for heavy loads and too many passengers.

The Verdict

We hope the answer to how wide a golf cart is clear to you now.

Besides explaining the dimensions of a golf cart, we also provided you with a handful of information about these vehicles. It is always a good idea to understand every aspect of the game, including the gear you use. It facilities the buying process and teaches you a lot about golf.

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