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Discover the Putter of Choice for Tiger Woods – Unveiling His Winning Equipment

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers ever. So, what putter does he use? Let’s find out!

Golf pros understand the importance of good equipment. And Tiger is no different. He uses a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) model putter. It’s built to suit his style and preferences.

This putter has a blade-style head with alignment aids, giving Tiger confidence and consistency. Plus, it’s made of German Stainless Steel. That gives it a great feel and feedback. So, he can judge distance and control his putts’ speed with precision.

This putter is custom-made specifically for Tiger. Craftsmanship ensures every aspect is tailored to his needs.

What is a putter?

A putter is a special golf club. It is used mainly for short, controlled strokes on the putting green. It’s built differently than other clubs. Some players like to use different types. But there are certain features all putters share.

One is the head design. It’s usually flat and low-profile, with the face perpendicular to the ground when properly aligned. This shape helps strike the ball cleanly. It also promotes accuracy and consistency.

Putters also have shorter shafts than other clubs. This gives golfers more control and feel. The shorter length helps maintain a more stable and compact putting motion. And it can help read greens and roll the ball to the target.

Some putters have alignment aids like lines or dots. They help golfers aim correctly. Certain grips have textures or shapes to further boost control.

When choosing a putter, think about weight distribution, grip comfort and alignment aids. Try different ones to find one that feels good and boosts confidence. The right putter can make all the difference – unless you’re Tiger Woods. He can sink a putt with a broomstick!

Importance of choosing the right putter

Choosing the right putter is vital for any golfer’s success. It can make a huge difference to precision, control and overall performance. The putter should be based on things like your stroke style, alignment and feel.

Think about the length, weight, head design and grip when picking a putter. All of these are important to the performance and feel. Finding the right balance will mean you have a club that fits and helps you get the best results.

Pro golfers also have unique preferences when it comes to putters. Tiger Woods uses a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter, with a stainless steel body and German Stainless Steel insert in the face for enhanced feel.

It’s interesting that Tiger Woods used a Ping Anser putter in his amateur days before switching to the Scotty Cameron. This change improved his putting performance and became linked to his success on the green.

Tiger Woods and his putting style

Tiger Woods has a meticulous attention to detail when it comes to putters. He opts for a blade-style, which gives him control and a consistent stroke. Plus, he holds the club face in perfect alignment with his hands.

Woods has also developed top-notch distance control. His understanding of speed and green undulations allows him to make putts from various distances. Lastly, he has an unshakeable mental resilience when on the putting green. Pressure never gets to him.

This special combo of technical finesse, strategic thinking and mental strength is what makes Woods a living legend in golf. If you’re an avid golfer or just admire greatness, follow his journey closely and keep up with the latest updates. Witness history being made with each putt he takes! Don’t miss out on celebrating this amazing talent and indomitable spirit.

Factors to consider when choosing a putter

Picking a putter means considering several important factors. These elements can really affect your putting and golf performance. It’s vital to meticulously assess them before deciding.

Weight: A putter’s weight is essential as it affects the feel and direction of your stroke. Too light? Swings may be erratic. Too heavy? You’ll need more effort to swing smoothly. Finding the right balance is key to success.

Length: Putter length affects your posture and alignment during putting. Too long or short and your stance will be thrown off, impacting accuracy. Pick a length that allows for comfortable ball addressing and proper alignment.

Alignment Aid: Some putters have lines or dots on the clubhead, helping you line up your putt. Do you prefer this visual aid? It may increase accuracy.

Feel: Putter feel is based on material and design, and is subjective. Some players want a softer feel for better feedback. Others desire a firmer response for more distance control. Trying different putters can help find which feel is right for you.

Grip style, head shape and personal preferences all come into play when selecting a putter. Before purchasing, try various options at a golf shop or practice facility. Doing this will allow you to see how each factor impacts your putting stroke, and help pick a putter tailored to your style.

How to determine the right putter for you

For improving your golf game, getting the correct putter is essential! Here’s a guide to help you get the perfect one that suits your style and boosts your putting skills.

  1. Analyze Your Stroke: See if your stroke is an arc or straight-back-straight-through. This will help determine the best putter design for you.
  2. Putter Length: Pick a length that gives you proper posture and alignment. Taller players should choose a longer putter, and shorter players should get a shorter putter.
  3. Head Design: Blades give a traditional look with less forgiveness, while mallets offer more stability and forgiveness.
  4. Grip Types: Test different grips like pistol, oversized, or counterbalanced to find the one that feels best in your hands.

Don’t forget to think about budget, brand, and preference when selecting a putter.

Jane Smith was having trouble with her putting game until she tried a special putter. With its fit and design, her confidence rose. She went on to win several tournaments with great success in sinking those putts.

Finding the right putter takes time and experimenting. It’s all about finding the feel, alignment, and balance that fits your individual putting style. Get out there, try different options, and find the putter that takes your game to the next level.


The legendary golfer Tiger Woods trusts his Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter. It’s sleek and precise, made with stainless steel and precision milled German stainless steel. Its classic design and advanced tech make it ideal for Woods’ game.

Uniquely, the putter is customized according to Woods’ preferences. Every detail – from shaft length to grip thickness – is adjusted to suit him perfectly. This ensures Woods has full control over his shots and can execute them flawlessly.

Woods has been using this putter since 1999. His trust in it shows how high-quality and effective it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of putter does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods currently uses a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter.

2. Why does Tiger Woods choose the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter?

Tiger Woods chooses the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter because he finds its design and feel to be the best fit for his putting stroke and preferences.

3. Is Tiger Woods sponsored by Scotty Cameron?

Yes, Tiger Woods has a sponsorship deal with Scotty Cameron, which means he exclusively uses their putters.

4. Can I buy the same putter that Tiger Woods uses?

Yes, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter is available for purchase. However, it is a limited edition model and can be quite expensive.

5. Are there any other professional golfers who use the same putter as Tiger Woods?

While many professional golfers prefer the Scotty Cameron putters, Tiger Woods is known for his unique preference for the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter.

6. How can I improve my putting like Tiger Woods?

To improve your putting, it is essential to practice regularly and work on your technique. Seek guidance from a golf instructor and experiment with different putter styles to find one that suits you best.

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