What Do Women Wear To Golf?

what do women wear to golf?

Deciding what to wear on the course can be a difficult decision for the women. Different courses can have additional rules, so you will have to dress up accordingly.

Playing the course, women can wear something which seems to be very decent and appropriate for you. Furthermore, it is also essential to ensure that you quickly move to show a remarkable performance.

A brief description of golf outfit women has been provided here. Stop for a while to complete your reading. It will let you know what you should and what you should not wear on the course.

Dressing By The Rules

The golf clubs and courses have their strict dress codes, which you need to following while playing the game. Some courses may not have strict rules so that you can dress up according to your choice or needs.

Many courses let you dress up so that you feel relaxed while playing the game. While at different other times you can wear polo shirts and shorter hems.

There are many courses which stick to their traditions and follow the dressing codes strictly.

The dress codes let you choose the comfortable, affordable, and best quality clothes. You can dress up to look elegant and stylish as well.

What To Wear To A Golf Outing Woman

What you should wear while playing golf depends on where you are playing golf. Here is a description of  the casual golf attire for ladies, which you can wear while playing golf and can look presentable:

  • Tops

Women are asked to wear blouses and sleeves at the golf courses or wear sleeveless blouses and collars. You should wear polo style shirts, crew-neck tops or turtleneck shirts.

But try not to wear t-shirts, halter tops, strapless tops, and many more, as they seem to be very inappropriate. You can go for traditional choices like polos and khakis; if they are according to your style.

You can also wear golf shirts. These shirts are a little bit longer as compared to polo shirts. But avoid striking patterns and loud colors. They will not look appropriate.

  • Bottoms

The right selection of the bottom can complete your golf entire. Most of the women wear slackers, skorts, or shorts. But you cannot wear jeans, athletic pants or sweatpants.

You can go for capris, shorts, cropped pant s and many more. So you can get a countless number of playful bottom options. If you want to wear shorts or shorts, be sure the shorts’ length should be up to your knees as the short skirts will not look appropriate when you play golf.

Te slacks could be the best option when it is cold and the temperature is low. But in summers you can wear shorts or cropped slacks. It is highly recommended to wear slacks or shorts along with the belt.

Besides it, you can get many modest dresses, specially designed and liked by most players.

  • Dresses

Most of the young girls and ladies prefer to wear golf dresses from Nike and Adidas. All of these dresses are very special, and everyone loves to wear them.

But the length of these golf dresses can be a problem for most people. But as these are very famous golf outfits; therefore, many courses allow these colorful dresses. These golf dresses are the best choice for all those searching for a chic or a feminine look.

But avoid sundresses and many other related clothes as they will look inappropriate for most golf courses.

Well, golf dresses are made from very comfortable and relaxing fibers. Above all of these dresses contain pockets, so you can place your balls or something else while playing golf.

  • Sweaters And Jackets

As the days on the course are not always the same on the system. Therefore, you can dress up according to weather conditions so that you can enjoy your game in a better way. The golf clothing companies offer you multiple options to stay warm so that you can enjoy your game. 

Most of the women players dress up in layers. In this way, they can remove it. For example, you can wear a sweater or vest over the polo or turtle neck shirt; if the temperature is low. It would help you to get a cool look.

You can also wear light jackets, collared button-down shirts, and additional coverage to keep yourself protected. Remember, at the courses, denim jackets or sweatshirts would not be allowed.

A sweater or vest is the best way to keep warm, but a wind-shirt or rainproof jackets can keep you protected from light rain showers.

But whatever you choose to wear on a cool day, make sure you will be able to move freely and play in a comfortable environment.

  • Head Coverings

A cap can keep your eyes and skin protected from the harmful radiations coming directly from the sun, as these radiations may not let you continue your game peacefully.

The head covering can keep you safe on sunny days. For instance, you can use a straw and crocheted caps. All of them can save you all safe. The derringer golf caps are also high in demand.

A golf hat can be a good option on a sunny day. Sun Visors are a smart option for all golfers.

  • Socks And Shoes

You are not required to wear any specific type of shoes. But the courses only ask you not to wear shoes which come with different metal spikes. The spikes can cause damage to the clubhouses and system both.

The golf shoes are available in different styles and look so that you can get the one just according to your needs. Most golf shoes appear just like walking shoes, sneakers, or maybe just like tennis shoes.

Try not to wear heels or street shoes; the reason is that these shoes can cause damage to the greens. Furthermore, these shoes can cause a mark which may put off-line. Most of the players go for relaxing and comfortable shoes.

  • Rainy-Weather Clothes

If rain or bad weather is predicted, prepare yourself for it before you come to the course. Well, in case of heavy rain, you may not be able to continue your game. But you can prepare yourself for the light rain showers. You can find many pants or jackets which are weather or water-resistant.

The water-resistant jackets or pants will keep you dry, and in this way, you can continue your game in beautiful weather. The clothes will keep you protected from the bad weather and ley you look more graceful.

  • Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of the golf outfit women. There are multiple numbers of options that can make you look presentable and can enhance your beauty.

Visors and hats are available in many pretty colors and beautiful designs. So you can get the one which looks beautiful and get your attention. Furthermore, you can also get shoes, a belt, or headcovers.

All of these accessories can give you a stylish look. Above all, most of the golf courses do not ask you to remove all of these accessories.

What Do Women Wear To Golf?

Can You Wear Leggings To Golf

If you want to know what you should wear on your bottom half, it depends on the weather. It is recommended to wear those pants or shorts that have belt loops to wear the belt.

Well, the leggings are considered to be athletic wear. If the leggings are heavy, made from thick fibers, women can wear them.

If you think that you will look stylish in leggings and be comfortable for you to play in them, you can wear leggings.

If you do not feel comfortable in leggings or cannot move freely in leggings, you should not wear them.

What Should Women Not Wear Golfing?

The dress codes let you wear the appropriate clothes while playing golf. But it does not mean that someone is stopping you from playing golf.

You have been getting through the fine clothes you can wear during golfing; now, here is a list of clothes you cannot wear while playing golf.

  1. Overly showy clothes
  2. Jeans
  3. Sweats
  4. Sundresses
  5. Athletic pants
  6. Graphic T-shirts
  7. Traditional T-shirts
  8. Tank tops
  9. Sandals
  10. Hooded sweatshirts
  11. Halter tops
  12. Sandals

Remember that there would be many courses that can accept a few or all of these clothes. So, it would be the best option to check your course’s dressing codes before you select the dress. It would best if you avoid wearing these clothes while visiting the course.

If you do not have golf clothes, you can wear pants, skirts or even shorts with pockets. If you are going to play at private courses, you skip the pants or skirts and choose the washable and comfortable bottoms.


The golf outfit women are one of the most critical factors you need to consider while playing the course. The dressing can affect your movement on the ground.

Most of the courses have a strict code of conduct regarding the dressing of the women on the course. Try to follow them so that you can play comfortably and enjoy your game!


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