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How to Polish Golf Clubs? Best golf club polish

Hitting the golf field might have been your dream for life, but there are some realities of the game which hit you when you come home from your practice session. Well, one of them is the cleaning and polishing the golf clubs because golf is the epitome of utter grace and sophistication. One game of golf comprises extensive chipping, swinging, and playing in the course.

There are many people who think that cleaning is therapeutic, but also, there are people who hate it. Well, like it or not, cleaning and polishing the golf club is an essential part of the game because you don’t want to take your awful-looking and terribly dirty golf club on the course. So, if you want to ensure that your golf club looks all shiny and clean on the course, this article is the right place.

In this article, you will find all the pieces of information that you need for golf club refurbishment. This is because we have added the essential methods which have been tried and tested to offer to offer effective results. So, shall we start?

Method One – The Conventional Method

How To Polish Golf Clubs

In this section, we are sharing the most commonly used method of polishing and cleaning the golf clubs because it is not only convenient but efficient as well. So, let’s see what we need to do.

  1. First of all, you need to fill up the clean bucket with warm water (the hot water cannot be used because the golf club might become ferrule and even more, it will loosen up the head). Also, it is always better to use the bucket because it provides ample space for cleaning the golf club effectively. But before you put in the entire golf club, it is better to put in the head of the club and measure the time, so there is no harm to the ferrule
  2. It is better to put in the golf club’s head in water only for five minutes if the club isn’t too dirty. However, if you played in the rainy season and there was muddy water, it is better to put the golf club’s head for around ten minutes because more dirt demands more time to get rid of the dirt
  3. Once you have soaked the gold club head in warm water, you need to take a soft sponge to remove the dirt easily. If the dirt doesn’t come off, you can opt for gentle scrubbing using the toothbrush with thick bristles. While you are choosing the brush, make sure that you don’t use the wire bristles because they can negatively impact the club’s face. This damaged face will be negative for the playing experience. But make sure you are cleaning the golf club regularly because if dirt is hardened up, it might lead to rusting
  4. As we have already mentioned that you need to protect the ferrules because it can devastate the golf club. However, if the ferrule gets wet, you need to dry it up immediately through gently wiping. It is advised to dry up the golf club with soft fabric once you are done with rinsing
  5. Now, take up the rag and apply some chrome polish or steel polish and rub it gently all over the golf club. Try to make small swirls all around the golf club with gentle pressure. With the first polishing layer, let it dry and use a clean yet soft rag again for swiping the club gently. This practice will make the golf club shiny

best polish for golf clubs

Method Two – The Drill Method

How To Polish Golf Clubs

If your golf club is showing off the lousy image and you can see tons of scratches, you need to take on the quest of polishing the golf clubs. There are multiple metal polishing kits available in the market, but not everyone can buy the polishing kit from scratch. So, this notion has empowered us to come with a method that asks the users to polish the club using the available tools.

In this section, we will help you polish your golf clubs using the cordless drill because it is readily available in every home. The steps are pretty easy because all you need is some time and a drill to clean the scratchy and lousy golf club.

The Prerequisites

Using the drill might be the most convenient option out there, but you need to consider your safety when talking about the method. This is because you need to wear gloves, some noise-canceling ear protection, and safety goggles for the eyes. So, if you are ready to polish up your golf club using the drill method, you need the following things;

  • Cordless drill
  • Cleaning wipes for wiping the tools
  • Vise or clamps
  • Polishing kit

However, if you don’t have the vise, there is no problem with that because that’s pretty optional. However, it is added only to hold the golf club in place. Also, if you are using the vise, it is advised to put some soft cloth between the vise and the golf club.

Starting With Steps

So, we have already talked about the prerequisites, and now it’s time to start with the actual process of using the drill to polish the golf club. Let’s have a look at the steps and get that scratch-less and shiny club back in no time!

  • First of all, use the rag to clean the golf club’s surface because it is essential to clean off oxidation and rust (you can also use the wire brush if there is hardened dust)
  • Take the cotton polishing wheel and buff the club but make sure to use lesser compound because less is more in that case (this compound will remove the stains and oxidation marks)
  • Now, rug up the surface again to ensure you are clearing the scratches as well as the discoloration
  • At last, just apply the white compound and rub it slowly which will help achieve the glossy outlook and with regular use, the club will become easier to clean

In the majority of cases, people don’t care about their golf clubs because all they do is play and throw the club play. Well, this is highly impractical because a dirty golf club will adversely impact the club’s performance. For instance, you need to keep the grooves clean because they tend to collect grass, dirt, and moisture in it, which becomes the balls of foul smell. Also, by keeping the golf club clean, you will be able to ensure consistency in your short, and even more, the spinning will be top-notch.

Method Three – While On The Go

clean golf club with towel

This is a pretty easy method because you can use an old yet damped towel and use it to clean the face and other exterior parts of the golf club. Once you used the damped part, use the dry part to clean everything up. However, if you want higher standards of performance and functionality, you need to focus on the grooves.

Method Four – Using The Washer

No, we aren’t asking you to put your golf club in the dishwasher because you are going to use the power washer to clean up the golf club. So, sit down and put the golf club between the legs to clean the grooves and face perfectly. But don’t use the power washer frequently, because it can be bad for the golf club’s material.

How To Clean Golf Club Grips

cleaning golf club grip

So, we have already covered the methods to clean the golf clubs, but if you want to clean the golf club’s grips, you need to have a bucket filled with warm water, toothbrush, washing liquid, and a towel. Once you have the supplies, start following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Fill up the bucket with warm water and squirt some washing liquid to make bubbly water
  • Submerge the golf club in the water while keeping the ferrules safe
  • Put down the wedges in the water as well and let everything sit for a few minutes
  • So, after a few minutes, take the toothbrush and start scraping off the dirt (make sure you are focusing on the grooves as well)
  • Once you are done with grooves, clean the golf club’s sole and also work on the head
  • Once you have cleaned every part, you can clean with clear water
  • Use the clean and dry towel to rub off excess water from the golf club and dry it up

While you are cleaning the golf club, if the ferrule is damped, it is better to use the towel to wipe down the moisture immediately because it poses a negative impact on the performance of the golf club.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that keeping the golf club is essential, and you cannot justify keeping your golf club in the miserable condition. Golfing is an exciting sport that provides the player with a relaxing experience, leading to a reduction in stress levels, so try to clean up the clubs from the perspective of returning the favor.

All the cleaning methods in this article are easy and won’t take more than half an hour of your time. The best part is that shiny and clean clubs will pose a positive impact on motivation. So, be ready to clean up the clubs because you are going to enjoy it, we promise!

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