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10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer in 2023

10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

Are you on the hunt for the best golf balls for an average golfer to take your game to the next level? Perhaps you need some additional softer feel greenside or a little more distance off the tee? If so, you are in the right place.

Golf is a luxurious hobby; that’s no secret. If you are a fanatic golfer who loves to play golf on the course every weekend, you know how costlier the best lady’s golf balls can be. However, all you want is dependable gear at a pocket-friendly price.

If you want to develop and enjoy your game to the fullest, selecting suitable golf balls is mandatory. If you choose the wrong balls, you will curse yourself for not improving your performance on the course when it is your ball that is letting you down.

If you are an average golfer, you are probably fickle, experience problems with your short game, but strike plenty of splendid shots in each round that make you deliberate that you could be significant.

At this stage, it is vital to find the best balls to get rid of a stroke or two from your score and enhance your golfing experience. The selection of a ball for an average golfer is challenging and confusing.

There are countless options available out there that can appeal to you. Breaking those selections down and picking the optimal one that suits your personal preferences and swing speed is quite a process.

When you have found the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed, new ones are launched. This article will provide you a thorough review of the best golf balls for high handicappers and average golfers.

10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

In addition to that, we have also prepared an extensive guide on how to purchase the finest balls to help you choose the types of balls that will boost your golfing experience.

10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

1- Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls need no introduction. It’s indeed a no. 1 ball that almost all golfers have used. It is so popular that you can purchase it in bulk instead of getting one box. These best golf balls for seniors feature a three-layer construction and are made in the USA at the manufacturer’s ball plant 3 in New Bedford.

When it comes to redesigning the golf ball, Titleist takes it very seriously. They spent two years on plan, development, and several months on its creation before releasing it in the market. The brand new iteration promises to take your gaming experience to the next level, providing extra spin around the greens, a smoother sensation, and a consistent flight. Whether you are a beginner or average player, it can help you consistently perform the same sort of shots from round to round.  


  • The Titleist Pro V1 is designed to cater to nearly every golfer, every swing speed, and skill level.
  • If you are looking for a “pure distance ball”, you can opt for these as they deliver great distance, especially with a forgiving driver.
  • Furthermore, it offers exceptional control for the short game.
  • Arriving with a smoother surface, this superior quality ball provides both an enhanced feel and confidence when the golfer makes shots greenside.
  • It includes speed and decreases long game gyration.
  • Whether you are playing a touch thin check or bunker shot, it will react stunningly with excellent outcomes.
  • Stopping power is requisite for irons, and these best golf balls for high handicappers will deliver you with just that. It will have an adequate rotation with a firm shot to sit steadfastly on the green after a long flight.

Final Words:

Overall, this ball provides a sufficient amount of flexibility. It is ideal for professionals and amateurs, but it can fulfill all golfers’ needs, so we can call it a true all-rounder. You will be able to take full advantage of it if you are a moderate swinger. Its only downside is its high price, so it is your choice whether you decide to invest in it or not.

2- 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls 

Callaway chrome softball is one of the best golf balls for an average golfer. Callaway is renowned for making the best value-for-money balls for all types of players. In 2020, they invested $50m in their Chicopee ball plant to triple their workforce. This particular model is available at a reasonable price, so you can save your money and still get extra speed, distance, and spin where you need it the most with every club present in your bag.

It comes with a faster, larger grapheme-infused double soft fast core responsible for delivering boosted distance. The considerably larger internal core produces great launch and low rotation. On the other hand, the slender, solid external core is strengthened with Graphene for increased resilience. 


  • It is a perfect option for your overall game as an average player. You can cover additional three yardages with it.
  • You will notice a higher launch and higher gyration with just every club you will strike on the whole shot.
  • It feels very responsive greenside and out of the sand. It means you can play with Chrome Soft Golf Balls as much as you want with long irons and from off the tee.
  • They tend to grasp their line a little more, so they are great for those who have a habit of throwing in a couple of squiffy hits.
  • If you want more forgiveness, you can rely on it.
  • Moreover, a larger grapheme-infused double soft fast core provides boosted distance. The inner core generates a high launch and a little spin.
  • However, the thin yet firm external core is strengthened with grapheme for giving you sturdiness and additional wedge spin.
  • The latest and hottest proprietary Ionomer mixture produces more efficient energy transfer from the soft fast core for the fastest ball speed. 
  • The compounded additives are also there to improve steadiness and robustness. Besides, the stiff mantle delivers an extra spin on wedge shots. 

Final Words:

Without a doubt, it is the best golf ball currently obtainable in the market. When it comes to spin control, this long ball will impress you. You will also like the triple track aid. It will take your performance to another level as Callaway has upgraded every aspect and element of it for maximum speed and long-distance.

3- Wilson Profile Distance Golf Balls

Wilson is a famous brand that was founded in 1913. For more than 100 years, they are designing, manufacturing, and supplying superior quality and recreational golf equipment worldwide. Their staff irons have won 62 major tournaments. The victory ritual continues today by distributing premium quality gear to all golfers to elevate their performance and game on the course.

If we talk about these balls, they can take you from the tee to the green in a few hits. It features a high-energy core that generates faster ball speed and effortless distance. Their low compression technology delivers a pleasant feel during the round. Also, it integrates an Ionomer cover that decreases gyration and boosts precision on each shot.  


  • This set of the best golf balls for beginners flaunts high-energy cores that support long-distance flights. 
  • The low compression technology offers you a smoother feel. 
  • The affordable balls are constructed of ionomer that maximizes distance and generates a little spin. 
  • Dimple pattern technology reduces spin, hooks, and slices.
  • You can utilize it to get your ball at your targeted location with fewer strokes. 
  • Moreover, the core also helps to increase ball speed for the enhanced distance that feels effortless. 
  • Their design is attention-grabbing, and the feel is also great. 
  • A good thing about them is that you obtain 3 dozen balls in one package that reduces waste and cost simultaneously.
  • It is impeccably suitable for novices who want to improve their range and strike farther without using excessive power.

Final Words:

The Wilson Profile Distance best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed has earned top marks for its high energy core, promoting long-distance flight. The low compression construction is also its prominent feature that improves feel. It can help you improve shot precision, decrease twist, and direct the ball at your favorite location.

4- Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls 

An expert golfer knows that it takes more than just luck to hit a perfect shot. Various factors are involved, and the best lady’s golf balls are among the imperative ones. Callaway’s Hex Softballs are exclusively made to help you attain more distance and gyration in longer shots. Its shots are more extended and straighter than any other ball available out there.

This is because of the awe-inspiring core technology that also delivers maximum control greenside. It offers everything that you might need in a ball in the wind and on the ground. If you are on the lookup for a low compression ball that can increase distance, then you can buy this one without any hesitation. After all, low compression lowers rotation and enhances distance. Additionally, their softer feeling also makes them extremely popular. An excellent value ball, unarguably.


  • These best golf balls for the average golfer feature the best core technology. 
  • The technology creates a better spin separation of the ball to help the player hit longer and straighter shots irrespective of the conditions.  
  • Strong, wear-resistant, and flexible Polybutadiene plastic is used for making the core. 
  • Its flexibility feature delivers the low ball compression and permits it to cover the extra distance.
  • It activates a high resilience cover that provides enhanced correctness and distance to strike the fairway off the driver.
  • Other than that, they also offer requisite control around the greens. It means the shots greenside will stop instantly.
  • Fortunately, Hex Soft Golf balls have a soft cover that gives an exceptionally smoother feel. 

Final Words:

This ball is one of the finest golf balls available in the market these days. It offers you everything you might desire in your game and skill. Core technology guarantees longer distances and better ball spin. It is designed for low-handicappers and pros with higher swing speed.

5- Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 

If you want to progress your long game, you are in luck. Titleist velocity is designed to help you cover the additional distance in the golf course. Whether you are using a driver or iron, it will go farther than any other ball on the market. Its lightning LSX core is smoother and delivers the speed for the Velocity. The ball sits beneath the new, faster NaZ+ cover, which is liable for delivering robustness.

Moreover, the spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design optimizes aerodynamic performance for longer carry. To take advantage of this enhancement in power and distance, you will have to sacrifice the control and spin around the green. Besides, the demand for colored golf balls is growing rapidly. Thus, Titleist has offered four high-visibility color options for velocity balls, including green, white, orange, and pink. 


  • These best golf balls for the average golfer are intended to create low spin levels.
  • It comes with a fast NAZ+ cover that gives you both control and ball speed.
  • The cover keeps the spin impact low and is incredibly soft. You can effortlessly control your clubs as you strike the ball into the green.
  • This ball will provide you a little spin, roll, and control where you need it the most. However, you get the long-distance everywhere.
  • It features the contemporary spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple pattern that optimizes aerodynamic performance for higher and longer carry.
  • Also, the dimples provide steadiness and dependable ball flight.
  • It will be difficult for an experienced golfer to shape the ball with correctness with this ball.
  • Its super-fact LSX core is softer and provides the speed for the Velocity.

Final Words:

If you play golf once or twice a month and looking for a high-quality ball that won’t break your bank, then do yourself a favor and invest in Titleist Velocity best golf balls for distance. It is not designed for tour-level golfers and does not perform efficiently around the greens. However, if you are a single-digit handicapper, this is an incredible option for you. 

6- Callaway Player Mix 48 Recycled Golf Balls

Golf is a damn costlier hobby. You not only spend a small fortune purchasing clubs, but you also pay green fees every time you decide to play golf on the course. Thankfully, the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed can help you save money. Callaway offers you an opportunity to buy its Player Mix 48 Recycled Golf Balls at a very affordable price.

Now, after hearing recycled, you might be wondering do they execute like new ones. Well, Callaway is a reputable brand, so you can rest assured that they will offer you a decent collection of balls. You will obtain 48 high-quality balls that won’t affect your playability or trajectory. Yes, they are cosmetically challenged. But when it comes to price, it is a praiseworthy deal.


  • These balls are an excellent choice for beginners who don’t want to cry over losing the expensive ball.
  • You will notice slight cosmetic stains and discoloration, but it won’t affect your trajectory or performance negatively.
  • Callaway Player Mix 48 Recycled Golf Balls are available at a very reasonable price. 
  • Of course, they are used, but their condition and playability are much like the newest balls. 
  • It is not suitable for PGA tour golfers. However, if you play once or twice a month, you should get them for your practice sessions in your yard. 
  • Some have logos, some have markings, and some of them might be scuffed.
  • In one packaging, you acquire 48 balls that are in good condition.

Final Words:

If you can’t afford to spend a hefty amount on buying the new golf balls, then you should buy these inexpensive recycled ones by Callaway. They are used but are in good condition so that they won’t affect your performance. They are not severely scuffed, so they will fly higher, straighter, and help you generate more distance.

7- TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls 

TaylorMade is more famous for its clubs than balls, but one of its models has been making a buzz in the market in the past few years: TaylorMade TP5x. It gained fame since its release because of its attractive design and pocket-friendly price. Many top golfers have used it to elevate their tee to green performance. It is one of the finest tour balls that feature 5-piece ball construction. It is deliberated to enhance your performance.

Moreover, this affordable ball offers you everything you need, including Velocity, feel control, spin, flight, and distance. It integrates the hottest speed layer system made of four progressively firm layers to generate maximum ball speed. You can be confident of gaining more control in the air, more gyration greenside, and more carry distance off the tee. Best of all, Taylormade provides 12 stellar quality balls in one packaging.


  • TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are similar in many ways, but the latter one has a firmer feeling. Its crispier sound is somewhat high-pitched. 
  • The 4th of 5 pieces of both the TP5 and TP5X is 30 percent firmer and sturdier.
  • This layer is made of high flex modulus material, and it is proficient at changing the ball’s deflection at impact into forwarding velocity. 
  • TP5x softer ball reduces driver spin, and its inner layer’s compression is 25. 
  • This 5-layer ball flaunts a tri-fast core that is liable for delivering low drag and more carry.
  • Moreover, its dual-spin cover comes with a highly soft and resilient cast urethane cover.
  • The cast urethane cover boosts groove contact to give you more rotation and control around the greens.
  • You can rely on it to obtain complete tee to green performance.

Final Words:

These best golf balls for seniors are excellent all-rounder balls that provide long distances with low drag and more carry. Around the green area, you will acquire more spin for your wedge shots. With a robust cover for more spin and 5-layer construction for enhanced distance, this ball will surely get a place in your bag.  

8- Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls 

Titleist Tour Soft is one of the best golf balls for high handicappers. The brand provides an outstanding way for novices to gain access to the best in the market. By using them, you can obtain a superior level of feel and robustness without sacrificing performance. They are designed to suit the gaming style of all golfers. Additionally, this all-rounder ball works faster off the tee and is available at a low price.

The larger core and thinner cover are responsible for providing extra carry distance. When you hit a shot with this high-quality ball, you obtain a strong, unwavering flight with striking swing time, even in stormy conditions. These best golf balls for distance don’t feature a urethane cover, but still, they give you a soft feel and better control greenside with the wedges. Besides, you will love its side stamp design with the T-shape that provides easier orientation so that you won’t have to mark a line on the ball.


  • These balls are offered by a company that needs no introduction. Titleist is famous for delivering superior quality and durable balls.
  • This particular model offers you steadiness and reliability throughout the game.
  • It will be easier for you to generate desired distances with a high flight and trajectory when using the tour softball.
  • It will also benefit your short game as it vaunts an optimal level of control.
  • It features the most significant core ever that boosts the responsive feel that you obtain on impact.
  • The softer feel comes from the ultra-thin CE grafted cover that is made by using revolutionary technological tools.
  • With longer distances, penetrating trajectory, and reliable flight, the average golfer’s best golf balls will surely please players of all abilities.  
  • Finally, it comes in two color options: white and yellow.

Final Words:

All in all, you can’t go erroneous with these premium balls. If you are a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a lot on balls, these are ideal options. When it comes to choosing the best golf ball, several options are attainable out there, and it is undeniably an option that executes efficiently.

9- Callaway 2019 Supersoft Golf Balls 

Numerous brands are working in the golf market, but Callaway has established itself as a significant industry player. They frequently go against the customs and provide their users with some contemporary and groundbreaking features. In 2019, they launched the latest iteration of the long and straight distance ball that is impressively soft. Furthermore, these best ladies golf balls feature ultra-low compression and innovative low-spin HEX aerodynamics design to enhance distance and promote straight shots with all clubs.

Its smoother Trionomer cover produces great shot-shaping gyration and improved sensation to develop your short game performance around the green. Golfers love to play with it because of its ultra-low compression, low spin, and low drag. It is specifically designed for players with a swing speed of fewer than 95 miles per hour with the driver. If you are in that range, you will love its greater launch and swing time. It lowers slices, hooks and does not mind the low gyration side as well.


  • These best golf balls for the average golfer are packed with heart-touching characteristics that will force you to pay attention to them.
  • Its external structure has a core impression and is softer than other balls obtainable in the market.
  • Its stylish external cover will grab your attention towards it instantly.
  • On the other hand, the zero compression core is present to level up your performance.
  • HEX aerodynamics traits make it easier for golfers to cover extra distances.
  • It boasts a 38 compression, so hitting this softest ball feels like striking a pillow.
  • If you have faster swing speed, it will feel mushy, but with slow speed, it feels exceptional.
  • Its supremely soft cover gives you ultimate smoothness while hitting the balls.
  • Fortunately, Callaway Supersoft golf balls don’t have a low spin rating; it means they will offer you longer and straighter ball flights. Thanks to its ultra-low compression that controls the spin rate.

Final Words:

Callaway supersoft golf balls are equipped with many essential features that can improve your game in a short time. It is primarily designed for newbies and seniors who have slow swing speed. It will make every part of the game more accessible and enjoyable for you.

10- Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls 

Currently, the golf industry is jam-packed with the best golf balls for beginners, all promising conspicuous features for golfers’ different abilities. Some are heavily expensive, and some are cheap. The latest Trufeel by Titleist falls into the category of inexpensive balls. It is a fabulous option for players who are after soft feel but still want heightened control and long distance in the short game.

Moreover, these economic balls come with a new Trutouch core that enhances the driver ball speed and keeps the rotation low to increase the distance. The company has changed the size, dimple composition, and angles on the cover to increase the long game’s distance. The cutting-edge side stamp design is the most notable feature of this ball. It helps with alignment off the tee and around the green. Besides, it will help you acquire enhanced carry through the wind on longer shots with irons or woods. 


  • The innovative side stamp design provides easy alignment off the tee and around the green. You won’t have to waste time marking the line on the ball.
  • They arrive in three colors: white, yellow, and mattered. We would recommend you select yellow and red for increased visibility.
  • The company has formulated the TruTouch core from scratch, and this is the newest low-spinning, low-compression, and fastest core ever. It increases the ball speed and keeps the spin low to improve distance.
  • The 2-piece ball features a new patented Truflex cover that delivers more control, more spin, and a smooth feel greenside.
  • Additionally, this best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed equips TruFit aerodynamics technology. This up-to-the-minute asymmetrically optimized pattern enhances long game distance.

Final Words:

Overall, Trufeel balls are great, and they can improve your game at a very competitive price. You will love its fantastic feel off of the driver, woods, and irons. The cover is sturdy and difficult to damage, so you will be able to play with them for a long time. If you are looking for cheaper and durable best golf balls for distance on iron shots, buy these balls without overthinking.

Important Characteristic Of The Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer (Buying Guide)

When buying a box of the best ladies golf balls, these are the significant factors you must consider:


The ball’s construction is critical as it influences all other ball properties, including spin, feel distance, and efficiency. When it comes to construction, there are various types of balls to choose from, including 1-layer, 2-layer, 3-layer, 4-layer, and 5-layer. The more “layers” a ball has, the better the combination of gyration, feel, and distance it delivers. The multi-layer balls always come at a higher price.

The ideal approach to figure out the proper construction for your game is to understand which properties are essential for you. And then, decide what is suitable for you concerning each of them. For instance, if you need ultra-low spin and extra distance, you should buy a ball with the right amount of layers and compression for that to happen.


It is one of the essential qualities of the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed. It helps golfers reduce their scores and enjoy the game. The brands have controlled the gyration on their balls to provide precision, meaning it turns less from the preferred route. Multi-layer ball construction is the best way to accomplish low spin on the ball. You can improve your shots’ precision through practice but selecting the modern balls will hit the most accurate shots. 

Dimple Pattern

Dimples reduce the drag and produce a softer ball flight. If the dimple design is more profound, it will have a higher spin. On the other hand, a shallow dimple pattern will create low spin and higher flight. Thus, average golfers should choose the shallow dimple pattern.


If you have faster swing speed and can generate adequate distance, you can purchase the best golf balls for beginners that don’t go far. But if you are a slow swinger and want to cover more distance, then, in that case, the ball’s compression rating matters the most.

 A higher compression permits the ball to cover more distance, and low compression yields less spin so that you can acquire additional control and straight hit. The balls for beginners, high handicappers, and average golfers have low compression for producing less spin and more distance. Furthermore, they are cost-effective and have a smoother feeling.


The ball’s sturdiness is determined by the type of external layer and construction. You should choose a ball that equips all the features you need and will last for a long time. You will have to spend a hefty amount if you have to buy a new ball every 9 rounds. Every hit generates some wear and tear on the ball when many spins are transferred. These spots reduce the ball’s effectiveness.

Swing Speed

While looking for the best golf balls for seniors, don’t forget to evaluate your swing speed. Some balls are made for low swingers and some for fast swingers. Before finalizing the ball for your game, understand your swing speed to make an informed decision. 


The price is the most significant factor that you should not overlook at all. Bear in mind, costly balls are not inevitably the best ones, and inexpensive ones won’t last long. Before purchasing a box of balls, check out all the properties and then pick those that offer performance and don’t break your bank.

Your Skill Level

These days, multiple different types of golf balls are obtainable in the market. As we mentioned earlier, these balls are designed according to a player’s skills around the green. If you are a beginner, you should buy the best golf balls for beginners. However, if you are a high-handicapper or average player, you should grab the balls accordingly. Never get the balls that don’t match your skill level.


The spin of the best golf balls for the average golfer can make or break your game. When it comes to ball’s gyration, make sure to consider your gaming style before making a purchase.

The Feel

The feel is a personal preference, so that it can vary from person to person. But it is a crucial factor that you must consider while shopping for balls for average golfers. Your selected ball should boost your confidence and improve your overall game as well.


Nowadays, almost all golf balls are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Many brands have transformed the dimple pattern on the external layer to provide you maximum control and distance. It also enhances your experience. The average golfer’s ideal ball is 2-layer or 3-layer construction because it creates low spin and low compression. Ultimately, it gives you greater control of your shots and does not swing farther off the fairway unless you hit it poorly.

10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer
Golf ball on the green

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Golf Ball’s Diameter?

The best golf balls for the distance that satisfies golf requirements must have a spherical shape and a diameter of 1.68 inches or 42.7 mm.

Q. How Many Dimples Does A Golf Ball Have?

Currently, the majority of balls have between 350 to 450 dimples. Only a few balls have 330 or 500 dimples.

Q. What Is The Purpose Of Printing Numbers On The Best Golf Balls For Beginners?

They are printed on the balls for various reasons. It helps the players identify the ball during the game. Some companies print a 2-digit compression rating or a 3-digit number of dimple patterns to give the user information.

Q. Are Golf Balls Important For Average Golfers?

If you are happy with your short game, then you must invest money in golf balls. But, if you are not satisfied, you can obtain cheap balls to save money.  

Q. I Am An Average Golfer; Can I Use The 3-Piece Ball?

Well, two and three-piece balls are an optimal choice for average golfers. The 3-layer ball has an extra feel and spin control. In terms of distance, the 2-layer balls perform better than the 3-layer ones. The best golf balls for the average golfer provide more distance, have less spin, and have a smooth sensation. Two-piece balls have a smoother feel because of their cover. If a smoother sensation is vital for you, give a shot to a ball with an ionomer cover. Even if the ball’s rubber core is a tad bit hard, the cover will deliver a better feel on the short strikes.

Q. Does The Cold Wind Have An Impact On The Golf Ball?

Yes, it has a significant impact on the ball’s performance. The cold wind is thicker than warm wind, so it produces additional drag. According to experts, the variance is roughly 1 yard of carrying for every ten-degree temperature change. If the weather is 40 degrees, then you will lose 4 yards of distance.

Q. Can Softer Balls Help Me Cover More Distance?

The best golf balls for high handicappers with low compression are softer and compress more to generate extra distance. High compression balls deliver maximum control and are used by fast swingers to compress the ball.

Q. What Is The Handicap Of An Average Golf Player?

An average golfer has a handicap around 16 to 20, and he can score 90 on the course.

Q. What Is The Swing Speed Of An Average Golfer?

They have a swing speed between 80 and 95 miles per hour. They can create a distance of up to 220 yards.

Q. Can Low-Compression Balls Help Me Generate Extra Distance?

Yes, you can cover the extra distance by using the balls with low compression. Many average golfers also buy the ones that boast aerodynamics since they decrease drag to boost distance.


The selection of the best golf balls for the average golfer is an intricate process as many brands offer extraordinarily identical features and specifications. The final verdict will be the one that works in your favor and fits your budget. The balls we have reviewed in this post are all of the most excellent quality.

Of course, each one has its distinct characteristics, and some will help you produce more distance, some will rotate more, and some feel softer. But overall, the majority of average players prioritize a little spin to ensure that even their mishits stay on the targeted location.

However, there are a few golfers who demand longer distances as well. Whatever the case is, make sure to pick the balls that offer you low spin, control, softer feel, and long-distance along with low compression core and smooth external cover.


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