Best Golf Driver For Women

Top 10 Best Golf Driver for Women in 2022

Women golfers have always had problems finding a driver that is right for them. They are not made the same as men’s drivers, so they don’t usually offer the perfect fit and performance. However, with all of the technology being used in today’s world, it is finally possible to find a driver that fits perfectly and gives you everything you need out on the course!

Women deserve a driver that will give them confidence when playing their best game. With the right equipment, women will be able to hit the ball at a distance without compromising on the straightness of the shots. Women can get the drivers that fit their swing types, as it is designed based on the feel and weight of the driver.

best women golf clubs

If you have been looking for the best golf driver for women to assist you in the golf court, this article is the perfect place for you. In this article, we have added the top drivers for women to ensure they are able to play accurate and straight shots in no time. So, let’s have a look at drivers and get at golfing right away!

List of Best Golf Driver for Women

1. TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver

The TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver is perfect for any lady looking to blast a drive. Unlock your distance potential with the TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver. This driver features a lightweight titanium 460cc head for increased forgiveness, a COSMO Tech shaft utilizes proprietary technology to produce exceptional ball speeds.

With no adjustable loft settings, this club is perfect for players of all swing types and skill levels who are looking to make an easy transition between clubs while still gaining extra yardage off the tee box.The driver is available in the right-hand orientation, making it perfect for the righties.

The best thing about this driver is that it’s available in black colour, which looks pretty mature for the ladies. The driver is integrated with a loft sleeve that optimizes the trajectory and launch of the shots.

In the section below, we have added information about features as well, have a look!


  • This driver is available in right-handed orientation, so the women who play with the right hand can use this driver
  • The driver has been designed with the ladies’ flex because that’s how you will be able to achieve the right flexibility in the shots
  • The driver is available in black color because you need to pose a very mature and sophisticated outlook in the golf court
  • The driver has been integrated with the huge 460cc titanium head, topped with the adjustable loft sleeve that is designed to optimize the launch trajectory as well as the launch
  • There is an ultra-lite titanium core in the driver that has been strategically positioned for optimal trajectory control, and the launch will be higher as well
  • The driver has premium matrix white tie 55 shaft that is the name for a smooth feel in shots while covering maximum distance
  • The driver has been designed with the premium and legendary speed pocket that reduces the spin and increases the launch angle, so the higher distance coverage is achieved
  • The driver has been outlined with the new satin black finish to ensure there is proper alignment in the shots
  • Lower spin
  • High launch
  • Trajectory control
  • Smooth shots
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Increased launch angle
  • New sating black finish
  • Proper alignment
  • Only available for right-handed players

Final Words

For every woman who wants to top up the shots while covering maximum distance, this TaylorMade driver will be an apt choice. However, this is only available for right-handed players, but as far as the performance is concerned, there are no downsides there!

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Driver

TaylorMade M6 driver is designed for women who want to play the well-shaped shots without compromising on distance. TaylorMade Women’s M6 Driver provides optimal Speed and Control to any player. The aerodynamic shaping designed makes it easy for you to get more air on your drives and off-hitting into favourite ditches on long par 4s.

All the right-handed women golfers are in luck because that’s the available orientation with this driver. Topped with the ladies’ flex, this driver will provide the perfect level of flexibility for the ladies.

Women golfers often struggle with speed and distance coverage, but this driver has a speed injection. On top of everything, there is a twist face technology in the driver that’s responsible for making the right shots. All in all, this driver is a great way of reducing the side spin if you struggle with off-centre hits.


  • The driver has been designed with the right-hand orientation, so women with the right-hand playing needs can use this driver.
  • As for the flex, the driver has been inculcated with the ladies’ flex that helps them optimize the flexibility of shots.
  • The shaft is designed with tuned performance, so there is no compromise on the effectiveness of the shots.
  • The driver is available in 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees configuration to ensure you can play a variety of angles.
  • The driver has been inculcated with the speed injection as with tuning resin that helps optimize the COR across the face. 
  • The speed injection promises higher distance coverage and maximum ball speed.
  • The driver has been integrated with the twist face technology topped with the corrective face angle that will help make straight shots.
  • The driver is designed to reduce the side spinning even if you are playing the off-center hits.
  • There is aerodynamic carbon sole design, along with the inertia generator that increases the clubhead speed and higher distance coverage.
  • There is a flexible hammerhead slot that increases the size of the sweet spot and helps preserve the ball speed. 
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Increased clubhead speed
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Maximum ball speed
  • Straight shots
  • Preservation of ball speed
  • Tuned shaft performance
  • Multiple loft configurations
  • Only available for right-handed players

Final Words

As long as you are the right-handed woman golfer, this TaylorMade driver will fit your needs just right. However, the left-handed players might need to settle for something else. As far as the performance and distance coverage is concerned, there is no issue with this driver.

3. Cobra Women’s F-Max Offset Driver

This Cobra golf driver is specially designed for women golfers. The F-Max SN Woods Driver has been offset tucked so that one endpoint in the direction of your natural swing, lessening the chance that you’ll miss off them sweet clubs and get frustrated with your game.

It also weighs considerably less than most drivers by utilizing lightweight titanium construction and forged ti-6-4 Titanium face. Usually, women are right-handed, so that’s why this driver is designed with right-hand orientation, so it can cater to the majority of women. There is a graphite shaft in this driver, topped with the perfect level of flexibility, given the ladies’ flex.

The driver has been integrated with a 15-degree configuration, so there are no compromises on the angle of the shots. The best thing about this driver is the offset design that enhances the launch angle.

The shaft is pretty lightweight, which positively impacts the distance coverage and swing speed. Also, there is a just-right level of forgiveness provided by this driver.

In the section below, we have added the features of the driver as well, so have a look!


  • The driver has been designed with the right-hand orientation because mostly women play golf with their right hand
  • The driver has been integrated with the graphite shaft
  • The driver has a ladies flex because that’s how women will be able to make shots that settles with their height and weight
  • The driver is available in a 15-degree configuration to ensure that you are able to make the right angular shots
  • The driver has an offset design that is promised to increase the launch angle, and it will also lead to better shots without compromising on the straightness or the accuracy
  • There is a lightweight shaft in this driver which will increase the clubhead speed, and swing speed will be able to cover a higher distance
  • The driver has a fixed center of gravity for back and heel which signifies highly forgiving shots
  • There is crown alignment in the driver that aligns the clubhead
  • The golfers will be able to make straight shots off the tee
  • The driver has a forged titanium 6-4 face that increases the shot speed, and the distance coverage of the off-center hits will be optimized
  • Graphite shaft
  • Ladies flex
  • Increased launch angle
  • Accurate and straight shots
  • Increased swing speed
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Aligned clubhead
  • Increased shot speed
  • Straight shots off the tee
  • None that we could find

Final Words

For everyone who has been trying to increase the shot speed and distance coverage, this driver is an apt choice because it has been designed with a lightweight shaft. However, it’s available for right-handed players only, so you might need to consider that!

4. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

If you want to improve your game, then this is the ideal product for you. The Mavrik Max Driver has been designed with a titanium rib system that will help drivers stay straighter for longer, plus Bellspeed and forgiveness never felt so good!

This Mavrik Max driver is the perfect solution for ladies because it’s designed with right-handed and left-handed configurations. These driver has been designed with multiple shaft & flex options for optimal flexibility in the shots.

There are three loft angles available in this driver, promising right angle. The jailbreak technology in this driver, leading to promising shot speed. So, you can easily opt for the Mavrik Max driver and watch the performance upscale with the following features,

So, have a look because we have outlined them in the section below!


  • The driver has been inculcated with the right-handed and left-handed orientation to make sure every woman can play the shots
  • The driver has been designed with multiple shaft options, such as UST Helium 40G, Aldila Rogue White 70G, Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G, and Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G
  • The Callaway driver has been integrated with ladies, regular stiff, and light flex options with an aim to provide flexibility in the shots
  • The driver has a loft angle ranging from 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, to 12 degrees
  • The driver has been inculcated with the new face architecture that demands the FS2S titanium that optimizes the spin, speed, and forgiveness level as compared to traditional titanium
  • There are two internal jailbreak bars in the driver that will help connect the crown and sole, leading to faster ball speed
  • There is a lightweight carbon crown in the driver that helps in weight distribution for attaining the higher MOI value
  • The driver has been integrated with an internal titanium rib system that helps in tuning the head, promising a deep yet satisfying sound of the shot
  • Multiple flex options
  • Several shaft material
  • Multiple loft configurations
  • Faster ball speed
  • Satisfying sound
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Higher MOI value
  • Expensive

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for the feature-rich driver that promises the highest standards of performance, ball speed, and sound of the shots, this will be a perfect choice out there. However, with so many features, you might need to go a little overboard with the expenses and price.

5. TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Ultralite Driver

The ultra-light and super convenient TaylorMade golf gear is perfect for lady golfers. The lightweight construction gives you a more personalized feeling. The speed pocket keeps your head of the club steady to ensure straight shots at all times.

This driver has the tendency to increment the launch angle for you. The golfers will be able to enhance the ball speed while promising the highest level of distance coverage.

This driver by TaylorMade is everything one needs to optimize the loft and reposition the weight. This driver is designed with a low yet deep centre of gravity, which will impact the accuracy of the shots (in a positive manner, of course!).

The best thing about this driver is that it helps in putting the ball into the air. In the section below, we have shared complete details about the driver features as well, so have a look!


  • The driver has been integrated with the left-handed orientation for the women who like to make their golfing shots with the left hand
  • The driver has bee inculcate with the ultra-lite shafts that are designed to increase the launch of the shots
  • There is speed pocket technology in this driver that will help increase the ball speed
  • The golfers will be able to make highly distance coverage shots with this driver
  • The driver has been integrated with the optimized length, weight, loft, and design to ensure there is a proper difference in the model
  • The driver has been integrated with the low and deep center of gravity that promises that you are able to get the ball into the air
  • Ultra-lite shaft
  • Increased launch
  • Increased ball speed
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Optimized weight, loft, and length
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Easy launch of the ball in the air
  • Only available for left-handed golfers

Final Words

The number of left-handed players is pretty limited when it comes to golf, and if you are a left-handed golfer, this driver will be the perfect option for you. Ranging from the launch to ball speed and distance coverage, everything has been optimized in this driver, and you will never feel an inch of discomfort with it. Also, this is designed by TaylorMade, which means that there is a high guarantee!

6. Cobra 2018 Golf Women’s King F8 Driver

Cobra’s newest driver is light and fast, with a carbon fibre crown for optimal energy transfer. The adjustable CG-2 positions of the My Fly 8 SmartPad make this driver easy to use by any golfer. With Precision Thinset, you can be sure your ball will hit every time.

There is a dual-handed orientation in this driver, promising that every woman golfer can make the shots. There is a silver carbon construction in the driver, which is the name for durability and lightweight construction.

On top of everything, there is a CNC-milled face in the driver that’s helpful for making thin shots. So, have a look at other features because it’s a big treat!


  • The driver is available in silver and raspberry colors to make sure women have a choice in colors because it is a big deal for them
  • The driver has been designed with a right-handed and left-handed orientation to make sure that every woman can play the shots with this driver
  • The driver has been integrated with the silver carbon that has become an epitome of lightweight and durability
  • The driver has a ladies flex that helps them make optimal shots without compromising on the authenticity
  • The driver has machined driver face, lined with the CNC milled option that makes sure precise and thin shots
  • There are 360 aero-innovative polymer aero-trips in the driver that helps in reducing the drag, and the maximum clubhead speed can be established
  • The driver has been designed with the ultralight carbon fiber crown that distributes weight optimization, leading to a lower and deeper center of gravity
  • There is a high trajectory and increased forgiveness in the shots
  • The center of gravity positions are available at the heel and back that not only helps in tuning the distance, but it also optimizes the trajectory according to different situations
  • There are adjustable loft setting that helps fine-tune the launch conditions, and the distance covered will be maximized
  • Dual hand configuration
  • Silver carbon shaft
  • Ladies flex
  • Precise and thin shots
  • Drag reduction
  • Maximum clubhead speed
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Increased forgiveness in the shots
  • Optimization of trajectory
  • Launch conditions are fine-tuned
  • None that we could find

Final Words

Every golfer wants to make sure that they have the perfect driver out there, and if you wish the same, this driver will be an apt choice. As far as the features, performance, and shots are concerned, there are no apparent cons in this driver. So, buy this one for your next ladies golf tournament on Sunday afternoon. 

7. TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Golf Driver (12 Degrees)

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set is perfect for beginners and pros alike. This ultra-lightweight set players have been raving about is engineered with speed pockets to help the ball travel with more distance.

The three dark green drivers are perfect for all your across-the-course shots and included an extra driver head so you can change how much power will be put into each swing. There’s also a high lofted three iron that allows players to get closer to the green without having to hit quite as hard.

This driver is no different with its 12-degree loft angle, which is perfect for the ladies and the angle of their shots. This driver has been incorporated with a deep and low centre of gravity, promising accurate shots.

If you struggle with launching the ball into the air, this driver is the optimal choice with its suitable launch conditions. There are slim tech shafts incorporated into this driver, so all the ladies can cover higher distances.

So, have a look at the features because this driver is loaded with them to optimize the overall experience!


  • The driver has been designed with a low and deep center of gravity that makes sure you are able to make precise and accurate shots
  • The launch of the ball from the ground into the air has become easy with this driver
  • There are slim tech shafts in the driver that helps in higher distance coverage
  • The driver has been integrated with the speed pocket technology that helps optimize the launch and maximizes it
  • There are length, weight, and design optimization features to ensure there are different and gaps in the models
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Easy launch of the shots
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Optimized and maximum launch
  • Weight, length, distance, design, and loft optimization
  • Only suitable for beginners

Final Words

There are many women who join the golf court with minimal to zero knowledge about playing. This means that they need to get the training first before jumping into the court. So, for every such person, choosing this driver will be an amazing option. The features of this driver are just suitable for beginners, and you will need to opt for some other driver if you are an intermediate or advanced player.

8. Cobra Golf F9 Women’s Speedback Driver (12.5 Degrees)

Get ready to strike like a Cobra with the 2019 F9 Women’s Speedback Driver. The new driver features “Speed back Technology” that gives you maximum swing speed and great distance while maintaining accuracy.

With an Aero design for increased airflow, this product is made for swinging fast and far! Its CNC Precision Milled Face allows for forgiveness on off-center hits, which will let your perfect golf swings stay in line with where they should go straight down the fairway.

Its Dual Roll Technology provides bounce adjustment through three settings: A+ (HIGH) E+ (MEDIUM) D+ (LOW). Three degrees up or down is the change of hundreds of yards depending on course requirements!

Let’s take a closure look at the features of that golf driver;


  • The driver is available in black and rose gold color to ensure that you’ve something captivating and high-performance driver in the golf bag
  • The driver has been designed with the right-hand orientation to make sure you can make the well-integrated shots
  • The driver has been inculcated with graphite shafts that are designed to optimize the shots and accuracy
  • The driver has been designed with the ladies flex that helps in optimizing the shots according to ladies’ flexibility
  • The driver has been integrated with the speed back technology which is the true optimization of the shots
  • The driver has a low center of gravity to ensure that you are able to make fast shots
  • The driver has been designed with the aerodynamic clubhead design that leads to a raised skirt
  • There is a multi-material tungsten weight structure in this driver that deepens and lowers the center of gravity
  • There is a CNC precision milled face-in design that leads to increased face speed
  • There is dual roll technology in the driver that reduces the gear effect
  • The low misses will be reduced, pointing beneficial impact on the spinning and launching
  • Graphite shafts
  • Ladies flex
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Optimized and fast speed
  • Aerodynamic clubhead design
  • Increased face speed
  • Reduced gear effect
  • Low misses will be eliminated
  • Expensive

Final Words

For everyone who has been looking for the perfect driver out there, this will be an amazing option out there. This is because this driver has everything a woman golfer can ever demand. With such top-notch features, you might need to invest higher bucks on this!

9. PGX Offset Driver (Ladies, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex)

A back porch offset driver is for the ladies who like to see a low-profile and black matte finish on their golf clubs. The 460cc’s provide enough room for everyone to get air time while never being too big at all.

Its Square face technology allows you to do what square face drivers do: tight shots that allow you better control of your ball flight through your most difficult straits in life.

If you are the protective person, this driver also comes with a headcover as well, so that you can keep the clubhead perfectly. There is a huge titanium head that adds to the forgiveness level if you struggle with the mishits.

There are the right construction standards instilled in the driver so that you can make consistent and straight shots. In the section below, we have outlined the features of this driver below;


  • The driver is available in a left-handed orientation, which means that only the leftie beginners can play the golf shots with it.
  • The driver has been integrated with the offset anti-slice technology, which will help you cut and slack the shots just right.
  • The golfers will be able to make the shots from soft land with this driver.
  • The driver has been integrated with a 460cc titanium that is designed to optimize the shots and increase the forgiveness level.
  • The driver comes with a headcover, which is responsible for protecting the clubhead from damage when you aren’t playing with it.
  • The driver is available with an economical price factor to ensure that beginners can enjoy golf without worrying about money.
  • The driver will help the golfers make strong and strengthened shots.
  • The center of gravity is pretty low, which will hook the golfers to the game.
  • The golfers will be able to make straight shots.
  • Anti-slice technology
  • Playing from soft-land is possible.
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Headcover is included
  • Economical
  • Strong shots
  • Low center of gravity
  • Straight shots
  • Not available for the right-handed golfers

Final Words

Choosing the driver is an essential matter for everyone who wants to start playing golf. If you’ve been on a similar quest, this driver will help you make straight and strong shots without compromising on forgiveness. However, only the left-handed golfers can make the shots with this driver, so make sure you are the leftie before investing in this driver!

10. PowerBilt Women’s TPS Blackout Driver

The Powerbilt Blackout is a well-crafted, 460cc driver designed specifically for women. The neutral black design ensures that every male and female golfer can enjoy the game without feeling insecure or put off by their equipment.

The Weight of this driver is only four pounds, and possessing a dual sole (deep perimeter weighting), this driver provides an easy swing with dead-center accuracy.

If you are a right-handed golfer, this driver will settle your needs adequately. There are three different flex options available, so everyone can work on their shots. The tipping point of this driver is the huge sweet spot, which is responsible for enhancing the forgiveness rate.

At the same time, there is a low and deep center of gravity, promising accurate shots. The driver has been integrated with a wide range of features that we have rounded up in the section below;


  • The driver has been designed with the right-handed orientation to ensure that right-handed players can enjoy the golfing game.
  • The driver has been inculcated with regular, middle, and stiff flex options to make sure people have flexibility in the shots.
  • When it comes down to the loft angle, the driver has loft angles of 9.5 degrees and 10.5 degrees.
  • The driver has been curated with the cup face technology with the higher rebounds to make sure there is fast balling speed across the face.
  • The driver has been integrated with the strong titanium face with appropriate thickness to ensure the swing speed is fast even off the tee, and the driver’s weight will be reduced as well.
  • The driver has a huge sweet spot, so it not only adds the forgiveness rate, but it will also help in covering a higher distance.
  • There is a low center of gravity in this diver, leading to weighting, and the reposition is low.
  • The center of gravity has been put back in the head that’s responsible for keeping the center of gravity low and deep at the same time.
  • The driver has been engineered with the speed channel that reduces the thickness of the face, leading to fastball speed, and the distance covered will be amazing as well.
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Flexible shots
  • Several flex options
  • Increased ball speed off the tee
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Reduced thickness
  • Reduced driver weight
  • None

Final Words

While you are on the quest to find the perfect driver, you need to ensure that they are choosing a reputable brand. However, this is the new brand in the market with zero compromises on the performance and speed of the shot. All in all, it’s a pretty perfect driver out there, and we promise that you won’t regret giving this new brand a chance!  

Buying Guide – Best Golf Driver For Women

Being in the golf court is amazing news for everyone and people who like to adjoin forces with sports but don’t want to indulge in aggressive sports. For all such people, indulging in golf is an amazing sport and has been designed with light movements and exercises. However, golfing is a sport that demands extreme focus and attention to detail because concentration is everything this sport demands.

In addition, choosing the right driver is essential as well because it helps make straight shots and cover higher distances. But choosing the right driver can be pretty different since the market is flooded with such options.

That’s because you need to consider multiple factors while buying the driver. So, in this section, we have added the buying guide that will help focus on important factors that are essential for making the right choice of buying the driver. So, have a look, and don’t forget to consider the following factors while buying the driver!

Best Golf Driver For Women


As a woman, there are high chances that you will struggle with slow shots. In this quest, choosing the drivers with a lightweight head and shaft is essential for covering higher distances and high speed. This should never be considered as the con because the lightweight shaft and the head are, in fact, extremely helpful. The players will be able to make faster swing speed and better results when it comes to shots.

In addition, when you buy the lightweight club, the flexibility will be top-notch. This flexibility will endorse confidence in women because of the lightweight material and faster swing speed. On top of everything, the shaft’s weight is essential for ensuring the optimal transfer of energy between the ball and the clubhead.


When it comes down to loft, the speed miles per hour will directly impact the loft. The optimal and standard speed that women can reach is around 90mph and more in some cases. The higher loft will provide better leverage in the game. If you are someone who likes to make fast swing speed, the driver should match with the swing speed.

As a woman, you can opt for loft angles, ranging from 12 degrees to 16 degrees. This has to be the average loft angle. However, if you think that you’ve optimal confidence in your game, you can increase the loft angle, and it will increase the energy transfer as well. This energy transfer will help cover a higher distance.

In addition, the females tend to have slower swing speeds with a higher tee shot. So, for this issue, adding the loft will be an exceptional choice. You can go to 12 degrees or 13 degrees because it will help solve the off-the-tee shots.

Shaft Length

When buying the driver, choosing the right shaft length plays an integral role. The women tend to be around 40 inches to 45 inches. However, even if you go overboard with experience, you will be able to reach a count of 48 inches. With the longer shaft, you will be able to make consistent shots, so make sure you are maintaining the consistent streak as well.

Shaft Flexibility

When it comes down to the driver, shaft flexibility and swing speed will be amazing options. For instance, higher swing speed leads to lower flexibility and so on.


If you are a woman beginner golfer, you need to use a driver that has a higher forgiveness rate. This is because beginners tend to make bad hits, and choosing the forgiving driver will help in easing the shots.


There was a time when drivers were stiff, and there were no adjustability features. However, modern drivers have been designed with adjustable features. So, make sure that you are choosing the driver with adjustable features, so you will be able to personalize the features according to your skills and preferences.


When it comes down to the female players, they need to work on the grip as well. The women need to choose the drivers with undersized grips because it fits their hands perfectly. Also, you need to use the tacky textures because it adds confidence to the shots. Such grips will be helpful in adding power to the shots, and momentum will be top-notch.

Head Size

As a woman, you need to use the drivers with a huge head size because it adds power to the ball, and the shots will be strengthened. In addition, the large clubhead will lead to a huge sweet spot, leading to a higher forgiveness level in the shots.

Shaft Weight & Flex

As compared to other clubs and irons, the drivers tend to be flexible, and it will impose a direct impact on the distance. The shafts with proper flexibility will help in increasing the distance coverage. This is to ensure the distance covered isn’t impacted by the flex type. With the higher flex, the rebound effect will help increase the clubface speed. In addition, with the shaft weight, you will be able to impact the swing speed. The women players will be able to gain better results in the shots with the lightweight shafts. Also, it will lead to faster swing speed.


With this feature, you will be able to personalize the loft of the driver, and it helps in optimizing the launch angles. The golfers will also be able to adjust the lie, and it directly impacts the draw hitting. The draw is responsible for curving the direction of the ball.

Golf Club Fitting

When you are thinking about the driver, you need to be sure that there is proper fitting. In addition, the drivers will be able to optimize the accuracy of the shots while working on consistency. The clubs should be customized to meet the swing speed and body. The drivers play an essential role in the golfing career of the beginner. In other words, if you are choosing the right driver as per the skills, you will be able to become a successful golfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to play golf shots?

The time essential to play golf shots majorly depends on the holes. For instance, you can either play the 3-holes, 9-holes, 12-holes, and 18-holes, and the time will vary accordingly. That’s to say because playing 3-holes demands 45 minutes of your time, while playing 18-holes demands around 3.5 hours.

What do we have to wear while playing golf?

Golf courses tend to have different clothing rules. However, in the majority of cases, you can opt for shots/pants with the golf polo shirt. But one must keep in mind that golf is a family-friendly area, so one needs to ensure proper attire.

Do golfers need to bring their own clubs?

Usually, yes, the golfers have to come with their own drivers and clubs. However, some golf courses have rental options, so you can rent the club or iron that suits you and your skill. The rental charges differ with the brand and the time you are renting them for!

The Bottom Line

For women, playing golf is an amazing experience, and if you are ready to step into the golf court, you need to be equipped with the right golfing equipment. This is why we have rounded up this article, as it will help you choose the best driver for your next women’s golfing tournament. In addition, we have added the buying guide through which you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes down to choosing the right driver that suits your skills and needs!


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