best womens golf clubs intermediate

10 Best Womens Golf Clubs Intermediate in 2022

Now that you have realized that along with a stressful working schedule, you need some hobby to eradicate those stress from the routine, and you indeed will find this article a lot more helpful. If golf has always been your passion and you are looking forward to having the best of the best golf clubs for senior ladies suitable for intermediate, then the list mentioned below can save not just your time but also money.

But before that, understand that golf needs an unsolicited focus, and frankly, you need to have those skills as well. Since you are on this page, you are either a beginner who has recently got interested in this sport or an intermediate player already.

Golf is one fantastic sport for the body since it helps the body stay active, and you can walk over miles and even run, which is more like cardio that can efficiently burn don your unnecessary calories.

best womens golf clubs intermediate

When you are on the court, you need to focus on the game, and if you don’t have the right best women’s golf clubs for beginners with you, then it becomes quite frustrating. That is why here are the best of the options you can consider for your next purchase. In the end, if you choose the right one, your whole trajectory of the play will be rightly made.  

List of Best Womens Golf Clubs Intermediate

1- Strata Golf Packaged Sets

Strata is one incredible brand that has been trending in the market for quite some time now. If you plan to opt for some cost-friendly option, you can surely consider STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets.

It can surely be of great value for you since it helps in better control and boosts reasonable confidence. With the club’s whole set, you surely can cover from tee to green without any problem at all. Every club comes with plastic wraps in the head area well and the iron with the bubble wrap for the head. This ensures better durability.


  • STRATA Women’s best women’s golf clubs for beginners is the set of 16-piece driver that offers the best sporty and forgiveness for bombing it off the tee. The size of the shoes of around 9.5 can even fit in the side pocket comfortably.
  • With fairway wood made of 3 kinds of wood and is relatively high enough to fly the shots in a much aerodynamic head shape, you can make the perfect shot. You get light in weight bag which makes it handy for you to carry the club.
  • There is also a hybrid, which is a perfect substitute for long irons. This way, you will be able to play with better confidence on different shots. You get 4 and 5 hybrids along with headcovers.
  • High flight technology Irons, Stand Bag, Putter are also part of the golf club that promises better performance. It has been designed with modern technology to offer you the best performance, great distance over, and better shots with ease that you would expect in the women’s golf club set for better convenience.
  • There are better pocket options
  • The driver has the cover of 3, 4h, and 5h
  • Comfortable strap
  • The best choice of clubs with a 16-piece set
  • The putters can be quite dainty

Final words:

Golf being the one pricey sport, of course, you will have the club set as well a little price. Even if it states the 16 pieces, there are 4 bag covers and bags that are counted in it. Since the price factor is available in equipment and for the membership, senior ladies’ best golf clubs probably can be the best choice to go with. 

2- Cobra Golf Women’s XL Right Hand Golf Set

If you are one of those who never wish to compromise with the standard, especially when it comes to golf club sets, then surely you can go for the option of Cobra Golf Women’s XL Right Hand Golf Set Cobra is one well-known brand that has been top-rated in the market over some time now.

Their service is impeccable, and they have even managed to come up with different options for the whole set of golf that could meet the player’s diverse needs. There are SW, PW, and even irons with cavity back construction. This offers better stability in the game, along with forgiveness.


  • Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, this set of golf clubs is the best option to choose since it is easy to hit the clubs. It is one top-notch set that offers better performance with accuracy and good shot too.  
  • The clubs are incredibly light in weight and designed to help the players better concentration in the gameplay. The XL speed offers the whole golf set, which makes it the best choice for the intermediate and even the beginner player.
  • There are different pockets which are well insulated in which you keep your beverages and water bottle too. There are hybrids as well, which helps in giving your gameplay a better improvisation. Besides, it promises to make every shot go right most of the time in the green.
  • It is light in weight, which is why it becomes easy. There is a cart bag that you get with compartments that are zipped. The pockets are well insulated for storing beverages safely.
  • The titanium driver comes with quite a vast clubface too
  • Long and high shots
  • Stable shots
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Cavity back construction
  • There are not much of the color choices

Final Words:

This is one of the amazing best golf clubs for senior ladies set designed for intermediate players who want to improvise their gaming skills. This set comes with better features and classic quality that improves the player’s performance in every game.

3- Palm Springs Golf Lady Petite Hybrid Club Set

Palm Springs Golf Lady Petite Hybrid Club Set is another amazing best women’s golf club for beginners to consider. This set comes with professionally designed pieces that improve your performance scale, and with the quality you cannot overlook.

The player can certainly get not just the long shots but the straight ones too. Some flexes are regular in this set of the club, which is completely graphite shafts construction based. The set comes with headcovers that promise not just safety but better security as well. There are golf club irons with a low profile that helps people make an accurate shot off the tee.


  • This set comes with a cart bag for better usage. Besides, you will not even have to comprise the performance, shot, or accuracy anywhere at all. It is one cost-friendly option that comes with a quality pattern too.
  • There is a titanium driver with the clubhead, which is quite oversized. It leads to a high forgiveness level with distance coverage at an optimal level. With this set, the players can make the long and high shot with 5 and 3 wood designed for heel weight.
  • Every piece of Palm Springs Golf Lady Petite Hybrid Club Set is an inch tall compared to other brands, which is why it is the best choice for tall players. These best golf clubs for tall ladies consist of two hybrids, six irons with cavity back design for high MOI.
  • The driver is quite oversized. It is a 460cc build that ensures you get a sweet spot for sure. This way, the spot will help to reduce the level of forgiveness.
  • The size is tall as compared to other brands
  • You get to enjoy a massive sweet spot
  • There is a steel shaft
  • The soles are of low profile
  • The design comes with a cavity back
  • There is growth with a low center and high MOI
  • Steel shafts can get rust sooner

Final Words:

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, there are high chances for you to choose the right women’s golf club set, which is why this set is the best option. It promises better performance, and you don’t even need the steel shafts.

4- Precise M5 Ladies Right-Handed Golf Clubs

If you want to make yourself an expert in the golf tournament, then carry then this club set. It has been designed for the intermediate and is the best choice to go with. Precise M5 Ladies Right-Handed Golf Clubs is best for an avid golfer or a beginner since it is superior to better performance. The subheads are oversized and are designed in a user-friendly manner. 

The temper steel iron construction has managed to create the epitome of better performance with reliability. Besides, the offset promises the beginner and even the intermediate golfer top grabs the ball in a much easier manner. This set not just improves the overall game but is q94uite stylish too.


  • Precise M5 Ladies Right-Handed Golf Clubs is the right-handed set of a golf club with #3 wood, 460cc driver, and 21 Hybrid, with putter and graphite shafts and standard bag too.
  • The putter promises a better aim mechanism. There is also a sole grind in the wedge that offers the player a good scope forgetting that too at the high-launch shots. The wedge has a blade shape that helps in modifying the bounce angle.
  • You get the blade shape, which is classic and has a fine polish finishing too. The driver is 460 CC that can be used for better forgiveness and extensive distance, too. You don’t even have to compromise with the performance or accuracy at any point in time.
  • This is one amazing set of a club with the wedge to make sure your ball gets close to the pin in the best possible manner. The stand bag is made with some spacious pockets and has headcovers that are matching.
  • True temper steel construction
  • High-launch shots
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Modified bounce angles
  • Accurate shots
  • It can be pretty pricey

Final Words:

Golf is one pricey sport that offers better health as well. The price factor since plays a dominant role in choosing the equipment. You can consider this wedge option wherein the cost is charged, and you get great shots, amazing accuracy, and better performance.

5- Callaway Solaire11 Piece Golf Set

Callaway Solaire11 Piece is a Premium women’s golf club set. It comes with full course coverage and a premium putter too. It helps to reach out the golf at the ultimate distance and with the finest yet the latest golf technology use. 

If you are taking golf as a serious sport, then Callaway Solaire11 Piece Golf Set can improve your performance. This golf club is designed by a reputable brand that is trending in the market today. Let us not deny that Callaway is one fantastic option that has managed to earn the sports players’ trust, be it from beginners till the intermediate one, and this golf set is one such fine example of it.


  • In this golf club set, you get 3 wood, driver, 4 and 5 Hybrid, wedge (pitching and sand), putter, and headcovers. This set is designed for those women who understand that shot with great performance is important.
  • The whole titanium driver offers the best sweet spot for you and better forgiveness so that you can bomb it off the tee. With the putter, you can have an accurate face milling that offers good accuracy and control of the distance to help you sink more putts.
  • Whether it is green or tea, this set comes with an advanced integrated technology that promises a game you can play howsoever you want. The headcovers are designed in such a way that the clubhead stays protected against damages.
  • The well-integrated irons come with the right flight technology that has been designed for better control, forgiveness, and distance. This way, be it the tee or the green, you can cover it naturally.
  • Distance control
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • High performance
  • Headcovers for saving the heads
  • High-flight technology
  • The putter is heavy

Final Words:

If you take your sports pretty seriously, then this golf club set is meant for you. It is the best option for beginners and intermediate as well. However, you have to be quite strong enough to hold the putter, which is quite heavy.

6- TaylorMade Kalea Golf Set

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Set can be your ultimate buying choice as well. If you need a wedge that offers the best possible assistance, then TaylorMade has just got this set for you. It is all integrated with some top-notch features that you literally cannot ignore. This makes it best for the golf player. There is a different configuration of the loft so that you will be able to optimize the shot’s angle easily.

Besides, overall, it improvises the shot’s feel, and you can explore better wedge features at a great deal too. In terms of color choices, you get black and silver colors available for the player. It


  • The wedge’s face is entirely integrated with sharp yet deep and narrow grooves that offer a better spinner, which will not just be high but sharp too. You shall notice the laser etchings in the wedge that make sure you can do the spinning shot around the green.
  • The wedge design is made of the milled grind sole to make sure every short is consistent with precision. It definitely would complement your club and iron present in the set.
  • There is a TPU insert in the back cavity, which dampens the vibration and offers a festive feel on a better impact. You get the wedge in silver and black color. Such color is to make sure that it matches with other clubs and iron in a better manger.
  • The wedge is made of the raw face design for optimizing the spin of the shot and accuracy. Besides, it has been designed for not just the left-hand orientation but the right-handed one as well.
  • Multiple styles are available
  • Optimized feel and spin
  • Dual hand orientation
  • Two-color options
  • Optimized center of gravity
  • Vibration damping
  • Improved feel
  • Precise flight
  • The grip is not right enough.

Final Words:

Choosing the right wedge can be quite a difficult choice, and if you always prefer to go for the branded product at great pricing, this set is a fantastic option. It will not impose any kind of impact on the consistency pr the precision of the shot too.

7- STRATA Women’s Packaged Sets of golf

STRATA Women’s Packaged Sets of golf is a complete set with a perfect blend of forgiveness and distance simply out of the box. The set comes with a driver, wood, hybrid, iron, and even putter and stands bag. Though it is a little pricey but quality is not compromised anywhere at all.

When you consider using the best women’s petite golf clubs, of course, you would want to go for the one which is well designed and comes with many rules. Needless to say that golf has stringent rules, and such rules imply the gear and equipment too, which is why this is the right set to choose. 


  • The driver is 460 CC that comes with a large sweet spot. There is also a graphite shaft for distance off the tee. This is one incredible set of the club that you can enjoy for better performance and with style.
  • There is a 5 hybrid made for forgiveness and better versatility on the shot where you will hit a difficult long iron. Spinning shots around green are possible. It is one optimal choice that has been designed for meeting your credentials.
  • There are nearly 9 irons with the pitching and sand wedges with a perimeter weighting, and the sole is quite progressive, too, with improved control technology. The mallet putter comes with an alignment that can give the golfer better accuracy and better performance.
  • The driver comes with quite a sweet spot, which is why the forgiveness level will be relatively high. The club comes with a graphite shaft, which ensures better durability with less maintenance.
  • Optimal distance control
  • It helps play off the tee
  • Progressive sole
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Durable
  • Perimeter weighting in the wedges
  • Higher alignment for accurate shots
  • The stand bag is not durable

Final Words:

For golf players, it is obvious that accuracy, performance, and quality matter the most, which is why this is the best option to choose. This set is an amazing choice since it comes with the right equipment which is needed.

8- Wilson Women’s Golf Set – women’s golf club set

Wilson Women’s Golf Set is a great option to consider too. It has been designed for women players who prefer graphite, which is light in weight. Besides, the grips are all-weather and sized soft also. The putter is a little heavy on the side, but if you want to make the right use of a long shot and better forgiveness, this set can help you.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or just an intermediate player looking out for a better golf set; this is the right option you can consider. 


  • The cart bag is light in weight and made of premium quality. This makes it value for money. The bag has the dual padded strap with the handle top, rugged and fleece-lined, with valuable pockets with three spacious pockets. 
  • The perimeter is deep and weighs 432 stainless steel irons. This offers the low gravity center for better accuracy. The construction of the shaft is made of steel. That is why it is not just an affordable option but comes with a positive impact for the shots that are all the same.
  • If the flex is your concern, well, the wedge is designed with the wedge flex to make sure the shots go with the right angle. The wedge can be launched very quickly since it is the sand wedge. Besides, it is low weight and has the sole quite wide for better control of the greenside and good shot-making.
  • The driver is high lifted, which comes with a massive sweet spot and has the swing speed that matches for improving the flight of the ball for better distance.
  • High polish finish
  • Classic Blade Shape
  • True Temper steel irons
  • High performance
  • Reliability
  • It can be pretty pricey

Final Words:

If you are looking for a value for money option, this is the right wedge you can consider. It promises better performance with optimal accuracy and good shots that any intermediate player would not want to miss out on at all. The wedge is not just meant for the left-handed but also for the right-handed orientation too.

9- STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets

Another best golf club for tall ladies of 11 pieces by strata is one of the best options to choose from. STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets has been designed for giving a better performance right at your door. While using it, you shall see better confidence within you.

You shall be able to swing the shit from tee to green without any problem. Besides, it has a driver that is forged and light in weight and has fairway wood, iron, hybrid, and even putter, which makes it best for the woman to use it.


  • This set of 1 piece is a complete set designed just for women who cannot compromise with a performance at any stage. The bag has five convenient pockets with a cooler pocket, and a backpack strap system sends a rain hood.
  • The set comes with 5 hybrids, 5 drivers, 7 and 9 iron, while stand bag, putter, SQW, and 3 headcovers are also part of it.
  • Some woods are explicitly designed to offer a woman a better blend of forgiveness, distance, and even control and clubs, making it extremely easy for the hit. The sand wedges and iron are designed of stainless steel, which offers better control.
  • The putter is a mallet pattern with a good alignment that gives a fantastic accuracy for a better shot than you, of course, would expect. The stand bag is too light in weight, but durability is not compromised anywhere at all.
  • Lightweight Bag
  • Lightweight Clubs
  • 5 Pockets
  • Covers for Driver
  • Plastic Wrapped on The Head
  • Comfortable Back Strap
  • The putter looks quite dainty

Final words:

This is one complete set for women who are beginners and intermediate. This set has gained even more popularity because of its quality and lightweight club and bag that makes it easy to carry.

10- STRATA 16 pieces Golf Packaged Sets for Woman

STRATA 16 pieces Golf Packaged Sets for Woman has been designed for the woman who wants to give it a best at every shot they perform from tee to green. This set of 16 pieces is designed in a lightweight manner which a 460 Cc forged driver, hybrids, fairway wood, and even putter and iron, which is a must require.

This way, you can get it farther off the tee without any problem. The fairway wood is quite forgiving and comes with an aerodynamic head shape for long and even high-flying shots.


  • This 16-piece hybrid option is the best choice for better performance with accuracy and shots in an easy way. The titanium head with the 460 Cc lightweight golf driver further makes it easy for better forgiveness and distance.
  • It is a perfect option for difficult long irons that offer better confidence when you plan to shot. There is also 4 and 5 hybrid that comes with headcovers.
  • The stainless-steel iron comes with an incredible performance and is a blend of control and forgiveness. Besides, it is a perfect blend of forgiveness, stance, and even better control that you surely don’t want to miss out on at all.
  • There is also a 6 to 9 iron and pitching wedge set with a sand wedge that offers a better shot with ease. STRATA 16 pieces Golf Packaged Sets for Woman is designed for those who always prefer to have a huge sweet spot.
  • Lightweight bag
  • Multiple pockets
  • Covers for driver
  • Better selection of clubs
  • The putter is quite heavy

Final words:

This set of women is designed for better performance and is worth the investment. The fairway wood is quite forgiving and comes with a head shape that is aerodynamic and meant for high flying shots that are long too.

best womens golf clubs intermediate – Buying Guide

Finding the right intermediate golf club can never be an easy job. You will have to look for better choices and most crucial compare and then deice. As time shall pass by, you will become a professional golfer, but along with that, your requirements for the golf club will change too. Since gold clubs are pricey, here are few buying guide tips that you need to know.

Explore different types of accessories

There are different golf club types that you can come across. The best part is these types are all fantastic in their manner. So, when you are in the store next time, consider these options.

  • Clubs

These options are best for the women’s golf club set and are essential to start with, especially for the short game and work on the driver.

  • Wedges

Some sets will have a pitching wedge, but a sand wedge may not be present. You need a wedge with a degree loft around 56 and the average loft of the sand wedge. The edge needs to meet the golfing requirement for the consistency and performance of the shots.

  • Woods

If you are a beginner, the driver is the least important thing. If you plan to understand the swing, the driver can be the hardest part of the club. But as you improve the swing’s speed, you will eventually be expertise, and coaches would want to involve the diver in the play. 

That is why not early, but it is vital to make sure you have the driver in the boxes when you purchase another set next time.

  • Irons

Iron plays a vital role if you plan to buy a better complete set of women’s golf clubs. The material and quality of the shaft with the flex rating are important elements. The harshest thing is to find when you can buy the whole set, which is perfect for the game.

Look for the iron that comes with the graphite shaft and is rated at the women’s flex. With graphite shaft, it is possible for the soft flex, which can help in solo swing and easy return of the clubface to the ball in the square position at the impact.

  • Wedges & Putter

You can always lower the score by improving the skills that are around the green. This improvement will come as you improve your wedge game. When you buy the whole set, one wedge is most of the time noted, which is a pitching wedge. Amateurs require the high lofted one for better navigation in the sand, so you must check the putter style.

How to choose Best Womens Golf Clubs Intermediate

  • Know what needs to be included

It is essential to under what all should a woman must have in her golf bag that can be needed during the play. Look for the set of the golf club that comes with all the necessities which you shall need. You need to have a driver, hybrid, wood, and wedge with a golf bag, putter, and a couple of irons too.

  • Type of the bag

It is better to understand which bag type is convenient for you. You may want to look for the one you shall be carrying when you walk through the course. You can even take the bag on the shoulders or choose the one which comes with a pushcart.

  • Customized pattern

Such an option is all about understanding whether you need golf set with a left-hand orientation or a right-hand one. Some of the golf clubs are set to come in sizes that can match your height. Regular, petite, or standard one is common options.

  • Shafts

Most of the women’s golf clubs have a graphite shaft, which is light in weight. They are designed in such a way to offer the distance shot is quickly done with comfort and better swinging. If you need a graphite shaft that is strong or says steel shaft is in your idea, then you can use the men’s club or the senior men’s club as well, which comes with stiffer graphite.

  • Customized Choices

The focus during this should be more on the golf set orientation, sizes, and style, which fits in the budget and ensures you have a smooth game plan.

Factors to consider while buying Womens Golf Clubs Intermediate

  • Fit

For a woman golfer, fitting is essential. She can always visit the expert to understand the right club, which can improve her game. A good fitter can measure a woman’s swing speed, loft, lie, and even the ball flight trajectory.

If the woman is short, she is more likely to be better off with the short shaft, which would give her better control of the club that would provide better hit in a much accurate manner. If a woman is quite powerful, there are best golf clubs for tall ladies fitting made from the blend of art and science, which every golfer would want to use to player her best.

  • Appearance

There is quite a difference in the appearance between the woman’s club and men’s club set. It is called graphics. Usually, a woman’s clubs come with graphics and shafts in different colors like purple and pink. No doubt that men’s clubs are also available in the pink shaft, but those are not the standard ones. The designs of the clubhead of the woman usually have a feminine design.

  • Set Quality

When you plan to buy the club’s whole set, it is important to evaluate the club’s constructions. The cheaply made clubs can be dramatic to hamper the performance because of the poor design and low quality. Every club competent should be examined from the grip to the shaft and then the clubhead.

What to look for

  • Budget

Always set your budget. Price plays a vital role since most golf clubs are quite pricey. You can ever think of a price that can be a bit fair enough to match the brand’s quality. You have to, however, focus on longevity and quality too. The middle-of-the-road pricing can always be the best starting point, and then focus on what you need and what can be skipped.

  • Brand

There are so many popular brands of golf clubs that may confuse you. Make the right choice of the tarter golf club brand in the market for quite some time now. It all depends on their experience, specializing in the market, and whether they have managed to meet any golfer’s need yet or not.

  • Accessories

Accessories should also be considered since they are quite popular amongst the amateurs. It offers the most fantastic way to hit the course without you even have to purchase or look for additional products. Whether it is the whole club set or the limited ones, the companies usually offer the bag and amenities that can make it load up and even play with 18 holes.

best womens golf clubs intermediate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is in the women’s typical golf set?

Usually, a beginner in golf sports would have to pay extra attention to golf gear. If you are unsure what to expect, it should include the standard length, Perimeter weighting, and oversized club heads.

Q. How many clubs are present in the whole package of the golf set?

Different clubs are included in the golf set, which can differ as per the manufacturer and the market for which it is designed. Some packages include a fairway wood, a driver, 3-5 irons, a putter, and a wedge.

Q. What Is Loft in Golf?

Every golf club comes with a loft. There is a clubface angle that is positioned on the shaft. The loft angle degree is the club is relative to the vertical plane instead of the ground. Golf can carry 14 clubs in the bag that can range from the low lofted over to the high-lofted wedge.

Q. Is there any difference between the women’s and men’s golf club set?

The difference is in the technology which is being sued in making the club construction. Also, parts like shaft, grip, and clubhead can vary. The grip is the only part of the club, which is the same for women and men.

Q. What is the use of graphite?

Usually, the irons of the women have a graphite shaft and not stainless steel. The manufacturers use graphite since it is light in weight and shall enhance the swing stepped.

Q. How can the driver be used with a graphite shaft?

Usually, senior players need forgiveness and accuracy to the nail goal. It comes with different shaft types, which can always be trouble rather than a support. Choosing a graphite shaft can always offer better assistance. Besides, it is flexible and light in weight to the shaft because of which, for experts, it becomes quite easy.

Q. Why are clubs made of oversize heads?

To serve the elderly golfer, the brands create clubs in oversize patterns but have hollow clubs. If the club has a large head, then the chances of high ball launch and distant hit are more.

Q. How normal and blade putter are different?

Some starting golf often underestimates the putter when purchasing a club set that focuses on the driver. If the putter is not rightly chosen, it can reduce the experience quality. But if it is a well-designed one, it can do the job well.

Q. When is the right time to change the club shaft?

Many golfers often look to change the shaft for no reason. This results in money wasted. It is advised to change the shaft of the best women’s petite golf clubs when it breaks down.

Q. How to compare different clubs of golf?

While comparing different golf clubs, you need first to consider the same club type of different brands, or you can even decide on the fairway wood, hybrid, or iron to be carried in the bag. The focus is to have the club with at least a 15-yard difference between them so that you can have coverage.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an intermediate or just a beginner. The best women’s petite golf clubs that you choose shall directly impact the progress rate and the experience.

You need to understand the availability of each gear, equipment, and iron that are present in the golf bag. Since this post has managed to give you the top-notch golf club sets options, it is always better to focus well and make a fruitful decision.

Always remember, golf sets for intermediate are designed considering their playing stature in mind. These sets come with better performance and effectiveness. Each set offers the value for money solution.

There are so many sets to make a choice which, of course, shall match your preference and skillset. Take time and speak with those experts who have purchased such a set earlier, so you don’t have to repent later.


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