best junior golf clubs

Top 10 Best Junior Golf Clubs in 2022

The best junior golf clubs are the ones that allow your child to have fun. Golf is a game that requires patience and practice, so be sure to choose a set of clubs that will encourage them to get out and enjoy themselves.

What kind of clubs do you need for juniors? Well, it depends on their age range and skill level. If they’re starting out, then they’ll want something with easier grips or the weights-this way, they won’t get discouraged! If they’re looking for more advanced gear, then the sky’s the limit!

Remember: kids grow up fast, so make sure you find clubs with adjustable lengths so your little one can use them for at least 6 years. This blog post will give you an overview of the best junior golf clubs on the market today so that you can find what’s right for your game.

best junior golf clubs

1. Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set – best youth golf clubs

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set is an oversize, right-handed junior set with Super Game Improvement alignment technology for easier hitting that will take you from the range to green in one step.

The lightweight titanium driver and fairway wood are engineered to launch higher, while your hybrid clubs allow for optimum distance control on all shots from tee-to to edge of the green. We’ve also included a putter and practice balls so you can get the hang of it in your own backyard.

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set is the perfect set of all thirteen clubs with which juniors can learn to play. With this equipment, they’ll be more than ready for their first tournament at their school’s next Quidditch game!

Every ball they hit will fly straight and true thanks to its durable shafts and lightweight construction. This is a fantastic present for any young golfer who requires durable gear.


  • The golf club sets are available for right-handed and left-handed players (because kids are still in learning age and they might be playing with both hands, depends on their mood!)
  • The gold irons have been integrated with a super game improvement technology through which little golfers will be able to enhance the golfing experience
  • The golf clubs have the weight positioned on a smaller size to ensure shots are launched on a larger scale
  • There is an oversized driver in the golf club set that improves the ball launch, and also, the kids will be able to play off the tee
  • The hybrids are very easy to play and hit with because there is a huge sweet spot
  • The huge sweet spot ensures that kids are making the accurate shots
  • There is a fairway wood in the set as well
  • The irons are integrated with game improvement technology which has been designed with a huge hittable face
  • These faces will help ensure higher forgiveness level and leading to higher swing speed
  • The putters have heel/toe weight which positively impacts the alignment
  • The alignment aid will help set up the target and play perfectly
  • Easy to play
  • Easy to hit
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Game improvement technology
  • Help enhance the setup
  • Playing off the tee is possible
  • The fairway woods aren’t suitable for beginners and kids

Final Words

While you are on the quest to find the perfect golf club set for your champ, this Wilson junior golf club set will play an integral role in ramping up the game.

2. Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag – best starter golf clubs for teenager

Start making your kid a golf pro at an early age with the Aspire Junior Golf Club Set. This set includes all of the necessary clubs for fair play and is perfect for kids in 5 different age groups. The junior set weighs less than normal, so no matter which club you choose.

It will feel easy to swing. Imagine how good they’ll be out on the course after practicing for years! With graphite shafts on all of their clubs, these will last much longer and lighten up this heavy-duty game to get them having fun quickly.

This club set includes an add-in Progressive Flex System that puts every swing into perspective as soon as they take their first stroke; there are no limitations when looking around or over obstacles and no loss of accuracy during play.

Kids will love this set with its 15% lighter and 20% bigger clubs that will make them feel just like mommy or daddy! The bag will hold three complete sets and all the clothes they need while on the course, so no space should go unused in this family-friendly pack. But don’t worry, parents, each club has been tested two-thousand times before arriving at your door, meaning these are sturdy enough for any homeschooled child who wants to play away from home.


  • This golf club set is designed for the right-handed players who want to learn how to play golf without compromising on the alignment
  • The golf club set has been integrated with four-way divider
  • There are four exterior pockets in the golf bag which will help girls keep their clubs and accessories in place
  • The golf club set also has a headcover for the driver which makes sure that the driver’s clubhead is safe from the damage
  • There are irons numbered ranging from five to nine which makes them easy to hit and meet diverse player’s needs
  • The golf club set has been designed with a pink ball putter which makes it easy for the player to hit the ball just right
  • There is a stand bag in the set which has been designed with a double shoulder strap (making it easy to wear around!)
  • There is an umbrella holder in the cart bag that matches the aesthetics of female players
  • Multiple dividers and pockets in the bag
  • Pink ball putter
  • Easy to hit
  • Caters to diverse player’s needs
  • Umbrella holders in the bag
  • Double shoulder strap
  • The number of clubs is limited
  • Hybrids aren’t available

Final Words

If you have been looking for a golf club set that is specifically designed for female players, this will be a perfect fit out there. However, there are hybrids available in the set, which can be pretty hard for the players!

3. Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w/Golf Bag

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this Wilson Profile golf set has everything you need to start in style. The sleek and lightweight 8-piece, highly forgiving graphite golf club set includes features specifically designed for juniors like high-tech grips and low-spinning drivers that are made of durable steel or graphite materials.

This club set contains specially engineered flexes of polyurethane that make players feel better even if they don’t perform perfectly during their first time on the links. It’s all packed into this cartoonish branded bag with ample space for storing your belongings after 18 holes. 

It has a compact, lightweight design with three blades of steel for chipping, pitching, and driving the ball. This club set includes a telescopic aluminum shaft that adjusts from 26-36 inches in length so that it can be fitted to any height, perfect for small hands!

There’s an easy grip soft foam rubber mallet headcover too. This Wilson Complete Golf Bag will conveniently help them arrange the clubs and hold balls, tees, markers, gloves, and scorecards and also includes all recommendations for use. These Wilson Golf club sets have everything you need in their own junior tailored bag, now is the time to turn into a budding golfer!.


  • The golf club set has been designed for the golfer who plays with the right hand
  • The golf club set has customized design
  • The drivers have been designed with just-right flex, length, and weight which are designed and are suitable for juniors
  • The irons have been designed with long and short-cavity which leads to the higher sweet spot
  • The higher sweet spot will lead to higher forgiveness so that golfers can make the right hits
  • The stand bag has been added to the golf club set which is pretty durable
  • The stand bag is integrated with a double shoulder strap so that golfers can wear it too
  • The golf club set has been designed with a wedge, putter, driver, short-iron, bag, and a headcover
  • The headcover is added to the set which will protect the clubhead from damages
  • Suitable for right-handed players
  • Customized design
  • Golf irons are designed with junior flex and weight
  • Long and short-cavity irons
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Headcover has been added
  • Durable design
  • The golf set isn’t suitable for left-handed people
  • The clubs and irons are pettily limited

Final Words

Wilson has managed to sharpen their name in the market, and over the years, they have managed to come up with golf club sets that meet diverse players’ needs. So, choose this Wilson golf club set if you are looking for basic options!

4. Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set – best putter for junior golfer

Your little athlete can get ready for some serious swing time with the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set. The 360cc lightweight driver is perfect for smaller hands and hits ineffective green areas.

The clubs are more lightweight and also feature a durable chrome finish. The putter has an Odyssey 3-PW steel shaft with variable face thickness, which allows you to control shots better according to distance.

The sand wedge features a specially designed “cup” in its head that helps dig smartly through the sand while generating lots of backspin. Its 54-degree loft means that bunker shots are no problem at all.

There is s Callaway Golf’s patented Perimeter Weighting System in the club set that Hitting the fairway with either a fairway wood or hybrid isn’t just good; it’s great! Please enter your child into the school championship to win over their classmates while they’re at it too. You’ll be thanking us later!


  • The Callaway has managed to design this junior golf club set with left-hand alignment, so if your kids do things with a left hand, this will be an apt choice
  • The golf club set has been designed for kids aged from nine years old to twelve years old
  • The driver has 360cc lightweight construction
  • The driver’s head is suitable for kids and offers an effective hitting area
  • The huge hitting area will help make long shots and ensure the higher forgiveness levels
  • The hybrid and fairway woods have been designed to make sure your ball is playing up easily and quickly
  • The golf club set has 7-iron and 9-iron in the set, and both of them are designed with cavity-back design
  • The irons have been designed with extreme weighting to ensure higher stability and forgiveness
  • The sand wedge has a 54-degree angle which provides higher control over the shots
  • The putter has been designed with Odyssey two-ball design which helps make accurate shots
  • The stand bag has been designed with lightweight features
  • The stand bag has a five-way top, zippered pockets, and water bottle holder
  • The double strap design has been added to the stand ag which makes it easy to carry
  • The bag has a rain hood, so your clubs remain safe from water
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Higher control over the shots
  • Cavity-back irons
  • Extreme weighting
  • Two-ball design
  • Optimal storage in the bag
  • The bag has a rain hood
  • The irons are limited

Final Words

Golfing is a journey, and one needs to be considerate about choosing the right golf iron and club because it will help impact the training skills. With this Callaway golf club set, the learning experience will ramp up!

5. PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids

The Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set gives children golfers a golf set that can tailor to their needs.

This is the perfect first set for aspiring junior players who are just starting on this incredible footpath of adventure and athletic excellence! Children before the age of 8 deserve equipment with built-in safety features.

Precise X7 Junior set is made just for kids, from the grip size to the shaft length and weight. We’ve used lightweight drivers that create less head flip with great sound and feel at impact.

The irons feature rubber grips while they grow in skill, so hands don’t slip off clubs too soon. Combining these unique features with beginner-friendly technology, children have never had a better opportunity to begin their golf journey on a more level playing field!


  • The golf club has been designed for the left-handed players
  • The golf club set is inclusive of a driver, irons, hybrids, and putters
  • The golf club set has been designed with two headcovers which help players keep their clubheads safe from the damage
  • The bonus stand bag has been added to the golf club set in which everything can be stored
  • The golf set is designed to junior golfers height from 4’4” to 5’0”
  • The stand bag has been designed with an ergonomic lift handle which makes it easy to use and carry around
  • All the clubs and irons of the golf club set have been designed to offer the highest level of accuracy
  • There are no compromises on the performance
  • The junior golfers will be able to ensure higher distance coverage
  • Suitable for the left-handed player
  • Two headcovers in the set
  • Ergonomic lift handle which makes the bag easy to carry
  • Accurate shots
  • Zero compromises on performance
  • Higher distance coverage
  • None that we could find

Final Words

If you want to make precise shots, there can be no golf club set other than the PreciseGolf Co. This brand has been offering the golf club set that’s become the epitome of performance and quality. On top of everything, the golf club set is pretty affordable, so you don’t have to break your bank!

6. Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set (Age 8-12, Orange) – best golf clubs for Kids

It’s a golf set that fits you like a glove! The Intech junior golf club set is designed for kids ages 8-12. If you’re tired of sanding down the grip on your old clubs or lugging cumbersome clubs to the country club, then reach out and give these special putters a try.

Blueshore has designed an 88% smaller junior version of your favorite driver, fairways. Along with this spectacular offer comes seven irons (of which six are easier swinging), nine irons, and two putters.

This 4/5 hybrid iron set is perfect for beginners who want to get on the green and start their golfing journey. With this variety in clubs, you’ll be able to improve your game just like the professionals!

It comes with Fore -7 iron, Utility-9 iron, utility-sand wedge, Fairway wood 2 and 3 that Bring out their inner golf pro to the next level with this starter set!


  • The Intech golf club set is a perfect option for every kid aged from eight years old to twelve years old
  • A golf club set is an apt option for right-handed players
  • The golf club set has been designed with 7-iron, 9-iron, 17.5-degree driver, junior putter, 4/5 hybrid
  • The irons have been designed with wide soles that help ensure optimal control over the shots
  • The set has two headcovers that will help keep the clubhead safe from the damage (it is advised to put on the headcovers before putting the clubs in the golf bag)
  • The golf club set comes with a deluxe stand bag which has been constructed with a four-way top and also, there is a double carry strap
  • The irons and woods have been designed with soft graphite shafts that have the perfect flex
  • The irons and clubs are heightened that meets the needs of the players
  • Suitable for right-handed golfers
  • Irons have wide soles
  • Headcovers are included in the set
  • The stand bag has a double carry strap
  • Soft graphite shafts
  • A suitable length for juniors
  • The bag doesn’t have appropriate storage and pockets

Final Words

You might think that this is a new brand in the market and will have a compromise on quality and durability. However, it is advised that you look at the features before thinking about the brand tag. All in all, the features of the golf club set are pretty apt to help juniors learn and ace the golf game!

7. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set – best junior golf clubs

Developing young golfers has never been simpler! Introduce your little one to the game with this junior set, including a driver, fairway wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, and putter. This club set safely deploys the gear at distances up to 90 yards because it’s ultra-lightweight.

The Callaway Golf XJ Junior golf set is the perfect starter kit for young beginners. Featuring both the most frequently used and high-quality clubs, this kit has everything young golfers need to improve their game and have a blast on the course.

Callaway’s Sand Wedge features easy grooves that lead with the clubhead, making contact feel more like a putt than ever before for lefties or righties. The matched grip design ensures consistent grip pressure by adjusting how tight you lace up your ball end on your fingers while still having full control over each shot.

This guarantees better distance on drives, softer pitching shots as well as ease in. These clubs are designed for the youngest players to complete greenside shots like grownups. Who knows? Your little champion may become your next major winner with this club set!


  • The golf club set has been designed with right-hand alignment that makes it suitable for right-handed players
  • The golf set has been designed with a fairway wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, driver, hybrid, putter, and a sand wedge
  • A golf club set is a perfect option for beginners which makes it the most suitable option for juniors
  • The golf club set has been designed with top-notch and leading performance technologies
  • The golf club sets have been designed to offer higher forgiveness rate
  • The distance coverage will be higher
  • The golf club set has been integrated with technologies that help juniors make solid, precise, and clean shots
  • The clubs are pretty lightweight which makes sure that juniors are able to make swings in the most best possible way
  • Higher performance technologies
  • Higher forgiveness rate
  • Optimal distance coverage
  • Swing shots
  • Lightweight clubs
  • Suitable for juniors
  • None that we could find

Final Words

Callaway is one of the leading brands when it comes down to golf manufacturing and equipment. We couldn’t find a single con in this junior golf set, which speaks volumes about the authenticity and performance of the clubs for juniors. The golf club set has been designed with advanced and modern technologies in mind to ensure your kids are able to make the right shots!

8. Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Introducing young beginners to the game of golf with this Precise’s junior club set. Children aged between 3-5 are perfect for a 9-club set, with clubs scaled down to size for fun and success in hitting the ball.

At the stage of their development, kids need more than just drives and putts, so this club set includes an 8ft junior driver that will help them to develop eye-hand coordination on longer shots.

The Precise XD-J Junior Golf Set has everything your junior golfer needs to start their journey across the course. Constructed with titanium steel shafts and lightweight graphite technology, this set will keep bringing home great shots for years to come.

The ULTRALITE JUNIOR FLEX GRAPHITE SHAFTS allows a 2nd cut shot and produces a mid-high trajectory arc tailored for beginners. A lightweight junior golf bag provides ample storage on today’s larger courses, and the HYBRID irons are designed specifically for juniors, making short game shots easier than ever before!


  • The golf club sets are extremely lightweight which makes them perfect for juniors
  • The clubs have been designed with extra loft
  • The golf club sets are designed to offer easy hitting of the shots
  • The kids of all age groups can use this golf club set
  • The golf set has been designed with a hybrid because they are more promising for easy hitting
  • The clubs are designed with junior flex in mind that’s the prime reason that there are graphite shafts in the clubs
  • The golf club set has been designed with a stand bag, integrated with dual straps which makes it easy for the golfers to carry the bag on their shoulder
  • The golf bag has been integrated with a grab handle which makes it easier to move around the bag
  • Easy shot hitting
  • Suitable for kids
  • Hybrid has been added to the set
  • Graphite shafts in the clubs
  • The stand bag is available with a grab handle and dual straps
  • Extra loft
  • Expensive

Final Words

In today’s world, people have managed to upscale their activities as with each passing day, they are becoming more aware of the games and activities. So, if your kid is into golfing, this Precise junior golf club set will make an apt choice. However, this can be pretty expensive for a junior golf club set, but the features will be worth it!

9. Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Set with Bag, a Right and Left Hand

The Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s golf set is a perfect way to introduce kids ages 5-8 to the game of golf. The clubs range from a 7-iron (30.5″) for the shorter arms to a driver (34″). Each club has an attachable clip that can be attached to belts or bags so that your youngster can carry their beginner set in tow.

This bag also comes with three matched golf balls plus two replaceable headcovers and everything needed for play. The directions are printed on each item on how to hit putt or chip out of roughs, and even a few etiquette rules are included! For these eager youngsters

This junior golf set will help you with a nimbler swing and lighter weight when you’re on the green. The composite shafts are flexible enough to align your stance while giving a little flex for improved control over the ball. With a lightweight stand bag, it’s easy-breezy carrying around the club set.


  • The golf club set has been designed for juniors, whether they are the right-handers and left-handers
  • The golf club set has been designed for the kids aged from three years old to five years old
  • The junior golf club set has been included with the perimeter-weighted wedge, driver, and a mallet putter with insert
  • The driver has a high loft angle which makes it easy to hit the shots
  • The headcover has a retro design that makes it easy to protect the clubhead
  • The stand bag has been added to the golf set which is designed with lightweight features and padded carry strap
  • The woods and irons are designed with flexible composite shafts
  • The irons and woods are lightweight and easy to play with
  • The juniors can easily create the swinging shots
  • The club set has also been added to the set, such as 7-iron and 5-hybrid but the players need to buy these separately
  • The clubs are constructed with nylon metal rubber
  • High loft angle
  • Shots are easy to hit
  • Retro design headcover
  • Lightweight and padded carry strap features in a stand bag
  • Swinging shots
  • Nylon metal rubber construction
  • Easy to use
  • The 5-hybrid and 7-iron will need to be bought separately

Final Words

This golf club brand might be new in the market, but to be honest, there are zero compromises on quality and performance when it comes down to this golf club set for the juniors.

10. Cobra Golf King Jr Complete Set with Bag (Ages 13-15)

The Cobra King Junior Golf Set is perfect for beginners who are aged between ten to twelve. This junior set weighs just less than six pounds and includes a driver, fairway, hybrid, and irons (7 iron through 9 iron).

The club has five zippered pockets: one for your swing trainer, one for your divot tool, and three easily accessible side pockets, even though the King Jr golf set is designed specifically for keeping children in mind because of its lightweight.

This brand new Junior golf set has everything you need to start your future as a pro golfer. This club set includes a Titanium head for added control, a junior flex shaft with a larger grip so you can get used to the adult size before going through puberty,

This Golf Set has a cavity-back design that’s perfect for keeping balance. The junior flex shaft and grip sized are designed to fit the little ones- all junior models come with a lightweight graphite shaft and right or left-hand grip selection so you can get your kid to start golfing right away!


  • This golf club set has been designed for the right-handed kids
  • The set has been included with a titanium driver that has managed to increase the loft angle
  • The center of gravity has been lowered which makes it easy to cover the distance
  • The set has a hybrid with a low profile and fairway to help make long shots
  • The irons have stainless steel construction which not only optimizes the loft
  • The irons can be used to gap down the distances
  • The irons have been constructed with perimeter-weighted options, and also, there are cavity-back irons that not only enhance the forgiveness level and ease up distance coverage
  • The wedges are designed to make versatile shots, and in addition, the players will be able to play precisely around the green
  • The putter has been added to the golf club set as well
  • The irons are designed with flex shafts, and the grips are perfect to meet the size of the junior’s hands
  • Cavity back irons
  • Versatile shots
  • Low profile hybrids
  • Long shots can be made
  • Perimeter weighted irons
  • Higher forgiveness level
  • Putter is available
  • Grips are pretty suitable for juniors
  • The irons can be heavy for the kids

Final Words

If you have been looking for a reputable brand that helps your kids enhance their golfing skills, you can invest in this golf club set, and we promise that it won’t disappoint you. However, you might need to work on the irons because they tend to be heavy for the kids!

best junior golf clubs – Buying Guide

There was a time when playing golf was only for adults, but the trends have changed over all these years. The parents are making sure that their kids indulge in physical activities, and they have chosen golf as one of their preferred games. With this notion, the kids are now given their own golf club sets, which not only match their skills but age as well.

When the kids are starting off with golf, having a 7-iron and a putter is all they need. However, when the kids start to grow up, they start demanding and needing more equipment and golf clubs. That’s when the juniors and kids start requiring the set of golf clubs. With the increasing number of parents putting their kids for playing golf, the demand for junior golf club sets increases.

So, if you are trying to put your kids in the golf court, you need to make sure that you are considering multiple factors. This is because certain factors will determine the overall experience and training of the golf court. In this buying, we have added everything that parents need to consider while they are looking for a junior golf club. So, have a look!


Whenever you are searching for the perfect golf club set, you need to consider the length of the golf club. In other words, finding the right golf club will majorly depend upon the correct length. This is because when your kids are being trained for the golf court and acing it, they shouldn’t be moving their hands around the grips.

First of all, you need to make sure that your kids aren’t choking down more than two inches because else, it will be too much. This is because the choking down will change the entire interface for the swing, and even more, the kids might need to manipulate the club around the body. So, if you want to make sure that your kids are making the right swing, the choking down should reduce the idea to one inch and below.

Flex Of The Shaft

Whenever you are choosing the golf club set for your child, you need to consider the shaft flex as well because the stiff shafts are not best for the kids. The shaft will be too rigid if you are using the golf club length, which is going down to four inches to five inches. This is why kids aren’t able to make the right shots because it cuts down the shots.

This is the prime reason that new golf manufacturers are designing the shafts that have optimal flex because it will directly impact the swing speed for the kids. This has been made possible with the integration of graphite and light steel construction because it offers higher playability. So, while you are choosing golf clubs for kids, you need to make sure that shafts and clubs are flexible to use.


Your kids might be strong, but they will apparently not be able to handle the heavy clubs and irons. So, you need to ensure that you are using the just-right weight. For instance, if the club is too heavy, they will have a hard time making the swing, and they won’t be able to pull them to the back. This is why it is advised to use lightweight clubs for the kids.

The lightweight clubs will help the kids to make the right shots and optimize the swings. In addition, you need to choose the golf clubs that have been designed with lightweight shafts and heads. It is advised to check the weight of the golf club set and irons. This is because the weight of the club should be light enough that your kids can handle them!

Grip’s Size

So, this might be the most important thing to consider while you are choosing the size of the grip. One needs to check the size of the grip because it has become an important consideration over the past few years. The clubs have been designed and cut down to the perfect size. If the grip size is too big, it could lead to serious problems for the kid.

While you are choosing the golf clubs for the kids, you will need to look for the golf club that has a grip that matches the hand’s size of the kid. For the kids, you need to use a grip that has a core size of 0.50 or lesser. The small grips will directly impact the kid’s game.

Number of Clubs

Whenever you are choosing the golf club set, you need to be considerate about the number of clubs in the golf club set. If the kids are too young, you need to make sure that there are only three clubs in the junior golf set. For instance, the kids can start off with a pitching wedge and a putter because, to be honest, those are the only things (clubs) that they need to train themselves!


Choosing the golf club for your kids is essential, but you need to be considerate about the height/age of the kids. For instance, if your kids are aged ranging from five years old to nine years, you need to choose the clubs that are suitable for kids who are six years old. You can take help from the size chart before making a final call.


When it comes down to choosing the golf club set for the juniors, there are low, mid, and high-reputation brands. For instance, Callaway, Cobra, Precise, and Orlimar are one of the most amazing golf brands that have designed junior golf club sets.

Game Expertise And Skill

As kids start to polish their skills and improve their performance, they would need custom-fitted latest golf clubs. This is the point when parents can deliberate on spending money on expensive comprehensive sets. Before buying a new kit, know where your offspring stands in his learning journey. This act will help you make a smart investment. If your child is 5 to 6 years old, he can work well with junior kits that are easily obtainable in the market. However, if you want, you can pick clubs individually.

What Is The Difference Between Adult And Best Junior Golf Clubs?

There is a massive difference between junior and adult golf kits. Adults are anticipated for a specific level of height and power, and junior players don’t have that level. Their height, muscles, bones, and body structure are different. Thus, they need clubs that are designed to cater to their particular needs. The things you have to remember while looking for junior clubs are—loft, lightweight, and flexibility. 


The club’s loft helps you hit the ball higher into the air. Adult players avoid striking the ball higher in the air, and they keep it low. Distance coverage is more critical for them. However, for junior golfers, hitting the ball higher in the air is a primary thing, and distance is secondary. If they are not able to strike the ball higher, they will feel disappointed and give up. That’s why; clubs with more loft are essential for juniors.


Club sets for juniors must be lightweight because they won’t be able to handle heavy clubs. It will be tough for them to swing. Using a heavier club is dangerous for kids. Lightweight clubs will help them sustain their control and swing their clubs securely.  


Kids need clubs with flexible shafts. Expert players have faster and smoother swings. So, they use clubs with less flexible shafts. They accommodate strength drives and provide distance and speed. Juniors have slow swing speed. Over time, with practice, they improve their swing speed and flow. Until then, they must use flexible clubs because they will help them gain range and height.

How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What To Look For When Purchasing Junior Clubs?

You must pay special attention to clubs’ length and weight because both play a significant role in improving swing speed and hitting the ball higher. The junior golf clubs should be fitted to your offspring’s weight and height. Besides, they should be lightweight, equipped with graphite shafts and shaft flex for boosted stability. Parents should consider driver loft. More loft means towering launch and more successful shots.

2.     How Many Clubs Are Included In A Junior Kit?

Many kits offer 4 to 7 clubs. The most basic clubs are a driver, a hybrid, a putter, a wedge, and a 7-iron. Some kits also provide wood and 9-iron. There are numerous junior golf club sets available in the market, so you can pick the one that offers all the required clubs.

3.     When Should I Buy Adult Clubs For My Child?

There is no specific age when your child should make a switch to adult clubs. However, you must keep in mind his height and swing speed. According to experts, if a child is five feet tall or his swing speed is 60 inches, he can jump from junior to adult clubs.

4.     Why Should Children Play Golf?

This sport improves their physical mobility and makes their mind more focused. Their motor coordination and optical motor system are also improved. Along with that, it boosts their analytical ability because it forces them to think logically. They have to make realistic assumptions of power and distance to maintain their balance.

5.     What Is The Ideal Place For Children To Play Golf?

They can practice golf in their backyard. Otherwise, they can go to a golf course or driving range to practice golf shots.

6.     How Do I Select The Best Junior Golf Clubs?

There are mainly three things that you have to consider before buying a junior golf club set. The fundamental thing is club length. If you buy adult clubs for your kid, he won’t be able to handle them and turn away from the sport in disappointment. Many clubs are fitted by the kid’s height, so don’t forget to consider this factor when buying clubs. Additionally, determine the club’s weight. There are many kits available that are exclusively designed for kids according to their weight and height levels.

7.     What Should Be The Weight Of Junior Golf Clubs?

The club’s weight is imperative to the progression of a junior golfer. It will be problematic for children to use heavier clubs and maintain solid essentials during their swing. The clubs should be lightweight and have appropriate shaft flex for your kid. You can visit a nearby golf store and ask their staff if they have a junior golf kit that your offspring could test and swing.

8.     How To Prevent Injuries While Playing Golf?

Golf is a safe sport, but still, there are possibilities of injuries that can happen to young players while playing golf in the course or driving range. When an accident takes place, it occurs perilously. Kids can suffer from wrist strain or back pain. Therefore, parents should ensure their offspring are taking their training with proper care.

9.     Should I Purchase Separate Clubs Or A Complete Club Set For My Child?

Buying a comprehensive kit is reliant on the golfer’s age. If your kid is only 3 years old, does he need the whole collection? Of course not; thus, you should look for an age-appropriate putter and iron for him to start golfing. However, according to experts, buying individual clubs for kids is an excellent approach to slowly familiarizing them with golf at their own pace.

10.  How To Choose The Right Grip For My Child’s Golf Club?

It is critical to find the perfect grip and accurate grip size for your kid to make him feel comfortable with his club. You can get a durable and softer mid-level grip instead of getting an adult grip. The softer grip will allow your offspring to feel the club while striking the ball. You can buy junior grips from the local market and put them on your kid’s new clubs.  

The Bottom Line

So, you have managed to motivate your kid to join the golf court, and you are now on the quest to find the perfect golf club set out there. That’s the prime reason that we have designed this article, through which you will be able to find the perfect golf club set for your kid. In addition, you will be able to make the right choice once you’ve read the buying guide that we have added to this article. So, best of luck!


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