How Long Do Golf Irons Last?

How Long Do Golf Irons Last?

Irons are one of the best golf clubs. Irons come with small clubheads and short shafts. The head of the irons is made up of either iron or steel. The head is flat, large, and angles; therefore, the golfers can enjoy every hit.

The golf irons have their lifespan, and they can last for about eight to twelve years; if you take proper care of them.

Are you interested in know how long do you keep irons? Then stick around and complete your reading. Here you can learn more about the lifespan of irons and much more about golf clubs.

History Of The Golf Clubs

In the past, the golfers could not expect that the golf club can last for a long time as the shafts were made from hickory and balls from wooden. So, they last just for a short time.

The golfers used to face many difficulties as the golf clubs broke up very quickly and were very expensive to repair. Besides it, the price of new golf clubs was so high that the players never tried to get the new one. Therefore, it was the only elite class who can play golf at that time.

As the soft and feather type balls were introduced, the golf clubs begin to last for a longer time as the clubs would not break as quickly as they used to at once. In this way, manufacturers start producing cheap and durable golf clubs, and as a result number of players also increased.

Main Parts Of The Golf Clubs

The following are the parts of a golf club:

  • The Grip

Well, this part of the golf club shows more damage. If you want to enjoy your best game, make sure that your grip is in proper condition. These days you can get the slide-on grips and wraps, which are very easy to repair or replace. Therefore, the golf club can last for a long time.

  • The Heads

The golf club’s head can be damaged when you use the golf club in woods or those areas where some unknown substances can be present just below the ground as these items can cause dents or dings. As a result, you cannot enjoy that perfect game ever again.

  • The Shaft

The golf clubs of the present day are made from weather-resistant materials. For example, the golf club would be made up of graphite, titanium, steel, or any other composite material. As the golf clubs are water-resistant, therefore you do not need to worry about your performance.

The shaft will never rust. The shaft can bear a lot of stress while maintaining the required balance.

How Long Do Golf Irons Last?
How Long Do Golf Irons Last?

Do Golf Clubs Wear Out

Like other things that we use in our daily lives, golf clubs also have an average lifespan. The golfer feels the difference in the difference in the golf clubs’ performance after a short time.

The average lifespan of golf clubs is about ten to twelve years. Well, there are many clubs which can last for more than this average life. 

The life of a golf club depends on its usage. The golfers who have multiple rounds each day can feel that the grooves wear out, and therefore, they do not get their impact.

But many golf clubs can give you the required impact and do not wear out even if you have been using them for a long time ago.

Do Golf Iron Wear Out?

The irons can last for a very long time if you use them carefully. A few shortcomings can arise in the irons with time, but you can enjoy a perfect game for an extended time, unlike other golf clubs.

But in case you practice a lot or use them frequently, they may not last long. In this situation, the irons can wear out faster. Therefore, you need to consider all of these limitations while you will get the golf irons.

How Long Do Irons Last

The irons can last anywhere from eight to twelve years. But the average life span of the irons depends on how frequently you play golf. For instance, if you play golf often, the irons will wear out a little bit earlier. But even then, the average lifespan of the irons would be incredible.

According to an estimation, the golfers can get more than 300 rounds out of a pair of irons.

Several factors can affect the lifespan of the irons. For example, the steel shafts can last a little more longer as compared to the graphite. The graphite shaft can easily beak up even after only a few games. 

The golf iron heads are powerful as compared to others. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find why the golf heads will get damaged. But the grooves can be worn off very quickly. So, the golfers cannot get the required spin. When you try to strike with these irons, you will feel they are dead.

The irons’ condition, which is six years old but has attended just twenty rounds of golf, will be completely different. The age of the irons, the number of games determine the average age of the golf clubs. So whenever you want to get about the average life of the golf clubs, always consider the number of rounds you used to play each day.

How Long Do Forged Irons Last

In the case of an average golfer, the forged irons can last for a lifetime. Even in the case of the used forged irons, you will never be able to find a change in their spin. Therefore, no need to change or replace your forged irons.

Furthermore, nothing has been changed in the golf clubs over time. Therefore, you will not feel they need a replacement. If you search for thin-faced, high MOI, and low spinning clubs, so should get the new forged irons as many changes have been made in the irons in this regard.

When To Upgrade Golf Irons

It is suggested that a casual player should replace the irons after two to three years. The reason is that casual plays play multiple rounds. Therefore their irons can wear out quickly.

Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, many changes also come in the golf clubs. So you can replace them to enjoy a perfect game with new clubs.

How Do I Know Its Time To Replace The Irons?

Many signs can show that it is the right time to change the irons. For instance, you can change a variation in the swing and many others. A few of these signs which tells you its the time to replace the irons are given just below:

  • A Decrease Distance

With time, you will feel that instead of hitting the ball, it does not cover that much distance. You will realize that you are getting shorter shots, and in this situation, a player can feel himself in trouble. So get out of this problem; you can get a new golf club or iron.

  • Groove Issues

You can re-groove the golf clubs or irons; if you feel the need to do so. You can see the grooves very quickly on your golf clubs. Here, you need to be a little bit more careful and check if they are disappearing. If you feel that the grooves are going to disappear, it means it’s the right time to replace your irons.

  • Decrease In Feel

You can get a buttery feeling when you just hit the ball. If you are getting the same feel and the swing has not been changed, you can continue your game without changing the golf clubs.

But if you feel a change in the swing or do not get that buttery feel, you can think to change the irons.

  • Overall Condition

Check if there are chips, a loose hosel, scratches, or anything different over there? These can be the signs which show that now you should replace the irons.

Well, if these issues are not that much serious, repairing can be a good option. As the new golf club are quite expensive. But in case if the problems are not fixable, you can go to a new golf club.

Do New Golf Clubs Make A Difference?

Yes, the new golf clubs can make a difference. For instance, in the present day, if you play with a golf club from the 1980s, you can feel a crystal clear difference as this golf club is completely outdated now.

The golf clubs of the present-day look snazzy and let you enjoy a perfect game. So it means some worth considering advancements have been made. You need to change your golf club set entirely if it was constructed between 1980 to 2000.

The new clubs can provide you a better and perfect spin. They are very light in weight, and therefore all of these features can improve your game. Ry to get a golf club with graphite shaft as it can boost up your performance.

Tips To Improve The Life Of Irons

The following are the tips which you can follow to improve the life of your golf clubs:

  1. Clean your irons on daily bases
  2. Change your grips daily.
  3. Use the metallic brush to remove the dirt particles.
  4. Store the irons indoors
  5. Clean the metal clubs with a plastic brush
  6. You can also use the head covers to improve the life of your golf clubs.
How Long Do Golf Irons Last?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Golf Irons Lose Distance Over Time?

Well, it is recommended to check your golf iron at least once a year to know whether the irons are working correctly or not. Furthermore, you can also check your irons once a month to maintain their performance. The irons can bend slowly, and the loft of irons increases over time. In this way, the shots go relatively higher but lose the distance.

Remember that the changes can happen unevenly through the set. For instance, if you have two irons and both have the same distance, it means the lofts of both are close. But if you find any change in the distance, you can contact the custom-fitter as the custom-fitter can return the irons to their original loft.

Are My Irons Too Old?

If the driver’s crown has many dents, or if the iron has no grooves any more, you need to get new irons as they are quite old now. The following are the signs which show that your irons are too old and it’s time to replace them.

  1. If your irons spin too much, it means they have lost the grooves, and you should change them.
  2. If your irons are not getting enough height and are bouncing back over the greens or hitting the ground, it means they are old enough. So it would be best if you changed them.
  3. If you are partners are getting better shots and are cover distance than you, it means their golf clubs are working better than yours.
  4. If you are not getting a firm grip over the golf clubs, getting the new irons would be better.

Is It Legal To Sharpen Golf Grooves?

According to rules, the grooves should not be more than 0.035 inches wide. Furthermore, make sure that the grooves are 0.020 inches deep and are far apart from each other. Well, the gap between the two grooves should be more than 0.075 inches.

If you have marked the grooves just according to the rules, there would be no issue, and it would be completely legal. But if you are not following the rules, then it can be a little bit problematic.

Why Are Forged Irons  Difficult To Hit?

The forged irons are tough to hit because they maintain more weight in the clubheads’ center than the other cavity-back clubs. Most of the players face difficulties while using these cavity-back clubs. But a few wells are experienced, and pro golfers accept this challenge and enjoy it a lot while hitting with the forged irons.


How long do irons last, or how long do you keep irons? Well, it depends on how frequently you play golf, how you take care of your irons, and above all, how you play?

On average, an iron can last for eight to ten years. The golf clubs can help you to enjoy a better game. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take special care of your golf clubs.


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