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10 Best Putter for Bad Putters in 2022

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Golf putters are extremely helpful yet the most crucial clubs that any golfer can have in the bag. In case you are a high handicapper or bad Putter, then there is a list of some best putters you can use.

Remember, more than half of the shots usually load within the green if you choose the right Putter to be a perfect fit for your game. The best mallet putters of all-time choice are quite critical for usually the high handicappers and for those who don’t have much control over the distance.

The Putter is quite different as compared to other strokes of golf. There are fairway shots that usually move in the air while putting the ball rolling along the green. You can say the fairway clubs are part of the golf swing while putting is like eye and hand, and of all, it is the feel. 

However, for the high handicappers to have the right shot with speed can be challenging. Practice can be helpful, but with the right putters, the game will be a lot improved.

The Putter can have an immense impact on the consistency of the game. That is why if you wish to improve the putting simply because you are a bad pouter or high handicapper, then listed are a few of the best putters of all time players that you can consider to improve your gameplay. 

They are trending because it is not just liked by the experts who have been playing across the club but also is the best for people who have been using short Putter for shaving off the right strokes.

best putter for bad putters
Best Putter for Bad Putters

Top 10 Putter for Bad Putters

1- Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter – Best Putters Of All Time

It is now time to take your performance to another level with this fantastic best Putter for bad putters that indeed is one of the kinds. Not just you buy the rest; severe other golfer’s needs can indeed be fulfilled with this Putter. It is one timeless edition that comes with the best of the features re-engineered with a white-hot face and has an insert for improving the feel, sound, and performance.

Another reason why these best putters on tour are the best option is wheel/ toe weight placed well enough with a shaft and neck hosel. This way, there is a good alignment with better accuracy maintained. It has been designed to make sure your performance requirement is met rightly.

These best mallet putters of all time come with a 3-degree loft along with a lie of 70 degrees. The pitter clubhead is made with laser milling, which promises good performance while consistency is maintained. It also comes with eye fit technology so that you can select the right shade for every putt.


  • This Putter has been designed for meeting all kind of meticulous performance requirement for the best golfers
  • The golf putter has been re-engineered with the insert of the white-hot that creates a better feel, sound, and the whole performance
  • There is also a cutting process that is made of laser milling. This way, the tight tolerance can be achieved for better performance
  • There is a contracting alignment that offers better accuracy while maintaining the consistency of the stroke
  • You can choose between the two grips, the standard one and the jumbo one, which is acceptable in tournaments and can offer a better boost to the putters
  • Insert face technology
  • EyeFit system
  • Better distance reading
  • Perfect Heel/toe weight balance
  • Better accuracy
  • There are some improvements needed

Final words:

This whole most forgiving Putter of all time can weigh around 343 grams and comes in extended versions like 33, 34, and 35 inches. There is also a perfect toe hang balance point and a crank hosel right for a better ball view. This can be the best option for bad putters.

2- Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter – Best Putters Of All Time Players

If you focus on this fantastic best Putter on tour for your next purchase, surely you will not be disappointed at all. This golf putter is made of top-notch quality that promises the best performance. Besides, it is one of the classy putters that you can see in the market today. It is one of those rare shafts that are available in composite or graphite sticks.

The head of the Putter is a mallet pattern and is quite heavy. This usually is good for the beginners for the right pendulum swing, which is required during the backstroke. Of course, this Putter doesn’t have the use of high-end materials at the face pallet and even in the interest behind the Putter’s face, but it actually can help beginners a scope to lean on how the right putting feel should be introduced.

This is one perfect introductory best putters of all-time players, meant for both left and right-handed players and a unisex model. It comes with an oversize site plate that can give your eye a better assurance for accuracy when you line up the putt.


  • This most forgiving Putter of all time has an offset hosel which can help the player get a better alignment while maintaining accuracy
  • Thanks to its consistent feel technology, the player can have a better smooth roll. This eventually reduces the skipping
  • This Putter has the line marking made, which offers easy alignment for the mallet clubhead and even the ball stroke squarely.
  • This Putter is an inexpensive option that would boost your confidence being a first-time player so you can enjoy a better putter feel.
  • This Putter comes with an additional weight which you may not see in other putters. This way, it helps the handicap golfers for better aiming too
  • This is one unique heavy Putter that weighs 380 grams so that you can enjoy a solid ball strike.
  • Perfect Balance
  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Feels Firm but Comfortable
  • Provides Shock Absorption
  • Very Good Value
  • The head is quite heavy

Final words:

Overall, this is one best mallet putters of all time you may want to consider in your next purchase if you are a beginner. Besides, it is relatively inexpensive in mallet-style Putter on which surely would improve your accuracy and alignment.

3- S7K Standing Putter – Best Putters On Tour

This is another extraordinary best putter for bad putters that you may consider for better alignment and improve accuracy. Whether you are a right-hand player or the left hand, you can make a choice accordingly. If you have noticed that are more than 80% of the Putter are missed out even before you begin with the strike. But with S7K, you can set the Putter behind the ball and check the alignment.

If you notice an instant misalignment, you still have control to correct it and then make a confident stroke. Other standing putters claim to stand, but there is still a struggle being noticed. But S7K has been finely tested to stand well on the slips and also in the light burden.

This most forgiving Putter of all time comes with built-in impact positioning. It is known for a good built-in done. Once the right alignment is maintained, you can place your hand on the grip and get a better stroke. There is no angle adjustment of the shaft too.


  • This stroke offers a great feel and a perfect balance roll. This way, the first-time player will have better confidence.
  • The grip is ultra-light, where there are transfer tons by the shaft for your hands. This would enhance the speed with reasonable control of the distance.
  • This Putter can practically swing itself and even roll the pure. You don’t have to miss any other easy put within 10 feet.
  • This Best Putter for Bad Putters has been designed by the expert and for the experts. It means you can enjoy a complicated 1-year warranty on manufacturing.
  • There is also a construction which is of superior quality backed with a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The best part of using such a putter is the ultra-low balance point; well, it offers better acceleration through the impact.
  • Shaft Is Angled Perfectly
  • Consistently Solid Putts
  • Easy to Square
  • Better Acceleration through Impact
  • Quite heavy over other putters

Final words:

This Putter is the best option for beginners and both for right and left-hand players. If you want to improve accuracy while maintaining the alignment, this is undoubtedly the right option.

4- Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #11 – Most Forgiving Putter Of All Time

Whether you are a first-time golf player or already an expert, by now, you are probably aware of the perks of playing this game. Well, it improves physical activities, and you stay active the most. Besides, it is better to enhance your game by improving your overall performance. You, of course, would not want to be just a beginner, and that is when you can consider the Cleveland option.

This Putter has been made with the orientation for dual hands. This way, every high handicapper can make the proper use of this Putter. Besides, different lengths are available for players who are of different heights.

This is one of the fantastic best putters on a tour that comes with a little precision face. This promises better shots too. Besides, the Putter also makes sure the golfers can integrate the constant roll in the shots. Not only this, the shot feel can enhance with no compromise to be made on the performance scale.


  • This is one such fine designed Putter for the left and right-handed orientation that make sure the golfer gets the perfect shot in no time
  • The Putter has also been designed with some different length of the shafts which includes 33, 34 and 35 inches offering for other height players
  • The use of speed optimized face technology makes sure the consistent distance one very putt is maintained that also includes the mishits
  • There is a pattern of diamond CNC which offers a soft feel along with a true roll that begins on line
  • The Putter is designed to form the 305 stainless steel material. That is why along with being durable, it enhances the performance too
  • The best face-balanced Putter has got a good feel which is enough without any need to overstep on the stroke touch
  • It has a well-optimized CG location by which the strategic weight redistribution can be done for better stability and feel.
  • Different shaft lengths inputter
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Durable
  • Deep click sound
  • Accurate shots
  • High performance
  • None

Final Words:

If you want to make the perfect choice amongst the golfing equipment, you should for a brand like Cleveland that offers guaranteed performance and top-notch quality. It has launched this fantastic best Putter of all-time players for high handicappers while outlining the soft feel.

5- Odyssey Red Shaft Hand Golf Putter – Best Scotty Cameron Putter

You must have seen so many different brands providing tough competition because of the quality putters they are designed for the bad putters. Talking of which, Odyssey Red Shaft Hand Golf Putter is one of them. Odyssey is one famous brand that offers huge choices amongst the golf club options that can match every player’s skill and preferences.

This Putter is for all those who are either beginner or high handicappers. It can come with all the best features that any beginner can ask for. Besides, it comes with a right and left-hand orientation, so it is best for a high handicapper.

This best Putter for bad putters comes in different sizes that can suit the height of every player. It comes with two grip options like the pistol and the oversized one designed for every player. Here is also a topping point with the best distribution of the weight for an optimized physical design.


  • This Putter is made with an unmatched role, and for this, the credit goes to the New Micro hinge Face Insert
  • There are so many color choices available for you. The traditional black with an alternative red is the trending one
  • It comes with the head shapes that are entirely proved for the better player price range
  • Thanks to the premium stroke with core counter technology, you can adjust the grip smartly
  • The Putter comes in different sizes like 33″, 34″, 35″ so that people of different age can play comfortably
  • This is one well-integrated Putter that has been designed for other styles such as ball flang, slant neck, and even the r-ball
  • For better grip, the Putter has been made with the pistol and the grip, which is quite oversized and caters to different preferences.
  • Dual Hand Orientation
  • Several Styles
  • Higher Performance
  • Accurate Strokes
  • Higher Distance Control
  • Control Over the Shots
  • Better Physical Outlook
  • The head is quite heavy

Final Words:

You may have tried different clubs so far in your life, but if you are looking forward to making the right strokes well then, a best face balanced putter is required, which of course, you can get with Odyssey Red Shaft Hand Golf Putter. If you can handle the heavy head, then this is the best choice to go with.

6- TaylorMade Spider Putters – Best Putter For Bad Putters

TaylorMade Spider Putters is a new generation Best Putter for Bad Putters and one of its kind that you can find in the market today. This Putter is said to be the modern mallet that comes with the constituent of multi-materials. It thus ensures better stability, high MOI, and even better rolling. This Putter comes with an aluminum core paired with a frame of stainless steel for better resistance.

Whether you can want to twist or ensure the face square remains the same as the path, this spider putter is the best one to choose. It comes with an insert that has been angled at 45A. This would increase the forward roll while improving the control of the distance. Besides, it has a single line of alignment that enhances the aim.

In case your preference is more bent towards high MOI well, then this is the right place since it is made of the aluminum core, which is light in weight. Besides, a PU foam vibration occurs within the frame and body for a better feel and sound.


  • Thanks to the SurlynA Pure Roll, which has been well inserted at the place of a 45-degree angle, it improves the forward role for better distance
  • The alignment is single while the shape is unique yet in square patter which is the ball squaring becomes easy
  • This Putter comes with a black finishing that reduces the glare, and also there is a headcover for better protection
  • It is now easy for you to monitor your practice while understanding the trends with the drills and valuable in signs
  • The hosel is small, which has even been choice of Jon Rahm and Jason day for those who have arch putting stroke
  • This Putter is designed with different styles like Tour Red Double Bend, Arc Red, Arc Silver, and no slight line, to name some
  • Three shaft lengths
  • Straight strokes are possible
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Multiple style options
  • Alignment in the shots
  • Two grip options
  • Blend of right speed and rotation
  • Pricey

Final Words:

There is no doubt that golf is one expensive gaming choice, and people only prefer nothing but the right Putter. Considering this very basic need, TaylorMade can be your best choice. Besides, it offers good quality and better strokes too.

7- TaylorMade 2018 TP Copper Putters – Best Face Balanced Putter

TaylorMade is one known brand from the beginning. It had even created the very first Metalwood in the year 1979. The company has made an establishment since then for the best performance-based golf clubs. Today if you see, it has now turned out to be the leading one in the industry and is known for the best of product innovations.

Talking about one such innovation is TP Black Copper Collection Putters. It is one perfect mallet-style Putter that comes with a wide range of color choices too. TaylorMade creates Soto and Juno styles of blade options for the Putter.

In this Putter, for the best grip and reasonable control, there are 2 10 grams of inserts put in the heel and even in the Putter’s toe. You can adjust the same so that strokes can be well matched. This way, forgiveness is maximized.


  • This is one of the exciting putters that grabbed more attention because of the color’s dramatic scheme.
  • You can find the stark alignment lining solution, which ensures that you can have the right alignment for the ball along with the control.
  • It may not have a solid red look, but it is quite dramatic and has a classy design that adds to the value since it makes a unique look.
  • A triple plating process makes it to the dark color and thus creates a rustic finishing.
  • This option is hand polished for leveling the accents of the copper with the edges. Besides, there are soles that you can adjust as per the weight of the head.
  • Thanks to the roll insert used in it, the player can perform optimally forward with a firm feel.
  • Ball rolls quickly
  • Beautiful design with copper finish
  • Super Stroke grip option
  • Innovative alignment looks
  • You can find better quality than this
  • The dramatic color scheme might be distracting

Final words:

Overall, this is one of the most acceptable options to consider. It is cost-friendly and best designed for the high handicappers and beginners who are yet to understand control and balls wing.

8- Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter – Best Blade Putters Of All Time

We all know that Callaway has bought the golfers with some of the best products in the market to date. Indeed, it has proved to be a tough competition for many big brands. Talking of which, the stroke lab putter is one of its examples. This Putter is designed in a unique way that distributes the weight and thus improves the stroke.

Thanks to its strike lab shifting, the stroke’s physical dynamics get improved to a great extent. Besides, the Putter has designed the top-heavy graphite, and there is also the sheet shaft. This way, it is possible to save up to 40 grams which are relocated on the pouter end for better dynamics performance.

You can adjust the same so that strokes can be well matched. The pouter’s design is made in such a manner that it can last for quite a long time. The grip usually comes with a substantial impact on the performance of the putting.


  • Thanks to the premium stroke with core counter technology, you can adjust the grip smartly
  • The shaft of the stroke lab is quite stiff and low if you compare it with the standard putter shaft that ensures better control
  • There is extra weight at the sole and also at the butt end, which provides a better grip
  • With the Putter’s dynamics being innovatively designed, the golfer can enjoy hitting accurate and smooth stroke
  • It creates a blend of hot feel along with micro hinges, which are well ended across the face
  • The graphite is extensively used in the shaft for hybrid, driver, iron, and wood
  • High-quality engineering
  • Balanced weighting
  • A large number of styles available
  • Oversized grips are not Supersized

Final words:

This is one leading Putter in the market. Once you purchase it, you shall experience the difference, especially with the high-quality construction. It comes with a wide range of options, right from traditional blade patterns to the mallet style.

9- Odyssey Works 2020 Putters – Best Left Handed Putters

We all know how trending odyssey has always been over some time now. If you are looking out for the best Putter being a beginner in this sport well, you must consider the 2020 Best Putter for Bad Putter’s option.

It is made of so many classic designs that indeed set a new benchmark. With the traditional method and some of the best features, you will undoubtedly not have any problem using this fantastic style-based Putter to improve your game.

This Putter has been designed for amateurs, pros, and high handicappers. It is one of the most comfortable and most friendly options you can buy. It has been re-engineered to improve the feel and also the sound. You will not, of course, ask for the better click during an impact once you explore this Putter.


  • There are two styles to make your choice from. The first one is the mallet, and the other one is the blade style. Depending on the two balls aliment, which is quite hard to miss, you can choose.
  • It comes with a roll that is unmatched and has the Micro hinge Face Insert so that you will not miss out on the hot at all.
  • There is a shape that is tour-proven. Besides, the mallet comes with a toe hang, so it is best for the new beginner.
  • Thanks to its all-black finishing, you can flaunt off this classic design putter amongst your friends.
  • This best Scotty Cameron putter comes with a headcover which is why you can enjoy better durability and less maintenance.
  • You can use the traditional super stroke grip for this Putter, which makes it the best option to choose
  • Multiple head styles
  • Micro-hinge face
  • Striking red color
  • Almost too many choices can be overwhelming

Final words:

Overprice, this may not fulfill your expectations, but being a beginner, it surely can be of great help to you. Make sure you try it well before you use it in the game to understand if it is convenient for you.

10- Wilson Staff Infinite Putter best putter for bad putters

Well, the staff of Wilson Infinite comes with different head shapes in a classic pattern. It also has counterbalance technology that offers better control on the putting stroke. Thanks to the Wilson brand, every Putter is named after the neighborhood, one of its attractions.

Talking further about the putter line, well, it comes with a dark yet matte finishing which reduces the accentuate and glare sightlines. There are almost seven head shapes in matte finishing; dark and even the styling that minimizes the glare simultaneously accentuate the sightlines.

This best Scotty Cameron putter is one of its kind because it uses the traditional design with modern styling. Whether you are a mid or high-handicapper, your control and accuracy for the ball hit will improve. Besides, what’s worth is the price you invest in because most of the putters are quite pricey, and this one is the cost-friendly option you can choose.


  • If you are looking out for the classic Putter for the beginners, then go for this one that has a dual milled face for better consistency
  • The Putter ensures better control on the distance and the rolling of the ball, so it loses the mishits
  • You can move the balance point quite close for smooth yet the management putting strokes
  • This Putter comes with the PVD finishing, which helps in reducing the glare at the same time accentuating the sightlines
  • There is an oversize design construction that offers a better feel and also restricts the rotation when the stroke happens
  • There is a vertical seam grip that has been made with a diameter that is quite large for a better feel.
  • Steel shaft material
  • Optimized performance
  • Accurate strokes
  • Enhanced feel
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Higher control over the strokes
  • None that we could find

Final words:

Thanks to game-improving technology and easy alignment, this is the best Putter that a mid-high handicapped or beginner can use. Besides, it comes with a fantastic price you cannot ignore.

Best Putter For Bad Putters – Buying Guide

Whether you are a beginner or a high handicapper, needless to say, that putting can be one daunting experience. But suppose you have seen and noted that old Putter was never that helpful and hence want to look for the right one to improve your putting game. In that case, it is time to buy the best Putter designed for the high handicapper and beginners; along with the options mentioned above, you can follow the buying guide stated further to make a practical choice.

Know the Types of Putters

When the putters are designed, the weight and shape balance plays a vital role in modern putter design. There are some designs of the Putter that also focuses on compensating the oddities in your putting stroke.

Different types of putters can match your natural putting stroke and thus improve the game. Listed are a few to understand.

  • Blade

Such a putter has been in the market for quite some time now. It is rectangular and comes with a shaft that is extended from the putter heel. If we focus on the putter toe well, it comes with an upward angle, or there is also the same. The diseased is best for the golf players who have a straight putting swing pat.

  • Heel/Toe stroke

This type of best left-handed Putter comes with an additional weight either at the rectangular putter end. This is also said to be a better version of the blade-style Putter. It comes with the weight redistribution that can keep the online Putter in a much better manner.

Besides, this type of Putter can either add the weight or removing the same to the pouter. It lets the golfer for adjusting the heel weight to make sure the swing path matches.

  • Mallet

Lastly, this is another trending pattern which is mostly the choice of the professional players too. It has been made with a design for creating the low gravity center—this way, the spin is reduced when you shall have the off-center ball strike.

There are different shapes of mallet putters that you can come across. It comes with squash and even a rounded back look.

Features to consider

  • Design of the head

There are different putter design aspects that you must explore, but the head is the important one. It boosts your convenience and can work for the play style. Some putters come with high head shapes and don’t work for all.

The style and performance of every Putter can vary. But what matters the most is which option you choose that is comfortable and has a good head design. Keep in mind that not every line of the hand comes with the site lines.

  • Faces and Inserts on Putters

With technology improvement in the bounds and leaps, the putter face’s inserts are a fine example. Some manufacturers come up with the best range of inserts, and every onset is made with specific characteristics.

It has a groove design and is usually used on different faces of the Putter. It is the action and the feel that you must choose for the right putting style, which would boost your confidence.

  • Shaft weight and design

The length and weight of the shaft shall work in a blend. And that is why it is important that you get the right balances. If there is a slight reduction in the length of the shaft on the Putter for a long time, it will cause no harm. Besides, the design of the post is essential too.

The offset shaft will be beneficial for the high handicappers and beginners for better accuracy and control. Besides, it also makes sure your hand stays beyond the ball, and thus, you have complete control over the game.

What to look for/How to buy

There are some Best blade putters of all time that come with a toe balance. Some come with a face balance. If you play more arc-style put with an open face, you shall go for the option of toe balance. But if you prefer playing straight for the pin, then you shall go for the face-balanced Putter.

When you come across specific options, you, of course, will get confused amongst the choices. That is why, if you are wondering how the purchase should rightly be made, here are few things.

  • Balance Point

Some putters come with a toe balance. Some come with a face balance. If you play more arc-style put with an open face, you shall go for the option of toe balance. But if you prefer playing straight for the pin, then you shall go for the face-balanced Putter.

  • Putter matching the stroke type

You need to focus on buying the pouter which can match the stroke type. Once you have understood the right stroke type that suits your performance, you can know whether toe balance is the worth option or face balanced.

  • Focus on the length

The Putter should also be chosen depending on the length. Some putters come with the size of 33 to 34 inches, which women usually use. Men typically prefer 35 inches of the Putter. You can alter them quickly so that it becomes easy for you to use the Putter.

  • Weight

Along with the length, focus on the weight of the Putter too. There is such an exact specification of the same, but yes, it can hamper your game quality. If you are comfortable playing with the heavyweight head, you can go ahead with it.

  • Lie angle

The putter lie angle can be precious for you. Select the one who lies rightly. If you are quite tall, then it has to be the upright one. But if you have a short height, then look for the lie angle, which is relatively flat.

These are just some of the buying guidance. It is, however, better to speak with some expert who can help you crack the right Putter, which is easy to handle and can improve your accuracy. Look for the product comparison to get the right Putter.

best putter for bad putters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of putters is usually preferred by the expert?

Usually, experts like Rory Maclloroy or best Scotty Cameron putter have used the Putter prototype called TaylorMade Spider. It is one efficient option that is known for improving accuracy.

Q. On the POGA tour, which is the famous Putter being used?

Usually, it is the mallet putters that have earned the name in the PGA tours. However, there is also some classic blade putter that are the Best blade putters of all time.

Q. Is grip that important, or using the same hold for putting, which was used for tee shots and iron is fine?

The purpose of grip is for the golf swing from the tee box or the fairway to create the availability when you put. That is why with good putting, at least the variables get eliminated when you are on the green.

Q. In a game, how can putters be allowed to be bought?

As per the USGA, players are allowed to get a maximum of their 14 clubs in the bad. There is no restriction on the type. This means you get complete freedom from selecting any kind of variation. If, to be precise for the question, it can be one or two also till the time you are not going beyond the limitations.

Q. Which Putter is worth?

There are so many myths you may come across about the types of best left-handed putters. For an excellent putter to work with the system, you need to use the one which can improve accuracy and give better control; if you go for the expensive one, well, they are just for the show, but for some, it is like the magic wands. In short, it is as per your convenience and comfort.

Q. Can you legally use the double-sided Putter?

If you are talking about the official tournament well, the two-way Putter will not be allowed. According to the U.S. golf rules set by the United States Golf Association, one club with a single striking face is permitted.

Q. What exactly is the long Putter and the belly putter?

The belly putter is a temporary fix, while the long Best blade putters of all time can be a nightmare when it comes to handling the long putters while breaking them on the slope. It takes ample time to make yourself perfect in it. But if you are a pro player who has been a part of many tournaments, then he can easily sue such putters in the form of a crutch.

Q. Can beginners use heavy putters?

Well, such putters come with a slow swing and have quite a good rhythm. This is the right choice for senior golf and for those who often don’t know the proper technique for putting.

Q. Which Putter can High Handicappers use?

There is already a list of options mentioned. However, other than this, you need to work on the way you read the green, which is quite necessary as compared to whichever Putter that you have thought of earlier. 

Q. Is it possible to alter the shaft length?

Usually, the length of the stock shaft is sufficient for the users. It is whoever quite usually to have the size of the shaft customized so that the club can be used comfortably. The group usually allows for adjusting the shaft length to 225mm (9 in.).

Q. How can the SmartPutter help me?

Using the SmartPutter can let you understand the lineup and green for your shot in a much natural manner. Besides, the club’s grip and the action of the stroke would eliminate any wrist action in the putt.


Now that you have the complete guidance and best of the pitter’s choices ready with you, it is time that you make a practical choice. Take your time. Don’t rush to make any kind of harsh decision. Usually, for high handicappers and beginners, the best Putter will be quite heavy than the tour putters. This way, the alignment becomes easy and convenient. Besides, the mallet head best left-handed putters are quite forgiving. 

It would help in assisting the desired movement of the pendulum, which often is quite complicated. But as you swing such putters, you will see how your confidence is boosted. Price, of course, should be your criteria, and being a beginner, it is better to go or the cheaper one.

But the key to success is practice. The more you practice in different types, be it the head and toe, mallet, or the blade, the better you shall have the clarity on the other best-designed options and are suitable for you.

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