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Master the Perfect Putter Grip: Correct Techniques for Optimal Golf Putting

To putt well, you must hold the putter correctly. Follow these steps to improve your putting skills:

  1. Grip the handle firmly, with palms facing each other. Left hand in front for right-handed players.
  2. Align your body and clubface.
  3. Stand parallel to the target line, eyes over the ball.
  4. Keep arms relaxed and shoulders low.
  5. Maintain a consistent tempo.
  6. Use a thicker grip for more control.
  7. Practice to improve your putting skills.
  8. Dedication and consistency are key!

Importance of holding the putter correctly

Holding the putter right is vital for golfers who want to step up their game. A good grip and control of the club can make a major difference to the accuracy and regularity of a putt. Let’s investigate the significance of gripping the putter correctly in more depth.

  • Alignment Improvement: Keeping the putter in the right way helps in creating proper alignment with the target line. The hands should be in a position that is parallel to the putter face, ensuring a square hit at contact.
  • Feel and Touch Enhanced: Correctly taking hold of the putter lets golfers experience better feel and touch on their putts. The right grip pressure encourages a smooth, pendulum-like motion, which enables exact distance control.
  • Stroke Consistency: Properly gripping the putter promotes a consistent stroke. When hands are put in the correct position, it eliminates undesired wrist movements, leading to an even swing.

Plus, an often overlooked element of gripping the putter right is fingertip pressure. Applying too much pressure with the fingers causes tension, while too little pressure leads to instability when swinging.

Also, it is essential to understand that individual choices may differ when it comes to grip styles like interlock, overlap, or 10-finger grip. Locate a grip style that feels comfortable and allows for adequate control.

Did you know? The value of holding the putter right has been understood through golf’s history. Famous golfer Ben Hogan once said “good putting is all about how consistently you hold your wrists and hands.” This highlights the value of a correct grip and the effect it has on the result of your putts.

Find a grip as pleasant as keeping a secret, with hopefully better results.

Choosing the right grip for your putter

Grip Type Description
Overlapping Pinky of trailing hand overlaps index finger of lead hand.
Interlocking Pinky of trailing hand interlocks with index finger of lead hand.
10-Finger All ten fingers directly on handle – no overlap or interlock.

For grip technique:

  1. Hand Position – even on both sides of club’s grip, for balance & security.
  2. Pressure Control – consistent pressure with both hands, for steady swing.
  3. Grip Size – choose size that corresponds to your hand size. Test different sizes.
  4. Experimentation – try different grips until you find one that feels most comfortable.

Choose right putter grip and use these suggestions for better control & improved performance. Practice to refine gripping technique for best results. Want to avoid karate chop look? Proper hand placement when holding putter is key – unless you’re Bruce Lee.

Proper hand placement

  1. Grip the putter with your lead hand, nearest the target. Place your thumb on the flat part. Your lead hand’s palm should face your body.
  2. Put your trail hand, farthest from the target, on top. Both thumbs should mirror each other.
  3. Keep a light grip pressure to avoid tension.

For more tips, ask a golf pro or coach to assess your hand placement.

Lily is a great example of the effect of proper hand placement. She had difficulty with putting until her coach adjusted her grip. After that, she won multiple tournaments and gained recognition for her ability.

Remember, perfecting hand placement may be the key to success on the putting green! Proper posture too – contortionists might make it on America’s Got Talent, but not on the golf course!

Alignment and posture

  1. Take a stance with feet shoulder-width apart and body parallel to the target line. This will create a stable base.
  2. Position the ball slightly forward of centre.
  3. Relax your grip and keep eyes directly over the ball to ensure accurate aim.
  4. Keep a slight bend in the knees and tilt forward from your hips for balance and stability.

It’s essential to note that each golfer may have different preferences for alignment and posture. Try out different set-ups to find what works best. Keep practicing for perfection!

Did you know that proper alignment can improve putting accuracy by up to 20%? Research shows that correct alignment increases the chances of sinking putts. Focus on these fundamentals and your putting game will improve!

Practice drills to improve your grip and alignment

If you want to improve your golfing performance, practice drills to enhance your grip and alignment on the putter. Here’s a guide:

  1. Grip check: Hold the putter with your left hand (for right-handed golfers). Make sure the handle runs diagonally across your palm from the base of the pointer finger to the pad beneath your pinky.
  2. V-Groove Alignment: Put two golf tees in the ground about shoulder-width apart. Form a V-shape pointing towards the hole. Putt while keeping your putter face parallel to this groove.
  3. Distance control: Set up three or four tee markers at different distances from the hole. Focus on grip pressure and alignment as you putt towards each marker.
  4. Pressure-point precision: Place two pens or alignment sticks under each arm as you grip the putter normally. This drill helps engage the muscles needed for a stable and controlled putting stroke.
  5. Eye alignment aid: Attach a small mirror or reflective tape to the center of your putter face as a reference for eye alignment. Look at your target while addressing the ball.

These drills require regular practice over time. Dedicate specific attention to improving your grip and alignment. Devote yourself to these drills with dedication and passion. Start practicing today for an improved golfing experience tomorrow. Avoid common putter grip mistakes for an enjoyable putting game!

Common mistakes to avoid while holding a putter

Gripping the putter right is crucial for a successful shot. Mistakes like holding too tightly or placing hands incorrectly on the grip can be costly. Here are some tips for proper grip and hand placement:

  • Keep a light grip to maintain fluid movement.
  • Palms should face each other and thumbs should be down the shaft.
  • Pressure should be evenly distributed on both hands.
  • Position the hands comfortably at the handle.
  • Steady wrist position throughout the stroke.
  • Ensure shoulders are parallel to where the ball is going.

You can also experiment with different grip sizes and try overlapping or cross-handed methods to find what works best. Personal experience has shown me that even small adjustments can make a big difference. Heed my advice and you’ll be shaking your putter in victory!


Gripping the putter right is key for a victorious golf game. Follow proper grip, stance and swing to enhance your putting abilities.

“Reverse overlap” or “cross-handed” method is best. Put your thumbs on the handle and face palms towards each other.

Stay relaxed and feet parallel to target. Balance the weight on both feet, more on the lead foot. This keeps you steady during the putt.

Swing the putter with a smooth pendulum motion. Avoid excess wrist movement and keep arms and shoulders loose. Aim for uniform stroke speed and direction.

To get even better, practice regularly on various green surfaces. Get familiar with different slopes and speeds for better judgement and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I hold a putter correctly?

Answer: To hold a putter correctly, place your left hand (for right-handed golfers) at the top of the grip, with the handle running diagonally across your palm from the base of your index finger to the pad below your little finger. Let your fingers wrap around the grip naturally. Place your right hand just below your left, with the grip running through the lifeline of your right hand. Again, let your fingers wrap around the grip.

2. Should I use an interlocking or overlapping grip for putting?

Answer: Both the interlocking and overlapping grips can work well for putting. However, many golfers find the overlapping grip more comfortable and natural for putting. Try both grips and choose the one that feels the most secure and allows for a smooth stroke.

3. How tightly should I grip the putter?

Answer: It is important to maintain a light grip on the putter. A tight grip can create tension in your hands and arms, which can lead to inconsistency in your stroke. Hold the putter firmly enough to have control, but relaxed enough to allow for a smooth and natural swing.

4. Where should I position my hands on the putter grip?

Answer: The position of your hands on the putter grip can vary based on personal preference. However, a common recommendation is to position your hands slightly ahead of the putter’s clubhead. This helps create a slight forward press and promotes a more controlled and accurate stroke.

5. How should my wrists behave during the putting stroke?

Answer: During the putting stroke, it is generally recommended to keep your wrists stable and quiet. Avoid excessive wrist movement, as it can disrupt the pendulum-like motion of the stroke. Keeping your wrists quiet helps promote a consistent and smooth putting stroke.

6. Can I use a cross-handed grip for putting?

Answer: Yes, a cross-handed grip, also known as left-hand low for right-handed golfers, can be an effective technique for putting. This grip can help reduce wrist movement and create a more stable stroke. Give it a try if you struggle with wrist control or consistency.

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