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how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf?

Whether you are an entrant or a professional, you must want to achieve a good pace of play. The speed of taking a golf round depends on many things, which are Course Size, Group Size, playing mode, and a player’s skill. On average, for a three players group, it takes almost 3 to 4 hours to play 18 holes of golf.

Everyone wants to complete holes in minimum time with accuracy; this can take years of experience to achieve the fastest pace of play. Many newbies want to play like professionals, which is not so easy. Proper knowledge is mandatory to become a professional golf player.

If the number of players is more than3, it can take up to 5 hours to play 18 holes in golf. As there is no official calculated data of playing 18 holes in golf nor the minimum pace of play, so the accurate time cannot be calculated. You can find data on the internet from past tournaments, but still, no one can calculate the exact length o time to complete around.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf with 3 players?

It is a frequently asked question by newbie golfers. This question cannot be answered by anyone accurately, as many points can affect the length of time to acomplete a game round. Another FAQ is how long is 18 holes of golf in miles? Its answer is 3 to 6 miles depending on the size of the course.

Golf is a completely different game; if compared to other games such as cricket or football, it does not only depend on the skill level of a player. Many factors can affect the time to play holes in golf. Many freshers assume that they can achieve the fastest speed only by practicing, which is not right.

There are several factors that affect the time to play 18 holes of golf; we have discussed the major points below that you must have a look at. This will help you know why the length of time to complete around is not always the same.

  • The crowd at Golf Course: IF more time is allowed on the course before starting the game, the golf course will become overcrowded, which means players have to wait more, and the rounds will also take more time. Proper management can reduce the time of completing game rounds as fast as possible. It is the duty of golf course management to prevent overcrowding in the course.
  • The number of players in a Game: It is very clear that a group of 4 golf players will take more time to play 18 golf holes than a group of 2 or 3 golfers. But poor management and skill of players can also affect the time to play 18 holes in golf. More the number of groups will appear in a game; it will take even more time to complete a round as the golfers have o wait for their turn.
  • Playing Mode: The two main types of golf games are Strokeplay and Foursome. In Strokeplay, it is a slower mode as the golfers have to complete every hole to achieve a valid score. Whereas in the Foursome game, partners of the group play alternate shots and are the fastest golf playing mode.
  • Riding or Walking: As the golfers have to continuously move after completing a hole, find in the ball can also reduce the time to play golf holes. If you are riding a golf cart, finding and reaching the ball will be much faster than walking. As riding a cart is not like just driving a car, it can easily fall on a side, for which efficient riding is also very important. If you are on foot, a group of 3 golfers can take up to 5 or 5 ½ hours to complete 18 holes in golf. Most golfers prefer to use golf carts, as it saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Type of Golf Course: The size and type of course also affect the time to play 18-hole sin golf. A full par-72 course can take up to 4 hours. However, a par-3 golf course can be easily completed in almost 2 to 2 ½ hours. Obstacles on the course, such as trees, water hazards, or bushes, can also impact the length of time to play a complete round.
  • Traffic on Course: If the course is very busy, a golfer has to wait up to 5 to 10 minutes for each tee box. If you calculate 5 minutes wait for each hole, one has to wait more than an hour for 18 holes game.
  • Obstacles: Golf courses differ in size, type, and obstacles on course. Golf Courses are a mix of rough bunkers, water hazards, trees, bushes, and other obstacles. More these obstacles will be, it will take more time to complete 18 holes.
  • Ground Conditions: The hard or softs greens can highly impact the time to complete around. If the holes are cut on the slopes, near the slopes, it will definitely take more time to complete one round.

The above-discussed points are related to a golf course and a player’s skill. There are also some other factors that can affect the time to play 18 holes. Some additional factors may affect playtime. These are not the main points but can highly affect the time to play golf holes sometimes.

There is no doubt that golf is a very hard game, but inappropriate weather can make it even difficult to play, such as Rain or Strong Winds. Unsuitable weather can have a major impact on time to play a game round. And to play in these conditions, a lot of practice and experience is required.

A newbie golf player should not be worried about this, as even the pro players may also have to face difficulty playing shots in strong winds or wet surfaces.

If the payer is not well educated about the rules and regulations of playing a game, it will create a pace of play problem. Unlike other games, golf has many rules that must be considered to take part in local or international tournaments.

 If you are very good at the game but don’t know standard rules, your game skill will be considered like any newbie. Therefore, it is very important to know all the rules when playing golf.

How can one reduce the time to complete around?

Starting play from different starting points can reduce the time to play rounds. In the two-tee option, two groups start the play from two different points. Whereas in Shotgun, Start different players from multiple points; this helps in completing a game round more quickly.

Restricting the number of players in a group can also affect the length of time to complete around. This can be done by the management team and can save a lot of time. 

Setting a time par for each hole is another great way to reduce time to complete the rounds. It is just like the scoring par for holes; this will act as a guide for groups resulting in less length of time. 

The flags of the hole and signs on the course should be clear and should be visible from a distance. This helps in reaching and finding a ball more quickly. 

As the skill of every player is not the same, categorizing golfer on their skill level will not be wrong. The professional will take half time to complete a round than any fresher in tournaments. This is why the players are categorized. This not only saves time but also makes sure that the players are competing among the same skill level players.

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