what golf club to use for each shot

What Golf Club To Use For Each Shot

The golf bag of all the players must have the right tools; so that the golfers can enjoy successful rounds. But the beginners face difficulty while choosing the right golf club for every shot.

Each club has its unique features and purpose. Therefore, the golfers can enjoy their game just the way they want.

If you want to learn about golf clubs and when to use them, you are right. You can stay here to continue the reading.

Types Of Golf Clubs

A player can have about 14 golf clubs in his bag at a time, but selecting the right one could be an issue for the beginner. The experience can help you in the selection of the right golf club and as well to take an educated guess.

Multiple factors can influence the selection of the right golf club, such as the golf club’s length or material, or even the player’s experience, also matters a lot. You can follow the golf club distance chart for beginners before you get a golf club. The chart helps the golfers in the selection of the best club just according to their needs.

Here all the significant types of golf clubs are given. You can stay here to continue the reading. It will help you in the selection of the right club.


You can find two different types of wolf clubs in this category, including drivers and fairway woods. Well, the driver is the very first golf club which players use. The river golf club gives the lowest loft angle. The driver is one of the largest golf clubs a player can have in the bag. With the help of the driver, you can achieve a long distance off the tee.

With these golf clubs, the players can shoot about 175 yards or even more of a tee. Different companies use different types of technology for the manufacturing of these golf clubs.

The golfers can get five different types of woods, and all of them come with different degrees of loft and flight. Whenever you buy the golf club, always try to get the one with a higher loft.

The woods have a very deep clubhead. Well, the clubheads are mostly made from the metals such as steel or titanium alloy.

  • 3-wood – 125 to 240 yards.
  • 4-wood – 110 to 220 yards.
  • 5-wood – 105 to 215 yards.
  • 7-wood – 90 to 170 yards.


These golf clubs are a combination of woods and irons. Therefore, you can find all of the woods and irons’ best features in this wolf club. Most of the players are replacing their irons or woods with the hybrids.

The hybrids are relatively new in this field, and they have excited multiple numbers of players. These golf clubs are elementary to use. The gore is considered the best option for beginners.

The head of the hybrids is like that of the fairway woods, while the shaft length resembles the irons. If you have a hybrid in your bag, you must try it to shoot at least once in a lifetime.

You will find that the hybrids come with different numbers, just like those of irons. Well, the number represents the iron which they have just replaced.

The golf clubs have a higher spin rate; therefore, the players can get a softer landing and less roll. It is an excellent way to enjoy the real game. The shorter shaft of the hybrids; helps you to hit the ball quickly. Hybrids offer you great control while without affecting the trajectory or distance.

what golf club to use for each shot


The players can get different types of wedges such as gap wedges, pitching wedges, lob wedges, and sand wedges. The clubheads of the wedges are just similar to those of the irons. The players can get a higher loft with these golf clubs as these clubs are a little bit more severely angled.

You can use these golf clubs to get the shots into greens and for the chips and pitches around the greens. Furthermore, they are also a good option if you want to play out of the sand bunkers.

With these golf clubs’ help, the players get firm control over the ball and direct the ball closet to the hole. The wedges come with different degrees of loft. In this way, the players can get out of the sandy situations.


The irons are the right choice for all those searching for the golf club to play out of t trouble. The irons offer you the required control which a player needs for a shot.

Well, the players can use the irons when they are about 200 yards away from the green. If a player is close to the green, he will have to get the higher iron.

These wolf clubs have small clubheads as compared to the woods. Furthermore, you will find that the irons are very thin from the front to the back. Therefore, they are also known as blades. Most of the irons come with a hollow head, but you can also get the one with solid heads.

Here a description of the average distance you can expect from the irons golf club is given below.

  • 2-irons: from 105 to 210 yards
  • 3-iron: from 100 to 205 yards
  • 4-iron: from 90 to 190 yards
  • 5-iron: from 80 to 175 yards
  • 6-iron: from 70 to 165 yards
  • 7-iron: from 65 to 155 yards
  • 8-iron: from 60 to 145 yards
  • 9-iron: from 55 to 135 yards


The putters are considered to be the most specialized wolf clubs. Well, the golfers can get multiple numbers of choices here concerning the shape and sizes.

With the help of these golf clubs, you can get the ball in the hole. But, with the putters, you have to show patience. These golf clubs can either make or break your game. If you want to use these golf clubs, you will have to concentrate on your game completely.

You can find a great variety of putters in the market as compared to other golf clubs. Therefore, you can get the best golf club with all the required features, fulfilling all of your needs.

The golfers can get these golf clubs with three different styles of clubheads along with three different lengths.

The standard length of the putters is from 32 to 36 inches. Well, these putters are referred to as the conventional putters. Most of the beginners start with this length. Beside it, the golfers can also get the broomstick putters.

These golf clubs are available in the range of either the upper 40-inch or the lower 50-inch. Therefore, the players can stand more upright with these golf clubs.

These golf clubs are designed in such a way that the ball will roll smoothly without any issues. The chances of backspin are reduced so that the player may not face the skipping or skidding. Well, each putter has a loft even though in a minimal amount.


The right club’s selection is one of the most important decisions that a player can make before every shot. The player needs to consider multiple factors such as the distance to the pin and how frequently you hit the club. The beginners can follow the golf club selection chart to find the best club for their game.

There are five different types of golf clubs, and all of them have their unique features. Therefore, each player can get a golf club just according to their requirement.

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