Best amateur Golf Clubs

Top 5 Best amateur Golf Clubs in 2022

Golf is a very popular sport that requires the use of an amateur golf club. It’s one of those sports that starts at a young age and can last for a lifetime. Golf clubs are important because they make it easier to hit the ball with precision.

Each swing will become more powerful if you have the right equipment in your hands. The best amateur golf clubs are made from high-quality materials and offer all-around performance for beginners or seasoned pros alike.

Best Amateur Golf Clubs

There are a ton of Golf Clubs that you can buy, but which ones should you get? This article is about what kind of Golf Clubs will be best for an amateur player who wants to have fun with their friends on the weekends.

In this post, we have shared the top-notch golf irons. In addition, we have also added the buying guide, which will help you make the right choice regarding golf buying. So, let’s start!

List of Top 5 Best amateur Golf Clubs

1. Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set – Best golf irons for amatuer

Precise is one of the most reputable golf club brands out there, which has managed to come up with golf club sets. All the golf club sets have been designed to help the players ace the game. T

his Precise M5 is an amazing golf club set that provides the value of money while being affordable. This golf club set has been designed with every basic club that will help you learn and make the right shots.

The Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set Includes Titanium Driver, S.S To help you reel these numbers down in size and build success up from scratch.

With a fully forged titanium driver + 460cc stand bag model inside this very set here, every person can buckle down the straps and improve their best time at 5-par holes.

Let’s explore some amazing features of that golf Club set.


  • All the golf clubs in this set have oversized heads. These heads are great for beginners as the bigger clubheads empower the golfers to hit the right shots without missing the ball. This makes these clubs more user-friendly
  • The larger clubhead sizes will increase the size of the sweet spot, leading to higher forgiveness level
  • These clubs have been designed with an optimal offset value, which makes it easier for the players to play the shots in the air. This is possible with the offset design that makes it apt for intermediate players and beginners as well
  • This golf club set has been designed with every essential club that a beginner and intermediate player can ever look for while playing on the court
  • The set is inclusive of the hybrid, 460cc titanium driver, 5-PW iron, fairway wood, and a putter
  • All the clubs are constructed with the top quality of shaft material. The shaft material will directly impact the high-performance rate
  • The shafts are designed with true temper steel in the irons
  • As far as the woods are concerned, the clubs are designed with 100% graphite shafts
  • There are multiple extras and accessories in the golf club set, such as headcovers which help keep the clubheads safe from damage
  • There is a dual-strap stand bag which helps keep the clubs and accessories in place
  • The set is pretty affordable
  • The golf bag is easy to carry, and also, offers convenient utilization
  • The golf clubs are designed with a great finish
  • The clubheads have bigger clubheads for user-friendly features
  • The offset design has been added to clubs, leading to better airborne shots
  • The huge sweet spot for higher forgiveness
  • Headcovers and dual-strap bags are essential
  • The bag isn’t the top quality
  • Absence of sand wedge
  • Only one hybrid is available

Final Words

If you are a beginner or intermediate golfer, you should be looking for golf club sets, and this Precise M5 is an apt option out there. The golf club set will help improve the skills. The golf club set includes affordable clubs and irons, which are worth each penny.

The best thing about this golf club set is that it has become the epitome of convenience. So, if you are a right-handed player, you will be able to play just the right shots with it!

2. PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set & Bag – Best amatuer golf clubs

PROSiMMON is a suitable option that has zero compromises on quality, effectiveness, and performance. PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 contains every important thing that a golfer needs.

With a titanium matrix driver and stainless steel irons with a stainless steel shaft, this is one golf set that’s ready to take the industry by storm.

The irons are engineered specifically to replace difficult-to-play long irons, so no more worries about that devious 223-yard 8-inch par 3! That new 249-yard hole can be a walk in the park with PROSiMMON Golf!

This club set has been designed to enhance the gameplay and help to make straight and long shots easily. In other words, you will be able to knock shots off the scores.

It has a lightweight golf bag that comes complete with four fleece headcovers, and you’ll know what it means to live life on easy mode. In the section below, we have added the features below;


  • This golf club set has been designed for short and tall players all the same (the beginner and intermediate players!)
  • With this golf club set, there will be no compromise on the results and effectiveness of the game because players will be able to improve their game
  • The golf club set has been designed to improve the score and provide the value of the money
  • The players can hit the shots with the center of the club, and you will be able to ace the game
  • The driver has titanium matrix 460cc construction, topped with top-notch power, and a huge head. In addition, it has been constructed with steel shafts and perimeter weighting. These aspects will increase the size of the sweet spot, leading to higher distance coverage and zero missed shots
  • The golf club set has been designed with 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, and 3-wood, and all of them have small off the tee. In addition, the head is pretty large that offers higher sweet spot, promising higher forgiveness level
  • The hybrids have a large sweet spot as well, and golfers will be able to play off the tee with ultimate accuracy and precision
  • The golf club set has been designed with multiple irons numbered from five to nine, and also, there is a pitching wedge
  • All the irons have stainless steel construction and cavity-back features that help enhance the distance coverage. Also, the players will be able to make balanced shots
  • The putter has smooth construction and comes with a mallet as well. The putter has a huge head and multiple markings that provide precision balance, promising improved feel and higher control over the shots
  • There are seven compartments and dividers in the golf bag with which people will be able to organize the clubs. In addition, there are dual-padded straps in the bag which makes carrying convenient, comfortable, and easy
  • Highly precise shots
  • Comfortable irons
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and lightweight bag
  • Double padded straps
  • The higher trajectory from the hybrids
  • Easy to line putts
  • Higher distance coverage
  • Comfortable gameplay experience
  • Woods are hard to play with
  • Absence of sand wedge

Final Words

Everyone is skeptical at once when they want to start playing with a new golf club set, but with this golf club set, you can let go of all such things. With this golf club set, you will be able to make straight and long shots. To be honest, the clubs and irons are pretty forgiving, which makes them worth your attention and money!

3. Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set – Best golf clubs for amatuer golfers

If you are looking for a decent and promising package set, this Wilson golf set is an amazing option out there, which has been designed to offer durability and a higher performance scale.

The PVD finish maintains its looks and outperforms the competition. The best thing about this golf club set is that it will grow as the gameplay improves. On top of everything, the price of the golf club set is pretty affordable.

But this set doesn’t just have style: It also has Profile Platinum technology. This club set strategically allows weight to be positioned closer to the swing for crisp tee shots. Go on, make your friends fight over who gets a hole in one first with this club set!


  • This Wilson platinum set has been designed with irons numbered from six to nine
  • There are a driver and 5-wood in the set, inclusive of the sand wedge, pitching wedge, and a putter
  • The golf club set comes with a top-notch golf cart bag and three headcovers. These headcovers will protect the club head against damage
  • The drivers and woods have been designed with oversized heads, leading to long and straight shots
  • The woods and drivers have been designed with PVD coating, leading to the durable and long life of the equipment and gear
  • The carry bag has been designed with lightweight features, multiple pockets, and the soft shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • The golf clubs are available in tall and regular versions to meet the diverse needs of the users
  • The irons are designed with perimeter weighting through which players can make accurate shots
  • The hybrid, wood, and driver have been integrated with graphite shafts
  • The irons have been designed with steel shafts as they provide higher distance coverage and control
  • All the clubs and irons have been designed with performance technology, promising extensive distance coverage off the tee
  • The graphite shaft tips make it easy for hybrids to hit the shots, accrediting to a huge sweet spot
  • The irons and clubs have a lower center of gravity that ensures higher distance coverage and improved trajectory
  • The head shape is designed with anti-glare finish and alignment feature which aligns the shots
  • The clubs have offset designs and soft putter grip, promising hand position, and better putts in the court
  • High-quality irons
  • Huge clubheads, promising higher forgiveness
  • Perimeter weighted features in the irons
  • Top-notch carry bag
  • Integrated set
  • Soft putter grip
  • Helps to play off the tee
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Graphite shaft tips
  • 3-wood isn’t available
  • Irons don’t have the graphite shafts

Final Words

This Wilson golf club set is the perfect option for amateur golfers who want to enhance their skills. The golfers will be able to ramp up the performance. So, if you are a right-handed player, this golf club set will make a good option for you. On top of everything, it has something to offer to tall players as well. So, choose the platinum set for higher functionality and performance.

4. Precise NX460 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set

If you’ve been looking for a women’s complete golf club set, This petite, lightweight kit has everything you need to get started in golf. The clubs are made from the high-quality graphite shaft and are appropriate for women 5’3″ or less.

Starts your golfing game with Precise NX460 Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set that Includes a Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Hybrids Pouch PLUS Walking Sticks Bag. All of these great clubs are lightweight and built with strong 100% graphite shafts.

Precise has multiple options to help every beginner out there. In the section, we have added the features of Precise NX460 Ladies’ complete golf club set, so have a look!


  • The golf club set is available in two sizes which makes it easy for players to get their hands on a golf club that meets their needs
  • This golf club set has been designed with 8/9 and 6/7 iron, which is the clear definition of diversity
  • The golf club set has been designed with budget-friendly features in mind without compromising on the quality and performance
  • The golf club set is inclusive of the putter, stand bag, PW, SW, 3-wood, 24-degree hybrid, and 460cc driver
  • The golf club set offers three headcovers which empower the golfers to save the clubheads from damage when you aren’t playing with them
  • The irons and clubs are designed with ultralight high-modulus graphite shafts
  • The clubhead of the woods are designed with a deep face and a convex which allows the players to increase the speed of the shots
  • The irons are designed with cavity-back designed that help in making high-launch shots, and also, there are true temper steel shafts in the irons
  • All the gears are designed with shiny blue color which adds to the confidence
  • The woods have been designed with the highly defined shape of the clubheads, promising speed and accuracy improvement in the shots
  • The irons are designed to offer a higher launch trajectory in the shots
  • If you need to make short shots, that is pretty easy with the combination of 6/7 and 8/9 irons
  • The golf club set has been designed with deluxe dual-strap golf bag which can be worn like a backpack as well
  • The golf club set is pretty lightweight, inclusive of all the clubs and irons
  • Suitable for petite players (women can use it as well!)
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners
  • High-quality construction
  • Higher launch trajectory
  • Short shots are also available
  • Lightweight irons and clubs
  • Deluxe dual-strap carry bag
  • Headcovers for clubhead protection
  • Graphite shafts
  • The number of clubs is pretty limited (only eight!)
  • The golf club set is for right-handed players only

Final Words

If you are looking for something that not only provides value for your money but poses zero compromises on the performance and quality, this Precise golf club set is an amazing option out there. The set has combined the 6/7 and 8/9 irons that help people improve their game.

5. Wilson Golf Ultra Plus Package Set – Amatuer golf clubs

Wilson’s is known for top-notch golf club heads, and this driver’s head doesn’t stray from tradition. Have you been hitting from the rough all day long?

Its 450cc forged titanium composite driver will get your ball up and over trouble faster than ever before! The titanium alloy provides incredible strength without adding weight.

It also includes a reinforced graphite shaft that offers stability at impact, and you can’t go wrong with Wilson sets meant for any golfer.

It’s not just the clubs that make a set great; its wood grip on new irons feels mighty good in your hand as it sends one down the fairway or way into the green!

This is the ultra plus package set that has been designed to ensure beginners can sharpen their skills while attaining a higher level of performance.


  • The golf club set has been designed with 460cc titanium driver who has been designed with a huge head which ensures playing the strengthened shots
  • The huge clubhead is directly proportional to a large sweet spot which is directly proportional to the higher forgiveness level
  • The driver is designed to offer maximum distance coverage and also, hitting the sweet spots will be easier
  • The driver will be able to reduce the hooks and slices
  • The hybrids have an optimal loft angle which makes it easier to hit the balls off the ground
  • The irons have been designed with a steel shaft which offers higher forgiveness while playing off the face, leading to straight shots
  • The clubs and irons are designed with a nice grip, so it doesn’t slip away
  • The golf club set has been designed with a heel-toe putter which leads to optimal alignment in the shots
  • This Wilson golf club set has been integrated with a modern yet functional bag. The bag is pretty easy to set up, and once you are back home, you can fold it up to store. The golf bag has been designed with dual straps with padded features which makes them comfortable to use
  • The driver has 460cc titanium build which optimizes the weight distribution
  • The driver’s head has a unique shape, promising improved launch and stability in the shots
  • The trajectory launch is top-notch which helps players make long and straight shots
  • The irons have reinforced graphite shaft tip which helps in producing better ball launch, and also, it leads to head stabilization
  • The center of gravity is pretty low, which leads to improved ball launch
  • The putter head stability is pretty improved with the weighted putter design
  • The putter has a soft grip and an easy alignment system which helps players make targeted puts
  • Optimal distance coverage
  • Highly accurate shots, accrediting to steel shafts
  • The bag is functional and durable
  • The trajectory will be normal
  • The sand wedge isn’t available
  • A putter is too lightweight for some people

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for an excellent golf club set for your beginner self, this is the right way to for. Be it the bigger clubhead size or huge sweet spot, this golf club set has everything that you need. The best thing about this golf club set is the loft, which poses positive changes on the trajectory.

Best amateur golf clubs- Buying Guide

Over the years, the technology has improved, and these tech features have been added to every possible niche. With this notion, it’s needless to say that golf clubs have seen the changes as well. That’s why it has become essential for beginners to consider multiple factors before investing in the golf club set. So, if you are buying the best golf club set for beginners, we have added everything that you need to consider while buying the golf clubs. So, have a look!


According to the USGA, there are certain instructions and rules to abide by if you are looking for the right clubhead size. For instance, the maximum clubhead size is 460cc, and the golfers are allowed to use the clubheads sized from 440cc to 460cc. If the clubheads are big, the shots will be more powerful. However, the small clubhead will optimize slow and solid swing.

With this notion, it’s needless to say that small clubheads are designed for people who need higher control over the shots. In addition to clubhead size, the shape poses a direct impact on performance. The clubheads have four different shapes, such as extended, round, square, and pear. The round clubheads are perfect for beginners because they are lightweight.

The round clubheads will also reduce the chances of turfing. As far as the colors are concerned, there are multiple options available in the market, and users can choose what suits them the best. The color options are designed to help people gain contrast with the green background of the golf court.


While you are choosing the clubs and irons, you need to use the proper loft. Loft represents the angle of the clubhead face, which poses a direct impact on the backspin, ball trajectory, and distance coverage. The loft angles range from four degrees to twenty degrees. However, the majority of the drivers are designed with loft angles ranging from 8 to 14-degrees.

The ideal loft angle will help determine the swing speed as well. The loft angle and swing speed are inversely proportional because if the loft angle is high, the swing speed will be lowered and vice versa. The best loft ranges from 10-degrees to 12-degrees on average.


If you are looking for a shaft for beginners, it is advised to choose flexible shafts because they help enhance the driving distance. In contrast, if you have a higher swing speed, it is advised to go with stuff shafts as they optimize the control and accuracy of the shots. In addition, you need to be considerate about the shaft length.

However, the shaft length is calculated based on the player’s height. You need to measure the arm’s length, along with the swinging style. All in all, you need to choose the light and long shafts because they help attain optimal arc, in addition to higher torque values.


The weight of the clubs and irons will be chosen according to the player’s strength, and also, it needs to match the athletic capability of the players. In addition, the swinging tempo needs to be considered. It is better to choose lightweight irons because they help make off-centre hits easy to harness.


While we are talking about the material, it is essential that you consider the material of heads and shafts. These components mainly impact performance. As we talk about the head, it is usually designed with alloys, titanium, zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel. The titanium heads are expensive of them all, but to be honest, the performance is unmatchable.

But if you want something to practice and learn, stainless steel shafts are perfect. Coming forward to the shafts, there are graphite and steel options. The graphite shafts provide higher flexibility, which makes them apt for beginners. However, the steel shafts are perfect for low handicappers as steel shafts are designed to offer precision and control in the shots.


If you are a beginner, choosing the adjustable features is essential as they help golfers make changes in the shots. For instance, the changes can be made in lie angle, loft angle, and multiple other things. The golfers should be offering unique swing styles, and one must consider this while choosing the adjustable irons and clubs!


If you are a beginner, you must never go on board with money because once you have practiced enough, your coach will ask you to change the clubs and get the pro ones. So, it is better to stay in the affordability line, but one must never compromise on the quality. It is advised to compare the prices and features of each iron or golf club set before making a final call.

Irons In The Club Package

A complete club set offers seven irons and a pitching wedge. You will see 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 numbers on the irons. The PW can be used for several purposes on the turf. Some irons are more comfortable to strike with, whereas some are harder. If you are a player with a high-handicap, you can replace your 3 and 4 irons with high lofted fairway woods.  

Center of Gravity

Golf clubs that have their “CG” in the correct place can dramatically elevate your performance. Your performance will ultimately progress your game, and you will be able to get the best out of your hard work. But, what is the correct place for “CG”? According to the experts, irons with the “CG” in their clubheads’ lower part are highly suitable for new golfers. You can throw the ball in the right way when the “CG” is situated below the clubhead’s midline.  

Best Amateur Golf Clubs
Best Amateur Golf Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How Many Irons Are Included In A Golf Club Set?

In the past, only 3-PW irons were offered in a club set. But nowadays, players don’t prefer using long irons, so the sets have started offering hybrids. It is easier for beginners to hit the ball with hybrids instead of 3-6 irons. Replacing irons with hybrids improves your game and boosts your confidence.     

2.     Which Materials Are Utilized For Making The Irons?

These days, irons are integrated with advanced technology, and different sorts of materials are used for manufacturing them. The most popular substance is steel. Some of them are heavier, some are made of carbon fiber, some have tungsten weighting, and many are forged.

3.     Can Ladies Use Men’s Golf Club Sets?

Women are shorter in height than men, and the ladies club sets are specifically crafted for females by keeping this reality in mind. Their clubs are shorter, and shafts are more flexible. Women have smaller hands, so their clubs’ grips are also smaller in diameter.

You should not be concerned about the clubs’ quality and features differences because similar technologies and materials are used for making females’ club sets. Women clubs are lightweight and equipped with flexible graphite shafts, so they help you enhance your swing speed and cover more distance.

4.     If I Play Daily, How Long Should I Anticipate Taking Advantage Of A Club Set?

It may vary from person to person. If you play more often, you can use them for up to 3 to 4 years before cutting-edge technology may begin to make them outdated. Over time, your wedges’ and irons’ grooves will be damaged, which will negatively impact your performance.

You should also observe whether the clubs help improve your game during those years or not. If not, then switching to a new set will be become obligatory.

5.     Blade Or Cavity-Backed Irons: Which One Is The Best?

Always buy cavity-backed irons because they are tremendously easier to hit. Blade irons look cool, but they are hard to hit. In case of a miss-hit, you will lose only 2-6 yards with a cavity back iron. However, you will lose 6-10 yards with a bladed iron. Amateurs miss-hit approximately 70 to 80 percent of their iron shots.   

6.     Should I Define My Golf Goals Before Buying A Club Set?

Yes, you must define your goals before starting your golfing journey. Many newbies think that they can imitate the swing of the expert golfers, which is not valid. You should look for a set that can allow you to improve your game in the shortest duration. It should assist you in boosting your swing speed and covering more distance.

Therefore, you should buy lightweight clubs with appropriate shaft flex. Besides, look for clubs equipped with perimeter-weighted clubheads because they provide steadiness and control for high-handicappers. It will offer more forgiveness and elevate the ball’s height.

7.     Why Should I Avoid Using Hybrids?

The majority of senior players don’t like using hybrids. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend using the hybrids because they make it easier to strike the ball. You will get both the hybrids and irons with the comprehensive golf club set, so it is up to you which option you want to use.

8.     Are Headcovers Essential?

Yes, they will enhance your clubs’ life and protect them from damages. Don’t feel upset if your best amateur golf clubs do not come with headcovers. It is worth it to spend a few extra dollars on buying them.

9.     Left Or Right-Handed Clubs: Which Option Is Best For Me?

If you are left-handed, opt for a left-handed golf club set. Right-handed clubs are well suited for folks who are right-handed. However, this rule does not apply to everyone. Some golfers are left-handed, but they play efficiently with right-handed clubs. If you are unsure, stick to the hand you use for playing tennis or other games.

10.  Is It Necessary To Have Matching Clubs?

No, it is not mandatory to have matching clubs in your golf bag. Many golfers buy all clubs separately. However, make sure all of your irons belong to the same set. If you buy them individually, they will have different lofts, lie angles, and distance coverage. All brands create irons differently. That’s why; we would recommend buying a matching icon set.

The Bottom Line

When you are a beginner, choosing the right golf club set can be pretty difficult as you don’t have any experience in buying the gear. With this article, we have tried to reflect on the best golf club sets out there, which are the epitome of quality and performance and are designed to meet diverse user needs. So, choose the one that suits your needs, and you will be able to hit the shots right away!


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