best putters of all time

Top 10 Best Putters of All Time in 2022

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One of the important yet personal parts of the golf club that you shall find in the bag of any golfer is the putter. Selecting the right one requires personal taste and the feel, which the player considers being the best one over the rest other options.

The putter is available in different weights, shapes, and alignments, which is why the golfer’s subjective decision can entirely be still confusing when he sees so many options. That is why in this post, you will find some of the best putters of all time that are designed and recommended by expert golfers too.

There is no doubt that putter is one of the most commonly used clubs that play an important role in scoring the game. Yet, some players don’t really understand its value and buy the cheaper one to save money. But a right putter has a strong impact on the stroke and the overall game which they play.

Since there are so many colors, styles, designs, and features that every brand has come up with while creating their own set of best mallet putters of all time, listed are the best picks of all time. With these options in your hand, at least you can rest assured that you will not deal with any wrong option.

best putters of all time
Best Putters of All Time

Top 10 Putters of All Time

1- Pinemeadow PGX Putter – Best Mallet Putters Of All Time

Pinemeadow is one known brand in the market that has been trending for quite some time. It comes with some of the best features in PGX best putters on tour, which is why it has proved to be a tough competition to other brands.

The good part is it is not just rich with the features, but it has got a cost-friendly deal that you don’t want to miss out on at all. It has proved to be the tough competition for known brands like Ping or Taylor-made models available today.

This putter is known for its precise white finishing, so it stands out to be the best in the addressing position when it is one the green. The white color is quite contrasting when it is on the green grass. This way, the alignment lines are in focus, making sure that putters are on the target from the beginning itself.

Overall, with 380g and an additional 40g of the weight of this putter, which is ideally a weighted one, it is the best option for the quick greens, and you can see quite commonly in the hand of the golfers. Besides, a player gets a smooth spinning forward ball with this putter during the impact while the skid is reduced for better stability.


  • The PGX putter comes with a white finishing, which is precise and looks amazing when the golfer uses it on the green grass.
  • The tour weighted of the putter makes sure the target is right straight and to the point from the beginning
  • The putter comes with a length of 34 inches, which is quite sufficient, and to cover it, you also get a headcover.
  • This putter can be used for maintaining the alignment lines focus so that you can set the target rightly.
  • Thanks to this putter, the player gets the smooth forward ball spinning during the impact. This way, the skid reduces and stability improved.
  • Very affordable
  • Alignment design is good
  • Great design
  • Precision is maintained
  • Cheap construction

Final words:

Overall, this is one best mallet putters of all time that you might want to consider. It can help you save money and can hit the targets without much of the hassle too.

2- TaylorMade Spider X Putter – Best Putters For High Handicappers

We all know the fact that TaylorMade is one trending and maybe the topmost brand in the market today. It has created some of the finest putter options, which of course, are the choices of many expert golfers too. Well, it can be yours as well. The only thing is you need to know why you should be choosing the Spider X putter over other options.

Well, there is a wide range of choices that you get. It is available in the left and right-hand model notch. Besides, there is not even a slight line that you need to worry about. With the hosels choices, you will be able to come up with different styles of strokes smartly.

This interactive putter has added another layer of interactivity. There has been analysis made for transforming the putting in the golf game. You can use this putter designed with blast motion technology for capturing the important metrics of the stroke, such as rotation, tempo, speed, and time.


  • Like the best Scotty Cameron putter, the designs of the putter create quite a good perimeter weighing for improving the stroke of the off-center forgiveness and accuracy.
  • Along with the putter comes the mobile app by which you can track down your performance every time, be it with graphs, historical charts, or the training models
  • The putter’s designs come with the multi-materials, which promises a good role with better MOI and stability.
  • This putter is light in weight and has even been paired with the stainless steel of 304 framings to make sure the face stays right to the path
  • A vibration-damping PUT foaming is designed between the frame and body for better feel and sound.
  • These best mallet putters of all time are designed as per the robot testing of the solid face or the grooving of the pure roll for improving the forward roll for better control on the distance.
  • It comes with the grip of SuperStroke GTR 1.0 and Steel Shaft Chrome Finishing. Besides, it is light in weight too.
  • High MOI for Forgiveness
  • Improved Sound, Feel
  • Vibration-Dampening Foam Provides Consistent Sound
  • SuperStroke Grip
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Interactive App
  • Progress Tracking Over Time
  • Motion capture sensors are unobtrusive, which some players find distracting

Final words:

This best putter of all-time players is one amazing option to consider, especially for beginners or those who want to focus on their putting improvement. You can even use an app to capture the video and take tutorials for analyzing and improving the putting aspect.

3- Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter – Best Putters Of All Time Players

Odyssey Triple Track’s best putters on tour is another amazing option you should not be missing out on. The putter has been designed using some of the latest technology. Don’t be surprised to see that it is a cost-friendly and affordable price. It comes with an innovative technology called Triple Track alignment and even the Micro hinge Star Insert and multi-material Stroke Lab shaft that promises a better game.

Within the stroke’s black range, a complete design host gives you a scope to select from, whether it is mallets, blades, or even the mid mallets. It is quite fascinating to select this putter and get better forgiveness during the play. Besides, it comes with quite a high MOI, which is why buying it is a perfect deal.

Right after you take it in your hand, you will realize that it has a firm hold. Besides, there is a good sound during the impact as you compare it when you maintain the similar roil advantages of other brand’s most forgiving putter of all time. The face’s length is quite high, but the gives and inserts are concentrated and give good feedback when it strikes.


  • There is a high de-alignment solution, which is one bold white line on the head back. This gives you a better path.
  • It has been designed with Vernier Hype Acuity’s science, which is why you shall notice the alignment is quite straight and precise.
  • Thanks to its multi-material shaft, it is redistributed to the potter’s grip and head, which is totally rebalanced.
  • There is also an improved consistency and better tempo in the stroke. Besides, the major winning technology can dominate on the tours across the globe.
  • The putter is a blend of an impressive group of fine technologies for better alignment, performance, and consistency
  • Since it is made of the latest technology, you get a firm feel, better sound impact, and putter being rebalanced for good consistency and tempo.
  • Enhanced Sound at Impact
  • Multi-Material Shaft
  • Different Stroke Styles
  • Consistent Alignment
  • Futuristic in Terms of Looks that don’t is liked by many players

Final words:

It is the best putters of all time players you may want to shortlist since it has been redesigned altogether with the upgraded technology. Using this putter would give you a better scope of improving accuracy and alignment.

4- Wilson M1 Harmonized Putter – Best Putters On Tour

For more than 100 years now, Wilson golf has been known to be creating and distributing some of the premium and recreational golf equipment. Since 1914, this brand has even won some of the major championships, so most expert players prefer buying the clubs from here. 

The brand toil date has only delivered the best of the equipment to all the players for good performance. Talking of which, Wilson M1 Harmonized Putter is one of them.

This putter has come up with some of the godhead shapes and cosmetics, which is why it is quite trending in the market already. The putter is designed for a better feel and also to perform better than other brands. Now once you take this putter in your hand, you shall feel the difference. Besides, the grip is quite evolutionary and extremely comfortable. It is quite vertical and looks amazing too.

These best putters on tour have different density areas in the micro-injection face. You get a good alignment aid for the right puts too. This putter comes with the focus to improve accuracy and alignment and is good not just for the expert players but also for the beginners.


  • The grip is quite an eye-catching one. It is a vertical seam option that has been designed with a large diameter for a better feel
  • There is a new cosmetic for 2013, which this putter comes with for a responsive feel.
  • You get the accuracy in a precise manner and can hit the ball in an easy way around the green without any pressure
  • It has been designed for all-weather. Besides, the grip of the paddle is oversize for better control
  • It comes with wide microinjection on the face of the club.
  • Easy Alignment Design
  • Vertical Seam Grip
  • Improves Feel upon Contact
  • Support Alignment
  • Improve Feel throughout the Stroke
  • Great Feel and Control
  • Responsive Feel
  • Precise Accuracy
  • Construction is not that great

Final words:

Overall, you can anytime focus on buying such a putter since it is value for money and gives you good alignment and accuracy. To improve your right-hand grip and hit the ball right within the greens, you can try this putter.

5- Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 – Most Forgiving Putter Of All Time

The moment you take Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 in your hands, you will realize there is something different about it. Cleveland is one popular brand that so far has been tough competition in the golf club manufacturers. With this putter, you can get a good gravity center forward to the head front when there is time for you to push it back.

There is a high def. Alignment solution, which is one bold white line on the head back. This gives you a better path. This putter can be used for maintaining the alignment line focus so that you can set the target rightly.

Besides, there is a good sound during the impact as you compare it when you maintain the similar roil advantages of other brands’ most forgiving putter of all time. The putter’s design creates quite a good perimeter weighing for improving the stroke of the off-center forgiveness and accuracy.


  • This putter is designed with a new forward weighing technology. That is why the alignment and accuracy is improved
  • You get the two tungsten weights within the putter face, which is why the result is, of course, the stability that improves throughout the impact
  • The putter has the Counter Balanced Oversized Grip for you to have the better control
  • It is made of Optimized face milling so that you don’t lose the path focus while thing the ball
  • For better maintenance, you get the headcover, which is why you can use this putter in all weather
  • Thanks to its optimal alignment, you get the much-needed stability and control when you make an impact.
  • Oversized Grip
  • Easy to align
  • Polymer TPU insert
  • Regulates ball speed
  • Optimal alignment
  • Pricey over other options
  • Patience is needed for using it initially

Final words:

Made from modern, forward technology, certainly, this is one fine option to choose. It comes with a better stability solution and various shapes to choose from and try out for your next game.

6- Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter – Best Scotty Cameron Putter

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter is another fine option you may want to consider because of the features and some of the best specifications that it offers. This golf putter’s design has come up with ample improvements, which is why the player would love to have to around for better forgiveness and right shot.

You can see the sightline like the best Scotty Cameron putter, which is quite available at the address. Besides, it has also been increased with the 21.35 millimeters for better alignment with the ball centers no matter what your position of the eye is. It is one of the best putters that you may want to consider with face milling, optimized, and has the inert polymer TPU material.

For better maintenance, this putter comes with a hardcover and has been designed for all types of golfers. It comes with the three times deep pattern, so investing in it is not a bad deal. The style of the mallet putter is quite heavy, which is why you get a better grip.


  • The putter comes with a customized pattern. This offers better accuracy and ensures the preciseness is well maintained.
  • Thanks to its milling pattern, the player’s accuracy gets improved. Besides, it also lets the distance off-center hits when the control on the seed is improving.
  • Focusing on the style, well the head itself is 405gm heavy. That is why the counterbalance griping gets well while the swing’s weight goes fine, and there is also an amazing MOI.
  • The balanced head of the face and the hosel, which is a single bend heel, makes this the best option for either the slight arching strokes or the straight ones.
  • This option comes with a grip, which is an oversized one. That is why it has been weighted for counterbalancing the head.
  • When you have it in your hand, you will feel how strong and smooth it is for making the right stroke.
  • It comes with an innovative design like the best Scotty Cameron putter that has risen straight-line for better accuracy.
  • Soft Feel
  • Face Milling Pattern is Three Times Deeper
  • Grip Is Comfortable
  • Optimized for Speed and Control
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Small from heel to toe

Final words:

Overall, this is one fine putter that comes with a counterbalanced grip. It improves accuracy while the upgrade of stain has the system quite improved to offer good control on the speed.

7- S7K Standing Putter – Best Putter Under 100

S7K putter has also been a talk of the town for some time now. And if you have one or planning to get one, then sit back and relax because you will have to check the alignment from behind while below the line. In case you have made some mistake, you will at least be able to see it quickly and even realign well before getting the stroke.

The ultra-low balance of S7K often promotes better acceleration using the right impact. It is like a steel ball on the string. It comes with better gravity, which pulls the putter using the stroke. You simply have to swing it, and the true path will follow too. Besides, this putter is one easy to the square option that gives the best impact without letting the blade get manipulated with hands.

Since you will be purely rolling with the stroke after stroke, you can see the difference with your own eyes on why it is so popular. There are three lines on the flange. They are basically used to set the S7K on the path as you line it behind or while standing over the ball, making its alignment worth trusting.


  • Since S7K can stand on its own, you can simply set it behind and look if the alignment is proper from your point.
  • In case you think the shaft needs to be angle dwell, you don’t have to adjust it forward or backward or upside down. It is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is just stroke.
  • You will also be able to select the hand that matches the club of your gold set. In case you are right-hand iron, then you need to select for its right hand only.
  • If you use S7K well, it has been finely tested on standing on its own even on the slope or, say, in the light breeze too.
  • It has the right setup, which has been created right in. When you align it as per your hands’ location, you simply have to stroke without any adjustment at all.
  • The putter’s design is made with good construction, which is why you get a good warranty. Talking about the construction, well, it is unbeatable.
  • Exceptional Feel
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Ultra-Light Grip
  • An expensive putter that doesn’t have the look of top-tier putters

Final Words:

If you have been facing problems with an accurate shot or a good impact, you must try our S7K. It offers a gentle stroke so that the most forgiving putter of all time stays along the target line. For improving accuracy, it indeed is the better choice.

8- CĀG Golf Putter – Best Putter For Bad Putters

CĀG Golf Putter is one popular putter that you can consider. It is known for its patent design and offers the best alignment setup. Besides, you also get a sweet point that has been made from the accuracy using the design of the lateral groove. This is the main reason why you get the forward roll on the better impact.

There is a perfect face balance of the geometric profile and the stretch LG location for a better roll and high weighing perimeter. It thus enhances the forgiveness throughout the putting stroke. This also includes the matching headcover. The putter’s length is 35 inches, which is the stand one that comes with a rubber grip too.


  • This is one good putter that comes with a headcover for better protection and improves good forgiveness.
  • There is an SVA technology used which contributes to better alignment, accuracy, and also precision, which is needed for the setup
  • Made from the stainless-steel dual being step-less shafting, you get a perfect balance that too with less distraction
  • The putter has a rubber group that offers a smooth feel and also the geometric shape for better performance
  • The impact area of this putter is quite strong; the orientation is made for the right-hand players.
  • In terms of durability, well, you can get lasting results since it is made of stainless material, considering the feel needed from the premium putter.
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Optional Upgrade
  • Interactive App
  • Different Stroke Styles
  • Sensors are light and unobtrusive for some players who find them distracting

Final words:

This is one awesome putter in the market today. It has been designed to boost the golfer’s experience and gives a hard surface for good wear resistance.

9- CNC Steel Mallet Club Putter by Wosofe – Best Face Balanced Putter

Whose golf brings you one finest option of the putter that has been designed for expert players. This company has been in the news for quite some time now because of the increasing sales and best production. It designs all kinds of gold accessories and parts right from gloves, clubs to bags as well. With 18 years of experience, the company brings you one of the best club putters that a golfer can purchase.

Made from quality material and the concave line in a honeycomb pattern, this putter is the best option to choose from. It comes with 85 small platforms that create the spider web similar hitting area. This creates better friction using the ball rolling ball’s speed and reduces the green grassland impact on the ball. Besides, there are also other features such as:

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  • It comes with different striking red decorative points. Besides, there is also a rod part that you get on both sides for better visual
  • The appearance color is quite intact. This means you can rest assured that it will not fade at all
  • The weight of the putter is around 369g, which is quite sufficient and appropriate for the players to win the game
  • This putter is made from the top-notch quality of the 1020 carbon steel pattern, which gives the ball a good hit with a strong impact
  • This pouter is available in weight head sizes like 33, 34″ and 35″, which weighs between 365 and 369 grams
  • The putter comes in two attractive colors of gradient rainbow pattern, and the other one is the simple white.
  • Higher MOI
  • Higher responsiveness
  • Feels at the impact
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Improved alignment of the shots
  • An expensive putter

Final words:

It is one of the trending putters which is sold on the internet today. It is the best option for those who want to improve their swing while making their ball be advanced to the green hole.

10- GoSports Classic Golf Putter – Best Blade Putters Of All Time

The design of this classic putter by GoSports is made to offer a quality putter at great pricing. This putter has a head that uses a timeless design and which, of course, goes back to the beginning of the game while adding some of the modern technologies. The putter’s head is solid and comes with the finishing of powder coating so that putts can play a role true.

This putter is made of a 2-way design. It means the right-hand player can use it and the left-hand player uses it. Thanks to the contoured gripping, there is better stability and comfort too. The putter is the standard adult length that comes 35 inches for both male and female golfers. Whether you are new to this sport or want to have a good starter, this putter is the best one.


  • The design of the putter is ergonomic. It can also be used for gifting propose and is best for the new players and veterans who believes in sturdy construction.
  • Whether you practice at home or office, get this putter since it is durable and can be your great helper to learn techniques.
  • The putter’s grip is ambidextrously rubberized for both right and left-hand players, which is why better safety and comfort are assured.
  • Made from durable stainless steel, this putter is available in bright colors, so it is best for people who love to play the game.
  • The golfer can make the dual scoop of the attack in the shit. Whether it for the left golfer or the right-handed.
  • This is quite of durable quality and is also resistant to corrosion, so longevity is ensured.
  • No compromise on precision
  • Improved feel
  • Higher control
  • Shots in and around the greens
  • Better responsiveness
  • Large diameter
  • Multiple density microinjections
  • Construction is not that great

Final Words:

It is best for those Best blade putters of all time who have often been struggling with the shots that need to be done around the greens. You can use this putter as the best choice, which can give real-time results.

Best Putters Of All Time – Buying Guide

Now other than the options that are shared above, you, of course, would want to focus on other buying factors as well. That is why this guideline can be of great help to you. Know the guidelines:

How to Choose a Right putter

  • Value

To begin with, well, price matters a lot. You need to have the right budget set so that later you can compare it well. Make sure then you also contrast the performance against the price. It should not matter how pricy the putter is.

You should rather focus on the features and why it is said to be the best seller in the market. Players usually respond individually to putters. Some look for the weight, while for some, mallet control is important. Either way, the price of the putter depends on how you use it.

  • Appearance

Along with features comes the price, which of course, you don’t want to ignore at all. Appearance is important when it comes to a fine performance. That is why look for a stylish putter that can help you get a better feel.

Besides, it can boost the confidence level when you are playing on the greens or in some match. Remember, your putter is a lot visually pleasing then you may find it quite distracting, which increases the chances of you losing faith when it comes to playing.

  • Quality of the roll

It is another important thing that you need to focus on while buying a quality putter. Along with putting the ball, the quality of the roll of the putter is important too. It helps you understand whether the ball can move above the line of the target that too with good speed and accuracy or not.

It also gives you a clear viewpoint on whether your ball will bounce, skid, or go in the direction that could be wrong. If you choose the low-quality roll putter, then your ball is likely to skid, while the best quality one shall give you a smooth hit.

  • Feel

The best left-handed putters feel it is also important and should, of course, not be ignored. There is no doubt that golf is all a mental game as compared to it being physical. That is why you must have confidence while playing and using the putter.

That is why; you must look for the best quality putter that can give your hand a better feel, which would lower down the scores. You will thus have a consistent game with a high chance of winning the match.

Factors to consider while buying a putter

  • Forgiveness

Being a golfer, you, of course, know that each shot that you hot will not be perfect every time. It is like an iron shot or says a drive, which finds the clubface more on the toe and may lose the distance or accuracy or anything that usually hits from the putter’s clubface center. This can cause speed loss, and you may even lose your target line.

But here is the good news! Not all putters are made in the same way when you focus on forgiveness. When you look for such criteria, the putter is usually put in the set and see how the club responds when there is not by the putts with the club center.

  • The shape of the head

Usually, the head of the pouter comes in two options. The first one is the allet style, and the other one is the blade style. The blade one is the best option for those golfers who prefer better control on putting the stroke. Talking about the allet style, it is quite heavy but balance. It is best for those who want to power through every swing.

  • Shaft Length

Find the right putter shaft is also important for marinating a better consistency. If you plan to purchase one that is either too short or too long, you may find ample problems in the game.

  • Putter Grip

The perfect grip is important. You can always find the right putting grip for the game that fits well with your hand. If you have quite large hands, you may get the advantage of a good grip, while those with smaller hands need to look for thinner grips for stability.

  • Hosel

Hosel’s location should also be considered for improving the pouter game. There are usually blade putters that have the hosel’s location inside the club and close to the body of the golf. At the same time, you may see mallets with the hosel located within the club center to improve the contract. You might have to try it first before deciding on it.

What to look for while buying a putter

  • Materials Used

Well, you cannot be casual when it comes to looking for material used for making a putter. Talking of which the carbon sell is usually said to be the finest of the material used for a putter. It has also been paired with some of the better face inserts created from soft materials. The head of the putter’s quality is thus balanced when it protects any kind of miss-shots from the ball.

  • Face and Toe-Balanced Putters

Choosing between the toe balance or face the best putter for bad putters is important too. Basically, the balanced face putter is best for the golfer with a stroke that usually goes back and even though the gravity center is below the shaft axis. This allows the stroke of the club to be straight out to the forward motion.

On the other hand, the balanced toe putter can match bests with those with an out-to-in stroke, which is like the gravity center and is now usually found below the shaft axis. You can understand the difference by balance the shift on the finger where the face is in the upward direction for better balance.

  • Putter Shafts

You might even want to choose between the putter shaft, which could be the center one, heel-shafted, or the offset-best blade putters of all time. Usually, they are made of the settle, and the purpose of using them is to enhance the feel and touch, especially when you are playing in the green. 

Along with this, you must focus on the shaft length as well. It can range from 32 and 36 inches, and in the case of the belly putters, it can be between 41 and 46 inches, while the longer ones will be up to 52 inches.

  • Design of the Putter Head

It depends on the stroke, and hence, you must get it right when you make the decision. The putter blade usually brings the images back of the year and is said to be the putter’s traditional one. It is best for the experienced one and the beginners, while matter ones are heavy and best for the deep gravity center.

  • Faces and Inserts

The last part comes to choose the face type that you need for the putter. It depends on the all type that you usually use for the game. You also have to consider the green style when you are planning.

It is all about looking for the putter that gives a good feel while complementing the style and surrounding and hence needs to be tested whether you are looking for the insert, metal, or the putter, which is groove-faced.

Types of Putters

You can choose between the classic blade putter or the Mallet Putters.

  • Classic blade Putter

Such a type of best putter for bad putters doesn’t have to weigh from heel-toe, and that is why it makes it quite an unforgiving one. The blades of heel-toe have been on the market for some time now and are the best designs amongst the experts that offer good forgiveness.

If you go for the decent heel putter well, it is best for beginners since you don’t have to spend much time looking for a better one.

  • Mallet Putters

Mallet Putters are large if you compare them with the blade best left-handed putters. It comes with the club extends back far from the clubface. It helps promote a better roll on the ball and allows the perimeter weighting and better club forgiving on the hits off-center.

best putters of all time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it important to choose between the blade or matter putter?

It entirely depends on the golfer. The player who wants to improve the putting can find themselves making a choice either between the mallet or the blade putter. Both have their advantages for the player, though.

Q. What are blade putters?

Such type of best blade putters of all time is the one that usually player use to improve their strikes. It is used with a pronounced arc.

Q. What is a mallet putter?

It comes with a large head and a large sweet spot too. It has been designed for the right inertia moment and tends to resist the impact twist.

Q. Is it okay to use the offset pouter?

You can consider this option only when you want to improve the target. It usually is the one that has the setback hosel from where the shaft usually enters, or the get bends down, so the head of the putter sits behind the shaft grip.

Q. Which is the right grip type to be used?

Mostly all best putters for bad putters come with a certain variation of the Ping PP58 grip. It can either be the flat-topped one, the skinny one, or even the thicker ones. You can look for the one that can help you get a better stroke. If you prefer using hands, then a slimmer grip is best.

Q. What should be the right length of the pouter?

Focusing on the standard length well, it is 35 inches long. There are, however, some players who usually prefer the shorter one over the standard one. Simultaneously, players like Matt Kuchar chose a slightly longer option, which is around 40 inches long.

Q. Are there different designs of the putter head?

Yes, the putter head comes in three different designs: blade, half-mallet, and the mallet. However, in today’s time, they are made with some top-notch quality too.

Q. What is the use of a counterbalance putter?

They are also called belly putters. These are the elongated options that are usually anchored to either stomach or chest and are used for stabilizing their hands at the time of stroke.

Q. What exactly is the Perimeter-weighted?

Usually, such putters come forgiving and have a design that divides the weight on the edges. They offer a good sweet spot and also help in stabilizing against the mis-hits.

Q. What should be the standard weight of the putter?

The weight of the standard one is usually 530 grams. It also includes the 350 grams divided into different clubhead locations and 180 grams in the weight of the shaft. Well, the right putter shall have a weighted hell, tower, and even a balanced face.


If you have been searching for the right best left-handed putters that can make the shot a perfect one around the greens, too, then go for the one that has a reputable name of the brand. Usually, a putter with a stainless-steel material comes with a rubber construction. It is quite durable.

Besides, it is one responsive choice you can go for. But take your time. It is okay to speak with expert players and your friends on the type of putter they are using and get their reviewers. This would help you make the decision better.

Now that you have the whole information right from the buying guide to the options that are trending in the market, it is time to choose a good one that can improve your accuracy, and even you will be able to hit the ball in greens without much hassle at all.

In today’s time, the putters are geared up with so many technological advances like next-generation materials, companion apps for guidance, and better sightlines for aim improvement. It is important that you make decisions wisely and not in a rush.

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