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How to Get Fitted for a Putter: Expert Tips for Perfect Putting Performance

Golf is complex and precise, and a good putter can make all the difference. But how do you know which one is right for you? This article will explain the fitting process for finding the perfect putter.

A club fitter looks at your posture, grip, alignment, and swing path. They use technology and know-how to decide the best length, loft angle, lie angle, weight distribution, and grip size for your putting style.

You will try out putters with different head designs, materials, face inserts, and shafts. Experimenting with the right options will help you find the perfect putter for your stroke mechanics, and give you optimal feel at impact.

Fitting for putters has advanced a lot. In the past, golfers had very few choices. Now, custom fitting is essential for getting the most out of putting.

Getting fitted for a putter won’t guarantee a hole-in-one, but it will increase your chances of success.

Understanding the importance of getting fitted for a putter

Fitting for a putter is key for improving your game on the green. It involves finding the features that match your putting stroke and personal preferences to boost your performance. Getting this fitting right is very important, as it could have a big effect on accuracy, consistency and confidence when playing.

When being fitted for a putter, think about the different things that could affect your stroke. These could include length, grip type and size, loft angle, and alignment aids. All these should be suited to you and your needs, to ensure proper alignment, balance and feel when you putt. A professional fitter or club specialist can help you decide which putter design will work best for you.

Choosing a standard off-the-shelf putter isn’t the only option. You could get a personalised putter – this could help improve ball striking, roll control and success with putting. PGA Tour pro John’s experience shows how valuable this can be. He was having trouble with his putting game, despite being good at everything else. After a fitting session, a custom-fitted putter was suggested to him. The outcome was amazing – his accuracy improved and he felt more confident with each putt.

John’s story shows how essential it is to get fitted for a putter, rather than guessing or using outdated ideas. Spending time on the process will pay off, as it will help you become a better putter and lower your scores. So, if you’re a pro or amateur golfer, understanding the importance of getting fitted for a putter is the first step to improving your game on the green. Get a professional club fitting service to make sure you get the best results.

Finding a professional club fitting service

Search for certified professionals with deep knowledge of golf mechanics and equipment. Make sure the service uses advanced technology such as launch monitors and high-speed cameras. Look for a wide selection of putter brands, models, grips, lengths, and styles to choose from. Additionally, consider customizations like bending loft/lie angles or adding weights.

Share any specific concerns or preferences with the fitting professional. Speak up about weighting, shaft flex, or alignment aids. This will maximize the suggestions presented to you.

Remember to prioritize expertise, technology, and variety when looking for a club fitting service for putters. With clear communication, you’ll find the best tool for your putting game. Get dialling to get your perfect putter!

Contacting the club fitting service

When it comes to club fittings, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Find experienced fitters with good reviews.
  3. Make an appointment.
  4. And, know what you want to achieve.

Plus, there are extra services such as swing analysis and customizations. Tiger Woods is one example of an elite player who gets fitted regularly.

Get ready to choose the perfect putter and sink your competition’s self-esteem!

Preparing for the putter fitting session

  1. Research: Learn about the putter styles, grips, and shaft lengths. This knowledge helps you make a good choice when fitting.
  2. Warm-up: Before the session, practice your putting stroke on a green. This helps you get comfortable with your stroke and allows the fitter to check your alignment and mechanics.
  3. Bring your current putter: Take your putter to the fitting session. The fitter can study its details and talk about any problems or preferences you have.
  4. Assess your goals: Think of what you want to achieve with a new putter – accuracy, consistency, or feel. Tell the fitter and they can give advice specific to you.
  5. Dress appropriately: Wear comfy golf shoes and clothes that let you move during your putting stroke. Being relaxed and free is important for good feedback.
  6. Come with an open mind: Believe in the fitter and try different putters that may be different from what you thought. The fitter’s goal is to give you the best putter.
  7. Remember, everyone is different and what works for one won’t always work for another. Professional help during a fitting session can really improve your performance.

Fun Fact: According to, using a correctly fitted putter increases distance control and accuracy.

It’s like finding the perfect partner; you need someone who can handle your stroke without judging your aim.

The putter fitting process

Consult with a pro!

Seek advice from a knowledgeable person at a golf store or fitting center. They’ll assess your stroke, posture, and other factors to determine the ideal putter specs for you.

Test options.

Experiment with different head shapes, shaft lengths, grips, and alignment aids. Find one that feels good and promotes smooth strokes.

Analyze performance.

Observe the putter’s performance when you hit balls on a green. Look at distance control, accuracy, and feel. Pick one that fits your putting style and preferences.


Getting fitted for a putter isn’t a one-time thing. As your game evolves, it may be necessary to re-assess your equipment needs. Regular evaluations can help you keep improving.

Golfers make 30-40% of their total strokes with putts (source: Golf Digest). Investing in the right clubs can improve your score and enjoyment of the game.

Finding the right putter fit is like finding the perfect partner – experiment, be patient, and channel your inner Tiger Woods!

Making an informed decision

It’s time to make an informed decision when buying a putter! Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Length: Get a custom fit based on your height & stance. This will give you a consistent putting stroke.
  2. Grip Type: Comfort & control depend on the right grip. Different types offer various traction & feel.
  3. Head Design: Get a head design matching your stroke arc & providing forgiveness.

Explore additional features like shaft material, hosel design, & face insert technology. Get a fitting session with a professional club fitter for more accuracy.

Investing time in getting fitted for a putter will boost your confidence & skills. Don’t settle – customize your putter to amp up style & success! So, whether you’re a pro or just like tiny holes, get fitted for a putter – and start confessing your love for golf & spending money on metal sticks!


Wrapping up our talk on getting the perfect putter? It’s key for improving your game. Think length, weight, design. Enhance your putting skills and increase your chances of sinking more putts.

When it comes to length, find one that lets you keep correct posture and alignment. Make sure your eyes are directly over the ball. This way, you’ll have a consistent stroke and better accuracy. Weight is important too. It should fit your stroke tempo and personal preference. A heavier putter gives more stability and control. But a lighter one gives feel and touch.

Don’t forget design. Alignment aids, head shape, hosel style. Pick something that boosts confidence at address. Visualize your path to the hole.

For best results, get help from a pro club fitter or golf instructor. They can analyze your stroke mechanics and recommend putters that suit you. Also, try different options on the greens before buying. This will help you find the perfect fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to get fitted for a putter?

A: Getting fitted for a putter is important because it ensures that the putter you use is the right length, weight, and design for your personal putting stroke. This can greatly improve your accuracy and consistency on the greens.

Q: How do I find a professional club fitter?

A: To find a professional club fitter, you can start by checking with local golf courses or driving ranges. They often have certified club fitters on staff. You can also research online for club fitting facilities in your area or ask for recommendations from fellow golfers.

Q: What can I expect during a putter fitting session?

A: During a putter fitting session, the club fitter will assess your putting stroke, gather information about your preferences, and take measurements to determine the best putter specifications for you. This may involve using specialized putting analysis tools, such as launch monitors or motion capture systems.

Q: How long does a putter fitting session typically take?

A: A putter fitting session usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour. This allows the club fitter enough time to thoroughly analyze your putting stroke and recommend the most suitable putter options for you.

Q: Is putter fitting only for professional golfers?

A: No, putter fitting is beneficial for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, getting fitted for a putter can help you improve your putting performance and ultimately lower your scores.

Q: Will getting fitted for a putter be expensive?

A: The cost of putter fitting can vary depending on the facility and the level of expertise of the club fitter. While some places may offer free or discounted putter fittings with the purchase of a putter, others may charge a separate fee for the fitting service. It’s best to inquire about the cost beforehand.

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