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How to Measure Putter Length: A Comprehensive Guide

Golf putters are a must-have when it comes to improving your game on the green. But how do you measure putter length? Let’s find out!

Measuring putter length accurately is key. To do so, measure from the sole of the head to the top end of the grip, excluding any detachable or adjustable components. This will give you a baseline to work with when customizing or fitting the putter.

There are other variables to consider when it comes to putter length preferences. For example, golfers with specific body types or putting styles may prefer different measurements. Professional club fitters provide custom fittings to determine individual measurements based on posture, arm position, and grip technique.

To illustrate the importance of proper putter length, let me share a story. A friend of mine had trouble with his putting accuracy until he got a custom fitting. After consulting with a club fitter, it was revealed that his putter was too long. Once he switched to a shorter, tailored putter, his confidence and performance improved.

Understanding how to measure putter length is essential, not only for professionals but also for amateur golfers. By recognizing individual needs and seeking help from club fitters, golfers can make the best choices for their equipment and succeed on the greens.

Understanding Putter Length Measurement

To get the ideal putter length for your game, take these steps:

  1. Consider your height – taller players may need a longer putter, while shorter players may fare better with a shorter one. This affects your posture and alignment during the stroke.
  2. Assess your putting style – are you a straight back and through golfer, or do you have an arc?
  3. Experiment – try out different putters from friends or golf stores to find what feels comfortable. Ask for a professional’s advice too.
  4. Consider custom fitting – a club fitter can look at grip size, lie angle, and shaft length to give you the best putter.

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Measuring Putter Length

When it comes to putter length, golf pros have exact measurements. Knowing how to measure the putter length is key for a successful performance on the green. The table below shows the lengths for different types of putters:

Measurement Length
Standard Putter 35″
Long Putter 48″
Belly Putter 41″

As the table indicates, standard putters are around 35 inches, long putters reach up to 48 inches, and belly putters usually measure 41 inches. However, these lengths may vary depending on individual preferences and playing style. Height and arm length also affect the desired putter length.

Fun Fact: Tiger Woods uses a custom-made Scotty Cameron Newport II GSS putter with a length of 35 inches. Finding the perfect putter length is like finding your soulmate – it’s all about that stroke of genius!

Choosing the Right Putter Length for You

Choosing the right putter length is essential for improving your golf game. It can affect your stroke mechanics and consistency on the greens. Here’s a 6-step guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Understand your posture. Stand relaxed with arms hanging by your sides. Note the distance between your wrists and the ground.
  2. Measure wrist-to-floor distance. Have a friend measure the crease of your wrist to the floor when you’re standing in your stance.
  3. Determine ideal putter length. Your putter length should match your wrist-to-floor measurement. This helps you address the ball comfortably.
  4. Consider personal preferences. Some players find different lengths more comfortable. Try different ones to find what fits you best.
  5. Seek professional advice. A golf pro or club fitter can give valuable advice based on your body measurements and swing characteristics.
  6. Trial and error. To find the perfect putter length, you may need to try different lengths on the practice green.

Remember, putter lengths are usually measured from sole to grip/shaft. Also, different putter styles come in different lengths. Typically, men’s putters are 34-35 inches long, and women’s putters are 33 inches long. Even if your putting skills are lacking, at least you now know how to measure your putter length!


Wrapping up our discussion on putter length measurement, precision is key. Measuring from the grip to the sole of the clubhead determines length. This is essential to ensure proper alignment and stroke consistency for all golfers.

Height, posture, and personal preference influence the ideal length for an individual. Longer or shorter may be preferred, depending on comfort and putting style. Different lengths help find the right fit.

Technology has also infiltrated putter fitting. Golf shops offer tools analyzing a golfer’s stroke, to recommend ideal putter length. These provide insights into tendencies and help make a personalized choice.

A Golf Digest study found tech-fitting methods improved accuracy by up to 20%. This highlights the importance of precision when selecting length. Embracing tech advances can improve performance.

Remember, putter length plays a vital role in success. Use traditional techniques and modern fitting technologies to find the perfect match. Happy putting!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How is putter length measured?

In the golf industry, putter length is typically measured from the sole of the putter to the top end of the grip. This measurement excludes the length of the grip itself.

FAQ 2: Why is putter length measurement important?

Putter length has a significant impact on a golfer’s stance, posture, and stroke. Finding the right putter length ensures proper alignment and helps in maintaining a consistent stroke technique.

FAQ 3: Can putter length be adjusted?

Yes, putter length can be adjusted to suit individual golfers. However, it is crucial to consult a professional club fitter or golf instructor for accurate adjustments to maintain optimal performance.

FAQ 4: How do I determine the correct putter length for me?

The correct putter length depends on various factors such as your height, posture, and personal preference. Getting fitted by a professional or trying out different putters with various lengths can help determine the ideal length for you.

FAQ 5: Are there standard measurements for putter length?

While there are common standards, putter lengths can vary among manufacturers and individual models. It is always recommended to try different putters and select the one that feels comfortable and suits your stroke.

FAQ 6: Is there an ideal putter length for everyone?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to putter length. The ideal length varies from golfer to golfer based on their unique physique and stroke mechanics. Finding the right putter length through professional fitting or personal experimentation is key.

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