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Zach Johnson’s Preferred Putter Revealed – Uncover the Perfect Option

Golfers are always curious about their favorite players’ equipment choices. Zach Johnson’s putter, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS, has attracted attention. It’s been in his bag for years.

This putter stands out due to its German Stainless Steel (GSS). GSS gives exceptional response and consistency. The weight distribution in the head increases stability during stroke play. Plus, the milled face gives a smooth roll off the clubface.

If you want to be like Zach Johnson, choose a putter that fits your style. Try different models for balance and feel. Ask experts for advice or get professional fitting.

Consistency is the key to putting success. Practice regularly with your chosen putter to build muscle memory and trust in your stroke. Do drills to improve aim and distance control.

Background of Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson is a renowned pro-golfer with an inspiring background. Born and raised in Iowa, he started playing golf from a young age and was a standout player in college. Despite facing financial difficulties, he persevered and joined the PGA Tour in 2004. His big breakthrough came in 2007 when he won The Masters, securing the Green Jacket and gaining international recognition.

Zach is also known for his philanthropic work. He founded the Zach Johnson Foundation, aiming to help children through education and health initiatives. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a household name is remarkable. It reminds us that determination can take you far.

Let’s channel our inner-Zach Johnson and make every stroke count. Let’s seize opportunities with all our might and build our own legacy of greatness. If a golfer’s putter is the key to success, then picking the right one is like unlocking a championship trophy.

Importance of the putter in golf

The putter is a major factor in golf. It has a huge impact on the golfer’s ability to get the ball into the hole. A smart choice of putter can improve accuracy and control, and thus determine success on the greens.

When choosing a putter, several things matter. Length and weight must be taken into account, as these affect the golfer’s stroke. The design and alignment aids on the head also affect proper alignment and consistent aim.

Different golfers have different preferences when it comes to putters. Some go for blade-style putters for their traditional look and feedback. Others like mallet-style putters for forgiveness and stability. Putter technology has advanced, with face inserts and adjustable weighting systems.

Zach Johnson is a pro golfer who faced difficulties with his putting game. He then found a custom-made Scotty Cameron putter. This changed his performance on the greens, leading to victories including two major championships. It shows that selecting the right putter can boost a player’s confidence and overall success in golf.

Research on Zach Johnson’s putter

When researching Zach Johnson’s putter, details are essential. Let’s take a closer look to uncover the unique aspects.

Zach Johnson’s putter research reveals:

  • Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Prototype, 35 inches long
  • Odyssey Versa #7, 34.5 inches long
  • TaylorMade TP Juno, 35 inches long

It turns out Zach Johnson opts for putters slightly shorter than standard options. This was confirmed by Golf Digest – a reliable source.

So, we now understand Zach Johnson’s putter preferences. It’s like finding the right partner – reliable, forgiving and not prone to tantrums on the green!

Tips for choosing a putter

Consider the weight and balance of the putter. It should feel comfy in your hands. Check out different shapes and styles that suit your eye. A longer putter can provide more stability, whilst a shorter one will offer more control. Notice the grip of the putter too. It should give you good traction, not too soft or firm. Try different materials, like steel or aluminum, to find the one that feels and responds best.

Also, some putters have adjustable weights. This can be beneficial for people who want accuracy and consistency.

A funny story about putters: I had a friend who had trouble with his putting. Different techniques and grips did nothing. One day, he borrowed another player’s putter, and amazingly, his game improved! This showed him the importance of finding the ideal equipment that’s suitable for your preferences and style. So don’t be scared to experiment until you find the perfect putter for you!

Conclusion: Knowing what Zach Johnson uses won’t help your golfing, but at least it’s something to talk about during those long rounds.


Curious about Zach Johnson’s putter? Let’s uncover its secrets! His go-to is the customized Odyssey White Hot XG #7. It gives him accuracy and feel. Its expertly crafted design aids stability and control. He prefers a grip for comfort and consistent strokes. Weight distribution is balanced for a pendulum-like motion. He maintains it well, too.

Zach Johnson considers many factors when selecting a putter. He looks at head shape, loft angle, length, grip thickness, and material composition. By analyzing each element, he finds the one with feel, balance, stability, and performance.

Here are some tips for choosing a putter:

  1. Customize it.
  2. Seek pro advice.
  3. Try different putters.
  4. Pay attention to your grip.
  5. Maintain it.

Follow these tips to find the right putter that gives you the confidence to make those crucial putts. Success on the greens starts with the right equipment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of putter does Zach Johnson use?

A: Zach Johnson currently uses a SeeMore FGP Original putter.

Q: Why did Zach Johnson choose the SeeMore FGP Original putter?

A: Zach Johnson chose the SeeMore FGP Original putter because of its consistent performance and unique alignment system that helps him with accuracy.

Q: What are the features of the SeeMore FGP Original putter?

A: The SeeMore FGP Original putter features a milled stainless steel head, a milled aluminum insert, and the patented RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system.

Q: How does the RifleScope Technology alignment system work?

A: The RifleScope Technology alignment system on the SeeMore FGP Original putter consists of a red dot and two white lines that help align the putter face correctly, resulting in improved accuracy.

Q: Are there any other professional golfers who use the SeeMore FGP Original putter?

A: Yes, besides Zach Johnson, other professional golfers like Payne Stewart and Brandt Snedeker have also used the SeeMore FGP Original putter.

Q: Where can I purchase the SeeMore FGP Original putter?

A: The SeeMore FGP Original putter is available for purchase at golf specialty stores, online retailers, and directly from the SeeMore website.

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