Top 10 Best Golf Drivers of All Time

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers of All Time in 2022

When you start playing a golf game, surely the first thing you might be purchasing is a club. But also, on a good note, you must buy a decent golf driver.

Of course, brand matters the most, but if you have a stringent budget and wish to have some bets of the driver’s specification, you must make a good study, which is why this article can be of great help to you.

Today we shall be learning more about purchasing the right type of golf driver that would offer you the right control, distance, and trajectory required to get at par. Every round of gold begins with a tee shot. This means if you have been looking for the finishing strong, you must have one of the high-performance-based golf drivers or see ladies senior flex golf clubs.

It is not necessary that all the golfers would be able to sue the drivers on the tee, but drivers are the ideal choice for many since it comes with the clubs meant to offer the best of the distance since they are the lowest and the longest lofted clubs. They are also called the 1 wood and are one of the best options to choose from.

If you have been planning to improve your game and taking it seriously, then have a look at some of the best drivers that can make your game better.

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers of All Time
Best Golf Drivers of All Time

Top 10 Golf Drivers of All Time

1- M6 Driver by TaylorMade

TaylorMade is one known brand for golfers because of the amazing equipment they have been selling in the market. If you are looking for the right yet quality driver, look for this option since it can improve accuracy. This driver is one of the best options that you can always choose.

The injection technology refers to the resin that they usually inject in the clubface. It helps to stiff the face. This makes sure that the face stays within the range so that when you decide to use such a driver for golf tournaments, you can have the best of the shot to enjoy.


  • Some of the best technologies are put in the M6 driver and other ladies senior flex golf clubs. Talking of which, the hammerhead 2.0 slot and the twisted face is one of them. The driver is designed with an aerodynamic carbon sole that ensures the accuracy is rightly maintained.
  • A sweet spot is quite large, which ensures the forgiving club as well, even if the forgiving is not like others, but it is best for the right shot that you certainly don’t want to miss out at all.
  • This driver has been designed with the speed injection process. This means you can reach a new distance with better forgiveness. Each of the clubheads has also been right tests and undergone the process of speed injection where the tuning resin is rightly injected using the two ports on the face for better performance within the COR range.
  • During the actual play, this best hybrid golf clubs for seniors gives a solid feel during the impact. Besides, it also lets a good ball fighting trajectory on certain hits. If you get some of the miss shots on your certain swings as the club doesn’t have a different feel from other brands, but if you practice well, surely you can improve the distance of the ball on the swings.
  • Sleek Design
  • Extra Forgiveness from Carbon Sole
  • Offers more Trajectory
  • Covers Longer Distances
  • Not so Adjustable Loft
  • Expensive Golf Driver

Final words:

Overall, this is the best hybrid golf club for seniors and one of the best drivers you can consider buying. Right after you start using it, you shall notice the drivers’ better distance and good accuracy. It ensures the hit becomes easy, and there is a sweet spot that is generous too.

2- Cobra Speedzone Black-Yellow Driver

So far, Cobra has always managed to surprise its followers with some of the finest golf drivers for quite some time now. The focus of this brand is to offer its customers a perfect blend of innovation with style.

Talking of which, Cobra Speedzone Black-Yellow Driver is one such fine ladies senior flex golf clubs explore that would give you a better scope in the game and ensure that you can have a better distance that too with accuracy.

If you are already a Cobra fan and want to opt for a driver from this brand, you can consider the Cobra Speedzone Black-Yellow Driver option. It is a perfect combination of performance, appearance, and style. Besides, its classic design at the very first glance would grab your attention.


  • There is a milled space on these best women’s golf clubs. It is called the power zone. This means the face is all designed and geared up with better foundations o that speed is nowhere compromised. Besides, the sweet spot is huge, too, which promises better accuracy.
  • Their strength zone comes with a titanium speed chassis. It has been designed in all-new manners, and you can see the T bar speed chassis, which is light and quite strong. This way, it can withstand any kind of collision that may come on the way while delivering amazing stability with a good feel.
  • There is a light zone A 360 carbon warp that can cover around 50% of the club’s body. This adds better stiffness to the chassis as you save 25 grams of discretionary weight that usually gets added when you move low, back, or on the perimeter.
  • The speed back weighting is another plus point of this driver. This best hybrid golf clubs for seniors comes with a low CG zone weighing 69 grams of mass. It is then placed as low as possible. This way, the efficient transfer of the energy is created to the ball and speed, which you can relish each time you enter the tee.
  • More Forgiveness
  • Decent impact
  • Classy
  • Huge distance
  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Head is big for some.
  • Spin may be a problem.

Final Words:

If you plan to buy this best game-improvement driver, it is surely one worthy choice to consider. Besides, it comes with crown zone technology with a weight reduction at the back and lower areas for better flight trajectory and forgiveness.

3- Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway is one known brand that has been trending in the market for its premium range of golf equipment at great prices. The company is known to follow an active lifestyle with a portfolio of some known brands like Odyssey, Callaway golf, and Jack Wolfskin.

The newly A. I designed Mavrik Max Driver as the finest equipment by Callaway that you might want to consider in your next golf purchase. It is made of top-notch quality and price-friendly too.


  • The new Marvik design of this driver is what catches the attention of most of the players. This driver is designed with the Flash Face SS20 that offers better speed of the ball all across the face. It also ensures that the speed is not compromised even in every loft and model’s widest area.
  • There is an FS2S Titanium of high strength that offers consistent performance. The new face’s architecture is another added feature that you may not want to miss out on. It is made from durable material and is light in weight as compared to traditional titanium. This way, you get better speed, spin robustness, and forgiveness too.
  • There is a blend of T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown and jailbreak in the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors. The reason behind these designs is the right forgiveness and speed of the ball. There are two jailbreak bars at the internal structure connected with the sole and the crown. This way, the ball gets a good speed. The carbon crown is also light for better weight redistribution and high MOI.
  • The weights can be interchanges to the fine yeaning of the ball flights. Their weights are 14g and 2g. they are placed in the sole close to the rear and the heel. You can place the 14g at the rear side of the drive for forgiveness or the in the heel for the draw.
  • Promote fast ball speed
  • New face architecture
  • Feels during the impact
  • Advanced technology
  • Spin could be an issue

Final words:

Overall, this is one of the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors you can consider because of the high performance, better forgiveness, and good ball speed. Callaway is one known brand, so purchasing its driver certainly leaves no room for disappointment at all.

4- TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

We all have seen how TaylorMade, to date, has been coming up with some of the best performance-based drivers in the market. Talking of which, the SIM MAX driver is one such amazing piece of equipment you might want to consider. It is loaded with some impeccable features, which of course, we shall be exploring.


  • The best game improvement driver comes with an inertia generator. There is also a new shape that looks quite revolutionary since it has the Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole. This design is to have a fast clubhead speed so that ball speed would be good while you can cover the distance too.
  • The driver is made of speed injected technology. This promises the optimized C.O. R, which can help the golfers for an easy hit. It ensures the ball’s speed across the face is done in a better manner since it calibrates every head to the legal speed limit threshold.
  • That is not it! There is also a twist face technology, which comes with a slightly large face area. It makes the use of the corrective face angle that has been designed for overcoming the regular tendencies of the golfer on the mishits. It also generates the shots directly when the large face is provided for a better confidence boost.
  • Further moving on the construction, well it is made of multi-material that includes titanium, carbon, and steel. This way, the head’s design is created where the weight is placed accurately at the head. The results are obvious, and that is, of course, good MOI along with ultra-low CG.
  • The loft sleeves are at 2 degrees. These best women’s golf clubs offer better adjustment and personalization so that club can be rightly optimized for every golf trajectory. The preferences of the face angle can be set rightly.
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Delivers straighter shots
  • Maximize playability and forgiveness
  • Head is big for a few

Final words:

Taylormade is a brand that has managed to win hearts across the globe. And its innovation in the form of SIM MAX driver is a blend of innovation with style and class. Using SIM MAX Driver can surely improve your accuracy and long shots.

5- TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver

Taylormade Company was established in 1979, and since then, it has continued to offer the best of the golf drivers for good performance. This company has managed to drive to lead the industry with the best of product innovation.

The company has been committed to offering some of the best frontiers, for which the whole team has pushed the product limited when manufacturing it. Talking which the perfect example of one such driver is the M2 driver.


  • With the perfect blend of quality and innovative technology, the M2 driver has proved to be a complete savior for most golfers. It has managed to do a perfect job that a driver needs to do, be it better forgiveness or a good ball speed while covering the miles.
  • It is designed with some of the upgraded technologies such as Geocoustic technology. Besides, there are also speed pockets that are quite deep and active. Thanks to its FF2FF precession process, the accuracy is also not compromised anywhere at all.
  • The premium look of the driver is another reason why you may want to consider the option. Whether you are just a beginner or an expert golfer, the classic design with the fine construction makes it light in weight and easy to hit off when you connect it with the ball.
  • Every golfer requires better power off the tee, like the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors. Considering this factor in mind, the company has designed an M2 driver with a core made of titanium, which is place behind the clubface for better transfer of the energy during a strong impact. It thus offers a good speed and the ball momentum too.
  • Another highlight of this best women’s golf clubs is the speed pocket technology. It shows the magic whenever it gets in connection with the ball. The green shoots are not a thing when you have theM2 driver with you.
  • Big sweet spot
  • More loft on drives
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Light
  • Ideal for any golfer
  • Classic look
  • Speed pocket technology
  • The inability of weight adjustment

Final Words:

Overall, this is one amazing best game improvement driver to consider for your next purchase. Even if it does lack some of the abilities, but it is the best in the market. It is adventurous for seniors, beginners, and intermediates. It comes with a classic look and a sweet spot with a better loft on the drive too.

6- Callaway X HOT Driver

Callaway X HOT Driver is another popular driver that has proved to be a tough competition to its rivalries. This model is a flagship club that comes with a rugged look.

It has been constructed in a much strategic manner to ensure a perfect balance between the swing and weight is maintained. The blend of its design with the technology makes it more appealing. 


  • The hand feel of this driver is quite comforting. The only reason is because of its robust design and good quality that you may not find elsewhere. Besides, if you have a better grip on the club, it becomes convenient for you to increase the strength in the swing speeds.
  • The VFT face assures the ball’s quick speed, not on the center but also the center hits. Thanks to the loft and lie adjustments, you can optimize the setting of the driver. Further, there is more feature that you may want to explore.
  • The driver shape is another best part of this equipment. It is designed aerodynamically. All you need is the exact airflow amount scores the club so that you can make the driver’s best use. This way, you will hit the ball with a better speed because of the good club airflow.
  • This driver is designed so that you will be able to have better control when hitting the ball with a good velocity. This way you shall be able to reach the long-distance. The main focus is to throw the ball in the holes that are in a distant place. Considering this requirement, the company has come up with a jailbreak technology that offers high speed.
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Premium Quality
  • High-Speed
  • Durable Shaft
  • Desired sweet spot
  • There are no Adjustments Tools
  • It can easily Crack

Final words:

Overall, this is one incredible option that you can consider. It is powerful, made of superior quality, and promises a good performance. It comes with a design that gives a good speed and long-distance cover with the head shape for better forgiveness.

7- Big Bertha B21 Driver by Callaway

Big Bertha B21 Driver by Callaway is another amazing option that has been made for the distance anyhow you swing it. It is one incredible piece of equipment introduced so far by Callaway that certainly has even proved to be a tough competition.

To be precise, this is one modern driver that comes with 2 siders, titanium rods of 3 grams, and a panel that will improve your stability and ensures the driver stays flexible and thin enough for accuracy and stronger impact.


  • This driver is designed classically to eliminate the slice and even big miss. It has been designed with a top-notch quality with the ultra-low forward CG, because of which you get a better spin.
  • The big bertha is quite large and specially designed with the internal draw for weighting that improves the launch angles. It also makes sure the balls can be hit long and are straight even at the long-distance.
  • The A.I design is a quite advanced flash face that ensures the fastball speed is offered well even when the area is quite wide. Besides, its architecture is made of sturdy material which is light in weight and over traditional titanium quite strong too. That is why you can enjoy better forgiveness, speed, and spin characteristics too.
  • If you want to make sure that ball gets hit farther, you have to hit it directly. The driver is designed with the high launch driver that comes with ultra-low forward CG for a low spin to eliminate the miss. It is one trending formula for the distance that gives a consistent ball flight, and the tee shots are more for finding the fairway.
  • Stylish finish
  • Nice sound when connected
  • 4 shafts to choose
  • Thin and stabilized face for awesome forgiveness
  • Jailbreak technology
  • Precise shots
  • Limited adjustability

Final words:

You can consider the option of Callaway driver because it can enhance your golfing experience with better stability, power, and speed. It ensures the adjustability is quite easy with the club’s rear side so that you can make the adjustments for the different playing styles.

8- Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway Rogue Driver is known to offer the best ball speed using the blend of jailbreak technology. This is the main reason why it has proved to be a tough competition for its rivalries. Besides, it has the X face VFT plus, which increases the MOI. 

This gives a good breakthrough for improving the performance of the driver. The titanium bars are also light by around 25 percent light, so it fulfills the functions to make sure the sole and crown are stiff.


  • Along with the X face VFT and jailbreak technology, the golfer can experience a better jailbreak effect. It helps in promoting a good boost in the speed of the ball and also the distance. This way, the accuracy is also improved to a great extent.
  • Thanks to the use of carbon composite materials, the performance of the metal wood. There is also a proprietary triaxial carbon composite, which is incredible. It is strong and light in weight because the weight gets properly distributed to the head’s perimeter, and this MOI and forgiveness improve.
  • Callaway, along with Boeing, has collaborated to create the technology call speed step used in the metal woods of Callaway. In the rogue drivers, along with Boeing, this driver has been designed for redesigning the geometry of the best edge that can improve the flow of the air, which improves the head speed.
  • Rigid Structure
  • Improve Ball Speed
  • More Forgiving
  • Deeper Head Shape
  • Super Lightweight
  • Easily Portable
  • You may not like the color of the club

Final words:

This high-end golf club comes with good performance and features, which is why it is worth your penny. The blend of jailbreak technology further makes it an efficient option for improving the speed of the ball.

9- Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway’s Epic Flash Driver is a perfect blend of the latest technology that artificial intelligence has created. The focus of this driver’s design is to help the golfers achieve a better speed of the ball even for more distance.

Thanks to its flash face technology, the ball can be thrown faster, and the machine learning technology has made the driver be the best enough to make a radical difference in the designs so that the ball speed is faster in the middle of the face.


  • Epic Flash Driver has got a jailbreak technology with the ball speed bars of the hail break. It helps make the crown and sole stabilize and ensure there is more impact on the face load so that ball speed will be faster.
  • Thanks to the material made of a new T2C triaxial carbon crown, there is a high chance of MOI with a new light T2C triaxial carbon fabric, which comes with a better weave as well. The weight of it ensures an accurate redistribution within the head for raising the MOI for better forgiveness on the center hits.
  • The design of the flash face is quite classy since the A. I have made it, which is already popular for creating radical different faces. With this design, at least you will be able to swing in smoothly while making the ball go faster.
  • This golf driver also has a low spin with a low launch profile has managed to maintain the HZRDUS reputation. It has been designed for the pro swingers to make sure the optimized material placement offers a good feel.
  • Low Spin Head Design
  • High MOI
  • More forgiveness
  • Enhanced control and stability
  • The head is a little heavy

Final words:

For the pro swingers, this can be the best option to buy. It also improves the accuracy and the ball speed so that even from a distance, you can use it smartly.

10- Mizuno ST200 Driver

Mizuno brings you the most affordable driver that is loaded with ample good features. The cub’s face design allows the golfer to play at a fastball speed while their swings can be done easily. It helps to reduce the mishit which eventually improves.

The driver is made of speed-injected technology. It also generates the shots directly when the large face is provided for a better confidence boost.


  • Mizuno ST200 Driver is one of its kind because it is a perfect blend of technology and styling that any pro golfer would be looking for on a budget. It has the Forged SAT Beta Ti Face so that the ball can be thrown at a distant speed and that too faster.
  • There is a cortech design used for better usability. That is why; you can notice a thickness in the face that is highly optimized. This way, the COR AREA also gets optimized, and you can swing in smoothly.
  • The material is made of the carbon composite crown, because of which the weight gets shifted low within the clubhead. Also, there is a wave technology; there are a rebound and compression during the compact for a COR area.
  • The head’s driver is made of light in weight because of the use of the material, which also is a plus point as the clubhead stays well balance. This way, the golfer can improve performance and accuracy while the feel shall be good. Besides, this driver improves the dynamic loft and reduces the ball spin too.
  • High Launch Angle Hits
  • Great Forgiveness
  • Affordable Driver
  • Good Ball Speed
  • Not Adjustable
  • Low Accuracy
  • Right-Hand Orientation only

Final words:

This driver is extremely light in weight and can help in improving performance. Using this ball, you can surely hit the ball in a straight manner, and it is best for not just pros but beginners.

Best Golf Drivers Of All Time

Buying Guide

Other than the options given, if you want to buy it on your own and explore the market further, then given below are some things that may help you.

Factors to Consider

If you have some drivers already reader with you, then comes the deciding factor that plays an important role. Of course, sleek designs matter the most but have you ever thought about what shall happen for the golf driver dotto perform well, especially when you are on the tee. That is why here are some crucial factors that can make your choice better and easy.

  • The premium quality

Usually, drivers are also called the woods. They are one part of the golf club known for retaining the lowest of the loft and largest of the head. Usually, it would help if you looked for the woods, made of different materials, for better knowledge, but the most common one is titanium or sometimes steel.

Your focus should be on choosing the primary quality based that is available at a great deal. You may come across some cost-friendly options to buy that offer steel and titanium composite.s

  • The materials with size and shape

To understand if the driver you are considering for your next purchase is worth it, you need to make sure the material is also of good quality. Many new technologies have now come up, which has surely been chosen by drivers is getting complex.

Along with the material, you must also consider what all shapes and sizes are the drivers available. You can easily pick up the new model, but some drivers are designed differently to serve the golf players’ needs. Some drivers are also designed considering the beginner in mind.

  • Price

Price surely plays a dominant factor when it comes to buying a golf driver. But remember, any piece of golf equipment you buy will be costly. But in the driver’s case, the price gets hampered by the material used. The drivers are usually made of steel, which is a cheaper option in the scale, then comes the titanium head, which is durable and pricy.

What to look for?

With so many options that are available in the market today, it is quite obvious for you to get confused. That is why given are some of the few things you should not be missing out on when buying a driver.

  • Clubhead

The head of the driver is usually large as compared to other clubs. There is a difference in the material, which hampers the size limits of the head. Suppose the head made from steel is large compared to the one made from wood due to the top metal sheet’s malleability.

This means the steel material can easily get thinned out without even having to sacrifice its durability. This way, the driver gets a large size.

  • Forgiveness

If you have a driver with better forgiveness, then it makes the game fun to play. There are large sweet spots that play a crucial role in rating the forgiving club. Along with this comes the gravity entre, weighting of the perimeter that determines the shot’s accuracy. 

But it is not necessary that all golfers would want the same driving. For better skills, there are other features as well that matter.

  • Flex

Other than this, flex is important too. The shaft’s flex depends on the type of player as well. Flex is the method by which the shaft will bend when the player would swing. There are usually drivers that are straight all the time, but there is a slight bending that later occurs. This flex lets the golfer make the best use of storing the potential energy to aid the swing.

The rating of the flex is already set, which is made from the extra stiff, stiff, ladies, senior and regular. It is important to get the shaft that would match your skills and improve the shot’s accuracy.

How To Select Good Drivers

Choosing the right driver can be a time taking process. Although there are so many materials, features, and configurations to decide on the right one, here are some easy plots for you on how the choice should be made.

Always remember, your driver is remissible for setting the game’s tone. The spilling of the fairway shot instantly would put you in place to score better, but a misfit of the tee can make you out of the game. That is why make the decision carefully.

  • Length

There is no standard length that is designed for the driver. Every brand shall create models that have different lengths but are usually between 43.5″ to 47″. However, with technological advancement, drivers are now getting longer, and some have even reached 48″, which is the maximum size allowed.

The reason is the shafts are long; the head shall travel faster. But if it is hit off-center, it can reduce the distance. It is wise to go for the driver that is long and can give an instant hit that too accurately.

  • Size

You need to look for the driver, which is made from stainless steel or forged titanium, and allow. Some hit the course driving range only on an occasional basis. You can find the top-notch quality driver at a cost-friendly deal.

Usually, be it the multi-material or titanium-based driver, they are light in weight and offer better strength. Focusing on the size well, 460cc is the maximum limit of the driver that is allowed. The size can increase the inertia moment, and this offers the golfer a better scope of forgiveness on the off-center hits.

Type of drivers

Drivers are categorized into different emotions that are usually noticed through a golfer’s mind when he is on the tee.

If you hit the straight drivers and that too long, there are chances for you to get a little excited when it reaches the tee off. But if the driving game doesn’t have much power and can put you in trouble, it is worrisome.

Thanks to modern technology, the driver these days are quite advanced where you can hit the ball straight and even hard, and it can turn to be a routine. It is simply a matter of the driver type that fits the game.

  • Heads

This is one primary type of driver you need to consider. Usually, for the better sweet spot, you must go for the large head. You must focus on the material of the head as well.

  • Shafts

Then comes the shaft, which is available in different valuables that also play an important role in the impact. Usually, if you consider the steel haft option, they are traditional and come with limited flex, and have more weight too. Shaft offers better control and can slow the swing’s speed for the right power needed for the impact.

  • Loft

The purpose of life is to control the way high ball shall travel. Usually, a loft that runs from 11 to 18 degrees is the most common one. You should focus on finding the driver that can improve the length of the drives.

  • Weighted Drivers

Lastly comes the weighted best golf drivers of all time that are quite trending in the market. It also contributes to controlling the flight of the ball. The removable weight of the driver lets the golfer change the feel when it gets hit.

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers of All Time

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What exactly is the meaning of a golf driver?

In golf, two parts are important one is the ball and the other is the driver. When the golfer hits the ball using a holding driver, it is the ball that can move. The driver’s head is quite a wife and has shaped more like a cricket bat.

Right after the ball is hit using the wide head, the shot gets accurately possible. That is what a golf driver does.

2- How to Fix A Slice with A Driver?

This is quite the opposite that what happens in the cricked game if you have seen in cricket that it is the fast bowler that usually swings the ball and the spinner later turns it as the bowler uses skills to make it happen.

This can be great in cricket, but in golf, it usually hampers without golfers’ willingness and, of course, is not right. For this, a golfer needs to hit certain golf ballpoints as per the angle.

3- Is it okay to have an adjustable driver?

Thanks to the wreath, it is now possible for the golfers to adjust the face angle as well, for which they don’t need the local club fitted. The golfer can change the club dynamics for matching the ball flight or even choose some additional yards that can be carried.

Usually, manufacturers don’t advise an adjustable driver, but some disagree and consider that extra weight is less than the ideal location and the different setting.

4- What is MOI?

The complete form of MOI is a Moment of inertia. It refers to club forgiveness. If the MOI is high, then there are fewer chances for the MOI to twist that usually happen due to off-center hot that creates more of the fairway finder

5- What kind of loft is needed?

There are different lofts of the drivers, which can vary from 8 – 14 degrees. If you consider the general rule, it states that if the swing’s speed is slow, you will require more loft. As the launch is high, it makes a good carry distance. Besides, the high loft clubs are also responsible for creating a backspin that keeps the ball in the air.

6- Is it important to have a driver that comes with an anti-slice option?

Oftentimes, golfers slice the boll, especially when off the tee. The manufacturers have raised this concern in the past and named it an anti-slice or, say, the regular drivers’ draw version. But as the drivers are now adjustable, there are so many parts of the golf landscape to make a face sure as like the 3° on some adjustable drivers so that the slice is corrected.

7- Which is the right material of the driver to choose?

The technology of the driver has improved in a quite better way. Earlier, the woods were being used, and now most of the drivers in today’s time are either made of composite heads or titanium. Titanium gained popularity because it is light in weight and strong. A composite head is a blend of different materials and is light in weight.

8- What Are Launch Conditions?

Basically, it needs to be the custom-fitted option for the driver, and during such a process, you may even hear the phrase called the launch condition. It is a blend of different factors that determine how the ball gets stuck and what can be the possible outcome of it.

9- What is the Centre of Gravity?

The Centre of gravity is also called CG of the driver, is the only point of the driver that you can move vertically, back, horizontally in the head of the club by moving the adjustable weight or the fixed ones within the head.

10- What is COR?

COR stands for Coefficient of Restitution. It is an energy measurement that gets transferred and is also called Characteristic Time (CT). If COR is equivalent to 1.00, all the energy from the best golf drivers of all time will be transferred to the ball.

11- Which driver is better, a standard one or the tour preferred driver.

You can come across the tour drivers on the site, but such clubs are made only for an expert with quite a good ball-striking ability and is equipped with the shafts that can allow keeping the ball low. If you choose the tour club, you may find it appealing, but you will see the results only if you are a professional.

12- Can a custom fit driver be helpful?

Most golfers think of it, but there are some flaws when you swing it. It can override the advantages that are designed for the clubs. But as per the players often hit it sideways is due to the driver not being custom fit.

13- How much can you spend on the driver?

Since the budget plays an important role while choosing the club, you can focus on buying the expensive one if the price is not a restriction for you. You must, however, aim at looking for a club that gives a good feel. It must help you perform at the best possible level.


With the advancement in technology, golfers are now getting equipment with a much better design. You must look for the best golf drivers of all time. The innovation has surely widened the golfers’ scope to make better choices amongst the drivers as well.

The listed above options and guidelines can surely be of great help to you. But it is always better to research well, take time and compare and then speak with expert players who already have one good driver. 

The use of golf driver is quite a straight word. It requires maintenance, and the design made by the experts is carefully done considering every golf player’s needed.

The hard work done on the drivers has been shared with you above, and surely all of them are trending in the market. Always go for the drivers that have got ample features that you expect at the professional level. Have different settings and a good material choices too.


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