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Top 10 Best Putter Under 100 in 2022 (Updated)

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Choosing the best putter under 100 can be difficult. There are many factors that need to be considered, such as grip style, weight distribution, and materials used. One of the most vital aspects of a putter is how it feels in your hands when you stand over the ball?.

The three main types of grips are mallet, blade, and broomstick. Mallet putters have a head shape that has two sides or faces, with one being flat, while blade putters have a single face with no edges on either side.

Broomstick models typically have an elongated handle that is gripped at both ends for stability during putting strokes. Which type should you choose? The answer depends on what feels natural to you and what suits you. Many people don’t buy putters because they can be expensive at times.

For all the people looking for a putter, we have added the best putters under 100. This article is the savior for all those people. In addition to adding the top putters, we have provided insights about the putters, such as their features, pros, and cons.

We are sure that these putters will help you improve the game and drive accuracy in the game while enabling you to play on the greens. Greens matter because they differentiate your game from the amateur and pro players.

So, read it down and line out the best one that suits your skills!

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List of Top Best putter under 100

1- Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 – Best Golf Putter

This classic style putter has a round, non-mallet design. The head has a smooth face to prevent catching the ball with your fingers or clubface. This women’s-specific capless mallet features an easy-grip handle for added control at impact.

The putter is designed with a precision milled face that promises accurate shots. Also, the roll and feel of the shot are perfect. A bold white finish on the head provides confidence without distracting from the line of play.

This is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to go back in time and feel like they’re playing their grandpa’s game again! In the section below, we have outlined the salient features of this putter.


  • The putter is designed with a right-hand and left-hand orientation to ensure every golfer can make their shots
  • The putter has multiple shaft lengths, including 33 inches, 34 inches, 35 inches, promising that golfers make the right angles in the shots
  • The putter is designed with the precision milled face which is responsible for making the accurate shots
  • The putter is integrated with the soft feel, and the role of the shots will be consistent 
  • The putter is constructed with soft 304 stainless steel, promising the sturdy construction and durability
  • The shape of the putter is inspired by tour shapes which means this putter will provide higher performance for the professional players and beginners
  • The putter will optimize your shots on the green due to high precision level
  • The putter is designed with the higher forgiveness level because the intermediate and amateur golfers often struggle with the shots
  • The putter is designed with durability in mind
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Three shaft length options
  • Precision milled face construction
  • Accurate shots
  • Soft feel
  • Consistent ball roll
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tour-shaped putter
  • None

Final Words

For every golfer who has been struggling with the accuracy and precision of shots in the green, this putter will be an amazing choice. There are stainless steel construction and precision milled face, which is the literal epitome of accurate shots. So, if you’ve been trying to optimize accuracy in your green shots, this is the way to go. On top of everything, you will have a brand name adhered to it, so you will have the warranty.

2- Odyssey 2018 Red Ball Putter – Best Budget Golf Putters

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter has a lightweight head, and the hexagonal shape of the Strike Zone aids with accuracy. The shaft is precision-machined from solid steel, which provides a smooth feel at impact.

This putter is designed with versa construction that helps make aligned shots. The best thing about this putter is the dual hand orientation.

These features make this putter a great choice for long-distance or short ones. The weight of this awesome putter is only one pound, but it packs a punch in hitting that will leave your ball rolling pure and fast.

There are different shaft lengths that optimize the angle of the shots.  Have a look at the features!


  • This is the renewed putter which has been optimized by the golfing enthusiasts, promising perfect shots
  • The putter is designed with the red ball which is the prime integration, responsible for aligning the shots
  • There is versa construction in the putter which is designed to improve the alignment of the shots
  • The putter is designed with right-handed and left-handed orientation, promising unified playing experience for everyone
  • There are multiple shaft length options in the putter for better angles in the shots
  • The putter is designed to offer white-hot sound, along with the satisfying feel of the shots
  • The putter has a mallet shape which is responsible for adding forgiveness in the shots
  • The putter is constructed from top-notch material which will optimize the durability standards
  • Renewed design with better performance
  • Red ball for shot alignment
  • Versa construction
  • Hot sound
  • Improved feel
  • Higher forgiveness
  • High-end material construction
  • The grip is not good enough

Final Words

The golfers tend to struggle with greens because the accuracy of the shots is compromised in such playing areas. For all such people, choosing the putter is a suitable option, and this one is designed to solve all such issues. However, the grip of the putter isn’t effective, so you need to be mindful of that before investing in this putter.

3- Wilson Harmonized M Putter – Best budget putter

The new Harmonized Technology from Wilson Golf provides you a fingertip feel and alignment guidance through your stroke for a perfect-looking approach shot; you have confidence in scoring more birdies and enjoy being one of the players who hits their putts closer to the hole.

Its head is made from polished alloy steel, and its lightweight profile grip provides ultimate control. This club is ready to help you score better.

In the section below, we have added the features below, so you have better insights!


  • The putter is designed with the right-hand orientation, promising that every right-handed golfer can play the greens
  • The putter has been designed with the steel shaft construction, promising durable construction and higher affordability
  • There is a counter-balance shaft flex in the putter which will promise golfers about the correct angles in the shots
  • When it comes down to the loft of the putter, this putter has one-degree loft angle, promised to optimize the flexibility in the shots
  • The putter is designed with mallet-style that is responsible for optimizing accuracy in the shots
  • The putter has a larger diameter grip and soft feel grip that promises to the golfers that you have higher control over the shots and putter
  • The putter face has multiple density areas in the face insert with micro injections that are responsible for better performance and higher accuracy
  • There are horizontal lines on the putter head which is responsible for better alignment in the shots
  • The putter face has been designed to offer an improved feel
  • Steel shaft construction
  • Counter-balance shaft flex
  • One-degree loft angle
  • Higher accuracy
  • Multiple density areas with microinjections
  • Better alignment
  • Improved feel
  • Only available for right-handed players

Final Words

Every golfer has different needs that need to be catered to by choosing the correct putters. So, this putter is a suitable choice for right-handed golfers who need to optimize the shot accuracy in the greens. The best thing about this putter is the improved feel and higher accuracy in the shots, accrediting to horizontal lines.

4- Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter – best putter for the money

We are introducing the PGX SL putter, designed with balance in mind. The head is perfectly balanced to reduce putter face twisting during stroke, leading to more accurate and consistent contact on off-center hits.

PGX SL putter features a newly developed modified Titleist grip for enhanced feel and GripLock Technology, ensuring that your club will stay in your hands even in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

There is a special alignment tool in the putter that optimizes the alignment of the shots. The putter is integrated with a plumber neck hosel that helps make correct shots.

There is an exceptional shock absorption that dampens vibration in the shots. They promise this with the help of the PGX SL putter, and we have added its features in the section below. Have a look!


  • The putter is designed to ensure golfers can inculcate balance in their shots
  • The putter is integrated with the alignment tool, which is responsible for aligning the shots
  • The putter comes with the headcover, so you can save the putter head from protection
  • There is a plumber neck hosel in the putter which will ensure that you are making shots on the right path
  • There is a green and black grip in the putter for better carrying
  • The grip has fiber layers and polyurethane which is responsible for optimizing firm feel
  • The putter is designed with exceptional shock absorption to ensure you cater to the aggressive shots
  • The putter is designed with 2X ORB alignment for accurate shots
  • There is a consistent face insert in the putter, responsible for smooth roll and there will be no skipping in the shots
  • Balanced shots
  • Alignment in the shots
  • Headcover is included
  • Better grip
  • Improved feel
  • Exceptional shock absorption
  • Smooth roll
  • No shot skipping
  • None that we could line out

Final Words

Golf is one of the most amazing sports out there, and people struggling with greens tend to give up on the game altogether. But to be honest, it doesn’t have to be this way because you can enjoy exceptional shots and higher accuracy with the help of a putter. So, this putter is a great way to balance and align the shots. All in all, the shaft length is suitable as well, promising zero compromises on the skipping.

5- Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter – best putter under $100

If you are looking for a decent and promising putter, this Wilson harmonized golf putter is perfect for you. This high-quality putter is lightweight, fully assembled, and ready to use if you’re an experienced golfer or are just getting started.

This putter has a soft feel that provides great feedback with every swing when you make contact. Its alloy steel material increases stability through impact, helping decrease variance in ball speed and increase your driving accuracy with every putt.

With its low center of gravity, the putter has a smooth pendulum action while resisting any lateral movement across the ground while executing shots inside 10 meters. This putter also features an enlarged grip for control over vibrations.

So, let’s go in a little depth to ensure you are aware of everything before investing your hard-earned money in it!


  • The putter is designed with the right-hand orientation to ensure every right-handed golfer can make the shots
  • There is a square heel/toe design in the putter that helps in taking the ball off the course and in the air
  • The putter is integrated with the captivating vertical seam grip and large diameter, promising an improved feel
  • The putter is designed to provide a responsive feel, and the accuracy of the shots will be high-end
  • The golfers will be able to make the shots in and around the greens
  • The putter has been designed with the oversize three-piece paddle grip which is responsible for providing higher control over the shots
  • The putter provides exceptional feel in the shots
  • The putter face has been integrated with multiple density microinjections, promising higher accuracy in the shots
  • Square heel/toe design
  • Vertical seam grip and large diameter in the grip
  • Accurate shots
  • Responsive feel
  • Shots in and around the greens are possible
  • Higher control over the shots
  • Exceptional feel
  • Multiple density microinjections
  • Expensive

Final Words

Golf is one amazing sport out there because people have always been adhering to the top-notch benefits. On the other hand, this putter is the perfect choice for every golfer who needs to play their shots in and around the greens. So, just invest in this iron, and you will never regret your choice as long as you’ve money to buy this. Also, the microinjections will improve the feel like never before!

6- Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter – best cheap putters

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter is the most innovative ever! With a headcover and replacement grip included, you can’t find more options at any price for your new putter than with the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter.

It is 34″ long, white in color, and designed for right-handed use by professionals looking to improve their putting gameplay. As a high-performance putt-and-approach blade-style club, this putter features a thick face that produces sound waves on off-axis shots while also providing unmatched stability from heel to toe of the sole.

This putter empowers the students to make concentrated and focused shots. The higher accuracy of the shots will be optimal. In the section below, we have outlined the features of the putter!


  • The putter is perfect for the right-handed golfers because it is designed with right-hand orientation
  • This PGX putter is designed with the precise white finish which is designed to stand out even when you are playing in the greens
  • The putter will ensure there is no compromise on focus and concentration because the white body will be identifiable in the greens
  • The golfers will be able to attain higher accuracy because there are alignment lines
  • The golfers will be empowered to make shots at the target
  • There is an additional 40g weight in the construction which makes this putter tour-weighted
  • The golfers can make fast shots with this putter, without compromising on the feel
  • The putter has been included with the headcover, protecting the putter head from possible damages
  • Precise white finish
  • Higher concentration and focus on the shots
  • Higher accuracy in shots
  • Alignment lines
  • Shots at target will be possible
  • Tour-weighted design
  • Exceptional feel
  • Headcover is included with the putter
  • Only available for right-handed players

Final Words

Golf is one of the most popular sports out there, and the number of golf players has increased in number as well. So, if you need to optimize the shots and make highly aligned and accurate shots, this putter is the most suitable choice out there. However, you need to be a right-handed golfer if you want to make the shots with it. Other than that, there are no compromises on the performance and accuracy of the shots.

7- Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter – Best Putter Under 100

If you need to be on your game out on the green or want an edge against the other guys, it all starts with putting. Wilson Staff creates these beautiful-looking putters specifically for lefties, making them perfect for those who like to take control of the hole.

The hands are aligned over support points in a way that directs wrist and arm movements towards a straighter swing path at impact. Either customize your putter using our fitting process by filling out this form or select from one of thirteen different interchangeable styles!

The elongated shape is designed to fit comfortably in your left hand while giving enough power from its lightweight design to get that final stroke across 18 holes into a hole.

We have added the features of the putter below;


  • The putter has been designed with the left-handed orientation to ensure the lefties can make their shots accurately
  • The putter has a square heel/toe design, promising that everyone can make the shots and there are zero compromises on the precision
  • The putter has a captivating vertical seam grip, and a large diameter promised to improve the feel of the shots
  • This harmonized putter is responsible for attaining precise accuracy, and the feel will be highly responsive
  • The golfers will be able to make the shots in and around the greens
  • There is an oversized three-piece paddle grip in the putter which will improve control over the shots and better feel
  • There are multiple density microinjections in the putter face that will not only add responsiveness to the shots, but precision will be high-end too
  • No compromise on precision
  • Large diameter and vertical seam grip for a better feel of the shots
  • Improved feel
  • Better responsiveness
  • Shots in and around the greens are possible
  • Higher control over the shots
  • Multiple density microinjections
  • Only available for left-handed golfers

Final Words

For everyone who has been struggling with shots in and around the greens, using the putters is an exceptional choice that will drive real-time results. The golfers will be able to harness a better feel and higher responsiveness in the shots. The best thing about this putter is the perfectly sized grip. On the other hand, make sure you are a leftie if you want to use this putter.

8- QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter – Left and Right Hand

This two-way putter is designed for both left and right-hand golfers! Its stiff flex is ideal for accuracy on the green. With a good grip, it can be swung similar to a normal putter and is perfect for mid-range drives as well.

The weight of this putter impacts its ball speed, meaning great distances are achievable with each shot while putting pressure on your opponents in tournaments.

This club offers an affordable solution for anyone who wants to broaden their game or find peace knowing they have options when aiming at the hole.

In the article below, we have outlined the features of this putter!


  • The putter is designed with multiple size options, inclusive of one pack, two-pack, three-pack, four-pack, and five-pack
  • The putter is designed with high-end material, so there are no compromises on the quality
  • The putter has a long and defined handle which is a perfect choice for everyone who needs higher control over the grip, hit, and swings
  • The golfers will be able to make highly responsive swings in the greens
  • The putter is designed to offer easier control over the shots, which helps improve the aim and target
  • The putter has just right weight which makes it easier to swing the shots without compromising on the responsiveness
  • The design is very simple, so the golfers have higher control over the shots and learning will be easier
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Better grip
  • Higher responsiveness
  • Symmetrical design
  • Portable
  • Simple design
  • Responsive swings in the green
  • Easy and defined handle for control over swings and hit
  • Putter smells like rubber
  • Not long enough for tall golfers

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a putter that provides value for the money and better performance, this putter is the right way to go. It doesn’t matter if you are a right-handed player or a leftie; this putter is the perfect choice for you. The swing and hits will be perfect, and the weight is optimal enough, promising it exceptional performance for everyone. All in all, the putter is portable as well, so you can take the putter with you on your vacation.

9- Crestgolf Mini Rubber Golf Putters – Best Cheap Putters

The Crestgolf two-way golf putter is a great way to have fun and stay sharp on the green. This versatile product has been specifically designed for children or adults. Depending on your dominant hand, you can set up a left-handed or right-handed grip with this putter.

The length of the shaft makes it easy to swing, even for kids who might not reach as far as an adult. The golfers will be able to optimize long and precise shots with this putter.

The best thing about this putter is the grip that provides higher control over the shots. For that purpose, you can use this putter with the following high-end features;


  • The putter is designed in black, blue, green, red, and yellow color to ensure it matches with other pieces of the golf set.
  • The putter is designed with different shaft sizes, such as 24 inches, 27 inches, 29 inches, 31 inches, 33 inches, and 35 inches.
  • The putter has been constructed with durable stainless steel and bright color, which makes it suitable for people who really want to enjoy their game.
  • The golfers will be able to make the double scoop of attack in the shots, be it for the right-handed golfer or the left-handed golfer.
  • This has a mini version as well, making it suitable for the junior golfers.
  • This putter has a rubber construction, which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion, promising longevity.
  • The putter head is colorful (six colors are available)
  • The putter has a regular shaft flex, which makes it possible to make aligned and accurate shots.
  • Multiple color options
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Different shaft sizes
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • A double scoop of attack
  • The mini version is available.
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Regular shaft flex
  • None that we could find

Final Words

For everyone who has been looking for a perfect putter to make their shots in and around the greens, this putter is the most suitable choice with a reputable brand name. The putter has a stainless steel construction with a rubber construction, making it the most durable and responsive option out there. As far as the cons are concerned, there are none that we could find.

10- Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Men – Best Value Putters

The Orlimar Tangent T1 putter is a perfect mix of classic design and modern engineering; this putter with Free Headcover is an elite performer for golfers looking to put their best swing forward.

The putter contains an S-curve blade that places loft at 3 degrees, which helps create a consistent putting stroke. It also features Tour Edge face inserts that offer distance (backspin) and control (turns).

This club comes complete with premium touches like a high-hold grip; sleek headcover built to fit this specific model, so you can confidently carry it around in your bag knowing it’s well protected without sacrificing performance.

We have outlined the features in the section below;


  • The putter is available in red and white color options, so you can mix and match them with your golf set and other clubs.
  • The putter has a high moment of inertia, which promises a higher forgiveness rate.
  • There is a plumber neck hosel in the putter, along with the offset hosel, which promises that golfers can make responsive shots ahead of the putter.
  • There is a soft TPU face insert in the putter, which helps improve the putter feel at the impact.
  • The putter has been designed with the contrasting bi-color sightline that tends to improve the alignment of the shots.
  • The putter has been integrated with the headcover, which is perfect for ensuring the putter head remains safe and protected from the damage. 
  • The putter allows the golfers to put up with mishits due to higher forgiveness rate and responsiveness.
  • Two-color options
  • Higher MOI
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Higher responsiveness
  • Improved putter feels at the impact.
  • Improved alignment of the shots
  • Headcover is included
  • None that we could find

Final Words

This putter is the perfect choice for everyone who has been looking for the inculcation of responsiveness in the shots. In addition, the feel at the impact will be top-notch, and with the higher forgiveness rate, the amateurs will be able to optimize the mishits. The best thing about this putter is that there are no compromises on the mishits’ forgiveness, and there are no cons out there.

Best Putter Under 100 – Buying Guide

Golf is an expensive sport, and the equipment will demand some investment as well. So, while choosing the putter, you need to ensure that you are getting value for your money. For this reason, we have outlined this buying guide. This buying guide has all the important factors and key points that you need to consider while choosing the best putter under 100. Once you consider the following key considerations while buying the putter, the end result will be highly practical and well-informed. So, have a look!


The golfer needs a higher performance rate, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that design plays an integral role in optimizing performance. The shape of the putter head will play a role as well. This is the prime reason that golfers will come across different head styles for putters. The golf putters are designed with a mallet and blade.

In addition, the head design will cause variation in the weight as well. Also, these head styles and weight will lead to differentiation in the shot experience. So, if you need to optimize the perfect golfing experience, you have two options, such as a blade putter and a mallet putter. The blade putter is an apt choice for golfers who play arc. On the other hand, the mallet putter is perfect for golfers who need to make square shots.


When it comes down to the shot experience and performance, the putter’s length poses a direct impact—the putter with the shaft that is in line with the position and height to ensure better results. However, people need to think about choosing the right length. You need to choose the length that’s easier to grip. The golfers should keep their eyes on the target, and the hips should be bent, irrespective of which length you opt for.


This is one of the most interesting factors out there because you need to think about the toe balance as well as face balance. However, many golfers don’t know which balance do they need. So, lay the putter on the ground, and it faces your face, it’s the face balance, or otherwise, it’s the toe balance. The shot results by toe balance and face balance will be different. For golfers who need to add a curve in their shots, the toe balance will be the right choice.

Types of Putters

There are different types of putters available in the market, and they are usually differentiated according to length. In the section below, we have outlined information about the three putters, such as;

  • Conventional Putter – These putters are the professional ones and have a length ranging from 32 inches to 36 inches. The golfers need to have a steady hand while playing with this putter
  • Belly Putter – This putter ranges from 41 inches to 44 inches, and the grip is pushed against the belly. This design will provide a stable golfing experience, without compromising on the swing
  • Long Putters – This putter ranges from 48 inches to 52 inches and is a perfect option to optimize the swing speed

Best Putters for High Handicappers

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Why Are Putters So Costly?

Brands use expensive materials for making putters. The high-quality materials give you a solid feel and confidence in the greens. Another factor is their customization, which means you can choose your favorite color, get your name’s initials on it, and get a custom grip. Many people love this notion, so they pay extra money for this purpose.

2.     Is A 35-Inch Putter Too Long?

If you are less than 6’2, you should not get 35 inches long putter because it will not permit you to set up correctly. Besides, it will not allow you to make great strokes. If you cut it down, it won’t work because it will become extremely lightweight. When the club gets shorter, the club’s head must be increased.

3.     Should I Consider My Height While Buying A Putter?

Almost all tour golfers own a custom-fitted putter. On the other hand, beginners don’t get measured for their golf clubs, including putters. Today, the average height of a PGA tour golfer is six inches, and he utilizes 33.5 inches putter. You are using a standard putter if its length is 33 inches. An appropriately fitted putter will allow you to set it up accurately.  

4.     Can A Custom Putter Improve My Performance?

Of course, it does. Once you obtain a putter that fits you, your stroke will improve dramatically without doing excessive training or overthinking. Too much training won’t help you at all if your putter doesn’t allow you to make a great stroke because it does not fit.

5.     How Tall Should A Golfer Be For A 35-Inch Putter?

If your height is more than six inches, then you can use a 35-inch putter. It is necessary to place your eyes over the ball during the putting posture.  

6.     Should I Acquire A 34 Or 35-Inch Putter?

Very few women and men will need a 34 or 35-inch putter. Even if you are a man whose height is 6’2 or a woman whose height is 5’8, it does not mean you need a longer putter. While getting a putter, consider these factors: your height, arm length, and the distance between your fingertips and ground when you bend over in the putting stance.

7.     How Can I Find My Perfect Putter?

You should get a putter that fits your body and gaming style. The latest putters offer numerous characteristics that help you feel the powerful impact and generate steady strokes. Whether you want to control your putt’s speed or the ball’s route, your putter can make a massive difference. Modern putters offer you more control with a higher loft and many other cutting-edge features. The right putter will boost your confidence and help you make unswerving interactions for the faultless roll.

8.     Who Manufactures The Easiest Putter To Use?

SeeMore, Pinemeadow, and ENROLL make the easiest putters use.

9.     Are Blade Putters Less Forgiving?

If you are looking for alignment and forgiveness, you should not use a blade putter because it won’t provide you what you need. They are a tad bit harder to set up because the alignment line will be solely one inch long.

10.  What Are The Advantages Of Mallet Putter?

  • More forgiving
  • Easier alignment
  • Come in center shafted models
  • Customizable
  • Available in various designs
  • Easy to learn distance control

11.  What Are The Advantages Of A Blade Putter?

  • Excellent control and feel
  • Accommodating for arc stroke putters
  • Work efficiently on fast greens
  • Stable impact
  • A great choice for golfers who prefer precision-based performance

12. What are the limits for the number of putters in the golf bag?

As far as the putters are concerned, there are no hard limits to keep a certain number of putters in the bag. However, the USGA has set a rule to keep only 14 clubs in the golf bag, inclusive of all types.

13. What is the loft value of the putter?

There are no hard and fast rules about the loft angle, and it majorly depends on the putter type. On average, the putters have a loft angle of three degrees.

14. Is using an oversized grip an apt choice?

If you want to stabilize your shots and strokes, an oversized grip will be a suitable option. However, you can always choose the grip that suits and settles with your hand since there are no hard and fast rules there.

The Bottom Line

For everyone looking for the best putter to assist them in the golf course but they are unable to make the right choice, this article will become the ultimate savior. This article has different putters from top brands, without any compromises on the quality and performance. So, you can choose the putters according to your skills, preferences, and golfing needs.

In addition, we have outlined the buying guide through which you will be able to make an informed decision. All in all, this article is a complete solution for everyone who needs to buy the best putters. So, just line out your needs and skill level, so you will be able to make an informed choice with this article!

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