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Master the Art: How to Use a Belly Putter Effectively for Improved Golfing Performance

A belly putter is a tool for golfers keen to strengthen their putting game. Its special design and technique give players a new way to score those crucial shots on the green. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of using a belly putter, plus helpful tips.

Using a belly putter involves a distinct stance and grip. By attaching it to your midsection, you can create more stability and control during your stroke. This may feel strange at first, but with practice, it can boost your accuracy and reliability on the putting green.

It’s important to pick the right length for your body. You need a custom fit that provides a comfortable and effective stroke. Get help from a professional fitter or golf instructor to pick the optimal length for your height and posture.

The use of belly putters became popular recently due to success stories on professional tours. Golfers like Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley won major tournaments with this technique, which created interest among amateur players worldwide. So, manufacturers started offering a variety of options to meet different needs.

What is a belly putter?

A belly putter is a unique golf club, longer than a regular putter, usually between 39 and 43 inches. It’s designed to be anchored against the golfer’s stomach. This type of putter offers more stability and control when putting.

Benefits include:

  • Increased stability during the putting stroke.
  • Maintaining a pendulum-like motion.
  • Reducing excessive wrist action.
  • Improved consistency and accuracy on the green.

Additionally, a belly putter requires anchoring the butt end of the club against the golfer’s body. This reduces unnecessary movement in the hands and wrists, resulting in a smoother stroke.

It can be especially helpful for those with shaky hands or nerves on the green. The extra stability from anchoring the club can give you confidence and better performance.

Some professional golfers have had success using a belly putter. For example, Keegan Bradley won the PGA Championship in 2011 while using a belly putter, sparking debate on whether it should be allowed in tournaments.

The use of belly putters is a contested topic among golfers and governing bodies. Some say it gives an unfair advantage, while others think it’s just another tool that can be used to improve the game. Ultimately, it’s up to individual preference and tournament regulations.

Plus, using a belly putter is a great excuse to constantly adjust your waistline without judgment!

Benefits of using a belly putter

A belly putter can offer plenty of benefits to golfers. It provides better stability and control when putting. The longer length allows for anchoring against the body, reducing hand and wrist movement. This helps you make more consistent and accurate putts.

It also promotes smoother swing tempo. With the longer shaft, it encourages a slower, rhythmic motion. This stops jerky movements that can ruin your shot. Plus, it keeps you better aligned and avoids the yips.

With a belly putter, you can boost your confidence on the greens. The stability and control will give you assurance, which can have a major effect on your performance and bring down your scores.

You can join pro golfers like Bernhard Langer and Adam Scott, who have benefited from using a belly putter. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your putting skills. Get enhanced stability, control, tempo, and confidence on the green. Plus, your beer belly gets a second career!

Step-by-step guide on how to use a belly putter

A belly putter can be your secret weapon to a better putting game. Here is a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Grip & Stance: Put your left hand underneath the right (for right-handed golfers). Place the handle against your stomach. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and line them up with the target line.
  2. Pendulum Motion: Focus on a pendulum-like motion throughout your stroke. Grip the putter with both hands and swing it back and forth, with your shoulders as the pivot point. This will give you consistency and control.
  3. Length Adjustment: Belly putters come in different sizes, so find one that fits your height and posture. Choose one long enough to comfortably anchor the grip against your stomach.

Practicing often with the belly putter can boost your putting skills. Anchoring the putter against your stomach helps reduce wrist movement, leading to improved accuracy and control. To get the most from your belly putter, try these tips:

  1. Different Grips: Recommended grips are helpful, but everyone has personal preferences. Try out different styles to find the one that works best for you.
  2. Alignment: Proper alignment is essential for accurate putting. Make sure your body and the club face are both parallel to the target line before making your stroke.
  3. Consistent Tempo: Find an even tempo. Practice a consistent backswing-to-follow-through ratio to get smooth and repeatable strokes.

Follow these steps and suggestions to unlock the power of the belly putter and improve your putting game. Have fun!

Tips and techniques for improving putting with a belly putter

Improve your putting with a belly putter by mastering certain tips and techniques. Here are three key points:

  1. Stability: This putter gives you stability during the stroke. To make use of this, keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and weight evenly distributed.
  2. Grip: A proper grip is essential for accurate putting. Experiment with different grip styles to see which gives you better control and consistency.
  3. Pendulum Motion: Imagine the putter as a swinging pendulum and focus on smooth, rhythmical strokes. Don’t move jerkily or overcompensate, as this disrupts accuracy.

Practice and patience are essential for becoming a better putter. Spend time refining your technique on the putting green and gaining confidence.

Don’t miss the chance to get better at putting with a belly putter. With dedication and practice, these tips and techniques will help you succeed on the green.


The belly putter could be a game-changer for golfers wanting to improve their putting. Its design and technique could boost accuracy and stability on the greens. Its longer shaft allows for an anchored stance, giving better control of the stroke. This can help create a smooth pendulum-like motion, resulting in more consistent putts.

Mastering the belly putter takes practice and patience. Find the right length for your body type and putting style. Try different grip variations to find what feels most secure in your hands. Aim to create a consistent and repeatable stroke to increase chances of sinking putts.

The belly putter has been successful on the professional circuit too. Adam Scott rose to prominence after switching in 2011. His putting performance improved and he won multiple tournaments, including the Masters Tournament in 2013.

If you’re struggling on the greens or want to enhance your performance, consider the belly putter. With guidance and practice, it could be an invaluable tool in your arsenal, helping you sink pressure-packed putts with confidence and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on How to Use a Belly Putter:

1. What is a belly putter?

A belly putter is a type of golf putter that is longer than a standard putter and is anchored against the golfer’s abdomen. It is designed to help improve stability and consistency in putting strokes.

2. How do I grip a belly putter?

To grip a belly putter, extend your lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers) slightly down the shaft. Your trailing hand (right hand for right-handed golfers) should then grip the club above your lead hand, forming a longer grip. Experiment with different grip styles to find what feels comfortable and natural for you.

3. Where should I position the ball when using a belly putter?

The ball should be positioned slightly forward of the center of your stance when using a belly putter. This allows you to strike the ball with a slightly ascending stroke, helping to produce a smooth roll and avoid skidding.

4. How should I align my body when using a belly putter?

When using a belly putter, align your body and feet parallel to the target line. Keep your weight evenly distributed and maintain a relaxed posture throughout your stroke.

5. What is the ideal stroke for using a belly putter?

The ideal stroke with a belly putter is a smooth and pendulum-like motion. Use your shoulders and arms to control the stroke, while keeping your hands and wrists quiet. Practice maintaining a consistent tempo and rhythm for better accuracy.

6. Are there any rules or regulations regarding the use of belly putters?

Yes, there have been rule changes regarding belly putters in professional golf. As of 2016, anchoring the club against your body is no longer allowed in official competitions. However, belly putters can still be used with a traditional grip, without anchoring, for recreational or non-official play.

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