how to clean golf gloves

How to Clean Golf Gloves?

A firm grip is one of the most crucial and essential factors in the game of golf. As it let the players continue their game in a comfortable environment. The grip allows the players to get a perfect shot.

The golf gloves can provide you this necessary support. Gloves can improve your performance. But when you play golf for a long time, they become dirty. Therefore, it is essential to keep your gloves clean. And for this purpose, washing is a good option.

Most golfers are interested in knowing whether they can wash the gloves or dry the golf glove. If you are one of them, stay here and get through this article.

Get The Grip Over Your Golf Game

Every golfer needs a strong and firm grip while playing golf. Therefore, every golfer always keeps a pair of gloves and them while they are on the green. You can use either leather gloves or synthetic. Both of them are equally useful.

The gloves let the players shot a ball straight. Most of the players get a new pair of gloves each week, but they do not know it is straightforward to wash them. So, you can get a couple of neat and clean gloves after every wash.

Golf Glove Care

The gloves can last for a very long time, and the best way to take care of your gloves is to wash them properly at different timings.

Well, the golf care routine is dependent on the material of the gloves. So, depending on whether you are using leather or synthetic golf gloves, your caring golf routine will change accordingly.

Can You Wash All Golf Gloves?

Yes, you can wash all types of gloves. But while washing the gloves, take care. You may not affect the material. For instance, the water can affect the leather.  Just the same way, the temperature of the water and toxic chemicals of the detergents can both affect the quality of your gloves.

Most people throw the gloves in the washing machine to clean them. But the heat can damage the gloves ultimately. It would be the best option to wash your gloves gently, just with your hands. Therefore, hand wash is highly recommended so that you can clean your gloves carefully.

The Best Way To Clean The Golf Gloves

If you want to enjoy your game and want to get a full grip, make sure that your gloves are clean. The following are the easiest and the most effective ways to keep your gloves clean.

  1. First of all, remove the debris or other dust particles from the gloves altogether.
  2. You can wash the gloves with water and detergent.
  3. Make sure to wash your gloves with your hands rather than washing in the machine.
  4. You can also add two tablespoons of the fabric often to make your gloves more soft and comfortable.
  5. After the completion of the washing process, rinse and then squeeze the water.
  6. It is time to dry the gloves, and air dry is the perfect option over the machine dryer.

How Do I Clean My Leather Golf Gloves?

The leather is just like animal skin. So you will have to take special care of your gloves. While play golf, your hand may sweat a lot. The primary purpose of these gloves is to reduce the sweat from your hands so that you can get the required grip while playing golf.

Well, just like the other leather products such as leather bags, shoes, or jackets, here, in the case of gloves, you need to take special care of your gloves. It is essential to keep the leather gloves moisturized. But at the same time, make sure that leather should not be oversaturated with water.

Besides the water, another thing that can affect the leather gloves so severely is the salt. Salt, which is present in your sweat, can take out the water from leather gloves, leaving them dehydrated. Therefore, it is very crucial to take special care of your golf gloves. 

It either salt or water; both can reduce the life of the leather gloves. So keep your gloves cleaned or wash.

You can wash the gloves to remove the water, precipitation, or even the girt particles—it of the only ways to keep your leather gloves clean.

To wash the leather golf clubs, always use a mild detergent and clean the cable so slowly.

After washing the gloves, dry them to evaporate the moisture completely. But remember never to keep the gloves in the sun. It can cause the cracking of the gloves. Always hang your bag in the air and then wait for it to get dry. If you keep the gloves in a warm and arid environment, it will keep your gloves protected.

how to clean golf gloves

When to replace your Leather Gloves

Everyone takes care of their gloves, but you will have to change them after a specific time.

The replacement of gloves depends on how frequently you use them. The primary purpose of the gloves is to give you the required grip by absorbing the sweat. But c continues the use of the gloves can make them weak. So you may have to get a new pair.

If you cannot wash your gloves, you will have to replace them in case of dirt or other particles. Besides, the gloves can also become stiff or even uncomfortable, so you will have to change them. A right glove will never become rigid or painful.

Can You Wash Synthetic Golf Gloves?

Yes, you can wash the synthetic golf gloves. But you will have to clean the gloves differently compared to the following other techniques you follow for the washing of leather gloves.

You can wash the synthetic gloves in the washing machine. But make sure the temperature must be below 30 Celsius.

Never wash heavy materials like your own clothes or towels with the gloves; it can destroy the gloves’ fabric.

How To Dry Golf Glove?

If you want to dry the gloves; follow the given steps:

  1. Dry the gloves in the air. Do not heat the gloves to try them, especially leather gloves. Heat can damage the leather gloves very severely.
  2. Hang the gloves and let the air pass through them. But make sure that the temperature is not high. A high temperature can dry the leather, and it can get damaged soon.
  3. If you feel that the leather is drying out, you can moisture it with fabric softeners.

Advantages Of Washing The Golf Gloves

If you can wash your gloves, it would benefit you in several ways. For instance:

  1. Washing can remove the sweat from the gloves.
  2. Best way to remove all the dust particles and debris from the gloves
  3. Wash can improve the condition of the gloves so that they can last for a very long time.
  4. Keeps the users safe from the skin irritation
  5. Removes the bad odour
  6. You will not have to get new gloves.

You can find multiple ways and hacks to wash your gloves. Above all, you can wash them by hand or by machine. The only purpose of this washing is to keep your gloves safe from debris. But while washing the gloves, make sure that the process does not affect the gloves’ quality.

Synthetic Vs. Leather Golf Glove, Which One Is Better?

Synthetic and leather; both gloves are equally useful. Both of them come with their benefits and advantages. But before you go to get anyone of them, know your needs and then get the one.

Try to know the differences between them and find which of them can provide you with the required firm support. The gloves should be comfortable and give you the necessary support to enjoy your game for a long time.

  1. Which Can Last For A Long Time?

The synthetic gloves can last for a long time, as compared to leather gloves. According to an estimation, the synthetic gloves can last twice as the leather gloves.

But most of the golfers prefer the leather gloves, as one can easily replace them. So, you can choose the one which can fulfill all of your needs in the best way.

  1. Which Is Easier To Clean?

You can easily clean both of them. But, remember, you cannot wash the leather gloves frequently as the synthetic gloves can be. If you want to get white gloves, synthetic gloves would be the best option for you.

  1. Which is Easier To Maintain?

Here again, the winner is the synthetic golf gloves. You can easily maintain synthetic gloves. But in some cases, the synthetic gloves can become crusty, but that can also happen with leather gloves.

The synthetic gloves are extreme, thick, and are tough. Therefore, they can be a little bit more hard or uncomfortable as compared to leather gloves.

  1. Which Is Cheap?

The leather gloves are available at a high price as compared to the synthetic gloves. Beside it, you will have to replace the synthetic gloves more often than the synthetic gloves.


Can you wash synthetic golf gloves? Yes, the gloves, whether they are leather or artificial, can be washed. Gloves provide support while you are playing. But it would be best if you kept in mind that the gloves can be damaged with time. But you can improve their lifespan with proper care.

While you are washing the gloves, try to follow the proper techniques and hacks so that you can keep your gloves safe and protected.

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