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10 Best Golf Irons For Women in 2022 [Updated]

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We don’t deny the fact that women have been oppressed for a long time. This is because there was a time when women were asked to stay indoors. They weren’t allowed to gain higher education because their sole “considered” function was to cook food, raise kids, and take care of the homes. But you must have witnessed a change in this notion.

This is because, in this modern world, women hold equity and empowerment. Women are liberalized to ensure they are getting the education that helps them gain better career opportunities and lead a good life, as they want to. With this being said, women are standing equal to men, be it in professional careers or the sports fields.

When it comes down to sports, women are winning the tournaments and championships more than the men. Well, we aren’t adding the notion of feminism, but there is nothing wrong with accepting that women are making leaps and bounds in every possible field of life. In the same vein, women are working the corporate jobs and making their own empires. 

Well, things can get a little rough, given the double responsibilities on women, since they have to focus on work as well as the home chores. Some women like to have a spa day to relax their tensed muscles, but some are into the sporty activities. For all the women who want to enjoy their me-time in the best way possible, playing golf is an apt choice.

When you’ve to play golf, you need to understand that you can always play the shots as long as you have the right tools. This is the prime reason that women are seen in the golf course, and they have been dominating the play with the eccentric performance and precise golf shots. However, there are different types of women golfers in the market.

For instance, there are beginner golfers, some women have higher swing speeds, and some of them want to move their clubheads at high speed. If we look at stats, most of the golf championships are played and won by women golfer, and the winning percentage is only increasing, given the increasing trend of playing golf in women.

best golf iron for woeman

The huge credit of this success also implies to the golf club manufacturing companies. This is because they have designed the special golf irons for women. These specialized women’s golf irons are perfect for helping women make the right strokes and shots. These irons are surely adding visible changes in the women’s golfing games and shot quality.

However, before you get all empowered and the golf club, it is better to select the perfect and best golf irons for women. This will be a wise decision and will amp up the game. To help all the aspiring lady golfers out there, we have outlined these options for you. All the irons in this article are tested to ensure zero compromises on the performance, along with betterment and improvement in the shots. So, let’s have a look and enjoy the amazing shots and leave all those haters in awe!

1.   Callaway golf Rouge X golf irons – Golf Irons For Women

Callaway designs the best golf irons for women globally, and this product claimed that these irons are the greatest ones the company ever designed. These irons are the best irons for every women player of golf, especially those playing every day in golf for different shots and strokes.

In these clubs, you have plenty of choices, such as choosing the hybrids or flex, and even the material of the shaft can be selected according to the preference. Moreover, these irons work out perfectly for left-handed players. Additionally, there is also a choice between right-handed and left-handed iron sets.

The clubs have amazing features, including the 360 face cup with variable face thickness, which provides a great and fast speed of the ball. It expands the clubhead, which increases the speed and helps you in getting good swing speed. The deep and workable rim are surrounding releases and flexes at impact.

If you are a player who just started playing golf or struggling with swing speed, these irons maximize the forgiveness they offer. The noticeable thing about these clubs is that they give longer distances and quick speeds. One downside is the extra vibration which arises the unpleasant feelings.


  • Tungsten weighting: This feature provides optimal control over the shots you hit on the golf course. Moreover, it gives the right and accurate flight to your ball of golf in the sky over the greens.
  • Urethane microspheres: The clubs with this feature will provide you with the perfect feel during the game. It is all done without compromising the speed of the ball and COR in the golf course.
  • 360 face-cup and VFT: This amazing feature gives great and fast speed to the golf ball over the club’s large face area. With this, you can play more accurately and correctly in the course.
  • Great lofts: the company gives you strong lofts with a combination of lightweight and long lengths. It is created to help the players in getting the maximum distance in the game over the greens.
  • High forgiveness
  • Thin clubface
  • Great distances
  • Perfect on impact
  • Worth-buying
  • Popular brand
  • Not for mid-handicappers
  • Extreme vibration when swung

Final words:

If you want to enhance your golf game with highly pro-style irons, then these irons are worth-investing. They give you the increased forgiveness, which ensures to enhance your speed and accuracy in the game. You can easily attain birdies with these irons, which was never that easy before in a golf game.

2.   MAZEL single length golf irons – best ladies irons

Whether you are a professional or beginner golf player, these irons are created for every type of golfer. The single-length range of women’s golf irons is specially created to lessen the sports’ complexity regarding women and men. It is a concept, and that’s why both can use this iron freely and easily.

The golf irons for women with single lengths give the golfers a consistent, steady feel while playing in the course. They also help the players in getting the easy swing to the golf ball in the air. The clubs are made with stainless steel material and have a big sweet spot that gives the right forgiveness and accuracy.

A low center of gravity is required for the ball to fly straighter and longer in the air with a safe landing in the course and the MAZEL Company knows it very well. These clubs are designed with low CG, which helps you hit the right shot with great flight and landing over the greens at great speed, respectively.

The company knows how to make their customers happy as they give the rubber grip in the irons, which is non-slippery and absorbs the shock. This will save your game from any kind of trouble while you play in the course. These unique and amazing features make these irons worth buying for golfers.


  • Low COG: If you are a professional player, you know that; lower the COG, longer & straighten the ball flight you get. So you can do the right hitting with great speed with these clubs.
  • Graphite shafts: These irons are provided with 100% graphite material-made shafts that give you the same weight of swing every time. It also provides a compatible feel for every shot you hit. 
  • One-piece tech: These clubs are made with one-piece technology, which provides the more précised shapes of irons and gives a great performance and premium feel to the golfers.
  • One-length: the thin style of these irons makes you play more easily by giving you the compatible and cozy feel in the course whenever you take irons in your hands and start playing.
  • Repeatable swing
  • Great for women players
  • Lightweight
  • High-performance
  • Rubber grip
  • Non-slippery
  • Soak up shocks
  • Some irons are rough.

Final words:

These irons are one of the best irons for women as they provide additional features which are perfect for women golfers. The shafts of these irons are very lightweight that work amazingly for women players in the course. Moreover, it will enhance your game, and you will see the visible changes surely.

3.   Callaway Golf Big Bertha golf irons – best women’s game improvement irons

This model is the latest version of the company’s golf irons, and they will perfectly suit you if you want an aerial set of women’s golf irons in your bag. These irons come up with a combo of face cup and jailbreak, specially designed to provide high speeds whenever you hit the golf ball in the air with your iron.

It features some amazing things which contain an option-fit hosel that is adjustable and shorter too. The irons come in a huge range of lofts from 3H at 18 degrees up to 8H at 33 degrees which is an amazing addition. The iron has a liberal head size, which is more like a fairway wood than the hybrid.

The big bertha irons provide you the best feel and sound once you play with them. Their enhanced performance and features give real joy to the players when they hit the golf ball with these irons. The huge headspace will help you launch your ball higher in the sky over the greens with high speed.

Some people like the dark finish of these irons, but some golfers not like this but despite this, these irons are the best performers in the course. The women like the black color finish, so if you want to get them for both design and performance, then these are the best ladies’ golf irons.


  • Jailbreak tech: This technology uses the two inside bars that make the body strong to place more impact on the face. It gives you the fast speeds and long distances of the golf ball in the game.
  • Hyperspeed face cup: The face of these irons is made up of ultra-thin and excessively fast steel. It promotes high speed over long distances, either on off-center or center hits.
  • Opti-feel Hosel: These irons are the one which is the combination of adjustability and jailbreak with the lighter and shorter hosel system. It optimizes the CG for the comfy launch of the ball.
  • Progressive shaping: The innovative shape of iron’s head has attractive and forgiving features, which prove to be an amazing set of irons for women, especially on the golf course.
  • Latest technologies
  • Lighter hosel system
  • Great adjustability
  • High performance
  • Appealing design
  • Premium feel
  • Highest speeds
  • A little bit pricy

Final words:

If you are looking forward to a set of irons with a great combo of design and performance, then these irons are the one for you. The appealing finish with high forgiveness is the main thing required by women in golf, and these irons have all of that in a dark look with unique features.

4.   Callaway Steelhead XR Golf Irons – best women’s irons 2021

The company came back with the steelhead in the market manufactured with the latest technologies contains modern features and performance. These irons proved to be the best women’s irons, especially for the high-handicappers, as they give the most forgiving irons in an affordable price range in the industry than others.

The reviews of these irons all over the golf world are amazing and satisfying. These irons are regarded as one of the longest irons ever made or used in the game. The irons superbly carry the distance specifically. Having these irons in your golf bag enables you to control your ball precisely and consistently in the air.

The XR Irons are the extremely forgiving irons as it has a big sweet spot which enhances your performance if you are struggling with hitting shots in the sky. One disadvantage with high forgiveness is that it reduces the irons’ workability, which means that the shot shaping is not easy.

Despite all other factors, these irons are the best and easy to use for beginners on the golf course. The reason behind this is that the irons are very friendly to the slow swing players. They can easily take you out from trouble lies. With these irons, you will have no problems in tackling the bunkers and light rough.


  • Face cup tech: it has the next generation technology of 360 face cups from Callaway. This feature maximizes the golf ball’s speed all over the face of iron, which further increases the complete distance.
  • Steel infused: The soft urethane steel infuser is placed in the back of the face lower position. It enhances the performance by absorbing the unpleasant vibrations whenever you hit the ball in the course.
  • Hollow hosel system: this type of design of the irons saves the definite weight placed in the strategic places in the head of iron to provide high forgiveness and the ball’s easy flight.
  • Continuous COG: With these irons, you can launch your ball in the air with safe landing over the greens in a very easy way. It gives you complete control over every type of iron in the set due to COG.
  • Carry long distances
  • Excessively forgiving
  • Easy to hit in any lie
  • Cool looks
  • Great playability
  • Premium performance
  • Affordable price
  • Restricted workability
  • A bit clunky feel

Final words:

The irons, which are considered the most forgiving women’s irons and highly reviewed, are there. These irons are best for mid to high handicapped golfers as they give great performance and features. Not perfect for skilled players but do a great job for the type of golfers.

5.   Tour edge hot launch two golf irons

In the industry, where the golf companies are adopting all hybrid irons set to launch for the first time, the tour edge company comes up with that concept for the second time. Their motto is to provide great performance on the golf course at a reasonable price to the customers without making any hole in your pocket.

These irons come up with a large space over the head, which provides additional forgiveness compared to traditional ones. These are regarded as great clubs to hit shot after shot straighter. These irons will prove to be perfect for you if you are struggling with hitting straight shots in the sky.

The irons are specially designed for women regarding their problems. The solution to your every problem relating to irons can be solved by having these irons in your golf bag. It tackles trouble lies easily and surprisingly. So you can say that the playability of these irons works greatly for women golfers.

The irons provide you the optimized control over long distances. The length of these irons perfectly does the job. The short irons increase the stopping power, which helps you set your score up in the game. One downside is that the irons come up with bright tone colors, not for every golfer.


  • Availability options: The advantage with these irons is that you can buy the whole or only a single iron. This is very helpful; if your single iron damages, you don’t need to buy the whole set again. 
  • Thin forged face: This feature provides the increased effect of spring to the golfers, enabling you to hit your golf ball over the unsurpassed distances in the golf course while you are playing.
  • Heavy sole + hollow body: this combination works out amazingly for golfers. This combo gives a low center of gravity, which maximizes the angle of launch and forgiveness in the game.
  • Craved hosel: the engraved hosel system is given in the no 3 to no. 7 irons that permit the mass to be passed to the golfer’s toe. It gives extra forgiveness to the players whenever they play.
  • Great playability
  • Good control over distances
  • Value for money
  • Availability options
  • Amazing accuracy
  • Improves game
  • Hard impact
  • A bit unwanted vibrations

Final words:

The women players focused on buying a sufficiently forgiving and dependable irons model can regard these as a user-friendly set. Moreover, it falls in game-improving irons, so it is considered the best women’s game improvement irons.

6.   TaylorMade golf M6 women’s golf irons – best womens irons

This company always came up with the latest technologies in their golf equipment, especially the women’s golf irons. These M6 irons prove the above statement as the irons have the insertion of speed bridge composition technology in their manufacturing. So, the latest irons with the great performance of the year are here.

These irons’ design and structure unclose the speed pocket’s potential, boosting the golf ball’s speed. Additionally, the iron’s clubhead’s excessive stiffness also provides high flight to the ball when you hit. The inverted cone technology is given in the clubhead, which also serves to deliver maximum speed.

All of the irons are specially optimized for forgiveness and playability, which is best for golf course players. The low center of gravity in the iron’s head is created to give the ball’s high speed and maximizes the angle of launch. It gives a strong flight to your golf ball when you try to hit it.

The above key features which we discussed make these irons the more penetrating ones among others in the market. They give you a great ball flight even if you have a low impact over the clubface. The feel of these irons is also very soft and solid, and you quickly feel it once you start hitting shots with these irons.


  • Improved feel & sound: The speed bridge technology keeps up the top-line which lessens the low-frequency vibrations. It gives the most satisfying sound to the players at the impact when they swing.
  • ICT technology: The inverted cone innovation makes the irons in the latest way, providing the golfers the exceptionally high ball speed covering the whole area of clubface while playing golf in course.
  • HYBRAR damper: this technology in the irons automatically filters all the unwanted and unpleasant vibrations to give their uses the most solid and comfy feel on every shot they hit.
  • Patented off-center: the irons feature the increased sweet spot, which further offers the straight and long shot for every type of golfer at all golf game levels in the course once you play.
  • Innovative design
  • Boosted ball speed
  • High forgiveness
  • Solid feel
  • Great playability
  • Latest technologies
  • Worth for money
  • Not for low handicappers

Final words:

The company has blended these irons with the latest technologies and innovations to provide you the most forgiving and game-improving irons. The latest technologies and value for money made it highly recommended for the mid to high handicappers. It is clever and more revolutionary among other iron sets.

7.   TaylorMade women’s RSi1 golf irons – Best womens golf irons

These irons are also engineered with speed pocket technology, promoting the golf ball’s fastest speeds in the course. If you are a woman player trying to improve their swing speed, then these irons are perfect for you. The amazing whipping shafts make it very popular among the women golfers in the game.

The feature you should praise once you buy them and start playing with these irons is the iron’s premium quality grip. The company always delivers the latest technology golf irons, which enhance your game and enable you to set score higher whenever you play with their irons in-game.

The noticeable thing about these irons is that they two slots where one is placed near the toe and others at the heel to give the golfers consistent flexion all over the clubface. These irons are so good that you can expect no disappointments in buying or playing with these irons on the golf course.

These irons’ playability is very good as it proves to be very useful in sharp & tough lies. These irons manage the great balance between forgiveness and accuracy, which enable you to get up around the greens. The shorter irons give you surprisingly great distance control over the large distances for sure.


  • NEW face slot: This technology appears in the range of no 3 to no 8 irons, allowing you to play the game in a very precise and consistent manner. So take no tension when you have these clubs in your bag.
  • Two slots: Double slots are placed in different places of the iron, one at the heel and the other at the toe, which gives constant and steady flexion to the face of the club and providing the golfers an amazing feel.
  • Speed pocket tech: This latest technology increases the ball’s speed and enables you to play every shot with great confidence in the course. If you keep the speed of the ball at a higher speed, the longer you can hit the ball.
  • Whippy shaft: The basic difference between the men and women irons arises with the irons’ shafts. The whippy shaft proves to be the perfect one for the women players in golf.
  • Great distance control
  • Powerful feel
  • Amazing looks
  • Improved accuracy
  • High forgiveness
  • Good playability
  • Premium quality
  • The black hitting area distracts.

Final words:

The RSi1 irons give a fine and nice blend of length, agility, and forgiveness to the golf women players. The progressive design and technologies make it very useful to buy and play with these irons on the golf course sure.

8. Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Individual Iron – ladies golf irons reviews

As a woman, you need a specialized iron, and Callaway has taken care of this demand. This Callaway Rogue Iron is the suitable choice for beginner and intermediate golfers all the same since it has been designed with the high-end features. The iron is designed with a dual hand orientation, promising golfing availability for everyone out there. The iron has multiple graphite constructions, so there are higher longevity and durability in the design.

The best thing about this iron is the ladies’ flex, so women golfers can make the shots with just-right flexibility. The iron is available in multiple configurations, so there are no compromises on the angle of the shots. There is a 360-face cup technology in this iron that ensures the shape optimization of the shots. This iron is designed with VFT factor in the iron so that you can make long and fast shots. In the section below, we have outlined the advanced features of this iron!


  • The iron has been designed with right-handed as well as left-handed orientation, making sure that every aspirant woman golfer can make her shots
  • The iron has been designed with Synergy, 60-Graphite to make sure the iron remains durable and there is longevity in the iron
  • The iron has been impregnated with the ladies flex which makes it perfect for the women golfers
  • The irons have been designed with multiple configurations, such as 7 iron, 9 iron, and SW to ensure there is a perfect angle of the shots
  • The iron has been designed with the 36- face cup technology that will help shape the shots in the perfect way possible
  • There is a high VFT factor in the irons to ensure the ball speed has been optimized according to your preferences
  • There is an internal standing wave in the iron to ensure there is suitable control over the shots and the flight will be optimized
  • The iron has been specially designed for women golfers
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Graphite shaft construction
  • Several iron configurations
  • Optimal shaping of the shots
  • Higher ball speed
  • Suitable control over the shots
  • Specially designed for ladies
  • None that we could find

Final Words

There is no doubt in saying that women are the biggest perfectionists out there, and they want to ensure that they are buying the perfect irons for themselves. In the same vein, this iron from Callaway is a suitable choice because there is literally no con in this individual iron.

9. Square Strike Irons – Best Golf Iron Set for Women

Every woman golfer needs to choose high-quality irons to assist you in the golf course. For all such women golfers, Square Strike has come up with the iron set to ensure there is something for everyone as it has been integrated with top-notch features. The iron set is a universal choice for everyone because it’s available for men and women golfers all the same. In addition, it comes with a dual hand orientation, so everyone can make their shots.

The iron set is designed with steel as well as graphite shaft to ensure there are no compromises on durability and longevity. The iron set is available in regular and stiff flex, promising just-right flexibility in the shots. There is an undercut design in the iron to ensure you can shape up the shots. Given the low and deep center of gravity, you will be able to make accurate and straight shots. All in all, we have added additional features of this iron set below!


  • The irons have been designed with the right-handed and left-handed orientation to ensure this iron is an apt choice for every player out there
  • The irons have been designed with different materials in the shaft, such as steel and graphite to meet the diverse needs of the golfers
  • When it comes down to the flex, this iron has been designed with the ladies and regular flex to ensure there is ample flexibility in the shots as the golfers like
  • The irons have been designed with the undercut design to ensure there is no compromise on the shape of the shots
  • The irons have been designed with the low and deep center of gravity to ensure you are able to make straight and accurate shots
  • The irons have different configurations, such as 7 iron, 8 iron, and 9 iron to ensure there are optimally angular shots in the golf
  • The irons have perfect playability experience with the help of right material construction
  • The irons are designed to help golfers optimize their shots, and they will learn how to make the right shots
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Multiple shaft material construction
  • Multiple flex options
  • Undercut design for optimally shaped shots
  • Straight and accurate shots
  • Several iron configurations
  • Learning the shots will be easy
  • New brand in the market

Final Words

For everyone who has been looking for suitable iron to help them make the right shots and learn how to make straight and accurate shots, this iron will be a suitable choice. The only downside of this iron is that it belongs to a new brand name, but as far as the performance and quality are concerned, there are zero compromises in that niche.

10. Callaway Golf 2020 Women’s Mavrik Max Iron Set – best golf clubs for women

There was a time when people were alright with being obese, and they wouldn’t care if their weight was If you have been looking for an iron set to assist you in the golf course, Callaway has come up with this amazing and well-rounded option as it has been designed with the high-end features. This golf iron set is perfect for every woman golfer out there because it has been designed with dual hand orientation. In addition, there is a graphite shaft for durable and lightweight features.

The shaft is constructed with graphite and graphite lite material. There are ultralight flex options in the iron set to ensure there are no compromises on the flexibility of the shots. The iron set is designed with different loft configurations, promising the perfect angle of the shots. The iron set will help optimize the fastball speed, given the flash face technology. On top of everything, face architecture is pretty sophisticated. In the section below, we have outlined the advanced features of this iron set!


  • The iron set has been designed with the right-handed and left-handed orientation to make sure every golfer can play their shots
  • The iron set has been integrated with different shaft material construction, such as graphite and graphite lite for lightweight capability
  • The iron has been designed with ladies and women’s ultralight flex options, promising that flexibility for every woman golfer will be suitable
  • When it comes down to the configuration, this iron set has several options inclusive of 5 Iron – PW, 6 Iron – PW, 6 Iron – PW, SW, 4 Iron – PW, AW, SW, 4 Iron – PW, SW, 5 Iron – PW, AW, 5 Iron – PW, AW, SW, 5 Iron – PW, SW, 6 Iron – PW, AW, and 6 Iron – PW, AW, SW
  • The irons are designed to offer excellent ball speed given the inculcation of the flash face cup
  • The irons have been integrated with the artificial intelligence features for enhancing the ball speed
  • There is an increased spin with these irons, and the robustness of these irons are pretty amazing
  • There is a very sophisticated face architecture in the irons to ensure there is an optimal loft
  • The irons are inculcated with the tungsten infused weights in the irons to ensure there is optimal location of the center of gravity
  • The center of gravity is apt to make precise shots
  • There is a flash face cup technology that helps maintain the ball speed which means the launch and flight of the ball is optimized
  • There are patented urethane microspheres in the irons that are suitable to absorb the impact and vibration to ensure the delivery of higher COR value
  • The irons are designed to offer higher distance coverage, and the forgiveness of the shots will be amazing
  • The irons have been integrated with the UST helium shafts to ensure there is an improvement in the swing speed
  • The irons are designed with the Lamkin grips which are the epitome of premium features and sturdy grip
  • Premium grip
  • Multiple configurations
  • Different flex options
  • Straight and precise shots
  • Higher control over the shots
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Improved swing speed
  • Advanced construction
  • Higher COR value
  • None that we could find

Final Words

There are multiple high brand names available in the market, and if you’ve been looking for high-quality iron sets, this Callaway iron set is an amazing choice. This iron set is the epitome of high-performance, and there are no compromises on the quality. It is needless to say that this iron set has been impregnated with advanced and premium technologies.

Best Golf Iron for Women – Buying Guide

If you have been interested in golf and want to indulge in this sport, you will need to invest in a golf membership, which can be pretty expensive. In addition, you will need to buy the right equipment as it’s helpful in optimizing the shots. In some cases, the right equipment will help you learn how to make the shots. However, these women’s golf irons can be pretty expensive to buy, since this sport is a suitable choice for doing light exercises.

So, when you are investing such money in something, it should provide optimal value for your money. This is the prime reason that you need to choose the right irons because it will impact the playability and gaming experience. There are multiple factors that one needs to consider while choosing the irons. In this buying guide, we have added multiple key factors that you need to consider while choosing clubs and irons. All in all, this buying guide will ensure that you make an informed choice!

Best Golf Driver For Women

Know Your Type

Before starting the shopping spree for the golf irons and clubs, you need to determine what type of iron do you need. It is always preferred to make an apt choice or ask the experts. In addition, you need to choose the irons and clubs that match your skill level, be it the beginners, intermediate, or expert golfers.


There is no denying the fact that golf is an expensive sport, and many people aren’t able to get their hands on the iron that matches the budget needs. The prime reason is that people are hardly able to optimize the budge, and all they do is visit different online and physical stores. You will get insights about the prices with this research. In addition, the brand name, features, and technology will impact the price factor as well, so be conscious about the budget and revise it according to what your needs are.

The Components of Best Golf Iron for Women

The women’s golf irons are pretty similar to the men’s golf sets, but there are some key differences as well. However, the female golf club sets are usually designed with three woods, seven irons, two wedges, and a putter. The 3 woods consist of one driver, three wood clubs, and a five wood club. In addition, the seven irons include the irons starting from 4-iron to 9-irons.

The wedges include sand wedge and a pitching wedge, topped with a putter and a hybrid. The putter is essential, and if it isn’t included in the set, make sure to invest in one separately. According to the USGA, the golfers can add 14 components in the golf bag, and the above-mentioned components make around 13 components.

So, you will have the liberty to add one of your choices, and hybrid will make a good choice. The hybrids are designed to offer higher forgiveness levels, and the shot hitting will be easier as well. The hybrids are primarily the essential part of every woman’s golfer’s bag.


The ladies’ drivers are designed with the lowest possible loft, such as 12-degree loft, which is usually compared with the 9-degree and 11-degree loft of the male drivers. The higher loft angle is designed to optimize the ball-hitting easier even if you’ve to play the shots off the tee. Also, the women drivers tend to be lightweight because they will directly impact the trajectory, speed, and distance coverage without the investment of a higher energy scale.


The woods are designed with the ability to offer a higher loft angle and degree. The women woods are usually lightweight as compared to the men woods. In addition, women have a higher choice to make because with 13 different configurations, hitting the shots will be easier (yes, even better than the long irons!).


The ladies’ irons are designed with soft flex, and there are chances that some irons are designed with heavy clubheads. As compared to the men’s woods and drivers, the irons will be light in weight. In addition, the irons are usually short, and some women are tall so that they can use the customized options. The lightweight and short irons are perfect to adopt the slow swing speed.


When it comes down to the shafts, there are different material constructions available. Usually, the graphite material is used in the construction of ladies’ irons and clubs because it is lightweight as compared to steel shafts. The graphite shafts will also pose a positive impact on softening the flex that optimized the power, head position, and torque.

Shaft Length

The women’s clubs are usually small in length as compared to the men’s clubs and irons. When it comes to big brand names, such as Ping and Callaway, they make the shafts two inches smaller. The shaft length is basically designed according to the height. So, if you are a tall woman, you can use the male clubs and irons.

Shaft Flex

When it comes to the shaft flex for women, there are two different labels. The first one is “L” which is designed for experts because if you are a beginner, gaining control will be difficult. Secondly, there is an “A” label that reduces flexibility. However, both shaft flexes are designed to lower the swing speed, which is usually the preference of different golfers.


The lady golfers tend to short in height, which means that the grip needs to be smaller as well when it comes to the diameter. This will promise a better grip on the shots and will offer higher control over the swing. If you go for Callaway, you will be able to get the customized grips that fit the small hands of the women golfers.


Whenever you are investing in the best golf iron for women, you need to be considerate about the quality because one cannot invest such money on a daily basis. The low-quality materials will impact the shots as well, and they will depict the poor design. It is always advised for the branded irons, such as Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade, because they are the epitome of quality and performance, so you get the value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How Long Should Golf Irons Be For Ladies?

The standard length of stainless steel irons for women is 38.5 inches. However, if you want to get a graphite iron, its length will be 39 inches. This measurement is for 1-iron. If the iron’s number increases, its size will also increase by 0.5 inches each.

2.     Can A Stiff Shaft Make Me Lose Distance?

Yes, it can. If your swing speed is good but your distance is short, it is an indication that your shaft flex has some problem. If your shaft is stiffer, your distance will stay lower. However, if you have a habit of slicing, it is apparent that you are using a stiffer club.

3.     Is It Challenging To Strike One Iron?

If you are a beginner, you will find it hard to hit the ball with 1-iron. It is considered one of the most difficult to hit clubs, and many golfers don’t like using it because it is less forgiving. But, if you are a pro golfer, you won’t experience any issue with 1-iron.

4.     Should I Utilize A Stiff Or Regular Iron Shaft?

If you can hit the ball 225 to 250 yards, you can grab the regular shaft. If you hit around 260 to 280 yards, stiff shafts are a perfect option. However, if you are a long hitter and drive the ball around 300 yards, don’t use extra stiff shaft flex.

5.     When Should I Obtain The Stiff Shaft?

If your swing speed with a driver is more than 105 miles per hour, it is the perfect time to get extra stiff shaft. If your swing speed is 97 to 104 miles per hour with the driver, you should get a stiff shaft. 

6.     When To Buy A New Golf Iron?

After playing several matches, you will have to change your irons. These are the obvious signs that indicate that it is the right time to buy new irons.

  • Too much spin
  • Poor pivot pattern
  • Wear and tear is un-repairable
  • Not enough height
  • Your competitors are passing you by

7.     Mid Or Small Iron: Which Option Is Perfect For Females?

Both options are best for women, but they should determine how much distance they want to cross. If they’re going to cover more distance, they will need a larger iron, which is very difficult to hit. If you need easier to hit irons, you can rely on mid and small irons. Higher loft and lower shaft length make them suitable for women with slow swing speed.

8.     How Can I Determine Which Iron To Use?

You can use the iron if you drive the ball less than 200 yards from the turf. If you are nearer to the green, you can select the higher number of iron. A complete set of irons includes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, along with a pitching wedge. The 3, 4, and 5 irons are very difficult to strike than other irons.

9.     How Far Should A 1 Iron And 2 Iron Go?

If you are a short hitter, the 1 iron and 2 iron should go 180 and 170 yards, respectively. However, if you are a long hitter, the 1 iron and 2 iron should go 235 and 210 yards, respectively.

10.  Is There A 1 Iron In The Sport Of Golf?

The 1 iron features 14 to 16 degrees of loft and is the longest iron. It looks like a butter knife and has the tiniest surface area on its face. It is the most challenging to strike club in the golf bag. 

11. Should I go for a used or new golf iron?

It is always better to invest in new women’s golf irons because they optimize a better golfing experience. On the other hand, if you want a used iron, there are chances that it will be chipped that can adversely impact the shots. In addition, there are chances that the specifications won’t suit your golfing preferences.

12. Should I go for individual irons or an iron set?

This question cannot be answered with a yes or no because you need to think about gaming needs. When you are a beginner, it is better to opt for an individual iron. On the other hand, if you are an experienced golfer, you should always mix and match the irons to create a set, so you can make pro and tour shots.

13. What is the right time to re-shaft the golf irons?

For everyone who has been wondering, you can re-shaft the irons if the shaft breaks down or if the performance of golf irons is impacted.

14. Do I need a 3 or 4-iron?

These irons are extremely difficult to use, and golfers need them to play a maximum of three times in one round. So, it is better not to invest in 3-iron or 4-iron. Instead, you need to choose the 5-iron or 7-iron for a better experience.

The Bottom Line:

We have provided you the best and top reviewed golf irons for the women golfers in the golf market. These irons are specially designed for women players’ games because there is a bit of difference between men’s and women’s golf equipment.

According to our judgment and testing about these seven products, the best women’s golf iron among all of these is the Callaway Big Bertha 2019 model. These irons are the most forgiving and game-enhancing irons with unique features in the golf market.

These irons’ feel and looks give the golfers a pleasant effect once they start playing with these irons. It will never matter what type of player you are; these irons are versatile for golfer needs. These are highly recommended, and top reviewed golf iron by the customers.

Once you buy these irons, you will love each of these irons, and you will also play with great joy. Whatever you choose, we hope it will never disappoint you in any way. So read the article and then choose the one you liked the most.

Happy shopping!

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