Best ladies golf driver for beginners

10 Best ladies golf driver for beginners in 2022

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In all sports, the same types of equipment are used by men and women, such as football, cricket, or rugby. Whereas in golf, all the things are the same except the golf clubs. The golf driver is one of the crucial clubs in the game. A golf driver helps in achieving more distance off the tee.

When it comes to women golf drivers, a women’s golf drive is shorter, light in weight, and flexible. The women’s golf clubs are becoming more and more popular as players have known the importance of an optimal club. If you are a women golfer and looking for a golf driver, you are in the right place.

If we have a look couple of decades back, the golf market was not so much developed. Now there are dozens of golf equipment companies and hundreds of models of clubs that can confuse anyone. To help you choose the optimal golf driver for you, we have reviewed some of the best products. All the golf drivers are shortlisted for women.

Best ladies golf driver for beginners

For improving your game, you should get a new golf driver, and it can help you achieve some extra distance off the tee. Many things have been considered while selecting these products, such as shaft length, loft, club head size, weight, etc. Your few minutes of reading can result worthy.

Top 10 Best Ladies Golf Driver for Beginners

1- Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver – Best Driver For Women

Callaway Golf drives are one of the bestselling golf drivers across the globe due to their high-performance design. It is a super aerodynamic driver and is designed with artificial intelligence systems. Unlike its predecessors, its primary material is FS2S titanium, which makes it lighter than most golf drivers.

This golf driver is great for beginners as it provides high forgiveness. The moment of inertia is not so impressive, but it is very accurate, making it a professional choice. The acoustics have also been worked on; it has a very pleasing sound like an iron hit. The sounds are resonated using AI that gives it a great feel on strike.

Many other things make Callaway Mavrik Golf Driver one of the top products. It comes with a loft angle of 12 degrees which is excellent for women. Some of its features are discussed below that you must go through to know more about this golf driver.

Quick Features:

  • Light Weight: Callaway Mavrik golf driver is one of the lightest golf drivers you will find on the market. The FS2S titanium has been used for its manufacturing which is even lighter than traditional titanium. The weight difference is not so huge, but few grams can be essential.
  • AI Acoustics: If we talk about the driver’s hit sound, it impacts the players’ feel. This golf driver features a very pleasing sound don hit using AI to feel on strike. Professional care about the sound when they hit the ball.
  • Jail Break technology: In high-end golf drivers, jailbreak technology is used to provide better forgiveness. The drive’s metal rods make the driver structure even robust, which means very little energy is lost on hit.
  • High performance: If you are struggling with achieving more distance off the tee, the Callaway 2020 golf driver will be the right choice. With its excellent combination o quality shaft and club head, you will know the difference on the very first strikes.
  • High Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Jail Break Technology
  • 12 degrees loft
  • AeroShape
  • Expensive

Final Words:

It has all the features that you can expect from a quality golf driver. With its lightweight, it will be an excellent option for women. It provides better forgiveness and higher MoI. If you are low on budget, there are many other options out in the market.

2- Cobra F max golf Driver – Ladies Golf Drivers

Are you looking for a high loft-angle golf driver? You have hit the right product. The Cobra F-Max Golf driver is one of the lightest golf drivers with a 15-degree loft angle that is great for women golfers.

All the material used for its manufacturing is lightweight such as club head and shaft. If you need a new golf driver, you must give this a try.

This golf driver features Back Heel weighting, which s one of the best ultra f forgiving features of a driver. This provides higher but straight launches.

Many such features keep their top picks. Golfers around the world highly like the design. It gives a powerful feeling to striking makes it an even more excellent choice.

When it comes to its quality, you must not worry about it. It has all the features that a beginner golfer will need. The price is not very affordable, but it is worth its value. Some of its features are discussed below that you must have a look at.

Quick Features:

  • Crown Alignment: Hitting from the perfect center of the driver is not so easy. The Crown alignment design visually helps the golfer to play straight and accurate shots. This feature is only found in the driver, which is designed very carefully.
  • High-Quality: The material used for manufacturing Cobra F max women’s drier is of high quality. If used appropriately, this golf drive will last for years. The coatings will also not tear off easily. It is a very important point for any golf driver.
  • Light Weight: The Cobra Fmax wone’s drive is exceptionally light in weight compared to other products. The lighter swing weight, shaft, and clubhead make this drier even great for women. Few grams lighter drivers can result in high performance.
  • Forged E9 Titanium Face: A very thin titanium face has been inserted in the clubhead for better ball speed and accuracy. The better ball speed allows more distance off the tee that is need of every golf player.
  • Light Weight
  • 15-degree loft
  • E9 Technology
  • Crown Alignment
  • Offset Design
  • Not adjustable

Final Words:

For beginners, the cobra f max driver for women will be a great option. But if you are a professional player, you must see some adjustable golf driver for many reasons. If you have experience of using drivers, you must try other products from the pick.

3- Callaway y2019 Epic Flash Golf Driver – Ladies Golf Drivers Reviews

Epic Flash Golf driver is one of the most selling golf drivers in the market. It has been the choice of thousands of users around the globe due to its high-end features. Calling this golf driver perfect for most golfers will not be wrong. If you search for a premium quality driver, this will not be a bad choice.

This golf driver gets its name from the Flash Technology used for faster ball speed and accuracy. This golf driver has been designed using AAI technology that can be seen in its performance. This drive is also highly adjustable to make your every shot perfect.

This golf driver is one of the most used drivers in the tours due to its consistent performance. You must have a look at its features if you are going to buy a golf driver. We have talked over some of the great features of this golf driver below.

Quick Features:

  • Flash Face Technology: The Callaway Epic Flash golf driver features Flash Face Technology that provides better ball speed for more distance off the tee. Many players get to know about it at their very first strike with it.
  • Jail Break Clubhead: The jailbreak technology is a straightforward but handy feature. The metallic structure inside the clubhead face stiffens the whole driver that prevent loss of energy. This feature is found in only high-end golf f drivers.
  • Sliding Weight: Sliding weight is another great feature of the Callaway epic flash driver that makes it highly adjustable. A 16-gram sliding weight can be moved forward or back to adjust the driver according to the player’s need.
  • 12 Degree Loft: The average loft angle is 10 or 11 degrees, while the Callaway epic flash comes with a 12-degree loft angle great for playing shots from the ground. The correct angle loft can help you achieve more distance.
  • Light Weight
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Flash Face Technology
  • Adjustable Sliding Weight
  • High MoI
  • No head Cover

Final Words:

Whether you have decided to learn golf or are a pro player, Callaway Epic Flash Will be a great cr you. It has all the high-end features you can expect in a golf driver. This golf driver has been designed very carefully, which makes it so popular.

4- Cobra F-MAX Superlite Golf DriverBest ladies golf driver for beginners

If we look for the most lightweight golf driver, the Cobra Fmax Superlite will be on the top list. Most of its features are like its older model, but the weight is made even lighter.

For being a lightweight and offset driver, this driver is highly recommended for women golfers. Many professional women golfers use it as it is easy to use and extremely light in weight. 

The total weight of the clubs is just 287 grams, including clubhead, shaft, and grip. Despite being lightweight, the performance and forgiveness are not disturbed. It maximizes the swing speed and launches angle. Its ultra-light design is highly like by professional as well as newbie players.

The same Forged E9 Technology has been used like its older model. This feature enhances the ball speed that provides more distance off the tee. There are many features of the Cobra F-Max Golf Driver; some of them are discussed below.

Quick Features:

  • Light Weight: The Cobra Fmax Super Lite is 18-gram lighter than Cobra F-Max still maintains the same performance. For its lightweight, this would be the right choice for women players. It just weighs 287 in total.
  • Back Heel CG weight: This golf driver has engineered after a lot of research. It features Back Heel CG weighting. It is one of the best forgiveness features of this golf driver. The weight is positioned back and low for straight and higher launch speed.
  • Offset Driver: For maximum Draw Bias, offset experts recommend drivers. Old-school lovers highly like this feature. This feature is beneficial in some way, for which it is called a straight neck design.
  • Crown Alignment: Crown Alignment is a great feature for beginners as it provides visually pleasing detail. It can be beneficial to play accurate shots on the course. Unlike traditional clubhead detail, it does not distract your eyes while focusing on your shot.
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Crown Alignment
  • Back Heel CG Weight
  • Offset Hosel Design
  • High Forgiveness
  • No Head Cover

Final Words:

For women Golfers, Cobra Golf F-Max Superlite will be a fantastic choice. Its lightweight is great for you to achieve more distance and ball speed. This product is not costly but worth its value with its features.

5- TaylorMade M6 Women’s Golf Driver – Best Driver for women

Taylor Made is a well-reputed company known for manufacturing high-performing golf equipment for years. The Taylor Made m6 golf driver for women is one of the best drivers you will find in the market.

If you want to achieve some extra yards, the Taylor-Made M6 Golf driver deserves a chance because it is the best driver for women

The TaylorMade M6 uses speed-injected technology; it maximizes the ball speed and distance. This golf driver also features Twist Face technology that provides high forgiveness.

Its corrective face angle is excellent for beginners. This golf driver also features an Inertia Generator weight that increases forgiveness.

The sweet spot is also larger than its older model, making git an even more excellent choice for players. The design is also straightforward and unique and gives a substantial feel. You should have a look at its features that are discussed below briefly. 

Quick Features:

  • Speed Injected: Like its previous model, the TaylorMade M6 women’s golf driver also uses speed injection technology. A tuning resin is used in this process for faster ball speed and more distance off the tee. This provides a higher moment of inertia resulting in better forgiveness.
  • Inertia Generator: This golf driver uses an inertia generator that increases the launch speed and keeps your shot straight. This feature is only found in high-end golfer drivers, and the Taylor Made M6 golf driver is one of them.
  • Acoustics: When it comes to experts, they see each aspect of the product. At first, you will feel the strike is thunderous, but you will understand its strong feel after few shots. The firm feel increases the confidence of a player.
  • Hammerhead 2.0: This golf driver comes with an advanced technology of hammerhead 2.0, which is more flexible. When working with the advanced technology of speed-injected twist face, this flexible hammerhead slot creates a larger sweet spot and helps maintain ball speed on off-center strikes. 
  • High Forgiveness
  • Speed Injected
  • Twist Face Technology
  • Hammerhead 2.0 Slot
  • Carbon Sole Design
  • Expensive

Final Words:

In short, The TaylorMade M6 golf driver is one of the best golf drivers you will find in the market. This driver features all the features that can help you gain more ball speed and distance off the tee and make you a pro player in the golf game. 

6- TaylorMade 2018 Kalea Ultralite Golf Driver

If you are looking for some sleek but attractive golf driver, there could not be any other better choice than TaylorMade 2018 Kalea Lite Golf Driver. It is a very lightweight golf driver with a straightforward but attractive design. It is highly recommended for women as it has all the required features for a woman golf driver.

This golf driver uses speed pocket technology that provides faster ball speed. This golf driver is specially designed for people with shorter heights, so if you are over 5 feet and 5 inches, this one is not for you. Its size makes it an even more excellent choice for women. Players feel a dramatic improvement in their hit after the very first shot.

If you need a golf driver, the TaylorMade 2018 Kalea Golf Driver deserves a chance. It has so many features that keep in top picks. We have discussed some of the best features that must go through before choosing some other driver.

Quick Features:

  • Speed Pocket Technology: Taylor Made has installed a speed pocket near the clubface that increases ball speed that results in better tee distance. Many models use speed pocket technology; TaylorMade Kale golf driver is one of them.
  • Appealing Design: Anyone will love it at very first glance; it has a beautiful design. If you care about your equipment style, then you must give this a try. It has a very sleek and simple design that does not distract you while playing shots.
  • Too light in weight: All the material used for manufacturing this golf driver is ultra-light in weight, such as shaft driver and grip. This feature is one cause that makes it a great golf driver for women. The lightweight helps you put more energy into your shot.
  • Large Sweet Spot: Unlike most lightweight golf drivers, the TaylorMade Kalea women golf driver has a larger sweet spot. A larger sweet spot can help in producing outstanding results even if mishit. This feature is considered excellent for beginner golfers.
  • Light Weight
  • Speed Pocket technology
  • Swings Faster
  • Longer Drives
  • 12-degree loft
  • Affordable
  • Does not feel Strong

Final Words:

In case you have a low budget but need a high-end driver, this golf driver is a great choice. But if you are a strong player and like a strong feel, you should consider other product picks. For its price, the TaylorMade Kale Ultralite Golf drier is worth its value.

7- Cobra Golf Ladies King F9 Golf Driver

If you are looking for some latest golf drivers, you should look at Cobra King F9 women golf drivers. The ball speed is optimized using Speed Back technology resulting in high performance. The aerodynamics are designed in such a way as to achieve more ball speed and tee distance.

It is a very featureful golf driver making its choice of thousands of users around the globe. It comes with a 12-degree loft angle that is great for hitting from the ground. You can achieve the same result as Fairway wood club with this golf driver.

Many things have been worked on, such as weight, size, and clubhead performance. The clubhead uses Forged E9 technology to provide even better ball speed and better tee distance. We have discussed some of its features that you must have a look at.

Quick Features:

  • Speed back Technology: The Cobra King F9 golf driver is one of its kind that uses Speed Back Technology. This not only enhances the ball speed but also allows more accurate shots. This engineering design is highly k=liked by experts.
  • CNC Milled: Unlike typical golf drivers, the Cobra King F9 Golf driver is CNC milled. That means all the materials used for its manufacturing are cut using Computer Numerical Control Milling. His feature ensures that you are buying a very precisely manufactured club.
  • Larger Sweet Spot: There is no doubt that it is a professional golf driver, but its large sweet spot makes it an even better choice for beginners. The mishits during the game must also result insignificant. This feature is very significant for beginners and can highly useful for professionals as well.
  • Sound and Feel: If we talk about its sound and feel, it gives a substantial feel o hit. It produces an intense crack sound that sounds strong. Many players consider this an important point by the sound they assume their shot quality.
  • Speed Back Technology
  • Lower CG Weight
  • Longer Drives
  • Ultra lIght Wrap Crown
  • CNC Milled
  • 12-degree loft
  • No wrench included

Final Words:

There is no reason ta to you do not to buy this golf driver. It is a high-quality golf driver with high-end features that make it a choice of professionals. If you are a beginner, you get this golf driver; it will improve your game.

8- Taylor Made Sim MAX Golf Driver

The Sim Max is unquestionably one of the best golf drivers you will find on the market. There are many reasons it is one of the top products such quality forgiveness and its weight etc. Whether you are just starting out learning golf or already a professional player in this game, this golf driver will result amazingly.

It has been engineered carefully using an AI system. This golf drive uses Speed Injection technology that enhances the ball speed and increases accuracy. Each golf driver has been calibrated to the maximum legal limit. Don’t be worried about its performance if you are going to buy this.

This golf driver uses Twist Face Technology that provides a larger sweet spot. It reduces side spin for achieving more tee distance. We have debated some of the critical features of this golf driver that you must go through.

Quick Features:

  • Speed Injected Technology: There are only a few golf drivers available in the market that uses Speed Injection technology. This is a game-changing technology that provides better ball speed and better tee distance. It will be great for those golfers who want to improve their game.
  • Twist Face Technology: Unlike most traditional golf drivers, this golf driver uses Twist Face technology that provides a larger hit area. This is one of the best forgiveness features of any golf driver. It also helps in increasing ball speed.
  • Premium Quality: When it comes to the TaylorMade Sim Max golf driver’s quality, there is no need to worry. All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality and will last for years if used appropriately. So you wouldn’t need to be worried about its durability and longevity. 
  • Build Material: Multiple materials have been used for manufacturing, such as carbon, titanium, and steel. All of its materials are light in weight but are very strong. Every material is only used where it is needed.
  • Speed Injected
  • Inertia generator
  • Multi-Material Construction
  • 10.5-degree loft
  • High MoI
  • Aldiva NV 45
  • Slightly high priced

Final Words:

When there is a need to buy a golf driver, you will have numerous choices. Buying a golf driver can be a costly investment for some people; therefore, you must choose it keenly. The only issue with this golf driver is its high price; all other things are great.

9- Callaway Rogue Golf Driver for women

If you are willing or deciding to improve your game, you should get a new golf driver. According to experts, an optimal golf driver can help a player dramatically improving their game. The Callaway Rogue Golf driver is one of the latest golf drivers in the market. It comes with all the impressive features that you need on the course.

All the features used in this golf driver are highly functional during the play. This golf driver uses Jailbreak technology, which stiffens the clubhead stricture to ensure more energy transmission. This effect can help you achieve some extra yards with a good strike.

This golf driver of combination many features ad is engineered carefully. It has many forgiveness features that mean a higher moment of inertia. We have reviewed and discussed some of the impressive features of this golf driver below.

Quick Features:

  • Jailbreak technology: This golf driver uses Jailbreak technology; it is a great feature. In this technology, the inside structure of the driver’s clubhead is stiffened using metal rods. The whole energy is transferred into the ball resulting higher launch speed.
  • Build Material: All the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality and lightweight. It uses triaxial carbon material light in weight but strong like iron or any other strong metal. This will last for years if used properly.
  • Aerodynamics: Modern aerodynamics has been used for designing its club head. Its design also allows better ball speed to achieve more tee distance. The design also looks very futuristic and is highly liked by all the users.
  • High Forgiveness: A golf driver must have high forgiveness as it is necessary for beginner and pro players. With high forgiveness, mishits can also result insignificant. This is one of the best and impressive features of the Callaway Rogue Golf Driver.
  • High Forgiveness
  • 10.5-degree loft
  • More Moment of Inertia
  • Premium Shaft
  • Jailbreak Effect
  • The coating is not so good.

Final Words:

For women golfers, Callaway Rogue Golf Driver is one of the latest technology golf drivers. The design of golf drivers is very futuristic that is highly like golfers around the globe. This product is worth its value.

10- AGXGOLF ladies magnum Golf Driver

Choosing the perfect golf driver could be a Hard task due to the availability of many choices. In case you don’t have much time to read reviews for each product, you should choose AGXGOLF ladies golf driver. From all the products of the articles, this one is one of the best golf drivers.

It has many top picks, such as lightweight, Higher loft angle, and optimal size for women. His golf driver is the best option for a player with a low budget. But it is relatively low priced, but the quality is not compromised.

We have discussed some of this golf driver’s best features below that you must go through before choosing any other golf driver. This golf driver has been specifically designed to keep women’s driver requirements in mind.

Quick Features:

  • Large Clubface: When it comes to beginner players, they need a larger clubface to never miss-hits. This golf driver features an extra-large clubface that is great for beginners. Don’t be worried if you mishit the ball sometimes.
  • Light Weight: This golf driver is too light in weight, another great feature of this driver. The lightweight drivers are best for women as they can put all their energy into their shots. The graphite shaft is also the main factor of its lightweight.
  • Loft Angle: If we talk about its loft angle, it comes with a 10.5-degree angle which provides a better offset. People who like Offset driver this golf driver will be the right choice here. Old-school lovers highly like its slight offset design.
  • One Year Warranty: When it comes to golf drivers’ warranty, only a few companies offer a warranty. With AGXGOlf driver, you get a 1-year warranty which is enough for a golf driver. You can assume the quality of this product with its build material.
  • Light Weight
  • High Forgiveness
  • Large Clubface
  • Graphite Shaft
  • 1-year warranty
  • Length is not optimal for most users.

Final Words:

In case you have a low budget but need a quality golf driver, there could not be any other better choice than an AGX women golf Driver. It is the most budgeted product of the whole review. Don’t be worried about this product’s quality as it will never betray you in terms of its quality and durability factors. 

Buying Guide For the Best Golf Driver for Beginners

When it comes to the most significant club in golf, the driver is on the top. These clubs can provide you more distance off the tee than any other club. Undoubtedly, if we talk about women’s golf, women cannot achieve as much distance as men can; that changes the whole story. The player who uses gender-specific clubs is more likely to improve their game.

The golf clubs used by men golfers are much heavier and have sharper bent. On the other hand, women’s clubs are lighter and flexible, helping women achieve more distance. The lighter weight allows women to hit better shots. Many things need to be seen in ladies golf drivers, such as shaft height, weight, flexibility, etc.

You will find numerous golf equipment brands that have nothing to do with your game in today’s market. It can be tough and quite tricky to choose the best according to your needs because of more choices. A golfer must know its driver requirement to select the right product. To help you select a product for you, we have designed a buying guide for women’s golf drivers.

One can not buy the right product without its proper knowledge. Therefore, if you are a beginner and buying the driver the first time, you must go through it. All the central points have been discussed that must be considered while purchasing a golf driver. Your few minutes of reading can help you choose the right golf driver for women.


The very initial thing and factor you should consider is your budget. Knowing your full account for golf drivers can help you shortlist products for you. And in case you are low on a budget, you would not need to be worried about money because various low price drivers are available in the market. If you have got a budget, you must choose from high-end golf drivers.

Weight and length:

For women golfers, the golf driver must have less weight than the men’s drivers. Lighter, the driver will better the shot it will provide. The length of the driver’s shaft must also be shorter, as women’s average height is smaller than men’s. Many women can not achieve enough distance because of a lack of the right equipment.


For beginners, you will see a lot of drivers that are not so adjustable. If you are a professional or have some golf experience, you must go with an adjustable golf driver. With higher adjustability, a player can play an accurate shot in different situations. Highly adjustable golfs are much more expensive than traditional ones.


Buying a golf river can be an expensive investment for some people; therefore, it must be chosen very keenly. Always buy a quality golf driver as it is not a few bucks thing. Undoubtedly high-quality products are costly, but you may also find a quality driver on a friendly budget.


If you have a long experience playing golf, you will know many aspects of using a golf driver. Do proper research of a product before you order it. Googling product reviews can help you make better decisions. Reading only a few reviews will help you know more about the product in actual use.

Read lady’s golf drivers’ reviews to know better about the golf drivers. This will help you know more about the product.

Best ladies golf driver for beginners

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Why are gender-based Drivers manufactured?

The women are more likely to achieve less distance off the tee than the men. And it is a fact and a universal truth that women are physically a bit low in strength. Men’s drivers are heavier in weight and longer in length that is not suitable for women. Many women think that a few grams of weighing difference don’t matters, but it is not correct.

Like any golf driver, women golf drivers are also designed carefully and after research. Using gender-based golf equipment can help you improve your game of golf.

Q. What is the difference between men’s and women’s golf drivers?

The golf drivers designed for women are shorter in length and lighter in weight. The women’s golf drivers are an inch or a half-inch smaller and 50 to 60 grams lighter than typical golf drivers. You will feel an enormous difference after playing shots with it if you were using a traditional golf driver.

Some women golf driver also differs in clubhead size that can result highly useful for some players.

Q. What is the standard length of a women’s golf driver?

The standard for women golf drivers is 43 inches. However, you can also find an inch shorter or longer golf driver. If your height is below 5 feet and 9 inches, you must see a 42 or 42.5 inches golf driver. Getting a perfect-length golf driver can help you get more distance off the tee.

You may also get a customized shaft according to your height, which is a great thing. You must know that the size golf driver will be best according to your height.

Q. What is the difference between fairway woods and driver?

Both golf clubs, fairway wood, and golf drivers look very similar, but a closer inspection can reveal the difference. The drivers have a more elongate shaft and larger clubs head than the fairway woods. Woods are used for hitting shots from the ground as they have a loft.

One can also use a driver with a loft for long hits from the ground. Ther drivers are meant to hit off the tee, but by adjusting the loft angle, one can achieve the same results as fairway woods.

Q. How long does a golf driver can last?

The lifespan of a golf driver depends on son its usability. If you take care of your golf equipment and keep them safe, it will last for up to 5 years. On average, the quality driver starts losing its performance after three years. The life expectancy for other golf clubs such as putter chipper is higher than the driver.

Q. Do drivers go dead?

If the driver is being used regularly on the course, one must not expect a longer life span. You may find a dead driver at the golf course storeroom that cannot be used for small distances even. This is why golfers are recommended to replace their drivers after 3 to 4 years.

If one uses a golf driver once or twice a month, it can last up to ten years because life depends on its usability.

Q. What is forgiveness in Golf driver?

The design and construction elements that eliminate the lousy swing or low ball contact effects are referred to as forgiveness. A golf club that has so many of these features is said to have high forgiveness. Professional players also choose the golf drier with high forgiveness to help you achieve more distance off the tee.

Many design elements can increase the performance of a golf driver. If you are buying a new driver, you must know its forgiveness.

Q. What should be the loft of a women’s golf driver?

The average loft angle is 12 to 15 degrees, but you may also find 16-degree loft drivers for women. The higher the loft angle higher, the distance you are likely to achieve. Many people assume fairway woods are better because they do not use optimal drivers.

Using the right loft driver in your game, you can achieve much more distance and improve your game. For women, a 16-degree or higher loft angle will be a great choice.

Q. What material is used for manufacturing drivers?

The primary material for drivers is metal, which can be of any type. The different drivers used different build materials, Titanumis on the top as it is robust and lightweight and durable. The clubhead uses other composite and alloy materials to make it strong and sturdy—the lighter weight material such as carbon on the clubhead’s back.

There is more than 3 or 5 material that is used in a single golf driver. You can also find specific drivers by searching for material-specific golf drivers.

Q. What is an illegal golf driver?

The driver that does not compliant with USGA and R&A rules is considered illegal. There are some specifications for using a club driver, which is the maximum clubhead size allowed should not be more than 460cc, and the length must not be more than 48 inches. No company manufactures illegal drivers. You may find illegal drivers that are there just for beginner practice.

Using illegal golf Drivers can be a cause of elimination from a tournament or competition. When buying a golf driver, make sure you are choosing a legal golf driver.

Q. How to choose the best golf Driver?

In case you are a new player and just wanting to start this game, you must do proper research before buying a Golf Driver. Read buying guide of the product to make sure you know everything to see in a golf Driver. Not any golf driver is perfect for all players, and you must realize your playing level and height to choose the best golf driver for women.

Using a perfect golf driver for your needs can result in highly useful in improving your game. Search the internet for different products and read reviews to know which one will be best for you.


All the reviewed items are manufactured by keeping quality in mind. All the products are made up of excellent quality and high in performance. We have shortlisted all the best products in the market to help you choose the right one according to your needs. 

We are fully confident that this guide will help you make the right choice, so you should go through this article to make a wise choice. 

No specific golf driver is perfect for all players. Every player has their requirement and choices; therefore, we have reviewed different types of golf drivers. 

Among all the reviewed products, the TaylorMade Sim Max golf driver is on the top due to its best performance. This product is packed with all those outstanding features you expect to get from a premium quality golf driver. 

If you have a tight budget for a golf driver, you should get an AGX golf Driver as it has features like any high-end driver but is low in price. No matter which product of this article you will choose, you will not be disappointed by these products’ quality and performance. 

Best of luck!

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