Best Center Shafted Putters

Top 6 Best Center Shafted Putters in 2022

While focusing on the golf swing where there is not much of the variation a golfer can notice. Be it the wing, a grip, or the follow-through, they are quite the same as one other irrespective of the golfer. But when you consider the pouter well, the golfer needs to have a different grip, stance, and swing.

This would make sure the aim does not go wrong anywhere at all. There are so many golf club manufacturers in today’s market who demand different types of putters to be created.

Well, with this, it means the difference in the length of the shaft and design of the head too. One of the features that most golfers usually have started embracing is called the Center Shafter putter on which we shall be exploring more today.

Centre shafted putters like Mizuno center shafted putters improve the balance as the shaft is within the Center at the clubhead. Also, people prefer opting for the center shaft putter because of its easy alignment of the putter.

This way, the face of the putter is square while addressing. Although there are so many choices that you may come across amongst the Center shafted pitters but to make sure yours stand out to be the best, you need to do extra homework.

Be it is the performance, material, or value. Some putters have proved competition to many other brands. Here is the list of the best Center shafted putters trending in the market today.

Best Center Shafted Putters
Best center shafted putters.

Top 6 Center Shafted Putters

1- Silver Ray SR500 Putter by Ray Cook – Best Center Shafted Putters

Ray cook has always been quite known for making the best of the putters for quite some time now. Talking of which SR500 is the blend of technology and innovation that you can find in any club. It is also popular because of the style and the unique look managed for the counterbalanced tines.

Like the best Scotty Cameron putter, most of the putters are usually square in style over the tines, if you have noticed. But this one, well, is quite smooth and slight in the curve, which is why it looks amazing.

Another reason why this putter should be considered in your next purchase, like the TaylorMade center shaft putter, is the balance that you get. Yes! This pouter has been designed with amazing technology that the whole stroke of the putter is unmatched.

To make the rolling better in terms of consistency, the company has created the putter with a grooved face. This eventually offers better toping and that too on mishits.

If we focus more on the color, well, this putter has got a classy style and great design. You can get it with its high contrasting white and black color blend, which is applied at the bottom and top of the putter SR500. This way, it becomes convenient for the golfer to align the ball compared to the point job, which used to be done traditionally.


  • The putter is available in different sizes but with great styling of the regular pistol. You can find it in lengths of 34 and 35 inches, respectively.
  • There are a striking black finishing and even the highlight of the white and red detailing. You can find the design quite eye appealing.
  • The group is just amazing. You can feel it the moment you hold the putter. It has been made with a midsize grip for better convenience.
  • This is one of the most improved putters by the ray cook that you may want to consider. Besides, it has been tour weighted precisely.
  • You can look at its perfect balance for the good striking, which is why you get not just a soft feel but also a better consistency.
  • Focusing on the design of the head, well, it is a little weighted. This way, the fluid stroke is improved. Besides, you also get a headcover, which makes it the best putter for bad putters .
  • Unique Design
  • Several Styles
  • Easy Alignment
  • Balanced Fang Design
  • Consistent Roll
  • Contrast Colors
  • There is a ping sound during an impact

Final words:

Considering the price and the design, well, this is the perfect addition similar to Mizuno center shafted putters you can have in your golf bag. This putter gives amazing looks with an unmatched balance and is price friendly too.

2- Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #11 – Center Shaft Putter

Every golfer in today’s market is aware of Cleveland. It is one of the finest companies that has been making the topmost golf clubs and selling at great prices. If we focus on the putter’s collection that Cleveland offers well, it is a simple yet effective design that gives great swing. Talking about the SOFT Putter #11, well, it is one of them with better consistent roll

This best putter for bad putters has been designed for replicating the classic balance design of the classic fang counter. This is the main reason what makes it stand out as unique amongst the rest. Besides, it comes with a speed-optimized face. That is why you can enjoy a good roll even on the mishit or when there is an uncertain shot.

For increasing the top’s spin and even the roll inconsistent manner, you can certainly choose Cleveland. It has created the texture of this putter in a diamond putter on the face. Since the texture is all over the face, you can even notice the high density, which you can find in the clubface center.


  • You can notice better stability and balance in this putter while there are long shots that are more enhanced.
  • Every putter has been designed in the form of a grip, which is a mid-sized one and is standard for use.
  • It has been well designed with the technology called a speed-optimized face. Due to this, there is a consistency of the distance on the putt even during the mishits.
  • There is a pattern of the diamond CNC milling. It comes with grooves that are quite deep and offers the soft feel using the proper roll that begins online.
  • Thanks to the CG location, which is well optimized by distributing the strategic weight, well you get a better feel and stability for straight putts.
  • There are different shapes of the putter, which are 6 tours proven and any golfer would prefer.
  • Speed Optimized Face
  • CG Position
  • Clean Looks
  • Great Roll
  • Diamond Milled Texture
  • Unbeatable Balance
  • Price is quite high
  • The head is Large & Heavy

Final words:

If you agree to invest quite a high amount for this putter like the best Scotty Cameron putter, well, it will not disappoint you, but yes, it has a similar Ping center shaft for less price. In terms of quality and usage, well, it is one of the best investments to make.

3- Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Infinite Golf Putter – Best Scotty Cameron Putter

Wilson golf has been in the market for more than 100 years now. It has been known for designing and manufacturing some of the recreation golf equipment all across the globe. The staff irons have even won more than 50 championships and is said to be the leading brand in history till now. The winning tradition is continuing to date, and now it has come up with the infinite Golf Putter to make the whole game more enjoyable.

The line of the putter comes with the seven head shapes that are in the dark. Besides, there is also a matte finishing that helps in reducing the accentuate sightline and glare too. Thanks to its counterbalanced technology, you get better control over the putting stroke. Besides, there are seven head shapes available in the finishing of matte dark, which reduces the glare and the sightlines.

The pouter is similar to Mizuno center shafted putters comes with a head shape that is multiple and classic. It is known to offer refined detailing and has the best technology for many controlled strokes. Thanks to its innovation made by the company’s headquarters based in Chicago, you will be able to even enjoy the mishits and longer strokes.


  • If we talk about the face, well, it has been designed with the dual milled face. This offers quite a consistent impact. Besides, there is also distance and roll control.
  • Thanks to its counterbalanced technology, it is now possible to move the balance point close to hand.
  • There is also the finishing of ultra-dark PVD, which promises to reduce the glare while accentuating sightlines.
  • You can notice better stability and balance in this putter while there are long shots that are more enhanced.
  • Focusing on the construction, well, it is the oversize design and has a stable feel, limiting the rotation you make during the stroke.
  • This is one of the most improved putters by the ray cook that you may want to consider. Besides, it has been tour weighted precisely.
  • Speed Optimized Face
  • Great Roll
  • Unbeatable Balance
  • Clean Looks
  • Easy Alignment
  • Unique Design
  • The head is heavy

Final words:

Overall, this putter is one of the finest best putters under 100, designed by Wilson golf, which is why there is no scope for disappointment. It is best suitable for pro players, but initially, you may take a little time to adjust if you are a beginner.

4- TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter – Best Putter Under 100

So far, TaylorMade has never been disappointed when it comes to providing the golf clubs’ best at great pricing. It has been in the market for quite some time now, and needless to say, the golfers enjoy using the parts and equipment designed by TaylorMade. Talking of which Truss Center Shaft Putter is one such perfect example of their creation.

The Truss’s TaylorMade center shaft putter is quite of a blade pattern rather than the mallet styling. Besides, that is the best thing about this putter, and it is extremely adjustable too. This club comes with a design that offers better sound. Besides, it has an insert of cobalt blue pure roll that makes the sound better and feels good. In terms of styling, there is no doubt that Taylor Made has done an amazing job.

The truss putter has a shaft that comes with two points of connection on the clubhead. This makes it quite connected as compared to before. The connection happens within the club center, which is why it is the ideal option for those searching for such a club type.


  • In terms of stability and balance, this entire shafted putter is the best option that offers stability at the beginning of the new level itself.
  • Thanks to its two points of connection instead of one, there is an increase in the classically styled putter’s stability.
  • This new hosel of the Truss comes with a new design that improves the stiffness and grip for a better swing.
  • Thanks to the sole weights that are completely adjustable, you can play the match while there is also a gravity personalization center.
  • There is a KBS stainless Stability Shaft. Basically, it is a new chrome CT touring putter shaft that weighs 120 grams and has been designed for less deflection.
  • Just like other brands that are in the market, even Truss is quite a new one in the market today. It has adjustable head weights for fine-tuning the golf club.
  • Very stable design
  • Brand new technology
  • More of a blade putter
  • Suitable for the straight back straight
  • Quite pricey
  • Not of best use if you prefer mallet putter

Final words:

A truss is quite new in the market and certainly a tough and best putter under 100 competition to many options too. This is the finest model a golfer can buy for creating some better hits for the best fit of the stroke that too with style.

5- Silver Two Bar Mallet Putter by Rife Golf – Best Putter For Bad Putters

Rife golf has been in the market since 1996, and since then, it has been manfiacvtri8ng some of the best quality golf equipment, which is the choice of the expert players. You may have even seen the weekend warrior and even the intermediate golfers using the clubs designed by Rife golf. Besides, the Silver Two Bar Mallet Putter by Rife Golf is one cost-friendly option you choose.

It is quite a loved center shafted putter that has been designed with the latest technology. Besides, a rich charcoal grey finishing gives this putter more of a chick style. Thanks to its polished finishing, it can last for a long time, and you can play with a smoother feel.

The putter style, like TaylorMade center shaft putter, is the same as that of the Spider Putter, designed by TaylorMade. However, in terms of prices, it, of course, is a lot more cheap option. It has a head that is quite large but stables enough to give a consistent rolling on the ball. Besides, there are also the alignment features that improve the accuracy for a better hot.


  • This putter is made of a soft midsize paddle styling grip. That is why, when you use it, you shall experience comfort.
  • It is effortless to use because it has a better alignment feature that improves the accuracy so that you can hit your line right.
  • The head of the putter has been designed in quite a weighted manner, because of which you can experience a fluid and smooth stroke.
  • Like the SR400 model, the pouter will not be the best left-handed putter but is versatile enough to be used for a long time.
  • The best team with good experience and great design is one premium equipment design with innovative methods.
  • The face-balanced putter is quite convenient to work with, which will improve the shot’s accuracy.
  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Stable head
  • Popular choice
  • Soft midsize paddle-style grip
  • Useful alignment features
  • Improve accuracy
  • Face balanced
  • Versatile
  • No option for left-handed players

Final words:

This is one of the finest ranges of golf clubs. Best blade putters of all time you can shortlist for improving your strokes and accuracy. It has been made with the forgive technology face, making it one of the most demanding putters amongst the players.

6- Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter. – Best Face Balanced Putter

See more brings you another classic design of the blade, which has the FGP black mallet putter’s mallet pattern. See more is already a winner of 2 huge championships and is known to design each of the clubs with precision. Talking about the FGP black putter, well, it comes with a 303 stainless steelhead. The faces are milled with precision and are the extremely best option to use.

Thanks to the latest innovation being made with the current use of technology, Seemore can be the best choice for expert players. The patented RifeScoipe technology alignment solution is what makes this putter one of its kind. You can consider this one perfect mallet for those who prefer either the small mallet or the blades.

In case of alignment, stay rest assured because of the RST solution like best Scotty Cameron putter being used. Besides, the functionality is unique, and the design is amazing too. It has been the choice of many expert players as the best center shafted putter with more of a professional look.


  • Thanks to the upgraded counterbalanced technology, this putter premises better balance to be done that too in a smothering manner
  • In terms of design, well the look is quite professional while the design is unique with the medium toe hanging up to 45 degrees.
  • The dual milled face solution ensures the impact remains consistent. Besides, there is better control on the distance and roll too.
  • This putter has been designed for face balancing during an impact. This means the pouter face tendency is square when there is an impact to be happening.
  • The model is designed with anti-glare finishing, so it ensures the sightlines stay improved while the glares are actively reduced.
  • The construction is a bit oversized, which is why you can have the putter feel being study yet the stable one when you stroke.
  • Double milled face
  • Counterbalanced technology
  • Comfortable grip
  • Affordable option
  • Classic, dark matte finish
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Offers stability
  • Meant only to be the best left-handed putters

Final words:

Overall, this is the finest option best putter under 100 that you can consider since it is a comfortable choice because of the grips with a unique pattern. Besides, the design is made of the putter so that the overall feel during the impact is smooth.

Best Center Shafted Putters – Buying Guide

Well, with the above Best blade putters of all time, surely you will not have much problem making the right choice. But it is quite obvious that you would want to explore some better options as well. That is why given below is the buying guide that can make your job a lot simpler.

But make sure whenever you shortlist the options, you first compare them, check out their reviews, speak with friends who have used them before, and then come up with the one that matches your requirement and budget.

Factors to consider

  • Moment of Inertia (MOI)

It does not matter whether you are purchasing the best putter for bad putters for the beginner or the pro player; to look for a good MOI is important. It helps in measuring how much the object has the ability to resist the twisting motion.

The objects that come with a good MOI will be quite difficult to move as they are resistant to twisting. To reduce the distance loss, it is important that twisting is less, too, so MOI needs to be high.

  • Balance

There are putters like tow balanced and the face balanced which you can find in the market today. The face-balanced putters are usually faced upward when the shaft is trying to balance on the finger. The gravity center lies below the axis of the shaft.

According to the expert, such putters are best for beginners who tend to make a straight stroke. In opting for the toe-balanced putters, there is a toe point on the ground when the shaft is balancing on the finger. This is best for the players who usually have the arc in the stroke. 

  • Shaft 

This kind of putter is best to be chosen if it is made from steel material. Of course, the study and superior construction with a consistent feel are what make this shaft one of its kind. Besides, the hosel is the location where the shaft and the head of the putter collide.

The shaft putter with the heel pattern or the center shaft putter or the hosel offset is quite common. The golf putters are usually on sale that comes in different lengths and types of the shaft. You need to consider your playing pattern and needs when you plan to choose the right putter.

What to look for when choosing a putter?

  • Simplicity

Look for simplicity because, after all, that is the most important thing during a stroke. There are center shaft putters that offer an easy stroke since you don’t have to think much about within the path. The setup is simple, and if you have the confidence to point and then shoot, then it is better not to have the fancy but the simple center putter.

  • Confidence

For the right-center shaft, the putter needs to get the feel with just simple stroking the ball with the best left-handed putter back that will give a good roll. If you go for the grip, which is lightweight, it shall then move the putter’s balance point close to the hands.

This would eventually create a good inertia moment, and you shall have much stability when you put the stroke. So, look for the one that can give you better confidence when you hit that ball.

  • Loft maintenance

Some Center shafted putters can be set up easily for the players who have a neutral hand location. This way, it can help to maintain the right loft needed during an impact. But if you prefer to go for the hands forward at address and have ample of the forward press, you may not get much of the dynamic loft during the impact with the center shafted putter. This Best blade putter of all time can result in the driving ball in the ground, which eventually would make the ball quite bouncy when skid phasing.

  • Alignment

In terms of alignment, you need to look for the shaft that inserts directly behind the fact that would eventually give more of an unobstructed view of the entire player’s face that responds well to such alignment.

You need to ensure that model has either the face balanced or slightly down. Those golfers who usually take the set up with eyes within the ball may find it difficult to use the Center, shafted putter.

How to choose a good Putter?

  • Face

You may have to consider the fact that your pouter shall have. Well, it entirely depends on the feel which you expect. Besides, it also depends on the ball that you usually play with and the greens speed at which your game is usually being played.

You are advised to try different blends of the putter face and the ball to come to a decision. There are also the traditional metal-faced putters and groove-faced putters that you may come acorns.

  • Material

The putter face material is important too. But it entirely depends on the feel that you usually choose to have. If you consider the traditional one, well, they are made of steel. Some other metals are used, such as bronze, aluminum, and brass, and zinc, to name some.

You can even consider the face of the metal, which the beginners can use for the sound produced during the impact can be used as the strike feedback.

  • Special features

There are many clubs in your bag, of course, but when it comes to choosing a putter well, it comes with different options of available grips. This includes the flat edge too. 

Some brands give different sizes and diameters for better confidence and comfort, which you can enjoy on the greens. If the putter has a thick group, it may not give that feel, which you shall expect since the vibration may frequently come off the shaft, which will get dampened along the way.

Type of putters

Since you are looking out for the Center shafted putters, the above-stated options are the best choice. But do you know there are some other types of putters as well that are available in the market? If you are not aware, then let us have a look at them.

Remember, when you look for a Center shafted putter, usually there are mallet head designs that you can see.

  • Blade Putters

Such a type of putter is quite traditional in design. Usually, players prefer using such a putter when the shaft is located at the club heel. Considering the center shaft, the blade pattern may not perform well even if it is within the Center.

  • Mallet Putters

This head design is quite creative. Even companies at the time of manufacturing add some style to it. This is the main reason why for the center shafted putter, such an option is preferred. It is all known as the nontraditional head.

Besides, the head style of the mallet has a better look and feel. In case of the weight, well, the shaft is, of course, within the Center.

  • A face-balanced putter

This option is quite popular and usually has the toe and heel weight in the same amount itself.

  • Half-Mallets

Also known to be the mid-mallet, it is known to offer better balance within the mallet’s forgiveness and even the procession of the blade putter. Such an option is quite big compared to the blade but small compared to the regular mallet.

Best Center Shafted Putters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can a center shaft putter be helpful?

There are so many advantages of using the best face-balanced putter, and of all, basically, it is best for the player since it contributes to the game improvement. This type of putter helps to give the player a good stroke and that too with stability.

Q. Is Center Shafted Putter Better?

There is no doubt that a Center shafted putter is the best option for the people who only require it and not for everyone. If you prefer swinging the clubs straight back and then through them, you will find this putter the best option.

Q. What Does Putter Offset Do?

The focus of an offset putter is to make sure the player’s hands stay right in front of the ball. If the hand gets behind the ball, the putter’s face angle during the impact may not angle properly.

Basically, the offset works as a reminder, and some players also prefer such a feeling. Golfers at different levels have the ability to create such a feeling by pressing their hand forward at the address.

Q. What is a Center Shafted Putters?

The Center Shafted putter is more like a putter that connects to the head and not more on the heel where you may usually find but towards the head center. Often, it will be in favor of the heel side, but the chances are scarce. Such putters are known to have their niche and steadily grows too.

Q. What Is A Face Balanced Putter?

This putter comes in the same weight amount on the heel as you notice it on the toe. You can find the Center shafted putters, which are also said to be the face-balanced putters.

Q. For whom is the Centre shafted putter made?

If you have been struggling with directional; consistency, it is better to think of the face-balanced putter option, especially if you are not getting the typical push. Golfers who tend to keep their eyes above the ball can get an advantage from such a designed putter.

Q. Is the Center shafted putters really helpful?

It can improve the game to a great extent, but only if you have a certain putting style and form that needs to be changed. Those players who have used such putters realized that using it needs a straight-through and backstroke only.

Q. What is the purpose of Center Shafted Putter Do?

A Centre shafted putter is the best thing a golfer can use for similar functioning like any other putter. If you wish to golf or a short slow and stroking to get the golf ball in the hole from the shortest distance, you can always go for the Center shafted putter.

It entirely depends on the way you sue such a putter and whether it actually matches your need. You can say the Center shafted putter functioning gives better support to the golfer who has the straight back and through.

Q. What is the difference between Center Shafted Putters and Heel Shafted Putters?

As the name suggests, the Center shafted putter comes with an insert position in the Center, while the Heel shafted putters have the shaft attached at the end of the heel or close to the clubhead heel.

Center, a shafted putter, is the best face-balanced putter for the SBST golfers, whereas the heel-shafted Putters are best suited for those who have a bit of arc when they try to put a stroke.

Q. Is it legal to use Center Shafted Putters?

There is no legality concern associated with Center shafted putters. Rather they are legal across the globe right after the United States Golf Association made a standard golf rule dating back to 1951.

Q. Does the Center Shafted Putters offer better balance?

Many center shafted putters have a balanced face. But that does not mean all of them are balanced. Rather the center shafted putters are the face that is well balanced to have the equivalent weight amount in the heel and toe head.

Q. Which is the right Center Shafted Putter Covers to be used?

If you want to use your Center Shafted Putter for quite some time, it is wise to spend money buying its cover. This can be quite challenging for the golfers since most of the covers are designed for the putters that are heel-shafted ones. It is that is why wise to custom made Center shafted putter covers.

Final thoughts:

Well, from the above post, you by far must have got a clear idea of which options are the best ones to choose and which you can actually help you improve the stroke if you have been playing golf for quite some time now, then probably you know the value of center shafted putters.

Of course, it can be quite an efficient option for the straight-through and straight back for putting the stroke. There are so many disabled and low players who prefer to go for such an option to improve their short game.

With the careful best face-balanced putter review made, it should not be much of a hassle to you to choose the right center, shafted putter. But on the safer side, it is also good to speak with experts or friends who already have such putter and get their advice on the same.

Look for the one which gives good adjustability, amazing quality, and incredible feel with a good sound that will not disappoint you for ample seasons that you play.

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