Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

10 Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers in 2022

Golf is surely one incredible sport but not an easy one to learn. To make an accurate hit of a 300 yarder from the very first day is the dream of every golf expert. While you may look for the best quality driver to give you the perfect shot even from a long distance, it is quite obvious for you to get confused.

To reach the greens using the right driver with a convenient fit is something challenging to find. That is why in this post, you will come across some of the best ladies’ senior flex golf clubs for high handicappers and beginners who can improve their game in a much better way.

Thanks to advanced technology, there are so many new styles of irons and hybrids available in the market. There are so many best hybrid golf clubs for seniors designed for seniors, women, beginners that they are designed to boost speed and distance without much effort.

But when it is your short game, you cannot ignore the fact that it gives the upper hand. In the short game, you get better beneficial positions across the green. And that is when the drivers with the best of technology can help you create a straight and long shot off the tee, even from a distance.

Listed are some of the best drivers for a high handicapper with a slice designed for the wide-open holes, especially if you aim to break out with fewer efforts. These top-notch drivers can make a hit easy and support high handicappers and even for the beginner golf player.

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers
Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers

1- TaylorMade M6 Driver – Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

We all have known TaylorMade for its amazing collection of golf clubs and drivers being sold in the market today. Talking of which the M6 driver is one of the trends that has earned its name in the golfing industry. This M6 driver is designed and well injected for reaching out the maximum limit of the ball speed, which has been legally approved.

The curvature of the clubface is quite perfect for the off-center strikes. That is the main reason why it is best for beginners and high handicappers. This driver is well designed for reducing the spin and also to deliver straight shots.

Thanks to the hammerhead slot, which is quite flexible and is blended well with the twisted face of speed injection, the large sweet spot is created. That is why; it gives you better forgiving for even the mis-hits. The best hybrid golf clubs for seniors are blended with speed injection technology, which is why they can improve the speed of the ball and distance.


  • You simply have to step up to the tee with this driver who has been designed to speed and distance quickly with the power of speed injected technology.
  • Each driver has been completely tested and then goes through the speed injection process where the additional stunning resin is injected from two ports on the face.
  • The performance is achieved, which is lost to the C.O.R. legal limit due to the latest technology.
  • There is also a twist face technology which gained popularity since 2019 and since then with the use of a revolutionary face curvation.
  • The sidespin is reduced, and even the face angle on off-center hits is corrected. This way the straight shots off the tee get delivered rightly.
  • If we focus more on the design, well the best game improvement driver is made with an aerodynamic shaping and has a sleek design that helps increase the speed of the clubhead.
  • It is made of the new carbon sole design that can improve the forgiveness since it consists of more than 50% of the carbon material with Inertia Generator.
  • Aerodynamic shaping
  • Sleek
  • More flexible
  • Increased club head speed
  • Perfect weight balance
  • The weight is quite heavy

Final words:

Overall, this is one fine golf driver you can consider, which has been designed to improve the ball speed and the distance since it has been tested and verified, making it more in demand amongst the experts.

2- Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Known to be associated with the first launch of the Big Bertha, Callaway is one amazing company that has even created the recent Big Bertha B21 Driver. This driver is quite big, which is why a player can enjoy better forgiving than most of the peers in the market.

The best women’s golf clubs are designed to make sure you cover the distance no matter how you swing the driver. It is one amazing designed driver that helps eliminate the slice as there is an ultra-low forward C.G. for the low spin.

That is not it! The company has designed this big bertha using the latest A. I technology flash face that ensures that even in the expansive location, the ball’s speed is not compromised. Further, there are some impeccable features to explore.


  • This driver has a large club head with a design of the physicist Isaac Newton cartoon which signifies that there are ample physics going on the driver’s side. 
  • You can even see the letter V which basically belongs to the V series, signifying the term velocity.
  • The driver has been made considering the efforts that a golfer has to put in for increasing the velocity. For this, they have reduced the weight as well. Basically, the same credit goes to Optifit hosel that changes the loft angle by some degrees.
  • This driver is a long-distance golf club that is made from a forged composite head. 
  • Driver stays as light in weight as possible while also sporting a 460-cc head that makes it more compatible and best used.
  • Using this driver, you will be able to hit the ball farther. It has been designed for improving the launch angle. 
  • The advanced A. My design makes sure the speed is nowhere compromised while the internal draw ensures the ball is hit long and straight.
  • Proved tough to its competitors
  • Extra Forgiveness
  • Perfect weight balance
  • Adjustable Hosel
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Adds Plenty of Styles
  • The impact is dull, which makes few drivers bored of using it.

Final words:

This driver is best for beginners and experts because it has been designed with the latest A.I. technology. However, the only turn-off could be the cartoon of Isaac newton, but the performance is amazing.

3- Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway brings you another finest of its product from the golf driver range called the Max driver. It is one of the easy-to-hit drivers, which comes with weights that can be changed. This way, the forgiveness gets maximized, and the configuration can also be drawn.

Whether you are just a beginner in this sport or a handicapper, you would appreciate this driver since it comes with a loft and lies clubhead that can be adjusted. It is light in weight, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is strong too. It makes sure the required speed, along with forgiveness, is nowhere compromised.

Like the previous best driver for senior high handicaps, this one is also designed with jailbreak bars technology. This means the sole and the crown stay connected, and thus the speed of the ball gets well boosted. Besides, the A. It has been designed for a deep metallic sound to enjoy.


  • If we focus on the face’s design, well it has been architecture with the FS2S Titanium.
  • The material is quite strong, and light says around 6 grams light compared to the traditional one. This way, the speed gets optimized with better forgiveness and spin robustness as well.
  • There are two bars of Jailbreak technology. The whole purpose is to make sure the crown and sole stay connected.
  • The crown is made from carbon allows redistributing the weight probably for better M.O.I.
  • It has also been well integrated with A. I designed. That is why there is a classy internal titanium rib system that you can find.
  • The best game improvement driver tunes the head finely so that a deep yet the most satisfactory sound is generated while playing.
  • This is for the players who often find it challenging with slice would find this driver helpful since it comes with a solution for the problem that usually the high handicappers find with common shot type.
  • With this driver, they can get all the possible help since it comes with the features that draw bias.
  • Sleek design
  • Competitive distance
  • High launching
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Better forgiving
  • Many players do not appreciate the color scheme

Final words:

This driver by Marvik comes with some amazing features like an upgraded flat face that offers a good ball speed. Certainly, to launch and long is not easy, but you can always tweak the weight’s position to change the flight.

4- TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

TaylorMade brings you the revolutionary designed driver with all the latest technology that certainly has proved to be a tough competition for many options. We are talking here about the SIM MAX Driver, which has been made with a new shape. It has the sole of asymmetric aerodynamic design with the inertia generator.

That’s not it, further if we talk about the design of the best women’s golf clubs, the sole has been made in such a manner that it delivers more speed for the clubhead. This way, even at the crucial swing stage, your performance will be at par.

Besides, the inertia generator places the weight at the rear side. That is why you get better forgiveness, and since it has been strategically angled, it reduces the drag on the lower swing.

Further, the construction is made of steel, titanium, and carbon blend, which is why the weight is placed accurately at the head for the ultra-low Cg and even high M.O.I. This driver is designed with the latest technology called speed injection. This means the speed is well optimized with C.O.R. so that golfers can hit rightly.


  • The driver’s design improves the overall speed of the ball across the face while it calibrated every head to the threshold of the speed limit, which is legal.
  • Thanks to two-face technology, the inherent golfer can now overcome the risk of mi-hit.
  • Two face technologies also help create straight shots, and thus they get a large face that can be achieved with better confidence.
  • With the loft sleeves which are at 2 degrees, there is a complete adjustment solution. It also helps in setting the preferences for the face angle too.
  • The personalization of loft is done so that the club gets well optimized for every trajectory of the golfer.
  • The best driver for a high handicapper with a slice in this SIM model comes with quite a large face size. Talking of which of all this model has the largest of the face.
  • Large face lets the golfer of all the ability to increase the forgiveness and even make sure the playability is all smooth.
  • Functional looks
  • Modern technology
  • Launch and spin profile
  • High launching
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Balanced weight
  • The overall appearance is marginal

Final words:

The SIM max model is set up quite nicely. It ensures the speed of the ball is well maintained. The forgiveness element is what makes it more in demand; besides, the large face with a heavy inertia generator is also a plus point.

5- Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver

Cleveland is another popular brand that seems to be a tough competition for many latest brands. Though you may not have heard the brand much, it has been trending in the market already. It is an excellent club maker that designs the best models for high handicappers and even beginners.

Talking about the latest turbo driver, well, it focuses on game improvement. The design is made in such a manner that every launch is long and high too. It has a turbocharged cup face that enhances a new variable face for a better shot.

Focusing on the design, well, it has been made so that weight is properly distributed and there is a better impact for a good speed of the ball and better distance coverage. This is one of the finest options in the market today, with some impeccable features listed.


  • The golf launcher turbo is designed with a cup face that has been turbocharged. It enhances a new variable face because of which the golfer gets a high C.O.T.
  • There is a better speed for the ball with a good distance that any golfer would expect. Thanks to the H.I. bore crown that has been redesigned for better results; it lessens down the center of gravity by 2.2mm.
  • There is a low C.G. position that ensures the launch condition is optimal while the golfer finds it convenient when launching the hit.
  • The weight has been well maintained. There is a discretionary mass saving that has been placed for a better improvement of M.O.I.
  • The ultra-light hosel at the internal and external weight reduction promises a high launch too. That is the main reason why speed is not compromised.
  • The shaft design has been made to launch the turbo driver to offer a good center of gravity.
  • It has been designed for a better M.O.I. as it lets the additional head mass be enabled. This way, the golfer would never miss a shot.
  • Easy to swing and
  • Clean design
  • Very friendly on the pocket
  • Easy alignment
  • Loud
  • Lacks adjustability

Final words:

Cleveland has always designed simple-looking driver faces, but this one has been embedded with the finest technology too. It ensures the forgiving hitting areas and fit high. This way, you can improve your abilities while accuracy is maintained too.

6- Callaway Rogue Driver

Another tough competition that Callaway has bought for other drivers is the rogue driver; it has been designed considering the need for high handicappers and beginners in mind. If you have been craving for better forgiveness and a high speed of the ball even at a short distance, then sure, this driver is meant just for you.

Further, the best women’s golf clubs are loaded with some impeccable technics. Talking of which the jailbreak bars are one of these. The effect of jailbreak bars is in such a manner that does not just elevate the speed of the ball but also the distance.

It has been designed right behind the face of the club. Further, this technology’s blend with the cutting-edge X faces V.F.T. technology helps create good energy that transfers in your golf ball.

You might want to consider this option to be paired up with your Boeing aero package and triaxial carbon. The reason is quite clear; it helps to create a stream that has a streamlined clubhead with the aerodynamic shaping while the weight is well optimized and placed.


  • The experts have designed this driver for those golfers who look for better forgiveness. Besides, it offers a huge sweet spot and better accuracy.
  • It is a blend of face technology and jailbreak technology. This way better speed o the ball and long-distance is promoted.
  • The crown surface area is made of carbon composite. That is why you get high M.O.I.
  • There is a large address footprint for better M.O.I. that eventually improves forgiveness and increases stability.
  • It is also designed with a speed step technology that Boeing and Callaway have created for better airflow.
  • Thanks to the options like a shaft, loft, and weigh choices, you get a good head speed and better accuracy.
  • The bars are made of hourglass-shaped Titanium, which is 25% light in weight and satisfies the stiff sole and crown’s functioning.
  • Boost in Ball Speed
  • Enhance Metal wood Performance
  • Promote Faster Head Speed
  • Elevated Ball Speed
  • No risk for kicks
  • Multiple shaft angles
  • Nothing as such

Final words:

Since this best driver for a high handicapper with a slice model is well upgraded with the best of the technologies, improved accuracy, and better ball speed with long distances. While designing this driver, there are no compromises made on the performance or effectiveness.

7- Cobra Max Superlite SN Driver

Cobra brings you another lightweight driver that offers better forgiveness in the form of Max Superlite S.N. Driver. Cobra is one known brand in the market that gained its popularity simply because of the better driver collection that offers better performance with a good shot and better speed. The leads model is certainly the better version and competition to its rivalries.

Cobra has created this driver that just weighs 287 grams. That is the main reason why it is capable of delivering long distances with ease. Besides, it is known for better accuracy and ensures the swing speed is moderate too. This driver is capable of launching straight yet high and long shots as compared to the previous one.

If we talk about the design, well, the ultra-forgiving construction has been positioned strategically with weight low, back, and even heel ward. This way, the trajectories are highly launched and are straight too. Thanks to the ultra-forging design, the internal weight pad is placed at the back, low, and even the heel ward for high launch.


  • The driver’s overall weight is just 18 grams, which is light enough to give better performance.
  • It is 6 rimes light as compared to other club heads and has a 7-gram light grip too.
  • There is a forged E9 face technology with a thin forged titanium face that has been designed for ball speed.
  • The weight of the bak or say heel is designed with an ultra-forgiving pattern. Due to this, the launch can be promoted high while the ball’s flights will be straight.
  • The alignment of the crown is designed for helping the player with a square setup for better detailing.
  • Golfers can choose between the design of an offset for better draw bias or the neck design, which is straight.
  • The club’s whole weight is light and made in metal wood so that the clubhead gets the reduced weight better club speed.
  • Forged E9 Face Technology
  • Lighter Overall Club
  • Swing Easier
  • Generate More Speed
  • Maximize Distance
  • Weight Saving Performance
  • Some need adjustability

Final words:

Overall, this best game improvement driver is one lightweight club well integrated with the best design and construction. The driver has been designed to improve accuracy and ensure the ball is hit from a distance with a good swing.

8- P.G.X. Offset Golf Driver

P.G.X. Offset Golf Driver is another amazing option that you may want to consider. The driver has an offer set that can help you square the ball with a better impact. To have a square face can be crucial and would help you get in the straighter drivers.

These ladies’ senior flex golf clubs are loaded with some of the best features talking of which ROMOTO technology is one of them. It gives you a lot of structure and can also save weight. This way, you get better timing for creating a high speed on the ball right to the face. The center of gravity is rightly placed at the forward and in the lower direction because you get better speed than the usual one.

It is now possible to even perform some adjustments using such a driver since it can help change the spin’s separation within the low and high settings. You don’t have to change the angle of the loft. Besides, you get a modified crown for the tall core of gravity.


  • This driver has a lovely matte black finish which is why it looks elegant.
  • The green and white color on it gives your driver much of a sleek yet clean look.
  • You can now get this 460cc driver that comes with a large sweet spot for better forgiveness.
  • This driver has interacted with the Optifit Adjustability by which you can adjust the lie and lofty angle in different ways.
  • There are options for a better shot like a drawing center and the neutral center of gravity to enjoy.
  • You can use the leather headcover which comes with the driver for better maintenance.
  • You get the huge forgiving driver who has been characterized with some of the best features to help you shot well.
  • The premium shaft and head design
  • Great RMOTO distance technology
  • Gravity core easily adjusts the gravity center
  • Plenty of adjustments
  • The adjustments can prove to be a bit tiresome
  • The golf club is quite stiff

Final words:

This is one of the finest options to consider for a better shot and improve your accuracy. If you have a lot of speed on the ball, you can make a good shot from a distance if you are using this driver.

9- TaylorMade Men’s R.B.Z. Rescue

Taylor made its first collection of metal wood in 1979, and since then, it has turned out to be one of the finest golf driver creators for better performance. The company is known for some of the innovative products in the market that are trending already talking of which TaylorMade Men’s R.B.Z. Rescue is one of them.

If you are a high handicapper that has a swing speed lesser than 100mph, then surely you can use this driver. You don’t have to worry or wait for luck to do some magic to your hands for the forgiving driver to cover up your weakness when you can use TaylorMade Men’s R.B.Z. Rescue. This creation is widely known to be the finest product that TaylorMade has so far made.

The face of the club is quite forgiving. You can even feel the shaft which is quite great since it doesn’t offer excess lag on the swing. Besides, you also get a titanium club head of 460cc that can whip through the zone. Further, you can adjust the driver loft to get the trajectory that you choose.

This club is made from the Speed Pocket technology with a blend of high launch and low spin. This is the main reason why it offers better distance. Besides, the finish is quite smooth and elegant to improve the alignment. That is why it has gained popularity has the best R.B.Z. Driver.


  • The clubhead is large and comes with a loft to adjust as per the convenience for the optimal trajectory.
  • The core is quite light and has been positional straightly for a better launch.
  • The design of the shaft gives a better feel and also maximizes the distance.
  • You can enjoy flaunting it since the design comes with a stain finishing in black color for better alignment and elegant detailing.
  • This driver has been designed with an upgraded style, aggressive look, and performance that shows its versatility.
  • It has a mass pad that is strategically placed for a better feel and launch.
  • Lightweight
  • Looks Great at Address
  • Comes with Head Cover
  • Great Shaft
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Great Value
  • Improved Sole
  • Elegant Detailing
  • The weight is quite heavy

Final Words:

Overall, this versatile driver is the finest option that TaylorMade brings to you. It comes with better geometry that also improves the turf intersection. You may want to consider this option in your next purchase.

10- TaylorMade Women’s High Launch R.B.Z. Driver

TaylorMade Women’s High Launch R.B.Z. The driver can also be your great option for better accuracy and improving the swing. It is popular for the forgiving driver that helps in reducing the spin of the shot.

Besides, it also increases the sweet spot size while allowing you to create a better connection to your ball. Besides, black is one classy color that looks good on this driver—talking about the R.B.Z. Namely, this club offers better performance with its proven technology, such as the loft sleeve and speed pocket.

It also comes with metal woods technology that is well optimized, which eventually expands the club sweet spot. The driver is well characterized with a loft sleeve that offers better adjustability.


  • The ladies’ senior flex golf clubs have a titanium head with a loft sleeve that you can adjust. This gives an optimized trajectory and launch.
  • The core is made from ultra-lite Titanium which has been placed strategically for better control of the trajectory.
  • The material white tie is made of premium quality with 55 shafts. This offers a better distance and a smooth feel.
  • For the best performance regarding low spin and high launch, this driver is the best option to choose.
  • There is a front track that works to be a crucial feature for increasing the sweet spot’s size.
  • Great Adjustability
  • The Driver Reduces the Spin
  • Great Shaft
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Sliding Split Weights
  • Stiffer than other golf clubs
  • Does not come with a headcover

Final Words:

Overall, this is one fine option you can consider for your next purchase to improve the ball’s speed and accuracy since it has been tested and verified, which makes it more in demand amongst the experts.

Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers

Buying Guide

What to look for in a Golf Driver

  • Design

Be it the high handicappers or the beginner golfers to have a forgiving driver and is finely designed are the most important thing. The beginner golfers should feel confident while using their club and trust in their club that it will not let them down even if they are using it for the first time.

There are so many golf companies in the market today that are now looking up for better ways to reduce the clubhead drag and thus increase the swing’s speed.

For some, the best way to create a set is by choosing the club, which is like 7 years old, while for some to find a driver that can give the ball a good swing in the air is important. In the end, the design is important for the overall swing.

  • Feel

For every golfer to hit a drive properly requires a comfortable feel. Initially, the golfer may not be able to tell right where exactly the ball is going. Talking about feeling well, it comes with a better experience of hitting the ball and the moment of impact.

Talking about the feeling that a driver needs to have, it means with the response that a ball gives when it gets hit by the club’s face. Usually, the expert golfers must have hit their shot ample and know if the ball is stuck at the clubface center.

But for the beginners or the handicappers, there needs to be an exceptional feel throughout the swing that needs to be present for gaining good confidence.

  • Forgiveness

For beginner golfers to deal with a high handicapper problem, they need to have a driver with the forgiveness that can ensure the ball stays straight and long off the tee box. Usually, most beginners find it quite challenging to have shave strokes off their handicap, which may not strike the ball on the clubface center.

Since most brands understand this concern, they usually make the driver that comes with a huge sweet spot for reducing the sidespin that can create the hooks and even the slice. This is one amazing technology that has been now advanced for assisting beginners in hitting the ball straight on off the center strikes.

  • Loft Options

Most beginners often don’t focus on buying a club that has enough loft. Usually, they aim to have the one that tiger woods had, an 8.5 degrees driver. However, they consider that they must also have the same.

But they don’t understand that his swing speed is one of the finest records that a golfer ever made. The beginners need to keep in mind that driver loft is equivalent to the height of the ball, and hence the focus should be to increase the height of the drive when they are swinging at a slow speed.

  • Adjustable Features

Being a high handicapper, you may want to improve every swing, especially when off the tee. There is no magic formula, but yes, the manufacturers have come up with different ways to help beginners tinker with the clubs with the right specifications.

This would allow them to tune the game finely, no matter whether it is on the course or practicing. If they choose an adjustable feature, well, it can alter the shot shape. If they choose the adjustable hosel well, it can either increase or reduce the loft for better height.

Factors to consider while buying the driver

  • The Price

Since you are a beginner, you, of course, would be creating an interest in golf. That is why they just end up buying a cheaper one since most of them don’t have a low-quality kit. Focus on the reasonable value since there are many options available in that range. But along with it, have a check on the reviews made by the expert players on it too.

  • Clubhead Size and Shape

Usually, go for the clubheads’ 460-cc size, which is the most suitable option for beginners. It is quite sufficient to create a strong impact—this way, the distance, and power both get boosted. Besides, the large clubheads usually come with an increased clubface size.

This means you get a huge sweet spot and also better forgiveness. Focus on the shape, which is round since it is not heavy as compared to the square.

  • Weights

With advanced technology, certainly, the adjustable weight is the best option to go for. There are more advanced options as we all that are related to the clubhead sole. You can slide the weights in different positions to change the shape of the shot.

How to Buy the driver for high handicappers

Of all things, perfect of the beginners and high handicappers play an important role that is why when you play to buy a good driver, you can follow this guide:

  • The right brand

There are so many major brands trending in the market known for creating the best driver for senior high handicaps. You can target those to make your job simpler. Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, to name a few, are quite real and trending.

  • Degree of the driver

You should not ignore this because when there is a high loft, it is equivalent to more forgiveness. You must look out for the best of the drivers for beginners that can have lofts of maybe 11, 12, or even 13 degrees for a better launch. For the beginners to hit down on, the driver can give an extra spin and launch eagle inconsistency.

  • Shaft Material and Flex

You must consider the graphite shaft option, which is light in weight and best for players who have a slow swing speed. Steel shaft, however, is reliable if you aim to have better control and accuracy. Focusing on the shaft flex well, they are soft and flexible and best for slow swing speed.

Different types of drivers to look for

When it comes to the driver’s choice, there are different emotions involved. When the golfer high the long drives, there are high chances to get excited if it gets close to tee off. But if the game won’t have much power, then tension generators.

Listed are some of the driver’s types that may fit in your game:

  • Head

It comes with different choices. Usually, the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors with the large head is best for a big sweet spot. The choice should be made on the material as well. The steel-headed are quite consistent and hard to hit. But Titanium one gives a better sweet spot.

  • Shafts

There are ample shaft options too. They play an important role in positioning the head during the impact. Usually, steel shafts are traditional ones and not much flexible. They offer better control, but swing speed is slow. But graphite shafts are the trending ones and can offer different flex choices. Besides, it also helps to increase the speed of the club.

  • Loft

The role of the driver’s lofts is to control the high ball when it travels. The most common one is that run from 11 to 18 degree. You need to look for the driver that improves the driver’s length.

  • Weighted Drivers

These are new ones that are trending in the market. It helps in controlling the flight of the ball and gives a better chance for the golfer too.

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best forgiving driver?

To improve the game’s skill and lessen down the shot, you should buy a forgiving driver. It does not matter whether you are a skilled driver or a high handicapper; you can only get the driver forgiving with better practice.

Q. Which can be an ideal driver for an average player?

Those who are middle handicap levels of 80-90 mph choose the forgiving driver with shaft flexes and loft.

Q. Which is the golf driver that is easy to hit?

The one with a low loft with a long shaft that is more than 45 inches can be the ideal one to give the player a sweet spot.

Q. Why do the beginner players need a certain gold driver?

Since manufacturers are coming up with drivers with new technologies and the current trend in today’s time, a golfer can buy the one suiting their comfort.

Q. What are the factors on which the design of the driver is made?

The driver is made considering the factors like the launch trajectory, ball speed, and spin. This eventually contributes to the better confidence of the player too.

Q. What is the purpose of a high-end driver?

The high-end drivers are designed for the experts or the amateurs at a high level or the single-digit handicapper to completely use the high speed of the swing, which is more than 100mph, and hit the accuracy.

Q. Is it important to go for the latest technology?

Drivers should be the updated ones for better swing and boost good confidence, especially for the beginners who are developing an interest in this field.

Q. Should the beginner choose a professionally fitted driver?

Rather, it is not required to choose a regular shaft flex that is more in tune with a better style and a good swing.

Q. How to choose the right shaft for the driver?

If you have a slow swing speed that is less than 100mph, then you must look for a shaft that is flexible and effective.

Q. Is shaft really important?

Shaft offer altogether different flexibility and stiffness. If your swing speed is high, the stiffness will be high too. This way, you can hit the ball with accuracy in the center.

Q. How many drivers should a golfer have?

Considering the professional legal limit, a golfer can carry 14 clubs in the bag with one driver they trust should be sufficient.

Q. How often should the driver be purchased?

It entirely depends on the frequency for which you have used it. If your game and performance evolve, then you may have to repurchase it sooner.


If you are still looking for the right best driver for a senior high handicap for a high handicapper, this review can help make a final decision. Choose the driver which can offer all the best of features and is technologically advanced too. Initially, you may get confused while looking at the options and consider it a daunting task.

But since these drivers are the biggest part of the club, you, of course, should not compromise with the purchase since they forgive too. It would be best to look for the 460cc driver that defines the clubhead’s shape, which is wide and shallow. Skip the loft if you have personal needs. Take your time and then make a good decision.



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