Best Face Balanced Putter

Top 10 Best Face Balanced Putter in 2022

Playing golf is certainly not easy. It requires passion and dedication, but of all, you need the right clubs to get that hot. So many golfers even are quite natural; when it comes to hitting the shot wide straight.

Some would require assistance. In this case, it is the face-balanced Putter that can be of great help. These best face-balanced putters of all time ensure a clean shot is hit. This way, when you swing with the target line and make a ball roll pretty great, then you shall have a straight shot. 

Now that we are talking about the balanced face putter and this seems to be quite an interesting one to buy, this article can surely help you purchase the right one.

Before we move on to buy a quality face-balanced putter, you first need to understand what exactly the face-balanced Putter is. This is one of the best putters’ faces that point towards the sky as you shall be resting it on the finder. This is exactly the opposite of that of the toe-balanced Putter.

In the balanced Putter, the putter face at the toe points down as you shall be resting it on the finder. The face-balanced Putter’s primary advance is that the face will not open more the way back and even close as much with the contact. It is suitable for people who are not that great with a straight outing stroke.

Weekend golfers don’t have much of the art to put the stroke. That is the main reason why the face-balanced blade putter shall have a good shot on the green. If you get the Putter straight back and then straight through then, it would roll quite straighter.

If you have been struggling with such hits, then certainly, you are at the right place. Follow some of the top-notch performing face-balanced putters of this year.

Best Face Balanced Putter
Best Face Balanced Putter

Top 10 Face Balanced Putters

1- Odyssey Works 2020 Putters – Best Face Balanced Putters Of All Time

Odyssey Works 2020 Putters is one of the best options that you can consider for your next purchase, like TaylorMade face-balanced putters. This face balanced Putter has got everything to make on the top of the buying list and not just for one reason but many reasons.

First, it has been designed considering the requirement of the beginner and average golfer’s needs in mind. It also contributes to creating an excellent forward roll in each stroke.

You may wonder why this roll does matter important; well, it is directly associated with holding the putts slightly. Thanks to its latest micro hinge technology, it is possible to get the roll forward. It comes with two components that are blended well together for better performance and a good feel.

The installation of the hinges in the plate of the Micro hinge comes with the flexing tasks. There is also a rebounding that you shall notice during an impact. This way, a topspin is created, and the golf balling rolls quite faster.


  • These best face balanced putters of all time have the versa alignment, which promises that you can hit the ball straight, rolling forward without any hassle.
  • The design is made so that you get to the putt, and there is a proper alignment that can be maintained.
  • In the case of the toe side, well, the hang is relatively moderate, as you shall expect for a better shot during the performance
  • You will be able to make arcs when it comes to putting the stroke without paying additional effort.
  • It has been designed with the all-black finishing that is derived from the Tour feedback for the classy look
  • The mallets and the shapes, along with toe hang, are well proved and quite right too.
  • You will fall in love with the current Putter’s swings since the weight, feel, and balance are just found with easy alignment.
  • There is an unmatched roll
  • Micro Hinge face
  • High-end red finishing
  • Soft, well-balanced feel
  • None so far

Final words:

Overall, this is one acceptable option you may want to consider for the next purchase because it is a perfect blend of quality and pricing. It comes with a unique component called the thermoplastic elastomer inner lathering, giving you a better feel during an impact.

2- TaylorMade Copper #3 Hosel Spider X Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter is one fine example of the professional face balanced Putter. If you compare it with a regular golf putter, well, this one is quite different. Rather it is not even a tour driver putter. It comes for the win, which surely you should not miss out on. With great pricing and outstanding quality, performance is rest assured.

This Putter comes with an alignment line on the head. This face-balanced blade putter has got something eye-catching, which you may not find in the tour driver putters at all. It comes in different colors such as solid red, great and black color. Considering the weight, well, it has a good balance, which makes it the best choice for the straight shot.

Spidex X is the revolutionary example for getting better stability at an optimal level while maintaining alignment. It has been re-engineered with better properties of the head. You can also come across the new engineered True Path alignment system, which is quite impressive.


  • One of the reasons why it is not said the tour putter is ammonium. It is quite dependable and sturdy.
  • This Putter comes with a good feel and has an excellent sound on the impact. It is known for better use and flexibility for the golfer.
  • There are a True Path Alignment System and the re-engineering of the head’s mass properties in this series of the Putter for better stability with alignment.
  • As compared to other putters, this one comes with a head in steel framing, which is around 30% heavy and reduces the twisting.
  • The new accurate path alignment system shall help visualize the target line, which is intended for better accuracy of the Putter.
  • Talking about the design, well, it improves the mass’s properties while ensuring stability using the frame that weighs 320g with quite a perimeter weighing.
  • Great for hitting straight
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Better accuracy
  • Incredible speed control for long distances
  • Not a tour-grade putter.

Final Words:

Overall, this is one fine Putter that you can come across. With less flexibility at the backswing, it allows the Putter to finish off always and quickly with a clean shot. However, it is not the best face-balanced putter of all time for those who prefer the stroke in an arced manner.

3- TaylorMade #3 Hosel Spider X – Face Balanced Blade Putter

If you have been searching for the perfect blend of the balance and feel, look nowhere else because TaylorMade Navy/White#3 Hosel Spider X can surely fulfill your expectations like TaylorMade face-balanced putters. TaylorMade is one of the best brands for efficient putters, and with this type of Putter, you can get an exemplary configuration. 

There are color schemes with the finishing’s fine, which makes it the best option to buy. To have a better feel and grip along with a good weight, this Putter is the best option to purchase. Besides, it has been designed with the latest technology that defines in taking off the pressure.

The Putter also ensures a perfect balance is maintained from the right to the center. This could genuinely be the game changer from mid to high handicapper players as well. Besides, it is one perfectly weight and well alignment putter which gives a smooth feel during an impact.


  • This Putter gives a good alignment and better consistency feels too. If you are a new player, you will take few stokes to get adjusted to it.
  • During the hit, it is the feel and a good swing weight that is important. With this Putter, at least while hitting the ball, you will be more confident.
  • This Putter comes with a revolutionized technology that offers better alignment and good stability.
  • It has a head that has been redesigned using steel framing. This framing is 20% heavy as compared to reduce twisting.
  • There is a new true path alignment system that helps visualize the target line, which is quite intended for better putting accuracy.
  • Thanks to the weight ports which are redesigned, there is a personalization of stability and feel that you can experience
  • Increased Stability
  • New True Path Alignment System
  • Forward roll technology
  • Strong and thick insert
  • Maintains Proper Distance
  • For new learners, it would take time

Final words:

If you compare it with other putters, well, this can prove to be a game-changer for you; it comes with a high MOI due to its metal weight. In case you prefer lessening down the putting game using a sturdy putter, this is the right option to choose.

4- Odyssey Red Shaft Hand 2018 Putters – Best Face Balanced Putters

Odyssey Red Shaft Hand 2018 Putters is another trending option in the market today. It has been driven by extensive feedback that staffers have provided. It comes with the best of the payer’s test, which is why, if you have noticed, it is simple in the look, quite clean, and comes with ample test models with the finishing in red color for the classy design.

Talking further about the design, well, it has been made with the micro hinge technology. Specific prototypes were set while creating the Putter. That is why, if you have noticed, the color of the head has made more interest, and indeed it is the choice of most of the players.

This Putter comes with good quality and you, of course will get used to it as you start playing. This is one high-quality Putter that will take time for you to get adjusted to it, but you will be in love with it once you are ready. This is a fantastic face balanced Putter that comes with a good headcover and unique weight too.


  • While you perform the putting well, there is a right impact balance and feel. It is incredibly accurate and consistent too
  • These best face balanced putters of all time, which is easy for the experts and beginners also who prefer a lineup of the putt
  • This Putter comes with an unmatched rolling, and the credit for the same goes to the new micro hinge face insert
  • There are different solo choices, and the most trending one is the alterative red and the traditional black
  • It has a proven head shape, which is why most of the player profiles who have a wide range would find this a perfect support
  • This super-premium stroke comes with no taper and has the counter core technology with an adjustable grip too.
  • Maintains Proper Distance
  • Mid-Sized Grip Is Available
  • Tour-Driven
  • Increased Stability
  • No-Taper Counter Core Is Accurate
  • Efficient MicroHinge Face Insert
  • The grip is smaller than mid-sized.

Final words:

If a price is not a problem and your focus is simply to get more improved shots while enjoying the feel during an impact, this is the right Putterputter you need to choose. It ensures the balanced of the head and a good alignment for the ball during an effect is well maintained.

5- Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters is one fine example of the perfect face balanced Putter that can be bought. It comes with a unique new technology of weight distribution. This is eventually led by the new Stroke Lab shaft that improves the stroke’s physical dynamics.

There is a steel and graphite shaft that is capable of saving around 40 grams. It can be relocated into every end of the Putter and even change the dynamics performance without any problem. The Stroke Lab shaft is quite stiff and comes with a low tower, which is you compare with the standard one can offer better control at the slightly heavy head site.

This ping face balanced Putter comes with an additional weight insole, and also, there is a butt end of the grip that changes the dynamics of the Putter. Thus, at least the golfer can maintain the stroke, which is smoother and accurate.


  • The Stroke Lab matches all the well-established Putter and is quite challenging because of its creative ideas that offer better performance.
  • This Putter comes with a distribution of weight that promises the improvement of the stroke’s physical dynamic.
  • The Putter design is made in such a manner that you can have better choices such as seven, double-wide, Tuttle, 2 ball fang, and V-Line CS.
  • Focusing on the better grip, well, this is one fine choice of pistol grip or even the oversized gripping. Both of them are quite large as compared to the standard one.
  • This face balanced blade putter is on the firm side and what makes it different from the rest is the solid that comes off the face.
  • This Putter is quite similar to that of the spider one. The balance and weight are stable, while the grip is quite good.
  • This new balanced Putter is quite intricate graphite with a steel shaft design that offers a better feel and accuracy during an impact.
  • Gives You More Control Courtesy
  • Intricate Graphite
  • Heavier Head End on The Shaft
  • Lower Level of Total Torque
  • Steel Shaft Design
  • Cheaper than the Spider
  • The stock grip is good
  • Some players may take some time to get used to
  • It’s not quite as soft as the Spider.
  • Some variations of this new shaft are quite pricy.

Final words:

This is one legendary Putter that has a blend of white-hot feel. The macro hinges in dozens that are well embedded across the face ensure the topspin is promoted for better roll and good control on the distance.

6- TaylorMade Prior Generation Spider PuttersTaylormade Face Balanced Putters

TaylorMade is one known brand that has been in the market since 1979, which started with the first metal wood creation. Since then, there was no looking back for the company, and post its development; it built a legacy to break from the tradition and reaching out for the performance thresholds. One such fine example of its creation is TaylorMade Prior Generation Spider Putters or TaylorMade face-balanced putters.

This is one of the classy putters of all time, most preferred and designed for women. If you are looking for a reliable brand, then indeed, TaylorMade is the best option to choose. This Putter is best for men and has been designed with the orientation of the dual hand. It ensures there is a good utilization for all out there.

This Putter comes in 35 and 34 inches, respectively. It makes sure there is a perfect angle and shot that is set. There are so many styles that are named after, and even the shaft is best suited for beginners or those who are finding the straight shot with the face balanced putter a bit challenging. The body in chrome material enhances the club’s outlook on the golf course.


  • TaylorMade Prior Generation Spider Putters is known to offer a tour-proven performance with its smooth cornering and no sightline at all.
  • The putter face is well balanced, which is why people who have a straight back and through while putting the stroke can find it convenient.
  • In terms of orientation, it has been made for left and right-handed players so that all kinds of beginners can use it.
  • The Putter is designed with an aluminum insert. That is why you get a good head click and a great feel.
  • This Putter has the weight presenting done around the extremities. This enhances the inertia moment with better stability.
  • This is a tour version with the offset plumber neck and double bending S shape.
  • Better Forward Roll across the Face
  • Improved Stability
  • Seamless Top Crown
  • Standard Shaft Style
  • Higher Moment of Inertia
  • Consistent Alignment
  • Dual Hand Orientation
  • Vibrations Will Be Dampened
  • The grip isn’t sturdy enough

Final words:

TaylorMade from generation has worked effortlessly to give you the best technology-based equipment for golf games. The Putter design is quite reliable, and enhance it is quite a classy option to flaunt amongst other players.

7- Pinemeadow Men’s Right-Hand PGX SL Putter – Best Face Balanced Putters

Pinemeadow Men’s Right-Hand PGX SL Putter is another fantastic product that you should not be ignoring. This one comes with a premier alignment solution so that you would be able to sink in more outs. A topline ensures the eye would be right on the target because better putts from all distances become responsible.

This Putter is made for all those beginners and causal folders also the professional ones who want to enhance their shots with accuracy. It is a durable yet practical option that comes with a headcover too. You also get a face interest that is quite properly aligned.

This is one efficient face-balanced Putter that is steady when it comes to usability. It ensures that the distance which you are aiming for gets covered conveniently. If you want to replace the old Putter with the new one, you must go for this option.


  • These ping-face balanced putters are quite precise. That is why; you can rest assured that shots will not be missed while you get the right alignment.
  • There is only fee adjustment which this Putter makes in your alignment lining of the angle. But the difference can be huge, and of course, from a game improvement perspective.
  • There is a plumber neck hosel on the Putter. It is designed in an offset manner so that you get better help in the alignment.
  • Thanks to the green and black gripping, you can conveniently carry the Putter. This Putter is an efficient option for the right path that you can set from the beginning.
  • This Putter is made with fiber layers and manufactured with polyurethane, which is why you get a strong feeling.
  • This face balanced blade putter is exceptionally comfortable and a fantastic shock absorption solution you can ever choose.
  • Added Weight Improves the Feel
  • Improve Vision Clarity
  • The Headcover Is Durable
  • Excellent Alignment
  • Plumber Neck Hosel Is Well-Angled
  • Consistency
  • None so far

Final words:

If you want to improve your game while enhancing your golf equipment style and performance, then this is the right option you choose. It is a perfect face balanced Putter with which you can spend the maximum of your time.

8- Ray Cook SR500 Silver Putter 

Ray Cook SR500 Silver Putter comes with many benefits that a player can enjoy. This is one classic-looking Putter with unique features that you cannot ignore. There are white and red highlights that you get with this Putter, which is quite appealing. It comes with the premium face-balanced concept so that the golfer’s play will be significantly improved.

There is a heavy head, which ensures better stability. The best part is the accuracy of the stroke, which you can enjoy. You don’t even have to get the pouter feeling in hand. This is one perfect face-balanced Putter that you can have for better performance.

Talking about the grip, well, this is one that comes with mid-size gripping. The feel is excellent, and it is super affordable too. The moment you golf it in your green, you will find it too light in weight. The grip has padding, which comments on the other design also.


  • This Putter is the answer for your entire shots problem, which is now upgraded with better styling and fine finishing.
  • Talking about the design, well, it is black and has the finest finishing with white and red detailing.
  • This is one super amazing yet eye-appealing Putter that has even won more than 200 PGA events with some of the major championships.
  • This Putter has premium casting, which has accurately been balanced and even tours weighted. This way, you get a better feel and good putting consistency.
  • This Putter comes with 3 lofts and a 70o degree lie angle for a better shot. Besides, it has the double bending full-shaft offset.
  • The putter face is well balanced, which is why people who have a straight back and through while putting the stroke can find it convenient.
  • It Improves Putting Significantly.
  • The Mid-Sized Grip Is Comfortable.
  • Affordable
  • Solid Design
  • Accurate
  • The finishing wears off quickly.

Final words:

This is one fantastic Putter that you can buy. It is an excellent replacement for the putters at the entry-level, which you were already tired of using. Overall, it comes reliable yet the most comfortable Putter that offers consistent control.

9- CĀG 34FIVE MD Right-Handed Putter

Although over the past few years the leading brands have surprised us with bets quality of Putter but CĀG 34FIVE MD Right-Handed Putter indeed proved its ability. It is now a tough competition to many other putters that so far are trending in the market. It comes with a different thinking line with a refined approach that is needed in a putting.

This ping face balanced Putter has a patent, yet the new pending style with the SVA sightline comes with a better setup for the alignment. There is also a sweet spot that is quite milled and offers the accurate, engineered precision that has been made with a lateral grieving design.

This Putter ensures there is a forward roll made during the impact. This style of Putter has a geometric profile that stretches the CG located, which provides better rolling and a good perimeter weighting for the forgiveness, which is enhanced during the whole putting stroke.


  • This Putter comes with a mid-mallet pattern and has a well-divided weight away from the gravity center.
  • You get an excellent measurable MOI, which is why there is a better scope for forgiveness and an accurate shot from all the distances.
  • With this Putter, you get better stability and control. The best part is the design, which makes sure you can have great precision throughout your golf putt
  • Thanks to the use of SVA technology, the accuracy of the Putter can enhance your overall game with eth precision on putting the alignment aid
  • There is a CG location that you get with this Putter. It is best for the improves dispersion and rolling and also good accuracy on the long putts of the golf
  • The shaft is the stainless-steel material and has dual bending staples, which are why the right balance is maintained with less distraction
  • Comfortable Feel
  • Improved Forgiveness
  • Better Distance Control
  • Enhance Setup
  • Minimal Distraction.
  • Precision
  • Enhance Your Golf Experience
  • Not a tour-grade putter.

Final words:

Overall, this is one classic mid-mallet Putter that has been designed for casual and professional players who are beginners as well. This Putter comes with a high MOI, which is why your shots will be more accurate and more comfortable to hit on.

10- Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

This is an amazing quality of Putter that has been trending in the market for some time now. This Putter comes with the finishing in white, which is why it stands out to be the best, especially when you address it in the green. So far, it has already been giving tough competition to the other brand’s pouter.

Moving further, since the color of the Putter contracts the green, you will at least focus on the alignment lines better. This makes sure your Putter is at the target from the beginning. There is a 380g of the additional 40g weight on this Putter, which is why it is the tour weighted one, which is best durable for better greens.

With this Putter, at least you can have a forward spinning ball more smoothly. Besides, there is also a better impact with the less skid, so you get better stability in-game of your putting. Pine meadow is one well-known brand that has been trending for some time already, and with this Putter, it gained even more popularity.


  • The Putter is designed with an integrated neck hosel, which ensures the shots are accurate. Besides, there is also an exceptional shock absorption that dampens the whole shot vibration.
  • The Putter ensures that vision is much clear and improved so that your aim is enhanced and you can shoot without much stress.
  • This Putter comes with a headcover, which you are strongly advised to use so that the white finishing of it will stay protected against starches and dings.
  • The Putter gives the best balance with a useful alignment tool. Thanks to its quality design, it can teach the balance within the shots.
  • The Putter is well integrated with the tool of alignment. That is why when it comes to shot alignment, this Putter is advised.
  • The grip has been designed with the expectable quality of fiber layers, and the path polyurethane material for better and more firms feel optimization.
  • Balanced shots
  • Headcover is included
  • Improved feel
  • Alignment in the shots
  • Better grip
  • Smooth roll
  • Exceptional shock absorption
  • No shot skipping
  • None that we could line out

Final words:

Whether it is the control or the stability you are looking forward to, this Putter is the most amazing one. It comes with some premium features with top-notch performance. This brand has designed the Putter, which makes sure your shot quality is nowhere compromised at all.

Best Face Balanced Putter

Best Face Balanced Putter – Buying Guide

Even if the above choices are the best ones, if you still want to explore some more of the options, it is better to clarify. You must have better clarity on the putter technology, which is now reaching new heights like TaylorMade face-balanced putters.

Along with elevating your golf skills, it would also make sure all kinds of stress the green is taken off while you save the shot. For better understating on the putter technology, here are a few buying guidelines that you may want to follow:

Know the types

Putters are divided into two types. The first one is the face balanced putter, and the one is the tower-balanced Putter. Both have significant features that make them different from one another. Understanding the types would make your further job simpler.

  • Face balanced Putter

This type of pouter is usually seen in the direction of the Putter’s face, pointing upward. The putter head is usually facing when the shaft is balancing the finger. This kind of Putter has a gravity center below the axis.

This is one reason why it is less flexible, especially when it comes to the backswing. There is also more compression that you can notice when there is a follow-through. This type of Putter is best for golfers who tend to have a straight stroke.

  • A Toe-Balanced Putter

The name itself suggests its pattern. The face of the Putter, in this case, is in the downward direction, which we can say is more inclined towards the ground. You need to hold the shaft similarly while you balance the shaft on the finger.

To make the gravity center should not be made too below the axis as you do it for the face balanced Putter. It is flexible and best for the players who have a curved arc in the play.

Suppose you compare both of them well. Most of the putters either fall not exactly in either of them but somewhere in between. If you are a beginner, then it is better to choose the face-balanced Putter for consistency.

Factors to consider 

  • Head

While considering the right face-balanced Putter, you need to choose between the mallet and the blade pouter. Both of them are the style of the Putter’s head. In the face-balanced Putter, the head has to offer better forgiveness for a straight and smooth shot.

As the roll makes sure the right balance of the weight is maintained, things can be followed accordingly. Beginners can choose the blade putter since it is entirely accurate, while the mallet one offers better stability.

  • Length

The length of the ping faces balanced putters that need to be chosen entirely depends on the golfing skills, ideal posture that is maintained, and the stroke path too. These are some of the factors that hamper the putter length.

But the most common length is 32 to 36 inches, while the longest one so far is 50 inches. You must select the one that is best for your stance that you can understand during your practice.

  • Weight

While choosing the right face balanced Putter, you must focus on the center of gravity that usually is evenly balanced. This way, when the Putter opens during the backswing and later closes smoothly, the whole process is easy.

Such configuration matches the face balanced Putter quite well while it elevates the performance of the golfer who requires straight strokes. The weight of the head depends on the surface that you play on.

If the heads are heavy, they are best for slow green surface while the lighter one is best for fast spend. The standard weight, however, should be 350 to 600 grams.

What to look for 

You may want to keep in mind some essential things while focusing on different models before making the final decision.

  • Material

This is important too because if you don’t find material durable, your investment will go in vain. Look for the steel face, which usually is used for the milled Putter or the insert putter. It is your choice, but the quality should contribute ion better performance and not be a hurdle.

  • Size

Putter size is also essential, which usually ranges from 33 to 35 inches. There might be size variation on an average when it comes to face balanced Putter. However, all the sizes are contingent on whether the Putter is left or right, which needs to be selected for the task.

  • Alignment

As you start looking out for the pouter, proper alignment is essential to choose the comfortable one and easily line up at the aim. If the alignment is not correct, it could lead to some of the misses either on the right or left side of the table.

This could add the strokes on the sources. Alignment is all about you aiming well at the target. If the alignment is not right, it can create a miss on the Putter’s sweet spot.

How to Buy a good face Balanced putter

  • Do a good research

The very first thing that you need to do is exploring different options. There may be so many golf terms that you may have seen, such as toe hang, offset, and even mallets or blade style. It all depends on your golfing need to match your stroke well, be it the straight back or arcing.

  • Know what Nice looks like

You might want to understand that by choosing a putter to follow, the face of judging a book with its cover can be used. You can be a beginning or a professional player but can only perform 30 putts per round. This means you need to improve your reputation.

Well, in this case, it is the looks that can help you. You can come across the one that can line up nicely without any difficulty. In this case, along with the line, consider shape and size as well.

  • Overall feel

Once you hold the Putter, at least, it should give you a better feel. If your home play has the fast green or played on the fast greens, you must go for the light Putter. The ball will not come off quite as hit with the light Putter.

  • Cost

The Putter’s value is usually at an average price of $249.99, while for some models, it may range from $179.00 to $474.85. usually, the models that you come across in the market may vary with two figures. It is entirely your call as per the budget that you have set.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Who is the right player that needs to use Putter?

Usually, beginner golfers know how challenging it becomes in the future when it comes to hitting a straight stroke. In the case of using the face-balanced Putter, it is best for those who regularly face such a problem. With the face-balanced option, the player gets better control of the game while movement ease enhances.

2- Which stroke is best suitable for the Putter?

Well, if we specifically take about the face balanced Putter, you need to have better control. That is why aim for the slight curve, which is quite a natural one. If you put the stroke which is more than 4 degrees and angling it on a more open stroke, you can use the face-balanced option to get it back in the straight line.

3- Which is the right length of the Putter?

As per the research made so far, the average putter length usually a PGA tour [payer uses is 33.5 inches. However, some putters are also available in 34 and 35 inches.

4- Which Putter is best for the high handicapper?

It entirely depends on the style of the putting stroke that a player makes. The Putter, which is quite sturdy to keep them straight during the outing strike, so the ball gets hit exactly on the line, is best for the high handicappers.

5- Why is alignment so much important?

You need to check the alignment when you are buying a new putter because every player is different, and so is their alignment strategy. If you want to enjoy the Putter, then you need to align in the right manner.

6- Is it essential for women to have different putters?

Not Really! Because putting is used for the short game. You don’t need the high swing speed to get the ball right in the hole. That is why women don’t need different putters. Instead, they can use a similar club and play the match, which is equal too.

7- Can face-balanced golf be the better?

If you always go for the straight back, it is the straightforward method that works the best. That is when the balanced golf putter could be the right choice. If your stroke works in the slightest arc, then you can think of the Putter that comes with the middle toe.

8- What could be the best use of a face-balanced Putter?

Since the putter clubface opens and closes for quite some time during the putting stroke, such putter type is best suited for the golfer who uses straight back and even throughput strokes. Usually, golfers prefer a clubface that opens and closes when there is a hit and must see the balanced Putter.

9- What should be the right design of the head?

Talking about the head design, well, it is entirely the choice of the player. The Putter is available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose between the blade and mallet head without or with lines.

10- What should be the right price for the putters to be considered?

You can consider the golf putters that may fall in the price range between $100 to $400. You need to understand that budget may create problems, but there are some better choices at a price of around $100.


Whether you are a pro or just an amateur, understand that the best face-balanced putter is the best deal to buy for now. There are so many desirable features of it besides; it is budget-friendly too. You can always consider such face-balanced putters that are professional, rich, and unique with a perfect blend of modern and classic styling.

A good face balanced putter is the one that would improve your game. If you want a better stability level, balance, and alignment with precision, you can always consider the face-balanced Putter option.

The models that are given in the list are, of course shortlisted for the best reasons. You can rest assured that your goal with such options will be achieved, and there will be a significant improvement in your gameplay too. You may decide on choosing the best face balanced Putter and then look at the difference in your game.

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