what is a golf umbrella

what is a golf umbrella?

A golf umbrella is one of the must-have accessories for golfers and many other outdoor sports.

In harsh environmental conditions such as rain, sun, or high wind, it may not be possible for you to continue your game. The golf umbrella can protect you from the bad weather and give you a safe and dry place to continue your game.

If you are a golfer and interested in knowing about the golf umbrella, golf umbrella size guide, procella golf umbrella, stay here and complete your reading.

What Is A Golf Umbrella?

The golf umbrella’s primary purpose is to protect the golfers from different environmental conditions, including sun and rain. The golf umbrella is quite large. Therefore, the umbrellas can keep the player and his or her cart safe perfectly.

Well, it is not compulsory that the golfers only use these umbrellas; you can also use this umbrella to keep yourself protected from the rain. The design of the golf umbrella enables it to protect you from all the environmental conditions fully. The golf umbrellas are available between 2.8 to 8 USD.

The large-sized canopy of the golf umbrellas does not let the air get inside the umbrella. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle of these umbrellas is one of the best and the most appealing feature of golf umbrellas. You can keep your hand or harm in a very natural position while holding the umbrella. In this way, you can keep your hand safe from the hand cramp. In this way, the golfers can have the umbrella for a very long time without getting tired or hand cramps.

Golf Umbrella Size Guide

The golf umbrellas are available in different sizes. The golf umbrellas are a little bit larger as compared to the regular umbrellas.

Most of the golf umbrellas come with a size of about 60 to 65 inches. At the same time, many other golf umbrellas are more extensive than 70 inches. The gigantic golf umbrella is about 84 inches, while the smallest is just 50 inches. 

The umbrellas are made from fibreglass. Therefore these umbrellas are not that much heavy as one can consider them from their size. The material makes it light in weight. Consequently, you can easily carry them along with you. Above all, the fibreglass makes these umbrellas lightning resistant.

Types Of Gulf Umbrella

The following are the different styles or designs of the golf umbrella which you can get in the market:

  1. Two-fold umbrella
  2. Three-fold umbrella
  3. Straight umbrella
  4. Single layered or double layered umbrella
  5. Manual or auto opening
  6. Round or square shaped canopy
  7. Nylon umbrella
  8. Polyester umbrella
  9. PVC clear golf umbrella
what is a golf umbrella

What Is The Purpose Of Golf Umbrella

Most of the manufacturers put the logo of their company over the umbrella. In this way, they can use the umbrella for marketing purposes. The other players get attracted to the umbrella, and due to the logo’s presence, they can get all the required details.

These types of umbrellas are supplied to the employees as well as to the customers. Each time you will open the umbrella, you will also deliver the message from the company. It is one of the best ways to connect with thousands of people at the same time.

Besides the umbrella, many other golf-related products are utilized by the companies to promote their products. For example, shoes, bags, napkins, and much more can also be used to advertise the products. All of these products come with the company’s logo and introduce all of these products to several other consumers.

Well, the utilization of these golf-related products is a unique idea for the promotion of your products. It is considered to be an exceptional marketing strategy.

Difference Between Golf Umbrella And Normal Umbrella

The golf umbrellas are large as compared to the ordinary umbrellas. Furthermore, golf umbrellas are solid.

You can extend a golf umbrella up to 65 inches. In this way, you can get complete protection from the sun as well as from the rain.

The golf umbrellas are large, which may increase their weight. But to overcome this issue, the axle and separators are made from fibreglass. In the way, umbrellas get the necessary support and become light in weight. All of these features make the umbrella very easy to carry. Above all, the fibreglass makes these umbrellas lightning resistant. So you can use these golf umbrellas in any weather condition without worrying about the quality of your umbrella.

You can easily hold the umbrella for a very long time as these umbrellas come with an ergonomic handle that will not cause hand cramps. Therefore, you can carry the umbrella for a long time.

The Best Golf Umbrella

The size of the umbrella matters a lot. It is the size; which can decide whether the umbrella will keep you protected from the sun, rain, harsh winds, and many other environmental factors.

The golf umbrella’s minimum size is 50 inches, which is just more than enough for you. The smallest golf umbrella can protect about two players at the same time.

Most people do not want to buy a large-sized umbrella because they think that it would be heavy and complicated to hold.

But in actuality, the umbrellas are light in weight, and with an ergonomic handle, you can hold them for a long time.

The selection of the best umbrella can be a little bit tricky for you. So, you can consider the under given features whenever you go for buying the golf umbrella.

  • Size And Weight

 Well, there are two ways to measure the size of the umbrella. Firstly, you can measure the umbrella’s size with an arc, and secondly, you can get the size of the umbrella by measuring the diameter.

For the arc measurement, try to get an umbrella with a measure of 60 inches or more. Similarly, in the case of the diameter measurement, bring an umbrella that is above 50 inches.

Besides the size of the umbrella, the weight of the umbrella is also equally important. If the umbrella is light in weight, you can hold it long and carry it quickly along with you, but a heavy umbrella can be a little bit difficult to keep or take. It is highly recommended to get an umbrella which weighs 1.8 pounds.

  • Quality

If you want to get to know about the quality of the umbrella, it is more important to consider the material’s quality. The high-quality material can ensure the long life of the umbrella. The umbrella’s premium quality relies on the premium quality of the material from which it is made.

Furthermore, the shaft and ribs of the umbrellas are made from plastic or metal. Most umbrellas are made from fibreglass, which makes the umbrella strong, light in weight, and durable. Fibreglass is an excellent material due to which you can get the required protection from harsh environmental conditions.

  • Wind Resistance

The best quality umbrellas can withstand all harsh environmental conditions. Before buying the umbrella, make sure that it is made from windproof material. A windproof umbrella can lets you continue your game without considering the environmental condition for a long time.

Windproof materials are always healthy and can keep you protected. Some people think that a strong umbrella will not flip inside out. But that is not the case here. A substantial umbrella can get inside out in windy conditions.

But the positive point of this umbrella is that it can come back to its original position without breaking. But most of the cheaper or low-quality umbrellas usually break up instead of coming back in their original place.

  • Design

The design of the umbrella is a significant factor that you cannot ignore. Always try to get an attractive and appealing design. An umbrella with sports logos, stripes, bright colors, and different other beautiful patterns would be the best choice for you.

  • Durability

When you buy the golf umbrella, make sure that it is strong enough and can stay for a long time. If an umbrella is durable and can withstand the windy or rainy environment, get and get that umbrella.

  • Coverage

For the golfers, it is essential that they remain dry and protected while playing golf. Always search for an umbrella that can provide you with maximum coverage.

Most of the umbrellas come in a size of 62 inches. But you can get an umbrella with a canopy size between 46 to 68, just according to your requirements.

Procella Golf Umbrella

These golf umbrellas are one of the best products available in the market. The umbrella is reliable, sturdy, and durable. Therefore, it can withstand winds up to 46 mph.

Along with an ergonomic design, the umbrella had a strong and firm grip. Therefore, it will not slip or move from your hand in the rainy season.

Above the material (fibreglass) makes the procella golf umbrella very durable and light in weight. As a result, the umbrella becomes light in weight. In this way, you can carry all of these umbrellas along with you.

Above all, the umbrella is available in different colours. So now you can get the one just according to your needs and requirements.


Every golfer wants to play for a long time, but sometimes that may not be possible due to the harsh environmental conditions. In this situation, you can buy a golf umbrella, which can keep you safe from rain, sun, and wind.

The golf umbrella provides you with the required protection from bad weather and gives you a dry place to continue your game. The procella golf umbrella is one of the best umbrellas available in the market.

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