How to Travel With Golf Clubs

How to Travel With Golf Clubs

We understand that you live in New Jersey but are excited to attend the golfing tournament happening in California, but you will need to carry your golf bag around the plane. It’s needless to say flying with a golf bag, and golfing gear can be difficult, and there are certain rules that you need to abide by.

So, for all the people who want to ship the golf clubs want to travel with golf clubs, this guide will be an apt choice because it will help in designing in golf club travel bag. Also, we have added multiple tips through which you will be able to pack your golf clubs in the safest and protected way possible. So, shall we start with the information?

Tips For Traveling With Golf Clubs

In this section, we have added multiple tips through which people will be able to see how they can travel with golf clubs and golf bags. So, have a look!

  • It is better to get the non-stop flights because it reduces the number of baggage handlers as they are required to move the golf clubs from one plane to another. This means that lesser people will handle the golf clubs during the travel, but also offers a better experience
  • You need to opt for a well-designed, well-made, and durable golf bag. It is better to look for a hard-shell bag, but they can be pretty expensive. But practically, this one bag will save the golf clubs worth thousands of dollars, so it is always better to invest in the hundred-dollar bag
  • If you don’t want to invest in the hard-shell bag and want to keep using the soft-shell bag, it is advised to pack the protection devices as well. These protection devices will work because they are designed with adjustable features to keep your clubs fitted in place. Also, it ensures that shafts don’t move and won’t break off
  • It is advised to have information about the over-sized check-in points at the airport because your golfing gear is considered in that particular entity. Also, you need to check-in with the travel agent or the airline regarding weight and costs. Some airports will opt for regular baggage belt but also, some opt for different locations or check-ins for sending in the golf club bag
  • Always add something to the golf bag that helps in identifying the bag. It is better to fasten a pom-pom and vibrant colored string on the golf bag. If your bag has a holder, insert the business card in it, but also, don’t forget to add the cell number. If possible, you can add information about the staying place because if your bag is lost, airport authorities can contact you for handling back
  • If you cannot manage extra bags, don’t make them because you need to handle the golf bag efficiently
  • Before you book the flight, think proactively and see if you can get the cab service on the nearby gates of the airport because there isn’t going to be anybody who will help you carry that heavy golf bag
  • Make sure that you are packing the golf clubs in the most appropriate way because there is going to be a lot of throwing in the segregation area. This effective and tight-fitting will ensure that your golfing equipment stays safe from damages
  • If there are extra pockets on the golf bag, you can stuff in some pieces of gifts in there for efficient storage
  • Never put any expensive equipment or electronics in the golf bag such as a GPS or the rangefinder
  • All in all, if you still don’t want to take your golf bag on the plane, you can opt for a shipping service because they are affordable and on top of everything, they will handle everything, be it the shipping or protection

Choosing Between The Soft Case & Hard Case

If you are traveling with the golf clubs and other golfing equipment, you need to be vigilant about the casing because that’s essential in ensuring the protection. So, there are hard cases and soft cases; both come with their pros and cons. With this notion, it is better for you to make a choice based on your needs and preferences. Have a look while we explain both!

Hard Case

These cases will provide peace of mind, and to be honest, the airlines will cover the damages only if you were using the hard cases.

Soft Case

These cases are easy to pack and easy to carry with lightweight features. Also, these cases tend to fit in easily within the car trunk.

While we are the subject, let us tell you that taking pictures of the packed equipment and golf clubs before you ship them off through conveyer belt or shipping service help. Well, God forbids if something happens to the equipment, you can show the before pictures as evidence, and it will eventually help in making a claim.

Packing Up The Golf Clubs

So, you are ready to travel with your golf clubs, and you’ve also chosen the case (hard or soft), but you need to be considerate about the packing. This is because packing plays an essential role in protecting the gears. So, in this section, we will help you pack your golf bag for traveling. Also, these tips will help in shipping the golf club. Have a look!

  • First of all, you need to choose the golf bag that doesn’t have any wheels or legs attached to it. It is better to choose the cart bag, but you can use the walking bag as well. If you are using the hard case bag, the bag leg’s legs will ensure an easy experience
  • If you have any adjustable clubs in the set, it is better to take their heads off and put them down in the headcovers. Once you have added the heads in the cover, put them down in the bag or the luggage but forget to take pictures
  • It is better to use the stiff arm, and if you don’t have the arm, you can use the broom handle as anything you use, it needs to extend to the length of the shaft or club. If the club falls down, you this extended length will eventually help in absorbing the pressure and reducing the chances of damage
  • Now, take some socks (that you were already going to use for the trip) and use them to cover your wedges and irons. This will help in minimizing the movement of the clubs and shafts
  • Now, you can put down the golfing equipment and golf clubs in the luggage and also, it will eventually help in saving yourself from paying the extra charges for going overweight
  • Once you have added all the equipment and golf clubs in the luggage, you can use the remaining space to pack the clothes because they don’t take on much weight. Also, the clothes will help in optimizing the padding and reduce the chances of movement within the luggage
How To Travel With Golf Clubs

Cost of Traveling With Golf Clubs

Whenever you are talking about traveling with golf clubs, costs are essential to consider because they differ with each airline. The costs will differ according to the weight limits and their support regarding traveling with golf clubs. In addition, the insurance costs will be added to the overall value as well (the airline will ask you the claim the value)

Additional Information To Consider

In this section, we are sharing information through which you will be able to ensure you are protecting your golf equipment and golf club. So, let’s have a look!

  • Some airlines will put the golfing gear and clubs in the overweight section, so it is better to check with the airline
  • The golf bag tends to weigh around 20lbs
  • It is not allowed to keep one golf club while on the plane
  • It is always better to have travel insurance while you are traveling with golf clubs because it will help you claim the value if there is damage

The Bottom Line

Many people are always looking for golf tournaments around the country or the globe. So, if you are going through the same, it is better to be aware of the traveling tips and how to pack the golf clubs and other gear in the most protected way. With this article, we have shared everything that you need to know, so the best of luck for your international game!

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