best golf grips for sweaty hands

10 Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands in 2022

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Playing several rounds of golf each day can be a pleasurable activity for all golfers. 

In winters, playing golf can be difficult for all players due to harsh conditions. But the summers are the best time to enjoy several rounds of golf as the sun looks good in the blue sky. Moreover, most golfers love to play the game just in the mid of the day.

But on hot days of the summers, sweaty hands can be difficult for the players and completely ruin the game. As the golfers face difficulty getting the clubs’ grip and a result, they may feel pain in their arms, hands, or fingers. 

The best solution to all of these problems is to get the right equipment that can provide firm control over the club. 

The best golf club grips are explicitly designed for sweaty hands. The grips are designed to absorb the moisture and let the riders get a non-slippery and firm grip over the club. As a result, the golfers get complete control over the clubs and enjoy accurate shots. 

best golf grips for sweaty hands

At the present day, several number golf grips are available in the market. Therefore, the selection of the best quality grip can be a little bit tricky for all golfers.

So here we come along with a review of the best golf grips for rain or sweaty hands. You can stay here and can complete your reading to get the best golf grip. 

Top 10 Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands

1- Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip – Golf Pride Grips

At the present moment, the company offers you 12 different putter grips, and all of them are equally useful and highly recommended. 

The grip has a long or more extensive grip, which plays a crucial role in decreasing the tension in the golfers’ fingers or wrists. As a result, the golfers can enjoy smoother strokes. 

The grips have a patented and non-tapered design, which offers the same grip throughout the golf grip’s width or diameter. Moreover, in this way, the grip pressure is distributed between the right and left hands and a,s a result, a more consistent grip is obtained.

The company provides the best customer services and try to offer you the high-quality product. If you have any issue regarding the quality of the products or are not satisfied with its performance, just contact the company.

Well-trained professionals are available there. They will provide you quick response by delivering the best possible solution for your problems or issues. 

Quick Features:

  • Comfy Golf Grip: grip is very comfortable and easy to use. Being so grippy, you will find it secure in your hands.
  • Durable: it is very durable. Therefore, the golfers can use this grip daily for a long time and never witness any change in the players’ quality. 
  • Customer Services:  The company offers you the best customer services. If you have any issues regarding the product, just get to know and get a quick solution for all of the problems. 
  • Design: The 1.30-inch diameter grip utilizes the no-taper DesignDesign. The unique DesignDesign promotes the pressure and eliminates added tension in the players’ wrist and forearms. 
  • Promotes the larger muscles group
  • Limits the wrist or muscles movements
  • Light grip pressure
  • Highly recommended
  • Durable
  • A little bit heavy may throw off balance.

Final Words:

It is the best golf grip available in the market for all golfers. The grip offers several benefits to the players just because of the similar technology. The grip has been designed so perfectly that it will reduce the golfers’ wrist and finger pressure. Moreover, let the player enjoy the perfect shots. 

2- Golf Pride MCC New Decade Midsize Golf Grip – Best Golf Grips For Humid Weather

The golf grip provides extra wraps of grip under the lower hand. The grip can reduce the need for different wraps around the grip tape. 

You can get four different sizes golf grip sizes, including the standard, jumbo, midsize and under-size. Moreover, other colors are also available. So, the golfer can choose the one just according to their needs or demands. 

The outside diameter of this golf grip is 4.6% bigger than the standard golf grip size. The larger diameter can reduce the grip pressure and reduce the tension in the players’ hands player and fingers can witness the difference in the swing and enjoy just a perfect game with this golf grip.

On the upper hand, the golfer can get a soft grip due to the crushed cotton. Well, in this way, the players can get extra stability. Besides it, the lower end provides a weaker grip, enhancing the feel for the players. 

Quick Features:

  • All-Weather Control: The golf grip provides an exclusive brushed cotton cord in the upper hand, removing all the moisture. 
  • Maximum Surface Texture: the golf grip comes with the pebbled texture and sign pattern, providing excellent coverage. In this way, the player gets complete control over the club and enjoys a perfect game. 
  • Firm Feel: the grip has the best quality rubber at the lower hand for the feel. The rubber can enhance the responsiveness just perfectly. 
  • Looks: the grip has a unique and indistinguishable look because of a white outline around the Golf Pride logo. It is available in four different colors. 
  • It offers an excellent grip and very easy to clean.
  • Exclusive black velvet cord offers a very firm and all-weather control.
  • Soft, colored rubber offers an enhanced feel.
  • Superb non-slip grip
  • Available at an economical price
  • Individual golf grip not suitable for the set

Final Words:

These golf grips are an excellent choice for all golfers as they can provide a solid grasp over the clubs and are suitable for different weather conditions. These grips can absorb moisture correctly. Well, the humidity can be because of sweating or due to the rain. 

3- Golf Pride MCC Align Standard Size Golf Grip – Best Tennis Grips For Sweaty Hands

The golf grip offers you several incredible features, and one of them is the raised ridges. The golfers can feel the banks, which can be worth considering the trained and experienced players’ quality. With the help of these ridges, the players can get more grip and control over their game. 

In the case of the grips, the texture plays a very crucial and vital role. These grips have a very unique and different diamond pattern, which lets you get the required control and will not the grips to slide out of your hand. Moreover, a tiny red rib is also added to indicate the placement of the hands. 

Well, it is a fact that these grips are not much old and were introduced just a few years ago. Therefore, you can get something slightly more than the typical synthetic compound or leather wraps. 

The ridges are present just at the bottom of each grip, which lets them find a consistent feel whenever they pick the golf clubs. Well, the layers can feel the position where the clubhead has been located. 

Quick Features:

  • All-Weather Technology: The grip provides the benefits of rubber and includes the additional services of cotton cord. The cotton can absorb the moisture and will keep the club dry.
  • Tension Reduction: the golf grip can reduce the tension entirely, which is a significant issue most players face. The credit goes to the cotton cord, which provides the required grip.  
  • Stylish DesignDesign: the golf grip has been designed to provide a universal style. Therefore, you can use this rip for different clubs correctly, and it is the best suitable for all the top brands. 
  • Multiple Sizes: The golf grip in different sizes so that all the golfers can get the just perfect size according to their height and enjoy a perfect game. 
  • Raised ridge and improved clubface
  • All-weather control
  • Align technology
  • Maximum surface texture
  • Raised ridges
  • The main concern is the price, which is a little bit expensive.

Final Words:

The grips are the perfect choice for all those golfers who sweat a lot and feel difficulty playing the shots. The grip has been made from the best quality materials, allowing the players complete control over the golf clubs and letting them play the images accurately and correctly. 

4- Set of 13 NEW Golf Pride Grips – Best Golf Club Grips

Above all, a set of 13 golf grips is available at an economical price. In addition to it, a free golf grip tape is also included, which can be used for 13 golf clubs. 

The upper portion of the golf grip is entirely soft, and the credit goes to the new micro-texture, which can improve the traction just perfectly.

The grip has a soft rubber compound, which can absorb the moisture and then provide super control over the club. Therefore, the golfers can enjoy a perfect game and can show an appreciable performance. 

The lower end of the golf grip comes with a 4.6% larger outside grip diameter, increasing the swing’s speed and offering a very light grip pressure. The lower portion of the grip is made from 20% softer rubber and can enhance the non-gloved hand’s feel. 

It is one of the best and beautifully designed grips that can provide a fresh look to your golf club. The grip is available in different colors, so get the one according to your needs. 

Quick Features:

  • Hybrid Grip Technology: The wicking cotton cord is present at the upper portion, providing the perfect grip over the game in all the weather. Moreover, the softer high-performance rubber has been added in, the lower end for a perfect touch. 
  • Easy To Install: the golfers can install all of these golf grips correctly, and above ll no need to get help from the professionals. 
  • Maximum Surface Texture:  the grip has been engineered to get a softer feel and get high traction. The soft micro-texture plays a crucial role in increasing comfort, and the texture placement lets the players get the maximum hand coverage. 
  • Larger Lower Hand: the larger outside diameter can develop the feel of developing the grip with four extra wraps. Moreover, the lower tapper edge produces the lighter grip pressure and promotes over-lass tension in the payers’ hands. 
  • Made from soft to touch materials
  • Durable and is of high-order in quality.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Very easy to install even for the new golfers
  • Larger lower end
  • The grip design is not appreciable.

Final Words:

It is a hybrid grip that has been made from the best quality soft rubber. The material can absorb moisture, either due to sweating or rain, making it the best tennis grip for sweaty hands

5- Set of 14 BRAND NEW Winn DriTac Golf Grip – Best Golf Grip For Small Hands

Well, it is a highly versatile grip and is equally useful for all golfers. It can reduce the thrashing and lets you get the best golf grip for the high handicapper.

The golf grip has several incredible features that make it the best and highly recommended product for all golfers. For instance, it is a shock-absorbent, and through a padded grip, you can get maximum stability. 

Moreover, the classic wrap design offers you elegance and remarkably high performance for refreshing your clubs. Besides it, the non-slip material lets all the golfers get a grip, which shows the water-resistant. 

The company is quite concerned about their customers; therefore always try to provide high-quality products to their customers. Besides it, the company also keeps a strong relationship with their customers through their excellent customer service. 

So in case of any issue, you can feel free to contact the company. They always respond quickly and always come along with the best possible solution for all of your problems. 

Quick Features:

  • Design: the company offers you a perfect golf grip, which useful in all weather conditions. But besides it, the grip also provides complete control over the club so that the players can get the required swing and can enjoy their game. 
  • Grips Are Useful For All Golfers: the grips are also admirable, and can they can absorb the crash of the club into the ball. Well, the grips work just perfectly for all the golfers. 
  • Padded Classic Wrap Style: the golfers can install the classic padded wrap very quickly and will not feel the need for any help. 
  • Great For Single-Digit Handicappers: it is a perfect grip for all the single-digit golfers, and it can perfectly mold your hands so that the golfers can show a remarkable performance at the course.
  • Excellent grips
  • Shock absorbent
  • Classic wrap design
  • Non-slip material
  • Highly recommended
  • A little bit expensive

Final Words:

The golf grip provides a non-slip and just a perfect grip over the golf clubs. Moreover, it has been designed just perfectly. Therefore it can perform in all the weather conditions. The polymer material offers you a very comfortable feel. Thus, the golfers feel confident at the course and can show an incredible performance. 

6- Winn Dritac Standard Golf Grips Dritac – Best Golf Grips For Irons

The grip has been made from high-quality materials. Therefore it can absorb moisture just correctly in all the seasons. That’s why it is the best golf grip for humid weather

The grip comes with a bold style and a modified design; therefore, the golfers get remarkable and incredible performance. It can add some flare to your game. 

Just because of the polymer grip technology, you can get the perfect grip. The polymers are formulated differently and uniquely so that the golfers can achieve a spectrum of firmness, texture, and weight. 

The golfers are designed just perfect for all types of golfers so that you can get these grips without any stress.

The company is quite concerned about their customers, therefore offers you the best products and excellent customer services along with the warranty of one year. 

Quick Features:

  • Unique Benefits: the grip is completely slipping resistant in all the weather. The grip has been formulated in such a way that it can achieve a broad spectrum of textures, firmness, and weights to suit any type of golfer. 
  • Advanced Vertical Seam: the grip gets the required hold from a polymer sheath layer, which encloses the underlying lengthwise. You can get a vertical seam that has a grip on the backside. 
  • Best Shock Absorbing Golf Grip: the grip offers unique and superior shock absorption compared to the conventional rubber grips. Moreover, the grips become excellent shock absorbers because of their large-sized grips. 
  • Warranty: the company claims that the grips are made from high-quality materials and are just the perfect choice for all golfers. Moreover, the company offers a contract for six months from the original invoice date. 
  • Great shock absorption
  • Highly recommended
  • Worth buying
  • Remarkable moisture absorption
  • Great product for all golfers
  • You may not find this product durable.

Final Words:

The grip has been formulated in such a way that it can absorb moisture in all weathers and lets you get the perfect hold over the club. The polymers are prepared ideal choice for all golfers. 

7- Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit – Best Golf Grips For Rain

It is one of the most grips available in the market. It is made from a polymer material and combines a comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all weather conditions. And it is the best thing about this grip.

The outstanding comfort and the thickness of the hallmarks of this all-weather Dri-Tac standards size grip make it the best and perfect product. Moreover, the grip also provides the maximum shock absorption for the person with arthritis and hand fatigue sufferers. 

The club has been designed to absorb all the moisture, and therefore, the golfers’ hands will remain dry. In this way, all the players get the perfect and required grip over the club and are shot entirely just the way they want.

Therefore, the company is very concerned about their customers, offers you the best customer services, and always provides the best products in the market. 

Quick Features:

  • Very Grippy: The grip is very suitable and the best product for all those who sweat a lot. The sweaty hands get wet, and as a result, the club slips from their hands. The grip absorbs the sweat and lets the players get perfect grip and control over the game.
  • Easy To Install: the grip is effortless to install. Moreover, it will take a short time without any difficulty. 
  • Excellent Grip And Product: the grip is made from the best quality polymers, and as well as it can provide you the required grip for the sweaty hand, which makes it the best product. 
  • Get A Great Grip On The Cheap: the company is very concerned about its customers. Therefore they try to provide you the best quality grip at a very affordable price. 
  • Highly recommended
  • Available at an economical price
  • Equally useful for all the golfers
  • Water-resistant in all weather
  • Great grips
  • Grips are not durable as expected.

Final Words:

The company is working for a long time and tries to provide you the best quality products. All of these goods are available at an affordable and economical price. The grips are made from high-quality materials, absorb sweat quickly, and let the players have complete control over the game. Therefore, they play confidently and enjoy a perfect match. 

8- Karma Velour Junior Black Golf Grip – Best Golf Grip For High Handicapper

The company has been working for a very long time and trying to provide you the best and high-quality products. The grip offers you an excellent feel, which is tacky but not sticky. 

The grips are very easy t clean, and you can use warm water and soap to wash or clean the grips. 

Moreover, the grips are very easy to install, you will not face any difficulty while installing the grips, and the process will not take much time.

For the installation process, you can use 60 to 80 psi compressed air. But always try to get the right tool for the installation of these grips. 

The set includes 13 best quality grip, which will be more than enough for all of your clubs. Moreover, these grips are available in different colors and sizes, making them useful for other players. 

The company offers excellent customer service. Well-trained professionals are available there. You can contact them any time in case of any issue or if you are satisfied with the product’s quality. 

You will get a quick response to all of your issues. The professionals always provide you the best possible solution for all of your problems. 

Quick Features:

  • Various Sizing Available: the golf grip is available in three different sizes, including junior, undersized and mid-sized. Moreover, it is available for the ladies as well. 
  • Ribbed Versions Available: the grip is available in two different colors, including black and white. The grip is designed so perfectly that it will increase your grip over the game and let you show an incredible performance on the ground. 
  • Soft Rubber Compound: the grip is made from soft rubber, and it is straightforward to clean—no need to take stress if the grip gets dirty. Moreover, the clasp works just perfectly in all weather conditions. 
  • Bundled For Your Convenience: the set includes 13 grips, which are perfectly enough for all of your clubs. 
  • Easy to install
  • Great grip
  • Appreciable quality
  • Highly recommended
  • Nice feel
  • Grips are not durable.

Final Words:

The best quality grips are made from high-quality materials. These grips are affordable and very comfortable to use. The grips can absorb the sweat correctly and let the golfer enjoy their game confidently. 

9- Golf Pride Tour – best golf grip for the high handicapper

It is another and one of the best products for all golfers. The golf grips are available in different sizes, including midsize, jumbo, standard, and under-size. Besides it, you can find other colors as well. 

These grips are made from innovative hybrids of cord and rubber. These grips’ aligned technology ensures that the grip can be correctly adjusted in the golfers’ hands.

Therefore, the players can enjoy a perfect game and get the required hold for the swing. 

Just because of these grips’ raised ridges, the golfers can get the required hold and consistency in their game. 

You will find the pebbled texture at the surface of the grips. The patterns offer more coverage and let the players get the required control over the club. Moreover, the brushed cotton cord material combined with the new soft rubber material lets the golfers get excellent stability.

Quick Features:

  • Textured Ridges: The backside of the grips comes with textured ridges, which let the users get any more comfortable and just perfect grip over the club. Therefore, the grip offers you an ideal grip in all weather conditions.
  • Hybrid rubber: the grip has been made from the hybrid rubber, which features a brushed cotton cord that shows excellent resistance against the fingers’ pads. Moreover, the cable provides the contrast, preventing the slip or sliding effect when the golfers play the shots. 
  • Classic Look: the classic look, along with the feel, is the primary reason for the 2G grip and lets you show the top performance on the course. mp
  • Pebbled surface: the grips have a pebbled surface that can adhere to the hand’s skin and let the golfers show an incredible performance at the course. In short, it is the perfect product for you if you want to show a remarkable performance. 
  • Multiple color choices
  • Raised ridges ensure alignment and consistency.
  • The hybrid grip is made from the cord and rubber.
  • Midsize, jumbo, black, standard, and undersize options are available.
  • Highly recommended
  • Not suitable for all the weather conditions

Final Words:

The grips enable the players to play just like the professionals in humid or wet conditions. Beside it, these grips are the best solution for the individual golf grips; above all, it is available at an economical price. 

10- Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Grip – best golf grips for rain

The golf pride grips come with a hybrid grip, making them the best and perfect products for all golfers.

The golfer loses the required grip over the club because of the moisture or sweaty hands; thus, they lose the swing and cannot play the required shot. In this way, the golfer loses control over the club and loses grip over the game. 

But this grip can absorb the moisture or sweat and let the golfer show an incredible performance. 

The reduced and taper end provides the lighter grip pressure and promotes less tension in the players’ hands. Moreover, create fluidity, and thus, the golfers feel more power and enjoy a perfect game. 

Quick Features:

  • All-Weather Control: The golf grip is made from high-quality materials and is suitable for all the weather. The grip has exclusive brushed cotton in the upper hand to wick away the moisture, making it the best choice. 
  • Firm Feel: the grip is made from high-performance rubber, which lets the golfers get the best quality product. Moreover, the grip enhances the feel and as well as responsiveness. 
  • Maximum Surface Texture: the pebbled texture and sign patterns provide the required grip and increase the coverage to enhance the control of golfer over the club, and thus, they can enjoy the best game of their career. 
  • Larger Lower Hand: the grip has a larger outside diameter, which stimulates building the grip with four extra wraps. As a result, the golfer gets the required hold and enjoys the perfect game. 
  • Hybrid grip made of cord and rubber
  • Soft rubber for the lower comfort
  • High surface texture
  • High moisture absorption
  • High moisture management
  • Poor customer services

Final Words:

The grip has been made from high-quality materials, enabling the golfers to get the clubs required to hold and enjoy a perfect game. In case of moisture, the golfers lose control over the club and thus fail to enjoy the perfect match. 

Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands – Buying Guide

To get complete control over the game, a golfer must have full control over the club. But sweat or moisture can be a little bit problematic for all the players as they lose their grip due to the humidity. In this way, they feel the need for the golf grips. 

The best golf grips can keep the golfers’ hands dry and let them get complete control over the clubs. 

But the selection of the best golf clubs can be a little bit problematic for the golfers. So, a list of all the features you must keep in mind while buying the best quality product is given here. 

Soft Vs. Firm

Well, at present you can get the golf grips which are made from different types of materials. For instance, many grips are made from soft fabrics like cotton and give you a very comfortable feel. At the same time, the other clubs are a little bit tight. But the selection of the soft or tight grip is just your personal choice. So you can get the one according to your needs. 

But, before you get one of them, just remember that the soft grips can wear out quickly and may fail to provide you the required protection against moisture or sweating.

Moisture Absorption 

The grips’ primary purpose is to absorb the moisture and provide the required grip over the clubs. So, it is a worth considering feature that you cannot ignore at any cost while buying the golf club. 

The moisture absorption technology is available in different types, and try to find the best moisture-wicking technology which can keep you dry for a long time and lets you get the required grip over the clubs. 


Whenever you buy the best golf club grips, make sure they follow the golfers’ size. You can find grips of different sizes, which make them useful for other players and clubs.

Remember that if the clubs are either bigger or smaller in size, they can cause changes in the swing, and you may fail to play the accurate shots.  

The golfer with more giant hands can get a larger grip. But the golfers with small hands or women should get the small grips. The best golf grip will always provide you the required shock absorption and absorb sweat or moisture entirely.


The materials play a vital role in moisture absorption. For instance, most of the grips are made from 100% rubber, and you may feel difficulty while getting the hold as they can hurt you. Similarly, the soft grips are made from cotton, which can do wonders for you. But do not forget these soft grips are not that much durable as you may think about them. 

The best quality materials can absorb sweating and can let you feel dry. In this way, you get the perfect control over the clubs and can enjoy a perfect game. If the materials are not of good quality, the clubs will not absorb the moisture and may not last for a long time. 


The look or DesignDesign of the golf grip is the best choice for all golfers. A clasp with an incredible and unique design will provide the required confidence to the golfer on the ground, and therefore they can show an appreciable performance on the floor. 

Bundle It

Well, instead of buying the individual golf grips, try to get the grips in bundles. If you are purchasing the grips inset, it means you are getting high-quality products at an affordable price. 

But at the same time, keep in mind that these grips are very durable; therefore, they will last for a long time and will not wear out quickly. In this situation, the bundle of the grips will be a useless option. So, before you buy the grips, count the number of rounds you play each week. And then get the hold accordingly.


The clubs’ cost or price is a significant factor that can affect selecting the best golf grip. Whenever you buy the golf grip, always keep your budget in mind to get the best quality grip at an economical price. 

Moreover, try to get those grips easy to install not to have to pay an extra amount to install the grips. 

best golf grips for sweaty hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Often Should I Regrip My Clubs?

Well, it is entirely dependent on the number f rounds you play. Moreover, the weather conditions and how hard you grip the clubs are equally worth considering options. 

Most golfers regrip their clubs at least two to three times each year so that the oil does not get deposited on their clubs and the grip from thinning. Keep in mind and the wrong grips can affect your game badly or negatively. 

Q. How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating When I Play Golf?

The following are the ways to keep your hands dry:

  1. Use multiple gloves and rotate them frequently.
  2. Try to use rain gloves, as they can absorb the moisture correctly.
  3. Dry hand products can also be a great help.
  4. Use the sweatbands around the wrists.
  5. Try to keep yourself more relaxed.
  6. Best golf grip for sweaty hands can also be a great help.

Q. How Do I Stop My Gloves From Sweating?

You can use 70% ethanol to keep your hands cool, and it can reduce sweating appreciably. Just apply the alcohol to your gloves, and you will feel a sensation of cooling after some time. You can also use the drink on your hands before you wear the gloves but remember it can be a little bit problematic and can be a reason for the dry skin. 

Q. How Do I Keep My Golf Glove Dry?

Try to keep your gloves as long as possible. For this purpose, you can keep an extra pair of gloves along with you to keep on changing your gloves and keep them dry for a long time. Keep the new gloves in the sun or air to keep them dry. 

Q. Do You Use the Same Grip For Driver And Irons?

Yes, you can use the same golf grip for all of your clubs. But always make sure that the grip will provide you the required grip and complete control over the clubs. But always make sure that you will be able to get the needed swing?

Q. Should I Use Standard Or Midsize Grip?

Compare the size of the grips with the golf size; it is the best and appropriate way to determine or get the perfect size for your clubs. 

For instance, if you are using the men’s extra-large gloves, then the mid-sized or jumbo grip would be the perfect choice for you. Moreover, for those using the men’s large or medium-sized gloves, a standard size grip would be an ideal choice. Furthermore, these grips are the perfect choice for women golfers as well. 

Q. Can hand sanitizers make the gloves sticky?

Well, the hand sanitizers especially gel ones, can make the gloves sticky. The sanitizers can remove the layers of dust deposited on your gloves but at the same time make your gloves sticky.

Q. Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much In Gloves?

The gloves are designed so that they can form a non-permeable layer between your hands and the outer environment. In this way, the gloves keep your hands protected from injuries. 

Once you wear the gloves, the environment begins to change, and the temperature starts to rise. As the temperature rises, your hands start to sweat. It can also affect the skin of your hands. 

Sweating will also affect your performance. As you will not get the required grip over the gloves, and as a result, you will lose your account. 

Q. Can Vinyl Gloves Cause Cancer?

Well, dioxin can cause cancer in many users. But in the case of vinyl gloves, the toxic chemicals can leach from the gloves and react with your skin or enter your body and badly affect you.  

Q. How Do You Stay Cool In Golf?

The following are the ways to keep cool:

  1. Wear light-colored clothing, which will not absorb the heat and will keep you cool for a long time
  2. Play early in the morning, specifically when the temperature is low
  3. Keep the umbrella along with you. Umbrellas are not for the rain but will also keep you cool in the hot summers.
  4. Apply sunscreen on your skin, and never forget to apply the sunscreens as they keep you protected from the harmful effects of the sun.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water as you can. Most of the players do not drink the water amount and feel the severe conditions due to dehydration. 


Every golfer loves to play golf for a long time, specifically in the summers when the sun shines in the blue sky and greens look refreshing.

But during hot days, most of the players face difficulty and cannot enjoy their game just because of their sweaty hands. Besides it, the moisture gives a slippery feel, and players face problems while playing golf as they cannot get a grip over the clubs.

As a result, the players feel stress either on their arms or hands. So get out of these problems. The golf grips play a vital role. The grips are made from high-quality materials that can absorb moisture and provides firm control over the clubs. In this way, the golfers can enjoy perfect and accurate shots. 

A review of the best golf club grips is provided here. Hopefully, it would help the golfers to get the best hold.