best golf clubs for teenager

10 Best Golf Clubs for Teenagers in 2022

There are so many activities which a teenager finds attractive to be a part of. Besides, parents are usually supportive of their hobby or liking for certain sports. Some teenagers also have the zest to play golf, and indeed parents agree with their sports enthusiasm.

One of the primary reasons golf is said to be quite an interesting thing grabbing teenagers’ attention is because it is a quite entertaining and socially active sport. It offers quite a lovely replacement for those who had been playing online games for a long time. It is one such incredible sport that allows teens to get involved with their full physical strength and abilities.

Whether you have a teenage daughter or a son who recently has started playing golf by them and you believe that there is a good scope for them to grow in the future, listed are some of the Best Golf Clubs for Teenagers you can consider purchasing.

After all, golf clubs are said to be the important and the primary part of the game, which is quite challenging, and of course, it is completely understandable that you wish to get your hands on some of the best quality golf hear for your teenage child who can show better career in this field.

best golf clubs for teenager

To help you purchase the best starter golf clubs for a teenager, there are some of the shortlisted best golf sets you can, of course, allow your kid to play with. It can give a better transition from kids’ clubs to adult ones.

1- Wilson Teen Complete Golf Set – Best Junior Golf Clubs

Wilson is one known brand that has been designing and manufacturing top-notch, yet premium-based golf equipment’s for quite some time now. From the year 1914, the company has managed to win more than 60 different major championships.

The winning tradition is continuing since it has delivered the best of the equipment to all the golfers. And if you are considering buying one from Wilson for your teen kid, then you are certainly on the right track.

Made from the finest engineering that too with precision, Wilson brand surely has come up with this complete set of the golf club for the teens to offer superior performance. This whole set is best for golfers who need better equipment and prefer them to be premium but lightweight. It is all equipped with some powerful features that you cannot ignore.


  • The driver of these golf clubs age 13-16 is 460 cc, which comes with a large sweet spot. It also has an aerodynamic design that helps in improving the head speed. Besides choosing the one that can cover a great distance, then Wilson’s complete golf set is right for you.
  • Moving further comes the cavity back, which is made of undercut stainless steel and iron. The reason for using these materials is to get accuracy. With such cavity back, the precision is assured, and you can even enjoy the straight shots.
  • You also get a carry bag which is light in weight and of classic design to flaunt around. It also comes with shoulder straps, many different pockets, and even the rugged handle top with the stand, which is self-activating completely.
  • Fancy looking bag
  • Enlarged impact surface
  • Very comfortable
  • Great Looks
  • Good forgiving
  • Driver shaft is 1-1/2″ shorter than expected

Final words:

The whole set of best junior golf clubs comes with the finest of components with quite advanced materials. The technologies are also the latest ones, which fits in the price tag you have set for the purchase. You don’t have to worry about maintenance at any level at all.

2- Wilson Juniors Golf Set – Golf Clubs Age 13-16

Another incredible option you would not want to miss out on by Wilson is the Junior Golf set. Every piece designed by Wilson promises enjoyment and better play. With this quality equipment, your kid can surely reach the success miles while enjoying the game to the core. 

Talking further about this golf club’s age 13-16 complete teen set, it is worth your penny for the incredible features that you get.


  • Wilson brings you the most advanced technology-based junior golf club set, which comes with a super gaming solution and various clubs for better play. This whole set is designed considering the teenage requirements in mind.
  • This whole set is designed as per the targeted age criteria. Talking of which, the set comes with limited clubs. But has the driver, hybrid, short and long iron, putter, and wedge, which can give your teen kid an amazing epoxo0riuence.
  • This set is also designed with the technology called the super game improvement. It promises better forgiveness and ensures that every shot, even from a distance, is taken in the right manner. This way, you will not have any kind of trouble while playing with it.
  • Primarily, you get three important things in this set, which are value, quality, and performance. Whether you prefer the lightweight yet primary Club or you want to enjoy the long distance with precision, the whole Club is designed considering your beginner’s need in mind.
  • This set comes with clubs that cover different categories. Besides, the fairway wood and the driver are quite nicely redesigned. The iron comes with a large sweet spot, and the highlight of the set is the wedges that are the same as the traditional ones but good in terms of performance.
  • Well-constructed
  • Nice weighting
  • Good beginner set
  • Bag is comfortable
  • Grips are a little thin

Final words:

Overall, this whole set of the golf club is worth your penny. You also get a stand bag with it, which is quite comfortable and nice too. It comes with the grip though they are quite thin but good to go for. For starters, this is an ideal setting to choose for golf play.

3- Cobra Golf King Jr Set – Golf Clubs For 13 Year Old Boy

Cobra King jr. set is the best junior golf club designed for all those kids from 13 to 18 years of age who wish to explore the better side of golf and make themselves good for the play too. This set is all packed with some of the finest yet exclusive technologies. The construction is made from premium material, which can help junior golfers to take their game to another level.

Cobra is one amazing brand that only designs the clubs that are well-performing. It has even turned out to be a successful re-branding cooption. The brand gained its popularity due to Rickie Fowler. This is one of the bestselling teen sets that is available in the market today, power-packed with nothing but only the best of the features:


  • Moving firstly with the design, well, this brand has the construction of the all-titanium for the driver with the better loft and CG position, which is at the low and back. It ensures the easy distance shot is maintained without any problem.
  • The profiles are categorized in two manners; the first one is the hybrid low profile, and the other one is the fairway profile. The stainless steel construction of 17-4 is also well optimized with lofts for better distance gapping.
  • Focusing on the cavity back, well, they are weighted with iron perimeter-based. They promise better design and easy shots for distance and also forgiveness. Besides, the wedges are quite premium based that promises excellent shots with versatility and accuracy in and around the greens.
  • Cobra golf clubs’ design for 11–14-year-olds flex shafts and grips is well sized and made so that performance is assured. It has been designed considering 13 to 15 years of kids or those who are 60 inches to 65 inches tall.
  • Easy to Hit
  • Variety of Clubs
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Expensive

Final words:

With 10 clubs and a storage bag, the set of golf clubs age 13-16 Cobra King junior is designed for 13-17 years of teens, one of the best options to consider. Overall it is an amazing set for the teens that the beginners and the experienced teen golfers can use.

4- Palm Springs Visa V2 Teenager Club Set – Golf Clubs For 11-14 Year Olds

If you are looking for a golf set worth the investment, then Palm Springs brings you one of the finest options to choose from. The Visa V2 teen club set can even hit distant approaches without any trouble. Besides, it is made of good quality, which is best suited for now just beginners and experienced teenage golf who want to improve themselves.

 This gold design is incorporated with the latest technologies, making it easy to use, straight, and forgiving. Even if they are quite short compared to regular men’s Clubs, they are flexible and allow the kids for the distance to be made with slow swing speed.


  • The 460cc driver is oversize, which comes with a huge sweet spot too. This means it does not quite get out from the middle as you will have the long yet straight shot compared to the Club with a small sweet spot.
  • This Club comes with headcovers, towel rings, and rain cover as well. This means that you can always use and enjoy the clubs without any worries, irrespective of the season. Besides, there are 2 kinds of wood, 2 hybrids, and full-length dividers that make the shot easy and convenient.
  • The Club comes with 2 hybrids, and you can replace it with long irons. This means whether you prefer the long approaches from the fairway or want to get out of the tricky situation in the rough pattern, such type of Club is good to go.
  • The shaft is made of 1005 pure graphite, while the construction is light in weight made from durable nylon, which is why you can use it for a long time with less maintenance. Along with this, you also get the headcovers that are matching to it.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile selection of clubs
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 5-wood is smaller than the driver

Final words:

Overall, this is one decent collection of a club that you can think of gifting to your teen kid. It comes with the stand bag too, which has the exterior vented pocket. Besides, there are pockets designed for iron storage too.

5- Aspire XD1 Teen Golf Set

Aspire XD1 Teen Golf Set is one amazing option that has been designed for the teen swing right from the club head to the grip shaft. It is best for kids that are from1 3 to 16 years of age. The range of the height can vary from 5’1″ – 5’6″. This Club is a complete set of the fairway wood, driver, hybrid, and even the 7PW irons with the stand bag, making it best for use.

This golf set is one of its kind, specifically designed to meet teenage players’ requirements. It is all located with the top-notch quality clubs with the classy stand you cannot ignore. Besides, the clubs’ transmission is quite smooth and offers the best gaming improvement features for a better boost of the kids’ performance.


  • The woods of the golf club is designed with a high loft. This way, teen kids would find it convenient to get better distance and speed too. The wood also comes with the graphite shift, whereas the putter, hybrid, and even the irons are made of the true temper steels haft.
  • You get the golf bag, which is made of Deluxe Dual-Strap, and also the quality headcovers you cannot ignore. This way your golf clubs can stay lasting for a long and even the headcovers would protect them against damages and dirt. The backpack is so stylish that you can carry it anywhere.
  • The irons and hybrids are made of true temper steel. This makes it light in weight; besides, the precision is quite accurate when you use it. Thus, you can rest assured that while getting even a distant shot, you will not miss out on the precision at all.
  • Value for the money
  • Game-enhancing
  • Versatile selection of clubs
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • It is quite expensive

Final words:

Overall, this is one amazing option you can consider for your teen kid. It is a great set for the teens that beginners and experienced teen golfers can use.

6- Callaway XJ Golf Set – Best Starter Golf Clubs For Teenager

Callaway is another well-known brand that is trending in the market these days. This brand has been gaining quite a lot of attention because of their recent release of the golf club, which is made solely for teenagers.

Considering their height, age, and average weight to take up the clubs, every piece of equipment is designed with care. This set is one ultimate piece that any teen golf player should have while starting with golf.

The best part of the XJ golf club is its design. It is made of extremely high quality and is known for improving the performance and the distance shot. The set comes with the clubs which are required for playing a complete golf round. Callaway, because of its incredible features, is known to be the best adult clubs’ manufacturer and is now gaining fan club amongst teens.


  • The whole XJ teen golf set is made for better improvisation of distance and performance as well. It is one incredible option that is upgraded with the latest technology that makes the distant shot simpler.
  • The driver is weighted enough for the teens to handle. Besides, the premium Callaway technologies engineering makes even the distant shot easier to be taken care of. This makes the set superior not just for the beginner but also for the expert teen players.
  • The shafts are made of completely pure quality graphite. This eventually would weigh less and also make sure the distance gets improved. The club heads are also made of premium quality, which is why forgiveness can be improved.
  • This Club comes with head covers, towel rings, and rain cover as well. This means that you can always use and enjoy the clubs without any worries, irrespective of the season. Since most teen kids struggle for forgiveness, the set ensures it gets improved with the usage.
  • Excellent quality
  • Lightweight
  • Advanced golf technology
  • Durable
  • A little price
  • Not meant for left-handed golfers

Final words:

Overall, this is the finest option you can consider for your teen kid who focuses on giving outstanding performances. This set of the Club will improve the game to such an extent that it is not just the performance, but the style looks great to flaunt around too.

7- Tour Edge HL-J Golf Set w/Bag – best golf clubs for teenager

Tour Edge HL-J Golf Set is another amazing option that is designed for teen boys and girls. It is power-packed with a high-flying technique which makes the whole golf game a fun experience.

Besides, it comes with a better warranty, which is why you can rest assured that your money will not go in vain at all. This is one best pricing options in the junior gild, which is available in different sets, and each set comes with a light in weight dual strap stand bag.

Tour Edge HL-J Golf Set comes with a stand bag and is designed not just for the right hand but also for the left hand. Further, it has some incredible features that you, of course, don’t want to miss out on.


  • Tour Edge HL-J Golf Set comes with a 350cc high MOI diver known to offer high flying drivers and even longer. It comes with a better driver solution that makes even the long distant shot much manageable and easy.
  • The Tour Edge HL-J Golf Set is designed with low profile fairway wood, making it quite convenient for you to hit. Besides, it launches the ball quite quietly in the air, making it one incredible option to choose from.
  • Thanks to its hybrid technology, there is a wide sole, and even the gravity with a low center makes it easy to hit the shots no matter whether it is from a distant place or closely. This is one primary reason why you should consider buying this golf set.
  • Other than this, the irons are oversized ones like a particular teenager complete golf set that comes with an extreme perimeter that weighs and have a huge sweet spot too. It is best for superior forgiveness, so teen kids would find it interesting to use.
  • Multiple Sets for Different Ages
  • Easy to align
  • Lightweight dual-strap stand bag
  • Protective head covers
  • Available in Left & Right Hand
  • Good Value
  • Only Three Irons Available

Final words:

For outstanding performance, this is one good option that you can choose. Besides, it has a protective headcover and a dual strap that is convenient for you to use and secure your clubs against any damages.

8- TaylorMade Rory Golf Set

Taylormade is one incredible company that started in 1979 and was established with a legacy to break down from a traditional approach and reach the new thresholds of performances.

It has been a driver for leading the industry in much product innovation. The company is committed to exploring new frontiers while pushing a different range of products and ensuring constant persuasion is made for a breakthrough in golf.

Talking of TaylorMade Rory Golf Set, it is one amazing option to buy with the best of the technology that can surely enhance the teen game of golf. It is all packed with some of the finest options of features that you cannot give it a miss.


  • There is a 400Cc titanium driver along with a special edition with a St. Bernard headcover. It is unique because the golf set remains protected under all odds and without any problem.
  • The irons are oversized perimeter-weighted that offers better consistency and good forgiveness. Besides, it has easy to launch fairway with a better distance and playability. This is one primary reason which makes it more popular amongst teens.
  • The putter is a center shafted mallet that ensures easy alignment. That is how even the distant shot can be managed without any difficulty. Besides, it has a stand bag which is light in weight and can be carried out anywhere to flaunt around.
  • It comes with different clubs that include a fairway wood, titanium driver, and even three irons with a putter and a wedge. Some headcovers come with the driver and putter for additional protection.
  • Best for teens, boys, and girls
  • Headcovers Included
  • Nice Carry Bag
  • None

Final Words:

Overall, this is one fine set of golf clubs that you can buy for your teenager. It comes with the grip though they are quite thin but good to go for. For starters, this is an ideal setting to choose for golf play.

9- Wilson Profile Golf Set

Wilson brings you another finest option of the golf clubs for a 13-year-old boy that you surely don’t want to miss out on. This golf set comes with a value-based and is best for young golfers too.

It is one amazing profile complete junior set that you surely don’t want to give a miss. This golf set is easy to use and doesn’t need much maintenance. If you have a teen kid who has now finally taken this game seriously, then you can surely consider this option.

Wilson has been designing many different golf sets, and the reason why this set is different as compared to the rest is because of the age group for which it has been targeted. This complete set is only for those teens who are playing the game for the first time or want to take this sport seriously.


  • It comes with a short iron, hybrid, driver, long iron, pouter, and wedge. Made from the super game improvement technology, this is one good option you cannot ignore. The technology promises to improve forgiveness and thus improve a better shot.
  • The golf set comes with a custom fit in box system. The driver is also made especially for the junior length, flex, and weight, which makes this one of the finest options for the teens to play the game and enjoy it with enthusiasm.
  • The cavity iron is made of durable quality and has a long and short cavity with the spot designed for a large sweet spot. This way for a distant or short distance shot, you surely will not give this kind of amazing Club set a miss out for your kid.
  • Although there are very limited clubs in this set, it comes with a compact stand bag. But despite all of it, such a bag is made nicely with a better space solution so that in the future, if your teen wants to add a club or two, he can do the same.
  • Quality Clubs
  • Perfect for Beginner Golfers
  • Good Value
  • Couple More Clubs Could have been fit

Final words:

Overall, these golf clubs for 11–14-year-olds are one power-packed golf set designed for kids in terms of performance value and quality. But there are limited clubs to play with; however, if your kid takes this sport seriously, he can later add few more clubs and improve the performance.

10- Tour Edge Varsity Bazooka 370 Golf set

Bazooka 370 Golf set is one fine golf club for the 13-year-old boy you can choose for the young teens who have grown quite a lot already. This is the finest option to consider, especially for those who are taking this game quite seriously.

The set comes with a titanium driver and has a maximum allowance of 460 cc club head for better MOI. The Club’s ability to resist the twist is quite a lot, and for better forgiveness, even on and off the center hits, this is one good option to choose.


  • Moving further comes the cavity back which is made of undercut stainless steel and iron. The reason for using these materials is to get accuracy. With such cavity back, the precision is assured, and you can even enjoy the straight shots.
  • This whole set is designed as per the targeted age criteria. Talking of which, the set comes with limited clubs. But has the driver, hybrid, short and long iron, putter, and wedge, which can give your teen kid an amazing epoxo0riuence.
  • This design of Cobra junior flex shaft and grips is well sized and made so that performance is assured. It has been designed considering 13 to 15 years of kids or those who are 60 inches to 65 inches tall.
  • The shaft is made of 100% pure graphite, while the construction is light in weight made from durable nylon, which is why you can use it for a long time with less maintenance. Along with this, you also get the headcovers that are matching to it.
  • Full Set (5-9) Of Wedges
  • Good Value
  • Titanium Matrix Driver
  • Outstanding Carry Bag
  • None

Final words:

Tour Edge is one good option to consider as a precise teenager to complete a golf set. It comes with good clubbing technology, has a lightweight bag with an attractive design. With 11 different clubs, Bazooka 360 Varsity Set is designed for better forgiveness for new teen players.

best junior golf clubs

Best Golf Clubs For Teenager – Buying Guide

There is no doubt that buying a golf club set for the kids can be troublesome, especially if you have no clue how to make the right purchase. That is why given below are some tips that can eventually make your buying process a lot easier.

But you have to keep in mind that these are some of the tips. The better suggestion from the above options or recommendations from your friends and loved ones who already are using the golf clubs can also make your search a lot simpler.

What to look for in a teen golf club set

Remember that teenage age is one such phase of life where there are so many changes. Besides, the transition from being a child to an adult is never easy. That is the same case for them to choose the clubs as well.

That is why it is time to keep in mind that your kid doesn’t need only the traditional golf clubs for a 13-year-old boy but the ones with advanced technology and which can be a long-term fixture as well.

  • Comfort Over Form

Your teen kid needs to stay comfortable with the type of equipment which they are using. You need to make sure that the primary thing you consider is comfort over form. See to it that the shaft characteristics are considered, length, grip, and even flex are taken into account. 

These things are important since it helps in improving the posture along with the height. This way, the player stays more comfortable.

  • Overall, the set make-up.

Since you are buying this for the kid who is in the golfing carrier’s development phase, you have to take extra precautions. You don’t have to look for the Club that can load the whole bag. Rather, every Club which comes into the pro shop varies hut they shall add weight for dragging it along, which may not be good when it comes to covering all the distances.

Since your kid is at the stage where height and strength shall be changing rapidly, it is better to buy what is needed for the medium term and replace it on a routine basis as the strength, height, and ability increase. Look for the clubs that add weight to the bag, which shall add happiness that can be experienced on fairways.

  • Different Types of Clubs for Your Teen’s Bag

When it comes to adding the golf clubs for 11–14-year-olds to your kid bag, you can choose the ones made of lightweight material. This would also enhance the aerodynamic features, which would include assistant in creating better clubhead speed too.

Eventually, your kid will have fun for sure. The accurate shaft flex, grip, and weight are also a few other things that can be added to reduce stress.

Types of Golf Clubs

There are different types of products that you have to keep in mind while buying the whole set. Talking of which to name some are listed below:

  • Driver

It comes with a large head and is available usually 460cc. It is known for the legal competition. You get the best possible assistance that is needed and can also be appreciated. If there is no one available in the brand that you have chosen, you can mix match the brands, and it is completely fine too.

  • Hybrids and long irons

Some so many manufacturers have made the hybrids options being available for a substantial time. It is also great since hybrids offer the best of the features of woods and iron. The low center of gravity makes it simple and easy to hit compared to the long irons, and they offer better accuracy and more distance.

  • Irons

Irons are usually the sole wide ones with the cavity back, which gives you the low gravity entre for the ball’s high trajectory. It also promises increased distance. You can now street away from the blade head clubs and look for the one that offers forgiveness. But if you are looking for better feedback through the hand band, the junior’s ability to improve on the workability side, then take some time and research well.

  • Wedges

You can look for a sand wedge and a pitching wedge that can fulfill your minimum needs. Of course, there is no harm in adding extra wedges in the bag for a better learning experience and good results. A lob wedge can always drive the junior to explore different green options and be an expert for shaving strokes off the score.

  • Putter

Since alignment plays an important role in getting that white ball in the bucket, and putter matters, your teen kid needs to be good while stoking in such a different area. You can always give him a mallet putter to improve the balance, which eventually would boost confidence.

Factors to consider to purchase the right Club

To purchase the best of the teen’s golf clubs, like a particular teenager’s complete golf set, you must consider some factors so that your decision is all informed. Here are some factors listed below:

  • Grip

The gold club grips are one of the primary factors you should be considering wisely when it comes to purchasing them for your teen. It is one such point of contact between the player and the Club that has to be comfortable.

The grip choice is usually a personal preference because it is directly associated with the player’s hand size. You also need to note that some different grips have varied textures, so your teen shall be comfortable when you hold a certain grip.

  • Shaft

For a quality golf club, the shaft also plays an important role. If you choose to play with the right type of shaft as the performance will be improved. This is applicable not just or the iron one but also to the graphite shaft too. The shaft weight is important since it hampers the performance of the player and the Club feels too.

  • Size

The Club’s size is also a major concern when you buy it for teenagers. Your teen needs to be extremely comfortable when playing at the golf site. When they look at the Club, they should be comfortable and confident about the good shot.

How to Choose the right Club

  • Research

It is always better to do good homework because research can help you come across some of the best options you may not have come earlier. Take your time, compare different options, and then choose the one that you think is the right choice.

  • Playability suitable

It is important to look for a club design that matches the playability of the teen kid. You can always look for the one that gives more forgiveness than less for giving your kid a better experience. There are forged blades that may look catchy, but they will not be the ideal option for the kids.

  • Look for a good fit.

If it is not possible to get the professional fitting, then see to it that you choose a shaft that is goof with the flex, size, and weight for your kid because it does not get a stiff steel shaft kid that has a slow swinging speed.

best golf clubs for teenager

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should be the standard size for the teen golf clubs?

The teen clubs should usually be about 1.5″ longer. These clubs are designed for players whose age is between 13 to 16 years. Of course, their height shall mostly be between 5’1″ to 5’6″. Not just the height of 1.5 is enough, but longer than that can be fine as well. In case the height is different from the stated height of the Club, you can customize it.

Q. What are the Best Teenage Clubs?

There are so many best starter golf clubs for a teenager you can come across but look for the one in which your kid can stay engaged for a long. It has to be easy to hit and playable with being light in weight as well. The Club needs to be forgiving with the high lofts and, most preferable, the graphite shaft.

Q. When is the right time to purchase the Club for the teen kid?

The best time is when, ideally, your kid is ready to play. If your kid has got an interest in golf, then consider this option. But if your kid has never played earlier, then you can get it to the driving range.

Q. Is there any specific age when the kids need to play golf?

It is quite difficult to narrow down the right age for the kid to play. But if you are planning to buy the clubs for them, it can vary as per the age. 4 years old can like golf but might not be keen to learn it until the age of ten. You have to consider all these aspects pretty well.

Q. How many clubs are right for teen kids, and which are those?

Usually, the important clubs to have in the junior bag can be a wedge, putter, wood, and iron. If the wood is three kinds of wood and not a driver, then also it is fine. It can work well initially. However, if you want them to have better access to different shots and swings, you can buy as many you want.

Q. Is it okay to buy 1 size bigger than the actual golf club size for a teen?

It is the height that matters the most. If your kid is quite close to the next size, it is fine and not a problem to start with. But if an inch short is creating confusion, then they may struggle quite a lot.

Q. How to understand clubs are too long?

If the golf club is too long for the junior, they shall be struggling or making good contact. You shall notice them hitting behind the ball and even dealing with swinging it back on the correct one. It is quite natural for a kid to hit a club that is quite short as compared to the one which is quite long.

Q. Is fitting important for a junior golfer?

If the junior golfer is playing in the tournaments or has been working on scoring or starting to create their game, fitting can make sense. If the teen kid has never played the game before, then all that matters is a good height. A whole fitting along with a custom club is not required.

Q. What is the height of the junior golf clubs made for?

Usually, junior golf clubs are made from the height of size zero sets for the kids or kids 36″ taller up for the kids that are 69″ tall.

Q. Can adults use teen golf clubs?

Certainly! Some so many petite women consider that kids built traditionally for the youth are the best choice to improve their future game.


There are so many different best starter golf clubs for a teenager you may come across to purchase the teen golf set. Of course, you will get confused. You need to stick to what price limit you have decided. The better clubs will give you good results.

Remember that the perfect set of golf clubs for making a choice can be challenging, especially for teens. But the key is to look for the one which fits the best and matches their playing needs.

Make sure that you consider the growth of your teen’s physical and skills too. Get the club set that is a little longer, or come with few additional clubs to give them a better space to grow as time passes by.

This would help them save better money by buying another one after two or three years. In the end, no matter which option you choose from, the best of the sets shared, your teen kid will do perform well.


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