best golf bags for walking

Top Rated 10 Best Golf Bags for Walking in 2022

Golf is meant to be walking; for a real golf experience, the best idea is to walk. Many experts recommend walking on the course instead of using golf cars as it is a healthy practice.

By walking during the 18 holes, a player can burn calories up to 900, which is an excellent opportunity for people who want to stay healthy or lose weight.

There are numerous benefits of walking, but every player wants to get a golf cart and show off during the game. However, the golf cars were designed for staff and senior players who cannot walk much distance. Experts and doctors recommend walking during play; it keeps the body warmed up and helps in more decisive strikes and hits.

When it comes to buying a golf bag for walking, there is a large variety available. Due to the large availability, it can be tough to choose the best product according to your needs.

We have reviewed some of the best golf bags for walking to help you make choices. All the effects part of the review are of high quality.

best golf bags for walking

The below products are shortlisted after the keen research, and any bag you will choose will be of excellent quality. A few minutes of reading can help you get the right product. You must look if you need a golf bag for walking; products are discussed briefly with their features and pros.

Top 10 Best Golf Bags for Walking

1- Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5 LS – Best Golf Bags for Walking

Are you looking for a spacious golf bag? You have hit the right product. Sun Mountain Golf bag is one of the best golf bags for waking with its two straps back carry golf bag. It comes with a 14-way divider and nine pockets giving the player more storage and safety of tools. All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality.

Unlike traditional bags, it comes with a stand that makes it easy to access clubs when playing shots. There is no need to find support to stand the bag. There is no balance issue with its two-leg stand. The 14-way divider is padded with soft material that keeps the clubs safe and sound.

The weight is also very light, making it great for walking on the course. There is no doubt that it has plenty of space, but the weight is no more than similar products. Its features make it the choice of thousands of users around the world.

 Some of its features are discussed below that will help you make a choice.

Quick Features:

  • Spacious: The carry bags are considered the smallest with minimal space, but this golf bag is the opposite. This bag has a space like any cart bag. It comes with a 14 top way divider and nine pockets. A player can carry all golf accessories on the course, such as GPS and rangefinders, etc.
  • Quality: The sun mountain golf bags are of high quality and last long for years. One should not worry about the quality of sun mountain bags as industrial-grade material is used to manufacture. Every product is quality checked.
  • Double strap: Some best walking bags usually have a single strap, but this bag comes with a double strap for the back. The bag is comfortable as the angel tilts after wearing the bag. Like single strap bags, these bags are also comfortable to carry.
  • Elegant Design: The design of the bag is fundamental but elegant. Opposite to its looks, the bag is very comfortable to wear, and pocket placement is also perfect. On the first look, this bag looks bulky and inconvenient to carry but is not.
  • Light Weight
  • Full way Dividers
  • Nine pockets
  • High quality
  • Two-leg Stand
  • Comfortable straps.
  • Pricey

Final Words:

For those players who can carry 14 clubs at a time, this bag will be a good option with a lot of space. For weight, this bag is great, but the size is not compact. But carrying too many clubs can also make players tired, so the senior player must get a smaller carry bag.

2- TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Bag 5.0 – Best Walking Bags

The TaylorMade stands golf bag 5.0 is one of the best-selling golf bags due to its high quality and extra features. TaylorMade company is well known for its quality golf accessories, and this golf bag is one of them. It comes with a stand for easy clubs’ access. Its high quality makes it the choice of a large number of players.

It comes with a double strap for putting an even load on the shoulders. It has a5 way top divider that keeps all the clubs organized. The size is very compact but can fit all your golf accessories. With its six pockets, you can carry all stuff you need during the game, such as a rangefinder or GSP device, etc.

The air shoulder straps are padded to ensure the player does not feel tired or uncomfortable with the back bag. The hip pad on the side makes this golf bag even comfortable. We have discussed some of its main features that will help you decide whether to buy or not.

Quick Features:

  • Compact Size: When it comes to the size of the TaylorMade 5.0 golf bag, the size is perfect for walking. It comes with the five-way top divider to keep clubs organized. It can be hard to carry a 14-way divider bag on the course and cover a long distance.
  • AntiSplit Stand: You may have seen the two-leg stands splits if the weight is more than average. The TaylorMade golf bag comes with anti split system and does not slip due to rubber bottoms. It is a considerable point as clubs can get damaged even if they fell from a low height.
  • Comfortable: Many players assume that the double straps are not so comfortable. Unlike regular bags, this bag s very comfortable to wear, and its EVA molded hip pads on one side make the bag even comfortable.
  • High Quality: TaylorMade products are high in quality and last for years. You do not have to be worried about its quality. All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality. It is a bit pricey than others but worth its value.
  • Light Weight
  • Compact Size
  • EVA molded Hip-pad
  • Anti-split Stand
  • Garment Pocket
  • Only one full-length divider

Final Words:

The TaylorMade TM 5.0 golf bag is one of the best TaylorMade golf bags lightest weight golf bags you can get on the market. It is considerably small in size but has all the essential features that a golfer needs on the course. This product deserves a chance if you need a lightweight bag.

3- Callaway Org 14 Golf Bag – Luxury Golf Bags

If you are searching for a professional golf bag for walking, you must look at the Callaway ORG14 golf bag. It is one of the best-selling luxury golf bags due to its professional quality and add-ons. This golf bag has plenty of storage, easy access and can also be used as a cart bag.

It comes with 14 full-length dividers, which is the maximum allowed number of clubs on the course. It comes with a dedicated pocket for rangefinders and an insulated pocket for drinks. In short, it is a versatile golf bag and will be the right choice if you are going to buy this.

There is no doubt that it is expensive than other products of its family but worth its value. Thousand players like this bag because of its high usability and durability. We have discussed a few o fits features below that you must look for before choosing any other product.

Quick Features:

  • Plenty of space: The Callaway ORG 14 comes with a 14-way full-length divider that keeps the clubs organized as well as safe. The clubs do not rattle when moving with the padded dividers. Its ten front-facing pockets offer more storage for accessories.
  • Light Weight: If we look at the bag’s size, it is larger than regular carry bags as it provides more space. It weighs only 3 kg, which is not bad for a 14 top-way divider golf bag. When carrying 14 clubs, the weight of the bag must be considered.
  • Excellent Design: There is no doubt that Callaway products are excellent in quality and great for looks. As for appearance matters, this bag uses very vibrant color schemes that players highly like. These bags look great and increase the confidence of a player on the course.
  • Cart-strap Pass-through: This bag can be used with push/pull carts; this bag comes with a cart strap pass-through that gives a player access to all pockets without an unstrapping bag or moving it much. Many people do not consider this point and regret it after buying.
  • Light Weight
  • Large Space
  • Comfortable
  • Dedicated Pockets
  • Cart strap Pass-through
  • High quality
  • Expensive.

Final Words:

With so many features, there cannot be any other better choice than this. A bag full of clubs will not be easy for a senior player, but there will be no problem with carts and golf cars. The price is higher when compared to similar products.

4- TaylorMade 2019 Stand Golf BagBest Taylormade Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2019 golf bag is a good quality golf bag but at an affordable price. As always, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this golf bag. It is a medium-sized golf bag and has a 7-way divider for keeping clubs organized. You must look at it if you don’t want a 14 way or 4-way divider bag.

The size of this back si very compact as compared to regular golf bags. It comes with a two-leg stand that abolishes the balance issue. Moreover, it also makes accessing clubs easy. These golf bags only have five pockets but are enough for a beginner player.

The TaylorMade 2019 golf bag comes with double back straps. These straps are padded and very comfortable during walking. Its rain hood makes it one of the best waterproof golf cart bags. This golf bag has many features, but only some of them are discussed below.

Quick Features:

  • Size: The size of Taylor Made i2019 is perfect for the player who carries up to 7 clubs on the course. The size of this bag is very compact as it has only a 7-way divider and five pockets. This golf bag is the best option for beginners who do not need 14 clubs on the course.
  • Stand: You may have seen that small golf bags do not come with a stand, but the TaylorMade 2019 comes with two leg stand. This feature is handy as it provides easy access to the club during the game. Organized top makes it even easier to access clubs.
  • Colors: This golf bag has an exquisite design and available in a variety of colors. Some people are very color-conscious and feel confident to have their favorite color stuff. One can choose from 7 different color options.
  • Affordable: If we talk about the TaylorMade 2019 golf bag’s price, it is the best deal. This golf bag is the best you can get at this price. You will never find better under its price tag. Even if you have got some budget, this bag will be a good option.
  • Light Weight
  • Slim Pack
  • Matching Rain hood
  • High quality
  • Spacious
  • Multiple Grab Handles
  • NO insulated Pocket

Final Words:

The TaylorMade 2019 golf has all the features like any high-end golf bag. It is compact will be great for those walkers who do not carry 14 clubs on the course. You must consider this golf bag as it is of good quality and has an affordable price.

5- Amazon Golf Stand Bag

Low on budget but need a golf bag? There cannot be any other better choice, the Amazon Basics Golf bag. The price is so much affordable when compared to products with the same features. It has all the features that you expect from any quality golf bag. It comes with a 14-way divider top for organized clubs.

You cannot get a better product under its price tag. Nylon fabric is the primary material used for its manufacturing, which is durable. The padded shoulder straps make it extremely easy and comfortable to wear, and the plastic o stand tips prevent it from slipping gad splitting.

However, it is very affordable but still comes with a one-year warranty. Its five pockets are enough to carry necessary golf accessories on the course. The weight is also very light by just a bit more than 2 kg making it an even greater option. A few of its features are discussed below.

Quick Features:

  • Light Weight:  If we compare the Amazon basic stand golf bag’s weight with other products, it is much lighter. Calling it the lightest product will not be wrong as it only weighs about 5 lbs. The lightweight nylon fabric is used for its manufacturing.
  • Warranty: There is no doubt that this golf bag’s price is very affordable but still comes with a year warranty. Having a guarantee on fabric products is a great deal. One year warranty is enough for an inexpensive golf bag.
  • Additional Features: The extra features make any product better than others as every product delivers essential functions. It has plastic covers on the stand tip to prevent slipping and splitting. The shoulder straps are padded and are comfortable to wear.
  • Durable: The Amazon basic bag is of high quality. It will last for a year if used appropriately and saved from rough conditions. It is made up of highly durable nylon fabric. If you are a Sunday player, this golf bag will be an excellent choice for you.
  • Light Weight
  • 14-way divider
  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Anti split stand
  • Not good for traveling

Final Words:

The Amazon Basics golf stand bag is an excellent product under its price range. It has features like any high-end golf bag; you must give it a try. This golf bag is much more affordable than any other bag with similar features.

6- Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway Stand Bag – Best Golf Bag

If we search on the internet for golf bags for walking, we will see numerous products. It can be very confusing to make the right choice. Callaway 2020 fairway stand golf bag will be a good option if you need a quality golf bag. Like every other accessory of Callaway, the quality of this golf bag is also very nice.

It is a compact and slim golf bag with a space of 5 clubs. It comes with five full-way length dividers that not only keep the clubs organized but safe as well. It comes with shoulder straps and a carrying handle for easy maneuverability on the course.

It has enough pockets to carry all your accessories on the course, such as rangefinders and GPS devices, etc. You must see it features discussed below to decide whether this will be good for you.

Quick Features:

  • Compact: Unlike most carry bags, the Callaway 2020 fairway bag is a compact designed golf bag with only five clubs. Thousands of customers around the globe highly like its compact size and mid-range price.
  • Durable: The primary material used for manufacturing this bag is nylon fabric. Nylon is very strong and durable and can bear rough conditions. You must not worry if you use your things properly. This bag can last for years if kept appropriately.
  • Pockets: This golf bag for walking comes with dedicated pockets for different accessories such as a rangefinder, valuables, Mobile phones, GPS devices, etc. It also has pockets for teens and balls and other stuff like this.
  • Fit strap Starp System: The Callaway 2020 fairway golf bag uses an X-act fit strap function that automatically balances the bag when carries o the shoulder. It is one of the best features of this golf bag and is only found in professional golf bags.
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • X-Act Fit Strap
  • Weighs 2.2 kg
  • 5-way dividers
  • Only available in the double strap

Final Words:

The Callaway 2020 fairway golf bag has all the features that ta player needs on the course. The price is no too hefty that makes it a good choice for people with a low budget. His product deserves a chance; you must give it a try.

7- Callaway Golf 2020 Stand Bag – Best Callaway Golf Bag

Care about the weight of your golf bag? Callaway Hyperlite Zero is one of the best choices, with a weight of just 1.5 kg. With its lightweight, this bag is best for senior walkers. It comes with a 4-way divider and seven pockets. For golfers who don’t carry more clubs on the course, this golf bag is the solution.

This golf bag’s size is very compact; it can only fit four clubs at a time. Many senior players around the world love this bag for its compact design. It has different carrying handles to make it convenient for you to carry a bag along with you.

The bag is not too big but has features like an expensive golf bag. It comes with seven pockets for different things such as tee, balls, and mobile phone, etc. You can select four different colors and patterns and get your favorite color to boost your confidence.

Quick Features:

  • X-Act Fit Strap: Unlike regular golf carry bags, does not have X-Act fit strap function, but the Callaway Hyperlite feature this function. It automatically balances the golf bag for comfortable carrying. This feature is only found in very few golf bags.
  • High Quality: Callaway is a well-renowned company and never compromises on the quality of the products. Sam like befoe, Callaway Hyperlite golf bag is great in quality and usability. You should never worry about the quality of this golf bag.
  • Durable Stand: Usually, the stands of golf bags are made of steel plastic or some other metal. The stand of the Callaway golf bag is made of carbon-fiber, which lightest but strong material. Minor improvements like this have made this bag a great product.
  • Full-length divider: Even the golf bag’s weight is ultra-light but has a full-length divider that keeps clubs from rattling when moving the bag. A minor fault in a club can cause many misadventures; therefore, full-length dividers are considered a great safety measure.
  • Ultra lIghtweight
  • Carbon Fiber stand
  • X-Act Fit strap system
  • Optifit straps
  • Large Zippers
  • Comfortable
  • Strap adjustment is not simple.

Final Words:

More choice s will more a person get confused. The Callaway golf bag would be an excellent buy as it is not overpriced, has plenty of space, and is light in weight. If you like t carry 4 or 5 clubs, this golf bag will be a good option for you.

8- Bag Boy Chiller Stand Golf Bag – Best Waterproof Golf Cart Bags

Bag Boy golf bag is one of the best bags used for golf; it is an award-winning golf bag that has made it popular worldwide. This golf bag is made for professional golf players who may need anything anytime. It is a spacious golf bag with a capacity of 14 clubs and other extra accessories such as rangefinders and GPS devices etc.

One will know the quality of the bag by just looking and touching it. In terms of quality, there is no other better than this. All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality. No product is perfect, as every player has its own choices.

For longer games, this bag comes with a cooler pocket that can carry six can of 12 ounces. The cooler pocket is very spacious, unlike any other golf bag. The weight is of this golf bag is not too impressive, but its features are. The full-way length dividers will keep your clubs safe and sound without getting damaged.

Quick Features:

  • Quality: If we talk about the quality of the Bag Boy golf bag, it is amazing. Every material used for its manufacturing is of industrial grade. The golf bags are also quality checked to ensure you are getting the best piece.
  • Spacious: When the Ba boy golf bag is compared to other large golf bags, it almost has double capacity. One can carry six cans of 12 ounces in the cooler pocket, which is a great idea to enjoy your drinks during the game.
  • Single Shoulder Strap: Unlike most of the latest golf bags, bag guy golf bags come with a one-sided strap. It is more comfortable and ergonomic to carry golf bags on one side. One can carry more load easily with a single strap making it an even greater choice.
  • TopLok technology: This golf bag uses TopLok technology that keeps the bag securely locked to keep safe your valuables and golf accessories. TopLok technology comes in only a few golf bags, and the Bag guy bag is one of them.
  • Great quality
  • TopLok technology
  • Removable cooler bag
  • Wide Pockets
  • Sturdy stand
  • Not for senior players

Final Words:

The Bag Guy chiller golf bag is great in terms of quality, durability, and usability. The only thing that will bother senior players is its weight; after filling it up, a fully occupied bag needs a cart to maneuver.

9- Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag  – best walking bags

Titleist Hybrid 14 golf bag is one of the latest golf bags with the newest improvements to improve your golf experience. It comes with numerous features and qualities such as Hinged bottom for better stabilization on the ground etc. making it the choice of many users.

This golf bag features an aluminum stand that is light in weight but strong like iron ad steel. This golf bag has a 14-way full-length divider that keeps all clubs untouched. With the padded driver, the golf clubs do not produce rattling when moving the bag. This bag’s design looks unfamiliar due to the curved bottom hinge that gives it a bent look.

A player can adjust its straps to use them according to its needs and mood. If the bag is fully occupied, it needs a cart to move it. It is not the right choice for players above 45or 50. You must see its features to make a decision.

Quick Features:

  • Strong Legs:  The Titleist Hybrid 14 golf bag comes with strong aluminum legs that are lighter in weight but strong as iron or steel. The legs do not split or can be broken easily.
  • Adjustable Straps: Most golf bags do not have adjustable straps. The Titleist golf bag comes with an adjustable strap player can also wear it on one side or back. It is a great feature to adjust straps according to requirements.
  • High quality: If we talk about this golf bag’s quality, one will know its quality on the very first look. High-quality material has been used for the manufacturing of this bag that ensures its durability. This bag can last for years if used appropriately.
  • Balance: On the uneven surface, the bags often fall off; these golf bags come with a hinged bottom that stabilizes the bag’s balance. This feature is only introduced in very few bags, and the Titleist hybrid bag is part of that.
  • Stable on ground
  • Aluminum stand
  • Nylon fabric
  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Foam Straps
  • Bulky design

Final Words:

With numerous features and qualities, buying the Titleist golf bag will not be a bad buy. This bag has all the features that a golf walker need. With its quality material, this bag will last for years.

10- Izzo Ultra Lite Golf Stand Bag – the best golf bag

If you are looking for a stylish and elegant golf bag that attracts everyone’s sights, you are on the right product. Izzo ultra-lite golf bags on the lightest weight golf bag with all features required to carry golf accessories. It is ultra-light in weight and has a super cool design.

The design of this golf bag is very basic and simple, but the style is lovely. Anyone will love this bag at the very first glance. It is a compact-sized golf bag but spacious to carry golf accessories. This bag has a four-way divider and is available in four different colors.

If we look at its features, it is one o the best product you can get at its price range. It is made of high-strength fabric to tolerate tough conditions. If the bag is kept with proper care, it can last for years without getting ripped. Have a look at its features that are discussed below:

Quick Features:

  • Design: Many people do not consider color design or style of bag, which must be considered when paying for a product. It has a straightforward, basic, and sleek design liked by everyone. This golf bag looks great and increases the confidence of the player.
  • Light Weight: When it comes to the Izzo Ultralite golf bag’s weight, it just weighs around 1.5 kg, which is quite impressive. The lightweight golf bag is great for senior players who cannot carry more weight.
  • Straps: It comes with double straps to carry the bag on the shoulder. It also a carrying handle near the opening of the bag to make the bag easy to maneuver. The handle can be handy for moving bags sometimes.
  • Extra Features: There’s o doubt that it is a compact golf bag but still has features like an umbrella holder, rain hood, and Integrated smart grip handle that keeps it in the top products list. You must try it once; this will result in a good buy.
  • Light Weight
  • Spacious 4-way divider
  • Sturdy Stand
  • SmartGrip Handle
  • Dual straps
  • Cool design
  • Pricey

Final Words:

The Izzo ultra-lite golf bag is ultra-light in weight and great for senior players who do not want to carry more load. It will be a great option for young players also with its cool-looking design.

Best Golf Bags For Walking – Buying Guide

Walking is considered one of the best exercises, and the whole body works by a simple walk. Many experts recommend walking than using carts or golf cars on the golf course, as it is a healthy practice. There is no doubt that senior players cannot walk too much on the course, but young players must try walking. If you want to enjoy your game, walking will be the best idea.

If you have decided to walk on the course, then the very first thing you need is a golf bag for walking. A golf bag is very crucial as every player wants to take all club and accessories on the course. A golf bag must be perfect according to the players’ requirements because there should be no discomfort when moving the bag.

The availability of a large variety of golf bags has made it hard to make a choice. Anyone can get confused easily by the number of choices. A player must be very keen as it is an expensive investment for some players. The buyer must know its requirement to make the best choice.

Many things must be considered when buying a golf bag for walking. We have discussed some of the important points below that will help you make the right choice. A few minutes of reading can help you get the best product for your needs.


The first and important point of a golf bag for a walker is the bag’s weight. If you carry your bag yourself, then this aspect cannot be ignored. A golf bag must be lightweight but must be featureful. Unlike traditional walking golf bags, modern golf bags are made of much lighter-weight material that makes them great.

A few clubs’ weight is nothing for young players, but it’s the opposite for senior players. Players also like leather bags, which are the heaviest in carrying bags but are not a big issue.


As the large variety is available, there are different-sized golf bags you can get. There are different choices available, and you can choose according to your storage needs. If you carry 2 or 3 clubs simultaneously, a slim and compact bag will be the best choice. But if you want to carry more clubs and accessories with you, find a large bag with more storage.

The space is minimal in Sunday bags but, it must have enough pockets to keep your valuables safe. Usually, there are there re two or three pockets on carrying bags for rangefinders and GPS devices and towel holders, etc.


The market is full of too many brands that are selling low-quality bags. A golf bag must be of high quality as it is a one-time buy. A quality golf bag will last for years without getting ripping. There is no doubt that quality products are much more expensive but, quality products are worth their value. Read reviews about different bags to know more about specific golf bags.


Compare prices of different golf bags to find a budgeted one. Consider the above points, because there will be no benefit from buying a cheap bag if It does not fulfill your requirements. Never go with the cheapest product, as many companies offer low rates to attract more customers. If you have got some budget, then you must choose the best golf bag for walking.

best golf bags for walking

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many clubs can be carried in a carry golf bag? 

Walking golf bags are the smallest and have minimal storage. One can put 2 to 3 clubs in the bag at a time. However, you may find a bag with space for 3 to 4 clubs but are more extensive than regular bags. There is no more room for clubs after 2 or 3. 

It is not recommended to carry more than 2 or 3 clubs in Sunday bags to damage other clubs. Carrying more weight on the back can lead to several spinal injuries and issues. The performance of the player is also affected after carrying loads on the shoulders for a long time.

Q. What is the lightest golf bag?

The weight of a golf bag depends on the material used for its manufacturing. The lightest golf bags weigh around 1 kilogram, which is almost nothing when carrying clubs and other accessories with you. The leather golf bags are heavier than parachute bags it is much lighter than other materials.

Most of the Sunday bags are light in weight, but it depends on what he will carry in the bag. Carrying more weight is not recommended; however, many players try to carry more and more clubs on the course.

Q. Can golf carry bags can be used as travel bags?

Yes, as the golf carry bags are compact sized and can carry up to 4 clubs, it will not be a bad idea to use Sunday bags. But if you are thinking of taking it to the pane, you must get a box cover to keep your expensive clubs safe. 

As the luggage is treated roughly, there are chances of getting your clubs damaged. Rigid club boxes are used usually for taking clubs as minor bends can be 

Q. Do golf carry bags come with a stand?

Unlike traditional golf carry bags, the latest bags come with a stand for easy access during the game. If you carry your bags, considering a stand bag is not wrong. Not all carry bags come with a stand, but you can find one on the internet. Some companies are manufacturing bags with stands. The stands can be folded up when the player is carrying them.

Q. Why do golf carry bags have only one strap?

As the club are long, therefore, carrying them on both shoulders is not a good idea. The Sunday bags only have a single shoulder strap. Back-carry golf bags can affect the performance of the players. Moreover, it cannot be easy to walk with a golf bag on the back due to the clubs’ length.

Some golf bags come with two straps, but it is not a good practice. It may affect the performance as the player strikes after carrying the load on the shoulders. Two straps are not great options; it is better to get a single strap bag because it is ergonomic.

Q. What materials are golf bags made up of?

There are different types of materials used for manufacturing golf bags. Parachute, the weaved fabric, is the most commonly used material as these can bear rough conditions. You may find golf bags made of leather or custom material. Many companies made custom golf bags according to the requirement of the player.

Q. Why are leather golf bags not considered a good option?

The most important thing about a golf Sunday bag is its weight. The leather is much heavier than other fabrics; for senior players, few pounds are considerable weight. If you are a young player, then you must not worry when buying a leather bag.

When it comes to the quality of these bags, no other fabric can be compared with leather. The leather bags are mostly custom-made and also cost more than traditional material bags. If you have the budget and energy, a leather bag will be a good option.

Q. Do carry bags have way dividers?

Not all bags have way dividers, but some Sunday bags have three or 4-way dividers to keep your clubs safe. A golf bag can maximum have a 14-way divider, as a player can only carry fourteen on the course; some carry bags even have a whole-way divider that ensures the safety of golf sticks. It is a crucial thing to consider when buying a golf carry bag.  

There are more chances of clubs getting damaged with bags without way dividers. The whole way dividers not only keep the club’s head safe but the shaft also. Some clubs are sensitive such as drivers that must be kept safely.

Q. Does carrying golf back is injurious?

If the player does not carry more weight, there are significantly fewer chances of getting spinal injury or pain. On the other hand, the players who take more clubs and weight on their back or push or pull heavy trolleys may suffer from spinal injury or back pain. 

According to experts, carrying two or three golfs will not affect it as it only weighs few pounds. But if you want to carry all the accessories on the course, it is better to get a golf car.

Q. How long does a golf carry bag last?

It depends on the golf bags’ use; if the player uses the golf bag roughly, it will not last more than a year or two. If the player keeps its belonging safe and operate correctly, a golf bag can last up to ten years. Quality is also another significant factor that affects the life of a golf bag. A good quality bag does not get ripped off easily, and zips do not malfunction, increasing the bag’s life.


However, all the above-reviewed products are of the best quality in terms of material, usability, features, etc. Every player has his own choice and preferences; therefore, different golf bags with other materials and components are discussed briefly.

A review can help understanding better about the product. The Callaway ORG14 golf bag is the best as it has all the features that you can expect from a quality golf bag from the reviewed products. You can make your own choice, but choosing this will not be a wrong decision.

The Callaway org1 4 is the best Callaway golf bag; it is a bit pricey than others but worth its value; that is why Callaway has sold thousands of copies of this golf bag. There are a lot of many other options that you can choose according to your requirement.

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