10 Best TaylorMade Driver For High Handicapper

10 Best TaylorMade driver for high handicapper in 2022

Golf is one of the most prevalent sports globally. When you decide to become a golfer and get on the tee, the primary thing you need to begin your game is to have the best Taylormade driver to provide you extra distance, control, and the flight gets par. 

As a golf fanatic, you know that golf’s each round initiates with a tee shot; thus, if you want to finish strong, you need to lay your hands on the best Taylormade driver for distance in your bag. 

Drivers are certainly one of the most bought golf clubs, which is why the brands have been competing with one another for several years and investing millions of dollars into research, development, and creation of the most technologically advanced drivers. 

The up-to-the-minute model makes the former ones by the same manufacturer archaic. Without a shadow of a doubt, Driver technology has developed by some impressive leaps and bounds over the past few years. 

Golfers used to play with a small compact clubhead in the past, but today’s drivers are furnished with larger clubheads. And one of the leading golf driver companies accountable for making this happen is Taylormade. They have introduced some of the best driver technologies, including SLDR, M1, and now SIM. 

They not only produce superior quality drivers for professionals but golfers of all skill levels. The company has a club for almost everyone, from the latest and feature-rich TaylorMade M6 driver review to the TaylorMade burner driver. But you might be questioning, “which is the best Taylormade driver ever?” 

Best TaylorMade driver for high handicapper
Best TaylorMade driver for the high handicapper

Luckily for you, we have prepared this extensive guide to help you pick the absolute perfect driver for your personal needs and budget, which flaunts groundbreaking technologies and innovative design. Please have a look at our review of the top 10 best Taloymade drivers currently available out there!

List of Best TaylorMade driver for high handicapper

1- TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver (460cc) 

The M6 D-type is envisioned to generate extraordinary length and more forgiveness. It offers a more prominent sweet spot than other tour-level drivers available in the market. This club gives you the power of M6 with some extra help with striking a draw. The draw bias will be perceptible, especially with the stock shaft. Besides, it flaunts an oversized face that is accountable for delivering welcoming forgiveness to you. 

The twist face technology decreases sidespin and conveys straight shots on off-center strikes. It looks, sounds, and feels similar to the standard M6 driver. For a draw-bias driver, the Taylormade Golf M6 D-Type is outfitted with numerous features. This club presents you with a comprehensive tee box package, from the aerodynamic carbon sole design to speed-injected face. 


  • It is the best Taylormade driver ever as it equips all of TM’s latest technology along with a shifted center of gravity to promote a draw.
  • They have transformed the two-tone crown cosmetics to make the face angle look more open. You will witness that the silver band is thicker closer to the toe.
  • Its sound is low-pitched, and feedback is below average. The head is stable, but you will still detect toe misses or significant heels.
  • On the other hand, it is furnished with a hammerhead slot in the sole, an inertia generator, and injected twist face. All of these technologies work together to make it a dependable and forgiving club.
  • If it is difficult for you to strike the club face’s center, you must give this driver a try.
  • Moreover, for COR optimization, its head is inoculated with tuning resin across the whole face. The speed injection process increases the ball speed and distance.
  • Corrects slices and hooks
  • Delivers astonishing distance
  • Revolutionary forgiveness
  • Produces straighter shots on off-center hits
  • Little high price

Final Words:

M6 D-type best Taylormade driver for distance is an optimal option for players who want a lot of forgiveness and higher launch. It presents a minimal gyration, even if you have the fastest swing speed. The hammerhead slot, inertia generator, aerodynamic carbon sole design, speed injection, and twist face are some of its striking features that promise to provide you outstanding performance. The same characteristics will make this purchase highly satisfying for you.  

2- TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

In the past few years, the best Taylormade drivers have become very prevalent amongst the world’s best golfers. Big names such as Tiger, Rahm, and many others use their drivers in their golf tournaments. Their trust and validation have helped the company earn more respect in the golf industry than ever before. In 2020, they released the Taylormade SIM driver review that emphasizes forgiveness, with an 8 percent bigger face and 20 grams of back weight. This newest club has a much higher moment of inertia (MOI) than the standard SIM driver. 

It is exclusively made for players who are seeking enhanced forgiveness and consistency. The significant difference between SIM and SIM Max is that in the latter, they have placed 20 grams of weight low and deep on the inertia generator’s tip to enhance the MOI by 80 points. Furthermore, the 8% larger clubface will boost your confidence in the course. Most importantly, the thru-slot speed pocket on the driver’s heel generates extraordinary ball speed and helps with extra forgiveness. 


  • This best TaylorMade driver for high handicapper is anticipated to provide out-of-the-world ball speed and forgiveness.
  • It is a solid performer that is armed with many noteworthy features.
  • At address, it is very much similar to its big brother, and the light grey carbon fiber dominates its crown.
  • It is slightly longer from the front to the rear and does not have a sliding weight. Thus, the SIM MAX stresses the asymmetrical inertia generator weight.
  • Moving on to its feel and sound, the best Taylormade driver ever is louder, and its feedback is fuzzier than SIM.
  • Besides, its highly forgiving head covers up the slices and mishits.
  • Speed injected technology is responsible for optimizing COR and improving ball speed. 
  • On top of everything else, this club’s adjustable loft sleeve enables you to increase or decrease the club’s loft degree. You can also lower or raise the twisting rate and produce an offset.  
  • 2-degree loft sleeve
  • Multi-material construction for terrifically low CG and high MOI
  • Twist face technology for forgiveness
  • Perfect for high handicappers
  • Expensive

Final Words:

The Taylormade SIM MAX driver is an incredible choice for folks who want forgiveness and easy to hit club. It generates sufficient ball speed and covers up off-center shots. Best of all, this premium driver brings precision and extra distance to the hands of aspiring golfers.  

3- TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver (460cc)

This best TaylorMade driver for distance delivers exceptional features that could undoubtedly hold players’ attention who enjoy an excellent golfing experience from their wood. It is designed to be a more customizable club than other drivers by TM. Its advanced technology can help you outplay the competition. A few notable resemblances between M5 and TaylorMade M6 driver review are the twisted face, thinner crown alignment, and speed injection technology. 

The only significant difference is the existence of a new and more efficient Inverse T-Track system placed at the clubhead’s sole. You can take advantage of this system for splendid spin and trajectory with small moveable weights. If you love to work the ball from side to side, this driver is perfect. Furthermore, it relies on the twisted face and speed injection resin to increase ball speed and distance.


  • If you want to strike your driver further than your friends, then Taylormade M5 can fit the mold. If you drive 180 yards currently, this long driver can help cover 300 yards.
  • The inclusion of more efficient Inverse T-Track and moveable weights has made it much more adjustable than any previous models. 
  • The creators have calibrated every single head to guarantee it is as close as possible to USGA’s legal limit for ball speed.
  • The latest and more flexible hammerhead 2.0 slot is coupled with twist face and speed injected technology to create a more prominent sweet spot and reserve the ball speed on off-center shots. 
  • Another significant addition to the M5 is the speed-injected twist face, a dominating piece of technology, optimizes COR, boosts the ball’s speed, distance, and accuracy.
  • Its best feature is an adjustable loft sleeve that is liable for supporting the weighting to produce a subdued ball flight.  
  • Lightweight driver
  • Stylish design
  • Highest forgiveness
  • Customizable
  • Expensive
  • Paint wears out after some time

Final Words:

The M5 best Taylormade driver ever is not the first one to be integrated with hammerhead shot, twist face, and speed injection technology. But it’s unquestionably the first TM formation with a more advanced, revolutionary, and efficient inverse T-track system. This club is excellent for golfers of all skill levels, but you might need a little learning time. However, once you understand how it functions, it has the power to transform your game for good.

4- TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc) – Taylormade M6 Driver Review

Are you looking for the longest driver that offers adjustability features? Then look no further because the TaylorMade M2 driver is here to cater to your individual needs. It is difficult to find a club that presents more possibilities than this one. Like previous M series drivers, it also exhibits the patented twist face that helps decrease the side gyration on mishits. This is fantastic news for all golfers because overall precision is forever a heaven-sent benefit. 

It comes with moveable weights for greater forgiveness for folks who believe wrenches are for plumbers, not golf drivers. In the 2019 version of this high-quality club, the company has integrated a speed-injected face in conjunction with special tuning resin to optimize COR across the whole face. This procedure is so successful with boosting the ball speed and distance that it conforms to the USGA’s legal limit. Another speed-enhancing trait is a giant hammerhead 2.0 slot that is placed just behind the club’s face.


  • This cutting-edge club is probably one of the best drivers ever. It is anticipated to maximize both performance and distance.
  • When it comes to ball speed, it toes the line with the USGA’s legal limits.
  • They have 50 percent extra carbon to deposit additional weight in the appropriate locations within the clubhead.
  • It’s wonderful that the best TaylorMade driver for high handicapper is speed injected, boasts twist face technology, and a hammerhead 2.0 slot.
  • The speed injection refers to the tuning resin they have implanted into the clubface to stiffen the face.
  • In addition to that, the twist face technology lowers sidespin and offers straighter shots. Best of all, it is as forgiving and long as it can be legitimately under the existing golf regulations.  
  • Besides, it is adjustable to fine-tune the lie and loft into 12 different points easily. It permits you to increase or decrease the loft by 2 degrees.  
  • Eye-catching design
  • Longest and forgiving
  • Delivers more trajectory
  • Lightweight driver
  • Generous sweet spot
  • Costly
  • The loft is not so adjustable

Final Words:

The TaylorMade m2 driver review is most likely the top-notch club that TM has constructed till now. It is not the perfect fit for every golfer, but it offers maximum distance and forgiveness than older models. It is easier to hit and also has a fantastic sound and feel.

5- TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver – Best Taylormade Driver For Distance

The SIM MAX D is outfitted with similar groundbreaking technologies that define the SIM series of drivers. However, it flaunts a bigger face, divergent topline making, and heel-bias internal weight to draw the ball flight. If we call it the most forgiving club made by Taylormade for high handicappers, it would not be incorrect. The weight is minimal closer to the heel, and in the clubhead, you will be able to square up the face and strike a straighter shot quickly. Moreover, speed pocket technology that makes the M6 stand out from the crowd has improved this model.

We like it because of its adjustability. The 2-degree loft sleeve is here to help you feel like you are hitting a customized driver specifically made for your gaming style. As we mentioned that its face is larger, so it will become easier for you to strike the ball in the middle. Sometimes with the longest and forgiving club, you have to give up a tad bit of feel. In the SIM MAX D, the company has improved both the feel and sound, so you will feel like you are playing with a top-class club even though it is a draw bias driver.


  • If you are a high handicapper looking for more forgiveness, purchase the TaylorMade burner driver immediately.
  • This top-rated product has won a gold medal on the 2020 golf digest hotlist.
  • Its speed-injected twist face is accountable for correcting off-center hits and bringing the COR up to the USGA’s legal limit.  
  • Besides, it arrives with a unique asymmetric shape that forms asymmetry and utilizes an inertia generator to transfer weight back.  
  • Carbon, Titanium, and steel are used to produce a head design where weight is placed in the head for a low, larger face, a little spin, a higher moment of inertia, and a draw-biased center of gravity.
  • The speed pocket technology boosts sole agility and promotes forgiveness low on the clubface and enhanced ball speed.
  • Additionally, the inverted cone technology is integrated to expand the face’s sweet spot to improve mishit performance.
  • Increased ball speed
  • Adjustable
  • Longest and forgiving
  • Lightweight and easier to swing
  • Many golfers disliked the loud “thud” impact sound
  • Expensive

Final Words:

The best Taylormade driver ever is the advanced version of the TaylorMade M2 driver and m6 driver. This longest club is constructed with a flawless blend of steel, carbon, and Titanium. It is intended for high handicappers who need increased ball speed, forgiveness, and adjustability.

6- TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver – Taylormade Sim Driver Review

The SIM 2 max is here to push the boundaries of what a club can do. It is probably the first best TaylorMade driver for the distance that vaunts innovative new forged ring construction. United with exclusive metal wood technologies, this model exposes a new level of forgiveness and distance. There are several differences between the standard SIM and SIM 2 MAX; the most prominent ones are the fixed weight’s location and weight. 

Just like SIM, in this particular model, the brand has installed an inertia generator and twist face technology to enhance ball speed. It conveys higher MOI with a heavy 24-gram tungsten weight situated on the inertia generator. Furthermore, they have strategically placed the TPS front weight on the club’s heel to promote excellent launch and gyration properties, delivering maximum forgiveness and top-level performance. It is available in 9-degree, 10.5-degree, and 12-degree options with senior, ladies, stiff, extra stiff, regular shaft flex, and adjustable hosel.  


  • The Taylormade has manufactured SIM 2 MAX driver from scratch to offer a new level of speed, distance, and forgiveness.
  • It features the newest and hottest forged ring construction made using high-power and lightweight aluminum and is refined to a precise shape.
  • It combines the entire carbon heel, pulverized back cup face, and massive back weight. Using this construction to unite all those fragments boosts forgiveness and constancy to revolutionize your game.
  • On the other hand, this best TaylorMade driver’s asymmetric inertia generator ever delivers the fastest clubhead speed through aerodynamic analytics and progressive geometry. 
  • The famous speed-injected twist face technology increases ball speed by standardizing each head to the verge of the USGA’s legal limit with corrective face curvature, defending against sole and toe mishits.
  • Split mass weighting is also here to identify target swing weights during custom assembly and escalate forgiveness. 
  • Higher launch and MOI
  • A good option for golfers who produce excess backspin
  • Low and penetrating ball flight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • More forgiveness
  • Least forgiving than other SIM models
  • Crazy high price

Final Words:

The company decided to make SIM 2 Max from scratch and inserted new construction to provide extra forgiveness and steadiness to level up your game. It is costly, but once you play with it, we are sure that it will take up permanent residency inside your bag.  

7- TaylorMade SIM Driver – Best Taylormade Drivers

Do you love tinkering with your best TaylorMade driver for a high handicapper? If so, the TaylorMade sim driver review is definitely for you. Its sliding weight encourages you to give it a fade-bias or draw-bias. Don’t expect it to fix your swing imperfections by any means, but you can take advantage of it to boost the ball flight. The manufacturer has deployed its newest aerodynamic design, inertia generator, and speed-injected twist face technology. The inertia generator on the heel positions tons of weight low and rear in the head to make it easy launching and tremendously forgiving. 

They have altered the design ultimately to decrease drag and elevate club speed. So, you can be sure of acquiring all-around performance from this baby, but even before playing with it, you will fall in love with its conspicuous design. It is one of the best-looking drivers of this decade. The overall detailing and blue trim will grasp your attention instantly and deliver a mind-blowing feeling of confidence on the course.  


  • The TaylorMade m2 driver review is the most technically advanced driver yet. Some characteristics are new, and some are inherited from former models like M5.
  • It came out with a new aerodynamic asymmetric design and inertia generator to deliver the fastest head speed for maximum ball speed and distance. Besides, the back weight produces a higher MOI for better forgiveness. 
  • Its speed injection technology and twist face are responsible for bringing the COR up to the legal speed limit. 
  • They have inoculated special tuning resin into two blue areas low of the clubface. The primary purpose of this resin is to stiffen the face and make it less bendable.
  • Moreover, it takes advantage of corrective face angles to overcome built-in golfer inclinations on mishits and create straight hits. 
  • On top of everything else, this stellar quality club relies on loft sleeve and sliding weight technology to allow you to optimize the driver according to your flight bias, trajectory, and clubface angle preferences. You can increase or decrease the loft by 2 degrees. 
  • Delivers better performance than other SIM models
  • Boosts ball speed and distance
  • Minimal spin and higher launch
  • Impressive forgiveness
  • No headcover for adjusting

Final Words:

This best TaylorMade driver ever is a type of club we all want to carry in our bags. It features an eye-catching design, provides more forgiveness, and increased ball speed. Best of all, it is equipped with the latest technology to help you take your game to the next level in the shortest span.

8- TaylorMade SIM MAX Women’s Driver

Are you someone who loves to keep up with the up-to-the-minute technology, and you are thinking about spruce up your performance on the golf course? Then, Taylormade SIM MAX women driver is here to fulfill all your requirements. This club was released in 2020 and is an upgraded iteration of M drivers launched in the previous year. Like its predecessors, it is also armed with speed injected and twist face technology and sole weight, but this time, it has been applied differently. 

Naturally, the foremost thing of this club that clutched our attention was its arresting looks. They have cleared the head’s bottom slightly and used dark, metallic tonal hues to create an intelligent and attractive design. Carbon fiber, titanium, and steel are utilized for constructing it. This multi-material assembly allows the brand to accurately place the weight to produce a stable clubhead with low CG for outstanding launch conditions.


  • Like other modern models, TM has also inserted the most advanced technology and essential features in this club.
  • It flaunts a revolutionary shape with an inertia generator and aerodynamic asymmetric sole.
  • This latest design is envisioned to deliver the fastest head speed for heightened ball speed and distance. The weight in the back forms the highest MOI to provide you maximum forgiveness off the tee.
  • To allow you to optimize launch conditions to cover extra distance and consistency, it has a loft sleeve that offers the adjustability to increase or reduce the loft by 2 degrees.
  • If we talk about this TaylorMade m6 driver review’s performance, it provides enhanced forgiveness, ball speed, and distance.
  • Its heel weight is geometrically optimized further to boost the moment of inertia (MOI). The purpose of this optimization is that the swing will be more smooth and faster as well.
  • In addition to that, the SIM MAX women driver also offers a higher launch than previous versions.
  • Covers more distance
  • Forgiving
  • Great design
  • Faster ball speed
  • Do not offer too much adjustability.

Final Words:

With the advanced aerodynamic and other groundbreaking technologies, the TaylorMade M2 driver seems to perform as marketed. It travels faster, increases ball speed, helps you accomplish more distance, and also provides forgiveness. However, it is a bit expensive, so you should get fitted before buying it.

9- Taylormade SIM Driver

Taylormade has been notorious for pushing the perimeters of golf club manufacturing for more than 30 years and has no plans to stop any time soon. They incorporate astonishing technologies in their drivers to help golfers level up their game. This best Taylormade driver ever is designed to provide you increased forgiveness with an 8% bigger face and 20g of back weight. The extra 20g weight is tuned at the club’s extreme back using an inertia generator. If you are a beginner or high handicapper, you must opt for it. 

It is a good thing that it has inherited everything that we loved about the TaylorMade m6 driver review and upgraded it a little bit. It still boasts the well-known twist face and speed-injected technology. This year, the new thing is its inertia generator and innovative shape with the aerodynamic asymmetric sole. Speaking of speed-injected technology, all you need to know is that it intelligently optimizes COR and increases ball speed and distance. Additionally, twist face technology is liable for delivering forgiveness. Its face is slightly bigger than M6 and provides extra forgiveness in all those spots where golfers need it the most.


  • This driver looks identical to its previous iterations. It exhibits a chrome carbon fiber head and grey tinted chalk paint that makes it appear fascinating.  
  • Talking about its sound and feel, its sound is similar to the M6 driver, but its feel is quite firm than M6. However, it has fuzzier feedback.  
  • With this driver, you can obtain a higher launch. Simultaneously, it offers moderate rotation to the ball and also boosts ball speed and precision.
  • On the other hand, it is made of multiple materials such as carbon, Titanium, and steel to reach the maximum ball speed, forgiveness, and distance level. 
  • These materials make it possible to create a unique head design. The weight is located precisely in the clubhead for a shallow center of gravity and higher inertia moment.  
  • Extra yards
  • Great forgiveness
  • Game-improvements club
  • Easily customizable
  • Costly

Final Words:

Overall, the SIM driver conveys optimal forgiveness in combination with extra yards and more ball speed. It outperforms many tour-level clubs, thanks to its latest and greatest technology. Considering its features, its higher price should not stop you from purchasing it.  

10- TaylorMade 2018 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Driver

Taylormade threw yet another prodigious club that outshines in the performance category. The Kalea Ultralite Driver is specifically designed for ladies to provide them higher launch, a fantastic feel, more spin, and carry. It is advertised as delivering gorgeousness in every swing and power in every shot. They tried their best to please the women by implanting superior quality substances, advanced technologies, and workmanship into these broods. Long story short, it features several design traits, including deeper and lower CG spots, thinner, bendable tip shafts, and optimized lofts in conjunction with slot technology which significantly increases both distance and consistency for all hits. 

If you have the slowest swing speed, all these top-notch characteristics will improve your overall performance and help you cover the extra distance. Also, this lightweight best TaylorMade driver ever promotes higher ball flight. Along with that, it takes advantage of speed pockets that also contribute to ball speed for longer and straighter strikes. The low kick slim shafts are present to aid you in launching the ball higher.


  • If you are a woman looking for a driver that can help you maximize distance and consistency, then Kalea Ultralite Driver is the perfect option. 
  • It is furnished with speed pocket technology that sits just behind the clubface edge. It enables the face to bend more, resulting in the fastest ball speed. Moreover, it provides a higher launch, longer tee shots, and extra distance. 
  • This lightweight driver inspires the females to swing faster than ever.
  • Kalea utilizes Ultralite shafts. Therefore, it helps create more clubhead speed, high launch strikes, and better overall performance off the tee.
  • The manufacturer made a better face groove design to provide gyration and forgiveness. It vaunts a more significant sweet spot, permitting mishits to generate extraordinary outcomes.
  • As it is aimed at ladies, so it showcases exquisite color accents that operate flawlessly with the unique mixture of technologies and features to level up your performance and confidence.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Boosts performance and confidence
  • Stylish finish
  • Low CG for higher launch
  • Lightweight might not be suitable for professional players.

Final Words:

Bearing in mind the blend of speed pocket technology, face grooves, and Ultralite shafts, the performance you acquire from the Kalea best TaylorMade drivers is much better than other great ladies clubs available out there.

The Best Taylormade Driver Ever – Buying Guide

The driver is usually the pricier club in our bag, and we use it more often off the tee on the course. There, it makes sense to grab the right one for your game. While shopping for the TaylorMade burner driver, you have to consider a lot of factors. Many players only give importance to the club’s aesthetics and ignore other features such as size, loft degree, and much more. A good-looking driver will be of no use if it does not work remarkably on the ground. 

The high-quality drivers obtainable in the market exhibit sleek design, but they are costly. Taylormade offers tons of driver options, so it can become difficult for you to decide which one is suitable for the overall game. Here is the list of significant traits that you should look for in the best TaylorMade driver for a high handicapper. 


The loft is one of the most important things that you need to determine while picking the best Taylormade driver ever. Luckily, the latest drivers offer modifiable loft configurations that allow you to fit them into your gaming style and methodology. Nonetheless, if you are on the outlook for some fixed loft options, then don’t overlook the loft configuration factor at any cost. The drivers with lower lofts provide more distance for the tee shots, but it is not always the case. High lofted drivers are beneficial for the majority of players.


Taylormade is famous for constructing one of the longest drivers on the market today. They manufacture aerodynamic drivers that are equipped with innovative technology. The driver you have selected should offer you consistency for your game. Evaluate its design and yardage readings after each shot to figure out what characteristics work best for you to generate boosted distance.


Taylormade produces extremely forgiving drivers. Their clubs can decrease the drawback of striking the ball outside the sweet spot. Golfers demand more distance and correctness off of the tee. The brand’s up-to-the-minute drivers flaunt corrective clubface angle that automatically fixes off-center hits, so you won’t have to compromise distance and precision.

Feel Or Sound At Impact

The sound or feel at the impact is another crucial factor that you have to determine. If your best Taylormade driver for distance does not sound or feel good to your at impact, then there are greater odds that you won’t like playing with it. The driver is an expensive purchase, so you must feel satisfied every time you strike it on the course. Get yourself a club that works efficiently off the tee and also gives you a splendid feel at impact.

Swing Weight

Almost all golfers overlook the swing weight, but it is an essential driver’s trait to consider. If you want to improve your driving, make sure to know about your driver’s total weight and, of that weight, how much is in the driver’s head. Both weights must match your physical strength, your swing tempo, and your gaming style. Playing with a highly lightweight driver can increase the percentage of off-center strikes.


MOI in the best TaylorMade drivers refers to their forgiveness, specifically their resistance to gyration at impact. A club with a higher moment of inertia means it spins less when you hit the ball outside the face’s center.


It does not matter how advanced the features are; the driver must provide you increased ball speed, forgiveness, and distance. Taloymade integrates all the correct elements in its drivers; therefore, they produce longer and straighter shots. And then, these shots create a higher launch with minimal twisting. While buying it, also pay attention to how it reacts to your downswing. Does it reduce drag? It does in the Taylormade M2 driver armed with cutting-edge aerodynamics.

Adjustable Characteristics

If you are an inexperienced golf player, a driver with adjustable features is useless for you. You can still grab information about the advantages linked with the loft sleeve and customizable weighting. They help you shape your shots, which is something most tour-level golfers need the most.

Shaft Flex

Shafts are vital in all clubs, including the best Taylormade drivers. If you utilize lightweight and less stiff shafts, they will help you generate a higher, right-to-left inclined ball flight. On the other hand, the heavyweight and stiff shafts produce a lower ball flight with a higher possibility of shaping the ball to the right. With the right shaft, you can strike the ball farther and straighter with more reliability. Drivers are available in regular, ladies, stiff, extra stiff, more extra stiff, and seniors shaft flexes.

10 Best TaylorMade Driver For High Handicapper

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does An Adjustable Driver Work?

Adjustable drivers are ideal for all golfers. If you experience difficulty with a consistent miss off the tee, you should give a shot to an adjustable drive. If you face a slice off the tee, you can add more weight to the clubhead’s heel to generate extra draw bias that can help you straighten out those shots.

Q. I Have A 15 Handicap. Should I Opt For The M6 Or The M5?

It depends on your gaming style. It is better to get measured for the driver but calculate your swing speed and precision even if you don’t. The M5 is more customizable and fits almost all golfers. The TaylorMade m6 driver review is more forgiving but does not boast an adjustable weight track.

Q. What Is Taylormade Driver Suitable For Novices?

Men can take advantage of the RBZ black driver, and females players can rely on the Taylormade women RBZ driver. This driver is a perfect choice for beginners as it features loft adjustability so that you can elevate your game quickly. Moreover, it does not put a burden on your wallet. Since many novices struggle with launching the ball higher so, in such situations, its loft adjustability feature boosts carry and distance.

Q. What Is The Best Taylormade Driver Ever?

The M6 is undoubtedly the best driver manufactured by Taylormade. Its precise engineering and supremely advanced characteristics make it a top-performance club. Each component of it is liable for increasing distance and ball speed. Besides, it vaunts an oversized 460cc titanium clubhead that contains approximately 56% more carbon fiber for making it tremendously lightweight.  

Q. What Is The Best Taylormade Driver For High Handicapper?

You can purchase Taylormade M4 because it is a solid and stylish driver. It is not only a good choice for high handicappers and beginners but players of all abilities. 

Q. I Am A High Handicapper. Should I Use The Best Taylormade Driver For Distance?

All newbies and high handicappers should use the best Taylormade driver ever to generate added distance. The driving distance has a significant impact on the scores. When the driving distance boosts by 20 yards, it will lower a 100-scoring player’s score by 2.3 hits in all rounds. 

Q. Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Taylormade SIM Driver Review?

It is the latest driver series made by the company. Two drivers are included in this series. The first, SIM driver, is designed for tour-level golfers, and it boasts a distinctive shape with a sole asymmetric design and enhanced forgiveness. The second, SIM MAX driver, is customized for mid handicappers, and it does not have the adjustability weighting behind the clubface. Furthermore, it is armed with speed-injected twist face technology.

Q. Can I Get Measured For The Taylormade M2 Driver After Buying It?

Yes, you can get measured for all the best Taylormade drivers after purchasing them. Many golfers think that club fitting should be done before the purchase. However, it is just a myth. You can buy the gear, play with the driver or wood for a few rounds, and understand how it feels and reacts to your swing speed. The custom fitting can help you enhance the distance, pinpoint that shot height sweet spot for heightened carry, and generate the shot shape favorable for your game.  

Q. Should I Opt For A 10.5 Or 12-Degree Driver?

A 12 loft degree is an excellent option for new players as the higher loft degree will help them strike the ball at a higher angle. On the other hand, the drivers with a 10.5 loft degree are optimal for experienced golfers and fast swingers.

Q. How Far Should I Strike My Driver?

If you are a professional golfer, you can cover 280 to 320 yards with the driver. Recreational golfers can cover 195 to 205 yards with their drivers. 


With all the innovative technology, awe-inspiring features, and unique design elements, there is no limit to what the best Taylormade driver can ever do. The brand has established itself as one of the best driver producers in this contemporary era. These game-changing clubs can elevate all essential aspects of your game, including distance, forgiveness, launch, and ball flight. 

If you want to improve your performance, you should give serious consideration to the M series drivers. Of course, they will cost you a pretty high amount, but in return, you will acquire a fantastic product that will perform impressively for several years to come. 

However, if you have a strict budget, look at their more minor customizable clubs, such as RBZ black drivers, that perform efficiently and have an affordable price point. Regardless of what driver you choose, it guarantees to help level up your game. So grab anyone mentioned in our list and begins playing better golf in the shortest time.


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