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Master the Art of Putting with a Long Putter – Pro Tips and Techniques

Golfers, don’t be daunted by a long putter! With the right technique and practice, you’ll soon see it as a valuable tool. Here’s how to effectively use a long putter on the green.

Gripping a long putter brings a sense of stability and control. Its extended length makes for a unique putting stroke that minimizes unnecessary movement. Anchor one end of the shaft against your body for a solid foundation when executing smooth and precise strokes.

Find the right length for you. Consider factors like your height, arm length, and grip positioning. With a fit that complements your physique, you’ll have consistent strokes throughout your game.

Distance control is key when using a long putter. Adjust your stance and posture to gauge how much force is needed to propel the ball toward the hole. Regular practice sessions help refine this skill.

Studies show that putting with a long putter reduces muscle tension (source: Golf Digest). This relaxed state promotes smoother swings and enhances accuracy on the green.

By embracing the challenge of putting with a long putter, you open yourself up to new possibilities for success. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll harness its unique advantages to improve your performance in golf.

Benefits of Using a Long Putter

With a longer shaft, the long putter offers stability, reduces wrist movement, eases back pain and enhances alignment. Plus, it helps achieve consistent distance control and boosts confidence! It’s an appealing option for all skill levels, as it accommodates varying putting styles and preferences.

Justin Rose’s 2013 major championship victory is partly attributed to his switch to the long putter. With improved stability and reduced wrist movement, he found newfound success.

The long putter benefits golfers beyond statistics. It gives them a reliable tool and greater assurance when they step onto the green. With improved stability, reduced strain, and increased consistency, it unlocks a world of possibilities. Choosing the right long putter is like finding a soulmate!

Choosing the Right Long Putter

Choosing the right long putter is key for any golfer aiming to improve their putting game. Length, weight and grip style must be taken into account when picking a long putter that fits your needs.

We’ve got a table to help with the selection process. It shows three key considerations:

  1. Length – Depends on height and personal preference
  2. Weight – Check the weight distribution and feel of the putter
  3. Grip Style – Traditional, oversize, or non-tapered grips

Besides these important factors, there are other unique details to consider when choosing a long putter. Some players might find that a longer putter helps them steady their stroke and be more consistent on the greens. Others may go for a shorter long putter to control their putting speed better.

Let’s explore a little of the history of long putters. Did you know they caused a stir in golf? In 1983, Bernhard Langer used a broomstick-like putter in an exhibition match at Greenbrier Classic. It was unconventional and sparked criticism. But, it was successful, so other players started experimenting with longer putters.

By considering all these aspects and knowing the interesting history of long putters, you can make an informed decision when choosing one. Mastering your putting technique with the right equipment is essential for success on the greens. So, go ahead and try out different options to find your ideal long putter today!

Proper Setup for Putting with a Long Putter

Properly setting up with a long putter is key for a better golf game. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Feet position: Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Position the ball slightly forward of center in your stance.
  2. Grip the putter: Use either the claw grip or the cross-handed grip for more stability and control. Relax your hands and keep a light grip.
  3. Keep your body still: Don’t move your head and upper body during the stroke. This keeps your stroke consistent.

Unique details for a successful long putter setup: Position the grip of the putter against your lead forearm for extra stability. Anchoring it helps maintain control during the putt.

To further enhance your putting technique:

  • Align yourself to the target line before you hit the ball.
  • Keep a steady tempo throughout your stroke. This will help you gauge distance and speed.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to putt better with a long putter. Master the setup for success on the green. Putt diligently and watch the birdies roll in!

The Putting Stroke with a Long Putter

The Putting Stroke with a Long Putter is a skill that needs precision and finesse. To master this, it’s important to understand the basics.

  1. Stability: Long putters give balance and stability for smoother strokes.
  2. Posture: A relaxed yet strong stance is key for control.
  3. Grip: Firmly hold the long putter for accuracy. Make sure it’s comfortable.
  4. Pendulum Motion: Utilize arms and shoulders, not just wrists.
  5. Alignment: Parallel body and putter face to target line.
  6. Rhythm: Find your own tempo to control distance.

More tips:

  • Try different grips.
  • See which length is optimal.
  • Practice visualization.

Long putters started decades ago, as golfers sought an alternative way to stabilize. It gained popularity and now pros and amateurs are captivated by it.

So, use this unique approach to putting. Unlock the secrets of effortless strokes and dominate the greens with confidence!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Putt with a long putter for better control and consistency! But don’t make these common mistakes:

  • Using too much force.
  • Gripping the putter incorrectly.
  • Failing to align properly.
  • Rushing or hesitating your stroke.
  • Not practicing enough.

In addition, keep your stance and posture in check. Weight evenly distributed and good posture will help you stay balanced.

Mike Austin is a great example of how the long putter can improve your game. He went from inconsistent putting to using the long putter and seeing remarkable improvement.

Follow Mike’s lead. Avoid mistakes, pay attention to details, and practice! You’ll be putting with poise on the green in no time.

Practice Drills for Mastering Long Putter Putting

  1. Alignment Drill: Place an alignment rod or club alongside your target line and keep the putter head lined up during your stroke.
  2. Gate Drill: Place two tees or objects on either side of the hole, just wide enough for your putter head to pass through.
  3. Distance Control Drill: Set targets at varied distances and practice hitting putts with the right speed to reach each target.
  4. Uphill and Downhill Putt Drill: Find uphill and downhill slopes and practice putting from different positions.
  5. Lag Putt Drill: Set up distant putts and get close to the hole without trying to make it.
  6. Pressure Putt Drill: Create pressure scenarios and train under pressure.

Plus, here are some helpful tips:

  • Relax your grip
  • Keep your head still
  • Practice regularly
  • Pay attention to your post-shot routine

Long putters have had an interesting journey. Initially met with skepticism, long putters have eventually been embraced and regulated by golf’s governing bodies. With the right practice drills and technique, you can master these unique putters and improve your putting performance!

Troubleshooting and Adjustments

Troubleshoot and make adjustments to your long putter to perfect your putts. Start with grip adjustment; experiment with different grips for optimal control and comfort. Analyze your posture and ensure your spine is straight, weight evenly distributed and eyes directly over the ball.

Check the length of your putter; too long or too short can affect stroke mechanics. Consult a club fitter for best length. Analyze the path of your stroke with training aids, such as alignment rods or mirrors, to ensure it’s aligned correctly.

Stay patient during the process and remember using a long putter reduces wrist action resulting in a more stable stroke. Master these tips and achieve better results. Putt like a pro and leave spectators in awe!


Mastering the art of putting with a long putter is essential to improving your game. Yet, there are several factors to consider first. Find a grip that allows for optimal control and experiment with different hand placements and pressures. Posture and alignment must be spot on, with eyes over the ball, shoulders parallel to the target line, and even weight distribution. Develop a consistent pendulum-like motion, using arms and shoulders more than wrists or hands. Patience and focus are key – it may take time to adjust. Bernhard Langer serves as inspiration – he switched to a long putter and went on to win multiple tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a long putter?

A: A long putter is a type of putter that is longer in length than a traditional putter and is typically used by golfers who prefer a different putting technique.

Q: How does a long putter differ from a traditional putter?

A: A long putter is generally longer, allowing the golfer to grip it at a length that suits their putting style. It also often has a unique anchoring method, such as against the chest, stomach, or forearm.

Q: How do I grip a long putter?

A: There are different ways to grip a long putter, but the most common grip is the “cross-hand” or “left-hand low” grip, where the left hand is below the right hand (for right-handed golfers) on the handle of the putter.

Q: Can I use a long putter in a golf tournament?

A: The rules regarding the use of long putters in golf tournaments have changed over the years. Currently, anchoring the putter against any part of the body is not allowed, but using a long putter without anchoring is permitted.

Q: Are there any advantages to using a long putter?

A: Some golfers find that using a long putter helps with stability and consistency in their putting stroke. It can also be beneficial for golfers who struggle with bending or have back or hand issues.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to using a long putter?

A: The main disadvantage of a long putter is the potential for decreased feel and touch around the greens. It may take some time to adjust to the longer length and different anchoring technique, which can initially affect a golfer’s putting performance.

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